New Year’s Forecasts. Polar blasts and a Snowercane: Where’s the Global Warming? US Tax Reform and Your Future. What’s Next for North Korea: US Naval Blockade or diplomatic Breakthrough? Netanyahu, “Crime” Minister of Israel. And Finally, will Oprah Winfrey Run for President in 2020—an Astrological and Prophetic Assessment?

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DATELINE: 16 February 2018

New Book by John Hogue: Ten Predictions 2018: Plus, the US Midterm Election Forecast

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These ten prediction essays focus on what will rock everyone’s world in the new year. Waiting between the lines of this quick, compact and comprehensive look at 2018 is what world-renowned prophecy scholar and Nostradamus expert John Hogue defines with one word. Brace yourself for a roller-coaster ride through the year of “Acceleration”! Let Hogue be your guide answering what will be the outcome of future challenges that will affect your life, including:

*What will be the conclusion of the Muller investigation into Russian Hacks?

*Will Trump be impeached?

*Who is the next and most formidable new candidate for Nostradamus’ third and Final Antichrist?

*What is the future for Artificial Intelligence? Let Hogue illuminate what this label for a brave new world of robotic intelligence fundamentally overlooks.

*Is this the year that empowers women around the world?

*Will a new celebrity overthrow the current celebrity occupying the White House in 2020 despite all of her public protestation that she will not run?

*Get Hogue’s “New Abnormal” weather report for 2018.

*What’s with “Hollyweird” and its witch hunts?

*Are we all too fixated on watching the Korean Peninsula when the real time bomb lighting off World War III lies elsewhere, sudden and unexpected?

*Who is “Adolf Algorithm” hiding behind the successful return of Net Neutrality?

*Finally, John Hogue closes this captivating book giving his detailed astrological forecast predicting who will control US Congress after the most important US Midterm Election in history, scheduled for 6 November 2018.


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BEYOND ALT-RIGHT ALT-LEFT: A Community of Americans

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Sample the opening of all five articles for free below:

Newport RI. Source: newportbuzzdotcom

Newport RI. Source: newportbuzzdotcom

DATELINE: 09 January 2018

A Snowercane slams Eastern Atlantic US States: Where’s the Global Warming?

It was on many people’s minds, the doomsday movie quality of it. This hurricane-like storm in January, emerging out of the Gulf of Mexico, passing over Florida and racing up the US Atlantic Coast acted in many ways like a cyclonic tropical storm. It dumped great gales of rain, although turned to snow and ice. The storm surge flooded the shoreline of Boston and all across Northeastern US Atlantic coastal areas. And the wind! Cape Cod Peninsula and Nantucket Island were clocking sustained Category One hurricane force winds at 76 mph. There was only one major perversion in this picture and it rivaled some of the best Science Fiction doomsday weather movies. This hurricane was made of snow and ice. Rather than being fed by tropical warmth it was sucking up moisture from the warm Gulf Stream current like a normal hurricane “and” abnormally sucking down polar cold from the Arctic.

Witnesses to the storm on the Weather Channel and other stations remarked how it was like something they’d seen in a movie. I know which movie they were probably talking about, The Day After Tomorrow. Last Thursday as the storm was reaching its climax I was a guest on Dreamland talking with one of the two authors who wrote the book that was the basis for that movie, The Global Superstorm: my friend and author, futurist and UFO investigative reporter Whitley Strieber. He definitely saw the parallel to his and radio host Art Bell’s concept that—to put it in simplest terms—conceived of global warming melting so much landlocked ice into the northern Atlantic off Greenland that the great conveyor belt of oceanic warm and cold currents would be disrupted at one of its most critical junctures. This would result in a sudden ice age event overtaking the northern hemisphere as vast, “Snowercane” cyclonic storms would begin roiling across Northern Europe, Siberia, Alaska and Canada spreading deep into lower temperate zone latitudes, basically freezing and burying entire nations in ice and snow across all of Canada, down to the northern third of the United States. The same would happen across Europe and Eurasia sending great migrations of survivors of the Northern Hemisphere and developed nations into the developing nations for shelter.

I spoke to Whitley Strieber about my essay ending Ten Predictions 2016 entitled The Fire and Ice Prophecies. The essay concluded scientific and prophetic research that started back in the late 1980s. For 28 years I had deeply studied the objective climate science and the subjective forecasts of seers from all historical times and regions to answer one question. Is global warming a precursor and even a catalyst for a sudden return of an Ice Age; or, is global warming going to continue a cascade of warming ocean and atmospheric temperatures and threaten the future of civilization in a different way—setting us under a hot and globally destabilizing Dark Age…? (You can gain full access to all five articles with a minimum donation of $5.00 or whatever you can generously spare to support in the New Year. Put New Year 2018 in the PayPal memo line. I’ll then send you a fully illustrated PDF attachment via the email you used to donate. Thank you for your support.)

DATELINE: 09 January 2018

Official_Portrait_of_President_Donald_Trump-379sizeFreeThe Republican Tax Reform/Tax Cut—What’s it going to Give you in the Future?

Everything has a life cycle whether it is a thought or a life, a movement or a country. Religions are born, live, get old and eventually die. All things that appear before the witnessing of abiding and eternal consciousness must disappear, like puffy clouds or even great and dark storms passing by are momentary passages in what is ever an infinitely vast and open sky. Anything that’s born of mind and time can have an astrological chart made for it, like the Republican tax bill that passed in the Senate with a 51-48 vote and became law on 19 December 2017. In my astrological assessments recorded nearly six months earlier, I wrote about the cosmic influences available around that day. I can now see how these helped many polarized factions in the Republican Party in both House and Senate come together. This polarization within the two-party polarization has made Republicans unable to pass a number of important legislative agendas during the first year of the Trump Administration.

Click on the cover and check out the new Amazon Paperback edition.

Click on the cover and check out the new Amazon Paperback edition.

The following passages from John Hogue’s Worldwide Astrological Predictions…for Spring 2017 to Spring 2018 had framed the favorable cosmic forces of concord the Republicans used to unite and to pass this bill while the Democrats grumbled and watched… (You can gain full access to all five articles with a minimum donation of $5.00 or whatever you can generously spare to support in the New Year. Put New Year 2018 in the PayPal memo line. I’ll then send you a fully illustrated PDF attachment via the email you used to donate. Thank you for your support.)

DATELINE: 09 January 2018

Source: Xinhua.

South (left) and North Korean top level diplomats meet on 9 January 2018 for the first direct talks since 2015. Source: Xinhua. Source: Xinhua.

Good News! I published Predictions about the Stars on 9 January 2018, the Day the Governments of the two Koreas directly talked. Will there be a Diplomatic Breakthrough in the Korean Crisis?

Trump tightened the screws of his threats in December 2017 through the mouthpiece of his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson who floated out the possibility of a partial or complete US blockade of Cuba when he stated that the US reserves “the right to interdict maritime traffic transporting goods.”

The US has no legal right under international law and as a signatory of the UN Charter to do so, but when has that stopped it from aiding the Saudi Arabian regime with logistical support and fueling of an air and naval blockade of Yemen? It would seem that the greatest humanitarian disaster of our times overtaking the Yemeni people with starvation threatening to kill off 400,000 children and upwards of seven million Yemeni’s has not stirred the ire and outrage of the UN Security Council to slap sanctions on the Saudis or their US enablers. Thus their war of annihilation of the Iranian-backed Shia Houthis of Northern Yemen goes on as they fight a civil war with the US and Saudi backed Sunni Muslim Yemenis in the south.

So why not roll out a similar threat of genocide against North Koreans. Who knows, the US might achieve even more widespread starvation of the North Koreans than their own dictators managed, putting all of their funds of the impoverished country into building a nuclear deterrent against brazen US threats of annihilation. The Yemenis can only launch slightly upgraded scud missiles into Saudi Arabia with little impact. North Korea, however, threatened with starvation can send nuclear tipped warheads against nearby US bases in South Korea, Japan and the Marshal Islands. Maybe they can at least lob nuclear weapons over the Western US in an atmospheric, high-altitude blast that wipes out much of the US electronic power grid there. Despite all the media hysteria for hiking ratings, the uncorroborated fear mongering of the press does not face basic facts. Beyond launching missiles that “could” fly over US skies, have we seen any North Korean earth-atmospheric reentry tests yet? Little Kim’s nuclear button in his office can’t actually send a warhead back into Earth’s atmosphere to accurately hit any targets let alone prove his warheads can survive the heat of reentry.

Perhaps Trump doesn’t know that a US naval blockade of North Korea is a step more belligerent than the so-called “quarantine” of Castro’s communist Cuba during the last time the world almost blew up in a nuclear confrontation in the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962.

Quarantine was President Kennedy’s Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara’s suggested euphemism for a blockade because blockade in any language means an act of war.

Trump at least calls a spade a f*cking spade, believe me ‘Rocket man.’

Click on the cover and see the new paperback edition at Amazon.

Click on the cover and see the new paperback edition at Amazon.

Blocking Korean ships might curtail some materials for the missile program from getting through to North Korean ports. China, however, would not cut off oil and coal imports or food to Korea. The US Naval “quarantine” of Cuba failed to remove Soviet missiles out of Cuba—so would it be the same frustration for US naval forces detaining and searching North Korea cargo ships. Moreover, Trump unlike Kennedy would not have international or even regional political support for his action. Kennedy gained an unprecedented full majority of votes from the Organization of American States (OAS) for his quarantine (blockade). Kennedy got Western Hemispheric full support. Trump has no Organization of Northern Pacific States to fly Rex Tillerson to.

Then came a surprise from the leader nearly as unpredictable as President Trump. Kim Jong-Un has recently offered to officially meet with South Korean top level officials of South Korea’s new President Moon Jae-in, a leader I’ve called in my previous astrological forecasts “The Korean JFK.”

I have AT LAST some really positive news to share. It appears my astrological interpretations made six months earlier and recorded in my astrological assessment of world events between spring 2017 to spring 2018 HAVE anticipated the best chance yet of a diplomatic breakthrough. The astrology is breathtakingly clear…(You can gain full access to all five articles with a minimum donation of $5.00 or whatever you can generously spare to support in the New Year. Put New Year 2018 in the PayPal memo line. I’ll then send you a fully illustrated PDF attachment via the email you used to donate. Thank you for your support.)

DATELINE: 09 January 2018

640px-Bethlehem_wall_graffiti_NetanyahuSRC-Jj M Ḥtp-cco 1.0-universal

Netanyahu Bethlehem wall graffiti, circa 2018. Source: Jj M Ḥtp, Flickr, © Creative Commons.

Netanyahu “Crime” Minister of Israel

While the US mainstream media tries its best to cook up a popular revolution in the streets of Iran that just isn’t there and I predict will not be forthcoming, it all but ignores months of demonstrations going on in the streets of Israeli cities, especially Tel Aviv. Hundreds of thousands of Jewish citizens demonstrate against what they view is the wanton corruption undermining the Israeli government under Prime Minister Netanyahu’s watch. The most popular placard waved by these teaming masses demanding the Israeli courts indict the PM are usually unflattering pictures of Netanyahu as Israel’s “Crime” Minister.

Sordid stories are many, all vehemently denied by Netanyahu on the one hand, while he pushes to pass laws in the Knesset that would make it harder for Israeli police and courts to touch him. Although for now he has a firm grip on power, criminal investigations active since most of last year concerning the Prime Minister and his wife taking bribes from Hollywood movie moguls and other rich and powerful men continue and the political pressure is rising. The newest revelation in the probe concerns a recording of their son taped two years earlier broadcast on Hadashot TV news across Israel. A drunk Yair Netanyahu, can be heard outside a Tel Aviv strip joint asking his “bro” Ori Maimon—the son of Israeli gas tycoon Koby Maimon—to spot him some shekels probably for another round of lap dancing strippers, because Ori’s daddy owed his daddy the PM for getting a $20 billion deal pushed through the Knesset… (You can gain full access to all five articles with a minimum donation of $5.00 or whatever you can generously spare to support in the New Year. Put New Year 2018 in the PayPal memo line. I’ll then send you a fully illustrated PDF attachment via the email you used to donate. Thank you for your support.)

DATELINE: 09 January 2018

Oprah Winfrey, 2018. Source MTV, ©Creative Commons.

Oprah Winfrey, 2018. Source MTV, ©Creative Commons.

Will Oprah Winfrey Run for President in 2020?

We live in an age of celebrity and reality shows. A superstar on TV, who is a shrewd, marketing media genius and multi-billionaire, can become president. A personality bigger than life but small on political experience or understanding of Washington politics can beat the odds, beat all established political party machines and ride that fame to the White House. Trump did it. Why not another Television reality show personality—one that could be for the Democrats the next “Great Black Hope” after Obama, Oprah Winfrey?

She’s a talented actor like Ronald Reagan, an advocate in film and in reality for civil rights, and an uplifter and empowerer of women. Indeed her brilliant, scintillatingly speech delivered last Sunday in Hollywood at the Golden Globes Award show was as inspiring as a Martin Luther King speech and camera friendly too. She’s more eloquent in one sentence than all the repetitive handful of words in President Trump’s vocabulary.

Oprah spontaneously delivered a speech without Obama prompters in the bosom of the Blue Democrat archipelago—a posh Hollywood event, dripping with bejeweled actresses in dresses that could bust the budget of a developing nation and actors poured into tuxedos. Some magic was transmitted and the whole nation watched a kind of declaration in-between the lines. Could we be witnessing the first historic step that leads in November 2020 to a “President Oprah”? “O” my goodness!

It may certainly appeal to half the nation—the nation that thought Trump stole the election with the mythology of Russian help. This blue-liberal demographic was definitely watching the Globes because Hollywood in the West, like New York in the East present the media Meccas of their filtered world and national view. They are TV viewers crowding the West and East Coast island archipelago of urban liberalism who last Sunday began to dream about their own “Trump” reality show miracle that will bridge the vast sea of mid-American Trump red demographics in the 2020 elections to a big blue victory. They hope this even though there is a whole other America that Hollywood and New York left-leaning media networks do not speak to and you can’t win a race with only one leg. Yet maybe Oprah is different. She’s an includer, not a Trumptorian polarizer. “O” my child, maybe miracles do happen. The Lady of the “O”—symbolizes a circle, a round table of Camelot—bringing people together. All equally share an “Oprah” round table.

In an era when stars become presidents, the Democrat’s just caught a glimpse of their biggest star. Could Oprah be the next “great black hope” the likes of which they haven’t seen since an unknown but dashing State Senator from Illinois gave a Kennedyesque keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention of 2004, Barack Obama?

More than this, Oprah is similar in certain ways to the man who changed reality in our reality show world. She’s also a billionaire, like Trump, perhaps even more successful and richer than the “Huge” one. She’s been an iconic factor in the television viewing lives of several generations since the 1980s just like Trump. Like Trump, we all think we know her or know of her. Trump she keeps her private life guarded. Like Trump she has often toyed coyly with running for president before the interview cameras since the 1990s and like Trump more than once said she would never run, that she’s happy with her life as it is and doesn’t have the experience, etc., etc. Like

Click on the cover to read about this forthcoming "expanded edition" of this two-year exploration of the future.

Click on the cover to read about this forthcoming “expanded edition” of this two-year exploration of the future.

That was before 8 November 2016 may have changed her perspective. Now when asked about running, she’ll confess the same doubts, but smile wryly, shrug, and acknowledge without naming Trump directly with an inward look, a grin, that he’s changed the reality of reality celebrity. The new paradigm shift of celebrity has made the impossible possible for Oprah and she’s sincerely contemplating how to respond to it.

I feel like I have returned to the days of August 2015 and the once again face a similar moment where I gaze upon Oprah’s astrology for the first time, just as I did looking at Donald J. Trump’s chart. I’ll never forget how, at first glance, I was clearly surprised about what I saw in Trump. It was immediate and clear and in the end it ended up being true 15 months later. Out of the objective signs, houses and aspects came a deep and subjective, oracular clarity, as if triggered by what I saw and clear as it was utterly silent. Trump HAD the destiny to become president and he was THE ONLY ONE who could upset Hillary Clinton’s destiny to become the first woman president of the United States. So here I go again jumping into the unknown, into a woman’s astrology I’ve never examined before. What will I find I do not know, but in a few moments and in the following paragraphs we will all know what is my Oracle’s initial call on Oprah Winfrey’s chances three years and 10 months ahead of the next presidential election. My Oracle will perhaps answer the question: Can a Reality Star might beat the current Reality Star in Chief sitting in the White House today? Here’s then are my initial findings… (You can gain full access to all five articles with a minimum donation of $5.00 or whatever you can generously spare to support in the New Year. Put New Year 2018 in the PayPal memo line. I’ll then send you a fully illustrated PDF attachment via the email you used to donate. Thank you for your support.)


Click on the covers to access more information about these new paperback editions at their sales pages. Thank you.


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