Hogue’s Premonition Meter on the Rise: Race Riots in Charlottesville, Global Warming—Hurricaine Harvey, and North Korea. China vs. India in a looming Himalayan War. Congress hits Trump with a Constitutional and a Debt Ceiling Deadline Crisis. Scientist Carl Sagan once played Prophet, what Guru really means; and finally, did 19th-Century writer Ingersoll Lockwood foresee Trump as the Last President in a Children’s Book?

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DATELINE: 30 August 2017

Hurricane to Tropical Storm Harvey, the First Unnatural Disaster hitting the United States because of the Great American Eclipse

hurricane-harvey-NOAAHumanity can play its economic games while Mother Nature, this planet and the mysterious impact of eclipses can climate cook and tectonic rumble something unexpected to take a casino economy down—starting with the biggest Show Boat Casino of them all, the USA. Massive subduction zone shocks and tsunamis in the Pacific Northwest or intraplate temblors along the heavily populated and industrialized Midwestern and even the Southeastern states can pull down the number one crap-shooting economy of the world, with financially seismic reverberations for all other economies worldwide.

If that is what happens, one can wonder if America is slotted in the near future to repeat in reality the fate of Atlantis. War or conquest will not take it down, but a string of natural disasters may bring America to its knees.

The Great American Eclipse: Earthquake and Tsunami
Chapter Four

In this book I mentioned that more than earthquakes and tsunamis are possible but an uptick in unnatural climate-related disasters. The monster Category Four Hurricane Harvey grew in a few days to become the most powerful cyclonic storm to hit the United States since 2004. After flattening Rockport, TX, with winds it then turned into a powerful tropical storm stuck in a stationery position over Southeast Texas, creeping only two miles an hour east and dumping four feet of rain in an unprecedented flood. At the time of this writing the people of Texas are three days in with another two days of flooding rains to go. This has never happened before to Americans. Harvey is the new “abnormal” caused by a feverish planetary climate.

I predict that it is the first of a string of relentless “Peal Harbor” climate-change wakeup moments for the United States coming in the next two years. Houston, the fourth largest city in the US is under water. Unheard of rain tolls will easily clear 50 inches for southeast Texas. Louisiana today is the next victim.

Despite the creep of Tropical Storm Harvey east, Houston will be hit with another 15 inches in the next few days and then there’s all that water north of it that will pass through the city down the Buffalo Bayou. Thirteen million Texans are under flood watch emergency. Half a million will need Fema assistance—expect that number to exponentially rise.

Today, Weather Channel’s Rick Cantore reported that Houston’s flood prevention infrastructure looks like it will fail. It is like New Orleans in 2005 only there’s no levies to protect six million residents from the sheer magnitude of being part of 50 flooded counties underwater across southeast Texas.

The center of Tropical Storm Harvey is inching back out to sea so it will generate more thunderstorm and tornado packed “trains” of rain bands over Houston drawing from the unnaturally hot waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Reservoirs north of Houston have had to release their capacity loads to save from breaking. That means water will come through Houston soon in a second, manmade flood.

Although the devastated region of Southeast Texas was not under 95 to 100 percent Eclipse Totality when the Great American Eclipse crossed from coast to coast on 21 August a week ago, it was overshadowed significantly by 70 to 80 percent. As I mentioned in The Great American Eclipse, major disasters could take place anywhere even under 60 to 70 percent totality like the Tohoku, Japan, superquake and tsunami of 11 March 2011, happening 18 months after the Great Eclipse of 2009 cast its shadow there.

The book’s prophetic story of natural disaster consequences for America has only begun. I looks into the future, into the days, weeks, months and upwards of five years of natural, political and economic upheavals to come.

DATELINE: 30 August 2017

First a Word about Charlottesville and the Riots of Right and Left Winged Supremacists

There are periods in the life of humanity which generally coincide with the beginning of the fall of cultures and civilizations, when the masses irretrievably lose their reason and begin to destroy everything that has been created by centuries and millenniums of culture.

G.I. Gurdjieff (c.1916), Meetings with the Miraculous

A loving reminder: I say the following words with a peaceful and compassionate heart. They are meant to help you. The skin pealing of identity I am about to perform is necessary and loving. If you read anything other than a state of even-witnessing and quiet in my naturally descriptive and strong words, then you are projecting your own suppressed emotional issues upon them. Please remember that when reading the following article addressed to those in the world who would tear down statues and erase history in moments when these words might trigger something inside you and make further reading difficult. Read on. And if you see your anger rising, be a mere witness of it rising. It actually isn’t “yours.” Just watch thoughts, reactions and emotions, without being for or against them and over time you’ll see them disappear as if you are a dreamer awakening from a long sleep. What follows is a reality beyond wonderful.

Erasing history is not “learning” from history.

And yet, such acts of vandalism, whether by a government or an uninformed, hysterical mob mindset, are a common act at the end of great ages. A collective madness, fueled by a binary (0-1, black and white), intolerant and mediocre understanding of history fires the belly passions of the vacuous brained. Human beings become human “things” when they attempt to dispose of “things” that symbolize points of historical contention.

These “things” were once your neighbors, or your ancestors, represented in images and statues of the historically remembered dead. The historical literacy of those who would topple them seems to be as deep as the thin stain of pigeon poop splattering the statues. The intellectually challenged fixating on only one act of all-to-human error would topple symbols and overthrow the entire life and works of historical figures that helped out nation. All the good they have done is violently forgotten when mob-madness marches in the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia, the other week.

It takes two to rumble. Left-wingers organized with their weapons of riot spoiling for a fight with right-wingers legally assembling in Charlottesville to protest the pulling down of Confederate statues of Robert E. Lee with a minority of them equally armed to spoil a peaceful assembly.

You young men and women on an anti-fascist crusade with sharpened fascist weapons in hand think statue crashing will clean the slate for righteousness by taking down General Robert E. Lee, just because you think he represents “only” a symbol of those who upheld slavery in the Confederacy.

Hold on a moment. Before you brain some neo-Nazi, just how much do you know about the life and deeds of Robert E. Lee? Do you comprehend how citizens of America in those days felt about their states? That a man could defend his state from violent invasion as his reason and not in defense of slavery?

How many of you neo-Nazi baiters know that President Lincoln at the onset of southern states seceding from the Union had asked the American Army’s most gifted and respected officer to lead Union forces to break the Confederate rebellion was none other than Robert E. Lee?

No memory spawns no virtue.

Be a force of mindless reaction. Hit that white guy with the Confederate flag while he’s down, sprawled on the ground with your riot stick as photos of the Charlottesville riots show, even if the mainstream media fixated on the White Supremacists marching and Nazi saluting with Swastikas and Confederate Stars and Bars flags.

Tear down a statue of a Confederate soldier from its podium and spit on it like a barbarian from the Dark Ages or an Islamic State terrorist raiding an Iraqi museum to destroy statues of ancient Mesopotamian cultures. Blithely have no clue how existentially torn Robert E. Lee was, a great and thoughtful man, when Virginia joined the Confederacy.

Lee rejected Lincoln’s offer and join the Confederacy not to uphold slavery but to defend his countrymen from invasion. Only a rampaging hooligan cannot know what country and people Lee was defending. Who wants to bother their pee-brained mind with the many shades of “gray” that brought good men on both sides to join the blue and gray armies on the battlefield of the American Civil War? Few of you hooligans give a hoot that many men of the South could not bring themselves to fight and kill their own people, their sons and brothers, their fathers.

You cannot rightly judge the past if you don’t understand how people of the past thought and felt. Back in those days, your state was first your country, gathered in a union of other sovereign states. Lee could not bring himself to fight and kill his own kin, his own people, the Virginians. Therefore he could not lead the Union Army to quell the rebellion and he made the hard and terrible choice to defend his people.

Be compassionately advised, I am not defending the world view of White Supremacists or the Confederacy. The Confederacy’s way of life was based on the social cancer of slavery and it took a civil war to cut that tumor out of America and so far, not with complete remission. You can read a whole series of articles I published a few years ago by clicking on Confederacy that angered as many of my white racist readers as this article is upsetting my leftist-supremacist readers right now.

Perhaps it is impossible to reach my white readers harboring racist misunderstanding. I’ll keep trying because I love them as much as I love my liberally unconscious friends. For today, I will entertain the possibility that there’s a slightest chance that I can reach those of you who identify yourselves as being “liberal” or “progressive” by illuminating just how “liberal” and “progressive” you really are, or are not. Then maybe you can love your enemies and have compassion for them.

When I see you behaving just like the people you hate, I see you becoming that which you hate. That’s why I’m lovingly hitting you liberally-identified harder today. In a way, spouting liberal ideas but acting like a thug and a vandal of history makes you one thing the White Supremacists and American Nazis aren’t, a hypocrite. We know where the racists stand. They show their faces openly at Charelottesville while the most violent liberals who clashed with them hid their faces like cowards, shouded in black, ISIS-like, like hoods belonging to a gaggle of street gangbangers.

How many of you Left Wing-nut Supremacists battling those other idiot Right Wing-nut Supremacists at Charlottesville demonstrations the other week know what important role of peace and reconciliation Robert E. Lee played in healing the nation after one of the most vicious and bloody civil wars in modern times? The vanquished Southerners looked up to him and he advised reconciliation and peace. If he had declared for guerilla war the South would have fought one.

By your acts you shall be judged by a cosmic intelligence that could be yours to awaken if you stayed your dark passions and opened your hearts to your enemies, as Yeshua (Jesus) did.

My God! Can you imagine Martin Luther King behaving like you have behaved last week at Charlottesville, you hooded and masked “liberals” tearing down statues like barbarians sacking Rome or ancient jihadists burning down the Alexandria Library in Egypt?

You were looters of history.

King used the greater power of peaceful civil disobedience and non-violent protest to move a racist nation a great step forward in civil rights for African Americans and the poor, a step that couldn’t be achieved for a century after it should have happened at the end of bloodshed in the Civil War. A peaceful man can move mountains of ignorance without one statue needed to be toppled or spat upon.

Do you think your violence will erase slavery and injustice from the world? Beware of your accomplices in history who acted like you do, trying to purge the world of people they judged hastily and stupidly as bad and evil, putting on airs of righteous purity they did not possess for it takes a monster to commit monstrous acts of obliterating history, thinking you are making a better world. What you are doing when you topple or remove statues is not standing with the righteous; you are standing with the Hitler Youth who gleefully burned books of Jews and intellectuals to purify humanity for a better world by attempting to wipe their memories of Jews with fire.

You idiots lobbying in Congress and in your assembled mobs on the streets clamor for statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to be removed from the Capitol Building premises because they were slave owners. Last week it was the white supremacists marching in torchlight parades. In the future you Liberal Supremacists will be raising your firebrands and like Hitler’s children you’ll someday storm and destroy the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

My goodness, some of you have already defaced the images of Lincoln, the president who liberated the slaves, the president the first African American president loved most, Barack Obama. It seems you don’t even know the difference who fought who in the civil war. And then there was the VICE article online that had to change the original title of the article because some people were decent enough to complain. It presented an “Alt Left” title and theme: Occupy Mount Rushmore, South Dakota. Wire the faces of Jefferson and Washington chiseled on the mountain and blow them to bits.

I saw that kind of insanity committed in videos coming out of Afghanistan in early 2001 when the Islamic-fundamentalist Taliban decided to put on a big show touting their extreme hatred for any image of god or man as a sin of “idolatry.” OK, fine if Islam as a religion doesn’t want any images of the Prophet Muhammad or of Allah turned into statues or paintings. But where do you get off imposing your violent will on others who believe differently?

A thousand years before Islam reached Afghanistan it was a huge Buddhist nation. A sandstone statue of Buddha hundreds of feet high was carved in relief upon a mountainside, and up to 2001, it was one of the wonders of ancient Afghanistan. The Taliban videotaped it being blown to bits. They hopped up and down with glee, spitting on the rubble, and whacking it with their shoes just like a saw a mob of you Liberal Supremacists, gloating over a ruined Confederate statues that you just vandalized the other week in Charlottesville, glistening its twisted wreckage with your loogies of lustful anger.

I suppose a void of extremism must be balanced with more extremism. The “Alt Right” must invariably go to battle with similarly idiotic people pitted against you members of an “Alt Left.”

Now we have emerging an “American” Taliban. I see the rise of an American ISIS, destroying statues of the past, objects to invoke memories of lessons learned and yet to be learned, thinking that wiping these things out, like the fanatics burning books in Nurnberg, Nazi Germany or burning down a vast library of antiquities in Alexandria Egypt, that somehow that makes one a wise guy.

After the Buddha demolition, Afghanistan fell into darkness. After the book burning, the Nazis began to burn people. After the treasure trove of record of the classical ages was burned to the ground, people were forced to convert to a religion, not by love or by understanding, or a free heart submitting happily to God. No. With their heads covered in the ashes of lost classical memories they were threatened to submit to a new god or face beheading by the sword.

It seems some of you sword bearers and library burners have reincarnated to herald and create dark ages again. When you erase a symbol of slavery, I assure you from understanding history’s precedents, you erase a point of discussion and debate about ending slavery. I promise you, the day you destroy all the symbols of slave owners, wiping your mind blank of their memory, you will have hastened the return of your own slavery once again.

If you destroy the memory of Washington and Jefferson because of their one mistake, you have made their error more important than their many gifts to this republic—gifts of freedom and an American dream given to you in humanity’s greatest experiment in forming a republic with democratic values as the basis of its laws.

Remember what Yeshua said in the New Testament when a mob of men came to stone a prostitute?

“He who has not sinned, cast the first stone.”

So I lovingly say unto you:

“He or she, white or black, who has not had a racist thought, cast down the first Confederate statue.”

He or she, Caucasian or African American who has not hated, be the first man or woman to beat another flawed human being, just like yourselves. Use your club to hit someone sprawled on the ground in a mob riot in Charlottesville.

Your hand is becoming like the hand of ISIS. Today you break the statues with your hammers or pull them down with your ropes. Tomorrow you’ll be cutting throats of the apostate, un-American that doesn’t measure up to your idea of being American or you will hang by the neck your fellow American with your rope.

A savage paints the world in a black and white judgmental mindset of the mob mind. You will destroy the memory of Washington and Jefferson first, and then next you will destroy the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence that they gave you.

I curse the unconsciousness of your enablers, the media anchors on TV whoring for news-tricks called “better ratings” while fanning your violence and witch hunts. I see a new left-leaning intolerance rising. It matches those on the extreme opposite and intolerant right.

There was rightful sympathy for the woman demonstrator at Charlottesville being a fatal victim of a right-wing hater, yet MSNBC’s editorial filter throughout its hours of reporting in the aftermath never sought a balancing perspective. No mention was there of the well organized Antifa hooligans enticing and inciting fights with the right-wingers. Left was lily white of any guilt. No caveat of a reminder was tendered for the equally hateful crime that happened a few months earlier when the Republican congressmen and their aids playing a baseball game where shot by a Left-Wing Supremacist in Alexandria, Virginia, simply because they were Republicans, as if your political persuasion collectively makes you a hated Jew in that man’s fascist, democratic worldview. Shall the world brand all liberals the same like I’m hearing new anchors brand all white people attending the demonstration with a collective and sweeping judgment?

One night after the riots, Rachel Maddow of MSNBC was leering with lustful glee at footage of men and women marching with tiki torches in a rally to protest against Confederate Statues being torn down. Yes, many of them were stiff-arming Nazi salutes and carrying stars and bars Confederate flags.

Guess what?

It is their First Amendment right to do so. The First Amendment defends their right to do it just as much as it defends your right to peacefully assemble and counter protest with your symbols of left wing pride, such as your LBTGQA rainbow flags. Most of the whites flying their Confederate flags are just as much against your lifestyle as you are of theirs, yet both of you, if you truly are Americans, must honor the First Amendment right of the other to peacefully assemble, period.

If you understand what it is to be a citizen of this nation, you must respect the rights of others as you expect your own rights to be respected. There is no two ways of behavior about it.

I don’t support anyone’s violent expression of their racial, spiritual or political “supremacy” over others, be it Right, Left, Conservative or Liberal supremacy—Christian, Buddhist, Islamic or Atheist Fundamentalist. Democracy is about living in community with others you differ with. Only a non-democratic mind, a totalitarian mindset, imposes its views violently to oppress and erase or destroy the lives of others. All who tear down statues and attempt to erase history are having their Fascist moment of unconscious action.

Rachel Maddow had her Fascist moment on air, using the power and responsibility of her television anchor position. She was goading her audience to recognize all of those white people in the footage of their peaceful march and get them fired from their jobs and branded as white racists “for the rest of their lives.”

Rachel Maddow, you are a Jew. How can you hate and desire to hurt, and sweepingly brand all of those people for persecution, for loss of their jobs, meaning their children will go hungry and suffer?

Your judgment of them, your direction to your viewers to persecute them and their families is you wearing your hatred and racism on your sleeve like the Nazi’s forced your relatives to wear their hate on your realtives’ sleaves from ghetto to gas chamber. Your recent ancestors were forced to wear the Star of David that defined your people as subhumans to be denied jobs and persecuted in Germany.

Nazis lusted, as you do, for people of a certain race to be identified, stripped of a livelihood, their families to suffer, “for the rest of their lives” with no chance of redemption.

When you speak like that and incite millions of people watching to see those men and women’s livelihoods destroyed, you have become allied with the very same darkness, once effectively goaded into action that murdered six million of your own people.

Be ashamed and come back to the light of a loving heart.

Click on the cover to purchase this printed edition. Or, go to Amazon.com and get the eBook version.

Click on the cover to purchase this printed edition. Or, go to Amazon.com and get the eBook version.

DATELINE: 30 August 2017

My “Premonition Meter” is on the Rise Again

On rare occasions I have powerful premonitions that begin in the deepest viscera of the body and sometimes grow from that hara space to overcome the whole body mind system. On a scale of one to ten, it has only been ten just three times so far in a life now passing through its 62nd year.

When I was younger I would automatically misunderstand those three tens to mean something personal was about to happen, perhaps even my death was coming. That was true, in away during the first premonition in October 1962 in the days leading up to my eight birthday. It was literally true on Ash Wednesday 4 March 1981 just 40 minutes prior to experiencing an auto accident that sent me “away” from this plane of existence for 20 minutes here—to eternity there. The third had nothing to do with my personal death, though I felt it was so, at first. Nevertheless, like the other two, this time I recognized when reaching “ten” a clear vastness beyond anything I could imagine meant that my body-mind in some mysterious fashion had become an alarm bell for an oncoming big global event “ringing” and “resounding” in me.

The first experience in October 1962 was trying to tell my innocent, childlike mind that death “was” coming, a potential death of hundreds of millions of people. Nuclear war was approaching the threshold of the present from the future. I saw the crashing plane that might start it. Three days later, President Kennedy went on television and announced to the world that the US and USSR were in the Cuban Missile Crisis. The plane that was shot down over Cuba at the most tense moment of the crisis was a US U-2 spy plane. The following day, a last minute resolution of the crisis was achieved. If it hadn’t, my personal death was assured, on the following day, my approaching eighth birthday on 29 October 1962. That’s when the US airstrikes to take out the Soviet missiles in Cuba was scheduled to launch. That’s when World War Three would begin and I don’t think I or at least 20 million other Americans would have outlived that day.

The Ash Wednesday 1981 premonition was about a brush with personal death that sent me into an out-of-body glimpse into a transpersonal-eternal reality of infinite golden-ness. It was a death experience because I’ve been forever changed by it. I had just come back from an Ashram in India becoming a red-and-orange clad sannyasin swami of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (currently called Osho). I had written Osho about the experience and he wrote back saying that it had severed most of my connections to the past.

You can read the full story of what happened and where I “disappeared” to in a “not-there-ing way” by reading my most autobiographical book yet written about my experiences surrounding the three Tenth-level premonitions in Nostradamus: Premonitions of 9/11.

The third premonition has a similar quality of the one I’m experiencing now, 16 years later. It is slow to boil, just like the one I started feeling in March 2001 when I returned from a two-month visit of Osho’s, Pune, India, Ashram, that since 1981 had changed its name a redefined itself several times. Since Osho left his body there in January 1990 it’s been called the Osho Meditation Resort. I returned to my flat in the Capitol Hill district of Seattle with a slow burn of a new premonition arising that prompted me to prepare to leave Seattle for a new rural life. The message was “get out of cities” for this next stage of the work. The premonition stayed around the level my current premonition oscillates at—between 2 to level 4—until a sudden and dramatic rise to ten in the two days leading up to the 9/11 terrorist attack on the United States that has since put the world on its current and dangerous course for the last 16 years.

Now my premonition is rising for we are entering another dramatic change in the course of destiny. The articles today will look at various issues and future trends in current events pointing to number of issues and dangers converging upon us and then end with how we can be blissfully centered and unattached by the whirlwinds of change coming.

DATELINE: 30 August 2017

My Climate Change Challenge given to 1,000 people at George Noory’s live Coast to Coast Show at the Everett Opera House on 29 July 2017

Speaking of “slow burns,” the creeping catastrophe is always harder for the human monkey minded programming installed us by society to recognize and arrest. Climate Changing, slowly and inexorably leading us towards a hot and bothered new Dark Age is generally hard for the personality-coated human being to recognize. Anything that is “planetary” is so vast that it boggles the fixated, personality-narcissistic, little-old-me-and-my-problems ego. Yet by practicing the science of self-observation, the simple and non-judgmental witnessing of the suchness of the ego-mind-personality brings one into an encounter with a deepening sensitivity and awareness of The Whole. The mind, unwatched, can filter its taint upon the All and turn it into an appearance of infinite division, just like every through it throws from its brain case like a rock thrown into a pond, turning the still reflection of the full moon into infinitely fractured and agitated shards of wavy light.

When one tunes inward in witnessing meditation, understanding seeps in, from the back door as it were, like water quietly touching the bottom of a sponge until the sponge is full of silent understanding, and connectivity to all and everything without any intent or effort.

No-Thing-Ness enters as a guest on its own, coming and going, passing through “the sponge.” Understanding arises on its own—a harmony with things through the “thing-less.” In “this” there is an understanding, an awakening to Nature as a living presence, the soul of Planet Earth—Earth’s Mother Eywah, if you like and enjoyed James Cameron’s Avatar movie.

Earth’s Eywah is running a fever. She sweats record-breaking rains and floods and convulses in superhurricanes. Her fever is burning hot, right now, over the skies of Whidbey Island where I’m writing the draft and time-tagging its predictions of this article on 12 August to be published later. She’s so hot that the skies are smoking with megafires located hundreds of miles north in British Columbia, Canada. Washington and Oregon State have been under a fog of fire smoke for weeks now. The particulate pollution count is often at or beyond the average for Beijing, China, the world’s air polluted city number one. Now I know what it’s like to live in the Chinese capital and breathe into my lungs a pack’s worth of cigarettes a day without lighting up a tobacco-wrapped cancer stick pressed between my lips.

We may get rains on Sunday (13 August) and winds that can at last blow this apocalyptic smoke pall from our usually blue and fresh Whidbey Island skies. It might break a record as just another evident example that the world’s climate is running amok. On Saturday (12 August) we are on day 55 without precipitation. That’s four days beyond the all-time summer Seattle record for consecutive days without rain. I started recording meteorological records in January 1986 when I moved up to the Pacific Northwest. This is the first late-June, July, into August period since then when I haven’t seen thunderstorms building upon the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges.

No rain in “rain city” Seattle, WA, since mid June!

Chase one weather extreme with another. A drought settled in by mid June after the wettest winter-spring rainy season since records were kept up here—that’s 140 years.

We’re also breaking other records. The Seattle Times reports August 2017 is coming in hot, much hotter than normal with an average of 87.5 degrees. The norm should be 77.3. As we’re approaching mid-August Seattle is trending an above average reading that is on schedule to break the hottest August on Seattle’s records that had an average high of 83.7 and a norm of 76.3 degrees. As we go to press on 30 August, Seattle will break a record today of 62 consecutive summer days logging temperatures of70 degrees and above.

No summer rains for 51 days broke a record dating back from August of 1951. That’s become a rare event, long running records going down. What is important to watch to indicate the aggregate temperatures of the planet are rising is the shorter and shorter time it takes for records around the world to be broken. In Seattle’s case this current heat trend in August 2017 is likely to bump to third place the second hottest August ever recorded. That record was marked in 2015 and may not hold at second place more than only two summers.

Like I said, I’ve lived in the rainy marine climate of the Pacific Northwest since 1986. I’ve been keeping records on the weather as a hobby ever since for 31 years and counting. The climate up here is changing, growing hotter and drier in the summer, and warmer and wetter, with less snow events, from the winter into spring.

Nuclear war is still a real threat to our future, yet I’ve been presciently aware since 1973 of Global Warming being real, and the ultimate danger for the human race. I’ve seen the change in my weather diaries. I read the scientific evidence and the climatological forecasts made decades before the signs became apparent and so far they have stayed the course of 100-percent accuracy, because the evidence is objective and it is mountainous.

Many people can be alarmed and insulted by a handful of right wing cooks on radio, TV or get alarmed by Hitler-sympathetic authors declaring the Jewish Holocaust and the industrially efficient ovens burning up Jews was a hoax. And yet, a majority of you come to quick and lazy-made conclusions denying the oven we are all preparing out of our atmosphere, especially since 1950, waiting to burn all of us. We are turning the very atmosphere we breathe into an oven because of the air pollution from our cars and factories. We are preparing a planetary-wide climate holocaust for the whole human race. Yet a majority of Americans living in the second greatest air-polluting nation on Earth call global warming a hoax.

During a late and lingering July heat wave, and a couple days before we lost our Northwestern summer blue skies and began living in a fog made up of burnt Canadian houses and trees from megafires north of the border, I had the honor of appearing with George Noory as the fourth and final guest of a three-hour live Coast to Coast AM stage show on Saturday 29 July 2017. The old and un-air conditioned Everett, WA, Opera House, built in 1901, was packed with a sold-out audience with no tickets available for a month. Every one of its 1,000 seats were filled. George crooned a series of songs with a live band and a huge screen projected special effects and pictures with music and voice overs to first introduce each of the four guests and different trends of thought in their interview with George on stage. The special effects were already competing with a flood of outside light into the darkened theater when side doors to the fire escapes on the upper rows of seats were opened on the north end to let in what little cool air there was outside.

It was getting hotter each moment so I retreated to the subterranean coolness of a sprawling green room deep below the stage to better listen to the show on intercom and prepare myself for the final segment. On my way down to cool comfort I saw Robert Felix the first guest, who specializes in climate change denial, getting suited up for an entertaining entrance in an Arctic-winter-friendly parka to brave the sultry stage.

I heard George open Robert’s interview asking the temp-challenged, yet avidly engaged, audience to cheer whether they believed climate change was a hoax. A thunderous cheer vibrated the green room speakers. When George asked how many believed global warming wasn’t a hoax, the cheer was far more modest and self-conscious. If I compared by decibel output, I’d say 25 percent of the audience had throated up their belief it was not a hoax.

An idea simply dropped into the mind. I’m as surprised by such ideas as my readers, radio or TV audiences are. I planned to present another kind of poll when onstage a few hours later.

I ascended the steps out of my cool green room grotto and emerged onto a stage when my time on stage came. The theater was humid with breathy anticipation and sticky with hot-dog day heat by at least five more degrees. I playfully bantered with my dear friend George, sang a few riffs of opera, turned to the audience and said, “Please raise your hand if you think global warming is a hoax.”

A forest of hand branches on arm trunks lifted from three quarters seated. I smiled and said, “Raise your hands if by the year 2028 you will change your minds and believe global warming isn’t a hoax.”

I could see in the dim light the collective body of the audience balk, caught off balance. A rumble of bewilderment was spiced with titters of mischievous chuckles and giggles with some grumpy harrumphs.

I am presciently certain, that a majority of those who are climate change deniers reading this and a lion’s share of those who were present at the Everett show, if still alive in 2028, will see nature’s fury impacting their lives. By 2018 only a handful of you will sink so deeply into a state of denial to reach a state of mind that flat-earthers possess. You have my sympathy 11 years in advance. The rest of you will have the intelligence and the courage to see things clearly 11 years hence. I’ve had visions of you in that future coming around to global warming being real, because by then it will fundamentally change your livelihoods and your lives. You won’t be able to escape facts.

Belief is only an adornment for the ignorant, the willfully misinformed and those who choose by society’s prompting to put blind faith in blindness. So I say to you that you won’t believe climate change is real in 2028.

You will KNOW it is real.

Remember 11 years from now that I wrote this prediction about you, in this article date tagged for 12 August 2017.

For all of you lovely people who attended our live show and experienced the “balk” of my census on 29 July 2017, I say again, remember, you heard it then and so it is written and recorded here.

I hope to see you all thriving in the year 2028. I hope to celebrate all of you at that time becoming actively engaged in building a new world, striving to curtail carbon emission by 80 percent by the year 2040, 12 years after that. If successful you will be giving a future back to your children and our human race by putting to an end the greatest danger to our civilization’s sustainable future.

A new cold war was foreseen getting suddenly and unexpectedly "hot." Nostradamus gives two countdowns. The war erupts in late 2017 or 2027. And yet, America's greatest prophet, Edgar Cayce foresaw the Russia would become "the hope of the world." Can world war III be avoided? Click on the cover and read how this future can be changed.

A new cold war was foreseen getting suddenly and unexpectedly “hot.” Nostradamus gives two countdowns. The war erupts in late 2017 or 2027. And yet, America’s greatest prophet, Edgar Cayce foresaw the Russia would become “the hope of the world.” Can world war III be avoided? Click on the cover and read how this future can be changed.

DATELINE: 30 August 2017

The US Congress passes a Russia Sanctions Bill: a Message from the Deep State to Trump, that Peace and an End to the New Cold War is Bad for the Perpetual War Business

President Trump and Putin finally met at the G20 on 7-8 July 2017, held in Hamburg Germany. Their private meeting lasted much longer then planned. G20 leaders even coaxed the First Lady, Melania Trump, to enter the room and try to end the meeting to keep everyone on schedule. Goodness knows, keeping to schedule is more important than taking extra time actually solving the world’s problems. Don’t let meetings between two superpower leaders who might be forging new deals and possibly peaceful solutions take a little more time. They are upsetting our schedule of schmoozing, our champagne hour will be late and Trump and Putin will mar out tradition at the G20 of getting effectively nothing ineffectively done.

Melania had no success. The two men were completely engaged, locked in, liking being in with each other at last. The chemistry? Great!

Over a year before Trump was president in a foreseen upset, described in Trump for President: Astrological Predictions, I looked at the charts of the two men and immediately recognized that they had chemistry. They got each other. Having two men who possess over 90 percent of all the nuclear weapons in the world getting along is a good thing.

From what I gather, the Kremlin would be overjoyed to have Trump as the US president. My sense is Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin will get along famously together. They’re astrologically harmonious in nature. Trump can speak and think like an oligarch when it’s needed. However, I would say that between the American Diocletian Caesar and Russia’s closest thing to a modern Czar Peter the Great, Putin is a more compassionately hard man who serves his people, whereas Trump serves one American citizen first and foremost—Himself with a capital “H.” Americans can only hope what’s good for Mr. Himself is good for them.

What is perhaps the most unexpected plus in a Trump presidency is how he and Putin could truly become friends and work out their trade and global political deals in a fair and shared way to perhaps fulfill the prophecy of America’s greatest twentieth-century seer, Edgar Cayce (d. 1945).

Cayce is the only prophet in a rarified club of world war prophets to accurately date and describe the advent of World War II, yet unlike the others, not foresee a World War III. We might hope a thermonuclear exchange might not unexpectedly explode between the US and Russia, either over Ukraine or a war with ISIS, in the autumn of the first year President Trump would be in office.

You can explore Cayce’s full and detailed “Russia, the Hope of the World” prophecies by reading A New Cold War: The Prophecies of Nostradamus, Stormberger and Edgar Cayce. In brief, Cayce between 1934 and 1944 left detailed documented trance readings foreseeing that Russia would advance beyond its communistic government and become “The Hope of the World” only by the help of its brother Americans if Americans live their democratic values by example and not by being violent, nation-destroying hypocrites.

Trump for President: Astrological Predictions
Chapter Twelve:
Is Trump the Real Greg Stillson
From Stephen King’s The Dead Zone?

Click on the cover and read a free book sample of the book that predicted Trump's upset win over a year ago and glimpsed his future as president.

http://www.amazon.com/Trump-President-Astrological-John-Hogue-ebook/dp/B019NZR1G8/ Click on the cover and read a free book sample of the book that predicted Trump’s upset win over a year ago and glimpsed his future as president.

Their G20 meeting looked like a breakthrough, a good foundation for further pragmatic “Realpolitik” between Trump and Putin. Its first successful consequence was a Russo-American backed ceasefire and demilitarization in war torn Syria’s southwestern province, which has so far pretty much held. Trump triumph-trumpantly comes home and what does his peace mission with the Russian’s get him?

Bipartisan support, of course. The most bipartisan support ever managed by this historically polarized US Congress ever since Trump came to office in January 2017. Donkey Democrat legislators, “lied” down with Republican Dumbos in a landslide in the House of 419 yes to 3 nays, then the Senate with 98 votes to 2 dissenting passed and offered the president a bill to sign on 27 July 2017 that, Don Corleone style, is their “offer” Trump “can’t refuse” or veto. It contained sweeping sanctions against Russia and I would say unconstitutional powers to curtail the Executive Branch from doing peace deals with Russia and reducing sanctions without congressional approval. It also united unrelated foreign policy disputes with Russia to Iran and North Korea as if they were one problem.

This is not the purview of US Congress to dictate foreign policy to this or any president of the United States. The “act” is motivated by an as of yet unproven and heresay-beclouded claim of interference by Russia in the 2017 Presidential Election. Even if that finally is proven, what does Russian hacking have to do with standoffs with North Korea or the nuclear peace deal with Iran, Mr. and Ms. US Congress???

The DonkeyDumbo bipartisan cabal rejoiced in their successful legislative coup. They had at last stymied the president’s attempts to make peace with Moscow, whom they believe hacked and stole the election last year. After over a year of digging since the DNC email leaks in July 2016, no incontrovertible evidence backs that accusation.

Details, details…

Ever since the feverish flummoxing of suspicion continues overtaking the corporate mainstream media, full of alarm and hyperbole but no objective evidence that anything happened. Loathed be they, I would add, to balance their nightly reports fomenting this myth, while ignoring the mounting, objective evidence that may prove the DNC “hack” was actually an inside job and implicate who did it was definitely not a Russian at all. I will be laying that all out in a future article, soon.

CAATSA, HR 3364, as catch can, otherwise known in bureaucratese as the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act, was reluctantly signed by President Trump on 2 August 2017, to preserve national unity (read: keep my dissenting, warmongering Republican majority in Congress on my side).

The bill was a neoconservative wish list to destroy sovereign nations, as per their plans exposed to the public by former NATO commander Wesley Clarke in 2007. He told the world about a hit list drawn up just weeks after the 9/11 terror attacks in 2001 aimed to take down seven “rogue” states, none of which had any part in collapsing the Twin Towers of New York City’s World Trade Center, or driving a commercial jet into the western face of the Pentagon in Washington. Neocons have wanted to take down Iraq, Iran and North Korea as their “Axis of Evil” ever since President Bush read their script to the world before Congress in January 2002. Looks like neo-conned congress stitched together onto the Frankenstein-monster legislation Russia to take the place of Saddam’s Iraq’s as new “Axis of Evil” member with Iran and North Korea, plus they added China too.

It would seem we have a new “Axis of Evil” in the crosshairs, three of which are nuclear powers, excluding Iran—one of which, if attacked could wipe the US off the face of the earth with 8,000 nukes.

Trump signed the bill but as per constitutional law, added an official observation condemning the bill’s many unlawful and hastily legislated details that “included a number of clearly unconstitutional provisions.”

He is right to declare the bill encroaches on the executive branch’s authority to negotiate, tailored to hobble and obstruct the president’s ability to make good deals. His statement is prescient when it warns that the new law will drive China, Russia, and North Korea much closer together.

Who profits from this?

Who could bring this most contentious Congress into a historic, almost unanimous bipartisan vote so devastating that the president couldn’t even try to veto it?

Who can do that?

I’ll tell you.

Corporate “free speech.”

At Hogueprophecy you’ll get context and perspective rather than mainstream news distractions. The Deep State was sending Trump a message after his famously positive, first-time face-to-face meeting with Russian President Trump at the G20 Summit: make no peace on Earth.

A year before he was president I anticipated Trump and Putin would have great chemistry, that they’d get each other, and unlike a Clinton presidency, that meant a very good chance the nuclear war she was hell bent to blunder into with Moscow would not happen.

There’s too much good astrological mojo between Putin and Trump’s birth charts. For starters, Putin has a Sun in Libra to a degree granting him incredible patience. He is thoughtful, not a hothead, ever. His Saturn in Libra is exactly conjunct Trump’s expansion and higher-minded planet Jupiter in ways helping Putin see through the occasional slips of the US president into potential Jupiter-afflicted xenophobic-sounding polemics. Putin’s Libra Neptune is harmoniously trined Trump’s Sun in Gemini and trined Trump’s Sagittarius Moon. In short, they get each other, and that puts Trump’s drawing snap mediumistic decisions out of a positive place in his unconscious mind.

There’s ease between the two. He won’t easily misread the Russians or their president and start a thermonuclear war, even if there was a crisis before his first year in office is finished. With Trump as president we might all hope Nostradamus’ short countdown will arrive and pass without a war, leaving these issues for future Russian and American presidents to tackle when the second, far longer countdown runs out in 2027.

Trump for President: Astrological Predictions
Chapter Twelve:
Is Trump the Real Greg Stillson
From Stephen King’s The Dead Zone?

Trump and Putin will not start that thermonuclear war, but the corporately corrupted US Congress is a bipartisan tool of special, war manufacturing interests. By this vote, Trump was disempowered by the Deep State, their message sent is this: We have the power and you are along for the ride or you are taking a ride in a coffin in a funerary caisson like the last president who questioned the CIA/NSA/Pentagon industrial war profiteers.

These creatures of industrial death and misery for profit do not want World War III but they do want to perpetuate a Cold War Two, not knowing what the great prophets who foresaw the last two world wars warn. As little as three years and seven months or as long as 13 years after this new cold war starts, it suddenly goes nuclear killing two-thirds of the human race. I am relieved to see Trump’s response to this seemingly crushing bipartisan congressional rejection of his Russian peace moves was shrugged off in the same way he often shrugged off politicians blocking his construction projects in Manhattan. He sent US Secretary of State Tillerson to meet with the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov for a positive meeting. He now has to go through Congress to end sanctions and get his diplomatic deals with Moscow approved, but that hasn’t stopped using back channels to reach Putin and slowly forge a working relationship. They both keep “getting” each other more and more—to the extent that as long as Trump is in office, Putin is not going to go to war with America or be backed into a corner where Russia has to consider defending itself from an aggressor with nukes. Oddly enough, despite all the saber rattling hyperbole of this US president, I predict you are all safer today “because” he still talks deals of peace with Russia. When that is completely repressed by the Deep State and their puppet Congress, and they roll in Mike Pence as your next president, that will be the day my premonition meter for nuclear dangers begins rising fast.

DATELINE: 30 August 2017

The eclipse is over, but this books five-year look into the future has just begun. Click on the cover

The eclipse is over, but this book’s five-year look into the future has just begun. Click on the cover

After the Great American Eclipse: What’s next?

Thank you, everyone who meditated with me starting when the solar eclipse made US landfall in Oregon until it lifted off into the Atlantic. The stage is now set for America in the coming weeks, months and upwards of five years to experience great upheaval and change as this eclipse marks the beginning of the end of the American hegemonic century.

Last Friday (25 August 2017), Saturn the grim reaper of our illusions, pretenses and friend to facing what’s real, moved out of a long retrograde, backwards motion in the heavens, adding its own momentous portent in the aftermath of the Great American Eclipse happening just four days earlier. In my recently released and detailed, day by day, astrological account of these fuse-lit times all the way into May of next year, I braced you all for the following and most harmonious aspect for war’s eruption, that is now in play, reaching its climax:

Exactly one month before the Great American Eclipse, when Mars in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius became, in Nostradamus’ words, “equally fiery” for war, this bellicose astrological window—and thus his prophecy about it—has opened wider and wider. On 20 August it is all the way open on the eve of the eclipse marking the beginning of the end of the American hegemonic century because the orb of trine of Mars on 20 August moves into an orb of influence with Saturn in Sagittarius 20 degrees. Someone might light the timeline fuse for war on 21 August but it might not blow up into a manifested explosion until September or even later—November.

The August astrological assault does not relent.

The day after the eclipse on 22 August Mars (Leo) trines retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius 11 degrees in a favorable aspect for releasing and letting go tensions for Trump personally and the tectonic plates of the United States. Perhaps the first significant quake might happen the day after the eclipse. Two days after that on 24 August, Venus in Cancer squares Uranus just as it passes within an orb of influence of Trump’s natal Venus 25 degrees Cancer. US diplomacy takes an unexpected “hit.”

…[On 25 August] Saturn goes stationary direct course at 21 Sagittarius, trined for war with Mars 22 Leo, letting loose what the retrograde may have repressed in President Trump to do something sudden and dramatic. It could be positive, like peace stopping war with Russia, North Korea or in the Middle East. It could be impulsively dangerous, such as retaliating on countries for a terrorist act. It could see the US government under Trump go over the top with martial law because of earthquakes causing economic crashes and civil disruption.

These are the extreme potentials.

Nothing this dramatic might happen in the days immediately following the Great American Eclipse. Chaos has been impregnated by these aspects and the eclipse. There could be a time of astrologically induced gestation…

Yet for the astrological record my reticence cannot rule out an immediate paroxysm in the world according to the USA around 21-25 August. First the eclipse on the 21st then Saturn on the 25th moves after its long retrograde in Sagittarius, literally pushing off of Trump’s natal Moon and emotional ruler of his psyche. Saturn springs off an opposition with his natal Uranus conjunction of his multiple personality Gemini Sun (Mr. Surprise set loose!). It all primes Trump for the most impulsive and irrational decision he can ever make; or, if not, Saturn’s play with direct course after the eclipse brings to human destiny explosive and violent change in a few days, a few weeks or in a few months.

John Hogue’s Worldwide Astrological Predictions
For the Real New Year:
Spring 2017 to Spring 2018
The Great American Eclipse
Of Land, Sea and Leadership—with Wars

Pressures in the human collective have mounted, like the tension of great continental plates. There will be “quakes.” Saturn moving forward on 25 August after a long retrograde will create explosive releases. Not only in the earth, but also from Harvey, a powerful Category Four hurricane, not experienced along the US Gulf Coast in over 13 years that made landfall on the 25th. Brace for late August’s journey into early September for explosive events in land, sea, and air. Calls for emergency and marshal law will be required to keep order and help eight million people of the greater metropolitan Houston, TX, recover from the city being flooded by upwards of over 54 inches of rain from Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey—the greatest amount of rain ever recorded by a storm making US landfall.

Also high is the potential for incidents and miscalculations that bring sudden eruptions of war. For instance, yesterday (28 August 2017) millions of Japanese citizens of the northernmost home island of Hokkaido were awakened at dawn by wailing sirens and public announcements on the intercom systems that a missile had been fired and to take cover. North Korea has launched satellites in the past—but only rarely, the last being in 2009—that would see second and third stages pass over Japan to splash harmlessly into the Pacific.

This was very different. This is the first time the North Koreans have launched a ballistic war missile directly over Japanese airspace—the type of missile that could drop a chemical, biological or possible nuclear warhead on Japan in only 15 minutes after launch. It is a significant escalation of tension in this ongoing standoff.

Afterwards President Trump warned Pyongyang “all options are on the table.” South Korea stepped up its air force bombing drills. We are in for a dangerous new week when the Korean Peninsula could suddenly erupt into full-scale combat not seen since the Second World War as the stars do favor conflict right now.

Most of you in the West, because of your mediocre new media, are not aware that China and India are also about to wage war in the Himalayas, and eruptions in the US economy are about to hit you. They are completely man-made and artificial if they happen, because your US Congress and President are behaving like children in a sandlot standoff about how to raise the debt ceiling limit as the deadline to raise the US Government’s debt ceiling approaches.

Let us look into the future potentials of each of these match-to-tinderbox crises one at a time…


Finish the climax of this article and find out about what happens next, plus reading an additional three compelling articles remaining by donating $5.00 or a little more HERE. Put Premonition Meter On The Rise Two, 2017 in the PayPal memo line. When I see your donation confirmed I will manually send you a fully illustrated PDF file attached to the email address you have used.

Here are the titles and brief excerpts from those five articles consisting of over AA words of informative material about the hottest current events and their prophetic significance that only you can assess with your donation and at the same time keep Hogueprophecy.com thriving in these decisive days after the Great American Eclipse where what it has to tell you couldn’t be more needed and helpful:

The Great American Eclipse: What’s next? The Conclusion

Hurricane Harvey will quicken what I foresee as the long term shift of this nation away from federal to state to county and town control, eventually moving Americans away from Washington DC’s influence and centralized thinking altogether as the Federal Government continues to become a proto-fascist tool of corporate interests and not the interests of the people. Democracy will survive if it becomes more immediate and localized.

Storms have changed the course of history before. Harvey is just that kind of storm… Donate HERE to access these fully-illustrated articles and thank you for supporting Hogueprophecy.

Did Ingersoll Lockwood write a Children’s Book that foresees Donald Trump as the Last President?

Ingersoll Lockwood has been all the rage in July and August in the Amazon bestsellers list for the Body Mind Spirit “prophecy” genre. Not bad for a US lawyer and author who’s been dead for 99 years. Well, that’s how life as a prescient forecaster often will fall. Your reputation does not precede you but leaves you decades or centuries behind as it succeeds you.

Ingersoll Lockwood (1841-1918) came to his most recent salutation by some as a prophet because long ago he published fantasy adventure spin-off like L. Frank Baum’s classic Wizard of Oz books. One in particular was an illustrated children’s adventure entitled The Travels and Adventures of Little Baron Trump and His Wonderful Dog Bulgar, published in 1890, followed up by Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey published three years later. His fictional boy with superhero-like strength is called Baron von Trump, with similar Germanic heritage like President Donald J. Trump. One wonders if the president, who defined himself once as a precocious eight-year old in his heart, might have had his narcissistic heart inexplicably drawn to read (or at least look at the pictures) of superboy Trumpian tales as a child…  Donate HERE to access these fully-illustrated articles and thank you for supporting Hogueprophecy.

The Prophecy of Carl Sagan

I will just let Carl Sagan’s words stand as they are. They need no interpretation. I trust my readers can understand and admire the prescience of this passionate defender of Science, even though he had his own irrational bouts of intolerance for things he new nothing about. Sagan never applied a scientific skeptical inquiry into psychic or divination disciplines like astrology. He dismissed them out of hand with a lot of emotional charge indicating he had repressed issues about subjectivity. He never researched as I have the many people in history who gave us accurate and documented future forecasting sometimes years and centuries before these events happened. I always wanted to debate Dr. Sagan on these issues, but he died of cancer not long after he penned this important prophecy, which is evidence that human beings can foresee the future, whether that human being was at odds with divination techniques and prophets… Donate HERE to access these fully-illustrated articles and thank you for supporting Hogueprophecy.

What “Guru” means and the difference between “Simplify” and being an unconscious “Simpleton”: Be Ordinary but never “Average.”

I love the Sanskrit word “Guru.” Thank you for reminding me to share this passage from my 1999 book “Messiahs” about the Guru: The word Guru is a new victim in the serial killing of beautiful words by pop-culture. Apply it in titles like “guru of golf,” or the “gurus of Washington wonk” and you have secularized this Hindu term for a religious teacher to fit any Svengali of politics, sports or the arts. The technically correct dictionary translation of the Sanskrit word “guru” is the “venerable one” or “the spiritual master,” but that definition is a dead statue to anyone who has known and loved the real living and breathing article. The seeker touched by the presence of the guru knows a far more poetic definition…   Donate HERE to access these fully-illustrated articles and thank you for supporting Hogueprophecy. –John Hogue.



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