The Trump Inauguration: Imagine if you will Barack Obama as He enters the Twilight Zone. The Women’s March, rude or include? And Three Steps to building a Better Democracy

Over 1,000 people marched in my little village of Langley, WA for the Womens March on Washington.

Over 1,000 people marched in my little village of Langley, WA for the Women’s March on Washington.

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DATELINE: 21 January 2017

The Women’s March on Washington DC and the Future of Rude or Include

This is the first full day of a new era. Out of the coming chaos is a tremendous opportunity to see the winds of history blow our masks of pretenses, our fossilized labels like “Democrat” or “Liberal” or “Republican” or “Conservative” ripped off of our original faces. These faces are the ones we had before we were born and before life chiseled upon that illuminated, innocent emptiness all the identities, limits and borrowed knowledge and straightjacketed judgments dividing ourselves from within, and dividing ourselves from others outside.

WomensMarchWashingtonPinkHatsWhile I was preparing for this article today I watched many news outlets putting their divisive “filtering” glasses of judgment on what were massive demonstrations in Washington. Upwards of 350,000 people thronged the nation’s wide boulevards marching to the White House while millions more men and women marched in solidarity in cities across the United States and the world in a Women’s March to keep their hard earned rights from a perceived threat of a Trump Supreme Court rollback. So they were there either petitioning him—or angrily feeding the division against him and those who voted for him. They marched to be included as equal American people that he promised to fight for against politicians in Washington. Let him never forget that the American people he fights for include millions of people who didn’t vote for him. Indeed this march was a general statement of many diverse groups, men, women, and gays, people of color that might have cheered when Hillary Clinton insensitively defined half the 62 million people who voted for Trump as “deplorables

WashingtoneyeDollarDetailNow, shocked and still emotionally reeling from a “Real”-ling moment that Clinton lost with almost three million more votes than Trump, a mass movement makes its first move on 21 January marches to make sure Trump doesn’t turn this majority who “didn’t” vote for him his own version of “deplorables.”

They will not become Trump’s “unmentionables.”

Those he dares not address or dismiss with as much idiotic ease as Clinton did his voters who are equally real American citizens with their own needs and grievances that the Obama administration and the Clinton Democratic Party machine ignored and forgot. Basically the Trump noggin hidden underneath that blonde-headed mane needs not to do what blond-headed Madonna dropped like a bomb on the airwaves out of her noggin, and let spit before hundreds of thousands present—many of them children—broadcast across the world. Her answer to anyone who disagrees with her and the demonstrators was a flat and violent retort: “F*CK YOU!!!” She kept saying it three times with mounting bile.

WomensMarchMadonaI issue a loving, prophetic warning. Don’t act like the thing you hate in others. Be more like Cher, another celebrity that was interviewed at the march. She also does not like Trump but she didn’t vomit expletives but stayed with listing what she didn’t like as her problem and concern.

Cher also said something that showed me she is trying to find a heartful and compassionate way to protest and march, not only for her and those that shared her concerns. She said how she recognizes and feels the pain of the majority of Trump voters who are poor or lost jobs or work in a part-time job that that doesn’t make ends meet. She feels their pain because she grew up poor.

Time for something funny. I mean, if you can't laugh at doomsday, what can you laugh at? Did you know that prophecy can be "funny"? Click on the cover and sample the stand up Prophecomedy.

Time for something funny. I mean, if you can’t laugh at doomsday, what can you laugh at? Did you know that prophecy can be “funny”? Click on the cover and sample the stand up Prophecomedy.

There’s no “F*CK YOU!” in her heart for them.

Rather, Cher says she’s also marching “for them, even if they don’t yet know that.”

I had a magic moment while watching the marches on TV. I heard voices in the room, voices of demonstration that seemed to float around the room, not coming out of the television. Indeed they were sounding loud in the very air I breathed.

In my little village of Langley, which has about 1,000 residents, I saw walking past my window a multitude of demonstrators with their placards and walking their dogs on leashes, just regular folk marching in a crowd at least a quarter mile long. There must have been 2,000 people! That’s twice the population of my seaside town involved.

What was happening on the TV was happening right down my driveway as I ventured out to watch. The people were friendly and no one was self-righteous to demand I join them but respected my freedom to smilingly watch them pass. Only at the end did someone comment. She was struggling with my standing there, finally resolving it, saying, “I guess every demonstration needs those who bear witness to it too.”

WomensMarchWashington-PinkwithLincolnHatShe didn’t know me so my anonymity as a witness wasn’t tainted by my celebrity prompting some expectation that I should join their march.

Nor would she know that a few hours later I’d be writing about her and sharing my witness to audiences on my free newsletter list, a high traffic website and my social media pages that would reach over 100 times more people than the 2,000 demonstrators numbered.

I say to them what I say to you. When you protest Trump, leave your negativity vented in private. Don’t be like Madonna was today, a feeder of division and hate. Be like Cher. Own, and be responsible for, your feelings rather than throw them on others.

And always remember this important caveat if you wish to succeed. Don’t imagine he’s not your president and think the two to four years you work to throw him out of office will end the damage he might do.

The time to awaken him is NOW! Today I saw millions of people begin to empower themselves. When you are empowered you need not go negative and doomladen. Only the weak of soul and spirit do that. The empowered turn anger into compassion, hate into love. They listen to the opposition and find a language of outreach and common ground.

You walk in your marches in the coming years to “awaken” yourselves “and” your president about “your” needs. Remind him that his pledge to bring the government back to the American people includes “YOU.”

obamacockadesunrise-to-trumpcockadeWhen you march, you also need to understand and find common ground with your neighbors who voted for Trump and it has to become deeper and more loving than you harbor now in your hearts.

It is time to move beyond all the crap the mainstream media vented like a mantra as character assassination of Trump and his supporters.

Don’t call Trump people “the Deplorables” or you’ll end up “the Unmentionables.” You are marching for them too. Even though they don’t yet know it.

DATELINE: 21 January 2017

usconstitutionwethepeoplescriptThree Steps to Building a Better Democracy

Here at HogueProphecy, I don’t just give you forecasts about the future. I help you build a better future. I give you “tools” to span the present with the further shore of tomorrow. Build that bridge, people. Tread that passage to a better world of your own conscious manufacturing.

I can foresee the Democrats handing the Republicans a 60+ supermajority in 2018, if they aim to go negative and become a Party of “no” and F*CK Trump. I see another possibility coming into view that might see the Democrats loose many seats, and some Republicans too, to the Brand New Congress movement.

At this point the Democratic Party is blaming everyone but themselves for the historic defeat they suffered not working the Electoral College intelligently in the Presidential Election, and ignoring almost completely the importance on a national scale of shifting gubernatorial and state senate and congresses like the Republicans have been doing.

When will you progressives pull your head out of the place where a blind, “lesser-than-two-evils” mindset is destroying you?

Abandon this politically dying party before it sinks and takes you down with the ship. Time for a completely new movement that is not chained by the polarizing mindset of political parties. The Brand New Congress is a first step. Get involved with it.

Get involved with other movements like the Wolf PAC that is aimed to overthrow all Super PACs and Citizens United. That’s how you get money and special interests out of the people’s politics.

Want to end the Electoral College? This is how you do it—with the National Popular Vote movement—and you don’t even need to run through the impossible gauntlet of seeking a new Constitutional Amendment through Congress.

DATELINE: 21 January 2017

TwilightZone-Serling-TrumpInOvalOfficeAnd now for something Completely Different and a Prophetic Vindication…

The Trump Inauguration: Imagine if you will Barack Obama as He enters the Twilight Zone

click on the cover and read more about this forthcoming book and how you can get a personal notice when it's out.

Click on the cover and read more about this forthcoming book and how you can get a personal notice when it’s out.

Here is my gift to you on Inauguration day, a full chapter from my forthcoming book President Trump Predictions.

Imagine, if you will, a pair of hypothetical future forecasts documented by John Hogue on 27-29 March 2016 about whom Obama would escort through the Capitol Building doors and out to be sworn into office as the 45th President on Inauguration Day 20 January 2017. Little did Obama know that he had just entered Hogue’s “Twilight Zone”!


But soft! The big doors open on the sunlit red carpet beating a path to the place where oaths will be taken. There will also be many oaths cursed under the breath of the assembled guests of the loser while the guests of the winner applaud and glad hand his host, the soon to be former president of the United States escorting the president elect down the red carpet. They will reach the circular marble balustrade of the Western face of the US Capitol Building. It provides a broad view all the way down the Mall to the Washington Monument where millions stand to witness the proceedings, mostly ogling the large screens posted at intervals.

TheTwilightZoneObamaSymbolAlas, the light has gone out of the presidents toothy, Jimmy-Carteresque smile. Barack Obama is subdued. Somber, lips at unguarded moments tightened over his ivories puffing out a frown that makes those two signature pockets of inflating skin on either side of his chin make him look like a squirrel who hoarded some rotten nuts.

Striding at his side, the President Elect is grinning with way too whitely brightened and capped teeth, illuminating a ruddy face under an over-comb of cherry blond hair and a face flush with an extra orange dousing of spray tan in a can.

A former model and new Slovenian-born First Lady, dripping in pearls and diamonds steadies the president elect’s heavy, cherished bible given to him by his Scottish born late mother.

He raises his right hand to match Supreme Court Justice Roberts, who then begins the Oath to be repeated:

“I Donald John Trump do solemnly swear…”

At or around noontime, with the delivery of that oath, the first term of the 45th presidency will be born. Just “what” has the United States married itself to?

I anticipate that no VIP astrologer will be invited who might give the newly minted President Trump a brief composite chart reading. In layman’s terms, you compare the aspects of his natal birth chart to see how they play with the birth chart of the United States.

Here they are in brief. For a more detailed examination of Trump’s US Chart aspects I refer you to Chapter Eight of Trump for President: Astrological Predictions.

This book documented Trump's alternative future victory over a year before it happened. Click on the cover and get a glimpse into his presidency from the most fair and balanced forecast book on Trump.

This book documented Trump’s alternative future victory over a year before it happened. Click on the cover and get a glimpse into his presidency from the most fair and balanced forecast book on Trump.

The US (Chart) Mars in 21 Gemini exactly conjoins Trump’s Sun and Mean Node 22/21 in Gemini. If he was Alexander the Great, fortune might favor this bold and unorthodox presidential choice to conquer the world. The country isn’t in any mood to get tangled in further military mishaps. Trump wants to rebuild the US military and “make it so strong no one would attack” the US. So far, his talks on foreign policy issues really does smack of someone only watching television for his knowledge. There are dangerous gaps. Hopefully, fortune will not favor a blind-sided blunderer. Let not pride be magnified by the self-ambitious potential powers of the Tenth House Sun sign. It rules the Executive Branch conjoining the US Gemini Mars in its Eight House in the realm of finance, banking and regenerating the economy. Look homeward President Trump. Rebuilding America is the focus. It is fortuitous that you lead America back home to nation build itself.

The US Mercury is 24 degrees Cancer squares Trump’s Moon in Sagittarius. The medium can channel the wrong message as much as he can promote and develop masterful deals. Trump the Gemini, ruled by the Twins (symbolic of human duality either in balance or polarity) is at least two people. In Trump for President I wrote, “The unconscious medium shooting off snap judgments on poor intelligence gathering only this time, things in the world can suddenly go ‘BOOM!’ An intuitive nose for business success may not always sniff out a winning life as a politician, especially if he lets himself get dragged down by a level of negative press as president this man—notoriously touchy about lies and mean spirited attacks—has never experienced.”

Imagine what that could be like when some of Trump’s most ill-spoken, lowbrow twitter moments posted on the campaign trail are posted from the White House? Obama had the Republicans in US Congress dedicated to derailing his presidency. Trump could have Democrats and Republicans agreeing on one thing, to deconstruct the Trump presidency and perhaps with impeachment.

The US natal Mercury represents the collective mindset of the nation, at odds with the emotional, raging, sometimes outrageous, passion-driven statements of this president. Fortunately there are mitigating aspects. The US Mercury is conjunct Trump’s diplomatic mistress, Venus in Cancer. Trump’s Mercury is conjunct the US Sun Sign which is at 13 degrees Cancer (within an orb of 5 degrees). Thus his intellect-ruling planet is magnified positively by the US natal collective ego. He could eventually find through trial and error, the right voice to engage his people.

Trump’s Mercury (at 8 degrees Cancer) is positively conjunct the US Jupiter (at 6 degrees Cancer). In the Trump book I wrote, “This is the sign of the power of positive thinking, Trump’s true religion. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale deeply impressed his parents and thus they drove into Manhattan regularly to attend many Sunday sermons held at the Marble Collegiate Church with young Trump in tow. Trump would later become a passionate disciple of “God’s Salesman” as the press coined him, adopting Peale’s uniquely conversational and simplified theology melding worldliness with godliness based on an abiding faith in self-confidence as a way of life…

“This favors Trump as the karmic echo of Reagan who learns the lessons Reagan flunked. And the US chart overwhelming Trump’s Mercury in Cancer negatives only gets better and better! It’s trined the US Scorpio Ascendant. His intellect will positively express to the nation and the world at large a clear policy of America’s foreign policy intentions. Gone are the foggy trade deals, and befuddled foreign policy. A lot of us may not like what direction he takes us. At least the world will know where America stands with this president at the helm. That ‘could’ be a calming and stability-nourishing change.”

I was in India meditating at an ashram (religious retreat) when I read the news in the Times of India about Reagan winning in 1980. The cartoon had a mad-hatter Reagan in cowboy hat and chaps riding a nuclear bomb with one hand shooting his pistol, the other swinging a lasso—HeeehAAAAH!

In India and much of the world at the time, they thought Americans had gone as mad to pick a crazy man. They will think the same now about Americans picking that “Trump” oaf. Yet, I was given an insight I didn’t anticipate would be true, despite how it went against appearances. I think the same may—I stress “may”—become true about Trump. The thought of “crazy” Reagan as president for the most part sobered the world leaders and America’s enemies into behaving saner than they would normally be. In the end Reagan surprised all by initiating the end of the Cold War with the Soviet Union. Given Trump’s positive aspects with the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, rather than going to nuclear war with the Russian Federation, I’ve predicted that he would resolve this neo-con manufactured false Cold War Obama started with Russia. Trump’s eccentricities and unpredictable mouth just might bring more cool and clear diplomatic behavior from America’s allies and friends. Don’t bait that crazy man in the White House.

TheTwilightZoneMarqueeNow then, Reagan didn’t have ISIS to contend with. Trump’s blindsided ignorance about Middle Eastern affairs scares me almost as much as his complete denial of the dangers of global warming and climate change. Another thing Reagan didn’t have to tackle. There’s more fuel to feed the crazy in the Reagan-echoing president of today than yesterday.

Trump’s Ascendant/Mars conjunction 26/29 degrees Leo is squared the US Moon in Aquarius 25 degrees. He’ll be prone to bullying political leaders, judges and legislators at home and world leaders abroad whom he doesn’t astrological harmonize with, unlike Putin.

Temper, temper, Mr. President,” I wrote in my first book on Trump, “your thin skin when face-to-face with devious world leaders. Congress and the Supreme Court will have you at times most unpresidentially ranting and raging. You’ll run into constitutional hot water when you don’t get what you want, bending the rules like you did in business. Wait, though! This isn’t the private sector. You aren’t an outsider businessman dealing with politicians. Tag! You’re it. Poof! Suddenly you must become overnight the best politician in chief. You’re now the political world’s chief politico.”

This Trump square of his most potent aspect with the US Moon is a big banquet of potentially bad vibes for tour of duty as president and it gets even rockier. Trump fortunately avoided suffering at birth what his two predecessors endured, the sign of self-delusion, par excellence. Both G.W. Bush and Barack Obama had their Suns squared Neptune. It helped Bush talk to God and send the country into disastrous military and economic adventures, the latter leading to the Great Recession. Obama’s self-delusion had him talking the political rock star, messiah talk but not walking the leadership walk. He became a man not ready for prime time history, with a befuddled, “leading from his behind” foreign policy doctrine that ever gave away the initiative to his enemies. Last but not least, Obama had a domestic, economic policy that looks to take the nation into a Second Great Recession before he’s out of office with a national debt clearing $20 trillion.

TrumpWNetworksGunningforHimWill Trump be any better? As the dower voice on the US Navy ship intercoms drone in World War II movies, “Now here this! NOW HERE THIS!!” The US Neptune 22 degrees Virgo squares Trump’s US Sun (ego) 22 degrees Gemini! This accursed aspect appears in Trump’s “relationship” as president with the nation. For a man who’s endured two larger than life, New York Big Apple-sized, tabloid-publicized, more than messy divorces, he just might suffer the Cancerian Sun “Mom” and Apple-pie, all-American mother of all divorces with the United States, its government and people. I’m talking impeachment here, even a coup, and the ultimate deal breaker if Trump cannot find his balance and deal with his darker aspected angels of his astrological nature.

The source of his potential downfall actually comes from the very thing he touts himself in political litany throughout the presidential campaign: that he’s the job maker, the guy who will bring the economy back, make America richer than ever before. All of this success is weighed on the assumption that he CAN jumpstart the economy and create the revenues needed to fund his absolutely “heeuooge” national health care and infrastructure programs.

This might be a self-deluded, Sun square Neptune dream of the man based on blind faith of the nation: that the man of big business can turn America’s economy around. His threats waging trade war diplomacy policy are a high-risk venture. If protectionism and economic isolation is the result and not fairer, renegotiated world trade deals, America will descend deeper than the Great Depression under Trump.

He might take a wrecking ball to Obama’s public programs like ACA (The Affordable Care Act) but in the end only destroy “Obamacare” and not replace it with a viable alternative, thus swelling the number of Americans without healthcare insurance going potentially bankrupt paying their medical bills, back to 40 or even 50 million.

It’s not all on Trump, by the way. If his promises should indeed be self-delusional, they are matched by the American public’s delusions. It will be seen that a whole lot of dumb people put their blind trust in Trump’s simplistic slogans, made a bet with a loose cannon shooting into the unknown and came up with nothing because Neptune in the US chart is all about the cycles of economic boom and bust this country has endured since its inception.

Which Gemini Twin Trump will rise or fall? Which shall it be…?

TheTwilightZoneSwirlwObamaThe low winter light flooding through the just opened double doors of the West Side of the Capitol building startled the President in his last moments officially in office. As before when he waited to venture forth to be sworn in on his first and second terms in office, President Obama liked to close his eyes for a few moments, contemplating what had passed and what might come. This third time around outdoor light came through pulling him back to the moment. He was nudged out of his reverie by the arm of the President Elect he cradled in his own.

He looked to his right and betrayed relief at the sight of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton beside him, a slightly amused smile, her big, penetrating Plutonian Scorpio eyes searching. Obama said, “just a bad daydream.”

They step out to the glad handing and smiles, mount the spot for swearing in where Clinton’s husband the 42nd president, a wizened, white haired proud shadow of his former bubba-Bill self, holds the bible on which she will swear before Justice Roberts:

TwilightZoneClintonImginAUS“I, Hillary Rodham Clinton do solemnly swear…”

Ah but not so fast. She may tie the knot with the United States but will this be a happy marriage? Consider her Birth chart and that of the United States:

Each House of the Zodiac represents a fundamental principle in the 12 stages of astrological evolution from the self, represented by the first six houses focusing on personal growth, to the six stages of the transpersonal represented by the last six houses. The US Sun 13 degrees Cancer (Ninth House) trines Hillary Clinton’s Sun 12 degrees Scorpio (Twelfth House).

The Ninth House principle is “We think.” It is the ruling house of collective, social interaction given civilized form and structure. It rules political, philosophical, and religious thinking and all things related to collective education, from students to teachers all the way to the spiritual master’s imparting of “Darshan” (meeting of the truth) with his or her disciples.

The Sun 13 degrees Cancer in the Ninth House presents the US as a nation built on higher minded, philosophical and political principles where all men in the original collective mindset of its birth on 4 July 1776, are created equal. In service of the higher mind, the nation has evolved and expanded that high-minded American dream to include men, but also women, human beings of color and just recently people of hetero and non-heterosexual identity. The American Revolution gave birth to the era of modern democracy. The Cancer Sun sign represents the collective ego of a nation that at this time seems imperiled.

Clinton-Prophecies-Cover-thumb-125x188-27kbHillary Clinton’s personal Sun sign sitting in the Twelfth and final House in the life cycle of the Wheel of the Zodiac harmoniously trines the US Sun sign. It concerns illuminating the water drop individual’s unconscious relationship with the oceanic collective Existence of all forms appearing like waves on its surface. Infinite are the rising and falling forms all appearing to be individual in their rise to life and fall to death and change, yet at no time are they separate from the fathomless depths of the whole cosmic ocean.

There is also under the surface of our one-tenth conscious selves, nine-tenths of the subconscious with its hidden thoughts, repressed emotions that push and pull the conscious ego-self like invisible currents. The principle of the final twelfth stage of evolution is making known all that is hidden from consciousness and gain a union with transperonalized love and a formless empathy for all forms that rise and fall from “IT.”

Her Sun sign (ego), Ascendant (outer expression in the world) Venus (lover and diplomat) and Mercury (personal intellect) all gather in Scorpio the sign of total transformation, secrecy, powerful will driven feelings and desires. Scorpios can possess a penetrating, interrogating intuition unlocking the secrets of others. Clinton’s hypnotic gaze and explosive laugh are traits of the Scorpio personality. In the Twelfth house her path and passion is public service. In her case it is a journey forged out of pride and ego—a very karmic journey. Much of what put her on the path of the politician in service of the Ninth-House American democracy is hidden from her conscious mind. It dwells in the suppressed subconscious memory of past lives hidden from her.

Cover-H-Clinton-Astrol-125x188-ThumbnailThe Twelfth House Scorpio has hidden enemies both made of blocks of psychological and emotional nature and of flesh and blood, especially when she chose to be a politician. She is fortunate that her natal Venus is exalted in the Twelfth House, a great asset for finding and sharing compassion as a president. She’ll need it every steep step of the mountain climb to power, obstructed by many squaring aspects with her Venus, Mercury and Ascendant with Saturn (karma), then Mars (launching her presidency and a new direction for America), and finally Pluto (definer of the generational era pegged for renewal or decline).

The US Saturn (14 degrees Libra) conjoins Clinton’s Neptune (11 degrees Libra). That means her ability to mass communicate her views and at times “shake up” the deadlock in Congress will run a foul with what the US Saturn squares, the US Sun sign 13 Cancer.

The aspect presents a hard challenge. Clinton’s ability to survive and achieve success in life comes from a Scorpio personality learning how to transform her squares into teaching moments as they afflict her Twelfth House from underneath—from her hidden enemies of the subconscious and her real enemies in politics. Donald J. Trump may appear tough, but Hillary Clinton is toughness incarnate.

She’ll need it when president. Her Mars (14 Leo) squares the US Saturn 14 degrees and squares the US Sun Sign. With Mars squared the US Cancer Sun, she can become her own worst enemy with America itself. It is this square that dogs her with Americans not generally trusting her. It’s because Mars (the expression planet) has been in a lifetime struggle to aid in Clinton finding her true voice.

Instead she borrows the voices of others, her pollsters and handlers such as her life partner, the powerful Leo Sun born husband the former president. Her Scorpio ascendant squaring her natal Leo Saturn and Mars make her trusting and loyal to her advisors, friends and mentors, who can betray her, cheat on her and draw her into their own hidden machinations that generate scandals that could rock her presidency.

HillaryNixonVictoryFingersCartoonKarmically speaking, where Trump is the karmic echo of collective lessons yet to be learned by Americans from the Reagan era, Hillary Clinton is a karmic echo of Richard Nixon, for she is at least as psychologically complicated and publicly awkward as her Capricorn-born nemesis of her youthful political activist days.

She has certainly more capacity for compassion than he, and this lifelong struggle to find her authenticity may at last win over the American people. She even could surprise us as a great stateswoman, that is, if her many afflictions with her natal Mars doesn’t rashly ratchet up her war mongering tendencies with Russia and in the Middle East. By her makeup, she’s actually more likely to quicken tensions with Russia rather than lower them like a President Trump and blunder the world into its first nuclear showdown since the Cuban Missile Crisis as early as the end of her first year in office.

NixonPointingPressUnlike Trump she understands the great challenge and equally greater opportunity Americans have to become truly great again, leading the world like they did waging the Second World War, becoming the arsenal of democracy. Now, under her leadership, Americans could redefine themselves, jump-start their economy, and break out of the Greater Depression by assembling their economic forces to become an “Arsenal of Ecology.” Presently the world emergency of our times is Global Warming, and Clinton already, presciently has it in her sights to lead the way as president. Trump is clueless about it.

All that can make her the leader of the dire hour can be lost if she doesn’t confront the “inner Nixon” inside: loyal to a fault. The Watergate break-in didn’t destroy his presidency. It was the cover-up.


TwilightZoneRodSerlingTerminalNow, in typical Rod Serling fashion I write the coda to this Twilight Zone Episode. It is a tale of two destinies going into the Capitol Building but only one coming out into the sunlight of reality on 20 January 2017. Time has suddenly plunged forward just eight days shy of 10 months after I wrote the two alternative futures above. One of these future’s has been be sworn in…

Cue the Twilight Zone “dee-dee, DOO, dee…” music:

We see President Obama the subject of our journey into the Twilight Zone being shaken from a daydream, this time about Hillary Clinton’s future. He is nudged by the arm he is cradling as the Capitol Building wooden doors yawn open to the sound of distant chants of hundreds of thousands of protesters.

Obama starts from his reverie, looks down at the arm cradled in his, noticing the hand has no nail polish. It’s a man’s hand, small in proportion to the meaty arm attached to a stuffed dark blue suit, inside which inhabits Obama’s successor. He’s looking back with a smiling, suntan spray-canned face.

“It’s show time, Barack!” declares President-Elect Donald J. Trump.

Dee-dee, doo-DEE, DEE-DEE, DOO-dee,
Dee-dee, doo-DEE, DEE-DEE, DOO-dee…



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Obama Snowden Job
PRISM Scandal


If for some reason you cannot leave your comments in the comments box below, just send them to me via the Contact email button. If they are interesting and clearly written, I will post them with my inserted comments. I will even post some of you rare souls disposing promising content with all the dirty literary laundry “spots” of functional illiteracy displayed. So please reread your stuff, use spell check and punctuate. You are being read by the whole world; so don’t look dumb in print. Those who do the best they can will be rewarded with it being published here.



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