Bloomberg, a Man who Could Beat Trump. ISIS Caliph Al-Baghdadi is Dead. Was he Mabus, Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist? An Abbot and Costello Impeachment Inquiry becomes Articles for Impeachment. Trump the Commander-in-“Thief”! Humanity’s Distant Future in Space. “Inner”-standing Meditation. “In Search Of” misinformation about Nostradamus . Signs of the Next Recession Coming. And Finally: the Future of Britain in the Brexit Balance on 10 December 2019, an Astrological Forecast

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DATELINE: 09 December 2019

Someone who CAN beat Trump
Has Just Entered the Race:
Michael Bloomberg

Now for some real news that could change the course of the future, and this is certainly not going to be the anticipated impeachment trial of Trump.

We are less than two months away from the Iowa caucus. Two months away from actual voting rather than relying on what I see are some very questionable and aging-baby-boomer-rigged polls that give Joe Biden a lot more septuagenarian chutzpah then he has.

Biden will be the one undermined politically by an impeachment trial in the Senate. Its rules will grant Trump’s lawyers the full right of cross examination and the right to call any witness before the Republican dominated “jury” of Senators. Trump will be able to make his corruption case against Biden and his son Hunter in Ukraine—an open, a flagrant case of quid pro quo with video and paper trails that I’ve been exposing at as blatant nepotism since it began in 2014 (See Biden biding his time and the recent Biden Burisma). Whatever happens, Joe Biden is going to be hurt and forever tainted by this trial.

When the Democratic Primaries start, when real votes from real people begin piling up, the final reckoning of Joe Biden as a less than exciting candidate will begin on 3 February 2020 with the Iowa Caucus. All of CNN and MSNBC’s talking-headed TV protectionism of this rapidly, declining politician will hatch out.

When game is on at last, only a lame old fellow will represent the majority centrist Democrat voters and a larger pool of non-aligned potential independent voters. They’ll have this ghost of a better man as their only Ichabod “lame” and “Headless” Horseman in the race.

The Democrat party establishment’s answer? Become political grave robbers.

Let’s dig up JFK.

No, not “that” JFK!

The other one that looks more like my favorite horse, who is a horse, of course of course. And no one can talk to a horse of course. That is, of course, unless the horse is the famous Mr. Ed!

This JFK is John F. Kerry, Obama’s former, second term Secretary of State who lost to G.W. Bush in his successful bid for a second term in 2004. As Truthout reports a couple loser horses of political horse races—a couple of Obama Secretaries of State no less, sent out to pasture—are perhaps hoofing it back to the limelight: Mr. Ed and Hillary Clinton.

Gee, two Secretaries of State. Does that mean they’ll win the Triple Crown like Secretariat?


Kerry looks less likely winning against Trump than Lurch in the Addams Family show.

And Hillary…? I mean… Hillary???

Really? Or better, Real-llary?

A void is about to be filled by a maverick of a different dark-horse political color. Here comes somebody striding into this void of losers who, whether one agrees or hates his politics, is a winner, a real triple-crown threat. This dark horse candidate is a successful and popular three term Mayor of New York City, a multi-billionaire media mogul and noted philanthropist, Michael Bloomberg.

Twelve years ago I began writing about Bloomberg’s destiny to become President of the United States. I documented the passage below in December 2007 covering the last time he considered running for office as an independent.

Before we look at this passage, I want to frame in your mind another fact. Bloomberg is as much a “Democrat” as former Congressman Dr. Ron Paul is a “Republican.” I want to make it clear to you that Bloomberg is just as third party today as he was back in 2008’s election cycle. Since then he now understands what Libertarian Ron Paul has often admitted. Unless you put on either a blue Jackass or red Dumbo mask of the political duopoly racket, the two-faced corporate chimera cartel controlling the system, you can’t be heard, your ability to get on the ballot of every state made devilishly difficult and near impossible (on purpose). And thus your campaign can’t win.

Oh, I forgot to add, the corporately owned two-faced left-and-right partisan and polarizing mainstream media don’t give any attention to third parties.

So, with that in mind, the following passage written 12 years ago should read for 2020 exactly as it read for 2008. I won’t switch out the references to his being an Independent making a run because except for putting on his mainstream homey blue-dog “Crypts” bandana—to separate himself from the hoods with red scarfed GOP “Bloods”—Bloomberg is still an independent in Democrat clothing, you dig? The bracketed additions I’m adding today to 12-year-old text, press this point:

A major step towards a future American third party rebellion will be made in 2008 [and perhaps for keeps in 2020]. The current Mayor of New York, former Republican, Michael Bloomberg, born of second-generation Russian and Polish Jewish American immigrants, could buck the two-party system by declaring a run for president as an independent [masked as a Democrat]. The future…belongs for better or worse to a new breed of self-made, visionary and powerful CEOs. Sustained change and revolution is coming from [some of] the elite, or plutocratic power brokers grown tired of a system they’ve mastered. He or she will change it from the top down.

Bloomberg has unique advantages. This multi-billionaire can finance his campaign from his own deep pockets. A run for president will cost him $500 million of his estimated 11.5 billion dollar fortune. [Presently it could cost him $1.5 billion in 2020 but hizzoner the former Mayor of New York now has an estimated net worth of 55.2 billion. He can recoup that investment back in interest, so fuhgeddaboudit. And what I said next, 12 years ago, is exactly the same in 2020, also with benefits.]

He can jump right into campaigning, rather than waste time and energy fundraising. With such vast resources he will literally buy an army of lawyers to cut the red bureaucratic tape and simultaneously organize the petition drives to get access to the ballot in all 50 states long before the duopoly has coronated their nominees at their conventions late in the summer of 2008. [Yeah, but if you put on the blue democrat hood disguise you’re the doo-doo dude floating up from the dregs to the very top of this politically rigged and stinking system. Michael B., if Henri IV of France ended a religious civil war by converting to Catholicism, saying “Paris is well worth a Mass,” you get on the ballot of all 50 states by declaring, “America is well worth calling myself a Democrat.”]

The year 2008 could experience the first serious Independent [masquerading as Democrat] presidential candidate since Teddy Roosevelt went after Republican incumbent William Howard Taft in 1912. Democrat Woodrow Wilson won that election, Roosevelt came in second and Taft, third. The right man and message can start a political revolution if he can inspire a majority of independent voters, now the largest voting block of Americans, who feel disenfranchised by the current two-party system.

Mayor Bloomberg is not one of those people who would run for president just to do it. He will make his decision to run no later than March [2008] if the leading Democratic and Republican primary candidates do not galvanize the imagination and passions of the majority of independent voters. If Bloomberg does step in, watch him push the nominee of a fracturing Republican Party back into third place in the next national election.

Predictions for 2008, Chapter 12:
The American Presidential Elections
In 2008

Bloomberg did get out by March 2008 when it was clear Obama and Clinton had the show cornered for themselves in the primaries of 2008. But that’s all different now. Here comes a gaggle of highly left-leaning and partisan candidates on one side, Biden going gaga old-guy, musing about kids playing with his hairy legs, on the other. (Go sit down grandpa. Watch some television.)

The “three-way” scenario will still be there up to the end of the primary season. There could be two Democrats, the establishment choice “and” Bloomberg, pulling a page from Bernie Sanders playbook in 2016, when the Socialist played “Democratic” changeling.

Bloomberg doesn’t need the Democrat party elites’ money but he’ll have to do well enough in the primaries not to have the superdelegates, perched and waiting to pounce on maverick prey at the Democratic National Convention in mid-July held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

If Biden somehow gets enough votes to keep it close when either he’s wheeled into the convention or Clinton, the superdelegates will crowd Bloomberg out of nomination on the second ballot. However if Bloomberg is facing the survivor of the extreme left candidates, which I predict will be Warren, who can’t beat Trump, there might be some interesting meetings behind closed doors with superdelegates backing someone who can win, like Bloomberg.

Of course, I must for the record apologize for giving the Democrat party elite such potential political intelligence. These are the people who shot one foot with the bogus Russia-Gate scandal, currently aiming at their remaining good foot in the oncoming Senate impeachment trial. They might just throw it to “Pocahontas” as their loser nominee, or worse. Hillary Clinton, who stopped living and growing on 8 November 2016 might have a better chance. As I consider her the psychic core from which most Democrat ideological-mythological hysteria is sourced, the mother of all Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers, there’s a chance she might try to make 2020 become the “win” denied her in 2016.

Notice how for a long time now I don’t even mention Bernie Sanders in these early 2020 election forecasts? Here’s the reason, his window of destiny to become president has come in 2016 and gone.

Time for a new “Changeling” who has some interesting though unexpected parallels to the last Bernie bird.

Election year 2020 will be a weird variation on the Changeling theme of 2016. Four years earlier there was another Jewish American changeling making a real run for president, the New York City born, independent Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders. He was a socialist interloper, pretending to be a “Democratic Socialist” Democrat.

Now we have another Jewish American, this time born in New England, becoming a New Yorker and the city’s mayor. More than that, he made his billions in the same arena in which Trump wheeled-and-dealed: downtown, Manhattan, New York, New York.

Trump and Bloomberg also made their big exclamation mark in US mass media—Trump performing in it, Bloomberg owning a big hunk of it as one of mainstream media’s most influential moguls thanks to a string of companies gathered under the name Bloomberg L.P. that pretty much dominates the market on business news as the Bloomberg television and radio network empire that includes Bloomberg Businessweek and Bloomberg Markets.

I have an astrological caveat about the election year 2020. It is important to understand that as long as this trifecta of three influential outer planets stay in transit through earth signs—Saturn in Capricorn, Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus—it favors only men of the corporate one-percent class winning the White House on 3 November 2020.

By the way, this will be the last year that’s possible. After 2020 all economic hell will break loose several weeks to a few months following the election when Saturn is the first of the three outer planets to leave an Earth (corporate business and money) sign on 18 December 2020 for the Air sign of revolution and upheaval (Aquarius).

Next Pluto leaves Capricorn in 2024 entering Aquarius.

Finally Uranus leaves Taurus in 2026 for Gemini. Uranus then begins a long and harmonious transit through revolution in trine aspect with Pluto engrossed deep in Aquarian revolutionary times until 2044.

So 2020 is the last hurrah of an inexorable advance of corporate fascism overtaking the Republic of the United States since the Supreme Court opened the floodgates of corporate financial influence in January 2020 with its decision on “Citizens United” making billionaire money “free speech” henceforth allowing corporations the freedom to buy off the government in a bipartisan corporate grab of purchasing presidents and legislators.

When corporations have stolen the people’s democracy, why not pick a better king (I mean, “President), a more benevolent oligarch?

Well… That’s the choice the stars are giving you, American people.

Sorry for the bad news, but that’s where we are for one more presidential election cycle.

Make 2020 the battle of the billionaires: one with some scruples, the other… a legacy of some very entertaining Reality shows, the greatest one being his first term in the White House as Celebrity President Apprentice.

Bloomberg has many obstacles to cross. Like Changeling Sanders he could get the cold shoulder of the media who just pretend he isn’t there. There are other obstacles but perhaps his biggest barrier to surmount is little discussed. Yet my Oracle sees the days of chISISt coming to America in the next four years, those who might rally to Trump as their catalyst to gain the power to restore America to the Bible like ISIS tried to restore Muslims to the Qu’ran, according to their violent misunderstanding.

Bloomberg’s biggest impediment with hard core, evangelical voters for Trump is this: he is a Jew; the wrong kind of Jew.

He is a New York “secular” Jew.

He’ll have to campaign hard in the red states that the Bible built to buck this anti-secular-Semitic projection.

In those states Trump has a voting pool of potentially 40 million evangelical, pro-Zionist Christians. Many of them, perhaps enough to win a second term against a secular, non-Zionist religious Jew, see Trump as God’s chosen vehicle.

The left-leaning politicos on TV can’t get their secular heads around what this means because they don’t read the Bible. They don’t know about Cyrus, the heathen Persian Emperor and sinner compelled by God to help the Hebrews rebuild their kingdom of God after their Babylonian Captivity. (More about this in articles below.)

Bloomberg is not the right (far-right and fundamentalist enough) Jew they will vote for. Yet I predict something that today may sound as wild as what I predicted 13 months before Trump became president. I proclaimed Trump the only Republican who could beat Clinton.

Michael Bloomberg, the Democrat-Independent changeling is the only man who might defeat Trump in 2020 because of reasons that have not yet manifested, but I see potentially forthcoming.

In this potential scenario, this battle of New Yorker, Manhattan oligarchs, Bloomberg’s not going to fall for Trump name-baiting. He’ll just take it back to substance. And substance over bravado might frame Trump as little more than a carnival barking reality-show entre-manure. He’s no arty-farty dealmaker. Bloomberg is a real entrepreneur in objective fact. The debates might become a battle over Bloomberg fact over Trump flim-flam. Trump could come up wanting in the things Bloomberg objectively excels in.

Take philanthropy.

Trump’s philanthropic record is full of holes.

Take governance.

Bloomberg got more things solidly done in one of the most challenging US cities to be a mayor in the world, the Big Apple, the financial capital of Earth—dealing with “Trump types” by the dozen.

Then there’s the biggest “ouch” to Trump’s ego, the reason why he doesn’t want to show his earning records. Trump’s net worth could be around $10 billion, or his erectile dysfunction as a billionaire might be far “smaller.”

Now, what about Bloomberg’s set of big golden billionaire balls?

He’s not afraid to show and tell his income records.

Wanna unzip “this” Mr. Trump?

If you’re a tin “booby” $10 billionaire, Bloomberg surpasses you by over $50 billion more.

You got stalls. This guy’s got balls…

True, Bloomberg is definitely not as entertaining or charismatic as Trump in a rally. He may be sometimes as exciting as Kosher chopped liver, but Bloomberg brings to the 2020 race what no one else can contribute—a promise of STABILITY and Maturity.

You all might not think that’s a winning card, but if you are reading this no earlier than 11 December 2019, you haven’t passed through the zoo-cage fight and foolishness of the impeachment trial and the primaries to come. You’ve yet to face the final insult, the presidential campaign leading up to a national vote in early November 2020 for the next president.

Mark my prediction.

Many of you reading this in December 2019 by the autumn of next year will be suffering from PIFF (Politically Incontinent Failure Fatigue).

You’ll be PIFF’d off and fed up with flummoxing Democrat left-wing socialist radicals. You’ll possibly endure the brain-dead drone of Mr. Ed, a retread of brain-damaged Hillary Clinton and Biden reminiscing about his shorts and beloved hairy forelegs. All these characters will be bumbling and mumbling anti-Trumpish harangues with no coherent alternative vision beyond “anybody but Trump!”

By November 2020 you’ll be fed up with this vision deficit.

Even Trump’s bastions might be growing tired and PIFF-ed off at the great blond hope’s flipping-180s and flipping-off-too-often his Twitter-pated barbs.

Hungry for an alternative vision?

Enough American voters by the autumn of 2020 might be by then. The Bloomberg media campaign that’s already begun and is mostly scoffed at this December might gestate over nine months and soak in. Voters might want to deliver this baby—this alternative, substantive vision for rebuilding and reemploying America that’s not a vulgar reprise of the 2016 election name calling and personality mangling. There might be enough center left and right and independent Americans that want to get centered again from the wearisome, ideological extremism overtaking this country. Dump the wearisome Trump-and-Trump deranged lot.

In the end, chopped liver just might taste perfect.

You might all yearn for an “adult” in the presidential debates to come. Somebody who has really accomplished something in the private, public and philanthropic arenas of life.

The question I have yet left unanswered is this: Have the American people descended so deep into this partisan, MSM, PMS, PTSDeed, uninformed, politically illiterate and immature state that they can’t look beyond that chopped liver and see Bloomberg a real alternative to the political porn stars screaming at each other from extreme left to right?

I think that could be a real possibility, especially if the mainstream news media shun giving Bloomberg exposure on the airwaves.

Can a nation of crybabies, blind debunkers and blind believers vote for the only adult left in the race?

I know. It is full of danger. He’s a man from the CEO-ligarchy. We cannot forget how “other” candidates, let’s say, in Germany during the 1930s for one example, have won their elections or overtaken troubled and divided countries on a platform of saturnine stability and “ORDER.”

As it looks now, Americans may have to play the lesser of two evils game and pick an authentically successful, stable politician and oligarch over the current, blond-coiffed and orange suntan-sprayed Mr.-Surprise-and-Chaos oligarch in the White House.

An economic crash the likes of which has never been seen in America is coming in 2021.

Who knows? Perhaps this New Yorker politician might turn out to be a karmic echo of a New York predecessor from Great Depressions past. That guy was a New Yorker oligarch with a commoner’s touch. He also was an Aquarian, just like Mr. Bloomberg is, faced with turbulent, changing (Aquarian-favoring) times.

He was a one-percenter of his day, gone into politics and eventually lead America through the last Great Depression and the Second World War, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Bernie Sanders tried in 2016 but Bloomberg really is a Changeling “Independent” candidate with the money and slightly left-of-center lean to grab the independent and centrist vote in Blue and Red dominant  states. This would be even more possible if the oncoming Recession should appear earlier than I forecast, by September of 2020 right at the climax of the race. It is highly likely that foreboding signs of an economic crash will already be under common discussion by September 2020.

Perception in Politics is a higher reality than fact

The perception by next September is that all of Trump’s sunny BS is not his business degree but something that really stinks, wafting into the present from the future—a future looming in his next term, if you give Trump’s BS four more years with your vote.

Bloomberg really is about getting Americans back to work and rebuilding their country like Roosevelt tried during the last Great Depression. In the end it wasn’t those efforts that brought a surge of jobs and ultimate prosperity to come. FDR instead economically succeeded by creating an “Arsenal of Democracy” to fight the global threat of the Second World War.

I foresee Bloomberg if he’s president would potentially lead Americans through what could be a Greater if not the Greatest Depression in history. What will turn the economy around is Americans and the rest of the world manufacturing a defense for themselves against a greater existential threat to our future than Hitler.

The next president “could” have the chance to lead this country potentially through two terms in office from early 2021 to early 2025. Youthful for his age as Bloomberg looks, he probably won’t run for a second term as this Aquarian would become president just shy of his 79th birthday.

Whoever Americans choose as their next president in 2020, that president will face a greater depression “and” a greater threat than FDR: extinction of humanity through planetary-wide climate catastrophe. American’s retooling America off fossil fuels, standing as an example to the world, could give humanity an example, a helping hand and a fighting chance to survive. From FDR’s “Arsenal of Democracy” to Bloomberg’s “Arsenal of Ecology” we may go.

Stay prophetically tuned. The 2020 election “hunger” games, desiring and seeking stability, are about to begin.

DATELINE: 09 December 2019


Al-Baghdadi, not long before he was cornered and killed his own children and himself with a grenade at the dead end of a cave. Photo Hastyar511, , © Creative Commons.

Islamic State’s Caliph Al-Baghdadi is Dead:
Was he Mabus, Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist?

The death of the Caliph of the Islamic State may have faded from short term mainstream memory but it is prophetically significant in the search for the man who would be Nostradamus’ third and final “Antichrist” code named Mabus. The killed candidate and founder of al-Qaeda, Usama bin Laden, had his son Hamza recently taken out just as he was being rolled out as al-Qaeda’s new golden boy. With Caliph al-Baghdadi’s death, cornered in a “safe” cave in al-Qaeda held, Idlib province in Syria at the end of October 2019, there is only one candidate left alive with far more power and influence to take the world down with him than any Third Antichrist wannabe I’ve been hunting down since 1983. More on him a little later.

First let’s dishonor the recently killed.

The intimate details of his last moments alive has only one public source, President Trump.

The drone films shown by the Pentagon of the US Special Forces attack seem to back up their official story that a teams swooped in at night in helicopters on Baghdadi’s fortress compound, a bungalow along the spine of a bare and sloping Syrian ridge with other bungalows nearby, making mincemeat of ISIS detachments guarding it. It is said the US elite forces disembarked, took the house after killing and capturing a few ISIS operatives inside. They had seized a mountain of intel, just like the 2012 raid on Usama bin Laden near Abbottabad, Pakistan, had discovered inside his house, only this time without losing a helicopter in a crash landing in the raid or leaving the compound standing.

President Trump before the press took over the story the following day. He said he had watched the attack live, like his predecessor Obama had killing bin Landen, in the White House’s basement command center. No doubt the TV show had more footage than was publicly released, if his story is accurate.

Apparently Baghdadi with two of his children in tow had descended down his own basement while the attack went on, passing down a safe tunnel all the way to its “dead” end. Trump said of the US troops he watched live by satellite link that they “accomplished the mission in grand style.”

Adding that the leader of Islamic State (ISIS) had met his end at the end of that cave, “crying and screaming” due to what Trump boasted as Americans might. Whether Trump actually heard this, or had it reported by the Special Forces soldiers hearing the cries and screams emanating from the mouth of the cave, is not confirmed.

Maybe he was screaming and crying, but perhaps from a wound. Perhaps from what he was about to do to his crying and screaming children. Perhaps he was terrified of the Navy Seal dog’s violent barking echoing down to his end of the cave just before being released to bite and tear up man and children, teeth bared and horrible.

The moment of death had come at last with an approaching dog. There was a large explosion. Baghdadi had detonated a bomb vest instantly killing him and his two children, though we are told only injuring the dog. We are further told that like bin Laden before him Baghdadi’s body was taken and DNA tested to prove it was he, then flown out to the nearest ocean waters for a white-shrouded Islamic burial at sea.

“He died like a dog, like a coward,” exulted Trump to the press. “The world now is a much safer place.”

Unlike Obama’s hunt for Usama bin Laden, taking 11 years, Trump’s search for terrorist baddie al-Baghdadi number one took only a few months. But then, Obama didn’t have all the espionage assets to aid his search, although the previous president had indirectly influenced Baghdadi’s quick identification and destruction. Obama is responsible for beginning the US habit of training and arming thousands of men in the Syrian resistance against President Assad’s Syrian Government. Obama started the black-flagged comedy of terror-errors: thousands of heavily US armed trainees filtering away joining the ranks of al-Qaeda militias and ISIS forces occupying and terrorizing Syria and Iraq throughout the nearly decade-long and counting civil war that so far has killed 600,000 Syrians, plus another 100,000 Iraq’s, in the reconquest of ISIS-held Iraqi territories. Many of those US trained jihadists were still alive and concentrated in al-Qaeda held Idlib Province.

Baghdadi even was there. He was negotiating a union of ISIS remnants with al-Qaeda operatives. That means a lot of former US assets could offer intel where he was hiding far easier than President Obama could when tracking down and destroying Usama bin Laden who happened to live in a compound in sight and within  ear shot of the Pakistani Army’s military academy in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

The Caliph of ISIS could have been betrayed like the “father” of ISIS, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, by al-Qaeda elements tipping off the US special forces where he was hiding out in Idlib. Thirteen years earlier al-Qaeda decided to get rid of another “problem” doing the same. They tipped the US Air Force where to drop 500-lbs gravity bombs on al-Zarqawi’s compound in Iraq in 2006. You might call this the act of an enemy, tipping an enemy as your momentary friend ready to kill a friend-turned-even uglier enemy than yourself. Like Baghdadi after him, al-Zarqawi was murdering Iraqi Shia, Sunnis, US troops and any fellow al-Qaeda leader or group that didn’t follow his more ruthless Islamic fundamentalist way.

Call Baghdadi’s death an act of al-Qaeda revenge, thank you American blasphemers very much!

Anyway, Trump definitely and brutally exploited the pro-al-Qaeda, anti-ISIS assets in Syrian country; however, in comparison, Trump’s triumph certainly suffered a very short and hardly mentioned news cycle on every network but FOX News and even FOX wasn’t stretching time and attention much longer. The hate for Trump on MSNBC and CNN is so palpable that the news anchors almost waxed sympathetic for how the poor mass murdering beast died in the hands of Trump’s soldiers. There was even some rumbling that it was all faked and Baghdadi was still alive.

Poor “Antichrist”!

ISIS news sources silenced that feeble supposition when just a few days later they announced the picking of a new leader of Islamic State and confirmed Baghdadi had died.

Baghdadi certainly died the way an Antichrist candidate should according to the two most famous Mabus/Third Antichrist verses composed by Nostradamus back in the 1550s. See the bold-red phrases linking both quatrains:

2 Q62
Mabus puis toƒt alors mourra, viendra,
De gens & beƒtes vne horrible defaite:
Puis tout à coup la vengeance on verra,
Cent, main, ƒoif, faim, quand courra la comete.

Mabus very soon then will die, [next] will come,
A horrible undoing of people and animals,
At once one will see vengeance,
One hundred powers, thirst, famine,
when the comet will pass.

8 Q77
L’antechriƒt trois bien toƒt annichiliez,
Vingt & ƒept ans ƒang durera ƒa guerre:
Les heretiques morts, captifs, exilez,
Sang corps humain eau rogie greƒler terre.

The Third Antichrist very soon annihilated,
Twenty-seven years his bloody war will last.
The heretics [are] dead, captives exiled,
Blood-soaked human bodies, and a reddened,
icy hail covering the earth.

Death by bomb vest would be a death swift and “very soon” with a body “very soon annihilated.”

If you are interested in learning about these and other prophecies Nostradamus wrote about the stages a candidate must fulfill in life “and” death, read Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named: Mabus.

I will have much more to say about how this death clears a path for the most formidable candidate for final Antichrist being the Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia. I’m working on a new and expanded Third Edition of the above mentioned book scheduled for released around February or March of next year. I’m currently taking time aside from my work on The Roaring 2020s to update and provide a Third Edition to Nostradamus: The War with Iran even sooner. Stay tuned. The Iran story and the Iranian’s chief enemy in the region, Muhammad bin Salman are coming to a climax any moment from now down the next two years.

DATELINE: 09 December 2019

An Abbot and Costello
Impeachment Inquiry

So much of this Impeachment Inquiry by the Democrat-controlled House Judiciary Committee was a one-sided-and-droning snore of a bore, but there were a few hilarious moments. Case in point, watch political satirist Jimmy Dore blow the lid off the high “comedy” and missed-Dementor performance of US Ambassador to Ukraine, William B. Taylor Jr.—Congressman Adam Schiff’s “Shifft-for-brained” star witness.

Now then, politically speaking, I don’t have a dog to be kicked by a horse in this pony show that’s become governance in Washington D.C. With the campaign circus season about to officially begin, I promise to give equal time to the ridiculous potential futures in store before either Trump or one of the Democrats possibly stumbles into the White House on 20 January 2021. Just read the next few articles below to see how it is Trump’s turn to be further lamblastedly “lame”-blasted.

There aren’t two sides but three sides of delusion playing here. I will tell all three sides how they can become alert and avert the worst future potentials of this triumvirate of self-delusion born on election day 2016 that traps Trump, Red and Blue State Americans in a national plague of blind faith and hatred-filled self-delusion par excellence!

If been the first political astrologer to alert you all about the signs  that everyone in this cat fight from president to people are under the influence of the Sun-Neptune Square, this time happening as a delusional relationship between the American people and Trump, whatever their pro or con opinion of each other is projected. It is caused by Trump’s Sun/Uranus conjunction (spontaneous chaos!) squared the US Birth Chart’s Neptune in Virgo-opposed-Pluto (look out economic booms, here comes one big-BUST during his presidency, a symptom of ill-informed and delusional voting, red or blue.)

I’ve already written a lot and accurately forecast the “nothing burger” that was Russian Collusion and the Mueller report not having anything to indict the president within a court of law. Now we move to Ukraine collusion, and the even more inane attempt of leaders in the Demento-cratic Party to try and try again to play political Russian roulette with this impeachment proceeding going nowhere, except sending Trump back to a second term if this silliness doesn’t end.

If you want to know how Trump is going to survive this impeachment burlesque show going on in Washington just watch the following segment of the inquiry as it is taken apart by comic Jimmy Dore back on 14 November 2019.

Sometimes it takes a comic in the spirit of Harpo-honkin’-and-grouchy Groucho Marx and the Marx brothers to present what morons on both sides of this investigation have accidentally wrought: a new “Who’s on first, what’s on second…” comedy skit that would have Abbot and Costello rolling in their graves, or laughing their urn lids off.

With a donation of only $5.00 or a Little More, to sustain Hogueprophecy. Put December One 2019 in the PayPal memo line. I will manually send a fully-illustrated PDF attached to the email address you used at PayPal.


DATELINE: 09 December 2019

EmpireFiles-Martin and HedgesPART TWO
An Abbot and Costello
Impeachment Inquiry

DATELINE: 10 December 2019

Two Articles of Impeachment against President Trump Have been Drawn

What the last Two Impeachment Attempts
Tell us Could Happen: Unintended Global Consequences

DATELINE: 10 December 2019


Trump, the first “Honest” and Transparent
Commander and “Thief” sets a Dire Future Precedent

DATELINE: 10 December 2019


Future Space station. Source NASA & National Archives-#17476589, public domain.

Nostradamus and Humanity’s Future In Space:

DATELINE: 10 December 2019

How Meditation is always misunderstood by Those who Only Think About it and Never Explore its Mystery of “Inner”-Standing

DATELINE: 10 December 2019

Attributed to César de Nostredame (d. 1629). Acheté par le Musée en 1842 à Mr. Jacquemin d'Arles.

Attributed to César de Nostredame (d. 1629). Acheté par le Musée en 1842 à Mr. Jacquemin d’Arles.

The New “In Search Of” Series is in Search of Misinformation About Nostradamus

DATELINE: 10 December 2019

More Signs of the Greatest Depression Coming and Possibly When

DATELINE: 07 December 2019

Theresa May giving birth to Brexit. Anti-Brexit protest in Dusseldorf. Source @infozentrale.

Theresa May giving birth to Brexit. Anti-Brexit protest in Dusseldorf. Source @infozentrale.

The Future of Britain in the Brexit Balance
On Election Day 12 December:
An Astrological Forecast


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Click on this link, and read a free sample of John Hogue's newest book!

Click on this link, and read a free sample of John Hogue’s newest book!

Click on this link and check out John Hogue's newest book. Spiritual Suicide is not what you think. It is when your misery jumps over a cliff and leaves you blissfully behind to share this tale.

Click on this link and check out John Hogue’s newest book. Spiritual Suicide is not what you think. It is when your misery jumps over a cliff and leaves you blissfully behind to share this tale.


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