A Fundamental Shift has Happened in John Hogue’s Visions of Climate Change and MSNBC Producers correct Maddow’s Rant, Live on Ticker: Is this the Beginning of the End for Her?

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DATELINE: 07 April 2019

john hogue black and white portraitHogue’s Vision Shift on Climate Change—PART ONE

I’ve been presciently aware since 1973 of the danger of humanity overpopulating and polluting the world to a state of abandon that might potentially make the prophetic movie Sci Fi classic Soylent Green a reality around 2030.

I had seen the movie in 1973 during my Junior year in High School in Los Angeles. All its B-movie ScyFy faults aside it was a catalyst for an intuitive epiphany! Ever since I’ve been watching the science and the climate carefully, watching the scientific forecasts evolve with precision and accuracy. Even recording my own observations of weather and climate changes for 46 years and counting.

I have objectively jotted down clear trends of earth’s climate being altered by human fossil fuels. I’ve also collected the prophecies of every historical time from every corner of the earth. It seems that after visions of world wars, visions of ecological unraveling of the future was their second-most reported message. The seers of diverse cultures with religious filters saw the rising oceans science had theorized, as well as the massive and unrelenting droughts across continental bread baskets of the world. They described the super-storms and the threat of global famine from the breakdown of agriculture. Some had foreseen a return to an Ice Age but the vast majority of the best and brightest prophets with a documented track record generally presaged the onset of something far more potentially serious than climate “change”—rather, I now adopt what scientists and investigative reporters like Dahr Jamail (Truthout) are now calling a climate disruption. Not an age of ice but an age of fire is upon us, a new dark “hot” age.

Ever in the background of this dire collectively foreseen potential has been the specter of Ecocide—a mass extinction event that could equally undermine human civilization’s sustainability and lead even to human extinction.

Through the 46 years of observing the warming and disruption of the Earth’s climate I have written extensively about how Science is being overly cautious in their conclusions about the mounting data. I took it upon myself to be the “intuitive and subjective” messenger that told people years in advance what science would carefully and objectively conclude.

Sadly, I have had a remarkably accurate track record anticipating the science and it usually hints that things are going to get worse far sooner than the scientists were able to admit in their interpretation of the data.

I spent decades defending the scientists for doing that; however, now the evidence of climate disruption since 2010 has hit what I predicted would be a “temperature tsunami” of record highs all over the world:


I foresee 2010 as the year things get hot and stay hot in the climate, almost as if this is a temperature tsunami rolling across the earth from northern to southern hemispheres of season change. If one drew a line on a chart of average temperature spikes it would look like a cross section of a fault line of a tectonic plate in the sea west of Bandar Aceh, Indonesia, after a 9.3 quake hitched one of the tectonic plates up by 30 to 80 feet. The upward thrust of tectonic plates sent a tsunami across the Indian Ocean on Boxing Day, 26 December 2004, killing between an estimated 250,000 to 350,000 people, though unofficial estimates presume more than a million expired. The sudden thrust of world median temperatures could be just as deadly.

It will be reported in 2011 that a fault line in climate sustainability was breached in 2010 and thrust the global average of temperatures across the planet suddenly upward. A climate changing tidal wave of natural disasters…

The Santa Ana winds in the next California fire season will redouble in 2010. By extension, the US and Canadian fire seasons will go down as the worst in a year closing a decade of historically devastating seasons, despite the fact that many Western states will emerge out of wet and snow filled winters thinking summer will be less vulnerable to fires.

predictions-2010Cold or suddenly hot, torrential or bone dry, it is the intensity of extreme weather that spikes in 2010. You’ll read here first about the source of a climate tipping point coming in 2010. Climate scientists will report it in 2011, after the weather of 2010 has savaged us. Climatologists will publish findings of a large-scale plume of methane escaping from vast tracks of thawing permafrost across Siberia, Canada and Alaska has begun a new cascading temperature rise and acceleration of the greenhouse effect. Methane is a far more able to trap solar heat than CO2 in the atmosphere, not letting it escape out into space, like a transparent greenhouse pane of glass traps the solar heat inside.

The great methane pump into the atmosphere is the climate change wild card that will bring all tipping point predictions of science a decade forward. If a considerable effort to cool down the planet isn’t soon engaged, methane will out gas the greenhouse effect beyond what human CO2 air pollutants already do.

Steven Chu, President Obama’s head of Department of Energy in an interview with Fareed Zakaria for Newsweek (posted it so happens by ironic chance on the 120th anniversary of Hitler’s birthday, 20 April 2009), insists that tipping points can’t be dodged. He compared dire but more manageable spikes of the mean average global temperature rise compared to those which are apocalyptic: “Adaptation at 1 or 2 degrees will be painful, it will cause a lot of hurt and pain, but adaptation at 5 to 6 degrees—I’m terribly frightened that that’s catastrophic.”

I sense an uncontrolled increase of the methane plume over the next five years could be the source of the latter temperature rise coming much earlier than expected, in the 2020 and 2030s.

Predictions for 2010, Chapter 15:
We have ‘Appeasement’ for Our Times
(Written on 1 November 2019 “All Souls Day”)


In the summer of 2010 megafires did spread across the US West and Western Canada. While a sudden and catastrophic flood inundated much of the Pakistani plains of the Sind region displacing tens of millions from their submerged farms and villages, over 500 megafires raged across Russia burning one fifth of Russia’s grains. So severe was the agricultural loss that for half a year Russia could not export grain without dooming its poultry, pig and cattle industries to collapse through livestock starvation. Conversely, the Middle East and North African nations had to buy US grain at a premium price. The cost of bread in these countries triggered the Arab Spring revolutions of 2011 and one of modern history’s bloodiest civil wars in Syria that sparked the rise and the terror of the Islamic State, ISIS.

Seventeen of the first 18 years of the twenty-first century have been the hottest since records began being recorded. As I predicted, the next five years after 2010 experienced the temperature tsunami rise by 2015 and ever since 2015 we have endured a flood stage of record-breaking temperature highs. Indeed 2015 became the second hottest year since annual global temperature records were jotted down beginning in the nineteenth century. 2015 was followed by the hottest year on record so far, 2016, then the third hottest, 2017 and the fourth hottest 2018. The current year 2019 is measuring up to be as or nearly as hot as 2015 again. The tsunami of temperatures is rising again.

It is only recently and late that scientists I’ve watched for nearly 50 years are beginning to understand that they have misinterpreted the data, always settling on the best-case scenario. Perhaps they did this unconsciously or even consciously to sustain funding from governments not too keen to look at what must change about all levels of political, economic and social life if this potential bad news of climate change was presented too raw; in other words, too real.

Now, and especially since 2010, the climate disruption is accelerating, like a landslide in early stages that slowly displayed growing fissures and shuttered for decades with hardly a bounding pebble to note earth movement. Ever since 2010 its movement became noticeable to those who have eyes to see and data to measure it. In the 2020s all will recognize the vast climate disrupting landslide. When that happens it will be unstoppable and humanity will have to ride it somehow for the centuries to come.

I must stress this point again. I see now that my intuition over the decades of these apocalyptic changes has matched the REAL scenario, the worse-case.

As far back as my first published articles on the matter in 1983, I never felt Science was right about all these disasters coming at the far-off end of the 21st century. We are entering that climatological apocalypse now and its disruptive disasters are about to come rushing into our lives in the 2020s through 2050s as I predicted they would.

What was a distant possibility for decades, the world of Soylent Green, has now become a real potential any time in the next 30 years.

The Sixth Extinction in geological history is on.

We are the cause of it with our greenhouse gases warming up the oceans storing heat at a rate equivalent of storing the unleashed heat of 400,000 Hiroshima atomic bomb blasts a year.

We’ve already baked into the oceanic system a 130-foot rise in sea levels. This will in time manifest, beginning with sudden rises of the ocean as early as the next decade, 10 feet here, 15 feet there and so on to the confounding of all of your ports and global commerce.

We are adding FIFTEEN TIMES more CO2 gas into the atmosphere than happened in the last significant warming of the Earth 55 million years ago, the PETM (Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum). We are achieving in less than two centuries what took natural venting of CO2 2,000 years to create. The best-case scenario is that within the next 140 years, this rate of CO2 increase will raise the oceans 75 feet and bring us into the PETM world of 55 million years ago.

As I said, this is the best-case scenario, and best-case scenarios are now, as the data shows, the wrong estimate.

The fish fossil Priscacara clivosa found in Wyoming (probably Green River Formation). It lived in the Early Eocene (50 million years ago). Source: Michael Popp.

The fish fossil Priscacara clivosa found in Wyoming (probably Green River Formation). It lived in the Early Eocene (50 million years ago). Source: Michael Popp, © Creative Commons.

We are living in a world of WORSE CASE scenarios. The data supports this now. This article is a prophetic message about it. In later works I will back all that I’m saying here with the scientific sources. The book on climate disruption prophecy that until recently I never planned to write for five years will be published this year of 2019. It will be extensively footnoted.

Here is but a few of a mountain of scientific revelations I will footnote in that forthcoming book establishing why Ecocide is now a real threat.

Hurricane Harvey in the summer 2017 dropped so much rain that Earth’s crust sank 2 centimeters under the flooding of the fourth largest metropolitan area in the US: Houston, Texas.

We have CO2 levels today not seen in 3 million years.

Three-fourths of the world’s CO2 will still be here in 500 years

Any new CO2 baked into system takes a decade to impact the climate.

Even if CO2 emissions could end with the snap of my fingers this moment, it would take the oceans 25,000 years to absorb it and cool down.

IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) since 1987 has made the mistake of low-balling their conclusions. The worst-case scenario is the right-case they should have offered.

At 1.2 Celsius global temperature rise the world’s climate since the beginning of the Industrial Age is already destabilizing the ecosystem and a mass extinction of animals has begun, killing 200 species a day. There are widespread die offs of ocean and fresh water fish. We are marking an accelerating loss of ice in the polar caps, the beginning of significant release of carbon sinks that store millions of years of carbon reabsorbed into the Earth. Forests are one of these ecological systems. They are now suffering megafires and vast tracts dying off from beetle infestations and other diseases.

As I already said, Russia in 2010 suffered 500 megafires that burnt a fifth of its entire grain production with a collapse of livestock industries imminent. The fire loss of grain raised wheat costs that caused revolutions and civil war across North Africa and the Middle East with only a 1.2 Celsius rise since 1850. 1.2 Celsius is already too high to keep this civilization from teetering on unsustainable ground with political, economic and military consequences.

The Paris Accord or Agreement enacted during the hottest year on record, November 2016 managed to sign up nearly 200 nations to its pledge to keep global warming from advancing no higher than 2 Celsius. Leave it to politicians, not consulting the scientists, to think it is OK to bake a further 8 tenths of a Celsius rise by 2030. They also liked the nice compromised idea of achieving a 30-percent reduction of fossil fuel use by 2030 as it that’s enough to keep the hot world limit at 2C.

These idiot world leaders picked arbitrary numbers. But let us for argument’s sake say they can hold the warming to 2C. Even staying within or at a 2 Celsius temperature warming limit will cause unstoppable melting of Greenland and Antarctica ice sheets, raising sea levels 10 feet that some hope won’t happen until 2050! Yet there are already signs that the “sleeping elephant” of ice, the Antarctic, is stirring and rapidly catching up with the north polar meltdown.

Hold onto your tusks, Many the Mammoth is having an Ice Age movie meltdown coming to you at any moment in the 2020s that could see Antarctica’s western ice shelf melt away and collapse hundreds of miles of land-locked glaciers into the oceans raising them 13 to 16 feet in short order! That floods all coastal cities and closes ports for commerce and food transport.

Global famine will ensue.

That’s as of right now at 1.2C and these idiots in Paris want the cut off to be a bigger meltdown at 2C???? Remember, we’re only talking about holding global warming at 2 Celsius, the politically “Accepted” Paris Climate Change limit of warming.

Since that limit was signed off in November 2016 with the leaders patting each other’s backs about a promise of a 30-percent decrease of fossil fuel use by 2030, climate scientists reported the baking of the Earth going on unabated, especially with America leaving the Paris Agreement and in the last 2 years increasing its CO2 pollution by nearly 20 percent!

I’ve come to realize this dire fact.

We won’t hold at a 2C. rise

The world is already heading to an apocalyptic 3 Celsius scenario by 2030 if not sooner.

When we pass 2C we’ll already have a climate that can’t produce grain to the scale we need to feed 8 to 9 billion people expected to burden and overconsume the resources of Earth at the rate of triple the resources Earth has.

That means we cannot sustain these human population numbers. That means the vast majority of us are now slated for death by famine. When oceans rise and grain crops fail, the world’s population will be catastrophically reduced from 8 to 9 billion to 1 billion or less early in the 2030s.

And that’s where we’re going, because I do not see the climate change deniers in the US coming around, nor do I see the idiots who hug trees and hope for the best from a Paris Agreement cutting off the doomsday CO2 gas at even at 30 percent.

The fact is, if we want to have a chance to save billions of people, one in ten of everyone you see around you at present, you included, we have to IMMEDIATELY begin a drastic shutdown of ALL CO2 emissions before 2030.

That’s not going to happen. There is not the political spine or will to do it and the fossil fuel lobbies in capitals are too powerful. They would rather die than see their world of rampant consuming of their fossil fuels come to a full stop.

They will get their death wish.

Why? Because political will is lacking. The Paris Agreement has no legal teeth. It does not legally bind nations to reduce or face dire legal consequences or economic sanctions if they can’t achieve even a 30-percent reduction. And even if these Pollyanna’s did, it is too little to stave the tide of fossil fuel increased production expected throughout the 2020s that will bake in ocean rises that could fulfill the direst prophecies of Nostradamus about global famine:


Please note that the following observations were written in 1995 and Published in 1997.


5 Q98
A quarante huict degré climaterique,
A fin de Cancer(1) ƒi grande ƒeichereƒƒe:
Poiƒƒon en mer, fleuue, lac cuit hectique,
Bearn, Bigorre(2) par feu ciel en deƒtreƒƒe.

At a latitude of the forty-eight degrees
At the end of Cancer so great (is the) drought.
Fish in the sea, river and lake boiled hectic,
(Southwest France) in distress from fire in the sky.

(1)Fin de Cancer:- The sun ends its transit of Cancer every year around July 22. (2)Bearn, Bigorre: These districts stand for the extreme southwest corner of France.

Nostradamus warns us against creating a future drought of biblical proportions that will burn a swath across latitude 48 in the Northern Hemisphere. Drawing a line across that latitude on a map, we touch on nearly all the world’s chief grain belts. Today’s amber oceans of wheat stretching across North America and the Soviet Ukraine revert to prairies and inhospitable steppes in the next century.

Quatrain Indexing Date: “Q98” = 1998? In my last Nostradamus book I correctly interpreted the increase in global warming after the mid-1990s when the dust from the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo that slightly cooled the world had cleared the skies. With this interpretation in mind we can expect a wave of global droughts and heat waves by July 1998. From that time onward global warming steadily kicks in, disrupting weather patterns and the climate conditions needed to grow grain, start to shift hundreds of miles north of where they are now.

[UPDATE from April 2019: the year 1998 before it was eclipsed by 2016 held the record as the hottest year on record, a precursor to a hotter twenty-first century than the twentieth.]

Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies (Element Books 1997)

Please turn to:


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DATELINE: 07 April 2019

Rachel Maddow making a tipy-toe point. Photo: cc creative commons.

Rachel Maddow making a tipy-toe point. Photo: cc creative commons.

MSNBC Contradicts Rachel Maddow’s Collusion Story LIVE as Rachel Maddow goes Howard Beale Bonkers

Although this incident happened around April Fool’s Day I have evidence that supports this kooky story being true.

Here’s a passage of what Rachel Maddow on MSNBC did in a post-Collusion world that doesn’t match up to the facts. And importantly, the producers at MSNBC, live on her show, were typing corrections on the ticker tape below her ongoing sermon of rant. She delivered the diatribe with breathless exasperation and an awfully bad impersonation of William Barr (the Trump appointee as Attorney General)—playing age-discrimination too. I can only think Maddow just made this accusation up because the facts, as I’m about to show you, do not match her statement. Indeed they are so off the rails that even the MSNBC producers had to step in, fingers upon the keyboard, live on air.

In short, what Maddow is trying to sell the audience is a myth that Attorney General Barr is somehow too old at 68 to read through the Mueller 400-page report himself, supposing that he just picked bits and pieces together in his four-page summation delivered back on 24 March that don’t illuminate the essential finding. What Maddow was declaring was that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s people weren’t doing the outlining of evidence for Barr—a completely bogus claim.

Here is a transcript of her statement:

“This is what the Mueller people do in their sleep! It is hard to believe that they’d leave the 68-year old newly appointed Attorney General William Barr to himself personally pick through the report and try to figure out what mentions in this 400-page report might pertain to open cases.

“They wouldn’t leave that to Barr to that, Mueller would have done that. The Mueller team would have done that as part of producing anything that they handed over outside their own offices. They’ve done that before with every other document that they’ve produced in the course of this investigation. You’d assume they’d be capable of doing that for this document too!

“But William Barr says, ‘Ahh… It’s taking a real hard time because he’s having to do all that himself.’”

Underneath this harangue, two ticker tape messages appeared and glowered in upper case for several seconds each:



Here’s a PDF copy of the letter Barr sent to Congress Friday, March 29 2019, it was also made public immediately after it was sent to Senator Lindsey Graham, Chairman of the Committee on the Judiciary of the US Senate, and Jerrold Nadler, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee of the US House of Representatives in A.G. Barr’s interest to keep everything pubic and open. Maddow must have either simply ignored Barr’s explanation or colored it with the sheen of her own filters before she made her factually incorrect bombast before cameras.

Please note the brackets are inserted by me in the following passages. Barr states unequivocally, “As we have discussed, I share your desire to ensure the Congress and the public have the opportunity to read the Special Counsel’s report. We are preparing the report for release, making redactions that are required. The Special Counsel [Robert Mueller] is assisting us in this process.”

So Maddow’s dotard version of Barr as the poor old 68-year fussing over picking and choosing bits in his four-page report is wrong.

Maddow is “Mad-Cowing” incorrect about Mueller and his team not being involved. They have been and ARE involved in making the redactions, bound by law to protect witnesses that delivered evidence in private or being careful not to release evidence still in open cases.

So let that legal understanding be clear to you, if Rachel Maddow or other anchors start whining on air about not seeing ALL the report, every word and name. It is simply not Constitutionally legal to do so because of Fourth Amendment privacy laws as written into the Bill of Rights by the founding fathers of the United States.

AG Barr also had this to say in his letter about media speculators like the most strident Maddow, and other MSNBC, CNN and FOX anchors: “Also, I am aware of some media reports and other public statements mischaracterizing my March 24, 2019 supplemental notification as a ‘summary’ of the Special Counsel’s investigation and report… My March 24 letter was not, and did not purport to be, an exhaustive recounting of the Special Counsel’s investigation or report. As my letter made clear, my notification to Congress and the public provided, pending release of the report, a summary of its ‘principal conclusion’—that is, its bottom line. The Special Counsel’s findings, his analysis, and the reasons for his conclusions. Everyone will soon be able to read it on their own. I do not believe it would be in the public’s interest for me to attempt to summarize the full report or to release it in serial or piecemeal fashion.

“As I have discussed with both of you, I believe it would be appropriate for me to testify publicly on behalf of the Department shortly after the Special Counsel’s report is made public. I am currently available to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on May 1, 2019 and before the House Judiciary Committee on May 2, 2019…

“Finally, in the interests of keeping the public informed as to these matters, I intend to make this letter public after delivering it to you.”

This letter from Attorney General Barr was also “cc” sent to “Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein [US Senate]; Ranking Member Dough Collins [House].

Twitter was all a flutter from real journalists and commentators not involved in the mainstream news about Maddow April Fools flop. From Aron Maté, a contributing writer for “The Nation”, “The Real News”, “Al Jazeera English” and “Democracy Now” we get the Maddow Video (here it is again) and the comment:

“Tip for @Maddow: if you’re going to keep misleading your audience, make sure your producers aren’t correcting you in real-time. Here, the chyron accurately states Friday’s news Mueller is “assisting” Barr w/ redactions. Meanwhile, @Maddow is falsely claiming the exact opposite:”

Glenn Greenwald, the American attorney, journalist, and author, who worked with the Guardian UK newspaper starting in June 2013, exposing United States and British global surveillance programs, based on classified documents disclosed by Edward Snowden, had this to say about the Maddow video:

“This is truly shocking, no matter how low your expectations are now for MSNBC & Maddow. Just watch it and see for yourself how completely dislodged she is from any semblance of rationality, journalistic responsibility or even basic honesty. It’s sad to watch, & there are victims.”

And now for my comment:

I used to respect Rachel Maddow. I used to consider her the best anchor on MSNBC. But something’s gone to her head. It started in the 2016 presidential election season. She became a new rock star Vox populi rather than a journalist. She became an Ellsworth M. Toohey, the journalist-turned-demagogue, the self-proclaimed speaker and to “thinker” for the people. Maddow in reality became Ayn Rand’s fictional character in what I consider her literary masterpiece, The Fountainhead. (See overview of the movie for which Ayn Rand wrote the movie script adaptation.)

Just a side point to those who think I might be overlooking Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, a book I’ve read three times, my view as a writer is that Fountainhead is a better work. It succeeds where the vast, complicated and muscle-bound Atlas Shrugged failed by taking a more direct and leaner story line.

Sometimes less is more. Whether one agrees with Rand’s philosophy or not, I feel Fountainhead conveyed her worldview while not losing the storytelling thread of very compelling characters. Though Ayn Rand is a Russian-born author with moments of masterful brilliance, she just couldn’t pull off the epic narrative/philosophical balance in Atlas Shrugged with the dexterity of Leo Tolstoy in her Objectivist version of War and Peace. For much of it, she lost the human touch of Fountainhead and though it has amazing passages, the characters in Atlas Shrugged all have the same machine-gun mouthed delivery as if they’re one person.

The dialogue left me thinking this lesser-than-luminous, turgid rehash of Fountainhead read like it was scripted for actor Jack Webb from the TV detective show Dragnet. I couldn’t help hearing his precise staccato delivery of lines, imagining Jack Webb in a suit as Reardon one moment, next Jack Webb is in a negligée in bed with Rearden the next. Then there’s Dagny and Rearden being Webb pillow-talking to himself in that “Just the facts, mam,” tone as if he’s talking to himself pondering whether sex was “as good for me as it was for you.”

Back to Maddow falling on her pa-Toohey.

In Fountainhead, Ellsworth M. Toohey campaigned to turn the mob-mindset of public opinion in New York City against the individualist genius of architect Howard Rourke so that a jury would be picked that hanged him for a unique crime of conscience that I will not divulge here, read this book or see the movie.

Toohey became the people’s voice, the people’s “un”-conscience unleashed. And though it might loathe Maddow, a liberal, to consider herself comparable to Ellsworth M. (for Maddow) Toohey, her moments on camera of winking at the audience, her attitude of assuming those watching her are drinking the same Kool-Aid of CNN (Cult News Network) Syndrome, are EXACTLY and classic Toohey tells.

I agree with Osho from direct experience. Power doesn’t corrupt. It is a light that exposes the built-in corruption of programmed ego and personality in which society buries our true being under, shoveling the first dirt-piles of identity-conditioning right after we are born. Power can activate an unconscious temptation of personality to abuse it. This is how I view Rachel Maddow. She has always had the demagogue lurking in the dirt of personality burying her being. She had not the spiritual understanding to confront and transcend it. Thus her power to fairly communicate all sides and follow the facts rather than partisan fancies was lost to you. In this way, Rachel Maddow became an abuser of your minds.

Her destiny will be something like what happened to Toohey in Fountainhead. She will be fired. She will lose herself and her sanity in the manipulation of the masses and be rendered irrelevant. A sad end for a once great news anchor who’s gone Howard-Beale-bonkers as if she’s playing her own lead in Paddy Chayefsky’s masterpiece satire on the news, the prescient movie Network.

Now there’s a movie every reader of me must see!

Apologies to Peter Finch who won an Oskar for playing Howard Beale. His performance was far more authentic than the pain of watching Ms. Madd-ow’s, scowls, winks, blinks and occasional crocodile tears.

(07 April 2019)

The quickening of prophetic news requires I stay ahead of current events turning prophetically consequential with short articles of a hundred words or less. Here’s the first off Augury’s hot wire:

I Predict Netanyahu will be re-elected on Tuesday, 9 April 2019

With such an election, Israel will take another big step down into the abyss of becoming a Zionist Supremacist and Fascist state. Netanyahu will carry a large majority of the 800,000 or so Jewish settlers crowding out Palestinians, taking their scarce fresh water and bulldozing their farms, olive trees and villages in the occupied West Bank region because he will make good his pledge made just a few days before the election in an interview of Israel Channel 12: “You are asking whether we are moving on to the next stage—the answer is yes, we will move to the next stage. I am going to extend [Israel’s] sovereignty.”

He is speaking of the dreams of a “Greater Israel” that will stretch all the way to the Jordan River unto the sea. He plans to incorporate ALL the Jewish Settlements in the West Bank into the State of Israel, effectively absorbing most of the occupied Palestinian lands and peoples into what is becoming a National Socialist “Jewish” state.

The two-state solution is dead. Apartheid for millions of Palestinians living there, assured. The next stage in the 2020s will be pogroms where the shoe of being shewed out of the land will be on the other Semite’s foot. Zionist Jews will be the hateful agents of a new low of anti-Semitic ethnic cleansing of the West Bank of all Arab Semites in stage three. I will be writing about this in future articles, telling you about the plans the Knesset has for stuffing what Arab Israelis and Palestinian Arabs are left into “townships” like one saw blacks and Asian South Africans being forced and isolated into in terrible and racist times past.

Israel with the re-election of Netanyahu will become the new and racist-inspired South African political system of the 2020s.

Will the world rise up and boycott Jerusalem as it did Pretoria decades past? Though today US support of these crimes seems as rock solid as it is blind. Stay tuned. Nothing abides forever. The political climate will change. Then Israel will have to change, or it could disappear in the Middle East.

Indo-Pak border incidents fire up again as Indian Election counts soon begin

Last week the two regional nuclear powers are firing pot shots across the Jammu-Kashmiri Line of Control (LoC), locked again in a dangerous tit for tat. Times of India reported on 4 April that Indian Army artillery had effectively destroyed the Pakistani advanced army post that fired into Indian-Administered Kashmir killing and injuring civilians. Equal claims of Indian shelling killing civilians in Pakistani-held Kashmir have been filed by Islamabad, though Pakistani jets claimed shot down by India in another round of border dog fights cannot be verified. The flaming forest mountain position of the Pakistani post is on the video link, though it can’t be verified beyond being a mountain forest on fire.

The 2019 Indian general election begins 11 April, with weeks of counting required for the largest voter turnout in Democracy’s history. There are upwards of 900 million eligible voters that will require nearly 11 million polling stations over a month to count hundreds of millions of ballots in a series of regional elections before election results are known sometime after the last regional election on 19 May. In the meantime the hot season is on with short tempers rife on the LoC making, in my intuitive estimation, the month of April into the latter half of May the most dangerous time for a runaway escalation of violence bringing the South Asian subcontinent to the brink of a nuclear war.

If the post bombed late last week by India was real, what will Pakistan do now to save face? Might they take out an Indian post next?

Then what?

Ride swift and early, monsoonal downpours! Cool these hot heads of the Indian and Pakistani nuclear states!

Indo-Pak FLASH ALERT! This just in, Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi announced on 7 April the following: “We have reliable intelligence that India is planning a new attack on Pakistan. As per our information this could take place between April 16 and 20.” In my previous article on Indo-Pak border tensions published 30 March, I cited Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaking before a political rally in Gujarat, India, his promise that a second attack on Pakistan is coming. This may fulfill part two of my prediction published at the end of 2014. See the 30 March article Here. Modi playing politically macho to increase his vote count in the elections is playing with a potential, full-scale war between nuclear powers.

Some Light at the End of the New Cold War Tunnel for Ukraine?

Volodymyr_Zelenskyy_voted_in_parliamentary_elections_(2019-07-21)_SRC-Фото Миколи Лазаренка : The Presidential Office of Ukraine_cc4.0

Фото Миколи Лазаренка / The Presidential Office of Ukraine, © Creative Commons.

[Zelensky the comic (top), Poroshenko the Joke (bottom).

Official_portrait_of_Petro_Poroshenko-SRC-President.gov.ua, cc4.0

Photo: Official Portrait of President Poroshenko. Photo: Maxim Stoyalov and Ukrainian Government.] © Creative Commons.

I predict ethnic Russian Ukrainian comic Volodymyr Zelensky is set to win by a landslide the Ukrainian presidential election unseating Boris Poroshenko in the second round of voting set for 21 April 2019. I also predict this could bring Western Ukrainians and ethnic Russian Ukrainians together as their populations roughly divide Ukraine in two northwestern and southeastern halves, respectively.

The Ukrainian people could resume having referendums about NATO economic involvement and a peaceful resolution that could bring the Donets Ukrainian Russian provinces back into the Ukrainian union when both halves of Ukraine are allowed more autonomy.

My prescient point has always been that Ukraine is a tale of two Ukraines trying to be one. The only way the union can survive will be if the eastern and western halves have more autonomy. Let the Western Ukrainians look to the West for business and culture. Let the Eastern interact more with Russia for which they are industrially and culturally matched. The Ukrainian economy on life support since the civil war of 2014-2015 has a chance to recover under Zelensky if he is able to be a bridge for both Ukraines.

A landslide vote in favor of Zelensky could mark the beginning of the end of the Ukrainian-Russian flashpoint that started this current and very unstable second Cold War. Yet I fear the US military industrial complex secretly aiding and abetting neo-Nazi Ukrainian elements in a future coup to kill the comic.

Julian Assange will Soon be Expelled from Ecuadorian Embassy

On Friday rumors ran rife coming from Wikileaks sources that Julian Assange was about to be kicked out of the Ecuadorian Embassy. Assange, who is now an Ecuadorian citizen, designated by the previous government as a protected political refugee, is being used by the new and pro-US Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno as leverage to get Ecuador’s debt to the US greatly lifted.

The US price, kicking Assange out of the Ecuadorian embassy in London where he’s lived for years, the last of which completely isolated and cut off from computers, cellphones and the world in what is reported to be Assange’s state of rapidly declining state of health. Wikileaks has revealed the British and Ecuadorian plans for Assange’s immediate arrest upon stepping out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London are already planned with extradition to the US coming next.

I don’t know when Assange will be kicked out. But it’s coming, probably within the next 20 days or so. Sooner if there’s a hard Brexit on April 12. (How appropriate, the anniversary of the sinking of HMS Titanic!)

The British police will be there to arrest him for jumping bail for a crime he was accused of in Sweden, sexual assault. It doesn’t matter that the accusation was dropped. No trial happened. Statutes of limits were exhausted on extradition requests from Sweden to interview Assange. He didn’t go there and sought asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy because Wikileaks new the Swedish move was a ruse to get him extradited to the US.

I’ve no doubt that a big US trade deal coming after Brexit happens will deliver a golden-shower on Britain with a Trumpian “Hoooge” US-UK trade deal. This of course will include a reciprocated and fast extradition shipping Assange off to the US penitentiary system. He’ll be soon given special punishment for chief whistleblowers including being stripped naked and put in isolation for months, years as trial is pending.

Who knows? He might just succumb in prison to his poor health.

I know that threat was delivered to Osho’s lawyers when he told them he wanted to fight his unwarranted arrest and go to trial.

I’ve already stated in earlier articles my concern that Assange hasn’t long to live and will be martyred within a year. Click here for further reading of my Assange Forecasts from July of 2018.

Juan Guaido’s US-backed Clandestine War in Venezuela begins Any Time after 6 April 2019

A quick note. The US when it wants to topple a government it doesn’t like in South America will use four tools to wage a “low-intensity conflict” to cause regime change. They are: 1.) crushing sanctions destabilizing a nation to make the people suffer so much that they topple their government; 2.) propaganda and/or information warfare that paints a picture with little fact in the media and state department that demonizes the targeted regime and promotes false reports of starvation of the people, including power outages proving the government can’t function, ignoring the evidence that this was anti-government sabotage and even US hacking of the power grid.

Tools one and two are currently engaged without a regime change so here we go. Brace yourselves after 6 April to what the self-proclaimed and never elected Venezuelan president and US puppet Juan Guaido euphemistically called last week “strategic tactics” for steps three and four. They are: 3.) proxy warfare with US special forces, Columbian and renegade Venezuelan forces; and 4.) US air strikes. For more information, read this Truthout article.

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