Your Questions about the Future of 2019 Answered. Buzz-Feed Buzz Kill: Trump telling Cohen to Lie. Quality Questions begat Quality Answers about the Life and Prophecies of Nostradamus

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DATELINE: 04 February 2019
(Predictions documented 31 January 2019)

A Weird Wager, a Buzz-Feed’s RussiaGate Buzz-Kill, and the Future of Cult News Networks

I was starting to have hope that Robert Mueller, special investigator probing Russian collusion in President Trump’s electoral victory in 2016, will act as sometimes advertised. We are told by his friends and associates that he’s straight-shooting investigator. Maybe he is. I’m seeing a glimmer of an action never enjoyed during the years Ken Starr took a nothing-burger accusation of real estate corruption of the Clintons over a Whitewater Deal into a fishing expedition to find something—anything—to impeach President Bubba Bill Clinton during the 1990s that at last found a vaginally smoking cigar, as it were. Starr caught Clinton lying about what “is” is in an interview. He ended up being indicted for a white lie rather than Whitewater and was officially impeached for marital proclivities but not cast out of the White House.

The investigation taking years, costing millions of taxpayer dollars that financially destroyed many people trying to serve their country moved from “nothing burger” Whitewater to a burnt weenie sandwiching. Can I and the nation hope for something a little less salacious, politically motivated and grounded in fact about Trump colluding with Russians to rig the 2016 presidential elections in his favor?

So far the current version of Whitewater, the Mueller investigation, never ends, as it never fails to sustain the ratings of CNN and MSNBC with some of the worst acts of below-the-belt yellow journalism I’ve experienced in my 38 years as an expert forecasting guest on all the national US networks. If it wasn’t weird enough to watch and comment upon, it got far weirder and more personal when one day a few months ago, I received an unexpected ring of my phone in the middle of my morning writing session…

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DATELINE: 04 February 2019
(Predictions documented 31 January 2019)

Nostradamus (1503-1566) Painting by Cesar de Nostradamus.

Nostradamus (1503-1566) Painting by Cesar de Nostradamus.

How to Interpret Nostradamus: Lesson 4 PART TWO

The Quality of Your Questions and my Answers is far Higher about the Life of Nostradamus and his Prophecies if you Read my Books before Asking Them

I was hoping someday to give you an example of how much richer and eye-opening your questions would be, and more challenging for me to answer, if, when I suggest books for you to read you actually seek those books out, read them, and come back with questions and comments like Lisa from the Netherlands has done below.

We saw her in the first New Year’s article wave in Lesson 5, PART ONE. She took up my invitation, bought a copy of Nostradamus: A Life and Myth and here are her deep and challenging comments and questions.

I’m told by many of you over the years that I’m the one that makes you think.

Here are Lisa’s comments and questions shared with everyone because she gifts me questions of substance from reading my books that makes “me” think…

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DATELINE: 04 February 2019
(Predictions documented 31 January 2019)


John Hogue Answering Readers’ Questions

Click on this link to access information about the PDF, fully-illustrated expanded edition of this book coming out in the Spring.

Click on this link to access information about the PDF, fully-illustrated expanded edition of this book coming out in the Spring.Here is full and free access to a number of questions my readers asked me about events in 2019. The questions are in bold font. My answers in regular font.

QUESTION: from Christena N.

Will the economy pick up for the middle class? I feel like all I do is work, eat, sleep. There is no energy left for recreation and fun.

Sorry to say, not any time soon, Christena. The great Middle Class grind down will go on and it will worsen. What is happening with France’s yellow jackets this late autumn into winter could be a wave of hard hats, to yellow jackets, blue and white collar and student mass demonstrations in the streets of American as early as this coming summer.

You may see by 2021 an “American Spring” revolution, a popular movement of the middle class and the poor similar to what happened the last time Pluto transited into Aquarius in 1777. One must remember that Pluto’s transit in Capricorn last time seeded revolutionary ideas from 1762 to 1777. What is seeded in Capricorn becomes active rebellion and revolution during the Aquarius transit of Pluto 1777-1798. Most of the combat in the American Revolution took place in the early degrees of the Aquarian Pluto transit. The French Revolution itself erupted and raged in the final half of the 30-degree Aquarian transit.

The American and French Revolutions triggered a century of revolutions. What drove the middle and lower classes into the streets to rebel against the one-percenters of the British and the French aristocracies, repeats itself in a new rebellion against Fascist-leaning “corporate” global aristocracy of our times.

QUESTION: from Karen D.

Click on this link. My first Trump book documented Trump's alternative future victory over a year before it happened. glimpse into his presidency from the most fair and balanced forecast book on Trump.

Click on this link to learn more about my first Trump book documenting his alternative future victory over a year before it happened. glimpse into his presidency from the most fair and balanced forecast book on Trump.

Hi John. I expect you will probably get this question a lot but it is one I worry about. Will Trump get the money to finish the wall? When do you see the Wall being finished? Thank you so much for your emails. I enjoy them so much. Sincerely, Karen D.

Back 13 months before he won his presidency I wrote the following passage for Trump for President: Astrological Predictions:

Constructing the Great Wall of Trump along with the Trump Pogrom of illegals will inevitably face constitutional and human rights abuse lawsuits by armies of lawyers in suits keeping the cement mixers and the National Guard transports idle for years. It probably won’t be constructed in his first, and perhaps only, term.

Trump for President,
Chapter Nine:
The Emperor’s New “Pose”

I still hold to this prophecy documented and date tagged back in October 2015 with no updates. I would only add that it could be started if Trump achieves a second term in office. Some of my answers below will bring that issue of the 2020 Elections up for commentary.

QUESTION: from Linda R.

Will we see the beginnings of the civil war in America predicted for 2020?

I have foreseen this danger coming since my phone started being wiretapped after I did a show predicting on a BBC radio show that civil war could come by 2020 if Democrat and Republican gridlock should deepen into the first two decades of the new century.

We are already in that civil war it would seem, as if these are the final years of the 1850s when discourse has become polarized and partisan just before the US Civil War began in 1861. The blue and the grey of the past civil war surface again as the blue and the red today.

Click on this link and sample this new book about moving beyond political parties to political community.

Click on this link and sample this new book about moving beyond political parties to political community.

Revolution is coming.

I work towards its being peaceful but the signs are it will be violent and, like what happened in the Southern US colonies during the American, and the Royalist dominant provinces of France during the French Revolutions, there can be civil combat—civil wars waged.

That is why I strongly suggest any of you interested in not repeating civil war in the United States read my book Beyond Alt-Right and Alt-Left: A Community of Americans. It looks at the parallels arising for civil war in America and what can prevent it.

QUESTION: from Kathy C.

Hi, John, I really would like to know what you foresee for the U.S. economy in 2019. You’ve long said that this year may be a tipping point in terms of beginning a recession or depression. Can you update now that we are closer? Thanks for all you do!

Thank you, Kathy. Greater Recession may be postponed by a favorable outcome with the Chinese over US trade disputes between now into May. This could forestall the coming economic crisis into the 2020s but it is coming sometime at the end of 2019 and no later than 2021.

I will be writing extensively about this in my long-awaited epic Predictions 2019 and Into the Roaring 2020s. In it we will look at momentous decisions made in 2019 that reverberate throughout the next decade. I call it the “Roaring” 2020s because they are packed with civilization-threatening crises and civilization-changing breakthroughs. It is the most significant decade in human history and will be a reckoning on our survival as a species.


Question 1) What is the maximum price that Bitcoin will reach in 2019 and which month. Q2) Will the Australian housing market have a price correction and what percentage

Bidding and trading on prices of Bitcoin in 2019 misses the more crucial point: that which ensures its evolution, its future.

I have no specific answer for either of your questions, Nick. What I give instead is future perspective.

Bitcoin is going to be in a holding pattern for the next two years.

Also, I would suggest this, what fixating on the rise or fall of value for Bitcoin on the market is short-sighted. It is secondary to what ways the cryptocurrency concept in general evolves to become a more stable—and less prone to stealing—system.

If robbery rules, Bitcoin will DIE!

Supply of cryptocurrency requires a demand for security when the storm comes.

When the Fiat economy sinks, there will be a great DEMAND for new economic systems as lifeboats. This will kick-start cryptocurrency’s evolution as the basic concept for person-on-person model for transaction once the Fiat economy begins its collapse around 2021. The piracy will have to find balance with reality.

QUESTION: from an anonymous reader.

Yellow vests, 100 cities?…date of revenge of Mabus……trump puts the antichrist 3 underground or in jail….say by St. Patrick’s Day?

None of that before Saint Patrick’s Day. My responses are never planned and when your questions are coming from your mentality rather than your heart they have this need to date and file the future according to the mind’s expectations. Prophecy doesn’t work that way for me. To answer you, “I” would have to pull rabbits of mind-funk out of “my” Third Eye to match your Third Eye Blind. I don’t do prophecy. Prophecy does “me.”

QUESTION: from Steve C. about

I think the EMP “threat” is very important – all the cars & trucks wouldn’t start  the power grids would be burned out – water pumps wouldn’t work – food couldn’t be transported – no phones – no nothing – we WOULD literally go back to the “stone age” and I understand for “only” 4 billion dollars – much of the generators & power grids can be protected. I think it’s a REAL big story!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Yes, protection of the power grid and even the cloud technology-minded move to put everything we know on some intangible cloud on the World Wide Web is a recipe for some country or terrorist or criminal finding a way to EMP or pull the plug, erasing all your knowledge, your instructions how to fix things—everything. That is why the future generations are abject fools not to preserve older technologies as backups.

The second problem is this.

You can always know when a planetary civilization is still immature when it cures rather than prevents the disasters that befall it. You will know if this human civilization is growing up when it begins protecting its ever more fragile technology interconnections with the shields against EMP attack that protects is power grids and generators.

What is this civilization doing instead?

It is not only ignoring this most important prevention but it will only do it once it has lost much of its cloud to its collective beclouded mindsets. Rather than protect it, it is going one step further, irradiating the world every 300 feet with 5G towers and then hundreds of 5G satellites bathing the entire world with a potential cancer plague of radiation. It seems that World War III need not destroy this civilization turned serval-“I”-sensation. Just slavishly submit to our mind-pushed need for faster cellphone connections will do it.

QUESTION: from John H.H. about life after the devastation of taking Down ISIS, what is the future of Iraq

The US and its Shia Iraqi allied forces that it advised and aided in aerial bombing, had to “destroy the Iraqi Sunni northwestern area to save it.

What is the future of Iraq? It’s a good question, John H.H. I will answer it with a few documentaries I’ve collected from “real” news sources. You’ve got to see it to know what US mass aerial bombings and military advise to the Shia dominated Iraqi Army did to “save” Sunni Iraq from ISIS.

The worst devastation happened in the second largest city of Iraq, Mosul with 2.5 million inhabitants. I have written about how this would go down just when the Arab Stalingrad of Mosul began: an urban battle similar to the infamous fighting in Stalingrad between the defending Soviets and the Nazi German forces in 1942 into early 1943.

In earlier articles I said the civilian death toll would climb to between 50,000 and 100,000 dead civilians in the crossfire, similar to the loss of civilian life in the Battle of Manila during the liberation of the Philippines from Japanese occupation by US forces in February 1945. My uncle was an army medic and he gave me first-hand stories of what happened to the hapless civilians.

I sensed this massacre in the crossfire was coming for the people of Mosul. This following documentary examines it, raw and real. You won’t see this on your US (G-rated) news networks, what US bombs and strategies did. Just in the center of the eastern Old City quadrant alone, upwards of 38,000 bodies had been recovered. You can watch their retrieval and what your mainstream news network DOESN’T show you. Brace yourselves, this is not pretty. Watch the ruins and recovery of bodies in Mosul Battle.

UN envoy and actress Angelina Jolie filed this report of the devastation in the aftermath of the battle. It was a year later and the sweet stench of death of tens of thousands is still rising from the ruins of Mosul, mostly destroyed by Iraqi guided and also US fired air strikes.

It is monstrous and you don’t even know that these atrocities have been committed in your name, under your flag. This is why you are attacked in the past and perhaps in the future by terrorists.

They don’t “hate your freedom,” as the mantra often was expressed by presidents and US press. They hate the mass murdering done in your name, in freedom’s name, and under your flag by successive warmongering Democrat and Republican government administrations

Watch these links. You must know how your “freedom” is being sold in death and hypocrisy outside of your borders.

You can love your country but not love your government abusing your country’s virtues whether they are Republican or Democrat ruled.

QUESTION from Sean about MABUS:

I was reflecting on the article about Muhammad bin Salman (MBS) if he is “Mabus” does that mean that he is not long for the world and is going to die at the beginning of any potential war he starts based on Nostradamus’s quatrain.

The Antichrist Unconscious.Thanks for you great questions. I can answer that yes, if he’s Mabus he will die early in war of the Third Antichrist he unleashes. It could very well be a war starting against Iran with US, Israel and Saudi Arabia playing the new “axis of evil” in service of this Third Antichrist.

It goes badly. A military disaster for this new Axis of Hypocrisy and Evil could pull America and the Russian Federation and China into a thermonuclear war destroying two-thirds of the human race. After its most violent and apocalyptic beginning the war will residually limp on with the unraveling of the kingdom of animals (nature, ecology) and people for 25 to 27 years, at which humanity may be threatened with extinction.

This is not a future trail any human being should tread.

We don’t have to.

If what I say about the potential future scares you, GOOD!

I lovingly aim to SCARE YOU STRAIGHT.

I’ve learned this technique from studying Nostradamus. That was his way to alter his future visions for the better. Make you alert when the smoke in your house in space, the Earth, is about to turn to fire. Then you put out the smoke before there is fire.

QUESTION from Sean about DNA Testing:

I have been thinking about the at-home DNA tests, what if any dangers are there for the future and because of those are the safe to take and use.

This does have one clear and present danger, that DNA testing, like the Internet, both of which could open the world to better health and human interconnectedness, will be used by this gathering of corporate fascism of the super-rich, to control people in the rising wave of global, mercantile totalitarianism. The consumer thus becomes the product. In 2019 we come to the threshold of this crisis.

QUESTION from Sean about the Stock Market in 2019:

Are the rumblings in the market signs of the big trouble you have seen coming.

Yes. I am going to give my detailed day-by-day astrological assessment on this in my forthcoming look at the astrology of 2019.

Click on this link to read more about when it's coming out.

Click on this link to read more about when it’s coming out.

Beyond the astrology, I will finally finish an epic book of prophecies that has evolved to look into the future of the next decade starting with a look at events and issues of 2019. It is called Predictions 2019 and Into the Roaring 2020s. It will finally be out in the spring of 2019 and it will take you into a detailed overview of the great crises and breakthroughs potentially happening in humanity’s most significant decade into which we might through to a future, golden existence; or, the Roaring 2020s because of our stupidity will be the “extinction decade.”

The global economy is going to be rapidly changing, undergoing a death and rebirth in the early part of the 2020s. You’ll see its prelude signs begin in the autumn of 2019.

QUESTION: from Rick about

Over the years I have participated in what has commonly been called the “Prosperity Programs.” They seem totally unreal, however, there is one program in particular called “EMS” which is quite unusual . Do you have any insights as to whether this could possibly payout in 2019…..or ever?

Never. Sorry to say. The only people who prosper in those scams are the scammers drawing profit from the gullible.

QUESTION: from Steven M. about

Will there ever be an accounting for all the tragic deaths in useless wars, shock and awe events surrounding the creation, manufacture, distribution and international money laundering raising trillions of dollars worldwide for funding black engineering programs since 1947, and for what positive end, who will be the end users? The evil horrific lie before us now, our accumulative worthless lives of pawns for 70 years trained to wave flags of pride while the evil ones, their forever dark eyes – smirk.

There will never be a full accounting of the violence human beings inflict on each other until there is a humanity that breaks its addiction of projecting the past as its future.

One has to cut this issue at its roots of programming people to become personalities and bury their unique individualism behind a personality, a person, a mask.

Neither the questioner or most of you reading this are actually living your true individual being. You have been turned into “persons” by your society, and identities. You are slaves of your identities and your programmed, conditioned mindsets from birth onward. Only through understanding this through a scientific exploration of your inner being will illuminate this programming and let it fall away from your true, innocent intelligence of being.

You came into this world with it but have been trained to forget and bury this “Isness,” thus killing your life long before you meet up with your grave.

It is possible to arise from this living death of personality that society has trained you to dream is life

The way I know is meditation.

Meditation brings you to the eternity of the present. I love this observation from Osho. It’s posted on my situation board in my office. I share it with you now:

Nobody is absolutely here, because the moment you are absolutely here, you disappear and the Buddha appears in your place. You will find yourself dispersing like a cloud; and a new image, a new golden image of pure consciousness will start arising in you, just like a mountain peak. Each silent moment is the only moment when you live.

A world full of Buddhas—Awakened Ones—will end the future and all its dire potentials, bringing humanity back to this golden, eternal present.

The golden age prophets ever moon about is not in the future. It is here. It is NOW. You allow it to happen letting go NOW.

I call you to meditation and with your permission offer you now. I will send an email with links and information about the techniques I use that are specially tailored for the modern human being to release your true selves.

Just Contact Me at this link and put one word in the subject line: Meditation. And I will gladly give you that information.

Click on this link and read what seismic events may be coming in the next 5 years.

Click on this link and read what seismic events may be coming in the next 5 years.

QUESTION: from Jeremiah B. about

Good day Mr. Hogue, I live in Portland, Oregon. I was wondering what you saw in relationship to the Cascadia subduction zone earthquake? Thank you.

My book The Great American Eclipse: Earthquake and Tsunami laid out a theory based on past grand eclipses in history that for some mysterious reason seismic activity can increase in the next five years over earthquake-prone areas touched by the totality of the shadow of the moon. The eclipse on 21 August 2017 emerged off the Oregon coast right over the subduction zone passing above the north central Oregonian coast just south of Portland. Because of this I sense the epicenter of a great unzipping of the plate might potentially rage at its greatest intensity off the Central Oregon Coast between August 2017 to August 2022

There are two kinds of seismic activity I proposed can happen, an eclipse and quaking of the land or an eclipse and quaking of the America economically and politically. The latter is definitely in play, but the quaking activity across the seismically active zones touched by the eclipse’s total shadow have been unusually quiet given the test examples of the great eclipses of 1999 and 2009.

What it does resemble though is the Great American Eclipse of 1918. Little to no seismic activity but it happened the moment America stopped the last Imperial German offensive on the Western Front in the First World War launching the American Century (1918-2018). I foresaw the Great American Eclipse of 21 August 2017 as the beginning of the end of American economic and military influence. Moreover, I predict that you will see the hegemonic power of America, its century and its empire era begin its precipitous fall in the five years following that eclipse 2017-2022.

There is also a second American Eclipse coming in 8 April 2024. This time it passes up through Mexico and in a rare show of cosmic synchronicity its totality shadow passes right over the exact same place the longest totality happened during eclipse of 2017, in the Midwest over the New Madrid Faultline. This is a unique and portentous event, two great eclipses across the lower 48 states in only seven years!

The eclipse of 2017 did experience seismic earthquake activity but in an unexpected place. It dramatically increased on the areas under 40- to 60-percent of the eclipse’s shadow totality across Mexico around Oaxaca and Jalisco states damaging Mexico City and also a swarm of magnitude 6 quakes had happened around the north terminus of the Cascadia Subduction Zone near the north end of Vancouver Island at around 85 percent totality.

I will be commenting at length about these convergences of political and natural disasters in these pages and at length in my forthcoming book on the future in 2019 into the 2020s and my third book on the future of Trump.

QUESTION: from Sophia about

Hello John, Do you see the poles flipping sometime this year? Thank you so much, Sophia.

The poles will not flip. Moreover, there will be no axis shift as foreseen by the “Guides” of Ruth Montgomery. The shift that she and her guides misread is of ages, not of poles. Everything will indeed be changed in what had been set in motion.

QUESTION: from Kathy C.

Hi, John – I was reading Penny Kelly’s book “Robes,” in which she discusses the possible breakup of the U.S. into several independent territories / nation-states. Do you see anything like that happening?

I have been writing about it starting 18 years ago. See the following article, Is to Are: The Future of the American States.

QUESTION: from Janet about

Hello John, I have felt for most of my life (more than 50 years) that someday there would be a devastating long-term public power outage where I live. Do you see a long (Like 3 months or longer) power outage for anywhere in the U.S. in 2019, whatever the source?

Your power grids are crumbling across America and the demand placed upon it to produce more energy only increases. You have the “government” grid, if you will, in a partial blackout with this longest shutdown of the US government in history. Remember I had warned you in my last articles on 10 January, documented forecasts from 26 December, just a few days in to the shutdown that this one will last for months. (UPDATE: 3 February: the stay on the shutdown at this moment may be temporary and resume again in mid-February).

Click on this link and see how you can receive this gift of this rare, fully illustrated, deluxe edition of this Hogue classic.

Click on this link and see how you can receive this gift of this rare, fully illustrated, deluxe edition of this Hogue classic.

I’ve seen first-hand on my flight to and back from Anchorage Alaska to do lectures and readings the ghost shifts of TSA security managing herds of passengers. This has only gotten worse with more lax security protocols. That puts your airline travel under jeopardy.

Back in 1990 I wrote the following published in the Millennium Book of Prophecy in 1994 about the coming collapse of supersystems in the following subsection:


World War III started tomorrow because the postman didn’t ring twice. Didn’t ring at all. The ICBMs came down because the toilets backed up, the phone didn’t work, and your bank went on vacation – forever.

Sound ludicrous? This is only the tip of the iceberg. How ironic it would be if Armageddon came because the electricity was cut off. What if all the prophetic threats of nuclear terrorism and every warning of doomsday around the year 2000 proved to be full of hot air – and still World War III happened because the grain trucks never came into town?

By delivering a fatal blow to a Middle Eastern triumvirate, the U.S. and Soviet blocs of the Northern Hemisphere could receive a mortal wound in return. Peace on Earth would be celebrated with the fireworks fountains of burning oil fields. The millennial peace dividend will be an apocalyptic energy conservation program that locks industry’s precious oil reserves beneath a pall of biological plague dust and radiation.

But even if the oil fields were free of plague and left intact, even if by the dawning of the new millennium the Arab lion lay down with the Israeli lamb in peace, ecological stresses being put on this planet by too many breeding peace-loving polluters may sabotage all efforts for a new age. According to prophetic astrology the world might slip past a threat of Armageddon at the turn of this century, solve its political and religious division and still fight Armageddon between 2024 and 2038 because the rain forests had been cut down, and the crops wouldn’t grow.

In his book, The Coming Dark Age, futurist Roberto Vacca posits that our modern civilization’s survival depends on what he calls supersystems – super-organizations sustained by machines and single energy sources. The collapse of any one of these interdependent global systems – such as information retrieval, telecommunications, medicine, transportation, global agricultural production or distribution – could have a domino effect on all the other systems.

For instance, if oil ceased to flow, the plastics industry would go down, no more new computers, telephone lines, nylon clothing or winter heating oil. Then the tractors harvesting food would stop running. The trains and trucks shipping wheat to the cities would dwindle. Next the supersystem of law enforcement would be overwhelmed by food riots, even in America. Without fuel, world commerce would grind to a standstill. No jets would fly, no ships would carry their cargoes. Finally, governments would collapse, and revolutions and dictators abound. Nostradamus, the biblical prophets, and others forewarn of a close relationship between the coming final war and global famine.

Add to this the expected climatic chaos if global warming is not forestalled in time. At present levels of consumption and pollution, most scientists generally expect we have only twenty more years to avert ecological disaster before nature goes out of our control. That projection coincides with the astrological view that numerous wars are possible over the planet during the next transit of the planet Neptune through the constellation of Aries (2024-2038).

If by that time ozone holes devastate North America’s breadbasket, and the people of that continent stockpile their food rather than export grain to sustain hundreds of nations, hunger will speak louder than logic, survival will overrule any treaty. The world will go to war to fight over what meager natural resources are left.

The horrible war is prepared in the West. The following year the pestilence will come, so great and dreadful that neither young, nor old, nor animal [are untouched]: Blood, fire, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter [conjunction] in France

Nostradamus (1557), C9 Q55


A new cold war was foreseen getting suddenly and unexpectedly "hot." Nostradamus gives two countdowns. The war erupts in late 2017 or 2027. And yet, America's greatest prophet, Edgar Cayce foresaw the Russia would become "the hope of the world." Can world war III be avoided? Click on the cover and read how this future can be changed.

A new cold war was foreseen getting suddenly and unexpectedly “hot.” Nostradamus gives two countdowns ending in our near future.  Click on this link and read how this future can be changed.

We have entered the advent window of these potential collapses of human supersystems. The astrology would point to the times of danger beginning during the conjunction Nostradamus indicates during a time when a horrible war “is” being prepared by the Western leaders, which I might add, is based on fake news, and BS Russian hacking and collusion hoaxes. Since 2014 the West has decided to renew a second Cold War with Russia that I have warned in books like A New Cold War, will more likely end in a nuclear exchange and potentially soon.

One way you may suffer a power blackout lasting not for months but for years is through an electromagnetic pulse attack in retaliation for a war waged against North Korea and/or as part of the devastation possible in a thermonuclear exchange that I contend has never been closer to happening than now. The reason being, that you are all made BLIND by your media not informing you about it or exposing the fact that a military war industry in America is pushing this false Cold War upon the world for profit. Even your Western leaders appear BLIND to the fact that you cannot win a nuclear war.

Just a few moments ago, on 23 January as I’m finishing documenting these answers to your questions, the UN Syrian Envoy has openly mused that if Israel continues to launch missiles on its international civilian airport in Damascus a retaliation on the Israeli international airport of Tel Aviv would seem an appropriate retaliation.

The war I told you about in my last set of New Year’s Articles has begun with Israel openly admitting at last that they are the ones launching air and missile attacks coming out of Lebanese airspace, not only penetrating Syrian but also Lebanese airspace targeting Iranian military and installations in Syria. They no longer deny it and have escalated the attacks in what is now a full-scale air war. Syrian air defenses are responding shooting many of these Israeli missiles down but Syrian civilians and soldiers are now dying, not Iranians, in this conflict.

At any moment the next level of attacks could arise. You then have Syrian missiles hitting Israeli targets and from there, the rapid steps to a US-Israel vs. Russian-Syrian conflict begins, right where Nostradamus warned it might come, in Syria, from the “Barbare” (d’Arabe—the Arab) rebellious vassal he hints trigger an Armageddon moment.

The Syrian and Lebanese Arabs are vassals of the Iranians and Russians. MBS (Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia) is the US/Israeli vassal who wants open war with Iran.

Nostradamus’ third and final Antichrist that triggers a war that kills two-thirds of the human race is codenamed Mabus.

Mabus = MBS = M(a)B(u)S?

We are seeing set in motion the “defaite”—the unravelling—of “the world of people and animals” that Nostradamus foretold in his Mabus quatrain 2 Q62. Planetary global warming unravels both. Your infrastructures are breaking down, your systems of security like TSA and your political institutions like the US government in partial and potentially year-long shut down (as threatened by the US president) are part of that unravelling. Your new media going childish and unable to provide American citizens with factual information to make their social and political decisions has broken down. Moreover, people like me and news groups like Anti Media, RT America and other fact-based news sources are slowly being silenced on your social media pages. Soon you will be completely information blind and thus you may fulfill Mattias Stormberger’s dark prophecy about how World War III starts, “With open eyes will the peoples of the world walk into these catastrophes.”


Will California experience a refugee crisis in 2019?

The time of the great human exodus has come. In the next 20 years the Middle East will become unlivable because of global warming and you may see hundreds of millions of Middle Easterners on the move, even on your Canadian and Mexican borders. They will join the millions soon to flood out of Central and South America that your US foreign policies, by backing dictators and destroying nations south of us, have made. The mainstream news rarely reminds you “why” the people are Hondurans vacating their terrible circumstances, because we backed the unelected fellow who overthrew the Honduran people’s choice for their president. with a fascist.

The US government is currently seeking regime change (read “regime change to failed state” reality) in Nicaragua and just now, by siding officially with one side in an oncoming civil war in Venezuela that will destroy that major state in South America and perhaps even lead to a new US war. We are destroying nations and their people are on the move already for our southern borders because of it.

Honduran caravans will only increase in size and number. Add Venezuelans next. They are used as political pawns by the party that would like to regain the presidency in 2020. Nation destroying is a bi-partisan evil of US governments. DemoRrat and Reptilican politicians destroy nations, causing the refugee crisis under President Obama’s administration and his secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s watch.

Do not misunderstand me. The GOP and Trump are stepping into the capybara shit of making dictatorships in Venezuela and recently in Brazil, but if the Democrats take back the Executive Branch be assured that the people who started Cold War II, tried to destroy the Syrian state and “did” destroy the Libyan state, both causing millions of refugees to move against EU borders and your borders, will be back in power.

In 2018, your refugee crisis only began. It will escalate in 2019 and throughout the 2020s and 2030s if you stay on this course as a nation. Karma is karma. You destroy nations, you help destroy the earth’s ecological balance and you will see political, economic and climate change cast in your path MILLIONS of refugees trying to use your country as a life boat. It is almost like America is acting like a U-boat sinking ships of “state.” Where do the survivors swim to? It’s decks. The U-US-boat will then be sunk by the weight of all the people cast adrift in a sea of troubles climbing on its decks.

Will California experience a severe 2019 forest fire season, especially northern California?

Almost every year for the next 20 years will be as bad and most likely WORSE than the fire season of 2018. I can only hope that these shocks and disasters—including more major towns like Paradise (2018 season) and deep incursions of fire into major metropolitan areas like Santa Rosa (2017 season) and the western suburbs of Redding (2018 Season)—wakes people up to the global emergency the human race is now entering without respite through the 2020s and beyond unto civilization’s unravelling. If catastrophe must be the device to hit your all over the head and wake you up then so be it.

Will California experience 7.0 earthquake or greater in 2019?

It is likely because of the powerful astrological influences coming to bear. That’s all I can say for now, but soon I will be giving you astrological windows and pinpointing regions of dangers when my book of worldwide astrological predictions for 2019 comes out in February.

How will the drought progress in Northern California in 2019?

The El Nino is strengthening. After a short and violently flooding winter will come the desiccating spring and summer and more fires of greater intensity. In a future book I’m going to show you how accurate climatologist forecasts of the last 100 years have been anticipating in detail what is now happening. This book of prophecy will champion science itself as prophet.

Science is yet another prophet that people generally don’t respect until foresight has been turned into useless hindsight. Prophecy is there to help you CHANGE the future not stumble like lemmings off the future’s foreseen cliff that you could avoid if you stopped acting and thinking like rodents and started living and acting human, conscious, and aware.

Become aware of the masks of personality that society has stamped upon your original faces. Meditation can help.

Will 2019 temperatures become more extreme in California in 2019?

Of course. What is not so easy a forecast to make is this, what will you do about it?

Will the USA economy experience a significant increase in inflation in 2019? Thanks

It all depends on the de-dollarization ongoing across the world. Your mainstream media won’t tell you Americans that upwards of a third of the planet’s economies are ditching the US dollar. In a few years that could rise to half. When that happens your US dollar will lose value and become inflated. It could start as early as the end of this year and climax into a full inflationary, “Greater” Depression by 2021 when the Fiat economic system begins its collapse.

QUESTION: from Bob O.

What will the upcoming conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn due to DJ Trump’s chart?

His astrology shows a very strong chance of being a two-term president. If the Democrats become a regiment of candidates come March 2019, then the dilution could end up having them pick a compromise candidate that Trump can easily defeat. They’ll need a centrist but pick instead a deep Blue boohoo from the Left that will be unable to win over the red flyover states.

click on this link and read more about this forthcoming book and how you can get a personal notice when it's out.

Click on this link and read more about this forthcoming book and how you can get a personal notice when it’s out.

So, Trump then runs the danger of passing through the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction that has threatened the health and life of nearly every president that has been elected every twenty years during an election year ending in a zero. I will speak on this in detail in my upcoming book President Trump Predictions. Click on the link and get on the list to be personally told when it is released in its eBook, and trade paperback editions.

HERE ARE MANY QUESTIONS: from Greg S. but as per the theme of this article I will only answer those that are prophetic questions, not conspiracy theories.

What effect will the inevitable (I think) replay of 2008 have on the economy and people’s assets….stocks, IRA’s, credit union accounts, gold, silver, etc.?

It’s coming as soon as the end of this year and the debacle of the fiat economy will be complete by 2021. This is a BIG prophetic theme that I will cover expensively and in great detail in my long-delayed epic coming out this spring, under the new title Predictions 2019 and Into the Roaring 2020s. Click on the link and find out how you can receive the expanded donor’s fully-illustrated PDF edition as a gift for your support of

Does Bitcoin have a future, or is it just an illusion?

Bitcoin is the Wild West version of a human-to-block chain interface coming later in the 2020s that cannot be hacked. It will comprise the basis for a person-to-person economics that will eventually bring a decentralization of the entire civilization by the mid-twenty-first century.

Immunizations and Autism

It will eventually be found out that there is something to this causality. However, there are many other things causing Autism too, the general poisoning of the world with chemicals compounds and even the negative rewiring of young children’s brains with cellphone use has an influence on messing with attention spans of future generations.

The startling number of deaths (mostly mysterious) of natural doctors (many on the verge of great discoveries) and also of microbiologists

The biggest problem with conspiracy theories is that they generally are projections of very bad journalism seeking evidence to bolster a ready-made conclusion. I see it all the time in Nostradamus books. If you’re looking for something and you have a “faith” it is true rather than a skeptical inquiry (meaning no frontloading of faith, or blind belief or blind debunking guiding your search).

The greatest tragedy is that conspiracy theorists often kill authentic investigation with their stupid and biased investigations such as doing a professional journalistic investigation. The noise of Stupid in out there drowns out real conspiracy stories. For instance take the mysterious deaths of inventors and scientists making breakthroughs. As long as such a story is left in the hands of blogspace/internet investigators with no sense, or professional training in true skeptical inquiry, these potentially true conspiracies stories will never be fully corroborated and proven.

Breakthrough cures for cancer, despite Big Pharma’s efforts to quash any treatments that don’t generate profits for them?

I’ve already written about it last year, see Cancer Cure. By the end of the 2020s cancer will be cured through stem cell technology as will be other diseases. The question is, whether this civilization will survive its self-destructive tendencies as these breakthroughs appear in the coming Roaring 2020s.

Will we be seeing mass negative effects from our ongoing exposure to EMF radiation?

The entire United States is about to be nuked by 5G technology. The spread of it will be completed by 2021. It will cause cancers and threaten human beings with sterility. To put these 5G emitters up every 100 yards along our roads shows a complete and insensitive disregard for life all the way down to the cellular level. Your cellphones are more important than your cells.

The old humanity keeps finding ways to walk into its extinction with wide eyes shut. It makes nuclear weapons, it strives blindly to make the planet’s atmosphere a human Holocaust oven. It believes its intellect is wisdom and will magnify its collective ego in A.I. (Artificial Idiocy) only strengthening and amplifying the tyranny of identity and mind. And if that’s not enough, it creates 5G to microwave cook us.

Fiber optics and light wave computer technology has no radiation. A new humanity will use it as the old humanity nearly kills itself in so many ways.

Will humanity be suffering negative effects from long-term consumption of GMO foods?


Will the purity of organic standards prevail in the constant attempts from Big Food to water it down and thus profit from?

After great loss of health and life.

Fukushima: A completely natural event? (Or “assisted”)

A natural event that has exposed a severely unnatural technology. If the nuclear industry has a future it must turn to Thorium (radioactive rock salt) reactors. They need no water sources. They don’t melt down, but this technology has been ignored since it appeared in the early 1960s because you can’t make atomic weapons or terror nukes with it. Go figure.

Chemtrails. A very confusing subject, but the photos of lattice-grid trails show a scene that is clearly NOT normal jet contrail activity (Nostradamus’s reference to “spiderwebs in the sky”?)

To my recollection there’s no reference to spiderwebs in the sky. That’s somebody who doesn’t know his sixteenth-century French stretching it to fit what he’s searching for. There is always new jet engine technology being tested. Basic thermodynamics: you can’t spray a chemical through a hot jet engine without neutralizing the chemical.

Some of the most crack-brained ideas get a cult following of blind belief based on a complete ignorance of scientific and technological fundamentals. People just keep HARPing on Chemtrails and believe in super planets like Near-boohoo. They seek simple answers to complicated issues like Climate Change. Even a genius musician like the late Prince falls for simplistic answers. I have already written on this in my Chemtrails article from September 2017.

Remote viewer Ed Dame’s long-standing prediction of a solar storm “killshot”

Ed Dames is a remarkable fellow. He is the most inaccurate modern prophet of our times and people just keep coming back for more “wrong” forecasts. It is a mystery to me. I have a sense that people like him because deep down they subconsciously like to be frightened and like to be fooled.

What I’ve noticed from direct experience is that people become frightened of you if you are truly accurate. They will avoid reading you. It takes courage to make accurate predictions and courage to face these predictions.

Ed Dames is entertaining. If he lives long enough—a few million years perhaps—he’ll be right about the kill shot.

There is one prediction that even a very bad prophet can make every day and eventually be proven right. Just predict every day that this will be your last day on earth and one day, you’ll be right.

And related to that, the years-long efforts by Steven Greer to bring E.T. reality to the public, most recently with the films, “Sirius” and “Disclosure.” Are we finally on the verge of public revelations? Niburu / “Planet X”

Click on this link and learn more about this work of prophecy and prophetic satire.

Click on this link and learn more about this work of prophecy and prophetic satire.

Nope. I suggest everybody interested in this issue read Nostradamus: The End of End Times. Especially Chapter Seven: The End of Stupid and the Critical Mass of Now that includes a comprehensive essay deconstructing the myth of Nibiru.

What is really going on in Antarctica? The speculations have been fascinating.

Speculating is not fact. When I have more solid facts from less hair on fire sources than most on the Internet, I will offer comment.

Once and for all, is the moon artificial, and was it brought to its position from elsewhere?

It is time to respect science and not this silliness. The moon is the result of a protoplanet the size of Mars colliding with the earth during the early stages of the solar system’s birth and development. When humanity finally returns to the Moon and establishes permanent bases in the late 2030s this fact will be proven. Yet I am more than certain there will be people who are all too predictable in holding onto this myth even if they have their noses rubbed in moon’s earthlike material.

And is Richard Hoagland correct about moon ruins and Mars ruins?

Nope. He is batting 0 ever since he thought he saw a face on Mars in the 1970s. What he and others are discovering on Mars is a projection from their own minds. This is where science can come in to dispel magical thinking.

I remember you made a reference one time to people’s desire to “break the wall that separates the living from the dead”, which has actually already been done by groups such as INIT (the international Network for Instrumental Transcommunication), mostly in the 90s. Mark Macy, whose presentations I have attended, wrote about it in “Miracles in the Storm: Talking to the Other Side With the New Technology of Spiritual Contact” (2001).

Thank you Greg. I will look into INIT and give their claims a true skeptical inquiry without prejudice for or against them. Perhaps my findings will emerge in my book turning most theories of life, death and Reincarnation on their heads that’s coming out possible later this year.

Any references by Nostradamus to this and other kinds of communication becoming commonplace? On a side note, I really enjoyed your articles about Bourdain. The truths in it really resonated with me.

For your sake and many who are asking that question, I will refresh my investigation in the coming few years when I will upgrade my Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies (1997) turning it into the ultimate edition ever published for release in 2021.

On a side note, I really enjoyed your articles about Bourdain. The truths in it really resonated with me.

Thank you for your questions, Gregg. I’m glad you enjoyed my articles on Bourdain. The articles are but a taste of the book I’m about to release. Because of all the time I initially needed to get my bearings coming back to private readings I had to delay its release into February.

QUESTION: from Robert B. about earthquakes in California.

Any major San Andreas activity? Thanks.

The Palmdale Bulge keeps tightening in its lock-up grip. A major quake in LA is overdue. The influence of powerful planets known to trigger such quakes, such as Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and especially Uranus in its fall in Taurus, all earth signs, makes major seismic activity a high danger in the next two years. Stay tuned to my astrological musing about that in the forthcoming book John Hogue’s Worldwide Astrological Predictions for 2019.

QUESTION: from Dawn G. that’s more conspiracy than a prophetic question, but OK…

Government shut down and envelopes handed out at Bush’s funeral What was in the envelopes handed out at Bush’s funeral and is it connected to the current shutdown?


QUESTION: from Michael about Democrat candidates for 2020 election

Hi John, I was hoping for some mention of Tulsi Gabbard in your latest forecasts. She is my favorite possible POTUS (I think you must like her too). Does she have a chance? Thanks, Michael

I do, because she’s an outsider to the two-party system. Unfortunately there is no future for outsiders becoming president playing inside the DemoPublican two-faced, political mafia cartel.

Trump bucked the system and became president without Republican bosses blessing. Bernie Sanders tried from the other side but, as I long predicted, the Democrat Party machine is even harsher on free-thinking outsiders. They rigged the primary elections so he had no chance, even though if he had run against Trump, I think he would have won.

All of that happened in the Chinese Year of the Monkey. None of the other astrological animals of the Chinese Zodiac years to come until the next Monkey election year in 2028 will be so open to throwing a monkey wrench into the spokes of corporately owned political power in this land. We either have a very long wait or we have hopefully a peaceful people’s movement shortly, in the upcoming 2020s that will take money and corporation out of the government of for and by the people.


OshoZenTarot-The MasterHere is a nice Osho Quote that has become my New Year’s—New EverNOW—resolution:

Osho’s reminder: “No need to be anything other than ordinary!

“You should be lighted within, the darkness should disappear from within, then wherever you move your inner light falls on the path. Wherever you go, whatsoever you do, everything is illuminated by your inner light. And this movement with the light gives you a rhythm, a harmony, which is happiness.

“Then you don’t stumble, then you don’t clash, then there is no conflict. Then you move easily, then your steps have a dance to them, then everything is a fulfillment. Then you don’t ask for something extraordinary to happen. Then you are happy. You are simply happy in your ordinariness.

“And unless you are happy in your ordinariness, you will never be happy.”

(Osho The Hidden Harmony)


This ends today’s article stream.

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