The Climate Intensifies on many Levels: Earth, Ocean and Sky; Home and Hearth; Superhurricane Irma; Mind meltdowns; War and How Peace in Korea will Happen


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DATELINE: 09 Sept 2017

The Prologue to this Article Stream…

I had predicted Trump would take the United States out of the Paris Climate Change Accord over a year before he was elected president and 20 months before he made butting-out of the accord official on 1 June 2017. When it finally happened, I had a strangely serene feeling about it—the kind of equanimity that comes with accepting the unavoidable blow. The wise old owl had that withering serenity when regarding Bambi, Thumper the Rabbit and the Skunk in the Disney classic feature-length cartoon. Like me, the owl knew what was coming, that nature disrespected by its naive victims, was about to deliver upon them a shock, a great big “I told you so” comeuppance.

Spring had come. The three were no longer cute babies of Act One. This was Act Two of “Bambi” the movie, Scene One. The three were now clueless teens on the edge of a biological abyss—a disaster only the owl could augur was about to overcome them: a hit of “Holy hormones, Batman!”

The owl foretold that they were about to be “twitterpated.” They were about to fall victim to uncontrollable horniness. The owl regarded Bambi intensely, declaring, “It can happen to you!” Then Thumper. “And you!”

The Skunk, ever the sweetest in demeanor if not odor, smiled sweetly and meekly, pointing a questioning finger at his own funky furry chest, waiting.

“Yes…” mused the wise owl reining in his disgust of skunk funk, “It can even happen to YOU!!”

I use this cartoon metaphor because in reality a cartoon-character president of the United States abandoned a cartoon clown caper called the Paris Climate Change Accord, that in the end will be as real an accord to change humanity’s future and disastrous course as characters made of paint on glass plates, lights and shadow at Disney Studios. The Accord might as well be smoke and mirrors.

It’s a work of climate balancing twitterpation.

The edge of the abyss it brings 194 nation signatories to is a fantasy that reducing 30 percent of fossil fuel use by 2030 is enough to temper the civilization-threatening thing humanity has set in motion with its air pollution, a runaway heating of the earth’s oceans and skies.

Soon after the Twitter-typing, twittterpated Trump had dropped the US out of the accord I started giving warnings on Coast to Coast AM and other media outlets and Hogueprophecy about the natural disasters coming in the summer and autumn of 2017. They could be so terrible that a change of mind about global warming being real was possible.

Yes, Mr. President, it can even happen to YOU!

An awakening to the danger, far bigger than the human hunters who raided Bambi’s forest and set it on fire. We are the hunters and destroyers responsible for the megafires burning from British Columbia Canada in July-August. Eighty major fires suddenly spread across the Western US states by end of August into September. They sprout into being under the record-breaking summer heat records that I warned would happen, because this wise old owl knows how “twitterpated” people are in their denial about planetary climate change. That’s why I’m strangely serene about the US backing out of this bogus Paris Accord. It is another agreement that appeases rather than seriously fights and alters the bad habits of humanity that could destroy us. I’ve surrendered to the inescapable fact and the unexpected “good” coming to humanity when Mother Nature begins to shake all of us up, with storms of biblical power as I foresaw, storms like Hurricane Harvey, the greatest tropical storm drencher of rains on record causing the greatest property damage in US history—at least for another few hours.

Here comes Hurricane Irma. On the eve of landfall in South Florida today it has strengthened into a Category 5 hurricane once again.

Mother Nature drowns and blows humanity down in the Gulf region. She burns your forests and covers the west coastal states in an apocalyptic pall of smoke blotting out the sun. Until recently when a powerful and unexpected thundershower washed away over a week of fire smog fogging my island in the Pacific Northwest, I started writing these articles and occasionally looked out my window while keeping by breath shallow. Since real rain returned here on 8 September, not seen since 17 June, I’ve been able to breathe deep again and cough up a storehouse of toxic gunk my lungs collected from the orange toxic air outside my window that cast the line of pines just a quarter mile away as sad silhouettes in deep orange gloom. It was so unnatural, as unnatural as Harvey drowning Houston, and Irma, just a few hours away from landfall set to destroy South Florida with a tsunami-like storm surge.

These are the shocks I foresaw.

They are here now.

Do you see them?

Do you recognize who is responsible for them?

You are. All of us are.

Time to wake up and smell the smoke fogging out the Western US.

Time to wake up and smell the mold and funk of disaster in 100,000 destroyed houses in Southeast Texas. Time to brace for a Hurricane Katrina, superhurricane visitation of the State of Florida. The state governor, years earlier, had made it a rule that none of his government functionaries, including climate scientists on the state payroll, could name those terms that cannot be mentioned, those “Voldemorts” called “global warming” or “climate change” without threat of being sacked because this governor doesn’t believe in them.

Governor Rick Scott of Florida, your days of climate change denial are numbered in the hundreds of billions of dollars of damage and the hundreds of Floridians who are about to die in this storm, enhanced by “that which cannot be named.”

That’s why Irma has become necessary.

Our denial has made this tragedy bearing down on Florida necessary. There’s good in it, if we get the message and start fighting climate change to save our future and our children’s future.

Now to the articles below that report on the prophetic consequences of, and potential responses to, the many changes of climate of mind and nature set before us in this acceleration of history.

DATELINE: 09 Sept 2017

The eclipse is over, but this books five-year look into the future has just begun. Click on the cover

The eclipse is over, but this books five-year look into the future has just begun. Click on the cover.

After the Great American Eclipse, the Earthquakes Begin

On 21 August 2017, a total eclipse passed from sea to shining sea across the lower 48 states. This cosmic event has prophetic significance. As proposed in my recently published book on the event, a pattern of natural disasters, especially of a seismic and tsunami nature, may ensue erupting days, weeks, a few months and continuing upwards of five years in the earthquake prone areas that were 95 to 100 percent touched by the solar eclipse’s shadow. In my study of two previous grand eclipses of 1999 and 2009, the first seismic activity started 6 days (1999) and two months (2009) after the shadow had passed. It would seem the rumblings of 2017’s Great American Eclipse favor early manifestations like in 1999.

Starting, Saturday evening 2 September, just 12 days after the shadow passed over Soda Springs, Idaho, at between 98 and 99 percent totality, the mountainous region east of this largest town in Caribou County was hit by widespread shaking. Thousands across the sparsely populated region were frightened and riled by a 4.3 then stronger 5.1 temblor, followed by a rare earthquake swarm overnight of 60 more shakes in the 3 to 4 magnitude range and into Sunday, 4 September.

The Idaho State Journal reported no one injured or any property damage: “Bannock County Sheriff Lorin Nielsen said he’s been a law enforcement officer in Southeast Idaho for over 40 years and during that time there’s never previously been so many earthquakes occurring in such a short time frame. He said at the most there have been up to three earthquakes that have occurred in short succession along the East Idaho-Western Wyoming border. The dozens of earthquakes that occurred from Saturday night through early Sunday evening are unprecedented, the sheriff said.

“‘I’ve never seen anything like this,” Nielsen said. “My wife asked if we should leave the house.’”

The quake swarm was felt as far south as Northern Utah and throughout Southeast Idaho. Like Sheriff Nielsen, Caribou County authorities can’t recall any earthquake swarm in Southeastern Idaho as powerful and ongoing as this one. I would add that it could go on for days, weeks and even a few months. Worse is possible. The quake-swarm could be a precursor for large-scale temblors to come as Caribou County is neighbor to Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park where the largest lava lake ever discovered by geologists several miles below the thin crust of the earth there sits the dormant Yellowstone Supervolcano. It is one of the four seismically sensitive areas I warned in my Eclipse book could suffer large-scale earthquakes in weeks or five years after 21 August’s solar eclipse across the US. The other regions to watch carefully and for people to prepare against earthquakes is along the Cascadia Subduction Zone spanning the Northern California, Oregon, Washington and the British Columbian coastline. Next in concern is the New Madrid Fault Line in Missouri in the Mississippi basin and finally the most seismically active spot on the east coast, around Charleston, South Carolina.

On 5 September 2017 there was some “stirring” of the Cascadia Subduction Zone. Two moderate submarine temblors hit in one day off the Oregon coast: a 2.8 magnitude quake 15 miles offshore near Waldport, OR, and moderately strong 4.3 submarine quake 155 miles (250 kilometers) WNW of Bannon, OR. Note that the eclipse at 97 percent totality overshadowed the Bannon quake area with Waldport on the edge of 100 percent. The Idaho swarm on Labor Day Weekend was between 98 and 99 percent totality.

Another quake prone region, least prepared for major impact is the New Madrid Fault network in the heal of the state of Missouri, along the Mississippi neighboring large metropolitan areas of Memphis, TN, to the east and St. Louis, MO, to the northwest. There were seismic murmurs on 30 August, just ten days after the eclipse passed a 98 percent shadow of totality, and again during the peak of the Idaho quake swarm on 3 September, both near Lilbourn, MO, 2.1 magnitude (30 August) and 2.2 magnitude (3 September) respectively.

I will keep careful watch of the seismic trends for you and report further. My sense it that large-scale quaking is more likely in later September into October, November, early December, and early in 2018. Stay tuned.

Yesterday, 8 September 2017, the world was hit by the largest quake since 2015, an 8.1 magnitude monster, just off the Pacific coastline in Southwest Mexico off the coast of Chiapas and Oaxaca States. It was felt 600 miles away in Mexico City, devastated a wide area in Mexico’s poorest regions, and into Western Guatemala with hundreds reported injured and near 100 killed, though this death toll will certainly rise. A tsunami warning was issued for all Pacific Ocean nations. A local tsunami of 2.3 feet was reported on the coast near the submarine epicenter. Fortunately it was a deep temblor at 43 miles (70 kilometers) under the surface. If it had been shallow the destruction of this greatest quake to hit Mexico in a century would have been catastrophic.

Many of you are asking if it was spring loaded by the shadow of the moon during the Great American Eclipse. It is certainly a chilling coincidence at least that it erupted just 19 days after the solar eclipse passed over North America and its shadow did touch the affected areas at 30 to 40 percent totality. If the shadow did affect the seismic event then that is the least shadow of totality for a major quake I would have recorded in studies of great eclipses listed in The Great American Eclipse: Earthquake and Tsunami. The 9.0 magnitude Tohoku megathrust and tsunami of 11 March 2011 was under 60-70 percent totality. If a shadow of 30 to 40 percent over Mexico is enough that would mean the neighboring San Andreas Fault Line region of California that was at 60 to 70 percent totality would be in play more than I originally anticipated. Rather than four, the eclipse would do something to awaken all five major seismically sensitive zones in the lower 48 US states for major shakes in the next five years after the eclipse on 21 August 2017.

PS—You can read about these windows of potential seismic movement in deep and breathtaking astrological detail right now by purchasing John Hogue’s Worldwide Astrological Predictions.

For example, the time window for the Idaho earthquake swarm was anticipated by the stars, as written in the following passage for seismic activity in September recorded in June of 2017:

Hogues-Astrol-2017-2018-cover-300x450-105kThe first thing that catches my concerned eye is the Sun in Virgo (earth) opposed retrograde Neptune in Pisces 12 degrees. Neptune, the Romanized Greek God, Poseidon, god of the oceans, was also known in ancient Greek as Ennosigaeus the “Earthshaker.” The earthquake and tsunami danger for the Pacific Northwest begins roughly twelve days after the Moon’s ecliptic shadow passed over the Cascadia Subduction Zone off the north-central coast of Oregon. The zone of influence straining the Sun moving away from a retrograde Neptune begins 2 September, goes exact on the 5th.

John Hogue’s Worldwide Astrological Predictions…

The first moderate shakes hit off the coast of Oregon near Waldport and Bannon. Also the Idaho swarm started within the 2 to 5 September window delineated in the book.

Neptune’s other aspect as a ocean quaker is further expressed in the guise of the next great and terrible visitation of a historic hurricane landfall in the US described in the article coming later in the chain below. But first a political climate change to report.

DATELINE: 09 Sept 2017

A Political Climate Shift on Extending the Debt Ceiling

Trump’s natal Ascendant has a Trine with his Sagittarian Moon, magnified positively by his natal Mars/Ascendant Leo conjunction. He’s lucky. Expect a 180-degree positive response what with Mercury going Stationary Direct over the same Mars/Ascendant conjunction on 5 September…

John Hogue’s Worldwide Astrological Predictions…

I was writing this article on 6 September, a full day after Mercury went stationary direct over Trump’s Leo Mars (energy for new adventures and enterprises) and his Leo Ascendant (how he makes a move to impact the world). The powerful influence of egocentric Leo in his chart demands a decisive ego-nourishing move. He’s not getting any love from his own Republican Party’s majority leadership in the US Congress so Trump found the love by pulling a 180-degree turnabout to hug and feel the love from the minority Democrat leadership of US Congress.

I’ve astrologically anticipated such moves and many more are coming. What happened on 6 September 2017 gave the Republicans a good shock. It was a Democrat stir-fried Wok-ing bit of cooked up bipartisanship when Trump suddenly invited the Democratic congressional leadership to the Oval Office, snubbed his own do-nothing GOP leadership that so far can’t get legislation passed on anything. Time was ripe to close a deal with the Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, a fellow deal-making New Yorker, to raise the debt ceiling for three months extending the deadline into December. In turn, Trump gave the Democrats what they wanted a hefty initial installment of $15.4 billion dollars for storm relief.

It was shrewdly timed, and it showed some Leo-Ascendant heartfullness from the president. Leo also rules the heart and Trump’s heart understood that emergency funding for natural disasters was tapping out soon. Time to earn a win for the president that also takes care of the people, rather than serve partisanship. The people of Southeast Texas will get help now for Hurricane Harvey recovery without funds being frozen by debt debate deadlocks. Funds will also be ready to release for what’s about to crash into Florida as Hurricane Irma.

After that there’s Hurricane Jose to watch. It’s taking a more northwestward track than Irma becoming a Category Four monster that will take a 145-mph bite out of the already devastated leeward Caribbean islands assaulted by Irma. Jose is going to be lurking in the Atlantic into the third week of September it seems. I’m wondering if it will make landfall near the Chesapeake area or stay off shore. If it does, it would fulfill another series of predictions I made for several years about Washington DC being flooded by a superhurricane. I’m watching Jose very carefully.

The other hurricane currently out there with Irma and Jose is Katya. It unexpectedly boiled to hurricane status on 6 September in the Gulf of Mexico. It has since become a stationary rainmaker flooding the regions around Veracruz, Mexico and is rapidly tapping out making landfall.

It seems the weather forecasters are still catching up to the new abnormal reality, that waters in the Gulf are suddenly transforming mediocre tropical depressions into Category 4 and 5 powered superstorms because global warming is heating up ocean surface temperatures—the life food of superstorms.

Trump needed a win. There’s no time to deadlock and stress on this debt ceiling, doomsday deadline for end of September when so many dangerous storms have gathered and visited the US while other storms are gathering, like a potential war with North Korea.

Trump had just finished a fruitless meeting with Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell, when next marched in the Democrat leaders into the Oval Office. These same minority leaders once called Trump just about everything evil but Antichrist. Now they’re all hugs and smiles with the golden-mained guy in the White House who tweeted his fair share of abuse in the past, calling them clowns.

What happened, you might ask?

What I’ve expected all along, the first time I started reading Trump’s interesting and highly flexible aspects over a year before he won the potential upset victory and reported in the book Trump for President: Astrological Predictions. His Sun conjunction of “Mr. Surprise” Uranus in mutable Gemini makes him forever the outsider, so at some point he’ll have to govern like the true Independent president he truly is, becoming a go-between or wedge to break up the Republican-Democrat gridlock:


The Congress Trump would inherit would be against him. He may run as a Republican. He might finger jab and parry all the way to the White House riding on a populist tsunami of independent voters, in an anti-two-party mood. The two-party racketeers will be wary of him. The GOP leadership will take as much revenge on him as the Democrats attack him on his civil rights stands.

To govern the country efficiently he’ll have to take his boardroom game to a whole other level of unknown psychological territory. He’d be wise to cultivate advice from the Navy Seal frogman, action movie actor and professional wrestler who successfully ran as an independent candidate, even without the smokescreen of one of the two-party rigged system labels, his good friend and golfing buddy, former Governor Jesse Ventura of Minnesota (1999-2003)… Trump will need “The Body” politic to be his wrestling coach in the political ring.

…Trump, the ultimate business gamer, is game to do the same, so we closely approach now, in 2016, the real-time evolution of my theory—the only one, I believe and have foreseen that can work for a Third party revolution. One or the other gains power, Sanders or Trump, have to play political “Scrooge” and Scrooge the system good.

In early January 2008, I wrote:

…Those who are already entrenched in the system are the only ones who can break free of it. They’ve got to have some Charles Dickensian, Scrooge moment. See the light. Foresee the dire state of the future of America revealed by the angel of Christmas Future playing Politics’ Future before “Bah! Humbuggering” the body politic with a political duopoly.

Predictions for 2008

Trump is playing Republican. The party, for which he truly stands consists of one very independent American—Trump. That one-man third party could rally an angry voting majority behind him, like Reagan did against the Democrat controlled Congress. Trump commanding one third of the three-tiered system could be a one-man wedge, just like Governor Ventura was. The governor of Minnesota applied his executive leverage to halt anything sent to his desk to sign from the Minnesota State Congress too right- or left-winged ideological. If they wanted bills passed, the parties had to work together and find common ground. Gridlock more often than not turned into consensus under Ventura. Trump will have to be that kind of presidential executive.

Trump for President: Astrological Predictions
Chapter Nine:
The Emperor’s New “Pose”


Trump by nature belongs to a Third Party—the Party of Me. I foresaw how his natural-born Sun-Uranian “180-degree” factor could have this open channel conjuring deals wherever there’s an opening. What you politically call yourself really doesn’t matter to this President. He’ll go independent, despite all the bad blood he’s had with Schumer and Pelosi in the past. What happened with the debt ceiling deal might be a hopeful sign that Trump will play a game of leverage cornering both polarities in politics into a place where they need to compromise with him to get things legislated. He can play the political Independent executive branch, seeking common ground between the parties. Giving the Dems some leverage tempers the GOP’s attempt to control and politically marginalize this president.

There’s tax reform coming, plus a return to the debt ceiling deadline come Christmas holidays. Trump has put the pressure on both sides by giving the powerless Democrats some leverage in December and taking leverage away from the majority leadership. This move is a message that says, “Less ideology, and more practicality might get you a deal from the President. If not, you have competition with the minority leadership now.”

Never rule out this president to do what comes naturally to him, seek deals any which way that opens. He is President “Surprise.”

DATELINE: 09 Sept 2017

Hurricane Irma is set to potentially fulfill Hogue’s next Superhurricane Prediction

The trees of the Leeward Caribbean Islands were stripped bare by Irma’s sustained 185 mph winds and gusts of 220 mph. Roofs that still stand are ground down to the wooden planks, all shingles ripped off. The devastation in Barbuda, Saint Martin, the US Virgin Islands, even the devastation in Puerto Rico that had suffered a glancing blow, was biblical-Jehovah, goddamn-jaw dropping. Where the Bahamas are losing their roofs, Florida is losing a sizable number of the 16 million in the path of the storm evacuating north by planes, trains and mostly automobiles clogging the interstates with hundreds of thousands of vehicles. Behind them, on their heels is Hurricane Irma preparing to straddle the entire Florida Peninsula. She’ll make landfall Saturday night into Sunday morning as a powerful Category Four or recharged Cat Five storm.

I want to review again and expand the astrological forecast quote from the earlier article about Idaho earthquake swarms. This time I’d like you all to bear in mind Neptune’s other dimension as an Earthshaker generated by storm winds and storm surges. Note the underlined:

The zone of influence straining the Sun moving away from a retrograde Neptune begins 2 September, goes exact on the 5th. The day after that the Moon is Full opposed the Sun 13 degrees Leo still tugging on Neptune until 8 September with the Full Moon danger waning on the 11th. Mars leaves Leo on the Full Moon day, 6 September. It ends its “equally fiery” transit with Saturn still transiting Sagittarius, but now gains a new aspect of concern by influencing the earthiness, fault lines, etc., of its transit through Virgo. When Mars is squared the Sun, Moon or outer planets like Pluto and Uranus, there is a danger of seismic activity, volcanic eruptions, both political, military and Mother Natured.

John Hogue’s Worldwide Astrological Predictions…

Irma on September 5 through the 6th clocked a shocker, a sustained and cyclonic windblast of 185 miles per hour for 37 hours. If Irma was a Big Bad Wolf “bitch”, huffing and puffing and blowing Caribbean island resorts down, she exhaled a sustained 37-hour wind crusher rendering structures into little piggy houses as if they were made of straw or sticks. She clocked the longest sustained 185 mph cyclonic storm blast ever recorded on Planet Earth since the era of satellite tracking began in the mid-1960s.

Meteorologists use what is called a Maximum Potential Intensity (MPI) measurement to calculate hurricane intensity by making a theoretical measure of the maximum strength a hurricane can attain based on matching existing ocean temperatures with the thermal profile of the atmosphere. What shocked the scientists about the 5 September reading of 185 mph was that it exceeded theoretical expectations by 20 mph. When Irma reaches the Florida Strait, before she makes her sharp turn north to either buzz cut through the central Florida Peninsula or more likely favor a greater storm surge on the west coast rather than the east, she’s going to slow down and stay put for awhile while making her turn. She’ll be pivoting over steam bath waters that are nearly 90 degrees! Irma will feast on this and perhaps empower herself back to a high Category Four hurricane-strength before hitting the beaches of Florida. The MPI predictions fluctuate each day, what I understand is that Irma will reach its maximum monstrous wind speeds gusting to 210 to 215 mph with sustained speeds of 145 to 160 mph before landfall.

A lot of intense things could beset America and the world as we move into this weekend through Monday with the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks included. Irma’s landfall in the United States will certainly be one of them. I am reminded of a forecast several years old and counting about what I foresee is the next “Hurricane Katrina” moment for America: a glancing blow similar to what I accurately forecasted in a book published in 1998 would happen to a major American city falling victim to one of the first superhurricanes created by global warming.

The destruction of a major southern US metropolitan area [such as Miami or New Orleans] by a global warming enhanced superhurricane will take place in one of the first five hurricane seasons of the new millennium.

1000 for 2000: Startling Predictions for the New Millennium
Chapter: Global Warming: Hothouse Hurricanes

I repeated the warning on national TV on 31 December 1999, upsetting and flustering Sean Hannity on the Hannity and Colmes Show (FOX). In 2005, the fifth hurricane season of the new century Hurricane Katrina did to New Orleans what Hurricane Irma is about to do to Miami. Katrina’s main force crashed into the Mississippi Coast no longer a Category 5 but 3, but by landfall it had become huge, giving New Orleans a Category Three-sized blow that flooded and destroyed much of that city, killing upwards of 1,500 citizens. Miami may not have larger parts of its neighborhoods below sea level protected by aging and breaking levies, but it definitely suffers from frequent flooding which is only getting worse as the oceans slowly rise from global warming and their waters becoming hotter give birth to far larger and more violent storms like Katrina, like Irma.

After a glancing blow destroyed New Orleans, my “Oracle” hasn’t let Miami off the hook for suffering the same. Three years ago I began recording my concerns that a near future superhurricane was gunning for it. What follows are the documented prophecies and what I think is about to happen to Florida…


Finish the climax of this article and find out about what happens next, plus reading an additional three compelling articles remaining by donating $5.00 or a little more HERE. Put Climate Intensifies Two 2017 in the PayPal memo line. When I see your donation confirmed I will manually send you a fully illustrated PDF file attached to the email address you have used.

Here are the titles and brief excerpts from those three extra articles that you can access with your donation. At the same time your donation keeps thriving to provide you with a unique, online news agency that explains current events matching prophetic trends in these intensifying times…

Hurricane Irma is set to potential to fulfill Hogue’s next Superhurricane Prediction—The Conclusion

Here is a hurricane forecast I made in late 2015 for the 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season. I was off a year, which is not surprising in forecasting the future. Pinning the date is harder than seeing the details of a future event. This quote matches the potential dangers of the current 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season to a tee… Read more? Donate HERE to access these fully-illustrated articles.

The West Coast States in a Great Fire Fog

Seen from Space, the Western United States is hidden under a pall of fire smoke from 80 major fires raging across Washington, Montana, Oregon down through North and Southern California. A major city, like San Francisco, was smoked and sweltering at 106 degrees Fahrenheit last week. The fog of fire smog stretched unabated all the way 800 miles north to the baking “rain” city Seattle, which is also on target to “flaming” log a record-breaking dry and hottest summer—same for pretty much everyone living in-between the two cities, that share the orange fog of obliterated forests and brush lands. Ash falls biblically upon their heads from burnt ochre heavens where moon and sun are tainted a blood “Book of Revelation” red… Read more? Donate HERE to access these fully-illustrated articles.

ISIS Three-Year Siege on Dier ez-Zor Broken: The Beginning of the End of ISIS

Some good news. This week, the Syrian Arab Army has liberated the remaining 100,000 people holed up in Syria’s largest eastern city, Dier ez-Zor, defended by one depleted brigade of Syrian government soldiers for three years against brutal forces of the Islamic State. They achieved victory with the active support of the Russian Air Force limiting their airstrikes on ISIS armored columns and positions… Read more? Donate HERE to access these fully-illustrated articles.

How the North Korean Crisis can be Resolved Peacefully

This is how the North Korean Crisis can end without either side throwing fire on the “gas.”

First, a clearer understanding of the levels of threat and their origins between the two parties in needed.

The primary target of threats has been North Korea since 1950 when US presidents began threatening Pyongyang with unilateral use nuclear weapons on what was for four more decades a non-nuclear nation. General MacArthur asked President Truman permission to bomb what was left standing of North Korea with nukes during the first two years of open hostilities. Truman’s successor President Eisenhower threatened to use nukes if North Korea didn’t come to the peace table and negotiate an armistice. America used nuclear extortion to get an armistice, did not move to the next stage as promised: negotiating a peace treaty ending the war and demilitarizing the Korean Peninsula. Though China withdrew its forces, America increased their military footprint and then parked 500 nuclear weapons in South Korea for the duration of the cold war up to 1989… Read more? Donate HERE to access these fully-illustrated articles.


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