No Collusion Mueller Report as Hogue Predicted, CNN Syndrome, The Indian-Pakistan Border Crisis and the Future of Regional Nuclear War. The Equinox Heat Wave and Enlightenment of Humanity is the only Hope.

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Where's the beef? No, it's not what some of you are thinking. This is a "veggie" patty."

Where’s the beef? No, it’s not what some of you are thinking. This is a “veggie” patty.” © Creative Commons.

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DATELINE: 27 March 2019

The Mueller Report has laid an Egg as John Hogue Predicted almost Two Years Ago: Here Comes a New Collective-Psychological Disorder: CNN (Cult News Network) Syndrome

I could feel the shudder running through the 800-to-1,000 people in the sell-out crowd at the Historic Everett Opera House last Saturday night in Everett, WA, during my segment of George Noory’s Coast to Coast AM live stage performance. George had announced that President Trump’s Attorney General had sent to Congress a four-page overview on the Mueller Report. I then predicted what would be reported the following day and unleashed the shudder I heard and dimly saw in the darkness beyond the stage lights.

Wait for it… Wait just one more day for it…

Have faith in Mueller after nearly two years of news anchors obsessively promising it. He was their great white “hype” hope to expose Trump as a Russian puppet, a Russian colluder, a Russian plant to unseat the rightful heir of the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

How can all that speculation on CBS, NBC and ABC, especially all the gossip posing as fact fumed over tens of thousands of hours on CNN and MSNBC with no named sources be completely wrong?

All and every “life-of-Brian” Williams and Rachel Mad-Cow Maddow of mainstream news anchors-turned-cult-news-network-gurus had foreseen the great second coming of a Watergate-cum-Russia gate.

Cuomos, Taperts, and Anderson Cooper-scoopers believed and believed even as one sexed-up, ramped-up story after another promising such a second coming fell factually flat on its face. There was always Bob Mueller to save them from their factless-based sins. But it was not to be. And like a sighing Millerite in an ascension robe slipping off his farmhouse roof while waiting for the Rapture to take him up to be with Mueller in fact-less, faith-filled castles in clouds, the believers fell.

Last Saturday on that late, great Russia Gate impeachment eve, I dropped a prophecy bomb—the same bomb the Hogue had dropped for nearly two years and counting.

I reiterated what my “Oracle” had been consistently and unwaveringly stating even before Bob Mueller began spending $25 million dollars over 675 days, with 19 lawyers getting hundreds of dollars an hour and the FBI marching in 45 Special Agents to destroy lives, summon swat teams to break down doors culminating in a CNN-tipped, live broadcast of an early morning raid on the home of Roger Stone—a Trump man involved in his presidential campaign.

No collusion…

Despite all wishful mind f*cking of those thumbing to life cellphone or television remote every morning to drink some MSNBC “Morning Joe” Scarborough’s fair—no collusion, Simon and Garfunkel! Time to sing that song:

Are you going to Scarborough Fair.
Parsley, sage, impeachable crimes.
Remember me the one with no facts there.
For he was once not wrong all the time…

For me, this Monty Python political punditry, this “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition” skit, began roughly a half year before Mueller was summoned to perform his Special Council role. The true beginning of the Russian Collusion hoax started in June-July 2016. I heard reports from sources of an active Clinton-Foundation and Clinton-campaign funded dossier collecting dirt on The Donald and the Russians. They started piecing it together to forestall Julian Assange’s public warning in late June of a damaging WikiLeaks revelation set for release just before the Democratic National Convention convened to coronate Hillary Clinton at end of July.

What Wikileaks exposed was definitely a case of collusion.

Hillary Clinton colluding with the Democratic National Committee to rig the Democratic Primaries to further suppress Bernie Sanders from winning it. See the details and sources of that, and further Clinton conspiracies, in a book that Amazon (stuffed full of Clinton supporters) blocked for five days, shutting down my access to my account.

To this day Kindle Direct Publishing denies me access to that book’s page. They won’t even let me alter what their mindless humanity-less algorithm found offensive after peacefully approving its existence and selling the book on Amazon for nine months without anyone bothered.

And that’s still the case, even during my five-day blackout.

Click on this link to sample John Hogue's new (47th) book, and illuminate with documented evidence in this informative and sometimes satirical prophetic assessment of how Clinton lost her own election without Russian bots or Snooki having anything to do with it.!

Click on this link to sample a book which documented evidence of REAL collusion to fix elections in this informative and sometimes satirical prophetic assessment of how Clinton lost her own election without Russian bots or Snooki having anything to do with it.

It keeps on selling copies (for now). Get yours while you can: What Really Happened Hillary Rodham Clinton: and Astrological and Prophetic Assessment.

Last Saturday would be the last night of 675 that blind believers in Russia Gate waited for Bob Mueller to save their world (and a number of news anchors’ credibility as journalists). I celebrated it with an audience of Coast to Coast AM fans in Everett leaning in to hear my last take on Russia Gate’s future before Judge-Mueller-ment Day.

And here’s what I told them they would wake up the next morning to find: No evidence of collusion between Trump and the Trump presidential campaign with Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin. No Russian whores giving golden baths in Moscow hotels on the president Donald-to-be. After 675 days of hysteria, of news porn that deepened the chill of a Second Cold War between Russia and America that could go suddenly hot and end the world.

Nada! Nothing.

Where’s the beef that could have ended in a nuclear exchange?

No meat of fact in this nothing burger, ladies and gentlemen. Thus spake Mueller’s main, and case-closing points the following morning to whom so many based their salvation from Trump.

On Sunday, the Jonestown tub-full of fake-news Kool-Aid was knocked over by FACT. No one ascended to impeachment heaven on Cult News Network speculation. Once again, no messiah descending out of the clouds.

Oh Jesus Christ! The Mueller-messiah let us down, as all expected advents of messiahs do.

Now that the great Kool-Aid drunk has been momentarily cut off, I’d like to say again to all the people who cursed me over the last two years and even tried to make $1,000.00 bets against my forecasts that early and consistently held their truthful ground: Mueller’s fundamental conclusion was tendered. And any pathetic attempt of network nitwits wasting time bringing up hints of Trump obstructing justice in the four-page overview, remember, you can’t obstruct justice if there was no crime.

What else was this wild “goof” chase?

At least Watergate investigations began because there was a crime committed, burglars breaking into the DNC offices at the Watergate complex. No crime committed usually ends with no evidence found, folks.

Anticipating the findings last Saturday night sending a shudder through 1,000 people living in a deep blue state was not a surprise but the “end of the beginning” of this story for me.

Now that Mueller has exited the stage I had long anticipated what comes next: the CNN (Cult News Network) Syndrome.

The Kool-Aid drinking is over, but fear not.

It’s Millerite time!

Like the Millerite cult of the 1840s who needed the fuel of ignorant belief to feed their blind hope in a dream that facts never make true, the plot of your test of faith deepens. If your Cult Guru calculates with the convincing charisma of Rachel Maddow about Russia Gate that the end of the world is coming on a specific night, you’ll stand on your roof in ascension white robes for the big giddy-up and go mornin’. When a long vigil on over Saturday night turns into Sunday sunrise and you’re standing there on your roof with Mueller’s disappointing revelation, without flying into the sky, the last thing faith wants you to do is blame your enablers or yourself.

It’s a test. Keep hoping. Keep getting up on your roof as the Millerites did more than once on newly calculated days of ascension that came up goose eggs.

You’ll keep the faith and so will your enablers on the news networks. This is how the mass hysteria of the CNN Syndrome keeps you facing every fact ‘Wolf “blistering” your beliefs. Belief is a powerful word for righteous ignorance. You’ll keep going until Kingdom Russia-Gate Kremlin comes to impeach Trump.

Millerites saw their ascension evaporate, but even to this day the cult lives on proving the Theory of Evolution even works for Creationists. The Millerites adapted the abject failures of their blind faith and evolved it eventually into the present-day species of religious cult called the Seventh Day Adventists.

Mueller hope evaporates, but already the same news anchors on MSNBC and CNN resume their fraud against factual journalism. Some of them already wide-eyed with new myths declare the end of the Mueller report as the end of the beginning—never the beginning of their journalistic end. These Adventists of the media will ascend to new fantasies of magical thinking and speculation to feed their flock of sheeple.

I did follow up my “hoax is a hoax” statement to the audience last Saturday night with a qualification that caused more grumbling heard beyond the stage lights. Now that the finding of the Mueller report was finally delivered, I hoped the Democratic opposition in the upcoming 2020 elections would let this demon of hysteria go.

Come back to reality.

Deal with losing the 2016 election. Take full responsibility for your mistakes. Drop this “Anybody but Trump Resistance movement.” There is still time to think and share with America WHAT YOU ARE FOR rather than only vent about what you are against.

Beyond the stage lights I told the people mumbling, shifting and slurred outbursts of a few drunk hecklers in the upper balcony that Blue Americans need to drop this blind belief that they can take back power by pretending the fly-over Red American states don’t matter. To the moody Blue Americans, half the Americans in this country don’t exist. Yet I assure you, they will go to the ballot box next Presidential Election Day on 3 November 2020.

Hold onto that CNN Syndrome myth and you will only fulfill my long-held prediction, made 13 months before Trump was elected that Trump would likely be a two-term president.

Mix up your TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) with the CNN Syndrome and you will see a different end of the beginning.

That which had up to now put Trump’s re-election to a second term in doubt and on hold.

Democrats who can snap out of this hysteria and leave Mueller and Russia Gate behind can share a vision that includes ALL Americans, even those Red, Trump-supporting neighbors that Jesus said you should love as you love thyself.

Actually Jesus is full of crap on that line. We “do” love others as we love ourselves as just a bromide. We do unto others what you would have them do unto you, almost completely clueless and ignorant about what love is, though we use the word all the time, blink, and do unto each other wars, rapes, lies, dog-eat-dog competition… We let society bury our authentic, innocently intelligent selves and put on masks of personality, watching the Rachel Mad Cows and Sean Inanities without a conscious or loving bone in our egos.

Sorry Jesus, wake up! One has to face facts first, then consciousness and love is perhaps possible to awaken, even for a masochistic messiah dangling on a cross. What else was he doing, hanging up there, waiting for his liberation by an imagined Father in heaven, waiting for his Mueller coming with the “report”?

We do not know love, so how can we do unto others what they would have them do unto us?

How can Blue and Red American neighbors love each other as they love themselves when you deny the reality of the other to your future, civil peril?

The Mueller report only deepens American polarization. I fear it will deepen this “what we’re against” rage of Democrats to the point that they will not pick a winning president, not take back the Senate and they will lose the House again. They will disempower all civil opposition and blame it on anybody but their own stupidly as Hillary Clinton goes on doing. What happens after that will possibly be a civil war of some kind. Not organized like the first, but an unraveling of civil order after 2020.

The Russian Collusion story becoming a zombie, an undead conspiracy promoted by the Democratic Party controlled House of Representatives, will only conjure up a Zombie candidate to run against Trump, helping him win a second term. And then what my Oracle has been telling you for years will arise: the real source of Trump’s leaving office early in his second term. It will be the Deep State having no more use for him.

They will make him an offer he can’t refuse and he will leave office. Replacing him will be a Dominionist Christian fanatic, Vice President Mike Pence. Theological extremism is not just a thing Muslims are struggling with. A steady collapse of Christian influence in America has already given birth to a Church militant.

Before Hitler committed suicide he made one of his many disturbingly accurate prophecies, noted and date tagged throughout his dark career. He foresaw a return of Fascism in a more religiously extreme form.

If the 2020s slide us into a heightened danger of Armageddon via nuclear warfare and planetary climate disruption, there will be those who take this as a sign that the end of days are coming. The next Hitlers will be religiously extreme politicians and movements born of the mainstream religions that have failed to help human enlightenment evolve.

After Trump is re-elected, and perhaps long before he leaves office in 2024, one of their prophets will come to be President of the United States, and with him comes something like ISIS that I call chrIStIS for America and the world.


DATELINE: 22 March 2019

The India-Pakistan Border Crisis: Is Regional Nuclear War Next?

Nuclear powers India and Pakistan ever since 26 February 2019 are playing a dangerous and new hair-triggered game of Doomsday brinksmanship. If this posturing and blind-man’s bluffing of nuclear armed super-egos in Islamabad and New Delhi should cross a line they can no longer control, what comes afterwards will impact the lives of everyone in the world in ways that most are completely unaware are possible.

We will divine how close the danger is, and alert you to when astrological windows of tension will be at their highest in 2019.

Let us begin:

When the most recent of Indo-Pak border crises began on 26 February what I call my inner prophecy “Alarm” meter rose from a level one foreboding from mid-February and jumped to Level Four out of Ten until 1 March when for now at least, the heebie-jeebies though leveling out some, have settled into a Level-One worth watch for the coming months.

Click on this link to sample an intensely personal account of premonitions anticipating the 9/11 attacks by 18 years!

Click on this link to sample an intensely personal account of premonitions anticipating the 9/11 attacks by 18 years!

Level Ten is rare and always manifests into some significant event either in the world or in my personal world. It has only happened three times: mid-October 1962, Ash Wednesday 1981 and 10 September 2001. You can read my full prophetic and personal sharing of all three in Nostradamus: Premonitions of 9/11. In brief, the first of these physically nerve-wracking and psychically powerful premonitions started when I was a child on Friday 19 October 1962. Three days later, news of the Cuban Missile Crisis in progress hit world in a televised message by President Kennedy on Monday, 22 October 1962.

That was a week before my eighth birthday. If the Cuban Missile Crisis had not been resolved, World War Three would have started on my eighth birthday, 29 October 1962. That turned out to be the deadline for a massive US airstrike across Cuba set to destroy Soviet military assets and nuclear missile installations before all of them could be launched prior to a full-scale US invasion.

The second Level Ten premonition on Ash Wednesday 1981 turned out to be the second of three brushes with death, the first taking place a few days before I left India returning to the Los Angeles area followed by the other two encounters a few days apart in March 1981.

This next Level Ten premonition was about an impending death I experienced at the threshold of my home in San Pedro around 40 minutes before driving off and getting hit by a station wagon running a red light in Long Beach, California. The broadside of my compact car hurled into me at 55 mph. The Paramedics had given me up or dead while they worked on the injured red-light runner. (For a full accounting of the life-altering out of body incident, please read Nostradamus: Premonitions of 9/11.)

The third brush with death happened a few days later. I will write about that incident when the time is ripe. You can read it when I publish an epic, three-part series about the coming of a new humanity that’s part prophecy book, part autobiographical account of my lifetime involvement with the awakening of such a humanity. As the 2020s are upon us, the time of humanity’s crisis of future existence is upon us. Time for this book series to be published and shared.

The third Force Ten premonition overtook me slowly, starting from the moment I returned to Seattle from India in March 2001. It compelled me to leave the city and base myself on an island where nature’s presence was far stronger than the maddening collective-psyche of man. It directed me to Whidbey Island in August 2001 where I’ve resided ever since.

In review of the mysterious experience I was being directed by this premonition to better protect myself from a global spread of what I will call a “mind plague” that few so far have recognized but has been anticipated by the native peoples of the world in their shared prophecies. I’ve known about their vision since 1990 of a critical mass of collective madness temporarily overtaking the mass mob mind of humanity. It reaches a critical mass when too many billions of people born on this planet spew too much ego “noise” of their unconscious thoughts and feelings to upset the psychic “Ether-ecology” of Planet Earth.

It is not just the Earth’s ecology that we are polluting to our peril. That critical mass peaks during the first half of the 2020s. I will be publishing a book next year about this Mind Plague and what is needed to escape psychic infection.

I got to Whidbey Island just in time, apparently, before a world-destined event happened that would hasten the quickening of this psychic plague. To enhance one’s connection with nature, our Mother of planetary spirit, is of deep importance now in this work of reading the world. It also helps my recent return to reading individuals. I’ve only been reading the world for the last 26 years. Since September of last year I resumed reading people, only this time I read them with all the energy and loving attention passing through me that reads the world. These one-on-one experiences happen in person and during online sessions staged directly from my colorfully-lit office where this article, books and all other YouTube TV and radio phoned-in shows happen, like those I regularly do for Coast to Coast AM, Dreamland, Rex Bear and Heidi Vandenberg’s Channel 27.

From March to September 2001 the premonition grew and peaked to an overwhelming climax wracking body and psyche on the night of 10 September 2001. The next morning, world history’s course darkened descending down a consequential course ever since the morning of 11 September 2001. I speak of the “9-11” terror attacks with al-Qaeda operatives using hijacked commercial jets full of passengers as weapons killing nearly 3,000 American civilians, toppling the two World Trade Towers of New York City and striking the Pentagon in Washington DC. The fourth airliner crashed because passengers tried to take back control of their jet back from the hijackers. The fourth hijacked jet’s target was the US Capitol dome. (I suggest watching what is perhaps the best movie rendition of that day in the unflinching masterpiece, the “Saving Private Ryan” of 9/11, United 93.)

The Level Ten premonition ended when the Pearl Harbor moment of the so-called global “War on Terror” was on. Few of you perhaps know that its immediate consequence was not just the US invading Afghanistan then Iraq. It was not the US setting itself up in military quagmires in the Middle East. Not these military disasters described in Nostradamus’ prophecies that indicate we may create a flashpoint dragging the US and Russia into a nuclear war potentially in our near future.


Few in the West, even now, know that nuclear war nearly happened at the beginning of the War on Terror.

Two months after 9/11, Islamically radicalized terrorist belonging to the Kashmiri resistance infiltrated the Indian border from Pakistan to attack Indian Parliament in December 2001 brought the two South Asian nuclear powers to the brink of Armageddon in their own Cuban Missile Crisis from December 2001 through May 2002. If it had happened regional nuclear war would have wiped out ten times more Pakistanis and Indians than all who died in the First and Second World War combined.

India and Pakistan are back at it again 15 years and two months later because of a terrorist attack in the Indian-administered half of the disputed provinces of Jammu-Kashmir. Jihadists based in camps in Pakistan, continue to infiltrate the heavily militarized and mountainous border deep into Indian controlled Kashmir. Such a team prepared a suicide car bomb colliding with a passing Indian military police convoy on National Highway 44 in Pulwama District, Kashmir, on 14 February 2019 inflicting great loss of life.

India struck back two weeks later, on 26 February, in a surprisingly aggressive manner, doing something not seen since 1971 in the last of three major wars it fought with Pakistan. They launched an air strike deep into Pakistan bombing three Kashmiri-separatist terror camps forcing Pakistan to launch their own air attacks firing into Indian airspace two days later. Compared to other border clashes, New Delhi’s bellicose move jumped past many tit-for-tat escalations leaving little room for further conventional military escalation before only a nuclear option or backing down.

Let’s say you have ten steps to full escalation.

This time India started at step seven.

Beware a super egoist politician’s fear of publicly losing face. You have two prime super egoists, Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India and Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan, making a lot of threats, especially Modi. He started March openly suggesting to tens of thousands of Indians while on campaign for general parliamentary elections in April of a future strike coming.

What happens if to save face you take Step Eight: full-scale conventional war on the other, like India’s more poised to do being far more powerful a military power than Pakistan?

If you are Modi you talk yourself into thinking your opponent wouldn’t dare launch a nuke.

Step Nine: If Pakistan starts losing the conventional war, will the Pakistani generals push Khan aside and launch a nuke as a warning not to invade?

And then what happens…? How do you save face and Indian chauvinistic national pride now, Mr. Modi?

What is Step Ten?

Do both leaders and their militaries step back from regional Armageddon or do they cross a line beyond ego’s control?

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) estimates Pakistan has constructed an arsenal of 140-150 nuclear warheads. India has around 130-140 because this nation of 1.3 billion human nuclear targets needs only to wipe out a mere 200 million Pakistanis. SIPRI says the Pakistani delivery systems, the Shaheen 2 regional ballistic missiles, are not of the range or standard of the Indian Agni-3 missile systems. This might give India a false sense of superiority. However, given the tight target area and prevailing wind directions, the Shaheens will do their worst. The winds carrying the high-levels of deadly nuclear fallout over India mixed with the Agni explosions over in Pakistan will fall over Indians and Pakistanis alike. The regional doomsday war will also spread far and wide its radiation plague to the entire South Asian and much of the Southeastern Asian populations: nearly 2 billion souls! And as I will explain later, it won’t end there.

Even I was deeply shocked by what India did on 26 February. Not because I was taken by surprised.

For decades my Oracle had consistently indicated most likely countries to wage nuclear war were not Russia or the United States but India and Pakistan lead by a pair of hotheaded leaders once they became nuclear powers. My inner Prophecy Alert meter since mid-February had been feeling a mounting foreboding for days of something big about to fall on humanity’s future. By the way, I was not aware of the Kashmiri terror attack on 14 February when I began feeling a growing threat premonition. It was India’s airstrikes deep into Pakistan on 26 February that took me from Level One to Level Four foreboding.

I wasn’t caught off guard by what India did.

Something far worse and disconcerting.

On 26 February, the first half of a vision I had documented in December 2014 had come true exactly as it had been foreseen.

I now await the second half of the vision to be fulfilled.

If it is about to happen my premonition meter might take me back to the days before the Cuban Missile Crisis was announced, and the night before the 9-11 terror attacks.

Allow me to unpack the backstory and the forecast future potentials…

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DATELINE: 22 March 2019

OshoRanchDarshanSilverChairSilveroutfithandsWaveEnlightenment of Humanity: The Only Hope

Such an article like the last bombshell requires I balanced it with the following article written the day jets bombed terror camps. It first appeared on that day on my Facebook page. I share an answer to that madness. A moment of clarity, relaxed, loving and understanding. A glimpse of the future humanity manifested in this present moment. Enjoy:


Thank you, Gau Rav. This discourse of Osho, especially the last 16 minutes, is prophetic. This discourse was entitled, The Only Hope: The Enlightenment of Humanity. (Discourse Series: From Personality to Individuality) Please all readers, link to this discourse to understand deeper, what I am about to share.

Everyone please watch this discourse, especially every Osho Sannyasin who considers themselves my Facebook friend ought to watch it, otherwise ask yourself sincerely, why are you on this Facebook page? Come to a haven where you are loved and not misunderstood by the mediocre masses.

Osho is speaking about you now and how the fire of your candle of Sannyas [disciplehood] is enough, even now, to spread this fire of awareness and love all over the world.

Because the future is fluid, the dangers he saw coming by the year 2000 were delayed to the beginning of the 2020s. This decade is the critical mass moment where the future of humanity either ends in the 2020s or a tremendous break with the self-destructive past with all of its dead suicide-ity societal traditions, politics, religions, and illusory imaginary friend projections of God can begin to fade away in the light a person like Osho, coming close and touching that candle wick you came so close to “fire-ing” back in 1985.

If you, as a sannyasin today, as devotees, think your little candle cannot start a great purification of awareness like a conscious and blissful fire spreading to all unlit candles then you are misunderstanding the power of your IN-significance. Get back to this celebration of your IN-security. Embrace in this moment this ever-new IN-ward journey into meditation—and then share it with everyone.

Do not hold onto regrets about your past as Sannyasins. We are not the people mulling over the past or the future. We do not live in mind-that-creates-time. Therefore you are never too late, and never too early, to begin this moment and renew your flame of love, life and laughter because Eternity only exists here and now.

Around you, and especially within this gathering of friends on this page, are people with the fire becoming lit that did not wear the clothing of fires we wore in the 1980s when Osho was sharing this discourse about our future imminent and decisive meeting with the end or the beginning of a new humanity.

The danger was far off then. Now it is coming, like a catalyst to awaken or destroy humanity here and now.

Sannyas is moving beyond its baby steps of the 1980s. Be a light to all people because inside everyone on this Facebook page—whether you see yourselves as disciples of Osho or not—you have within you the seed-flower of a new humanity.

All you need to do right here and right now is nourish this seed with the awareness of meditation and bring a new humanity into full flower in the only place and the only time there is: Right here, right now, inside you, nobody else.

Society may have crippled your mind to think you are powerless and insignificant. The reality is the opposite if you just look inward at your vast potential and capacity for joy and celebration of love and life.



You are not insignificant. Meditation makes you IN-Significant!

This understanding in now available to everyone. You can all be disciples of this blissful flame that can put out the gathering madness and darkness of an auto-suicidal humanity that’s about to make its move to commit suicide in the 2020s.

Everyone here on this page who consider me their Facebook friend, I invite you to watch this video. You may gain a deeper insight into why this man has influenced me and by that influence, I have drawn you to be on this page where candles of being can be lit.

I know what he’s saying at the end of this discourse is true because it is my experience. I also started alone in this sharing and now I speak on radio, television and write to millions around the world. If it can happen to Osho, and if it can happen to me, the vastness of the truth lying dormant in each of us is never, as he says here, a minority.

The Truth is even bigger than the majority.

The Truth is the ALL.

Live this “Allness.” There is no-thing-ness to attain, and everything to instantly, this moment, understand. Then share it with everyone, this experience, this flame that can light a Golden Age.

Love to you all.

–John Hogue (AKA Swami Dhyan Arjuna)

PS—to my Facebook friends, sannyasins or otherwise, I offer you the meditations I’ve been using to light my flame since 1980. If you resonate with what I’ve just written and feel deep inside you the seed of a new humanity waiting to blossom. These meditations provide the right soil and the right water for the flowering. Just Contact Me at this link and put one word in the subject line: Meditation.

I will then send you links, videos and information to begin (or renew) your journey.


In Part Two of this article is an answer to William Shepard’s important comment. He gives sincere words to what I call everyone’s conditioned-reflex misunderstanding about how a new humanity is impossible.

He is absolutely correct, by the way.

Nevertheless, in this second essay I explain how a new and better humanity is born all the same.

Step one, drop all concerns and efforts to make it happen. Go beyond the conditioning of society that misreads this mystery as quantifiable.

Perhaps it is qualifiable

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DATELINE: Spring Equinox 20 March 2019

Equinox Heat… Spreading across the Canadian and American Pacific Northwest and Alaskan Panhandle.

Thus ends the weird winter of 2019 that I lived through on my island 45 minutes northwest of Seattle. While people complained across the Midwest about where the Global Warming went with Polar Vortex blizzards in December and January, we on the Northwest Coast of the United States had no winter yet. We were clocking unseasonably warm highs of 54 in the dead of January.

When I visited Anchorage, Alaska, in mid-January to do readings and lectures, Dawn, my hostess related how no snow fell until end of November, a new abnormal pattern for sure that sometimes sees Anchorage without a white Christmas, even. Then they were buried in snow. As February began I was getting ready to trim back my shrubs around my house, thinking the budding and pollen attacks I suffered from evergreens being six weeks early heralded an exceedingly early spring and that winter 2019 wasn’t actually going to show at all. But then there was forecasts of snow coming that most didn’t take too seriously. A token showing of winter, perhaps?

I didn’t think so. I’m very weather sensitive. In the days before it came I used my car for all the errands this snow-whimp of a van could achieve and packed myself in for a long snow-in.

Then winter came. All of it in early February. All three months of it packed into the shortest month of the year with freezes into the upper teens at night, highs not reaching above freezing for days. Snow and snowdrifts from high winds. We got about a foot of snow. Then March came like a cold spring and in the days ramping up to spring equinox Seattle topped the low 80s (Fahrenheit) and my town of usually cool, north-facing Langley reached 73!

The day before Equinox Weather Underground reported Seattle hitting an all-time March high in records logged since 1894, 79 degrees. It also broke the record for the highest temp. in any five-month stretch from November through March, according to the National Weather Service. Tuesday also cleared the warmest “low” temperature record for March “and” April.

I mean, if this wasn’t the new abnormal you’d have lows around the low 40s, not just under 60 degrees at sea level around here on Vernal Equinox.

Elsewhere over a major swath of North America’s Arctic and Northwestern regions broke high temperature records. On Equinox 20 March 2019 Klawock, Alaska, topped 70 degrees 200 miles north of Juneau, the earliest place to clock a 70 across all of Alaska this year. More all-time March warmth records came crashing down across the drought ridden Alaska Panhandle and extended to places that should be covered in ice as far north as Canada’s Northwest territory, like Yohin Lake, just 400 miles south of the Arctic Circle rising to a sub-arctic blistering in March of 71 degrees! First place to hit that kind of heat across the Northwest Territories.

Hey, all you folks asking where’s the global warming down there in Denver, CO, or Kansas City, MO. You’re in the lower latitudes still waiting to hit 70 degrees in 2019. It happened this Equinox Day nearly at the Arctic Circle and you tell me, where’s the global warming?

Just where the climate science had forecasted for decades, coming out of the same melting North Pole like an icebox left open so while you first catch a polar vortex “draft” in January, by March the northern ice is melting in the heat.

Spring coming two-weeks early was a common thread in heat waves spread from Washington State all the way up the coast through the Alaskan Panhandle, Canada’s Yukon, the Northwest Territories and down along the wide expanses of coastal and interior British Columbia. Spring crowded out the latter half of winter causing flood watches for mountain snow runoff.

I can already sense the fire fogs coming to my island later this summer from smoke blown down from new Canadian megafires. They are being prepared as vast stands of stressed Canadian pine forests in these early, long and later dry springs into baking summers will initially grow fast and use up fast that water. When high summer comes, the mountains acting like the forest’s giant water tanks will be of little help to assuage the stress of drought and bark beetle infestations because glaciers are not only rapidly receding, they are collapsing.

In 2015 and in subsequent years, the Western Canadian forest watersheds have been burning at 1,000,000 to 1,500,000 acres a year and that’s not even counting a similar loss of acreage in Eastern Washington State, Montana, Idaho, Oregon and Northern California

I’ve been telling my neighbors that spring feels like it’s coming fast, hotter-than-normal and will have a short run with grass browning by May. Summer will come full on in early June. We may see another spate of 60 to 70 days without any precipitation in what should be a Marine Climate area. I told my neighbors to prepare for it like it was a repeat of the spring and summer of 2015. I just found out today studying NOAA reports that they forecast the weak El Niño will repeat a pattern like 2015. Sorry Cody (my gardener) lawnmowing season will be short like 2015.

Something to remember about 2015. It was the second hottest year on record. By the way, NASA reports, the last four hottest years on record where in this order: 2016, 2015, 2017, and 2018.

I close with Truthout’s climate and environmental investigative reporter Dahr Jamail. He reminds me to pause and reflect what kind of future is coming, hastened by this unusually early and hot Spring Equinox of 2019, in northern and northwestern climes not used to such heat:

Seventeen of the eighteen hottest years ever recorded have occurred since the year 2001.

The End of Ice, Introduction, pg. 5

The hottest year missing in this list was, until the dawning of the first 18 years of the new millennium, 1998!

Where is the global warming?

It’s here.

It’s now.

I’m sensing a new kind of premonition of late; it resonates in a far deeper and new space inside of me. It is as silent as a volcano before erupting, or an earthquake taking its earth breath before shaking. This premonition is unlike any I’ve had or written about. It is  far vaster than any other I’ve experienced. It whispers without a sound of a potential that could rapidly become a reality.

Mother Nature is speaking to me in a still, silent voice from all its inner and outer appearances.

She is saying in the deepest core of my connection with Nature two words: Mass Extinction.

This new premonition is re-arranging everything I will, or can, share with you about the future of the next 25 to 30 years. Books I had not planned to write until well into the 2020s are crying to be written right now, like my long-planned revelations of prophets, ancient to modern, subjective and scientific about a hot and dark age threatening all life on earth. It has accelerated, like an avalanche at the beginning taking up momentum. I must write those books that prepare you all on how to ride a Mass Extinction event and possibly—probably unlikely—you’ll survive. If we do not survive it, we can at least understand the blow and live our potential for consciousness to the fullest for without this change in human consciousness, humanity is certain not to survive what’s coming.

On Saturday 23 March 2019, I am going to announce my most significant Prophecy Alarm before 1,000 people as George Noory’s final guest at his live on-stage Coast to Coast AM show at the Historic Everett Opera House in Washington State. The event sold out seats in early February but not to worry. If you are one of my readers, or if you watch me on television and listen to me on radio, or watch me on YouTube shows, you will hear everything I need to tell you, in the hopes you have a chance to save what we can of life on Earth and the human race.


The quickening of prophetic news requires I stay ahead of current events turning prophetically consequential with short articles of a hundred words or less. Here’s the first off Augury’s hot wire:

From Cuban Missile Crisis 1962
To Venezuelan Missile Crisis in 2019?

On Wednesday 27 March 2019, President Trump in the Oval Office told the press how upset he was that Russia had flown in two jets full of 100 Russian troops in support of the Maduro government that he and his neoconservative-packed cabinet seek to overthrow with a long-neocon groomed puppet leader Juan Guaido. The willowy, 28-year old Mrs. Guaido sitting next to the president looked on like a deer in the headlights, as he told the assembled press that the Russian soldiers must “get out!” And that “All options are on the table” (Trump’s emphasis) to make that so.

First off, no international laws are being broken by the Russian military landing. Venezuela’s government has had an alliance with the Russian Federation since the start of the new century. That the Trump Administration choses to ignore Venezuelan sovereign government legality is more about intentions, openly declared By Trump’s “goo-goo-Kachoo” warwus-mustashed NSA head, John Bolton a few months earlier. The US government intends to overthrow a sovereign nation to control what is the largest oil reserve in the world with little care beyond bland platitudes for the Venezuelan people that US sanctions have economically crushed. Moscow says the 100 soldiers are actually military advisors and trainers to help Venezuela’s pro-Maduro armed forces gain optimum use of their Russian-made, defensive delivery systems like the S-300 anti-aircraft and cruise missile batteries.

With that said, Russian President Putin is sending them as clearly a symbolic move and there could be more Russian military assets on the way. It definitely signals that US unilateral regime change will not go without consequence.

Trump’s emphasis on “all” options on the table at the start of an international incident is troubling, especially when all options don’t rule out a launch of some or all of America’s nearly 7,000 nuclear weapons. Even a conventional US strike on Russian soldiers would be retaliated and suddenly as it started, a Venezuelan conflict could trigger a thermonuclear war effectively ending human civilization.

From a prophetic angle, I do sense a US-Russian nuclear crisis is looming any time from now through October 2022. How ironic it would be if this should happen on the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis from October 1962. For further prophetic angles on this new, Second Cold War please read A New Cold War: The Prophecies of Nostradamus, Stormberger and Edgar Cayce.

Click on this linm and read more about this new book and where the Ukraine crisis is taking us next.

Click on this link and read more about this prophetic work anticipating the new Cold War five years ago.

Books by John Hogue


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