A TSUNAMI OF ARTICLES: Hurricane Florence predicted, Deep State-Steady State of Democracy’s suppression, Syrian Showdown in Idlib suspended “for now”, Yemen update with Bimbo-Gate, the Grand Teton Crack-Down, Censorship and Alex Jones, Meditation going Underground, Skripal Poisoning diplomacy, Hogue’s Trump Trade War forecast, and Hogue’s History Channel Last Pope Review, the Apostasy Prophecies of Jesus Christ, Cohen Caught, Nostradamus incantations and Incarnations; and finally, some Odds and End Times

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DATELINE: 30 September 2018

Source: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

Hurricane Florence from Space. Source: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

Prelude to a Tsunami of Articles, the Great Flood of Hurricane Florence coming to the Carolinas

Click on this link and read my detailed astrological predictions for the coming US Midterm Elections.

Click on this link and read my detailed astrological predictions for the coming US Midterm Elections.

My long silence has some of your concerned. I’m still here for now. This time, my silence is a result of a powerful storm of creativity and outreach. Television projects are being considered and a need to pull away from article publication was required to evolve TV treatments as well as find ways to make the money needed to update Hogueprophecy and buy the time to finish the long delayed epic forecast book now called Predictions 2019 and into the Roaring 2020s. Beyond that I cannot say more about the TV projects, but I will tell you what I’m up to when when—if—the projects are completed. My delay in writing articles is also caused by another “adventure” in exploring new ways to help people, doing something I stopped doing long ago. Seven-hundred people had a Hogue “sighting” at the Arklantis Convention in Little Rock, Arkansas last weekend. I did something there I haven’t done in 26 years: I return to giving private readings. And it looks like, from this trial run, I’ll be once again giving readings individually to each of you in person when I can and otherwise online.

Click on this link to sample John Hogue's new (47th) book, and illuminate with documented evidence in this informative and sometimes satirical prophetic assessment of how Clinton lost her own election without Russian bots or Snooki having anything to do with it.!

Click on this link to sample John Hogue’s new (47th) book, and further peruse documented evidence in this informative and sometimes satirical prophetic assessment of how Clinton lost her own election without Russian bots or Snooki having anything to do with it. Although the Snooki Effect might deny Clinton a 2020 run.

This is a big move, something I haven’t done since 1992 when it became needed that I only read the world. You know it, many of you who wrote me over the years asking if I did readings. I suggested you all stay in touch because I could resume any moment, or never. I told you to join my free newsletter for news if signs came clear to resume private readings.

Here we are at last.

I don’t know how long the window will stay open, maybe a few weeks, months—maybe the rest of my time in this body.

We’ll see.

The 40 readings at Little Rock showed me with a big and exciting step into the unknown. I had no idea what would happen. That’s the right space to read for others. I seem to have returned to it at the right time. The readings were effortless, unlike 26 years ago. Free of working something that, if clear, is as effortless as the breeze and the relaxation that is waiting. Waiting without a goal is the heart of the meditative technique. Being available—then comes the mystery on its own accord. You do not seek it. You do not want it. It may never pass like a sweet breeze through you again. Yet the reader must be simply in a state of waiting, allowing, relaxing…

The “the Guest” in all its mystery comes.

I’ve spent the bulk of the last week coming back to a space where I could finish these articles. Though dated for 30 September, much of what you’ll read here was written in August and up to 14 September, waiting for my final edits that got sidetracked with preparing myself for the risk of resuming readings.

So, my long silence with no articles has ended today.

I apologize to all who have sent me letters of concern about my health and wellbeing. The silence had frightened you. My disappearance from easy access could be at hand any moment, what with the new “Thought Police” of social media outlets, most of which aren’t even human but search algorithms, changed not to help you find things but to block you from such, without you knowing it.

I remain uncensored so-far by the so-called “real” news robots and government organs now hired by private owners of the public commons online to curtail free thinkers is altering search engine algorithms. Many questioning and rebellious voices are finding it harder to be found online and some have been silenced. I’m covering this issue in the article below on the silencing of Alex Jones online. He’s kind of a Larry Flynt on the right, Flynt being the founder and editor of Hustler Magazine who won a free-speech legal battle to publish his outrageous porn magazine with the argument that accepted speech is not the only thing protected by the First Amendment. Alex Jones is another kind of pornographer, a news porn promoter with his Info Wars show. In my experience of his work he takes good information like Flynt posed a woman’s gorgeous nudity but contorts it into a factual “lewdity” more for conspiratorial sensation than balanced, journalistic examination. Yet, if Flynt and Jones can’t be protected from censorship, then you and I are next.

Definitely the corporations slowly tightening their control of most of your sources for information are creeping by algorithmic steps to silence voices in a sweeping witch hunt not seen since the McCarthyism terror of the early 1950s. Indeed this silencing of good people triggered by an equally bogus fear of Russians now as then has unleashed a kind of McCarthyism far worse than the last. It isn’t just blacklisting a few hundred talented folks working and writing for Hollywood. The blacklisting intends to grab and silence people by the throats with a global reach.

So, with that said, and while I can still deliver free speech to you, here is a HUGE, book-sized wave of 13 articles to catch you up on many fronts where prophecy meets the press in future trends. Here’s my blast of articles from one man trying to type fast enough to stay ahead of quickening developments all around the world on many fronts.

1280px-The_Kavanaugh_family_and_Donald_TrumpIn September there was a climax brewing to bring to a head a violent end to the seven-year agony of Syria. War was postponed by diplomatic efforts by nearly everyone involved except the terrorist occupying Idlib and their US backers. I won’t comment about Justice Kavanaugh’s witch trials and tribulations before the Senate Justice Committee, beyond what I already told you earlier this month. He will be appointed to the US Supreme Court. Me Too movement’s opinions about that and the near-future destiny of them and their targets will be commented on in the future. For now, read below about the future predictions for Trump’s trade war. I expose a scandalous use of my appearance on a recent TV documentary needing illumination before some idiot thinks Pope Francis should be shot to fulfill a prophecy that I said was a fraud, but the final edit tries to make me tacitly support it as real. Many other topics below are debunked or illuminated, but first I end this opening “Prelude” article on a hurricane catastrophe that has overtaken the Carolinas.

Hurricane Florence had appeared to fulfill my warnings over that last six months that your cold winter “ice age” fears back in January 2018 would be melted like a snowflake in unnatural, record breaking blasts of summer heat, and that the 2018 Hurricane Season would come in late and hard with storm that would inflict historic floods and damage like last year.

Back on 14 September I predicted and documented the following, weeks before it happened:

This time the Carolinas become the new Houston, Texas, drowned by rain from a stationary Hurricane Harvey. Like east Texas and Puerto Rico then, we have today another large swath of US territory taken down, with electric grids blown down and out like a candle by a feverish Mother Nature, suffering the flu of human Global Warming.

I’d like to change the old adage, “Feed a cold, starve a fever,” and replace it with this: Starve a cold winter, feed the hunger of a fever sending cyclonic storms aloft out of the globally warming seas.” That’s what we’re doing to our sick patient, Mother Nature. Our pollution of her life-sustaining organs of atmosphere, earth and oceans is making her sick. Feed a cold has become these short and violent winters being food for Mother Nature polluta-flu virus causing her to eat winters and vomit feet of rain from hurricane storm bands spiraling over North and South Carolina for days. Florence is stuck over its victim, the Carolina states, like Hurricane Harvey did last year to Houston and the northeast Texas coast.

I have told you since 1990 that all nature of storms would gain heightened fury by now. Global Warming empowers and feeds them the fuel of more evaporated moisture that Earth’s atmosphere can now hold because it is rapidly becoming warmer to do so. What I haven’t given equal emphasis to until now is explaining what drives and puts the breaks on moving super-charged storms. Water-fueled low-pressure systems in this new abnormal climate are driven by an opposite extreme, more equally powerful high-pressure centers that direct the hurricanes, and in a new and dire pattern for our present and our future, block their natural passage and make them stand still for days in one place dropping feet of rain.

In other Earth locales high pressure domes are causing droughts that will eventually depopulate entire regions, like the Middle East. Since the summer of 2015 and every summer hence, they have beset my corner of the world, the US Pacific Northwest with air so thick with forest fire smoke you could cut a cube of it and stuff it down your inflamed lungs to swallow. For four years in a row, the latter days of summer up here in the corner of the US that brags about having the freshest air in America is sucking and coughing on pollution levels like it was under the smoggy pall of New Delhi and Beijing. Starting in 2015 the fire-fog plague starts with August and extends into September, even deep into October.

High pressure stagnated air flow once again in the dog days of summer 2018 up here and prevented pollutants from escaping settling over Western Washington with the lowest air quality through most of August. It’s like an invisible balloon made of air pressure making a kind of bubble that smoke from 1.5 million acres of burning Western Canadian forests blows into, fuming that balloon with smoke from 7,000 feet all the way down to a fog at sea level made of millions of trees and the toxic particulate ash from thousands of houses and other human structures. Canada’s fire season of 2018 was the worst in its recorded history. We’re talking about 1.8 million acres burnt!

Growing up Southern Californian I sucked down Los Angeles sig-alerts in my childhood. Add to that a few decades of me in 20s and 30s frequently visiting India’s polluted skies to be with Osho. I’m thus rendered sensitive to smoke and other air-born pollutants. That’s why I’ve moved my base of operations since 1986 up to the Pacific Northwest to happily suckle on Mother Nature’s invisible teat for a usually non-toxic oxygen toot of sweat Northwestern Pacific, rain washed, air.

Global Warming is changing my climate change oasis ever since 1986. Back in the hell-oven of the summer of 2015 I finally relented and bought a portable air conditioner in a region where few are owned. Now I see I’ll need to buy air purifiers too, when the summer of 2019 comes around when another 1.5 to 1.8 acres of Canadian forest begins its now annual burn in the latter half of every summer on.

One thing is constant in the weather of a warming world—more constant than me warning the following to you since the late 1980s. Wherever you are, feeling too hot, too wet or too cold, worldwide weather will become—IT HAS BECOME—more consistently extreme.

The low-pressure systems rain and blow ever stronger while the high-pressure systems equally gain strength to unnaturally linger for weeks, even months to stand in the way of natural storm patterns. Static flooding of coastlines on one side will be matched by equally empowered high-pressure systems that sit and stagnate the air and do not budge for weeks sustaining their hot hegemony that sustains the flames record breaking and deadly mega storms of forest and brushfires.

On September 14 I recorded:

Hurricane Florence is another “Pearl Harbor” moment for Americans and the world, like Hurricane Harvey was for Houston, staying put and dumping three or four feet of rain. Like the stationary floods of rain over Maui last month and the Big Island of Hawaii with Hurricane Lane, and while we are fixating on Florence right now, another tropical storm last week dumped another 11 inches in a few days on the Hawaiian island of Oahu!

Notice something?

A new pattern here. Not something that aberrantly happens, not seen again for decades and not just in one isolated place but happening in many various locations. Stagnant hurricane deluges. Japan and China have suffered similar disasters this year and last.

I began warned you starting in November 2009 that from 2010 and onward to today and worse tomorrow, a sick Mother Nature will be screaming her alarm to us in the voice of hurricane winds and she will cry you a thousand overflooded rivers, and vomit storm surges and convulsively rage to get your attention.

She is saying, “You are making me sick!”

Stay this madness, humanity.

You will stay it eventually and work to heal and amend your poisons and calm Nature’s fever or it will stay and amend your further existence, adapting its engines of life to a new evolutionary direction where you and I aren’t welcome and crowded out by Mother Nature’s civilization ending droughts, floods and storms.

These shocks are necessary. These shocks will stimulate intelligent responses, or so I hope.

This tsunami of articles below is one of those “floods” but not of water or blowing wind—a flood of insights illuminating a wide range of topics for your consideration. I invite you all to read my flooding commentary about many pressing subjects of the news that need honest illumination, compassionate exposing and solutions offered.

First, we start with a problem that lies deep inside American Democracy, its very undemocratic “savior.” When you need a savior, the reality is you want that savior to save you from yourself. And if he does, whether he comes down on a cloud as Jesus Christ to be your messianic ruler for a 1,000 years; or, he’s Adolf Hitler, flying down out of the clouds in a Junkers JU-52 airplane to launch a regime of “salvation” in a Third Reich equally lasting 1,000 years, you are expected to play the praising slave.

DATELINE: 30 September 2018

This is the Ingsoc logo based on Orwell's 1984 (not precisely described in the book itself, Seen in the film adaptation Nighteen-Eighty Four. Source: Nirwrath.

This is the Ingsoc logo based on Orwell’s 1984 (not precisely described in the book itself, Seen in the film adaptation Nighteen-Eighty Four. Source: Wikimedia, © Free.

Don’t Worry, the Deep State is undemocratically Managing President Trump “and You.” So claims a Resistance Member of the “Steady” State—Steady in Keeping the Will of the People Suppressed

Earlier in September 2018, the New York Times released an Op-Ed piece from a Trump Administration insider and decided to keep “his” name Anonymous. The Times furthermore keeps its journalistic hypocrisy and insider elitism intact, protecting this man in power but choosing not to post stories of the powerless and oppressed, such as prisoners describing their lives in the US penitentiary system as “slave labor” during a nation-wide prisoner strike that I imagine most of you are unaware happened this summer, that is, if you rely on Rachel Maddow to Sean Hannity for your “Mad Cow, Inanity” mainstream Dementocratic- or Dumbopublican-slanted news. Oh that’s a bozo no-“know.” The Times beyond fair and balanced will protect a man who will at worse lose his job and have a monument built in his honor by some. But the New York Times will not grant anonymity or print the witness of powerless prisoners who are ready to risk their lives telling their side of the strike story.

I guess there’s just not enough clicks summoning up the prisoners’ side of the strike story…

There’s a “Big Brother” out there, and he’s watching you as much as he’s watching Trump. You didn’t elect BB, but he’s decided to take power into his own hands and many like him. They feel called to basically ignore the will of the people and manage presidents. Such people belong to a political class, members of a deep-rooted establishment that abide and manipulate the passing of presidents and congresses in power as a plutocracy otherwise known as the Deep State. Indeed this fellow, who the Times protects, has just made a paranoid President Trump more so and proven his paranoia is correct.

Like him or hate him, Trump is the constitutionally elected president in 2016 according to our electoral college system. If Hillary Clinton wants to cultivate sour grapes about it, I would remind her how many times she publicly said she’d support the electoral college process on campaign and throughout her political career. In her long political life she never fought to amend the constitution. Now suddenly there’s a problem? Now her supporters are upset that they nearly won three million popular votes?

Get smart, everyone. An ignorant citizenry cannot sustain a democracy or amend it. You don’t have to wait for the news media to think for you. Just google the US Constitution text and teach yourself how to play your integral part to sustain democracy in America. Stupid leads to Fascism, and fascism is overtaking all of you right now, as I long warned it would with the advent of the 2020s.

We can all debate and fight over policy but to undermine and deny the will of the people who picked him as the person to govern means you don’t honor the system or know how to legally change it. Bureaucratic elites inside his administration attempting to sabotage his promises to the people who voted him in and thus preserve a status quo do not support “We the People” of the United States. That is shadow fascism at work, folks. Whatever your political persuasion, you should all, red conservative and blue liberals, come together to protest this rule by elite, not by the people, whether you support the president in office or not.

Over half of my readers may celebrate what Mr. Anonymous Deep State is doing, and your mainstream media, so virulently anti-Trump, may happily protect the identity and promote Mr. Anonymous undermining a president, yet you do so at your own constitutionally-protected peril.

One of the five rights listed in the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights promises that the people will enjoy having a completely free press, free of government influences and muscling. Today’s media isn’t even a shadow of the skeptically inquiring body it was when I was growing up watching network anchors like Walter Cronkite, Edward R. Murrow or Chet Huntley and David Brinkley as my journalistic role models. If they were alive today, I am certain they would have denounced this Anonymous Deep State fellow as an outlaw to the constitution. He’d be branded an agent of an undemocratic cabal, a member of a US version of a Banana Republic-style government, run as a big business oligarchy you’d see in South America during the 1960s.

I’d change the lyrics of the famous “Yes we have no Bananas” song to the following,

Yes, we have no Bananas,
But banana Repubs are OK!

We have no Murrows,
No Cronkites,
No Huntleys or Brinkleeeys,
Today on all the TV news we seeee!,

Yes, we have no Republic,
But Bananas are ruling todaaaay!

We have Blitzers,
And Mad Cows,
Don Lemons and veg outs
Inanities of Hannity to seeee!

Yes, the news is pathetic!
They’re as smart-ass Bananas Today

They are not informing you, questioning power, reminding you that unelected people like Anonymous are not who you voted for to have power over you in a democracy. You readers in the so-called Resistance movement who think this NY Times Op-Ed is cute, mark my forecast well. When Big Brother Deep State-Steady State is keeping Trump in line:

Trump today?

Your candidate in the White House tomorrow!

This Anonymous “man” says he’s undermining Trump’s erratic behavior all for the country’s sake, but he hasn’t consulted you about it. What if he’s there when your pick for president is in office, deciding what’s erratic and what is a steady-deep state behavior?

He doesn’t represent you, but his own interests and the special corporate interests he serves as “his” idea of “our” country—not yours or mine. Mr. Deep-Steady State is really defending the political elites keeping their Washington Swamp to themselves in your name…

Gain FULL ACCESS to all 13 articles with a $5.00 to $10.00, put Tsunami October 2018 Donation. I will send a PDF attachment attached to the email address you used at PayPal.

DATELINE: 30 September 2018

Syrian Civil War Showdown in Idlib put on Hold as is the US-encouraged and Ultimate False-Flagged Chemical Weapons Attack that would have sent US Missiles flying into Syria possibly starting a Third World War

Something terrible has happened—terrible for those in the US perpetual war market. Peace! A halt of an imminent final battle in the Syrian Civil War.

Oh no! Say it isn’t so! American missiles may not be flying on fake news of a false flagged chemical weapons attack that some sources contend had already staged and filmed it using al-Qaeda’s ER units, the White Helmets. I’m checking further rumors that the terrorists had pressed orphans in service as victims.

Now with a halt to the offensive, how are the producers of this outrage murdering children going to make credible the tapes they’d once again send to news outlets as proof of Syrian regime attacks? With no fighting, how can they make Trump all teary eyed and mad once again, mindless of skepticism, acting then on impulse, launching hundreds of tomahawk missiles at the Syrian Government?

Millions of people may not find themselves human shield sacrifices of al-Qaeda militiamen terrorizing that occupied Syrian province. It is Islamic terror’s final last toe-hold in Syria. Their journey to the end of this road to ass-ending 99 virgins in paradise began in the fall of October 2015 when the Syrian government asked its ally, the Russian Federation to provide it military assistance. The tide in the devastating Syrian Civil War thus started turning from years of token US bombing of al-Qaeda and ISIS occupied Syrian territories.

The Russians don’t usually start wars, but they do end them, swiftly, decisively. Five years of bloody stalemate ended in two more years of Russian attacks that had al-Qaeda rebel factions and ISIS reeling. ISIS forces were all but destroyed by the summer of 2017 and by the spring of 2018 the Russo-Syrian offensives had flushed out an equally sizable army of US-backed terrorist militias belonging to al-Qaeda affiliates pushing the vermin out of their enclaves in the south and eastern suburbs of Damascus. The Syrian government got them to agree to truces in the long siege of Aleppo and eastern Damascus suburbs. The terrorists agreed to have the Syrian government and UN aid groups drive them and their families to evacuate the liberated areas. They gather now in the northwestern Syrian province of Idlib, stretched along the Syrian-Turkish border. It is their last, rebel held province in western Syria. ISIS and its Islamic State is all but destroyed. Now al-Qaeda runs its own Islamic State in Idlib, under a brutal rule. The final offensive set for September would have been every bit as devastating and bloody as those that took back ISIS held territory.

But then the impossible happened.

Especially with the stars of war so predictably favorable. The Syrian Army offensive to liberate Idlib will not take place for now. The Russian Air Force will not drop bombs. The Russian Navy will sheath its cruise missiles and Russian special forces will stand down for now. Turkey, with its forces gathering in the northern frontiers of Idlib will not venture into it trying to defend those Turkic militias of Jihad it calls more moderate while fighting the al-Qaeda militias most extreme.

The Turkish Army will for now not find itself in a fog of war most nebulous and violent in the potential crossfire between terrorists it likes and hates. There will for now be no clash of warring vassals of Russia and America on Syrian land, airspace or Syrian waters—a development that the prophecies of Nostradamus indicate is the catalyst for a great world war by the Brothers of the North, who are Eagle Kings and who are also not yet brothers (Russia and America).

As of 17 September 2018 an agreement was forged after days of intense negotiation hosted by Vladimir Putin in Sochi, Russia, with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey. They have agreed to establish a “demilitarized zone” between militants and government troops in Syria’s Idlib. Terrorist factions are to move out of that 15-to 20-mile buffer zone by 15 October. Turkish and Russian military forces will then police the zone.

For now, they have averted war.

What a calamity!! Peace has a slim chance at last.

I can almost hear the body of “Bomb-Bomb Iran” Senator John McCain six feet under Arizona soils rolling in its coffin. Once again, in ways you’d never hear about in the US mainstream media, the Russian ogre, the Dobbie-faced elf of Russian evil, the man that puts the “scape” in every American when getting their “goat.” Americans, especially in the corporately manipulated media, are obsessed about blaming Russians for everything that goes wrong in America. It’s like what Germans and their government in the 1930s used to do, blaming a Jew conspiracy responsible for all German faults and problems before gassing them.

Dobbie came to the rescue!

Russian President Vladimir Putin has once again worked to resolve problems, to negotiate, to find common ground in disputes, to TALK to potential adversaries and has saved hundreds of thousands of lives. Some of you inside the US media bubble might be shocked to know that President Putin has put a lot more of his time and intelligent diplomacy into ending conflicts rather than spreading them. He brought an armistice and tried to find a political rather than military solution to the Ukrainian civil war in the Minsk I and II agreements. He negotiated a complete destruction of the Syrian Government’s chemical weapons arsenal in 2013, averting a full-scale US airstrike and war. He has tried to work with President Trump twice now to end the cold war President Obama started with Russia, both failing because of powerful war profiteering interests in Washington boxing Trump in, like Mr. Steady and Deep State Anonymous. Two years back Turkey and Russia were about to start a shooting war over Syria, now they have made a 180-degree change in relations and with Erdogan’s help, Turkey and Russia will try to do what the UN has failed to do, turn their soldiers into peacekeeping forces in Idlib.

Perhaps Putin has even saved the world, for now at least from giving cause to US warmongers to use a false-flagged, staged chemical weapons attack by their new allies, al-Qaeda terrorists, on civilians in Idlib Province as a pretext for the largest unsubstantiated, retaliatory missile attack by US arms yet launched…

Gain FULL ACCESS to all 13 articles with a $5.00 to $10.00, put Tsunami October 2018 Donation. I will send a PDF attachment attached to the email address you used at PayPal.

DATELINE: 30 September 2018

Yemen Update: CNN declares there is a military industrial complex and US weapons are responsible for the humanitarian catastrophe of Yemen, therefore it is now officially true (Face-Plant!). On the other hand MSNBC is more interested in Bimbo-Gate

Since my first Yemen Report, what I presaged has happen. The report broadcasted in early July of life inside the Yemeni Houthi region of Northern Yemen by PBS, the least watched network old-school news hour, caused a stir, a glimmer, of a little bit of interest in what’s going on in Yemen

We might call it the start of a new 12 months of improved network reporting on Yemen. Nothing but improvement over the last 12 months of Yemen coverage. On the 8/20/18 episode of Watching the Hawks, I saw them present the Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting Study that found that in the last 12 months of MSNBC coverage there was ZERO  mention or stories on this genocidal war that US manufactured arms sold to the Saudis is waging, also with US special forces on the ground directing fire and US Air Force tankers fueling bomb runs that have killed thousands of the civilians in a total of an estimated 300,000 Yemenis killed so far.

But MSNBC is on porn star bimbo watch instead of crimes against humanity watch in Yemen. Where the Yemen holocaust gains 0 reports, Stormy Daniels playing high-class hooker, boning pre-President Trump, who then was paid hush money, got 455 segments on MSNBC in the same period.

In this, MSNBC is even more exclusive, and I mean that not in a good way, but as good as FOX news on the tribal-right media excluding any mention or coverage proving Planetary Climate change might not be a hoax of Chinese bankers and industries trying to impoverish the US and Western economies into cleaning the air and cooling the overheating atmosphere. No, that’s not a priority, a development in climate change that could turn the atmosphere of earth into one, huge human gassed holocaust should not get one millisecond of coverage any more than a US-supported and armed genocide of the Yemeni Houthis could, in a year’s time. We’re talking about a big story ignored. Perhaps in a year a story bigger than the Jewish/Gypsy Holocaust of World War Two. If humanitarian aid doesn’t get to the Houthi civilians in the coming year, twice as many innocent civilians might die there than all the people the Nazi’s exterminated in the Holocaust. A genocide not of 6 million Jews but 12 million Yemenis.

Who wants to talk about Nazi storm trooper behavior when we’ve got Stormy Daniels storming the ratings?

At least here at HogueProphecy you’ll continue to find out what the mainstream US media’s corporate and military industrial sponsors do not want you to know because they want no anti-war or peace movement pressuring their paid politicians in Washington.

They need you stupid. I want you informed and empowered.

DATELINE: 30 September 2018

Mt. Pinatubo’s eruption in the Philippines in the early 1990s gives one an idea what the Yellowstone eruption could initially look like. Source USGS.

Mt. Pinatubo’s eruption in the Philippines in the early 1990s gives one an idea what the Yellowstone eruption could initially look like. Source USGS.

Great American Eclipse Quake Update: The Grand Teton Crack-Down

This is a story that got pushed back because of other issues but I’ll report on it here. It concerns a wave of Internet hysteria about a 100-foot crack that appeared in granite over a popular waterfall trail in the Grand Teton National Park just south of Yellowstone National Park. People and many press outlets rushed to judgement that it presaged the awakening of the Yellowstone Supervolcano.

Back around 19 July news reports arose that it was a volcanic fissure. I first heard about it watching the News with Ed Schultz—sans the recently departed Ed Schultz—on RT America. What I like about this report by Manila Chan is that unlike all the wave of hysteria that spread from social media about this being the first crack of doom before the Yellowstone Supervolcano erupts, the real eruption was on all the goofy, hair on fire news shows on YouTube, Face(Plant) and other social media outlets. Even Jim Cantore of the Weather Channel ignorantly posted a faked photo attributed to this crack being some potential supervolcanic event.

Now I’ll say this, after vetting RT and RT America for five years and counting, their report relied on a balance of hypothetical possibilities what “could” happen if the supervolcano “did” erupt, but they were careful to explain that the closure of parts of the Grand Teton National Park were for safety’s sake. Just a precaution to see exactly what the 100-foot crack was. Manila Chan and the anchor Holland Cooke were also taking pains to remind everyone that the crack could be a simple fissure in the granite caused by natural uplift and not have anything to do with the volcano waking up. Moreover, only “parts of the Grand Teton National Park” had been closed, not the whole park as many social media outlets were screaming in upper case.

And, RT America consistently does with this story what it does over the last five years I’ve watched and checked their stories—something the networks, plus CNN, MSNBC and FOX news do very little at all anymore. They named and quoted their source of the closure of the park. David Vela, Superintendent of Grand Teton National Park. He explained the closure of the area around the crack saying, “Human safety is our number one priority, and with an abundance of caution we are temporarily closing this area until we can properly assess the situation.

Note also that the RT America capture under the YouTube window stated in italics what in the end turned out to be the case: It is unlikely that the crack signals an impending eruption, but it could split further, causing rockslides and endangering the crowds of tourists who flock to the area during the summer.

Of course I was interested in this story because of the book I wrote a year before about the Great American Eclipse that passed over the lower 48 states on 21 August and because the Teton crack was exactly underneath the shadow of totality, I definitely kept my eye on seismic developments—if there were any. What I also did for my readers’ sake as a responsible social media prophecy/news trending website is remain silent until I had evidence of exactly what this crack is.

I do not keep up with the Jones, especially the Alex Jones of Internet Gonzo-Wacko news outlets by jumping on stories and jumping to conclusions to enjoy a jump in clicks and access to eyeballs for Hogueprophecy.com.

I promise you that if “anything” relates to my theory in that book that seismic activity seems to increase in the five years following a great eclipse like that crossing America on 21 August, I will not make a statement that alarms my readers and followers on other social media outlets unless I have solid, journalistically professional verification that something’s moving under the earth and coastlines of America that were underneath that eclipse’s complete shadow.

So far so good. There’s been very little seismic activity in those overshadowed high-seismic zones of the Cascadia Subduction Zone, the Yellowstone Supervolcano, the New Madrid Fault in Missouri or the one quake hot spot on the US East Coast covering most of South Carolina.

I’d be very happy to be proven wrong about any major natural quake or tsunami disasters coming between now and 2022.

I only filed one report about a quake swarm just west of the Tetons and Yellowstone in Eastern Idaho back in October.

So, some good news. No news since October of last year of any quaking significance needing your attention.

DATELINE: 30 September 2018

Source: John P. Anderson

Source: John P. Anderson

Banning Alex Jones and Info Wars from YouTube and the coming Uncensorable Underground Meditation Revolution

Twitter’s twitter-pated, twittering thought police watching every move in 140 characters for political correctness have joined the other major privatizing public platforms online, like Google and Mace(book) and others who organized a mass banning of Info Wars’ Alex Jones. I’ve been a staunch and sometimes brutal critic of Alex Jones as the following articles at HogueProphecy attest: Alex Jones False Flagging and Alex Jones Showing his Freudian Slip. Yet I defend Alex Jones’ right to broadcast Info Wars without any censorship.

My view of free speech and its censorship is basically this:

No censorship by any group, by any community, by any social platform public or privately owned. I would grant the right of censorship and complete responsibility to do so, only to the individual user of all media possibilities. If you don’t want to see something, don’t watch it or give it your time or energy. The same goes with parents protecting their children until they are adults. It cannot be the state’s responsibility, or the media or Facebook-type platforms, etc., to think for you, or decide what’s right or wrong for you. The adult citizen of a free society needs to stop being treated like a child by such organizations. In short, grow up and be responsible for what you filter or don’t filter at all through your consciousness.

This is true freedom and it is not licentiousness as most people think and act. When you are no longer a slave of others you then have the responsibility to be disciplined and stand alone on a solid foundation of individual intelligence. You don’t have imaginary friends in heaven anymore that promise to protect you from yourselves. At every stage that you take up more freedom in your life you also must take up an equal increase of response “ability” to be free at higher and higher levels of consciousness.

If you are now free to censor and filter what the wide-open world wants to share, you now must find the discipline to be response able to find a very fine balance between blocking things you don’t want to see but not at the cost of isolating yourself from things YOU NEED to see for your growth and maturing as a completely free and “response” able human being.

I’m not speaking theory here. This is how I live my life, equally free “and” responsible for being open or shutting out what the wide world sends my way. Success or failure in this life, therefore, is no one’s accomplishment or fault but my own.

I am “aloneness” in my freedom, like a soaring eagle with a whole inward and outer sky to fly in.

Politically speaking, I am not right wing or left wing. Meditation makes me a “free” wing and that freedom is anchored in a deepening and realizing awareness that witnesses the world, mindful of the mind’s programmed filters to warp what is seen to fit dogmas, agendas, and also national and religious identities. Meditation is freedom from the mind and the many ways the human being has been wrongly taught by their societies from the most ancient to the current to pervert mind from its natural role as a servant of the eternal consciousness temporarily using the mind and the body in this temporary passage through an incarnation on this Planet Earth.

So with this witness of the mind “in mind” I contend that my view of personal responsibility to filter and censor needs a meditative, witnessing science of self-observation fully engaged every moment, waking or sleeping, idle or active in your life. This understanding I’ve foreseen will be embraced by a better humanity coming. They will understand as I’m now beginning to understand that the psycho-biological thing we call “mind” makes the most terrible tyrant, yet when used properly it can be your best friend and perfect servant of you visiting consciousness on this world.

People on the progressive left or the gay communities can wave a rainbow flag, I live the rainbow perception beyond all idio-tribal faction’s idiot-identity politics, and idio-identification with genders.

Calling all states of identification the acts of an idiot is not a slam.

If you are offended then you have “censored” unconsciously an understanding of what the word “Idiot” actually means, and it means you, and me in a state of being “identified” with an society imposed ego, mind, set of emotions, and set of religious dogmas, theist or atheist (doesn’t’ matter, same idiocy).

To be an idiot it to censor yourself from your true reality—a reality that is cosmic, blissful, eternal. It is never born, nor does it die. It is free of mind and time; therefore it never arrives and is never late. It is right here and now

It is only an allusion, this being separate from this whole, endless pure love and bliss, this pure awareness. It is alone yet with all its appearing and disappearing waves of appearance—alone together as “not two.”

To see things as separate is to be an idiot. And there, my friends, is where we are until the next moment of awareness illuminates that we are “not” separation “et all.”

From this position I can agree with many right-leaning information sources online like Info Wars or more measured Conservative commentators like Steve Malzberg when they say what is indeed true. Billionaire oligarchs of Silicon Valley have decided to think for your and protect you like their slaves, yet they are equally slaves to their unconscious reality filters. The Bill Gates and Steve Bezoses, the Mark Zuckerbergs of the world suck at being public censors as much as we would if money and technology we owned had made us very powerful and with that power being a lamplight into our psyches, it could, if these men were any more aware than we are, expose the corruption of Ego that would abuse that power.

Lord Acton in my experience is absolutely wrong.

Power does not corrupt. Absolute power does not corrupt absolutely. Power is neutral, the temptation to misuse it is a dormant potential of a human ego, a personality, an “Idiot”-separate mindset that power can awaken.

That is why the use of power absolutely requires a freedom balanced by meditative responsibility. It needs an awakening of consciousness to be master of the mind, not its slave. Whether it is Steve Bezos, the richest man in the world, or the poorest, the same dormant potential to be unconscious of one’s motivations that abuse the neutral force that is Power…

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DATELINE: 30 September 2018

480px-Biohazard_symbol-SRC-FreeA Brief Report on the Skripal Poisoning and new lows in British Prime Minister May’s Great and Definite MAYBES

Had this comment from a Facebook friend that warranted a brief update furthering my investigation into this important case of whether the Russian government actually poisoned Serge and Yulia Skripal or it was a Russian Mafia hit no one in the mainstream media wants to entertain, because to do so would take another erroneous support for missile strikes on Russians and Syrians that could start World War III.


I mentioned Skripal Novichok poisoning way back in March, Now further two poisoning of two British citizens Charlie Rowley and Dawn Surgess, unfortunately Miss Surgess died from this, Now we have two Russian suspects from their intelligence responsible, Theresa May going crazy in parliament saying all Russia fault let’s apply more sanctions again.

Hi Stephen, it is an important story and back in March I exposed a lot of the British Prime Minister’s spurious case. Often it happens that I have to park some stories because of the need to write copiously about other events in our busy times. Here’s an update for you all.

Oooh, lookie here, two men from Russia, who British intelligence in their “intelligence” proclaims must be falsely named with false passports. There these two fellows are, caught a half dozen of Britain’s thousands of CCTV cameras. The land of George Orwell, author of 1984’s birth certainly has Big Brother watching everyone in one of the most surveilled populations on the planet. These two guys are declared the poisoners but here we go again with one agency not in step with their Prime Minister’s ever assured rush to breathless and outraged judgment on the floor of the House of Commons. PM Theresa May calls them Russian agents the same moment her own security heads at Scotland Yard are asking for anyone to identify these people using false passports.

Like all the steps before May is flummoxing on the floor of the House of Commons, putting words into her own experts’ mouths from Porton Downs poison test labs all the way up the police commander ladder to Scotland Yard and the highest officials of British homeland security.

She is one desperate and sick politician, about to lose her PM job in the coming few months if not sooner. I predict she’ll also be losing her post as head of the Conservative Party to Boris (the Bozo Clown) Johnson. Where did they get this poor, sloppy, portly, Trump-like impersonator?

She says there’s no other leads to other possibilities other than the Russian government ordering these two to poison Sergei Skripal. There’s just one problem. The two Russians back home can’t get any peace and went on television to present themselves and prove they were the Russian men named and that their passports weren’t false. They looked a bit pensive and nervously sweating. They didn’t want to tell the head of RT interviewing them details about their profession, even though she pressed them about it. They said they were not agents of the GRU but worked in the health and exercise industry. They were holding something back, but it could be the fact that they are very private guys, possibly in a gay relationship. That doesn’t go down well in the anti-Gay atmosphere of Putin’s Russia.

But here’s the thing that doesn’t match. Five CCTV cameras caught these guys in Salisbury the day of the poisoning. And yes, as stated in the interview these guys were sightseeing Salisbury’s famous cathedral. The nice thing about CCTV cameras are their time stamping capabilities. The times do not match these men being in Salisbury there and back to London again, when Yulia and Sergei Skripal left their home for a drive out of Salisbury around 9:00 AM. That means, if they did manage to put Novichok gel on the doorknob, the Skripals were already gone, driven away and would not return to Salisbury until around 4 in the afternoon where they ate and hung out in the downtown area, getting sick there and never getting back home to touch that Novichok drenched door knob.

There’s a chance that Theresa May, may be soon switched out of PM leadership by her own party before there’s a call to election.

Anyway, what she says about the two Russian men is beyond dumb.

Some facts she botches to consider:

1.) Novichok stocks are possessed by around 30 countries and the Russian Mafia, so just pinning it on the Russian government is at best sloppy and certainly irresponsible, given the gravity of economic sanctions hurled at the Russians and British missiles joining American fired at Syria in part as a punishment.

2.) I’m putting together an article that will present sources to you that implicate Sergei Skripal as still playing spy, not against the Russian government but working with British MI5 intelligence to track down and expose the rather large Russian mafia footprint in the United Kingdom. The Cronenberg movie with Viggo Mortensen called “Eastern Promises” is more than fiction. Russian mob bosses use Britain as their main access port to global smuggling rings and crime networks that bedevil people in Russia as much as in Britain and around the world.

3.) Skripal may have snooped around too much and upset some Mafia bosses in the UK and they may have tried to poison him and pin it on the Putin government with their own hit men. Possibly not the health industry Russian tourist bromance couple of guys.

4.) There is nothing but a spurious accusation that these two men on CCTV cameras using false names and passports have anything to do with Russian intelligence or for that matter, the mob. Moreover, given the hundreds of thousands of security cameras across Britain, I’m thinking there must be many more shots of these guys that aren’t being shown because it doesn’t fit the set-up of May and the British government but supports them as two tourists from Russia.

5.) PM May and her cronies using constantly terms like “highly likely” or “very clear possibility” and other types of inane phrases is them covering their big British “arses” to sound like they have absolute proof, even when she uses the oxymoronic statement “we have absolute assurances.” An assurance is not “absolute” because an assurance is used to strengthen faith, not present fact.

6.) I know one place that has Novichok in Britain and it is at the poison labs of Porton Downs, a place continuously close to the known use of Novichok around the Salisbury area in the two poisonings so far recording. Word of a third poisoning is rumored. More on that later.

Why aren’t the mainstream press finding that coincidence a little strange?

What if this is not even Russian mafia hits going on but a set up by the British intelligence?

The lack of solid evidence, the constant barrage of assurances that it exists but no evidence clearly named, corroborated or double checked. Why is British intelligence not asking their Russian counterparts for help finding who did this on one hand, but publicly declaring on the other that the Russians aren’t helping, which is BS.

The Russian government on Sunday invited British intelligence to come to Russia and interrogate the two men on the CCTV cameras, look at their passports, etc. Britain’s answer: cricket noises—and I don’t mean the googly kind—just silence in response.

Russian officials have been asking to see the evidence from the first hours of the Skripal poisoning to the present, six months later.

Why this steady prevarication and coyness of British intelligence?

They seem to be working to prevent REAL evidence from being shown. Perhaps they don’t have any, or worse, perhaps they’re the criminals poisoning the Skripals?

8.) And with the above questions tendered, here’s what I call Theresa Prime Minister May’s stance, that Putin poisoned the Skripals. I call it here great big DEFINITE MAYBE!

The propaganda of speaking in Definite Maybes fits with May’s need to pin it on Putin, so we now have a new version of the Middle Eastern term, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” in her idiotic Quixotic motive, which I will rephrase as, “The Idiot motive of my Idiot Russian mafia enemies is Theresa May’s strange bed-fellowed friend.”

DATELINE: 30 September 2018

Trade War is On: Trump brings on the Pain Will he “Gain”? Plus my cautionary prediction to All Democrats for the upcoming Midterms: beware getting what you wish for in 2018 and what it could do to your party by 2020

I’m going to do a bit of time-and-mind bending. Back on 6 July 2018 Trump’s world war on Trade started with an offensive on Chinese imports. Nearly three months before that and over four months before today, I filed a HogueProphecy article on 16 April 2018 that made the following forecasts. In that article, entitled The Outcome of the Trump Trade War with China Foreseen in October 2015, 2 Years and Five months before it started, I declared:


I composed Trump for President: Astrological Predictions in October and published it in December 2015. It not only expected the potential upset victory of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton over 10 months before the US Presidential Elections, the final third of this book presented a detailed look into what a Trump Presidency would potentially be like. In my chapter about his foreign policies moves, I foresaw Trump becoming that very odd politician who does what he promises while campaigning—for better “and” worse.

Click on the cover. My first Trump book documented Trump's alternative future victory over a year before it happened. glimpse into his presidency from the most fair and balanced forecast book on Trump.

Click on this link. My first Trump book documented Trump’s alternative future victory over a year before it happened. glimpse into his presidency from the most fair and balanced forecast book on Trump.

The bestselling author of The Art of the Deal intended to shake things up with the China-US trade deficit. In his first Chinese negotiation move I foresaw him threatening big tariffs and demanding moon from Beijing for affect. Bluff would be met by bluff. Then you temper demands and make a deal that’s really possible, and what you really want.

It is shocking to see how spot-on much of the following observations and predictions have become from far off October 2015 when illuminating what Trump has initially unleashed on the Chinese. I say then as now; this potentially boldest gamble might make or break Trump.

His ideas about trade with China and other arenas are straightforward and clear from long experience since Trump’s financial recovery from near bankruptcy in the early 1990s witnessed in the ensuing decades his businesses, hotels and development holdings go international, spreading beyond New York, America, and expanding overseas. He will be the strictly businessman’s president due to his twenty years and counting as a seasoned negotiator with European, Indian, Russian, Australian and East Asian governments.

Click on this link and read my second book about Trump written in April 2017 that reads like it was written today about Syria and North Korean flashpoints possibly causing a nuclear weapons crisis and a peace breakthrough, long before the latter happened.

Click on this link and read my second book about Trump written in April 2017 that reads like it was written today about Syria and North Korean flashpoints possibly causing a nuclear weapons crisis and a peace breakthrough, long before the latter happened.

If there is a war with China after he’s in office from 2017 through 2019, don’t expect any shooting. It won’t be military in nature. A Trump Administration will threaten to wage the kind of war previous administrations didn’t have the audacity or spine to risk: a full-scale trade war with China.

“Here’s the solution,” wrote Trump, “Get tough. Slap a 25-percent tax on China’s products if they don’t set a real market value on their currency. End of story. You think the Chinese wouldn’t respond constructively? No businessman I know would turn their back on the US market—and the Chinese wouldn’t either. But it would help close the outrageous trade deficit driven by China’s cheating.” (Time to Get Tough Making America #1 Again)

Trump for President: Astrological Predictions
Chapter 11: President Trump’s
Foreign and Alien Policies

The next passage proves my Oracle rightly foresaw Trump playing crazy US President for effect just like a former president he karmically echoes. China might be matching escalating bluff for bluff now, but as this goes to the brink, can Trump play them right to the edge as the Kim Jong-Un of Trade Wars?

When do you call a bluff something “more”?

Much is risked in war. Some wars may be right to fight in the next presidential cycle, even if they threaten to stalemate a faltering economy sliding the US back into the Great Recession. World leaders would be terrified of just what a President Trump might do and I know, because I’ve read him. Reagan, whom he karmically echoes, was also thought a little crazy. That shadowy potential for “kook-ing” up something hot with potential danger actually worked in Reagan’s favor. America’s adversaries, like the Soviets, were more geopolitically cautious, and except for one insane thing Reagan said that almost started World War III…playing the crazy worked to Reagan’s advantage most of the time. Nixon also played unpredictably crazy with the North Vietnamese. He even directed Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to confide his rehearsed misgivings with Lee Duc Tho, that Nixon was losing it and might use atomic bombs on North Vietnam if the peace talks failed.

Click on this cover image and read more about my third and most climactic book on Trump, still under construction that will look at his future "beyond" the Midterm Elections of 2018. Get on the waiting list to receive a personal notice when it is published early in the New Year.

Click on this link and read more about my third and most climactic book on Trump, still under construction that will look at his future “beyond” the Midterm Elections of 2018. Get on the waiting list to receive a personal notice when it is published early in the New Year.

Likewise, no serious world leader should laugh off Trump’s manic-mantic threats to renegotiate all US trade deals as mere bluff. Maybe he’s crazy enough—crazy like a killer deal making, geopolitical fox—to really push his trade warfare threats to the brink where the world economy could fracture and fall into an even Greater Depression than the 1930s because his high stakes gamble, if unsuccessful, sets up the same negative consequences. Economic battle lines drawn by tariffs and protectionism are what widened the financial abyss of the Great Depression of the 1930s. That climate nourished the rise of totalitarian regimes and ultimately set humanity on an economic path to the Second World War. Fear of the unknown Trump, fear of this repetition of history leading to a Third World War is either powerfully insane or persuasive leverage. If one must err, do so on the side that believes he means it.

…Trump knows from long experience as a private businessman doing successful deals with China, Japan and South Korea that oriental governments are commerce oriented. Oriental cultures respect strength as much as they exploit weakness in a competitor. It’s a tangible testament of Chinese respect for Trump that the communist government controlling its banks permitted the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China to pick Trump Tower as its base of operations in the financial capital of the world.

Trump will be the new Nixon in Beijing’s eyes. No friend to their ideology or cheats. No need to be an enemy, either. Someone tough, practical, able to balance and measure demands with counter demands—give with take. In the Art of the Deal, Trump mused, “Deals work best when each side gets something it wants from the other.”

I foresee great success in the Asian arena of foreign policy for President Trump. Not only will he renegotiate fairer trade deals with South Korea and Japan, he’ll erase many economically systemic woes growing between China and America that timid presidents with either mediocre business experience (G.W. Bush) or no business qualifications at all (Obama), have only worsened to the point of a potential shooting war with China in the near future. That is, if they are not resolved peacefully through a business-oriented foreign policy demanding and receiving mutual respect, while dealing from a position of strength.

Trump for President: Astrological Predictions
Chapter 11: President Trump’s
Foreign and Alien Policies


I would say at this time just on the eve of China answering Trump’s anticipated $200 billion-dollar tariff hit on Chinese products, with China hinting they won’t come to negotiate a deal, that I sense signs that Trump’s tariff-to-tariff face-to-face-offs primarily with China is exactly taking this beyond the edge as I foresaw he would do. He’ll start a full-scale trade war with China and let people feel the pain. I don’t think he’s at all caught off guard that the Chinese answered tit for tat his tariff declarations in the hundreds of billions. His deficit pain is countered by equal deficit pain. It’s like two wrestlers in the first move, a stalemate in a test of strength.

Given the accuracy of things I said long ago in print about him, I believe I get Trump’s trade war game here. It had to go to war. It had to bring on the pain. The question is, how far and how deep the burn of pain will go in this wrestler’s grapple before it leaves lingering scars on the Chinese and US economies?

I am seeing actual hints in the maneuvers of Trump and Beijing of something I only foresaw back in 2015. Trump knows he will not get all that he wants from China, but he will get an improvement on the trade deficit difference with Beijing. A new bilateral agreement will be made and the trade war with China and America will step back from the economic brink with the US getting China to value its currencies by 20 percent as I predicted in 2015.

I also presage this working with present-day and positive signs of a deal being struck with Mexico in our near future. Trump is going to win that one too, for now.

Trump, as unorthodox and unpredictable as he can be using that powerful Leo Ascendant outreach meant what he said: NATFA is secondary to forging new, bilateral agreements with Mexico and Canada. Call it NAFTA if you like, but it is bilateral economics ala Trump. The only thing that could foul his achievement would be a Midterm sweep of both houses of Congress by the Democrats.

I look at the astrology and I don’t see that much Democrat gain.

The Democratic Party leadership’s message is what they are against anything Trump does. A bad message that won’t get the country behind them enough, I foresee. It’s negative politics with no hook of hope. No sunshine alternative to fill the negative and destructive void they promote.

If they do win one or both houses back it will be by slim margins.

I hope for their sake that’s what happens.

If the Democrats win the House and Senate handily what they do in the next two years could completely destroy the party and nearly destroy the US government with hysteria-driven witch hunts and purges being their party policy.

You kick out Trump and you get another Gemini Sun Sign in Pence replacing him. You get the same Sun-Neptune square between Pence and the US populace, the sign of both sides being lost in myths, and delusions about the other.

What the Democrats will place in the Oval Office is a Christian fundamentalist fanatic. ISIS? Meet “ChriSTIS”—an evangelical move to radicalize and politicize the land that the Bible may have built but also the land that separated Church from State in its wisdom. A Pence presidency would bring back the Moral Majority era on steroids and if you Democrats throw Trump out of office, it will be on your hysterically driven, short-sighted, politically ignorant heads.

The hysteria of the Russian Hacks the Stormy Daniels, the faked dossier, and so many other Democrat-dementocratic hysterical weapons used to resist, stifle and destroy Trump’s presidency is not as popular with the voters as the ratings-plummeting resistance mouthpieces, CNN or MSNBC, imagine.

People are getting weary of the Russian hack story with nary a mythical Unicorn’s poke of solid evidence felt. That may breed a surprisingly disappointing night on 8 November Midterm Election Day.

If not, then it will grant the Unicorn hunters for conspiracies and enemies of the state perhaps just enough power to take over congressional committees and go after alternative media and place the nation under two-years of a Reign of Dementorcratic Terror like no one’s seen since Senator Joe McCarthy and McCarthyism of the early 1950s repeats itself in 2019-2020 as a McHillary-Clintonism Terror.

In the French Revolution, Robespierre tried to purge his enemies with a reign of terror. He was the last man sliced by the guillotine. The same could happen to a party of people that start this oncoming potential terror if they win enough power in the Midterms. It could destroy the Democratic Party by 2020.

UPDATE 01 October 2018:
Trump has announced a breakthrough trade agreement just as we’re going to press that, if ratified by Mexico, Canada and US Congress early next year, will end NAFTA with a new trilateral trade deal between these countries. Critics say the changes replacing NAFTA are next to nothing, and that it won’t recoup the $11 trillion dollars of trade deficits suffered by the US since NAFTA was passed in the mid-1990s. However supporters say it is a good start to eventually expand better trade deals among the North American signatories. I have said and will say again, from a prophetic angle that it is a sign of Trump’s successful pattern to come of closing trade deals with other nations, largest of these being China, perhaps as soon as next year. He threatens big and demands bigger as an initial hostile negotiating move. Yet as I stated in books like Trump for President: Astrological Predictions and Trump Strikes Syria and North Korea? this form of wheeling and dealing will find agreements because in the end, what he’s really seeking is a modest improvement in the trade deal deficit economically, and in North Korea’s case, his saber rattling ways would—indeed have—made him the only president since 1950 coming this close to officially ending the Korean conflict and bringing peace to the Peninsula. We will yet see if he’s successful about the latter issue.

DATELINE: 30 September 2018

Source: Euguene Source: Euguene Pivovarov.

Source: Euguene Pivovarov.

Hogue’s “Thumbs Down” Review of History Channel’s The Last Pope? Documentary: PART ONE

I filmed my spot for History Channel’s documentary The Last Pope? Back in October 2017. It premiered on 12 August 2018. I have to give a big “thumbs down” because of what the production company hired by History Channel did to my interview. It was something that has never happened to me in 34 years of working with the world’s media. I contend that quotes of mine where used out of context that supported an interpretation I never gave, as the raw footage of my interview will prove. The production fabricated an interpretation given my indirect and false endorsement that could get somebody killed; namely, the sitting Pope Francis.

In this strange field, I am often surrounded on these shows mostly by people I have no respect for as prophetic interpreters. Nor do I have any creative control as to what fantasies they finally foment in the final editorial cut. However, when my own words and image on camera are edited to make it seem I agree with a production company’s pet theory about the future—when I clearly did not—that makes it necessary to call them out on it, not only for the sake of the truth being denied you, but also to publicly tell a truth to potentially save another human being’s life. I do not want any mentally deranged individual to think I tacitly supported or endorsed the fulfillment of shooting a pope.

I try my best to bring honesty and accuracy into these television shows. There are already a few hundred attempts, filmed in four continents since I started in 1987. Each time I appear in them I hope for the best and expect the worst outcome once it leaves the editor’s cutting room floor. I see my thoughtful interviews cut into bits of soundbites that diminish my statements in the dumbing-down mill that is cable television’s dogma. In general they think you viewers are stupid and perhaps after 30 years of efforts to dumb down these shows for their audience, perhaps they are achieving a self-fulfilled prophecy. I would not call you stupid, but I would say television’s denial of full-nutrient ideas can only stunt your level of being fully informed. The mind, like the body, can be starved.

I’ve fought this mindset of cable news suits in network offices to starve your minds for three decades, and the result is, that as much as they dilute my statements and re-edit my hundreds of appearances, I content, that the essence and spirit of what I’ve tried to smuggle through this veil of mediocrity to you at large has usually been enough remains of the true goods to inspire many of you to look deeper into my work online or read my 47 books and counting. I know this from your letters and comments that most of you first experience me, my presence and ideas first hand on these television shows. If only a spark can survive the filtering out of my full lite in these appearances, it is enough.

At last, after a 34-year run, a good run considering what I’ve had to surmount, my statements in this most recent documentary crossed a credibility red line that no TV production company, contracted by the networks, has crossed before.

Certainly, the whizz-bang production qualities of The Last Pope? make it one of the most vivid shows I’ve been on; yet I know what you all never saw beyond the smoking smoke and CGI mirrors with sickening wavy silhouettes of people in stages of Catholic Apocalyptic distress, repeated again and again making a good image go stale to my eyes. Then there was a new low in respecting the audience’s intelligence and short-term memory. After every commercial break the points of the last segment were rehashed in detail, breaking the narrative flow and eating up precious time needlessly.

My words and visuals where diced into little fragments and placed in the service of present day, hysterical and tribal narratives based on magical thinking rather than fact that have more to do with the ratings sensation wars over today’s Russia that the prophecies of Fatima, a major theme in this documentary, in fact concern a Russia long gone, Soviet/communist Russia.

I do not support the program’s views about Russia or the “revealed” Third Secret of Fatima, released to the public in 1999 by then Cardinal Ratzinger and future pope Benedict XVI that was the basis of so much of the documentary’s second hour. In 1917, three Portuguese shepherd children, Lucia Santos and her cousins Jacinta and Francisco Marto, purportedly began witnessing an apparition of the Virgin Mary in Fatima, Portugal, on the 13th day of May. They were told to return and see her appear again hovering over a small bush in a field on every 13th day of subsequent until the final meeting that was witnessed by over 50,000 people on 13 October 1917.

The apparition gave the children three secrets, two of which were immediately related to the world by Lucia Santos, the only child who could hear the Virgin speak. The third she was instructed to keep secret. Lucia would later become a nun, learn to write and set down and seal the third secret in late 1930s. It was imperative, said Lucia, that this third secret MUST be unsealed no later than 1960, yet it remained hidden until Cardinal Ratzinger the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (another name for the Grand Inquisitor of the Church) under Pope John Paul II presented the purported letter to the world press in 2000.

In short, the first Secret showed the children Hell. The second explained Mary’s request to consecrate Russia to her immaculate heart because of some great evil that would come out of it and threaten the world. Less than a month later, Russia fell out of the nations of Christian believers becoming atheistic and communist after the Russian Revolution.

Lucia said that the First World War would end soon, but the other young ones would die the following year. Jacinta and Francisco did die from the Spanish Influenza in 1918 and the war did end on 11 November 1918.

Let me emphasize again, the Second Secret requested a pope consecrating Russia to Mary. If any future pope failed to do so, bringing back Russia to Christendom a greater war than the First World War would follow. Indeed, hints about what the third and sealed secret contained intimated that if it wasn’t unsealed and read to the world no later than 1960, an even greater apocalypse, caused by an unchastened Communist Russia could shortly thereafter overtake the world.

I explained on camera all these basic points, yet the final cut has me saying something else, manipulating my statements to weaken the emphasis of what I said. The surviving cut tries to direct what I said to stand for the current “Christian” Russian Federation and not Soviet-communist Russia of the past. The producer was trying to pass the evil of Communist Russia onto the current Russia, and talking about Russia fixing the 2016 elections, collusion with Trump—in other words the current rant of leftist-political tribalism of blue-democratic beliefs to match the red-Republican tribalism, to be fair, dividing the US. I feel what this production company did, hailing from the blue-state of Minnesota, was politicize these prophecies out of context according to their political views.

To do so, one must become willfully ignorant of what the Fatima Second Secret says. Atheist “Commie” Russia must be consecrated. It was consecrated to the Virgin Mary by John Paul II in 1984, along with all nations. Thus the apparition got its request fulfilled. Less than a decade later the godless Soviet hegemon imploded. Atheism was abolished in Russia and Christianity was restored as per her wish.

What does that mean?

Mary got her way and the danger of a “godless” Russia starting an apocalypse had passed.

Today’s Russia is not the purview of the Fatima prophecy.

It might surprise many of my readers who spend too much time believing the current propaganda of the mainstream press that the new Russia is not a regurgitation of the godless Soviet Union and that President Vladimir Putin IS NOT an atheist communist. He is a devout Russian Orthodox Christian. Russia is now a capitalist country, not socialist or communist.

The conversion of Soviet Russia returning to the Christian fold happened a quarter century ago.

At no point in my filmed interview did I tie in the current obsession with the Russian hacking scandal or the Skripal poisoning to the prophecies of Fatima related by Sister Lucia.

I have long contended that there is no factual substance, evidence or sources yet named to prove these Russophobic contentions running amok on the TV news ever since Trump won the presidential election in 2016. Yet here I see myself in the final cut made to infer that I support such prophetically erroneous projections of the producers of this show by them leaving out my important points of context.

The original film footage you didn’t see has me proposing a more positive potential for Russia in our future that apparently doesn’t feed the Russian scapegoat narrative overtaking this country like blaming all that was wrong with Germany in the 1930s on the Jews. That hysterical thinking led to a Second World War and Jews being burnt in ovens. This current hysterical thinking can lead to Russians “and” Americans being burnt in the “oven” of a thermonuclear war.

How will you viewers cope with this?

How will you gain any understanding if views like mine are not only cut out of these shows, but fragments of what I said are used to support an opposing view?

I fear for you all. You are entering a time when nothing that’s being told to you by the mainstream media is trustworthy. There’s already a World War III on fact going on. If lies and hearsay dominate all the media organs available to inform you, then World War III on fact will soon take you all into a World War III of nuclear exchanges, possibly destroying human civilization.

The war on human survival starts with undermining your understanding with falsehoods masquerading as fact. You then march on, guided by a string of false premises that lead you all to a final conflagration of nuclear war if this undermining of information continues.

The worst outrage of the final cut of The Last Pope? documentary cherry picks two out of six critical statements I made in the original footage denouncing the Third Secret of Fatima released by Cardinal Ratzinger as a fraud.

The two opening points were used to support it as true.

In my uncut interview, I used my six points to present FACTS that cast doubt on Ratzinger’s interpretation of what he presented. I even quoted the entire three pages presented of his Third Secret and took apart the spurious and suspicious parts line by line, on camera. In brief, the vision is that of a future suffering pope followed by his bishops, priests and lay believers climbing out of the flaming ruins of Rome up a hill to a large cross where evil soldiers are waiting to ambush them. The soldiers mow down the pope and the followers with bullets. Ratzinger contends that this was fulfilled by the assassination attempt by a lone assassin Ali Agcra in Vatican Square, wounding Pope John Paul on 13 May 1981, on the anniversary of the first appearance of the Virgin Mary at Fatima.

What I first said—and what survived the final cut—was my spirited contention that it couldn’t be about John Paul II because, 1.) he was the only person shot by one assassin and he didn’t die from it, and 2.) it happened in St. Peter’s Square with Rome undamaged and not on a hill with a huge cross and a gang of shooting soldiers.

That producers took those bits and ran with it, elaborating that this must mean the Fatima Prophecy released by Ratzinger at last for public viewing might actually be meant for the martyrdom of Pope Francis, the last pope on St. Malachy’s prophetic list unto doomsday.

What the producers DON’T show you are my other points stated immediately after the first two that further indicate it can’t be about John Paul II, BECAUSE IT IS A FRAUD.


I stated it on camera, but it was cut. Not only does John Paul survive being shot by only one man in an undestroyed Rome, not on a hill with a cross, not with other priests and lay people mowed down by soldiers that never showed up for the actual assassination attempt, but also because Sister Lucia’s two-page letter written from the 1930s has magically become THREE pages in the 2000 release!

Catholic prophecy watchers outside of the Vatican know that Sister Lucia did share with the world back in the 1950s the opening statement she wrote for the Third Secret.


Graphologists have also questioned whether Ratzinger’s note was in Sister Lucia’s handwriting.

That brings me to yet another important point not adequately addressed by the documentary but glossed over. Sister Lucia as I stated before had made it adamantly clear that this letter MUST be unsealed and presented to Pope and the world NO LATER THAN 1960.

This implies its potential fulfillment was at hand shortly after.

Pope John XXIII had the letter brought to him and unsealed for his reading in the late 1950s, a few years before the year Lucia must-read date of 1960. He is said to have had it resealed after reading.

The editors of this show then hop over the “why” 1960.

They did not include my footage questioning why the Third Secret’s release to the world was delayed 40 years!

Why was it suppressed?

Why did the Church postpone its release so late?

I answered that on camera: because it is possible the Fatima Prophecy was about the Cuban Missile Crisis happening just two years after 1960 as a potential Armageddon moment that President Kennedy and Pope John XXIII both worked to avoid.

One of those two Catholic world leaders knew what was in the Third Secret.

It’s an important albeit circumstantial lead to address in the show for your education and interest how the Third Secret’s prophecy about a nuclear war just after 1960 was averted by Kennedy and Pope John.

I told that story. But the show was edited in a way to point your attention away from my story. The production then used fragments of what I said out of context to build a story about a future assassination attempt on the current pope THAT I DO NOT ENDORSE!

I’m not against the producers having a contrary opinion from mine but I’ve never had my words used to magically refute my own opinion. I’d like to think it was just sloppy, inattentive editorial decisions and not a conscious act to falsely represent my endorsement.

I’m hopeful that some projects that are brewing in the future that I must keep at present confidential will at last change this worsening pattern. Otherwise those projects may very well become my last effort to be factually represented on cable television.

I’m already moving away from the “lame”streaming media. You’re seeing me appear more often on alternate media outlets. These actually SHARE with you all the wonderful and thought-provoking information that got left on the cutting room floor of documentary shows for the last 34 years.

Many of you who have watched me since the late 1987s were surprised and excited to see me speak unedited for two to three hours on shows like Leak Project with Max Bear on YouTube.

If “Jango” can be “unchained” so can Mr. Hogue in these venues. You will see me in real time, take the time to present the full facts and interpretations untailored, untrimmed by committee on cable TV.

In Part Two of this review, I am going to further expose, point by point, to my audience, what I DID NOT, support in this Last Pope documentary. I will also make an important illumination to a viewer that saw the show as great, what she, and any others among you who agree with her have been manipulated by the production to miss. This is really important. You need to know how television is screwing with your head and emotions to make you hysterical supporters rather than skeptical inquirers and critical thinkers. Please read Part Two and in so doing help sustain this work with your modest donation.

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DATELINE: 30 September 2018

Calls for Pope Francis to resign over Priestly Pedophilia-Gate and the Apostasy Prophecies of Yeshua—Falsely renamed by Imperial Rome to masquerade as the Leader of a Cult of “Christianity” as “Jesus Christ” Two-Millennia ago

The Catholic sect of Christianity, its largest, has a fundamentally different take on the Apocalyptic Prophecies of Christianity. The minority Protestant sects view the End Times as a final battle between the Antichrist of a more military nature, in the Middle East, on the Plains of Megiddo (AKA Armageddon). Although the Catholic view does not deny that potential, the final battle is not a primary focus but peripheral of the battle between good and evil behind closed doors and in dark halls of the Holy Church itself. Armageddon is a potential consequence of what is a crisis in faith, caused by an Apostacy of the Mother Church, i.e. the Vatican, can cause.

It is a trickle-down Apostacy, starting from the very highest levels of the priestly hierarchy, all the way to the pope himself.

Click on this link. Time for something funny. I mean, if you can't laugh at doomsday, what can you laugh at? Did you know that prophecy can be "funny"? Click on the cover and sample the stand up Prophecomedy.

Click on this link. Time for something funny. I mean, if you can’t laugh at doomsday, what can you laugh at? Did you know that prophecy can be “funny”? Click on the cover and sample the stand up Prophecomedy.

I have pointed out in detail in my book Everything you always wanted to know about 666 but were afraid to ask, the many references that indicate immediacy motivating St. John in his Book of Revelation pushing hard in his messages to the Churches that end times and a coming of the new age was not 2,000 years away but in their own lifetimes. There’s also a clear attempt by the author to make it very easy to decode who is a key, and quite contemporary, figure evil known as The Beast.

The most recognizable version of Revelation was probably written in 81-96 A.D. However, decoding the Beast would set the original manuscript penned by St. John around 54—68 AD because he is significantly mentioned as a key character. Revelation 13 gives up the clues on purpose saying the letters of his name are the numerical equivalent in Greek of 666. That means the Beast in “Neron Kaiser” (Nero Caesar). The visionary and symbolic language of Revelation may inspire futuristic visions of our tomorrow, but it equally could stand as a kind of apocalyptic poetry for St. John’s near future, foretelling something more symbolic happening because of the sack of Jerusalem and the complete destruction of the Holy Temple during Rome’s siege of Jerusalem in 69-70 A.D. The destruction of this temple certainly was implied by Jesus Christ himself on the Sermon on the Mount of Olives as a key opening factor in the crisis of faith at the dawn of a new age of Christ in their lifetime, as implied as well examine in more detail later.

Click on this link and explore in detail most of the material I presented for this documentary that got left on the cutting room floor.

Click on this link and explore in detail most of the material I presented for this documentary that got left on the cutting room floor.

With that said, the Catholic theological take on the future, focusing on a crisis in the faith and in the Holy (Catholic) Church’s priesthood and leadership sounds more contemporary for our time—what with all that was exposed in the scandals of the last Pope Benedict XVI’s reign forcing him to step down from the throne of St. Peter and be replaced by the current Pope Francis in 2013.

Such interpretations of end time theology might be drawn from a more direct source than St. John or his Book of Revelation. In his case, so St. John believes, he is speaking to an angelic spirit who is passing messages from Jesus Christ in heaven to him. Yet there is another witness, a purported eyewitness. The Apostles Matthew, Mark and John were present and set down their accounts in the New Testament recalling what Jesus Christ in the flesh told them and the other disciples about end times in the Mount of Olives sermon, what is also called “The Little Apocalypse” commentary of Jesus.

This is the closest record we get to Jesus making predictions not passed down and turned potentially into fantasies as third hand, fourth, fifth or five-hundredth hand-me-downs. Matthew, Mark and John got the lowdown second hand. The Apostle Luke was never present, writing his Gospel as an early Gentile convert around 90 AD. His account is at best passed down by witnesses fourth handedly. It became third hand after Matthew, Mark and John record the sayings by memory on paper. There are definitely variations in what they remember

(Well, we can all at least agree that nobody caught Jesus on their cellphone.)

It is the same St. John decades later, holed up under Roman arrest in a cave on the Island of Patmos, his version of the apocalypse is fourth-handed, as he’s not speaking to the physical Jesus anymore. Jesus (1) tells an angel (2) to spirit channel St. John (3) who then gathers his wits after the voice and visions from beyond to set it down with his all-too human memory (4).

As the spurious myths of Mary Magdalene being a prostitute might confess, there were a whole lot of “Johns” preaching and writing in the New Testament. There’s some doubt that this St. John of Revelation is the same St. John the Apostle. So vague and fragmented are the bits of remaining evidence that time hasn’t gobbled up and destroyed from two thousand years before

The world’s largest and most influential religion is founded on these meagre scraps and gospels passed down 2,000 years undergoing translations and copying, and perhaps a little altering too. Moreover, this is also the “Faith” that has put faith in “not” rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar’s by giving back the fake name the Roman Empire gave to their founder the purported Son of God, “Jesus Christ.” That Romanized name was unknown to him in life. He was called Yeshua while he walked the Earth and ministered.

To this day, Christians are so deeply programmed from the lowest to the highest papal believers that they cannot bring themselves to drop the bogus name given Yeshua and his movement by the Caesars of Rome. The creator of Christianity was not a Christian but the head honcho of Roman bureaucratic ways, Emperor Constantine (d. 337 AD). He organized their faith into a state religion by bureaucratically mixing it with the current state sanctioned pagan and monotheistic religion called Sol Invictus.

Just this fundamental lie, of a false-named Savior, should be enough to my mind to bring a crisis in faith as foreseen by the actual “Yeshua” when he warned his disciples about a religion of followers performing and praying “in his name” that he says he never knew as his people.

To me, as a man with a brain washed clean of the dirt of Sunday-school dogmatic programming, I see Yeshua hinting about the coming falsehood that is a false church built around his legacy. The teachers of theology and Sunday school programming for 2,000 years have run on a false premise never questioned, that Jewish Yeshua was the founder of a Gentile religion taking up many of its symbols and even the name and person of the founder, as just another Romanized son-of-god story, born of a virgin, killed and resurrected, like the other widely popular mainstream Roman religion of Mithras, a Persia messianic faith predating Christ who sounds a lot like  this Romanized “Christ” character we see today. He even has a Holy Eucharist that is almost verbatim that said, or perhaps later added, to the Gospels of Jesus to make him less Jewish and more acceptable to the Roman World, so full a market it was for potential converts.

The end of the world is just an end of an age in the following translation from the Oxford English Bible edition of the Book of Matthew. The focus of Yeshua during his sermon period (30-33 AD) is also more akin to what will test the disciples after he’s sacrificed. It belies his vision of the destruction of the Holy Temple and Jerusalem as it happened 36 years hence in 69-70 A.D. and the scattering of the people of Judea “to the hills” (namely, the Jewish Diaspora that followed.)

I will not quote the entire passage here. You can read it in your own Bibles. Yet I will present passages that illuminate those things that generally make this a near future prophecy for his time, decades hence, not our near future.

One fundamentally wrong direction in dogma can take the whole Christian religion and all its debating sects down a road into the future they can’t fathom. Yeshua wasn’t talking about other religions outside of the faith testing your faith. He may have meant the faith that arose under Romanization by Caesar Constantine out of which all Christ-“Christian” sects to this day have sprouted.

The false messiah isn’t an antichrist, it is Christ, this Greco-Roman identity switch to Romanize Yeshua as a Gentile Son of Sol Invictus, Rome’s name for God.

The trap of religions of faith is that believers can never question faith in the religion. So you never test what you blindly believe. You let ignorance be your guide, not your intelligence. And that is how the greatest and most false religion in history has sustained itself as Rome’s last living legacy around the world.

Yeshua was rendered unto Caesar as Caesar’s. Exactly where Yeshua never intended his ministry to go.

This now ancient falsehood-religions are born and sustained at the core of the judgmentalism of the faithful, always pointed away from looking at themselves.

I don’t believe this. I have experienced this being someone searching in and out of blind faith-based religions. Experience of such has given me understanding that true religiousness is an individual experience that cannot long last in a web of the blind borrowing their faith from the blind.

In my role as your prophetic interpreter I am an agnostic witness, with no dogma dog in this battle of interpretation. I experience the apostasy coming from Christians as a sum total of 2,000 years of retarding human spiritual growth, thinking Christianity is “THE” one and only religion, when it lost its way becoming one and only a Roman Cult of the Caesars, so well reorganized and bureaucratized by the Romans that it even survived the fall and disappearance of their empire.

It is the seers of the Catholic sect of Christianity, most closely still Romanized as the “Roman” Catholic Church, who are the first to partially understand or sense a coming Apostacy crisis in Christ is coming in our times. Where I contend they’re wrong is in their belief that the Apocalyptic times ahead are a test of Mother Church to restore itself to its purity of faith after a purge of its priesthood and possible even its popes who have been possessed by the Devil.

I foresee what would truly purify Christianity would be a purge of identities, like Christ, Christianity, Catholicism and Protestantism and all two thousand years of heading the wrong way.

Cut all Roman pollution at the root.

Return people to the beginning.

Return them to Yeshua and start all over again.

The future and events of the next 2,000 years will test my contention and vision, yet I am at peace that what I see as the death and rebirth of Yeshua’s movement will happen in the Aquarian Age that has left the “Piscean”—the age of the “Fish” man fisher of souls—behind.

Vatican bank scandals with the mafia, and too many other abominations in the false name of the Imperial Roman Messiah Jesus Christ that replaced the living Yeshua led to massacres, bloody crusades and many wars, along with a 16-century long anti-Semitism made canon law that created the climate of scapegoating and hatred of Jews in Europe. It had an obvious culmination. The Holocaust in the 1940s.

It was an intention by Christian German boys, all indoctrinated by Catholic canon anti-Semitic law taught by priests. They grew up as the men who would become Hitler, Goering, Himmler, Heydrich, Eichmann and other good little Catholic suckling boys drawing in the milk of human unkindness of anti-Semitic hatred for the people that Yeshua came from. Yeshua had people. He had a source. Catholic Roman Gentiles had to get rid of the Yid name and make the Gentile, Greco-Roman transformation of Yeshua into Jesus Christ complete. Then at last train a generation of boys that would attempt a wipeout of his Jewish lineage.

These horrendous crimes of the Catholic Church should have brought on an Apostacy and condemnation of its leadership long ago. Rather, the trigger to the Church’s greatest crisis in faith comes from the abuse by its priesthood of the smallest blind believers, Christian children.

The butchering, the burning of women as witches and forced conversion of millions across two millennia are on the surface far greater crimes, but the molesting of trusting children by their priestly guides is root to the evil of Christianity as an anti-Yeshua Christ religion: the betrayal and harming of the innocent. The false training demanding their blindly trust and surrender their intelligence to. “the Faith.”

This is the first molestation of an innocent child, to see his or her innocent intelligence suppressed in blind belief. Next comes the further and literal molestations by priests sodomizing and raping kids, then telling them to keep quiet—telling their parents not to hurt their church by seeking justice. The priesthood isn’t concerned for the children.

The Siege and Destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans Under the Command of Titus, A.D. 70, Oil on canvas, 1850.

The Siege and Destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans Under the Command of Titus, A.D. 70, Oil on canvas, 1850.

I see these present-day consequences as fulfilling the following passages from Yeshua’s Mount of Olives Sermon about two futures. Most of it is about what comes 36 years later with the destruction of the Holy Temple and Jerusalem in 69-70 AD, but some of this, to my mind, fits better as a vision of our times and the crisis of faith active today that threatens now the dismissal of a second Pope in a row:

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DATELINE: 30 September 2018

Of Cohen getting Caught, Russian Unicorn Hacks, Of Witch Hunts and Stormy Bimbos, Billionaire Adulterers, of Rachel Maddow becoming “Joan of Arf”—a lapdog for Cult News watches seeking agreement and Oh the Inhumanities of Sean Inanity Hannity.

So now Cohen has the Clinton fixer, Davis, for a lawyer who had him plead guilty to 2 non-crimes. John, your take on that?

Lanny Davis, a Clinton lawyer and partisan Clinton insider, goes on CNN and declares he has the dirt on Trump. He’s source number one knowing that the president’s son, Trump Jr., was talking to Russians in the now famous meeting during the 2016 campaign in Trump Tower to find dirt on Hillary Clinton. Even if it could have been true, I don’t understand why Trump as candidate would be any less guilty of muck racking on Clinton using a foreign source as Clinton at the same time was paying a foreigner, a retired British spy named Christopher Steele, to use his contacts in the British Secret service to put together a muck-dossier on Trump.

Anyway, here’s CNN in desperate search to find credibility once again about the Trump Tower meeting with Russians. I’ve lost count how many times CNN told us they had the sources and the evidence only to see nothing come of their breathless set-ups. So here we are, at last getting a lawyer for Trump’s bag-man lawyer who is, for the first time actually named by CNN reporters as a source but even this named source has a very public credibility meltdown.

Lanny Davis says he knows where the skeletons are buried in the Trump tower meeting and CNN once again gets all excited and rushes to rating-helper heaven to declare a scoop on the Trump/Russian collusion story that FINALLY sticks.

Next thing that happens, Lanny is dismissed as defense lawyer for Trump’s fixer, Cohen.

Then, Lanny Davis sheepishly reappears on CNN and spills the truth to Anderson Couper, the Vanderbilt scion and CIA gofer that’s CNN’s Rockstar new anchor. Lanny says to Anderson that he “misspoke” about that situation and that there’s no story there. Misspeaking is the new code word for lawyers (a word that rhymes with “liars”) lying.

Lanny Davis betrayed client privacy, talking to the CNN (Clinton News Network) giving them a story they are front loaded to accept without an iota of journalistic skepticism. Gotta staunch the bleed of those dwindling ratings that make anchors like CNN less popular than History Channel’s Ancient Alien anchor with the wild Swiss-Alpine windswept afro, Giorgio Tsoukalos. No offense to Ancient Aliens. It’s a great show. I’ve had the honor of recently appearing in their last season (see Ancient Aliens, Season 2017, Episode 10: The Akashic Record) . But all those Ted-Backster-level mediocre news anchors and talking heads at CNN being less popular than Ancient Aliens? Man! That must really pop their ballooning egos.

Now there’s Lanny pulling the ratings down further by undermining the story about Trump, Trump Junior and the Russians.

A true journalistically endowed news network would face the music, face their audience and retract the story. They’d admit their mistake. But CNN isn’t Edward R. Murrow strong. They don’t hire stalwart anchors with the gravitas of Walter Cronkite or Huntley and Brinkley, the news anchors I grew up watching.

If you were born after the 1960s you don’t have first-hand experience of what real news anchors used to be like. You get “Dimpy Dog” Wolf Blitzer and pretty boy CIA plants like Anderson Cooper. You get Don Lemon—personable but journalistically vacuous. In my view he is a “lemon” as far as journalism goes, more personality than a press man. CNN is the kind of news network you’d see in the 1970s on the Mary Tyler Moore comedy sitcom, with Ted Backster as the news anchor, so mediocre that he’s funny.

Even Ron Burgundy can publicly apologize but not Wolf, Anderson or the Lemon.

CNN will not retract this story even after I’ve lost count how many times it comes up uncorroborated and unsupported by sources.

They hold onto the story and say it is true no matter how it stands on no foundation of evidence from Lanny Davis pulling his trusted “source” out of it and is fired by his client, Mr. Cohen. These ding-dongs didn’t even check on Lanny Davis’ many other retractions of claims, of which he is notorious, before putting their credibility on the line naming him as a source.


CNN stands for “See the ass End Ending journalism at that network. So many breaking news bombshells have come up duds. They have no shame. You must have some objective intelligence to feel shame.


Betty Jo asks about my take on the Russian hack story. I invite all of you to read what I published 16 March 2018: You can find it in the full-access second half of the article asking if Russia-gate is another Watergate?

In it I stated that this current Russian hacking story is a bust, so Mueller will have to go fishing for his Watergate just like Ken Starr spent much of the 1990s on a fishing expedition for something on the Clintons when his Whitewater investigation went nowhere.

I stated that Mueller’s team would find no Russians, no collusion of Trump with Moscow but would hop over that reality and look for something sordid, like a Stormy Daniels boning Trump version of Monika Lewinsky being masturbated by one of Bill Clinton’s cigars. At least Bill Clinton during his midlife crisis was boning some bimbo in the West Wing and getting caught lying under oath. Trump’s tryst with Stormy Daniels took place nearly a decade before he ran for office. If he used funds from the campaign to keep quiet his romp with raging hormones in 2005 to silence a whore moaning about it in 2016, it is not an impeachable offense, folks.

Even boffing Lewd-winsky fashion in the West Wing while president got Clinton impeached but not thrown out of office.

Russia-Gate is a weaker Whitewater fishing expedition. And anyway, the sleaze factor is accepted and forgiven by Trump’s voter base so, no impeachment will send Trump packing do I see coming from this.

A Democrat witch hunt before the midterms could backfire on the Democrats in the November elections like Whitewater-ing Clinton hurt the Republicans in the late 1990s. The only person sent from office was the Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, for being caught in an affair that he lied about just like the president. His heir apparent also go axed for diddling the help.

But Sandarah a Face(plant) friend took issue, hurt by the truth hurting about Stormy Daniels.

A bimbo? A witch hunt? Nothing prejudicial in your predictions.

And there is no Identity Politics whatsoever filtering your statement Sandarah? Stormy Daniels gets into the sack with a married billionaire and hush money is paid. As Gertrude Stein once said, a rose is a rose is a rose. As I say and hold to it, a bimbo is a bimbo is a bimbo.

And what if I hadn’t said it, Sandarah? What if I said something that fits with your prejudices?

You’d be satisfied, even though you and me might agree to a judgment that is equally false. And, when you start an investigation to find out if Trump is a “Manchurian Candidate” for the Russians that doesn’t summon proof but a lot of innuendo, that is then you move your investigation to find something else—anything else—to take the man down. Truth isn’t the motivator. Destroying someone you hate, is.

Isn’t that what a Trump hater wants?

Damn the truth! Full speed ahead. Start looking for Russians that aren’t there and end up in the sack with Stormy and Trump. Even TIME magazine has turned into a cartoon weekly news magazine with those looney-tunes shots on the cover of Trump sitting at his Oval Office desk being blown by winds saying “Stormy” then he’s half inundated with waves in the next and finally the corpulent “huge” one is treading water in a completely submerged office. In every edition the Stormy story ran out of wind but even TIME can’t let it go, so I have let TIME magazine go, after being a subscriber for 36 years. There’s just no news there anymore.

Starting from acting on of your uncritically examined premises as your path down the trail of an investigation only leads you to find something—anything—to destroy your victim is the definition of a Witch hunt. That is the definition of an investigation that is front loaded with a prejudice to destroy another human being and find circumstantial evidence that supports only that prejudice.

That’s how you “Spanish Inquisition” this case.

That’s how you end up burning witches.

Do you not have this prejudice against Trump, Sandarah?

Clearly I can see what you will deny, that you hate his guts.

You’d like to burn him like a witch?

It doesn’t matter if it is Trump or Bill Clinton. Take your pick of political adulterers and idiots to wag the dog tail of prejudice or to bite. I am not for any of them.

The future is not for any of these creatures of identified mind and power corruption. I said the same thing about the Dumbopublicans in the 1990s as I say about the Dementocrats today. A witch hunt is a witch hunt is a witch hunt. Moreover, Sandarah, identity is the core prejudice.

When I use identity in my writings I do it to sometimes shock you. I knew “bimbo” and “witch hunt” would push some identified people’s buttons. When that happens, there’s an opportunity to look beyond the prejudice of identity at something higher-deeper. This can be one of those moments for you Sandarah, and others to look at yourself beyond your limits.

Betty Jo has as good stream of consciousness flood of things to address that CNN avoids. I’ll take each one on with a brief overview, because if you watch MSNBC and CNN, most likely you have heard next to nothing about the following stories that these two networks do not present in a fair and balanced way because it undercuts their tribal politico-idiotic ideology:

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DATELINE: 30 September 2018

Source: Mylius

Source: Mylius. © Creative Commons.

Of Nostradamus Incarnations and Hamster Wheel of Life Illusions, and… of Evolving towards THAT which you Already Are-less ARE

Click on this link and read the first full-bodied biography every written on Nostradamus' life "and" Afterlife.

Click on this link and read the first full-bodied biography every written on Nostradamus’ life “and” Afterlife.

A week or so back I boosted a Facebook—or what I prefer to call it these days Face(Plant)—post about I book I wrote that is the first historic attempt at a full biography on Nostradamus, entitled, Nostradamus and Life and Myth. Thelma left some interesting observations concerning what many of you believe to be true, even though your belief or disbelief is fundamentally a qualified ignorance either declaring “for” or “against” the possibility in your minds that I may be the reincarnation of Michel de Nostredame AKA hi Latinized pen name: Nostradamus.

Onward Thelma and thank you for your comment that inspired this reply: what is my fundamental and unorthodox observation about reincarnation:

Ahem! You mean auto-biography [on Nostradamus]… you were him in that life and I don’t doubt it one bit.

Many people feel that. When I have time I will use that feeling as a teaching moment, a sharing of what I understand that reincarnates and what I understand, does not. Bliss does not incarnate. Only identity’s misery.

Sorry but I got skills that have had to have originated from an earlier life because there is no experience in this life time that attributes to these… So…one can bring skills and knowledge, talents, happiness, whatever your higher consciousness decides to carry. I only bring the good. But for you, your type of astrology skills is unique very much unlike western astrology or even Vedic if we want to go eastern. I wonder how you would feel walking around the house in Provence?? And that strange courtyard nearby…. I was lucky to have visited Alet le Bain in France and was told I was only 1 block away from Nostradamus’s father’s home… so I walked over there and saw some really strange symbols outside the doorframe. And the vibe of global universal knowledge by way of symbols stays in the place.


You are speaking about Nostradamus’ birthplace in St. Remy, Provence. They did not exist when he was growing up there. Those symbols where added by lovers and occult followers of Nostradamus over the centuries. Last time I was in Provence and at the house of Nostradamus where he conjured his “history of the future” it was the summer of 1991. These pictures are of me and my beloved Satgyan (Truth/Wisdom in Sanskrit). She’s from Paris and a fellow Osho-meditation traveler like myself. She’s standing at the door of the Maison Nostradamus responding to some ribald-Rabelaisian comment of mine. The other shot is of her dancing in the main Château de l’Empéri to beautifully piped music of Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony. It’s August. It’s hot. Yet the sandstone Chateau was cool and bathed in cooler harmonies of Beethoven, inspiring her spontaneous dance.

This is the place where an aging Nostradamus was honored by the Queen Regent, Catherine de Medici and the heir in his minority, Charles IX, just 18 months before the prophet passed in his secret study at his home near the base off the chateau’s rock cropping overlooking the picturesque town. Satgyan and I walked the same paths taken by the Queen Regent and Prophet so many centuries ago. The Château de l’Empéri has a military museum of French uniforms that rivals

The Battle of Borodino was the bloodiest single-day clash of arms of the 19th century. It is estimated that in 12 hours of exceedingly violent combat up to 70,000 men were killed or wounded in a three-square mile area (and I may have been foolish enough in a past life to be caught in the cross-fire). Famous last words: "Beau feu!" (Good shot!)

The Battle of Borodino was the bloodiest single-day clash of arms of the 19th century. It is estimated that in 12 hours of exceedingly violent combat up to 70,000 men were killed or wounded in a three-square mile area (and I may have been foolish enough in a past life to be caught in the cross-fire). Famous last words: “Beau feu!” (Good shot!)

the one in Paris at Les Invalides. When there I am reminded by the beautiful cloth uniforms my “other” forms in service—and in dying serving Napoleon’s bloody ambitions in Russia at the Bataille de la Moskova (7 September 1812)—what the Russians call by its better-known name: Borodino.

The Maison de Nostradamus has since undergone a complete renovation with all the crumbling grandeur from the great earthquake of 1909 removed and healed.

Here then for you Thelma and all others reading this, is a taste of some of the concepts I will share in my future works on the subject of Reincarnation—subjects I’m also touching on in a forthcoming book on Anthony Bourdain’s suicide that will be released in September 2018.

One cannot only bring the good without the bad. They are two sides of the same coin. If you like to identify only with that “shiny” side of the coin, the other side will flip. The dark side will eventually “turn” and byte your reverie, Thelma.

If you bring “only” the good, then I see you hiding a great negativity towards the “bad”.

That’s the trap of identity.

If you identify with good, there must be bad too. If you hold onto hope, you carry the darkness of hopelessness along with you unrequited, and it will take its revenge.

Only ego reincarnates like a wave that thinks it is separate from the ocean. You can suppress it, but the misery that this illusion of the wave’s separateness engenders will come to life and death, life and death…

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DATELINE: 30 September 2018

And Finally, I end this Tsunami of Articles with some Odds and End-Times on Dementocrats, Dumbopublicans, flopping Politically crippled one-winged Birdies and the Racism of Thought that Meditation can illuminate and Transcend

I’m not a part of any political leaning. I stand “aloneness.” I’m a “free” wing. I just use my wings to fly and drop my free birdie bombs on the so-called left wings and so-called right who hop about trying to fly on one wing. If it appears that my current emphasis of targets is one side or the other, it would be a mistake of readers to think I’m favoring any side. Both sides to me are “Idiotic” in the true sense of that word: under the illusion of being egoistically separated from the whole Cosmos.

When I am emphasizing one target over the other, I would like you all to understand it as meaning which idiot “wing” of ego, at this moment, is being a bigger idiot than the other. Right now it is the Dementocrats rather than the DumboPublicans.

What they are fundamentally resisting is the US Constitution–not Trump. He constitutionally won in 2016. Get over it, my “deer” (in the Trump headlights) friends. Put all your energy in presenting the American people what you are FOR, not what you want and promise you will destroy if you take back the House of Reps.

When I regard the childishness and the witch-hunt prone hysteria of the Dementocrats, I shudder at what will happen to this nation if you actually do get Congressional power. You are negative, and your party platform is destruction.

That’s what I see you potentially doing to this country in the next two years if you don’t find something positive to be FOR. You are actually giving that idiot Trump empowerment because you have nothing you are for except tearing things and people down that constitutionally beat you in 2016–without Russian Unicorns and Russian fairies from your imagination aiding them. You are missing what the Dumbo-GOP did do to win the elections WITHOUT any Russian help. So blaming all your faults on the Russians, like Germans blamed all their faults on the Jews in the 1930s keeps you from learning from your mistakes and becoming a strong alternative to President Donald “Turnip” and his vegetating Dumbopublicans.

Moments keep changing, thus my targets will change. Don’t be too attached to the other idiot being savaged when you are lovingly my next target. Anyone who has a long-term memory intact and has been reading me over the years knows this. When the Dementocratic minded thought I was just being a racist savaging the stupidities of Obama–mind you, long before he became a charming though vacuous president–they obviously forgot how I ridiculed G.W. Bush much more.

I guess, if we take their thinking of racism in mind, that would mean I’m also racists against white people. I’ll take that. But in my own unique way. Yes, I am against blacks and against whites. I’m against your racist identifications. To me, the different colors of the races is a festival of beauty. My humanity is multi-colored and joyful. Not mono-colored and isolating itself in any form of racism. My view is this—and I lovingly invite you to watch when the identity in yourselves comes up in your views, whatever your skin color identity. Any time the topic takes on a racial identity, even in the positive sense, it is fundamentally a mentally racist thought. Do not suppress or defend it. Just observe the facticity of it. If you can simply be a witness of this mental process, the mystery that witnesses Existence through you is changed and made free…

Gain FULL ACCESS to all 13 articles with a $5.00 to $10.00, put Tsunami October 2018 Donation. I will send a PDF attachment attached to the email address you used at PayPal.


click on the cover and read this often satirical look at all traditions of End Time forecasting.

Click on the cover and read this often satirical look at all traditions of End Time forecasting.

Books by John Hogue

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