Trump-Chinese Trade War: Your Economic Future. Some 2020 US Presidential Election Forecasts. First Amendment Rights attacked, and not by Russia. Cohen and Trump’s Impeachment potentials. Why a DemoCRAT Party is an un-DemoCRATIC Party. Is Hogue a “Trumpist”? How to Interpret Nostradamus: Lesson 4. Hogue Pulls the Plug on Comcast after 28 Years a Customer and the Reason Why

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DATELINE: 10 January 2019
(Predictions documented 26 December 2018)


US White House Photo. Public domain.

Trump, the Chinese Trade War and your Economic Future. Netanyahu bellicose solution to Scandal. New Middle Eastern War Imminent?

Last week Trump was certainly playing up to his natal birth conjunction of Sun-Uranus. It makes him naturally unpredictable and he’s completely comfortable being there. President “Mr. Surprise” I call him, no matter how long or short his term(s) in office may be.

He invokes a partial closing of the US Government. He knows that this is his last chance to force the issue with Democrats, financing his wall, before they take power in early January in the House of Representatives. Consider yourselves oracularly warned: This shutdown is going to last A LONG TIME. Trump is bringing on the pain here, as a leverage tool, like I said he would with the Chinese in his trade dispute.

We’ll talk about that at greater length in a moment. I wish to comment on the third thing Trump did to shock the world and especially shock the one shadowy element that really runs Washington DC in ways that could see him replaced from office. Trump unexpectedly dares to fulfill his campaign promises to his base and bring the troops home from Syria—“and” brace yourselves—he’s about to end 17-blasted years of US involvement in the Afghanistan quagmire too!

Trump has been in a tug-of-war with the Deep State and its military industrial complex of perpetual war industry in ways only a Gemini twin-personality Sun Sign can be, with Uranus swinging like a playful monkey of chaos on his back. On campaign he promises to clean the swamp, then childlike as president he goes playing and befriending the denizens and crocodiles of the Washington Deep State bog.

It doesn’t faze me.

I know his astrology without a mind frontloaded by passing reality through Blue Dem. or Red GOP-shaded glasses unconsciously coloring my interpretations. I’ve seen him periodically going back to what is closest to his big heart as defined by his powerful, high-energy Ascendant-in-Leo, conjoined with Mars (ruler of enterprise and new adventures) in the Twelfth House. That means Mars hides what he’s really energetically doing from us and himself being that he is a very powerful, wide-open and unconscious medium). That’s what happened last week when his Gemini/Leo heart won over his Gemini brain. He’s back to doing what he’s promised, probably not in a measured or ordered way, how can he?

Now we see if the Deep State can once again sit on the precocious eight-year old he himself says he is, putting him in the punishment corner of the Oval Office. (A challenging task as there are no corners in that office.)

I’ll say this, not only is he aiming to take the US out of two lucrative, perpetual war markets (Syria and Afghanistan), Trump will try Russian rapprochement as well. These are the things his heart promised, like the Great Wall of Trump. I believe he really wants this end of a cold war with Russia that Obama started, in his heart of hearts. The kid in him just wants to stick it again to his predecessor Obama, for making him look like the fool he was, when doing the birther thing. And in both motivations, Trump will go all the way, as far as the Deep State can tolerate.

With that future proffered, a caveat. I’ve presciently said this about him. His downfall as a president gets him impeached or convinced to resign when elements of the Deep State go Vito Corleone on his, giving him an offer he can’t refuse (for his own physical good and that of his family). Trump’s fall is never coming from all the excited geese squawking and venting on main-“spleen” media about Russia-Gate.

Here’s the thing you should be bracing yourselves for, Hogue Readers.

If Trump goes, far worse fills his shoes.

Mike Pence is waiting in the wings, along with America’s version of ISIS for whom he represents. Pence is the point man for a politicized Christian fundamentalist “Dominion” movement that would like to turn America’s tale into the “Handmaiden’s Tale”—a dystopian, Christian-Fascist state. As Islam has suffered the cancer of ISIS, Christianity in America will suffer ChrISIS.

Now to the main article about the US-Chinese Trade war and your economic future. The outcome of the China issue is key to postponing or hastening an economic implosion that puts Pence in the White House issuing martial law and advancing his chrISIS takeover. Economic crashes from trade wars and protectionism aided the rise of German Fascism in the 1930s. The same can be so with US-Christian Fascism that swoops in with the potential exit of Trump replaced by Pence in the early 2020s. How Trump plays his China Trade card forestalls or speeds Fascism’s takeover of America that I see potentially in your future. Read now what could unexpectedly happen to Trump’s great China trade gamble…Gain FULL ACCESS to all ELEVEN Articles with a donation of only $5.00, or a little more. Put New Year 2019 in the PayPal memo line. I will send a PDF attachment attached to the email address you used at PayPal.

DATELINE: 10 January 2019
(Predictions documented 26 December 2018)

Beware of Netanyahu’s solution for Avoiding a Career-ending Scandal

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s stars around September 2017 boded ill for him staying in office. Charges of corruption were looming. I wrote the following passage for my previous John Hogue’s Worldwide Astrological Predictions book released in late July 2017:

Astrologically speaking Netanyahu’s chart looks pretty strong—his aspects with President Trump are very favorable. Pluto in Capricorn is moving retrograde from 17 degrees to 16 on 5 September, going direct course on the 28th. It plays in square aspect to Netanyahu’s natal Moon in Libra, but, beyond an increase in tensions at home, which his marriage to Sarah Netanyahu is famous for, I don’t see Netanyahu succumbing to the emotionally sudden impulse to call for elections himself, rather, the Israeli police would demand it. In my final assessment, I don’t see any aspects in the birth chart of Israel that reach out and grab me about an unscheduled snap election in September.

September Temblors:
John Hogue’s Worldwide Astrological Predictions
For the Real New Year:
Spring 2017 to Spring 2018

In the end, astrology on its own, without intuition behind it, is like words put together by a mindless algorithm. Sometimes the quotes make sense by accident, most of the times not. I understand a lot of astrologers will disagree with that and even be offended. From my experience, you have to read the being behind the aspects. Sometimes in the face of dire stars, you draw an intuition that the entity in question will weather the storm. That’s what I saw Netanyahu doing in September 2017 and was correct.

My intuitive sense felt he would dodge a bullet in 2017 but had a higher chance of the Israeli Police probe hitting its mark in 2018. Thus I wrote these prophetic assessments 11 months before:

Although for now he has a firm grip on power, criminal investigations active since most of last year concerning the Prime Minister and his wife taking bribes from Hollywood movie moguls and other rich and powerful men continue and the political pressure is rising. The newest revelation in the probe concerns a recording of their son taped two years earlier broadcast on Hadashot TV news across Israel. A drunk Yair Netanyahu, can be heard outside a Tel Aviv strip joint asking his “bro” Ori Maimon—the son of Israeli gas tycoon Koby Maimon—to spot him some shekels probably for another round of lap dancing strippers, because Ori’s daddy owed his daddy the PM for getting a $20 billion deal pushed through the Knesset.

…Last year there was talk of the PM having to resign in early September and call early elections. I do foresee Netanyahu eventually going down in a corruption scandal like his predecessor Ehud Omert but I was confident after studying his astrological aspects that Netanyahu would dodge the bullet in September 2017.

…Oddly enough, what bantered as drunk talk on a night of debauchery by the Prime Minister’s and a billionaire’s sons if corroborated with evidence before August 2018, just might put that war on hold and lose Trump his staunchest ally and anti-Iranian soul mate taking part. Without Olmert, there could be no war with Iran in 2008. Ten years later the departure of his successor in handcuff to Israeli prison leaves Trump and the neocons who influence him a formidable fall back option, the Saudi Crown Prince and soon to be King of Saudi Arabia, their number one arms client

In my upcoming book, John Hogue’s Worldwide Astrological Predictions for…2019, I will look into the stars of Netanyahu to establish if my strong premonition that he will fall to corruption charges happens before or after the last best chance of bellicose stars to go to war with Iran in late summer.

Netanyahu “Crime” Minister of Israel:
For New Year’s 2018 Article wave
(, 9 January 2018)

Mind you, I was talking about late summer 2018. As I’m in the outlining phase of that book scheduled for release the end of January 2019. I would push that deadline farther out to late summer of 2019. And I have grounds to sense that Netanyahu, if he went down in the near future, having to call national elections, would be replaced by a far more extreme Prime Minister such as Naftali Bennet. Time enough for keeping war with Iran on schedule but without Netanyahu at the helm.

Netanyahu will need the ultimate distraction to keep in power and he’s playing it very, very soon! Gain FULL ACCESS to all ELEVEN Articles with a donation of only $5.00, or a little more. Put New Year 2019 in the PayPal memo line. I will send a PDF attachment attached to the email address you used at PayPal.

DATELINE: 10 January 2019
(Predictions documented 26 December 2018)

As Americans retreat from Northeastern Syria, a major Land, Sea and Air War in the Middle East is imminent

It is official. In his last week as Secretary of Defense, Mattis has signed the orders to withdraw 2,000 US troops out of the northeastern corner of Syria. Anti-Media also reports that former Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman saying, “the United States’ withdrawal from Syria greatly increases the likelihood of a large-scale conflict in the north, whether in Lebanon or Syria.”

The void the US will soon leave in the next several weeks will be filled by an invasion and occupation of much of northern Syria as it battles with the Kurdish militias of the YPG. The Assad government and the Syrian Arab Army might take over the role of military advisors of the Kurds fighting Turks after the US leaves them in the lurch. If they are successful, then Syrian Kurds will perhaps rejoin the Syrian union with similar autonomy enjoyed by Iraqi Kurds. Another scenario would see the Turkish government having zero tolerance for that. This Turko-Kurdish-Syrian war could be an all-out fight to destroy the YPG Kurds as any strengthening of them might ignite a Kurdish insurgency in Turkey leading to the secession of a third of Turkish territory populated by a majority of Kurds.

It would appear that Israel may fight its first major set-piece war in Lebanon against Hezbullah “and” Syria—a thing not seen since 1982. I’ll say this, the IDF is not the tough military force they once were in 1982. They’ve grown soft from bullying Palestinian kids for decades only armed with stones and slingshots. If they get into an air, sea and ground war in Lebanon and Syria they’ll be fighting hardened, war-seasoned Hezbullah and Syrian Arab Army soldiers who have been fighting in the Syrian Civil War and learning their infernal trade for seven years and counting.

An Israeli invasion would be an indirect war with Iran that could suddenly become a direct Iran-Israeli war. The arrangements of a truce over Idlib province may be broken between the Turks, Syrians and Russians where 80,000 al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist forces have dug in. After the YPG, that would be another “last stand” scenario for al-Qaeda terrorists—a bloodbath, millions more Syrian refugees.

Finally, my worst prescient fear is about to be set in motion. Back on 22 October 2017, I wrote that pon the corpse of ISIS would arise a greater war, a Kurdish War. We may be only weeks away from that happening.

I have warned you for years that Syria was the flashpoint of Nostradamus’ Barbare, an Arab vassal that goes against his US and/or Russian handlers and pulls two Eagle Kings of the North (both the US and Russia have eagles as their national totems), two nuclear superpowers as well, into a direct clash. Actions going out of control in Syria can trigger a Third World War that only few of us with the foresight to anticipate the danger of it suddenly pouncing and destroying civilization have recognized.

I am sorry to report that my premonition meter is rising, like it did before the Cuban Missile Crisis was publicly known in October 1962, and like it did on 10 September 2001, the day before the 9/11 terror attacks on America have ever since set the world on this direct course towards World War III. This powerful feeling of premonition rarely happens inside my hara and when it begins to stir, it means our common future on this planet is seeing a future in play that could dramatically threatened and change life for all who dwell on this Earth.

You can read the full accounting and documenting of these rare and powerfully accurate premonitions by reading Nostradamus: Premonitions of 9/11.

DATELINE: 10 January 2019
(Predictions documented 26 December 2018)

Israel Lobbyists are suppressing First Amendment Rights in America: Find Out why They are So terrified by American Freedom of Speech continuing to Reign

Did you know, if you are an American citizen, the US Constitution grants you the right to boycott the actions of your own government as one of your First Amendment rights of free speech. It is one of America’s shining contributions to world history.

Are you aware that in many US states that same right to freely choose to boycott a foreign nation politically and/or economically is being suppressed?

Back in the 1980s, Americans, whether they worked for their state governments or in the private sector, economically boycotted the racist white supremacist Apartheid government of South Africa for its treatment of black African citizens. Americans joined an international movement that successfully pressured the South African regime to end white racist rule and discrimination.

Did you know that state legislatures have bent to the pressure of foreign government lobbyists to collude with foreign interests and quietly pass laws in 26 states, with 13 more considering doing same, to make state contractors and employees sign what is akin to a “loyalty” oath to support policies of another country or lose their jobs?

That’s right.

In a way, this is how the pledge of allegiance might be rewritten by a foreign government’s hand writing the rules with your state government’s pen. Your freedom of speech and your status as a free and sovereign American citizen will either deny you business from your own state government or deny you employment in “your” government.

Now raise your hand and repeat after me:

I pledge allegiance to the flag
Of the Jewish State of Israel,
And for the apartheid
For which it stands,
I’m silenced—quite divisibly!
No liberty and justice for all!

Now if you work for your state—one of slightly over half the 50 United States, you’ll serve a foreign state, forced to sign away your freedom to criticize Israel, boycott buying its products, even. You will lose your state job if you do not agree with the Jewish State’s anti-Semitic policies abusing Arab Semites called Palestinians who are either 1.6 million second-class Israeli Arab citizens inside the legal borders of the Jewish State or over five million Palestinians living under brutal occupation by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip or West Bank.

Finally an incident has happened that might bring us another Khashoggi moment. That’s when the mainstream media stops suppressing an important story, like Yemen’s war and famine and US military culpability, because of a shocking indirectly related act. Sometimes the MSN (mainstream news) in search of a ratings bump stumbles on a story that accidentally has them doing the news.

The sensationally violent assassination of Washington Post reporter Jamal Khashoggi by goons of Saudi Arabian Crown Prince MBS (Muhammad bin Salman) finally gave mainstream attention to the Saudi regime’s medieval cruelty to its citizens (Khashoggi) and neighboring Yemen. But Hogueprophecy readers already know about the Saudi’s genocidal war in Yemen, because we’ve been reporting on it for three years and counting.

I’m hoping this “loyalty” loath story can be a similar catalyst agent of MSN, exposing the medieval brutality of another Middle Eastern regime and US ally that’s far more hypocritical than the Saudis, because it calls itself the only true democracy in that region. Moreover, it does not demand of its citizens—well, at least the racially purer ones—to swear the same loyalty oath not to protest or boycott its own government…Gain FULL ACCESS to all ELEVEN Articles with a donation of only $5.00, or a little more. Put New Year 2019 in the PayPal memo line. I will send a PDF attachment attached to the email address you used at PayPal.

DATELINE: 10 January 2019
(Predictions documented 26 December 2018)

Will Cohen’s Confessions Finally lead
To Trump’s Impeachment?

CNN and MSNBC are going manic over Cohen as their knight in “lying” armor, now that he’s in for a white-collar punishment of three years in prison starting in March for crimes including lying to Congress and facilitating hush-money payments to two women who had affairs with Trump. You would think, listening to the glowering-glowing reports of anchors on the TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) networks that Cohen the Unscrupulous, the liar, the “I would take a bullet for Trump” one day, and squealer the next, would now put all the evil he’s done on his client, like he’s a victim and that will make this man a “solid” witness that will AT LAST topple the President.

He does an interview with ABC’s Stephanopoulos where he hints of having a lot of dirt to spread for Mueller’s investigation. I mean this manure spreader is that self-proclaimed rake playing go-between between Trump and the Russian government about getting a Trump Tower built.

Oh! This must mean, as we ever surmise on the TDS networks, that a Trump Tower is payoff to the Kremlin for fixing the 2016 elections.

There’s only one problem with this picture. Cohen testified that he hadn’t been able to contact the Russian Government in the early part of 2017. That would imply that the Russian government at the very least felt his errant to Moscow, one he lied to Congress having made, was a little iffy.

If he “had” successfully contacted the Kremlin what do you think this simpering fellow would do?

He’d be singing like a bird, because even now Cohen is trying to do anything to get released early from a sentence that a non-white and non-white-collar member of the elite would possibly serve a prison term lasting for decades if not for life.

The only thing that’s changed over the last two years about the Russia-gate caper is that Don Lemon on CNN is doing his best to imitate the pregnant pauses and knowing looks of Rachel Maddow. Innuendo, supposition, fomenting breathless anticipation–these are not facts. Talking about what might soon be news for two years is not news. I have lost count how many Russian hack stories have gone nowhere or popped like balloons in retractions quickly delivered in the back pages of the New York Times and Washington Post. Nevertheless, these obsessed news media outlets just ignore it, moving on as if they hadn’t ended up with egg on their face as a result of years of speculation squirreling up a brain-stem tree to thatch a nest of no facts, no news, no indictment of Trump.

The greatest thing one can factually take from Cohen’s confessions to the court of public opinion is that Trump is a terrible judge of legal character and that’s his Achilles’ heel, not Russia collusion, because I say again and predict again, there is none. Trump is a man of his market, the sleazy Manhattan Island Real Estate market. It’s about as third world in its blend of mafia, politics, legal and questionable deeds. It’s like when I lived in India. You can’t get anything done in a country institutionalizing corruption unless you play the “Baksheesh” (bribing) game. Trump had to take that world on to be a success in his market. You have to play with the garbage and you WILL end up smelling of that garbage.

This garbage side of his personality is his political weakness and if Mueller and his investigation can shoot its arrow to take Trump down by his “Achilles”-flaw, they will aim below the belt. They will aim as low as they can go. They will target the fact that sometimes the president is a real “Heal…” Gain FULL ACCESS to all ELEVEN Articles with a donation of only $5.00, or a little more. Put New Year 2019 in the PayPal memo line. I will send a PDF attachment attached to the email address you used at PayPal.

DATELINE: 10 January 2019
(Predictions documented 26 December 2018)

US Presidential Election 2020: What Future Potentials are coming into Prophetic View?
Plus an Answer to the Question many are asking: Is Russia-Gate Going to be Trump’s Watergate—and Soon?

Here we go with the first questioner:

Can you find a medium to access his Akashic record and ask him who will be elected president in 2020?

It’s early but certain things are beginning to gel to give me a shape of possible futures to come.

Just for those who may not already know, I have been making predictions by popular vote in presidential elections since 1968. I am 13 and 0. Now then, popular vote doesn’t always lead to the constitutionally “legal” vote in our screwed-up system of voting.

Thirteen months before Donald Trump won the 2016 election I saw he was the only candidate who could upset Clinton and he did. She also, as predicted, won the popular vote. Ironically, both predictions were true at the same time. She won the people’s majority, and he upset her chances to be president.

In my first book on Trump, written 13 months before that upset happened, I saw in his astrology a strong chance of a two-term presidency. There were only two things that could threaten that future and both are intertwined. One is the Chinese Trade war.

I foresaw he’d go beyond threatening and launch a trade war with China. Then he’d leverage the pain to get concessions from China far lower than he is currently bluffing that he wants.

This is very risky gambling on his part, but his astrology indicated to me that he had a real chance of winning this trade war as per his real goals. Remember, in the Art of the Deal, his book, you threaten and bluff big, aim too high, and in the end get what you really want in the final compromise that must have everyone getting something they want from the other.

However, I posed in that book, what if China digs in for the long trade war haul? They could wait him out, let the US economy go down and hope it gets Trump replaced in the 2020 election.

Which brings me to the related potential problem that makes him only a one term president: the US economy tanking.

The China Trade war could hasten what will probably happen even if he didn’t go to economic war with China. A new and Greater Recession is looming. It comes as early as the autumn of 2019 and hits hard in 2020, the election year. The two strains together could take him out of office, but if he gets a deal with China the momentum of that would see him win a second term in a tight election, possible again through playing the electoral college.

This is where it could get really weird: a snapshot repetition of the 2016 election in 2020 with the same results and perhaps even the same two candidates.

I will say this right now. The signs are showing that Hillary Clinton is dead serious about running in 2020. She’s got corporate support behind her to try a third time to be that political puppet with the corporate masters’ pulling the strings in 2020.

The people no longer have control of their presidential elections. Corporate control of the US Republic will be pretty much complete by the end of 2020. They’ll make it look like you voted but always remember, since the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizens United, real people lost their voice in this democracy. Fake people called corporate businesses with tons of money to throw around as “free speech” bribe your media and representatives in Washington DC to work for them in “your” name only.

It’s possible that if the corporate handlers of presidents can’t completely control Trump, or that his Chinese trade war is destroying all the good perks he gave the corporate elite, such as tax cuts, deregulation, etc., then these captains and kings of Wall Street and speculative economics might put Hillary Clinton in there instead of Trump.

The other thing that could bring Trump a solid victory and second term out of the 2020 elections is the elites running the Democratic Party with the help of the idiotic progressive voters who may yet again dig their heads deeper into the sands of denial and do the pathetic “lesser of two evils” voting game that plays right into the hands of establishment political powers.

I have said this since the mid-1990s and I say it once again, with every hope that you’ll all dig that sand of denial out of your ears. The two-party system is like a mafia cartel. It is a political racket exploiting all shades of American, red conservative, blue liberal or the majority who choose the candidates of both red and blue extremes.

Dear people, a vote for Democrats or Republican candidates is a vote to preserve your exploitation as serfs of a corporate state. Both ways, you lose. You need to break out of this politically disempowering addiction and walk away from the drug pushers called Republican and Democrat parties.

A new, independent “American REAL People Movement” is required of you. It is a peaceful revolution that puts a wedge in the two-party duopoly, takes money influence completely out of politics and gives you back your Republic. You embrace this future or you’ll get another future, a bloody unraveling of the United States of America in the early 2020s.

Yet if you vote taking either this Blue or Red pill, from a drug pusher’s racket in 2020, the best cause of Trump’s being elected for a second term is not a failed trade war, not a return of Recession in the election year. It is once again handed to Trump by the idiotic, politically stupid, Russian-hack unicorn hysterical people who could beat Donald Trump by nearly three million votes AND STILL LOSE.

I mean, what is more stupid that Hillary Clinton, famous for her ability to sabotage her own sure-bet campaigns, even when she’s rigged the DNC and Democratic Primaries to prevent Bernie Sanders and progressives winning the nomination, then blames Russia for rigging her loss rather than face her wrinkling rigging heart?

Do you really want to roll out Hillary again? She has become the personification of what is retarded politically, backwards looking, and mediocre pushed on poor voters again in 2020. And again—despite my Oracle’s sense that her destiny to become president is still showing signs of life—the more likely result is that you suffer the same result: a popular vote victory with a potential of a second electoral college victory for Trump.

The following four “early birdie” hopefuls will stand against her as candidates for a new Democratic Party. Let’s look at their chances… Gain FULL ACCESS to all ELEVEN Articles with a donation of only $5.00, or a little more. Put New Year 2019 in the PayPal memo line. I will send a PDF attachment attached to the email address you used at PayPal.

DATELINE: 10 January 2019
(Predictions documented 26 December 2018)

Why “do” I use “Democrat” rather than “Democratic” Party? At Last some Democrats finally asked Me

I’m glad that on election day back in November I received three letters from Democrat Party members Michael and Julieann (more cordially) with Marysol (playing more the troll) on this subject. Finally, after years of me calling it a Democrat Party—identified without the “ic” in “DemocratIC Party”—not one but three people AT LAST file a complaint about it providing me an opportunity to explain why.

First here’s the three filed complaints early November 2018:


  1. While your warnings against Democratic McCarthyism are important, your Reaganesque insistence on calling the Democratic party the “Democrat party” is annoying as hell.
  1. The caravan is 1,000 miles from our border and is not expected to reach the United States for a couple months. I sincerely doubt the DNC created it.
  1. Thanks for the wise, common sense reminder that potential futures shift with our present-day choices.


When I see “Democrat” Party I stop reading.


I used to read, buy his books and believe in him until [Hogue] showed his true colors. He is Trumpist and I despise that moron so much!

Thank you Michael. You give me great points to address and you did it without the usually front-loaded emotional outbursts (akin to Marysol’s) I get from Dumbopublicans and Democrats. Keep reading, beloved Marysol. I love you and I’m writing this article mainly it helps people like yourself understand that your complaining has offered me an opportunity to share something very pro-Democratic Party.

To you Michael, and to Juleanne who stops hereself, it is a good point about the Democrat button pusher stopping.

I use it to expose the “stop.”

Let us confront what stops us from going on, from reading the rest of the illuminating articles I wrote. In a true quest for understanding, there are obstacles of mind that stop us from going all the way. Let us not be detained. Let us feel the shock of stops but go forward.

Consider this. You aren’t stopped by my calling the Republicans Dumbopublican, or the GOP the Jesus-GOPers.

There’s no liberal cry of recompense for calling Republican Vice President Mike Pence a Dominionist, proto-fascist evangelical Christian who impeachment of Trump could replace him US constitutional Jesus chrISIS!

Why is that?

That savage definition of Mike Pence doesn’t upset or stop you from reading my articles.

That is because your political bias agrees with it.

Agreement, however, does not mean it is right or factual.

Partisan mindsets in us can only see when I parody their side and not when I parody the other.

I’m always fair in my parodies. But the letters I receive from partisan conservative or liberal readers over the decades seem blind to it?

Michael, I welcome your comment and add that you can split hairs about the Honduran Caravan’s arrival time on the US border. The point that’s most important is that it HAS been politicized NOW (the day after election day), and strongly by both sides. Therefore, as politics is not about truth but about perception over truth, the caravan has, metaphorically speaking, “crossed the border” as it were, even weeks before the Midterm elections happened. It has driven into the very heart of the national hate-bait debate ever since.



By the way, when Michael wrote this on 7 November 2018, the caravan was approaching Mexico City. Eight days later, on 15 November, they were amassing at the US-Mexican border at Tijuana, Mexico: See Caravan Progress Map.]

Yes, Democrat politicians and MSNBC-cum-MS-DNC and Clinton News Network (CNN) talking heads were forecasting they’d arrive around New Year’s, but they made the jump from Mexico City to Tijuana, as Han Solo would say, “in less than 12 Parsecs!”

That’s like saying, “I made the drive on the I-80 run from LA to New York in 2,789.6 miles!”

Well, you can’t make it, fast or slow in any more or less miles (face-plant!)

Two months?

Try EIGHT DAYS. The Caravan did the “Tijuana Run” of 2,761.6 kilometers with A LOT of logistical help, by the way—I’ve seen the liberal activists with lots of money to feed, tent and bus them.

By the way, if I can “geek” out a little more, if Han Solo has said he made the Kessel Run in eight earth days that would be friggin’ fast! For instance, 8 days is only 192 hours across an expanse of 12 parsecs. That’s 3.26 light years times 12 equaling 39.12 light years. Given that a light second tracks a speed of only a mere 186,000 miles per second, the journey that would then take 39.12 years was achieved by the caravan—I mean the Millennium Falcon—in only 8 days.

And do you really think poor refugees from Honduras really did that all on their own?

(Stop drinking the Blue Grape Democrat Koo-aid, friends)

Back to what I wrote in the article on 26 December 2018:


For me, this issue about calling the Democratic Party merely Democrat Party goes beyond Reagan’s use as a theatrical device to get Bonzo the Monkey out to vote. Let’s put Reagan’s Bonzo-baiting to bed.

I’ve been waiting for someone who is “blue” about me calling it Democrat Party to step forth and complain. So here’s the reason why DemoCAT and not DemoCRATIC is a right appellation. I will float this answer out of the text:

The Democrat-“tick” Party is not Democratic.

They are as UN-Democratic as the “Gee!” CEO “PEE”

Trickle-Down Republicans Party is.

I say this with love and compassion for my DemoCRAT friends and my CEO-PEE on Republican friends. I am challenging you to restore democracy to the Democrat Party. Here’s what you need to do to restore the “ic” in Democrat:

1.) Dump the Superdelegates. It is undemocratic to give an edge of hundreds of votes from elitist in your party MONTHS before the people have democratically voted in the primary election.

2.) Stop Rigging your primaries. In my recent book on what “really” happened to Hillary Clinton in 2016, I presented the contracted agreement she wrote, and the DNC signed to, that effectively had her buying the DNC and the election in early 2015. She paid the deficit of $24 million Obama left in the party treasury but there was a catch, a Catch-22. Her people basically ran and rigged the primaries before there was even an election.

Talk about Russians rigging things. Hillary did it to your party.

That’s undemocratic.

That’s why I must in truth call your party merely “Democrat.”

3.) Rigging the primaries to make sure Bernie Sanders can’t win is un-Democratic Party, folks. Sorry to rub it in until it bruises blue-democratic but this is what makes you not what your party’s name implies. I hate to rub salt in this wound but even the Dumbopublicans in their primary voting habits are far more Democratic a “Party” than yours. They may be corporate elitists, but the party of Big Business, the GOP-CEE-Os, do not brazenly appoint superdelegates rigging elections before they are voted on.

4.) Stop being actually the “greater of two evils.” Corporate takeover of this Republic starting in 2010 with Citizens United has taken the “Democracy” out of the Republic of the United States of America, but the lion’s share of corporate money in the last three presidential election cycles went to the party that manipulates primary elections.

Math is math, folks. It even surprises me because the Jesus GOPers certainly can talk like they’re more corporate “fiendly” but the candidates who talk “working people” actually “work” for Wall Street and like Hillary Clinton get hundreds of thousands an hour talking for Goldman “sucking” Sacks CEOs.

Corporations apparently see your party as a better place to do their undermining evil against our democratic values.

So, now you know at last why I’ve been calling your party the DemocRAT Party.

I will keep doing it until the day I see you Democrats have exorcised their party of these undemocratic traits, habits and corporately-controlling RATS.

Please do it soon.

I would love to call you members of the Democratic Party once again.

Do me proud.

Become “democratic.”

You ever have my compassionate regards.

DATELINE: 10 January 2019
(Predictions documented 26 December 2018)

Is John Hogue a “Trumpist”? Hogue Answers and will Share Something He Rarely Dares say about Your Collective Future if you go on postponing your Eternal moment of Blissful Consciousness

Now to the “Trumpist” label that Marysol gave me. What is really radical about my two books on Trump already published and the climax in the third book that I will publish early next year, is that I am perhaps the only well-known astrologer that has addressed Trump’s future in what I contend is a fair and balanced manner.

I savage him when he deserves it and equally I lay out his potential positives. More than this, I love him as much as I love all of you, whatever idiotic political identifications you suffer from.

I cannot do this work if I harbored the unconscious hate so many of you have for each other in opposite ego-political camps. One can hate what people do but most of you do the wrong thing, the thing that blinds and binds you to your misery and hate.

You hate the being, not the mask of personality imposed upon it.

When you hate the being of anyone, you murder something in your own soul.

I cannot do that anymore. Meditation has been the “medicine” that is healing me of this bad habit of lifetimes upon lifetimes of war, hate and misery.

That brings me to Jane J. Z.’s comment for a necessary and loving response:

My sense is that you’re reading the tea leaves of present time dynamics quite heavily and not at all actually tuning in to see what may unfold. It could surprise us all. Having said that, this IS a grim time…in fact, a grim-reaper time. Corruption will continue to be unearthed, to the howls of whomever feels that what is plowed up or floats to the surface is not being fair to his or her “side.” I often wonder if the country will survive. But for sure, what comes after (whenever “after” all this disruption, confusion and divisiveness is) will start a new and better future for our kids and grandkids. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

Thanks Jane, well put if a bit contradictory. If I understand your points then at first you say I am reading the tea leaves of present time dynamics quite heavily, but then you back my reading up.

Actually Jane, and everyone reading this, I’m going to say something I rarely say and I am sorry to inform you about his:


You do not know what “quite heavily” is.

I am giving you only a tenth of what is coming if you continue together with this nation, down the road of polarity into a decade of Fascism to come.

I try to give you as much as you can stand for now, but there is far worse potentially coming. Passing the gauntlet of the 2020s may not see the human race survive its serial stupidity, unless human beings all over the world become more meditative.

You are all on an auto-suicidal path as a race.

This can change, if you change.

I’m trying to bring you closer and closer to a real encounter with the planetary danger at hand, but I have to do it in steps otherwise you’ll run to the hills when you need to stand firm, awake, loving, and celebrating this moment of life with all the light you have. That light can turn the course of this terrible darkness humanity—All—have set in motion… Gain FULL ACCESS to all ELEVEN Articles with a donation of only $5.00, or a little more. Put New Year 2019 in the PayPal memo line. I will send a PDF attachment attached to the email address you used at PayPal.

Email me at with your book choice and mailing address. Thank you for your support.

DATELINE: 10 January 2019
(Predictions documented 26 December 2018)


How to Interpret Nostradamus: Lesson 4 PART ONE

To Know how to Interpret Nostradamus
Requires you Know this Man of the Sixteenth Century
And the merging of his Life with his Myths

I got an email in mid-December from “Lisa” and her unnamed friend who are doing a school project. They wanted to send me a list of questions. When initially answering I never expected it would evolve into an essay on one of the fundamental lessons one must learn to successfully interpret Nostradamus. Here then is that foundational lesson:

Dear Mr. Hogue, My name is Lisa and I go to school in the Netherlands. A friend of mine and I are doing a project about the life of Nostradamus and about the extent to which Nostradamus was a man of his own time. Now I was wondering if you could please answer some of our question about this subject? I look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours sincerely, Lisa.

Hi Lisa, Thanks for contacting me for your project. You happen to be speaking to the first Nostradamus expert in history who wrote the first full-bodied biography on the Life of Nostradamus called Nostradamus: A Life and Myth. There are 120,000 words with another 40,000 words or so of a detailed timeline appendix and copious footnotes.

My use of “myth” is in all its colors of rich meaning, from asking whether Nostradamus was a charlatan all the way to Nostradamus creating his own mythology to proclaim a truth higher than fact that hints to readers centuries-hence ways to incline the future towards its more positive potentials.

I contend in my biography that Nostradamus proved in his prophecies that the future is not written in stone. His history of the future gives us thousands of tomorrow’s predictions, many of which indicate events that could have been different than what transpired.

He most famously did this in the prophecy that first made him famous in his own time. Indeed, few people today understand how many prophecies he made for his own time that were fulfilled.

No truly accurate and documented prophecy goes unpunished.

I know this first hand as a forecaster myself.

Nostradamus foresaw King Henri II dying in a jousting accident, but in the same first volume of Les Propheties, he also forecast Henri becoming “a Second Charlemagne” defeating and absorbing the Kingdom of Savoy into the French kingdom along with Northern Italy. He foresaw Henri preventing the civil wars over religion that were the cause for Nostradamus to risk writing a history of the future. As it turned out, Henri was given two futures and he chose the jousting death future. There are many more instances of this choice of destinies making it very important for someone to write a real biography about his life.

To truly know how Nostradamus foresaw the future one must truly know the man and the times that shaped his mind, his hopes, fears, loves and prejudices.

Frankly, after 30 years of work and study I was shocked that no one in 450 years had written such a biography. There is certainly enough biographical material surviving. Even his personal papers exist to this day, including his last will and testament. Many of his private letters too and nearly all of his books have survived the ravages of time. A number of these aren’t about prophecy but include comments and essays about his life and travels, his fights with the plague and all the treatises on making medicines, foods, desserts and salads, facial creams, beauty products, and more.

It wasn’t until I was half way into my first draft of the book that I understood why no one had written a full-bodied biography and I had to start all over again.

One cannot separate Nostradamus from his myth. So I didn’t let that stop me. Instead, I divined to refresh the whole biographical genre and explore all the dimensions of facts we know about Nostradamus and things that are higher than fact, perennial truths that are the heart’s blood of true seers. It was time to expand the limits of fragmentary writings from blind believers who see Nostradamus as a saint, and blind debunkers who can’t see anything but sham about this man.

A unique and rebellious occultist requires a rebellious biography that can “take you there” to the life of Nostradamus while providing the factual and footnoted backgrounds, the biased and sympathetically skeptical studies and something much more. With Nostradamus, a convergence of fact and myths brings us to the mystic, a truth about Nostradamus that is higher and deeper than both fact and fraud can fathom… Gain FULL ACCESS to all ELEVEN Articles with a donation of only $5.00, or a little more. Put New Year 2019 in the PayPal memo line. I will send a PDF attachment attached to the email address you used at PayPal.

DATELINE: 10 January 2019
(Predictions documented 26 December 2018)



John Hogue after 28.5 Years a Comcast Customer pulls the Plug

I got an unexpected Christmas “gift” over the first part of the Christmas extended holiday weekend. On Saturday morning 22 December 2018, I turned on RT (Russia Today) which broadcasted on Channel 81 in Island County, Washington State, where I happily reside. It was mid-point in the 30-minute segment of what I thought would be RT’s Weekly Review of world news. An ad about women suffering thinning hair seemed to go inordinately longer than normal. Indeed it droned on until the end of the half hour.

OK, I thought, maybe RT has a new process where they do their monthly “off the air” for maintenance thing for 12 hours and are letting people advertise their crap and make some revenue. RT does have US advertisers, though you won’t hear that fact on its competitor networks. They’ll tell you it’s only financed by the Russian Government feeding paranoia. They won’t balance that point by adding that the United Kingdom’s government finances the British Broadcasting Company, or that Berlin finances Deutsche Welle giving you a “German World” view. RT is not only “Russia Today” but it has a US bureau employing some of the best “American” journalists, anchors, investigative reporters and some of the best up-and-coming younger “American” producers, hosts and reporters this country has produced. Their motto was coined by Rick Sanchez, their prime-time news anchor and former FOX News, MSNBC and CNN anchor and reporter: “It’s time to do the news again.”

He means, not innuendo, not supposition, not merely reading the State or Defense Departments’ propaganda copy without questioning it. Not making claims from sources that are ever unnamed and unverifiable, not crowding their network discussions with paid CIA, NSA heads, spies, and retired US generals that get handsome pay and loathsome conflicts of interest as spokesmen for the US perpetual war industry.

Doing the news again requires skeptical inquiry, a healthy, US Constitutionally blessed in writing, interest in informing the voting public of a democracy about everything those in power are doing. RT and RT America are doing the news the way I knew it growing up in better days of investigative reporting of the 1960s and 1970s, ever questioning power for the sake of the people. How ironic that US reporters, to do a similar job as Walter Cronkite of CBS News, Chet Huntley and David Brinkley of NBC and Edward R. Murrow did news in the 1960s and 1970s have to go to a “Russian” government funded “American” news network to honor what the US Constitution clearly stated in its First Amendment in the Bill of Rights, please not my underlined emphasis: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

It is the job of a free press to report grievances of the people when government abuses its power. RT American does that. As a news junkie since I was eight years old and actively in journalism since 1983 as an expert guest on all the US networks and many international networks like BBC I’ve been on the inside. I’ve seen over the decades from first-hand experience who US Corporately owned news networks filter the news to bring on a bias that their corporate handlers want. They no longer serve or report the grievances of the people. They no longer inform you in a fair and balanced way. They very thing you need as American citizens of a democracy so you can petition your government for the redress of grievances when they are abusing your taxes, their powers and your rights.

There are a lot of things CNN, MSNBC or FOX News won’t tell you about RT (International) and RT America that’s positive because it would contrast how idiotic they’ve become as sources for journalistically professional news sources.

So, I took steps in a journalistic fashion to find out if this Infomercial marathon on 22 December was just a new way Russia today went off air for 24 hours each month for maintenance, or if this was something more sinister, as I began to feel it was.

I checked in around 1 am the following morning when news broadcasting should have resumed.

It didn’t.

The TV screen Comcast stream was just a rehash of more mole removal—mind removal—infomercials kept baby-talking on and on into the next day when I check again. There were bath soap salespersons, car cleaner dealers, feminine hygiene hucksters, makeup remover peddlers, but no RT.

So I called COMCAST and get “Maria” as an agent to find out WTF is going on and I’m already feeling like something I’ve warned my readers for a year had just happened.

Back on 16 November 2017, for an article entitled The Prophetic Angle of RT America forced by the Department of Justice to register as a Foreign Agent, I was bringing up a prediction I jotted down in notes a year earlier in November 2016.  I had documented and date tagged the prediction for a forthecoming book at that time called Predictions 2018-2019: Years of Crisis and Breakthrough that has since been renamed Predictions 2019 and Indo the Roaring 2020s and slotted for publication in the spring of 2019. I had started the article with an opening quote from Sture Johannsson, one of the few prophetic channelers who like American seer Edgar Cayce was definitively predicting messages from the beyond and not his subconscious garbage masquerading as a spirit guide.

This is the opening Prophecy quote:

Those countries which you now think of as closed will soon be open. And those countries you now think of as most open will soon be closed.

Ambres (1987) Channeled by Sture Johansson

Now to my comment about it from 13.5 months ago, the brackets are from today:


A year ago [November 2016], I foresaw the potential that the last real news network on television would have its plug pulled by the US government in 2018. It could happen because Ambres is presciently correct. The DOJ (Department of Justice’s] action, unsubstantiated by fact, is far less American and far more like how I remember communist censorship of critical, fact-based and sourced news reaching inside Soviet Russia.

…Clamping and inhibiting RT America on Monday as a foreign agent (read “enemy” agent) is the kind of thing Soviet bureaucrats would do. The Justice Department singled out an open and critical news source. They were motivated by ideology and politics rather than a presentation off acts. The DOJ rides a growing hysteria not seen in the nation since the dark days of McCarthyism. They have become the legal enabler of what has been a witch hunt overtaking the American media, letting fly a strident but unproven paranoia to scapegoat all things “Russian” as solely responsible for the nation’s woes.

Is this not very Soviet communist behavior?

…RT America has become just as threatening to the US-corporately controlled government in our time as Voice of America was to Stalin’s communist regime. V of O didn’t need to propagate lies, they just broadcast on radio into the Soviet Union the critical truth about what wasn’t working in the so-called “worker’s paradise.” RT America, in my direct vetting and experience of them has become a new Voice of America directed at Americans. They tell you what isn’t working; they bring a healthy breath of critical stories you no longer get in the US mainstream news. They are a source of alternative points of view, without which a democratic citizenry cannot long sustain its freedom.

…The Department of Justice is playing politics, nothing more. They have acted upon the political pressure from US Senate and Congressional hearings into so-called Russian meddling and RT that, by the way, had crowds of people called to testify but not one single RT America news reporter, producer or news anchor—past or present—was summoned to testify under oath before Congress in RT’s defense. Many of these openly demanded to stand before Congress and testify in the name of the First Amendment and give their evidence under oath.

What was Congress afraid of?

Do you see the DOJ calling upon BBC America to register as a foreign agent or else? Did the DOJ threaten Al-Jazeera (Qatar), Deutsche Welle (Germany), or CCTV (People’s Republic of “red” China)?

…Is Ambres’ prophecy correct?

Is Russia getting more open and the US getting more like the Soviet Union after the last Cold War?

My conclusion is an emphatic “Yes.”

I remember how the Soviet news networks just read their Foreign Ministry communiqués without putting them into any critical question just like US news networks are doing today.

Question more. Question everything with a skeptical inquiry using that word Skepticism as it was originally intended: to investigate without prejudice for or against RT America before the prophecy of Ambres is completely fulfilled and your soon to become undemocratic government pulls the plug.

The Prophetic Angle of RT America forced by the Department of Justice to register as a Foreign Agent

(, 16 November 2017)


Here we are 13.5 months later. COMCAST pulled the plug on RT and RT America. They sneaked it through as if no one was looking, on the weekend, over the Christmas holidays. No notification tendered. It was weird because during the infomercials that replaced it, the COMCAST channel guide program still had the shows listed but rather than Pulitzer-Prize winning investigative journalists like Chris Hedges, I got a 30-minute ad about this great new shrub “hedger” blah…blah…

I’m thinking now what I had foreseen in November 2016 was the RT light going out on “my” television in 2018, which it clearly did. Though it wasn’t a complete blackout of RT and RT America in the US, it was a very big plug-pulling step. Statista reports that 44 percent of television-equipped households are wired to cable connections with Comcast being the top cable provider at 24 percent

When I had called customer service on Christmas Eve morning to verify my foreboding was true, in typical Comcast fashion, the customer service operator “Maria” initially said RT was not taken off air. I had to request she speak to her superiors. Five minutes later she apologized and said it was true, RT was no longer broadcast at Comcast or on its Xfinity outlets or Internet feeds.

At sundown on Christmas Eve I got a request for comment from Xfinity (Comcast) about the things I demanded be taped with my conversation with “Maria” for the corporate “suits” at Comcast to hear.

How likely are you to recommend XFINITY from Comcast to friends and family? (It gave me a 0 to 10 set of buttons to push as my answer.)

John Hogue pushed a big egg, Zilch! A Zero.

The algorithm bot asked “WHY”

The human being, named John Hogue, replied:

‘You pulled the plug on RT and RT America. As a noted Futurist and world prophetic traditions expert as well as a frequent guest since 1987 on ALL the national news networks of the US, and many others overseas, I rely on good news sources that I vet over years. Your company just pulled the plug on the LAST cable news network on mainstream TV that reminds me of the days of Edward R. Murrow, Cronkite, etc., real journalism.

“RT and RT America where real news cable networks. It is not a question about agreeing or disagreeing with their stories. Since I began watching them, thanks to you, Comcast in 2012, I have tested their veracity and they’ve passed the test of years of vetting. On these RT networks I saw again what it was like to grow up in the 1960s and have my mind opened to question—a time when news was real news, and not today’s endless editorializing truthiness. On RT I get sources I can check, because sources are named.

“ON RT and RT America, if something is newsworthy it is broadcast only if there is EVIDENCE and not supposition running amok like I see these days on networks I know from the inside—networks I’ve appeared on over the last three decades such as CNN (International) with Rosemary Church, MSNBC or Fox News debating Sean Hannity (Hannity and Colmes).

“COMCAST has just pulled the plug on real news and there will be consequences.

“A free society is not served by silencing voices on air—even voices that might have a particular perception of the world. You know, like BBC having a “British” view or DW (Deutsch Welle) a “German”, or NHK turning Japanese about world affairs, etc.

“Do we see these channels just pulled off and replaced by inane infomercials, like you did to Russia Today on my Comcast channel 81 starting Saturday?!!

“Comcast has crossed a line here and as one of your longest customers, watching you and paying thousands into your media company in all its evolutions from 1990 to the present, I’m now pulling the plug on YOU and removing forever my monthly financial support.

“Millions of my readers, radio audiences and television watchers in the US and around the world are going to hear about it.”

Next came the other parts of the XFINITY questionnaire I was required to answer with 1-to-5 answers about the service. Funny thing, the most important question the bot asked I was not required answer. It should be the most important question ALWAYS requiring my answer:

“How can we do better?”

And this is what I answered:

“Your agent, Maria, did just fine helping me find out what COMCAST did over the weekend. Still, as you are COMCAST, I took the journalistic approach. I didn’t assume these channels were pulled so sheepishly, like I or anyone watching them might fail to notice or care that stupid infomercials about hair loss and wonder tools had replaced my favorite news shows.

“Even though Maria first said RT was still up, I had her check with a supervisor and she came back confirming that COMCAST pulled it. It seems you don’t even inform your underlings who speak to the customers unless customers press the issue.

“Frankly, I’m still not hundred percent sure you’ve done this, because, you are COMCAST, and over the long years I’ve endured your bad customer service. It is often the case that one agent says one thing and another says another. It seems one hand of COMCAST doesn’t know what the other is doing.

“Following a real news journalistic approach, “I’ve written to RT America’s offices inquiring if this is true, and also tweeted their prime time anchor, Rick Sanchez as well, to confirm this is true.


“Because getting this news from COMCAST—directly from the ‘horse’s mouth’ as it were—is not always what I’d call a credible source, given my many problems with your agents, never knowing if what I’m told by them is fact.

“I told Maria this and by the way she was very helpful. I gave her five on your one-to-five list. She’s just doing her job. (Be sure to review the tape I had her record of our interaction.)

“She’s not the problem, COMCAST.

“You are.

“So, to your algorithmic question, ‘What could we do better?’

“Here’s my answer:

“Put RT and RT America back on COMCAST.”

That was sent on 23 December. I know Rick Sanchez and his team read everyone’s emails but aren’t always able to answer them all. They, like myself, get thousands of emails. I recall about half a year ago RT America had a big story about being blocked in the Washington DC area by Comcast, the place where most of the RT press corps is based.

As RT and many of their reporters and political satirists like Lee Camp (Redacted Tonight) are regularly saying kind of covers the bigger picture of what happening, Comcast being a part of a concerted US government campaign to algorithmically isolate by blocking and redirecting search engines to stifle alternative media voices of which RT and RT America are the leader.

Fortunately, I can still watch them off my computer on live feeds at YouTube. If you want to vet what I’m saying about RT and RT America being some of the best journalism and news reporting currently available, here is the live feeds. Click on and bookmark these links before the plug’s pulled on them:

RT (International) and RT America

Here’s also the British live feed plus RT great documentary selection:

RT United Kingdom and RT Documentary

Books by John Hogue


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