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Kurdish woman PKK guerilla at the Newroz celebration in Qandil. © Creative Commons.

Kurdish woman PKK guerilla at the Newroz celebration in Qandil. Author BijiKurdistan © Creative Commons.

(10 October 2019)

Turks and Kurds at War, Ukraine, Impeachment and Clinton 2020

Just so you all know, I am writing nine more new articles covering all kinds of moments when the Future meets the News. They will be coming out sometime next week. They will cover in-depth what the mainstream news overlooks about the Turkish war against the Kurds. I predicted it nearly two years ago, that it would follow the defeat of ISIS in Syria. We’ll also take a unique look at the trouble Joe Biden’s Ukrainian nepotism would bring in the future, something I wrote about in 2014, and impeachment’s double-edged sword, politically speaking, all dimensions of which, I will cover at present. I will also take a prescient look at the potential of Hillary Clinton running against Donald Trump a second time in 2020 and much more.

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(24 September 2019)

pres-trump-cover-300x450-90kbTrump Impeachment
A Fairy Tale and a Prophetic Warning

I’m not going to go down the rabbit whole to find the merits or illuminate the demerits of the Democratic Party controlled US Congress and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi actually making an Impeachment investigation all-but official today against President Trump. There will be much time to go into that between now and when the grinding wheels of bureaucracy see the real impeachment proceedings start in March, during the Democratic Primary season of this up and coming, and foreboding Jupiter-Saturn conjoined, presidential campaign cycle—a 20-year cycle that brings the potential of either death in the White House or death to American Democracy, this time around. With all sides being at fault, I must add.

Be careful what you wish for, those of you blinded by your hatred of President Trump and those of you blinded by your faith in him. The president’s natal Sun/Uranus (Mr. Chaos) conjunction is squared the US Natal chart’s Neptune in Virgo. Astro babble aside, it is the sign both the US president “and” the US voters in this relationship are all uniquely self-deluded. And while they will now get lost into trifles, this presidential square with America’s Neptune in Virgo—ruling economic boom-bust cycles—is about to unload not a new Great Depression but THE GREATEST Depression.

This relationship squared is like a rocky marriage with this astrologically bi-polar Gemini man married to two wives. The Red Wife has faith in him despite his faults and that faith in the fly-over states will see her sing, as the Country Music classic song goes, “Stand by your man.”

The second wife is Blue. She has had the blues ever since the Electoral College arranged this marriage on 8 November 2016. She hates her husband to the point of suffering a derangement syndrome. She hated him when he was courting her and threw all the spite and negativity she could to prevent this Electoral marriage from happening.

But he became her husband anyway. Why? Because he first fed off and disempowered the anger of the other 17 suitors in the GOP primaries, then endured even more negativity thrown his way by the Democratic suitor in the 2016 presidential campaign. Ever since the marriage happened the Blue Wife remains blind to the source of her destruction. The angrier she becomes and the more she hurls it—first looking for years for colluding with Russian mistresses, now Ukraine—the more politically stronger her husband becomes in this forced marriage.

I state again, all sides of this “marriage” are not seeing reality. The Husband is a wide open and unconscious channel of whomever is standing before him, nasty or nice. The Red wife sees her man doing no wrong and if the Blue wife should begin divorce proceedings to impeach, Mrs. Red Wife will indeed stand by her man more than ever, selectively blind to the dangers, summoning her extended family of 40 million evangelical voters that the Blue Wife pretends aren’t there.

The Blue Wife, in the heat of impeachment will completely forget her better vision for America. More than ever before her negativity will undermine all chances for a successful divorce, because going at last for impeachment will only send her down to the very depths of her politically self-destructive derangement syndrome. So badly timed is this battle that she will reach a point where she loses all sympathy from the Electoral College who AGAIN will be political judge and jury on extending this marriage another four years.

This theme of trifecta delusion is the core issue upon which I will build and finally release in the first half of 2020, the third and final act of my Trump book trilogy: President Trump Predictions. Check out the linked page at Hogueprophecy, for further details about the book, its table of contents and how you can get on a free list to be notified when the book comes out.


(18 September 2019)


The rapidly intensifying dangers around the world during this new era of human evolutionary crisis require I create a new feature at HogueProphecy, at least one article in each wave of articles that quickly directs your attention to potential FLASHPOINTS in the world to watch:

The Saudi Oil Field Fire Bombing:
By Whose Drone?

Answer: The Antichrist Unconscious
Poised to End the World

I was going to launch this first September wave of articles with some hopeful signs that the firing of John Bolton last week might have taken the world back a few steps from the warmongering brink. I still hold cautious hope that is true. (Read that report in the sixth article of this set.)

And yet…

There are forces at play in the collective human psyche that want to destroy the human race. The Source of these is the Antichrist Unconscious. If Christ Consciousness is an awakening of full human potential then all that is Antichrist is unconsciousness—the ultimate “sin” as that biblical word’s root meaning illuminates: Forgetting the eternal “NOW” of the divine.

The Antichrist Unconscious, therefore, is programmed by societies to corrupt us as little children and bury our vast potential of enlightenment and love under a mask of personality by the time we pass from being seven to fourteen years old. That’s when the society and its programmers called parents, pedagogues, politicians and priests—themselves unconsciously corrupted, full of borrowed mind—pass their unconsciousness to us generation after generation.

No one is at fault, because except for a few of us who have awakened from this ultimate, root conspiracy, it takes awareness to be “response” ABLE. We are not aware of our true nature, therefore how can we be response “able”?

So a process of a positively negative feedback loop continues spreading this Antichrist unconsciousness into each new generation through those who for the most part believe, though blindly, that they have our best interest at heart. Our parents, pedagogues, politicians and priests make us, in their own unconscious image, sleepwalkers dreaming we are awake and our personalities, real. And unless some deeper understanding doesn’t arise to nap us out of this delusion, we pass the delusion of separation and identity to our children and so on.

We live identified with the past, its fossilized traditions. Our enlightenment is forgotten, buried under mass and personally imposed false identities that program us to believe blindly, rather than explore, the Mystery of religiousness with our own authority.

We are herded like worshipful sheeple into herds believing without skepticism the pseudo-religions of blind dogma and faiths we were born into.

Theistic or Atheistic? It doesn’t matter which. Either have little more difference than the difference between a wet alcoholic and a dry alcoholic. An active or passive addict is still an addict. One is addicted to getting drunk on god, the other, addicted to being “on the wagon and sober beyond the opiate God-religions of the masses. The dry alcoholic becomes obsessed with “not” drinking as his religion. He surrounds himself with a cult of fellow dry alcoholics to keep each other “sober” in the non-drinking faith, like some Christians evangelize more about the dangers of sin and Satan than the love of Christ to the point that sometimes I think Christianity is a cult called Satan-inanity.

Beyond both theism and atheism is an eternally now Truth that is buried under layers of borrowed identity, emotions, and brains full of chattering crap, rather than the clean brains full of light and silence we had as babies brought into this brain-dirtied world and now desperately needing a good brain washing to be innocently clean again. But in this world, every truth is turned into an evil. We are proud of our crap-filled brains and afraid of those who possess brains that are brainwashed clean each moment.

Yes, I will get to the incident that took place on 14 September, the attack in Saudi Arabia that could propel the US into a war with Iran and the world into a Third World War after that. But what is far more important to stop such a future from happening is to understand what is mindfully crappy going on in humanity’s collective, programmed head—your head—that makes the attack on Saudi oil fields only a symptom of the source problem that you can individually, right here and now, start fixing.

HogueProphecy wishes to make you aware of the prophetic angle beyond all dogmas that is the underlying, deeply unconscious factor that is propelling adversaries in the so-called “Holy Land” fighting over who’s version of God is greater.

It could very well be that World War Three/Armageddon was triggered by a squadron of ten soulless, robot drones, over the weekend, launched by whom no one yet clearly knows, that set’s alight Saudi Arabia’s largest oil and refinery installation. It has a certain ironic truth about it if Armageddon happens because living people at birth, conditioned for generations to become themselves robotic, mechanical, predicable machines should create pilotless war machines that end the human race.

We almost went to World War III on 21 July 2019, over a US robot drone being shot down. The Iranians claimed and later proved the drone did penetrate Iranian airspace over the Strait of Hormuz. (See US drone shooting) John Bolton, a man with a hard-on intention to get the US in a full-scale war with Iran ever since he played a major part in getting the US to invade Iraq in 2003, had pressed Trump to strike the missile batteries that shot down the drone. Ten minutes from the attack going off, Trump ordered the US bombers to turn around.

I have stated consistently, long before he became president, that Trump’s astrology does not support him willful going to war, but being that he is an unconsciously wide-open channel, easily influenced by the deep state and men like Bolton, who he finally fired last week, Trump can be misdirected to start a war with Iran.

I’ve been writing about the danger of that war rapidly escalating, being the catalyst for a Third World War between Russia and the US for 29 years and counting. We may be soon arriving to that moment of complete Antichrist-Unconscious self-destruction. Nostradamus is my witness, and many of his prophecies that I’ve shared with you about a war with Iran, starting in 1990 and especially in 2006 to the present day, indicate that we’ve never come closer than the present to this potential catastrophe then right here and now.

I hope I’m wrong but if I’ve correctly read the visions of the sixteenth-century sage of Salon-en-Provence, France, we dodged the bullet on 21 July 2019. But now another thing of death, an unliving soldier of robotic, mechanical intent setting fires in the Aramco Saudi oil fields on 14 September 2019, may have fired a warning shot of Armageddon across the bow of humanity’s destiny.

The Saudi Arabian government says the Aramco installation will be shut off for three weeks to repair the damage initially claimed to be caused by explosive drones claimed to be piloted by Houthi rebels who for years have been resisting genocidal annihilation from the man most likely to be Nostradamus’ third and final Antichrist: the “Arab Prince” in the prophet’s verse 25 of Century (Volume) 5, who Nostradamus also calls “Mabus” in Century 2 Quatrain 62.

It could be a code name for MBS, the acronym popularly created by the mainstream media whose attention span can’t carry the entire name of the Saudi Crown Prince and titular leader of Saudi Arabia, Muhammad bin Salman. So they call him MBS, otherwise known by Nostradamus as “Mabus.”

More than once the prophet strips vowels leaving only the consonants to hide the full name. In my previous article wave including his prophecies about NASA—the US space agency’s greatest triumph and tragedy—I showed you how he named the company responsible for building the faulty O ring sealing the solid rocket booster of the Space Shuttle Challenger. In Quatrain 81 of Century 1, he displays three Greek letters. They are Kappa (K), Theta (TH), Lambda (L). Use the laws of anagram when the beginning is actually spelling the middle and the middle is spelling the beginning of the concealed name, K-TH-L becomes TH-K-L.

Add the missing vowels and you get the name of the manufacturer of the “unripe fruit” as he called the O ring: Morton TH(io)K(o)L—for Morton Thiokol.

What if this goes both ways? What if Nostradamus foresaw this acronym “MBS” and hid it putting vowels in “our” acronyms?

Could MBS stand for M(a)B(u)S?

I can say this, and you can read about it here (see MBS). The laws of Nostradamian anagramming perfectly decode Mabus hiding in the name “Muhammad” and “bin Salman.”

Clink on this link, and read more about Nostradamus' prophecies about a future US war with Iran, now on the fast track to happening in the near future.

Clink on this link, and read more about Nostradamus’ prophecies about a future US war with Iran, now on the fast track to happening in the near future.

Has a drone strike this weekend, or further drone strikes threatened by the Houthis in the near future going to start a US-Saudi-Israeli war against Iran that goes nuclear, as Nostradamus warns, killing two thirds of the human race?

The morning after last Saturday’s attack, one would think the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was channeling the recently fired NSA chief John Bolton, so swift was Pompeo, fast as a “Bolton” of lightning, to officially claim Iran was responsible for the drone attack coming from Iranian proxies over the border of Saudi Arabia with Iraq. He called it Iran “unprecedented attack on the world’s energy supply.”

Today, the day I’m publishing these articles on 18 September 2019, Pompeo is in Saudi Arabia talking with MBS and making a case that Iran was behind these attacks, not their allies the Houthis, who have claimed responsibility for it. I have seen photos of remnants of subsonic cruise missiles that Pompeo claims are directly shot from Iran. I can’t verify if these pictures are actually remnants of exploded Iranian cruise missiles around the Aramco oil fields.

What I don’t understand is satellite pictures of the damage that don’t show strikes from all these cruise missiles that we are to believe flew at ocean wave level across the Persian Gulf. And if indeed that “are” as Pompeo says, then it shows Iran is able to evade ALL US patriot missile defenses, even with subsonic cruise missile of which Iran has many thousands along with hundreds of supersonic cruise missiles as I’ve detailed in Nostradamus: The War with Iran.

To say Iranian-built weapons shot by Houthis means this is a direct attack from Iran would be like saying all the hundreds of billions of dollars of weaponry we’ve sold to the Saudis, who have used much of it to kill a least 100,000 Yemenis since 2015—90,000 of these civilians— is the United States attacking Yemen. If Iran’s responsible for messing with some oil installations then the US is responsible for vast war crimes in Yemen committed with US weapons by the Saudis.

Pompeo is being duplistic and devious. Who else but the Shia Iranians are there to arm Shia Houthis so they can defend themselves from Saudi Sunni Muslims committing a war of genocide against them with US weapons? The US has even got special forces in country in Yemen, plus the Saudi Air Force could not have killed all those tens of thousands of Yemeni men, women and kids, or wiped out Yemen’s potable water infrastructure inflicting upon 400,000 people a cholera epidemic, without regular refueling in the air by a fleet of US Air Force jet tankers.

Show me some cruise missile wreckage today, Mr. Pompeo. I can definitely show you, over the years, the serial numbers of exploded US ordinance used by Saudi Arabia to blow away a wedding ceremony killing hundreds of guests and family members. I can show you more than one school full of kids or a bus load of kids killed by US ordinance flown in by Saudi Arabia. They’ve even used US manufactured phosphorus bombs that are banned by the United Nations as weapons of mass destruction. These horror weapons release phosphorus into the air and if you are a kid showered by these pieces of white glowing hell, they slowly burn all the way into your body and you die in agony.

I’m still waiting for Pompeo to give me my “Soviet missiles in Cuba” spy photo closeup that is irrefutable, no matter what Moscow, or in this case Tehran whines. Maybe it is coming today. Maybe not.

Maybe the Iranians have armed the Houthis with the means to hit their mass-murderers, the Saudis, where it really hurts. Maybe that might stop the war the Saudis (and the US) are losing in Yemen?

I just saw the press conference in Riyadh with the Saudi military spokesman displaying a lot of cruise missile parts saying they are Iranian manufactured. Long story short the conference was high in accusations but evaded answering just “where” these weapons were fired from. It sounds like the Saudi military doesn’t yet know. Despite all protests too loud that the Houthis couldn’t launch weaponry that far north, one thing seems clear. The Saudi military didn’t see it coming. Their radars didn’t work.


Well it is a fact the Saudis don’t want to admit. Their defense systems are aimed exclusively in Iran’s direction. Thus there is no way a direct attack from Iran could have happened. That means the Houthis hit them from behind with Iranian built weaponry with a longer rage than before.

In America, Pompeo is not the only one jumping to conclusions. War hawks in the US Senate jump to conclusions to inadvertently jump start Armageddon, like Linsey Graham. He tweeted “It is now time for the US to put on the table an attack on Iranian oil refineries if they continue their provocations or increase nuclear enrichment.”

President Trump tweeted initially that the vast forces of the United States are “locked and loaded depending on verification.” The anti-Trump deranged media played up the first half of that phrase, but actually the second half, “depending on verification” shows me the president likes as many bullies do, to talk threat but not actually get in a fight precipitously. He invoked investigation first before firing off mouth and missiles next.

At the time of this writing Trump has not shown signs of wanting to push the button sending the United States into a war with Iran. To his credit, this bully may be at least smart enough to not kill a lot of Americans fighting Iran and effectively make himself a one-term horror as president.

A spokesman for the Houthi Yemeni resistance, Brigadier Yahya Serai, said on Al Masira TV, that 10 armed Yemeni drones “of the Houthi Air Force” had hit two large Saudi Aramco oil facilities in the wee hours of Saturday morning (Saudi Time) 14 September 2019 causing massive fires and numerous columns of black smoke across the installations. The targeted refineries where in the Saudi oil-rich Eastern Province. One of the targets was the world’s biggest oil processing plant and an adjacent refinery in the vast Khurais oil field, 150 kilometers (93 miles) from the Saudi capital of Riyadh.

Tehran’s retort to Pompeo and Trump came quickly. On 15 September the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi said the accusation of Iranian involvement was “unsubstantiated” and false, adding, “The Americans adopted the ‘maximum pressure’ policy against Iran, which, due to its failure, is leaning towards ‘maximum lies.’”

Brigadier General Amir Ali Hjizadeh speaking for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force, warned America and its allies that Iran was fully prepared to retaliate if attacked, adding, “Everybody should know that all American bases and their vessels in a distance of up to 2,000 kilometers [from Iran] are within the range of our missiles.”

I have no doubt that the Yemeni armed forces, as I laid out in the past (See Yemeni Scud missile attack on Riyadh international airport) have the means to manufacture military-grade drones. They used them successfully last May against a Saudi oil refinery nearer to Riyadh. To what extent Iran helps them retaliate over Saudi airspace is at least now, given these pictures, if they’re not staged, greater military aid than known before.

On 17 September, Iranian commentator Mohammed Mahrandi appeared on the News of Rick Sanchez. He questioned how all the US radar and air force patrols missed detecting this surprise attack coming over the border with Iraq or coming across the Persian Gulf from Iran.

Mahrandi finished by explaining quite authentically and forcefully as someone who has twice chemically attacked by US sourced weapons of mass destruction during the Iran-Iraq War that there was “no moral equivalency” between the US being locked and loaded for war and Iran ready to respond to any attack on its territory or oil fields with a full retaliatory response. He posed that if the Trump Administration is looking at scenarios for a “measured” response, I’m assuming like attacking Iran’s Kharg Island oil port and refineries in the Persian Gulf, Iran’s response would not be measured but full-scale war.

Illustration of Chinese ASBM “downpour.” Iran works on its own version. Source: Chinese Internet.

Illustration of Chinese ASBM “downpour.” Iran works on its own version.
Source: Chinese Internet.

Within days all the oil and gas infrastructure of the U.A.E and Saudi Arabia would be on fire and completely destroyed. Given, he added, that Saudi Arabia is losing its war with the Houthis, they would now be attacked on two fronts. I would add that the government of Saudi Arabia would be attacked and if Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman is one of the first to fall in this conflict from an Iranian Shahab missile then he must be the man Nostradamus pinpointed 4.6 centuries earlier as the third and final Antichrist after Napoleon and Hitler. He then is Mabus, and his death may trigger the Middle Eastern region being set on fire, drawing Russia and China into a direct confrontation with the United States and Israel—A third world war!

Aramco is the current evolution of a US company turned Saudi that is part of decades of turning the US dollar, after leaving the gold standard in 1971, into a world reserve currency based on Saudi riches in “black gold” backing the US petrol dollar. You can’t buy their oil in any other currency than US dollars.

The US rewards Saudi successive kings and princes with weapons sales that nourishes the US military industrial complex and enables the Saudis for the last several years to try to annihilate millions of Yemeni Houthis with US weapons, aided by US military logistics, fueled by US Air Force jet tankers. US military aid piped through the Saudis has also funded the attempt to overthrow the Shia regime of Bashar al-Assad for nine years if civil war, responsible for killing nearly a half million Syrians and displacing 12 million. US and Saudi money and weapons made most of that possible, made the rise of the Islamic State across Syria and into Iraq a horrible reality. Great battles were fought to take down ISIS where US ordinance leveled entire cities and their populations across Syria and Iraq. In Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, over 50,000 dead civilians were recovered just in the old center of the city!

Iraq’s grievances against the Saudis for inflicting the plague of ISIS upon them is extreme. Do not think that they will not also attack Saudi Arabia or allow attacks upon it by Iranian allies. Do not think that American forces in the region will avoid being attacked not just with weapons of war but the destruction of the US petrol dollar hegemony set alight in Saudi and U.A.E. firestorms made of burning fields of oil.

The Houthi drone strike on 14 September sent oil prices rising skyward with the warning that further attacks are coming to the oily cash cow that makes the US petrol dollar sustain US military and economic hegemony. We may be days, weeks away from another brush with Armageddon and global economic collapse.

The prophet scholar in me must end this article ready to reveal the deepest motivation behind all that is shimmering on the surface of this mirage of ego and unconsciousness. I will tell you what lies underneath the facades and posturing of the Saudis, the Americans, even the Houthis and Iranians. Oh, and don’t forget the 800-pound Gollum Gorilla in the region, a nuclear armed Israel.

What drives this most dangerous escalation of tensions in the Middle East in our lifetime to the brink of Armageddon, first on 21 July and now again to the abyss after 14 September 2019, is the true face of our unconsciously driven religions, the Jewish (Israeli), the Muslim (Shia Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia) and the evangelical, end-time intentioned Christians of America, Pompeo and Vice President Pence, both extremist Christian Dominionists, being powerful manifesters of this.

All of these religions preaching Love and God actually are hell bent to destroy this world in their own versions of a final battle with evil, where of course anybody but their religion is the evil ones to be destroyed.

These religions deep in their core worship death of the world for a hope of messianic salvation that I contend is a figment of their blind faith’s imagination.

DATELINE: 18 September 2019

Dorian Satellite

The New Hurricane Abnormal: Dorian Stationary over the Northern Bahama islands “rubs out” more than 3,000 people.

The first time I heard of Dorian it was a little tropical depression surrounded by dry air who the meteorologists on The Weather Channel presaged would most likely break up into scattering thunderstorms on the eastern mountains of the large Caribbean Island of Hispaniola. If the world’s oceans were not being cooked by the equivalent of lighting off over 400,000 Hiroshima-sized atomic bombs every year for decades, little Dorian might not have drawn strength from these warmer waters to literally push aside the drier air from its own gathering rotating strength and in a few short days park itself as a high Category Five hurricane, completely stationary over the Grand Bahama and Abaco Islands of the island nation of the Bahamas for 40 hours. In that time it dumped feet of rain, rubbed most of the homes and businesses of 60,000 Bahamians down to debris piles, with an unrelenting storm surge of 23 feet pushed by sustained 180 mph winds with gusts above 200 mph.

Dorian slowly buzz sawed northward the following week off the coasts of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, making landfall cutting a swath along the coast of North Carolina, not yet recovered from last year’s hurricane damage and floods from Hurricane Florence and  remnants from Hurricane Michael two weeks later. Much of the damage Dorian inflicted on North Carolina came from a surprising number of powerful tornadoes in the hurricane’s rain bands as it strengthened again to a strong Category Two after losing much of its punch sitting over the Bahamas for so long that it literally sucked all the hot tropical water underneath it into its storm system and began drawing up deeper, colder water weakening it eventually from a Category Five to One to rise again to Cat. Two hitting the Carolinas before it sprints across open waters sending severe thunderstorms through the northeastern US states. It then slammed into the Canadian province of Halifax laying thousands of trees flat and taking down the provincial power grid.

The Americans and Canadians along the Atlantic seaboard were lucky. The devastation left behind in Grand Bahama and Abaco islands almost looked like a few of those Hiroshima-sized a-bombs used as a measurement of global warming’s power, decided to rise out of the hot ocean and drop themselves on land hidden behind hot storm surges, torrential rain and blast shocks of wind.

My metaphorical description is not overexaggerating this.

Take a look at these before-and-after movies shot by drones over Abaco Island just before landfall and one day after Dorian moved on. Take note of the reference point of the intersection with the gas station upon it. In the after shot you can see the intersection. The road is the only thing left “standing” in one piece because its asphalt spread on the ground.

Look at the puddles with mountains of debris piled high like sand dunes by storm surge and wind. Those where the shanty town neighborhoods of the poor. Official reports of fatalities are ridiculously low. Last I heard the pathetically disorganized Bahamian search, rescue and recovery agencies have the death toll around 50, yet initial reports from the Bahamas Press are bracing the island nation and the world for a loss of life that if true could make Dorian one of the deadliest hurricanes in the twenty-first century.

“In the Mudd and Pea in Abaco alone, the number could swell to over 3,000 alone,” the BP article reported, “as residents in that lowland area never evacuated as floodwaters washed away their homes during the storm.

“Maybe many of those victims will never be found. Thousands are feared dead in what is being described as the worst environmental and ecological disaster to hit the Bahamas.”

BP also reported that the government has only ordered 200 body bags in response to what the Bahamian Minister of Health Dr. Duane Sands declared as a “staggering” loss of life across Grand Bahama and Abaco Islands. My other sources are survivors taking note with cellphone cameras showing that bodies are piled everywhere in the debris. The stench of death is everywhere. The images remind me of what happened in the heavily populated city of Bandar Aceh, Indonesia in the aftermath of the Great Indian Ocean Superquake and Tsunami of 26 December 2004. Piles of shattered homes and bodies everywhere you look.

This is just the beginning. This is just a taste of what hotter oceans will spawn and spread over human population centers, not only in hurricane prone areas but soon in areas that never see hurricanes, as tropical force storms follow the heating oceans 600 miles farther north and south of the tropic of Cancer and Capricorn into temperate oceans.

Back in 1998 for my book 1000 for 2000 Startling Predictions for the New Millennium, not only had I foreseen the destruction of New Orleans sometime “in one of the first five hurricane seasons of the new millennium” (Katrina flooded New Orleans in season number five, 2005) I now can see the following taking place in the latter half of the 2020s:

Hurricane warning systems may be called for as far north as Oslo or Vladivostok.

John Hogue 1989

Mark my words, Category Five will soon require a Category Six rating. When Hurricane Dorian made its first landfall on Abaco Island the wind levels, if you gage the thresholds, where Categories change up to five, should have officially been a low Category Six!

In the era of Hurricane Abnormal you will now regularly see tropical storms suddenly strengthen as they hit landfall, like Dorian, like Michael (2018) crashing into the Florida Panhandle. Dorian just missed taking down Puerto Rico’s threadbare and fragile power grid again where a third of the roofs are still made of blue FEMA tarps with the peak hurricane season still young for more chances of landfall. The frequency of storms will increase. The time to recover and rebuild will shrink until whole areas of coast populations will become climate disruption refugees.

The hurricane season’s final chapter is still long from being over. I predicted to George Noory on Coast to Coast that Dorian was the first of THREE hurricane disasters to hit between now and end of October during this North Atlantic Hurricane season. Places already devastated and taking years to rebuild like the Florida Panhandle after Cat. 5 Michael and North Carolina after Cat 4 Florence and remnants of Michael (2018), the Caribbean Lesser Antilles, Cuba, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands from Cat 5 Irma and Cat 5 Maria (2017), let alone the millions still recovering in Houston, Texas from Cat 4 Harvey (2017). Harvey also flooded Louisiana and then flooded again in 2019 by Cat 1 rainmaker Barry. Add now the Bahamas to the growing hit list of areas suffering what I call “Serial Disaster” from global climate disruption.

More frequent and slower moving storms will pack longer lasting storm surges, higher and sustained winds, more tornadoes and lightning because the science rightly forecasts it. This is the result of fossil fuel pollution creating greenhouse gases that don’t allow the sun’s heat to escape back into space. The oceans store and strengthen their storms with that trapped heat. It takes time for what destructive power has been baked in the ocean storm system to manifest before our disbelieving eyes.

It is manifesting NOW…

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DATELINE: 18 September 2019

Dorian Satellite


The Second Half
The New Hurricane Abnormal: Dorian Stationary over the Northern Bahama islands “rubs out” more than 3,000 people.

DATELINE: 18 September 2019

Marianne_Williamson_Profile-SRC-Supearnesh, cc4.0

Author: Supearnesh, © Creative Commons.

Will Marianne Williamson Become President of the United States?

DATELINE: 18 September 2019

osholookingdownbalddomeOsho’s Most Apocalyptic Prophecy: Was it Just a Ploy or Real?

DATELINE: 18 September 2019

NewsRickSanchezThe Seven Signs of Recession
Early Indications “When” the Next Great Recession Comes

DATELINE: 18 September 2019


Caricature of John Bolton by DonkeyHotey based on a photo taken by Gage Skidmore, © Creative Commons.

A Few Prescient Observations
About the Future beyond John Bolton

DATELINE: 18 September 2019

Tulsi Gabbard by DonkeyHoty, © Creative Commons.

Tulsi Gabbard by DonkeyHoty, © Creative Commons.

Tulsi Gabbard just Got Bernie “Sand-Bagged” Sandered
From being a Part of the DNC Climate Change Debate
The Party of the Lesser of Two Evils
Is like the Lesser of two Pregnancies

DATELINE: 18 September 2019

Climate Change Deniers ever rely on Hiding behind the Time it Takes Science
To collect and Assess Data

DATELINE: 18 September 2019


The Veil of Appearances clasped by the Invisible Prison Guard of Identity

DATELINE: 18 September 2019

Starting with a Sample Link
To my First Ancient Aliens Episode
About Baba Vanga
And Ending with a Reality Free of the Past and the Future



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