Prophecy-in-the-Quickening News—Wave One: California Quakes and the Future—an Astrological Forecast. Iran Crisis Updates, War Dates. Joe Biden his Superdelegate Time. Hurricane Barry. Hogue Election Prediction Successes for India, and the European Union—what’s next? Theresa’s May Day: Boris “BoJo the Clown” Johnson as Successor Foreseen 3 Years Ago. The Resurrection of ISIS and the Russian-China Axis Shift of Civilization that happened on 2019’s D-Day Celebration Day

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(19 JULY 2019)

On occasion when events of prophetic significance multiply at such an escalating rate, I will shower upon my readers a potpourri of wide-ranging news stories with a prophetic angle.

463px-2019-Ridgecrest Quake-shkmapSRC-USGS

DATELINE: 16 July 2019

California Quakes and Shakes! What of the Future? Hogue’s Earthquake Forecasts deep into the 2020s

When the initial report came in of the Ridgecrest Southern Californian temblor, 4 July, it had been called a 7.1 quake. At least I thought I initially heard that reported. The USGS seismologists shook it down to 6.4 then shook it up to 6.9, finally settling like an aftershock back to magnitude 6.4.

I couldn’t stop thinking about that original measurement of 7.1. It wouldn’t leave my witnessed thoughts or witnessed emotions of foreboding. Then came the massive 7.1 temblor on the following evening, 19 miles northwest of Ridgecrest, sending significant waves of shifting earth and splashing pools 150 miles south to the Los Angeles and San Bernardino metro areas, all the way east to Las Vegas Nevada, forcing the evacuation of a stadium there with a sold-out audience watching the first basketball game of the new NBA summer league season.

The shaking was felt through Nevada and Arizona all the way deep into the Northern and Southern Baja states of Mexico. The moderate damage was widespread in Ridgecrest given the shallowness of this temblor yet fortunately there were no fatalities. Both the foreshock on the 4th and especially the major event on the 5th, took the Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake off-line for a few days as officially service ineffective, being far nearer the epicenter. At the time of this writing it is not known what damage or injury was inflicted there.

I want to share an astrological observation about the “orb” of quake influence. Three days in and three days out of a New Moon or Full Moon are usually the most likely periods for seismic or volcanic activity across the world. The New Moon on 2 July came at around 12:16 pm Pacific Time. That puts the 4 July 6.4 Ridgecrest fore-shock on day-two and the 5 July major 7.1 temblor on the following evening on day three of the waning orb of influence. It is important to understand that the moment of highest stress does not always immediately trigger a quake—just like the moment you put maximum stress cracking a pillar one moment, may not see it crack asunder for hours or days later. Or, if weak and willing the break comes before the full weight of maximum stress.

Astrological aspects for potential quaking are best read from what would be the peak moment of lunar-induced earthly tides. As the Full Moon coming closest each month to the Earth causes seismic tress, the pull-away of the New Moon does the same at its farthest position related to Earth.

The New Moon itself was conjunct the Sun at 10 degrees Cancer at 12:16 pm Pacific Time on 2 July 2019. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the chief heavenly body of earth and ocean tides.

What was going on with the outer planets aspecting the New Moon will also be, excused the pun, illuminating. I see that Saturn was in opposition in the Earth Sign of Capricorn. The tides of Earth stirred by the New Moon pulling away from it. Saturn was in retrograde motion, also pulling away, moving backwards in the sky in relation to how we see it on Earth as our planet is pulling ahead of it in orbit. Definitely a harbinger on 2 July for a seismic release.

The second most frequent time for quakes is when the Half-Moon is square with the Sun in its waxing and waning monthly orb of influence. With this in mind, beware of a potentially large aftershock in California or a significant quake somewhere in the world coming three days in, on, and three days out from the Sun in Leo square Moon in Taurus on 25 July. Both Sun and Moon are entering the earliest degrees of this earthquake-prone Leo-Taurus (earth sign) square with “Mr. Astrological Surprise”—the planet Uranus in Taurus in conjunction at 6 degrees. The “surprise” or sudden shift can also be the start of a war or some economic upheaval or a seismic change in political fortune, but generally Uranus is at its most earthquake-generating influence in square, opposition or conjunction, especially with earth and fire signs.

What then of the coming years?

This is the start of what I’ve been writing in previous books and articles: a period of heightened seismic events along the US West Coast segment of the Pacific Ring of Fire. Although the period will last up through 2024, it will especially be dangerous from now through the year 2020 because of Uranus, Saturn and Pluto all being in earth signs during their transits. These planets, especially Uranus, each have historically played powerful roles during the world’s greatest and deadliest quakes of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. (See deadliest earthquake astrology)

Saturn will not completely leave Capricorn until December 2020. Pluto will end its transit in Capricorn by November 2024. Uranus, however, the seismically nastiest of the bunch, will be waiting to shake the world with seismic, volcanic upheavals—even of the religious, political, economic, social and climate disrupting natural variety—up to May 2026!

What Betty Davis said in the 1950 movie classic All About Eve, could be said to all people and living things on this earth between now and 2026: “Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy night.”

Click on this link to access information about the PDF, fully-illustrated expanded edition of this book coming out in the Spring.

Click on this link to access information about the PDF, fully-illustrated expanded edition of this book coming out in the Spring.

Ridgecrest and most of Southern California had a bumpy night on 5 July 2019. In my long-awaited book predicting the earth and civilization shaking “bumpy” ride through the next decade, entitled, The Roaring 2020s: Decade of Destruction and Transformation, I will astrologically lay out all the seismic danger points from 2020 to 2026 for you. Check out the link. It’s constantly being updated. Soon you’ll see a list of themes I’ll cover. I’ll keep giving you reports about completing it and whatever changes in the estimated publication date. My plan is to publish it as an eBook and printed book later. But before these come out to the general public I will issue an early download of the deluxe and illustrated PDF expanded edition as a gift for your support of HogueProphecy.

One more important message about the Sun-Moon square on 25 July. It also favors an eruption of war. See the Iran crisis updates in the following two articles.

DATELINE: 18 July 2019

Iranian warships on patrol. Source: Tasnim News Agency.

Iranian warships on patrol. Source: Tasnim News Agency.

IRAN UPDATE! Tinker, “Tanker,” Soldier, Spy—I smell False-Flagged Bait to Fry. Bolton and Pompeo try to Light a War with Iran using the UK to “officially” hijack an Iranian Tanker off Gibraltar, waiting for Iran to do same, then BOOM!

Say “Grace” for “One” Panama registered, Iranian supertanker named Grace 1, seized by British authorities off the coast of Gibraltar on its way into the Mediterranean Sea. Financial Times reports that a copter and boat loads of Royal British Marines seized the ship in the wee hours of morning in early July. It was carrying a full cargo of 2 million barrels of Iranian oil they claimed upon “reasonable grounds” was violating EU sanctions by shipping crude to the Banyas refinery in Syria, a close ally of Iran.

Here’s a muddle for you…

The signatories of the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) Treaty with Iran had curtailed up to now any potential of weaponizing its nuclear program. The Trump administration doesn’t support it. Wants harsher controls that the previous administration it says didn’t provide. A year ago Trump butt out of the peace deal, throwing crushing economic sanctions down the throat of Iranians who had carefully followed the treaty’s strictures as the UN regularly reported. Trump is also threatening trade wars and sanctions on US allies who remain signatories of the treaty.

None of these European signatories claim they are against Iran selling its crude—just not to Syria, which is under general European sanctions. What the Financial Times won’t tell you is that most of these sanctions were rushed into being based on chemical weapon attacks of the Syrian regime on rebels waging an eight-year civil war, the US and NATO nations taking military action upon the lightest of one-sided evidence. I might add that most of the “evidence” is coming from at best spurious sources. They number rebels and the ER White Helmets who are affiliated with al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists in Syria (See White Helmets). Why the US or the European nations suffering domestic terror attacks from these groups, killing thousands (in America) and hundreds (in Europe) in the last few decades, are so ready to believe these murderers as a “reliable” source is beyond sanity, let alone sanctioning the Syrian government and people upon a terrorist’s “good” word and credibility.

The Iranian Foreign Minister on 5 July 2019 called the seizure of the Grace 1 an act of piracy. The Iranian Defense Minister Amir Hatami called the Royal Navy detention of the Iranian vessel maritime robbery further suggesting it was an unprecedented act on the high seas that might require an equal retaliatory response, such as seizing at British supertanker in the Persian Gulf, holding it hostage until the Grace 1 is released. The Iranian government also declared it would now hasten its goals to resume nuclear enrichment beyond the JCPOA’s agreed-to limits.

John Bolton the US NSA chief advisor and unofficial chief “war hawk” in President Trump’s cabinet was overjoyed about the seizure of the Iranian tanker and there are signs that the British government in London under his promptings had ordered its overseas offices in Gibraltar to make the seizure after seeing secret evidence that the Iranian tanker was smuggling oil to Syria more than once. Of course, as usual in these potentially war-sparking international incidents, there is no evidence or government sources as of yet proving objectively that the tanker was importing oil for Syrian refineries for generator fuel distillation.

The NATO and US planes did more than their fair share of devastating Syrian cities over the past eight years, laying most of them in ruins with destroyed infrastructure. A refinery making fuel for generators to restore light to ruin cities and suffering civilians might be a humanitarian gesture. But then sanctions never hurt the elites ruling these countries. They only make the ordinary people suffer. In the future, people will regard the US and EU using sanctions against ordinary citizens of a country a war crime, responsible for killing tens of thousands in Syria alone. I won’t even talk about the thousands of Iranian children and elderly who lost their lives because of draconian US sanction preventing medicines coming to Iran.

So here we are again just a half-month out from what looked like President Trump backing away from a regional explosion of war with Iran over the downed US drone entering Iranian airspace. It looked like Trump’s heart saved the world and his re-election in 2020 from a world-history altering war. Yet here we are again, the forces of the war industries of the West trying to goad Iran into military action once again.

390px-NostradamusPortrait-Cesar1614-FreeIt reminds me of Nostradamus prophecy in Century 9, Quatrain 55, when he said, A horrible war, which is being prepared in the West. The following year the pestilence will come. So very horrible that young nor old, nor animal [may survive]: Blood, fire, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter in France.

It is perhaps more than ironic that final negotiations for the JCPOA with American, European as well as French diplomats in Europe took place in August 2015 when there was a near conjunction of these planets. A year later, August 2016 would put Nostradamus’ dire warning around the time candidate Trump was in the final months of winning his upset victory over Hillary Clinton, loudly pronouncing his threat to tear up the JCPOA agreement. Trump honored his campaign promises, officially taking America out of the treaty last year, adding sanctions so cruel that one could admire up to this point how Tehran has not retaliated against them as acts of war against its suffering people.

Nostradamus’ conjunction implies that France is directly in as in involved in this future. French President Macron is the most active European leader trying to renegotiate the treaty with Iran and bring the US back into negotiations so war or peace in the future “in France” is in his hands now. I can even imagine a future negotiation taking place “in France.”

I predict it won’t succeed if it indeed can even happen. The sticking point is Iran’s regional ballistic missiles. The US wants to add that to the renewed JCPOA. Washington is pressured hard by Jerusalem to do so. These can be delivery platforms for nuclear weapons, it Iran had them, which they don’t. But what the US is blind to and most of you are uninformed about is “why” Iran has built these “Shahab” missiles. It is because of Israel’s nuclear-tipped Jericho regional ballistic missiles pointed at them for decades.

The Shahabs are Iran’s deterrent to a nuclear or conventional Israeli attack. If Tehran must dismantle its missiles, Tehran will demand that the Israelis not only dismantle their Jerichos but open the doors to their secret nuclear program to international inspection as Iran has. Then perhaps at last the whole world could see and expose Israel as the source of introducing region-wide destabilizing weapons of mass destruction. That Israel since the 1960s has been so far the ONLY rogue nuclear power threatening the Middle East with a current estimated arsenal of atomic and hydrogen bombs numbering 200 to 300 nukes.

Iran will demand the entire Middle East become a missile and nuclear free zone. Jerusalem will never agree to this, so the point of Macron’s peacemaker dream is dead before it happens, with Israeli Zionist-Supremacist hawks in Jerusalem’s government to blame.

As I publish this article on 14 July, I need to present the following article written on 11 July that marks a day of escalating danger for a war with Iran to happen soon, and when.

UPDATE: 18 July 2019. With that said, as we go to press the US-Iranian escalation of tensions rapidly speeds up this day with reports of an Iranian drone being shot down by the USS Boxer in the Strait of Hormuz. The US claim the drone was advancing rapidly towards it despite all warnings to pull off. It was shot out of the sky 3,000 yards from the USS Boxer. Tehran reports that none of its drones are missing. If that’s true, then whose drone was it? Also, was the Boxer in Iranian waters in the Strait of Hormuz?

Footage from (Iranian) Press TV shows Iranian IRGC boats seizing a tanker near the Strait of Hormuz and escorting it to an Iranian port. It is said to have military people as part of its crew under suspicion of shipping smuggled Iranian oil. The name of the ship matches the UAE-registered vessel that disappeared in the Persian Gulf four days earlier.

According to the following article’s astrological concerns, this is just the beginning of incidents and accidents in the region that could blossom into a full-scale war.

DATELINE: 11 July 2019
(Published 16 July 2019)

Back to the Future? The missile frigate USS Stark on fire after being hit by two Exocet missiles within 30 seconds, killing 37 US sailors back in 17 May 1987. This was during the last time US and Iranian naval forces actually shot at each other. However, this was a “friendly fire” incident. The Stark was hit by Iraqi missiles by mistake fired from America’s “friendly” dictator and ally, Saddam Hussein at that time. He’s the fellow the US had supplied with the means to make and target chemical weapons gassing 100,000 Iranian soldiers during Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Iran during the Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988).

Back to the Future? The missile frigate USS Stark on fire after being hit by two Exocet missiles within 30 seconds, killing 37 US sailors back in 17 May 1987. This was during the last time US and Iranian naval forces actually shot at each other. However, this was a “friendly fire” incident. The Stark was hit by Iraqi missiles by mistake fired from America’s “friendly” dictator and ally, Saddam Hussein at that time. He’s the fellow the US had supplied with the means to make and target chemical weapons gassing 100,000 Iranian soldiers during Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Iran during the Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988). Source: US Navy, public domain.

IRAN UPDATE! War with Iran is in the Stars: the Highest Chance Yet by End of July and especially the Beginning of August!

It is Friday 11 July as I finish this article. The British Heritage, a UK flagged tanker was harassed by swift boats of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards. The guards and the Iranian government brush this report off as ridiculous. The British Heritage and Royal Navy claim the boats blocked the Strait of Hormuz at its most narrow point and demanded the British-flagged ship change course and be escorted to the nearest Iranian port.

Not long after this happened, the British authorities in Gibraltar arrested the captain and first officer of the Grace 1, the Iranian supertanker they seized earlier for the as of yet unsubstantiated claim that it was breaking European sanctions by shipping a cargo of oil to Syria. No charges yet reported by the British authorities why the captain and first officer, two Indian nationals, were arrested.

Here we are, everyone in the world, back once again to a tit for tat escalation cycle that could erupt in war with Iran, shut down and destroy a lion’s share of the global oil industry either upending the world economy or combat rapidly escalating into a collision and nuclear war between Iran’s allies and economic partners, Russia and China, with the United States.

A very dangerous potential as it is happening during a Mercury retrograde in Leo that started on 7 July and will be pushing Leo’s egoistic buttons, scrambling communication between belligerents or even causing missed-signals that start a war from now through 20 July when retrograde Mercury backs out of Leo into Cancer from 20 July to 02 August before moving direct course once again.

Cancer is a Cardinal Sign, a sign of executive decisions. The United States natal chart (Scorpio Rising) has Mercury (the mind ruler) 24 degrees Cancer in opposition with Pluto in Capricorn 27 degrees. Slow moving, era and generational changing Pluto hasn’t been in a Capricorn transit since the birth of the US in 1776. A decision could be made in America’s capital in the closing days of July into August that could alter the fate and future of a United States that in this natal opposition aspecting the current times, is stumbling out of step with the destiny of the human race.

The present Mercury retrograde will pass in orb of conjunction over its natal position starting on 24 July. It will achieve exact conjunction on 28 through 31 July. Then Mercury will pass into the most dangerous waters, if you will, when it goes direct on 2 August. After this Mercury retrograde moves forward again it passes exactly over its US birth chart position of 24 degrees Cancer a second time in the following five days.

The worst part of a Mercury retrograde is often when it’s over. The resumption of forward mental motion after three weeks of being stuck makes people the most impatient and rash in their actions and decisions.

A US war with Iran can only happen through a historically bad executive decision in Washington or in Tehran. Malefic influences favor Washington and Trump being made the initiator, not from his own choice but having it pushed upon him by a warmongering NSA chief advisor and Secretary or State, Bolton and Pompeo.

These denizens of the deep state and US perpetual war industry want this war to happen. They will find a Machiavellian way to trap the president as a victim of events rolling out of control.

The stars favor such a bad decision.

The highest chance yet for a US war with Iran approaches, waiting at the end of July into early August.

Will the world dodge yet again being cut, perhaps mortally, by this approaching razor’s edge of war?

DATELINE: 12 July 2019
(Published 16 July 2019)

Where’s the Global Warming? Where the Water Temperature is 91 Degrees Fahrenheit off the Coast of Louisiana and Tropical-soon-Hurricane Barry Feasts upon it threatening the Levies of New Orleans by Flooding Rains!

This article is a variation on the twist of thought that Donald Rumsfeld, former Secretary of Defense for the Bush administration said about known knowns and unknown knows from a forecasting context. This is a documentation of what was forecast to happen with Hurricane Barry, before it happened and how what actually happened happens to resonate with what was forecast to happen.

This article is also an example why I welcome you all emailing me about events around the world, because although you can easily assume I’m on to a developing story, the truth is, with the quickening of this human evolutionary and extinction level crisis overtaking the world in the next 30 years, added to the difficulties of financially sustaining this work, I can miss something important falling through the cracks, unless you tell me about it. So tell me by email whatever you think is important. Important like what Melodi in Ireland wrote to me back nearly a week ago on Tuesday 10 July 2019 that lead to the documenting and date tagging of this story about Barry on Wednesday 11 July 2019. What you read below is from that 10-11 July period with inserted “[UPDATES]” from today, Monday 16 July 2019:


Hi John, I’ve been following the news off and on today and I suspect your prediction about losing or nearly losing New Orleans looks entirely possible this weekend, it doesn’t mean it will happen but if the levees go it could.

Hi Melodi. Thanks for emailing me about the developing New Orleans story. I was not aware of it. I will put this story in July’s Wave One of articles to be published this weekend hopefully no later than Sunday 14 July. [UPDATE 16 July. Off by two days]

I’m getting a lot of requests for Hogue online readings this weekend, so I’ll do my best. Mercury going into retrograde is a great time for people feeling the need to review and reflect and prepare for the next four months, so the readings are picking up.

I have a second “catching up” marathon of articles planned for the end of July that will include some truly apocalyptic things going on with the climate this June through July that already include super-cell thunderstorms across the Adriatic coast of Italy with reported tornados and orange fruit-sized hail! An Indian Monsoon coming late with all-time record-breaking heat temps followed by floods bursting dams in Maharashtra State. Anchorage on the Fourth of July Holiday hitting the hottest temperature on record for that day at 95 degrees Fahrenheit, a five-degree jump from the last record which I think goes back over a decade. I’ll check that before I publish the next wave of articles.

I’m sure there will be much more to add to my global overlooking report by end of July, but this thing about a tropical cyclone developing off the coast of Louisiana is going to hit quickly, and catastrophically I predict, in about the next 72 hours from this moment in the late afternoon Pacific time where I’m writing this on 10 July.

[UPDATE 13 July: Tropical Storm Barry became Category One Hurricane Barry overnight. It made landfall 72 hours after I wrote the above bringing to bear its flooding rains to New Orleans and Louisiana as well as Mississippi where a wide-ranging area will suffer catastrophic flooding. Back to what I wrote responding to Melodi’s letter on 10 July and edited on 11 July:]

Just for clarification the prediction you mentioned was fulfilled, but then again, perhaps this new storm is part two for New Orleans?

Full disclosure, the prediction of which you comment was written and published in 1998 for 1000 for 2000 Startling Predictions for the New Millennium (HarperSanFrancisco Publishers) At the bottom of page 17, I wrote:

The destruction of a major southern U.S. metropolitan area [such as Miami or New Orleans] by a global warming enhanced superhurricane will take place in one of the first five hurricane seasons of the new millennium…


With a donation of only $5.00 or a little more to sustain Hogueprophecy. Put July One 2019 in the PayPal memo line. I will manually send a fully-illustrated PDF attached to the email address you used at PayPal.


DATELINE: 12 July 2019

PART TWO OF: Where’s the Global Warming? Where the Water Temperature is 91 Degrees Fahrenheit off the Coast of Louisiana and Tropical-soon-Hurricane Barry Feasts upon it threatening the Levies of New Orleans by Flooding Rains!


DATELINE: 16 July 2019

DonkeyHokey Carricature of BOris JOhnson

Theresa May’s MAY DAY! She’s Out. Boris Johnson AKA BoJo, as in “Bozo” the Clown, I might add, will be Theresa May’s Prime Administering Successor as I, Hogue, Predicted Three Years Ago

DATELINE: 14 July 2019

EU Parliamentary Elections granted Great Gains to Euro Skeptic and Right-of-Center Parties as Hogue Predicted they Would, starting a Full Five Years ago

DATELINE: 14 July 2019

Narendra Modi. Source:

Narendra Modi. Source:

A Landslide Mandate for Narendra Modi to Play Strong Man as Hogue First Predicted in 2014, What’s Next?

DATELINE: 14 July 2019


The Resurrection of ISIS: When and Where, Who is Financing it and Who is the Next Target=

DATELINE: 14 July 2019

The New Democrat Superdelegate Swindle for 2020

DATELINE: 14 July 2019

Putin and Xi on their walk in St. Petersberg at SPIEF.

Putin and Xi on their walk in St. Petersberg at SPIEF.

While West mused Sentimental at the 75th D-Day Celebration, a Sino-Russian Agreement started an Axis Shift ending the Uni-polar World


With a donation of only $5.00 or a Little More, to sustain Hogueprophecy. Put July One 2019 in the PayPal memo line. I will manually send a fully-illustrated PDF attached to the email address you used at PayPal.

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