Hogue Predictions for the New Year 2017, Five Future-Altering Events the “Fake” Mainstream News isn’t telling you about and Forecasts anticipating Hillary Clinton’s upset Loss to Trump Dated and Documented over a year before it happened

Click on the cover and see how you can receive the expanded edition of this forthcoming book.

Click on the cover and see how you can receive the expanded edition of this forthcoming book.

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DATELINE: 06 January 2017

An Overview of what John Hogue forecast on Coast to Coast AM 1 January 2017

I spent the last hour remaining of the first day of the new year with George Noory where I laid down some basic forecasts and themes about the major milestones for 2017. Here’s an overview about my hour posted by the Coast folks. If you want to read their full overview of all the guests that night, click on George Noory:

click on the cover and read more about this forthcoming book and how you can get a personal notice when it's out.

click on the cover and read more about this forthcoming book and how you can get a personal notice when it’s out.

“Prophecy scholar John Hogue joined the show in the second hour and spoke about an economic boom in 2017 with the dollar getting stronger. However, the interest rates will rise and create stress with other currencies, he noted. An eclipse in August, he cited, will have a “catalytic effect” on Trump. There’ll be some significant natural disasters in the latter half of the year, and Trump may come round to accepting that climate change is real, he continued. If Trump survives the first two years, Hogue remarked, he’ll likely be re-elected, as he’s an echo karmically of Ronald Reagan.”

Here’s a full list of milestones, I only had time to talk about half of these on the show:


(1) US Economic Boom in 2017.
(2) Boom ends in autumn with signs of an inflationary “Greater” Depression approaching in 2018.
(3) Significant natural, political and economic disasters overtaking the United States after the Grand Eclipse of 21 August give the American people the opportunity to nationally redefine themselves and their dreams. The Great American Eclipse of 2017 will certainly have that impact on your president. He will be changed.
(4) The “second” Cold War that Obama and the neocon, neo-liberals started in 2014, Trump ends in 2017.
(5) US aid Russians defeating ISIS by summer of 2017. After that a new, full-scale war between Turkey and the Kurds is possible.
(6) America, by not leading in Climate Change reduction, ends the American Century once and for all by 2019, never to be the superpower hegemon again.

(7) As early as the end of 2017, or as late as a year later, Trump will about face on climate change. The economic crisis, personal losses from climate-change related disasters will make him a convert. If this change of mind happens in time, Trump has a chance to make the US a leading power again. Otherwise, if delayed into 2018-2019, the Chinese Century will be in full swing and the US will be a follower not a leader in future history’s key events from now on, its days of empire fading slowly in the next decade.


This is only a taste of the thousands of forecasts coming in two books planned for release early in the new year. Get on the list to receive the expanded “donors only” edition of Predictions 2017-2018: Years of Crisis and Breakthrough. Due date for release, later in February.

Check out more information about the upcoming President Trump Predictions. I hope to have this out by late January, although it might be a little later. While establishing its final outline the book is expanding its scope before my eyes. It will be well worth the wait.

If I can retrace what possessed me at the end of the hour to deliver an impassioned message on Coast, here’s a review of the essence for the record, in print:

Click on the cover of this bestselling book and get it in print and eBook editions.

Click on the cover of this bestselling book and get it in print and eBook editions.

There’s so much to cover about our new president. He is going to be a catalyst for chaos, which in itself is neither good nor evil. Chaos is a neutral womb of change where new structures, political points of view and social regeneration arise. As the Hopi Prophets predicted, the Great Purification is at hand. If you can embrace the new, think outside of your limited mental boxed-in mindsets, you can be a part in making that new future a positive reality. Hold onto your old labels, like Progressive or Conservative, for instance—hold on to an outmoded identity in fear of change—and you will not create that new golden future but serve Fear and planetary destruction. The Hopi say that those who fear change and hold onto it at all cost will drop dead from their own fears.

Don’t let fear consume you.

Embrace this new year and the new president. He’s a catalytic agent of changes that even he’s not aware of at this time. Be a positive part of this process.

Leave comfort aside. Leave the stagnation of your gridlocked politics aside. Love your neighbors “and” your enemies. Don’t be afraid of President Trump; be challenged to be more politically literate and engaged as an American citizen.

Consider this, there’s a tremendous opportunity provided by some of Trump’s choices of climate change denying cabinet candidates for the EPA and Energy departments that AT LAST will force the nation to have a real debate about global warming. It will be time for Science to rise up and bring its solid evidence to trial in Washington before the American people. In short, putting climate change deniers in power will stir a whirlwind blowing them down with climate change FACTS.

Trump’s position on Climate Change is uniquely unpredictable. He’s pitting deniers in his cabinet with Climate Change converts, like what I predict is his masterstroke of choice of Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State. This former CEO of Exxon ran the fifth largest company in the world doing oil and gas deals like a foreign minister, but more businesslike. That’s what is needed now. Not political ideologues like Hillary Clinton or John Kerry. Enough with the bobtailed bureaucrats already! Let’s get down to brass tacks and bottom line business in Washington.

Tillerson ran a company of fossil fuel providers whose scientists were first to acknowledge Climate Change was human induced as far back as 1977! And just remember, Trump picked this climate change supporter to be his Secretary of State, arguably the most powerful cabinet position. Trump’s most intimate councilor, his daughter, Ivanka, also understands Climate Change is made by human pollution.

Trump is doing something with his cabinet choices that may prove surprisingly brilliant: picking a businesslike cabinet of decisive, hard and nails negotiators with contrasting, even polarizing worldviews. It’s a Celebrity Apprentice boardroom with real consequence. Out of such an organized chaos will thrive and often find Trump rendering balanced, moderate decisions refereeing his cabinet like a reality show. He needs that atmosphere to conjure his mediumistic skills.

Call it what you like, react to what I just wrote, as you will, we can agree on one thing: This is real change. The last eight years was mostly a lot of “jive” about change. It didn’t happen, not the way Obama sold it and he turned out to not be a strong enough leader to push most of his changes through. Don’t blame it on the opposition if you didn’t come to politically play to win.

Eight years ago, you would have thought he was some political messiah coming out of the clouds—indeed many of you did, I still have your emails to prove it. The “messiah” coming in eight years ago is leaving like the White House “mouse” in a few weeks before the big blond cat moves in. And Elvis? The Clinton Foundation is not going to enter the building.

If you don’t like what happened in the election, don’t waste time blaming it on others. Look in the mirror. Change “that” person.

You are empowered to do so by reviewing what works in your life politically and what has not worked. Throw what you know up in the air and allow new insights to settle into a fresh awareness.


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DATELINE: 06 January 2017

clintonnixonianvoteboothinsertLet the Documented Record Reveal how my Oracle Foresaw what happened: an Alternative Future where Trump defeats Hillary Clinton after she Sabotaged her Destiny a Second Time

Your consistent Inaccuracies. Admit you were wrong about Hillary.

(From “John” of the Skeptical Report)

Really? Let’s do something truly skeptical in our inquiry—something that the people writing at “The Skeptical Report” ought to do if they weren’t actually cynics. I’m going to provide documented “facts” dating back to June 2015, expressing in clear and prescient terms, how Clinton’s seemingly assured ascent to the White House could be tripped up by her own mediocrity as a politician. The cause of her downfall seen back in June 2015 would at the time seem impossible, Donald J. Trump of all people. Yet my Oracle was adamant, Trump was the only man in an army of Republican candidates that had a real chance beating her. One and a half years before the election on 8 November, that was a very bold thing to declare.

Here is a cross section of accurate forecasts made between 15 June 2015 and 15 June 2016 with my reading of Trump’s stars on election day, documented in Trump for President: Astrological Predictions that were written in October of 2015, a whole 13 months before the election:

15 JUNE 2015
As early as this HogueProphecy article It’s Official: Hillary Clinton is running for President Now We’ll See where my Presidential Predictions go, I summoned up the caveat about Clinton surrounding herself with bad advice. Also I couldn’t avoid mixing my prediction about her potential destiny to be president without linking you to articles foretelling how she would—and did—blow her chances in 2008:

I’ve been saying for many years that Hillary Clinton was destined to be president. Even as I predicted what would undermine her in 2008. It was documented on 3 March 2007 in an article written nearly a full year before the Democratic Party Primary Elections were scheduled to begin (click on Hillary Clinton’s Albatross). My Oracle still saw her running again after two terms of Obama. Well, here she is doing just that.

… Like Nixon, Hillary Clinton has the potential for greatness. Like Nixon, she has a dark side. The angels of black counsel are perched on her shoulder. She listens to them on foreign policy matters to the peril of the world.

In the HogueProphecy article Hillary Clinton’s Other Albatross: Scandal. Will She Be President? I predicted Hillary Clinton’s Email-Gate could sabotage her second attempt to become president, similar to what happened in 2008, referred to in the 15 June article. I added here that her alliance with the corporate Establishment running in a year of outsider rebellions was fatefully bad timed:

I’ll say it plainly and for the record. At this moment Clinton is once again under the dark star influence of self-destroying her destiny to become president.

The long held potential to become a future president that I’ve predicted now, for the first time in my oracular contemplations, begins to fade.

Again, Hillary has made a bad discernment choice (Venus squared the sign of the times, represented by Pluto). She’s out of touch now with the trends of history by choosing her lot with the billionaires and her efforts to sound socially progressive just ring like a lead bell of opportunistic untruth.

…I always anticipated her career-ending scandals would happen after she was elected. Perhaps I was too patient. Perhaps scandal waits behind the bend of nearer future twists for a final ambush. The Email-Gate crashing may be her political downfall.

I’ve said for decades that Hillary Clinton is a karmic echo of Richard Nixon and that she would encounter her own version of a Watergate moment. Unlike Nixon, perhaps her Watergate Waterloo hits on the road “to” the White House and not “in” the White House…

On the same day I posted an article entitled Trump Pledges to RNC Chairman not to Run as Independent. Now he has a Serious Chance to become the Next US President. Especially in a year that favored outsiders and not Establishment candidates:

My preliminary examination of his astrological aspects from birth and for the coming months of the campaign all the way to 8 November election day, indicate Donald Trump has a real chance to become the next president of the United States.

The corporate coup leaders couldn’t have picked a worse year—next year, the Year of the flaming, baboon bummed, Fire Monkey in Chinese Astrology…One’s best laid plans have their best chance of going south with a monkey wrench or two called Sanders and Trump thrown into the spokes.

17 JANUARY 2016
In Why Trump? Your Comments on Facebook and My answers Why a Book of Astrological Predictions about Trump is Important for all of you to Read, I accurately picked Hillary Clinton as the DNC nominee weeks before the primaries began and six months before it happened. A majority of you “did” vote for the corporate choice, but added that Trump had the best chance to beat her if enough of you didn’t want to be manipulated by the Establishment one more time.

Now, ever since I began documenting my prediction back in November 2000 on Coast to Coast AM and in print, that Hillary Clinton was destined to become the first woman president, I still contend that her destiny can only be postponed. Well, here we are in 2016 and look, she’s going to be the Democratic nominee this time. Trump has the best “chance” to beat her of all the Republican’s thronging, but she’s the corporate choice, not Trump. They will make a majority of you vote for her to be the 45th President of the United States unless enough people wake up to the corporate manipulation and change the future I foresee towards which, many of you are in lock-step marching.

17 JANUARY 2016
In Western Illinois University Predicts a Bernie Sanders Victory in 2016? Hogue Predicts Sanders’ run for President will be finished by April Fools Day 2016, I predicted Bernie Sanders would never defeat Clinton if he wasn’t ahead of her after 1 April. And yet, her destiny to become the first woman US president, though mentioned by me for 15 years, was only a “potential” until it is “fact”:

I started forecasting that Hillary Clinton would become the first woman president 15 years ago. In my mind, it doesn’t become “true” until she “is” president. When it becomes true, I can say that “potential” was visualized 15 years ago. But it only becomes real when it’s real because prophecy is a potential, not a fact until it is a fact.

As much as I hope the Sanders supporters will compel their fatherly shepherd to grow a pair and not sell his peaceful revolution so cheaply to Clinton-Corp when she defeats him by early April, I just don’t see that alternative future getting any legs, torso, heart, blood or bones.

17 JANUARY 2016
In, A Gemini Understands Donald Trump—Kevin from Iowa, Trump’s successful strategy playing the kid in the Emperor’s New Clothes saying “Clinton’s corruption is naked” was successful, mainly because doubts about her truthfulness and the shadow of Clinton Foundation corruption was eating at her popularity and her vote in the key states he needed to win:

There’s a vast machine of corporate influence gathering behind the Clinton dynastic facade and she has learned from her mistakes in 2008. She’s brilliantly playing the “first woman in the White House” card just where it works best, on the hysterical-emotional level. She can win the Latino vote and win the women’s vote and the game is over for anyone running against her “except” the 70-year old boyish candidate that can declare the Empress Clinton “is naked” and the new clothes don’t cover the flab and warts of Clintonian corruption. He may just magnify her negatives enough to blanche his own by 8 November. He’s the only one running on the GOP side who can. Cruz has caught what this game is about, but he’s just not a big enough presence like Trump to win.

There are many more quotes I could cite but I will leave you with two more: what really lost Clinton her presidency, seen six months before the election and how the stars would align with Trump winning on 8 November 2016, written 13 months before the election.

A year before the 2008 Presidential Elections I predicted how Hillary Clinton could loose a sure bet to become president and postpone her chances until 2016. I’m predicting the same potential again only this time her weak link is spelled T-R-U-M-P. The presidency is hers to lose if she doesn’t find a way to connect with and harness people’s anger and dissatisfaction with the very people who bankroll her, the corporate Democrat Party elites and fundraisers. If she were to go boldly where no Hillary has gone before she’d ask Bernie Sanders to be her Vice Presidential nominee and show herself as a leader who can balance the corporate democrats with the progressive left-leaning Democrats.

You want this pairing on election day if you are Trump supporters, not Sanders vs Trump.

She’ll have to pay a big price, slough off half of her blue-dog billionaire support, and embrace the Bern. If she picks Sanders for VP, she’ll beat Trump by a historic landslide. If she doesn’t, Trump, the force of nature that has harnessed the collective emotional state of the US citizens to feel rather than “think” him into the Oval Office, just might get there. If he does, my winning streak of 48 years predicting every president 12 times in a row will be broken because I still predict Hillary Clinton will be your next president.

I said categorically that Hillary Clinton would be your next president.

Moreover, This is only the second time in 13 tries at accurately forecasting presidential elections for 48 years that I ever saw a candidate with a sure green light to win the presidency potentially do something to sabotage that destiny…

Well, here is Hillary again, suffering under her afflicted and very karmically undermining astrology…potentially botching her last chance at a destiny that’s just begging her to take it all the way to the presidency. This presidential campaign is a battle between two candidates with afflicted Mercury’s (rulers of the intellect and communication) Trump and Clinton. Which Mercury messenger from Olympus, as it were, trips over his feathered-ankled sandaled feet more than the other will lose.

We have two real stumbling Mercurial candidates left standing and perhaps pratfalling between now and 8 November. To the least clumsy goes the White House. I predict Hillary is less clumsy than Trump. I also have predicted the first man in 48 years that might end my winning streak. I’ve never predicted that before. A good forecaster can predict winners and predict when they might lose and why.

Orlando Shooting, Hillary Clinton
Presumptive Democrat Nominee…
(HogueProphecy.Com Article: 11 June 2016)

This will go down as one of the most positively aspected election days any candidate can have. If Trump makes it all the way to 8 November 2016, as a Republican and not an Independent, he has the best chance beating Hillary Clinton in the presidential tournament and bringing to an end my 48-year streak of successful, 12 and 0, presidential forecasts. Clinton is going to be the next president, taking my streak to 13 and 0 [by the popular vote]. No one else the Republican’s front has a chance to make that prediction wrong.

Trump for President: Astrological Predictions
Chapter Eight: Trump’s Chances on Election Night
(Documented in October 2015, over year before Election Night.)

Over the years, if you have read the questions, attacks and my answers, you’ll notice a pattern in people with the temerity to judge rely on their ignorance when “writing”-riding me down.

I’ve been telling you for years now, since 1968, that I predict the winner of the popular vote as your president. Those of you who are upset that I don’t declare myself 12 and 1 but 13 and 0 simply can’t remember, or don’t want to consciously hear, that the popular vote is the basis for my forecasting winning streak of 48 years and counting.

Many of you moreover are under the spell of unconscious “givens” implanted into you by your Judeo-Christian dominated global civilization that the future is preordained, so you get confused when I give you more than one possible outcome. It doesn’t fit your brain dirtying by society.

You have my sympathies but I do not have your problem seeing a truth about the future that illuminates your position as a delusional expectation.

The prophecy about Clinton “categorically” winning was correct. A majority of the American people picked her to be their next president, case over. I only regret that at the end of a long and exhausting presidential campaign, while still in the process of transcending the loss and grieving in the aftermath of the death of a most beloved one, that I didn’t stress again that I “categorically” pick winners by popular vote.

In the future, be advised. My prophecy ends at that point. What comes after to sabotage such a victory of the people’s will is not what I predict. My vision into the future has its limits. In the case of forecasting presidents, I tune into “YOU” and your hearts and souls. I feel “YOU”—not your stupid electoral laws that should have been updated centuries ago. These laws are dead things. I read your living future heartbeat, my dear readers.

DATELINE: 06 January 2017

fakenews-the-networksFake News ALTERT, Part One:

Beware of Fakers Fact-Checking for Mainstream News Outlets

Ever heard how some people will talk about their issues to others as if it was happening to some third person and not themselves? People often do this because they can’t bring themselves to talk about a psychological problem. They are either embarrassed or ashamed to own up to it public. The more delusional and sociopathic personality will beat their chest and protest loudly projecting their own crimes on the innocent. That is essentially what the mainstream media in the US is doing, throwing a “fake” at the alternative news media that is their own crime.

Consider the current contagion of accusations of “fake news” overtaking the US corporate-owned media who didn’t get their corporately-approved candidate, Hillary Clinton, elected president. The year 2016 ends with a ceaseless harangue with no evidence accusing the Russians of hacking the Democratic Party’s emails that somehow slanted the election toward Trump winning. All the mainstream’s “fake” polling that didn’t read the will of the electorate right in the swing states, Clinton’s email scandals, a string of her deplorable “hoof in mouth disease” blunders in speeches, her running an Establishment heavy campaign at a time when people wanted outsiders, wanted real change rather than the faux change of the Obama years. No, when you screw up, don’t man-or-woman up. Blame it on the Kremlin.

Then present innuendo evidence hoping that the computer illiterate majority won’t laugh at your kindergarten claims, like, “Oh! It must be the Russians, because they used some Cyrillic alphabet letters in their hacker codes.” At least the incoming President Donald Trump, who is surprisingly computer literate, knows that anybody anywhere can use any alphabet soup of letters as part of their malware codes—Duh???

You read in the Guardian UK a rundown of an article interview Julian Assange had with an Italian reporter. It purportedly praised Trump, Russia etc. hinting WikiLeaks collusion with the Russians in his DNC email leaks. The Guardian “summary” written by Ben Jacobs of Stefania Maurizi’s la Republica interview has gone viral all over the world, read by millions. There’s just one problem, as Glen Greenwald in his Intercept rebuttal exposes. Maurizi’s transcripted (online) interview, delivered in English, never shows Assange saying ANY of those pro-Trump, pro-Russian hacking claims that Jacobs cited.

You’ve probably heard the networks drumming up word of atrocities with great moral indignation about those evil Russians and their Syrian Government allies indiscriminately bombing hospitals in the Syrian Civil War in Aleppo and elsewhere. Apparently they just take without question whatever name-dropped sources the daily State Department briefings toss out and never check them. If they did, like RT (Russia Today) regularly does, with full disclosure, you might find out that over half the hospitals listed are actually in the Syrian government-controlled regions. Why, therefore, would the Syrian regime and Russian allies bomb them?

Why would the State Department put words in the aid organizations’ mouths about this all coming from Russian attacks when the UN and other cited organization asked directly on camera, say they “didn’t” know who shot at them, nor did they say “what” hit their hospitals. Maybe artillery, maybe planes? Not certain.

But hey, facts and details are what make rare news outlets like Russia Today news gathering enemy number one of the Obama Administration, exposing his sloppy, self-serving US State Department communiqués as the “real” evidence of fake-news manufacturing for propaganda purposes. It isn’t RT. It’s ABC, CNN, especially the Washington Post and New York Times about whom you should be very skeptical.

If you read or follow the mainstream news you are most likely unaware that US Congress in the final days of 2016, in a rare show of sweeping bipartisan votes, attained a supermajority of 60 US Senators to pass a budget for the US Pentagon for 2017 with an inserted appropriation of billions to establish a “Global Engagement Center.” Otherwise known as the “Propaganda Provision” in the bill, this is essentially a move to create an Orwellian ministry of “truth.” (See Free Thought Project.com) They will fight fake news with fake news that’s truthier and therefore fakey-ure.

You might be aware of Facebook’s similar plans for gathering approved fact-checking and “credible” new sources like ABC and The Washington Post to help its founder Mark Zuckerberg set up its own 1984- style, privatized police state “ministry of truth” at Facebook. Watch out, if your articles don’t make the cut, this committee of truthful mainstream news sources will tag them with some scarlet cyber coded letter of disapproval. A big red “F” bomb for “fake” simply to cast doubt on it.

The Washington Post is at the top of the fact-checker list. This same Washington Post was caught recently for posting a news story about the Russians hacking the Burlington, Vermont electric power grid without first vetting the source or even calling the power company to verify that the disruption of the grid was true. It wasn’t. See RT, Forbes, and New York Post, to name three of many more sources from the “real” news that exposed the Post, who left the fraudulent story up for a couple days before having to retract its Russian hacking claim. This is serious stuff to get wrong, readers. An attack on a country’s power grid by another state, a nuclear state no less, if falsely reported but acted on, could trigger a nuclear war that destroys civilization!

Furthermore, the Post and the New York Times are leading a McCarthy-style witch hunt against any alternative voice critical of the Clinton campaign as part, not of a Red Scare but a White-Blue-Red Russian Federation, tricolored-flagged scare. They hide behind their unnamed source when calling fakers the alternative news networks and papers that “do” check and name their sources.

And so it goes, the media that you depend on to question and watchdog those in power to sustain your American Republic and its democratic freedoms has rapidly turned into tools of a future ministry of truthiness, faking the news and blaming it on real news outlets so that you won’t watch them. Indeed you won’t even be aware of what truth and facts they keep hidden from you. Case in point, the last few months of obsessive, one-sided reporting that I illuminated in my previous articles about the siege of Aleppo. The western media promenades as litany, a mantra of how evil the Russian and Syrian government forces are, choosing to fight inside a city full of people. They never explain why they’re fighting and dying in the streets, because the Syrian rebels who consist mostly of Saudi Arabian mercenaries belonging to the terror organization al-Nusra have dug into Eastern Aleppo, shelling civilians and hospitals day and night over in Syrian government held Western Aleppo for years.

When al-Nusra units were defeated, reporters actually on the ground shooting footage, illuminated the grim task of the Syrian Army and Russian sappers defusing thousands of booby traps in people’s apartments and streets. You can see footage on YouTube of Syrian soldiers and Russian sappers and medics exhuming scores of bodies of men, women and children, most showing signs of being tortured before shot dead at point blank range by the Saudi “and” American-backed al-Qaeda affiliates they just threw out of town. When the news isn’t faked by the Western Media you can find out actually who was doing most of the mass shootings, systematic terrorizing of civilians, the torturing and starving of the populace in Eastern Aleppo for four terrible years of their occupation. The Russians and the Syrian Army liberated a quarter-million people made hostages and human shields. They at last got medical care, food and peace. No wonder they were dancing in the streets.

DATELINE: 06 January 2017

battleofmosul-boyinblacksmokeFake News ALERT, Part Two:

Don’t let the Mainstream News hide the Battle of Mosul, the New “Stalingrad” in Iraq, from Your Attention

Did you know that for the last two months when the mainstream media focus was almost solely on the fighting in Aleppo, an even greater urban city battle was raging inside Iraq’s second largest city? In Mosul the US and NATO are bombing hospitals daily, because the ISIS fighters use them as human shielded bases of operations, just like the Free Syrian “jihadist” forces in East Aleppo did. You don’t see US news anchors wringing their hands in horror at the civilian carnage committed by US-backed Iraqi militia, army and even Iranian-backed Iraqi Shia forces in Mosul. Where are the calls on “truthy” news networks of war crimes when American jets kill civilians in Mosul by the dozens?

It’s very difficult for journalists to embed themselves inside the Mosul battle zone. The mainstream networks view the smoke over the horizon from afar. There are some brave souls working for Al-Jazeera, Salon, even independent journalists using Facebook feeds, plus a half-dozen Iraqi new agencies that can give one a patchwork of facts that indicate the battle inside Mosul did not go as well as planned in the first two months. Despite this attempt to shield you from the truth, disturbing news is leaking from the survivors of Iraqi militia units, Kurdish Peshmerga and Iraqi Army divisions being shot up in street-by-street, house-to-booby-trapped-house, close combat while 1.5 million civilians cower in the crossfire.

Someday, despite the news blackout, you are going to find out that in little more than two months, thousands of Mosul civilians may have already died with thousands more wounded, in numbers far exceeding years of bloodshed in Aleppo. I’m beginning to corroborate reports of as many as 5,000 Iraqi soldiers being killed with only 20 percent of the eastern approaches to the city taken back.

If you calculate the average of five wounded for every one soldier killed in action, there may be 20-to-25,000 wounded Iraqi troops already limping or being carried (with the bad news) back home to Baghdad hospitals.

High casualties are to be expected when your armored units move out of the countryside where they function best and into the narrow, claustrophobic streets of a city where they become sitting ducks to close quarter anti-tank attacks.

Any Nazi German Panzer Grenadier leaving the wide-open Russian Steppes in the summer of 1942 and passing into the close-quarter (no quarter) labyrinth of city blocks fighting with Soviets inside Stalingrad can relate. Acre for acre the urban battlefield at Stalingrad was far smaller, with far less civilians in the crossfire than Mosul. What I’m piecing together are reports of ISIS fighters letting lose waves of suicide bombers and leading funneling Iraqi armored columns into kill zones teaming with mines that in only eight weeks of initial fighting have already destroyed 800 fighting vehicles. No wonder there are reports of a pause in December to pull units back to “refit.” Four divisions of the Iraqi Army are on track to lose more heavy fighting vehicles than the German Fourth Panzer Army had in its possession when it first broke into Stalingrad. The Germans had 500 tanks and armored personnel carriers!

Kenneth Hall (my beloved Uncle Ken) was a US Army medic with McArthur’s forces in the Battle of Manila in February 1945, the teaming and crowded capital of the Philippines. Sixteen thousand Japanese marines, naval and army personnel fought to the death in that equally spread out and crowded city of over 600,000 citizens, around a million if you include the full Manila metropolitan area. By the time it was over, my uncle was tending to a multitude of wounded and injured women, children and old men. These wretched people of a destroyed, burnout city were the “lucky ones.” It is estimated that 100,000 Filipino civilians died in the crossfire of battling US Army and Japanese units. The fanatical Japanese marines outright massacred a lion’s share.

Reports are already leaking from the Battle of Mosul that ISIS fighters have already systematically started torturing and executing civilians. Expect at least 100,000 civilians dying in Mosul from the crossfire and atrocities of an estimated 9,000 ISIS fighters before they are extinguished.

US and Filipino forces in Manila suffered 1,010 killed, 5,565 wounded. Mosul is turning out to be far costlier in life and limb. Iraqi, Kurd and Iraqi Shia (Iranian allied) militias have suffered far heavier casualties in just the opening eight weeks. One of the Iraqi divisions being taken out of the fight for “refitting” before the next city offensive resumed in late December 2016 may have lost HALF of their effectives. That’s 6,500 out of 13,000 men! That’s the body and bandaged count of just one regular division out of four engaged and that’s not including a casualty count of a quasi fifth and sixth division belonging to Iraqi Special Operations Forces and numerous militia brigades. It is reported, even by mainstream news outlets, that progress retaking Mosul has been slowed down by a rapid reduction of manpower—the Iraqi government’s euphemism for exceedingly heavy casualties.

We are told by what little news reaches us that the Iraqi command had planned to take Mosul in three months. Well, two months have passed with only 25 percent of the city taken back. Stalingrad’s fighting lasted for half a year. The siege of Aleppo in Syria lasted four years!

DATELINE: 06 January 2017

alepposiegelifted-civilianscelebrateFake News ALERT, Part Three:

There’s a Real Ceasefire in Syria that the “Truthy” News isn’t telling you about

Now some potential good news you probably haven’t heard on your US media outlets except in brief and quickly passed along comment. The year 2016 ended with the first, serious, nationwide ceasefire agreed to by the Syrian Government with rebels of seven Free Syrian political parties (not affiliated with al-Qaeda or ISIS). The foreign ministers of Russia, Turkey and Iran brokered the ceasefire.

Ah! Wilbur, it is breathtaking what can get done if the Famous Mister Ed (AKA horse-faced and bewildered US Secretary of State John Kerry) or his neocon, neo-liberal sycophants aren’t invited to the peace talks.

This ceasefire will be remembered as a turning point in US foreign policy history. The Obama Administration’s attempts at regime change in Syria have utterly failed, after wasting five years of ostensively training and arming the Free Syrian Army—when actually most of that energy and money went to strengthening al-Qaeda and even ISIS forces masquerading as FSA troops.

After years of ceasefires brokered with US help ending in bloodshed, the Russians finally gave up on US participation back in late September, early October. Most of you may be unaware of the reason why. The Russians or Syrian Army didn’t break the US involved ceasefire. US and NATO jets dramatically struck first. They systematically called in one air strike after another on a well-known Syrian Army outpost, killing 62 Syrian soldiers and wounding a hundred more. This outpost had been dug in for a long time as a blocking unit keeping ISIS forces from advancing into the Eastern Syria city of Dier el-Zour. The Pentagon admitted its “mistake” however the officials couldn’t explain why this long-standing Syrian Army defensive position guarding the airport of Dier el-Zour was hit by four concerted attacks all through the day without anyone noticing the “mistake.” There are rumors that elements in US Pentagon rebelling against Obama and Kerry’s ceasefire moves ordered it done. Thus, in an act of infernal hypocrisy, US bombers helped ISIS forces advance on and terrorize the civilians of Dier el-Zour.

The Russians and Syrian Army had had enough of US “help.”

That’s why the fighting in Aleppo in the following months of October and November geared up into its most violent, final stages. Rather than keep the suffering sustained with US help lingering for years, the Russians and Syrians dove in to put an end to the siege and the agony of Aleppo without US “help.”

Thus a historic precedent has been achieved. Take America out of the equation and a four-year siege ends. Hundreds of thousands of victimized civilians actually get saved, fed and succored by UN convoys because America’s side in this civil war in isn’t shooting at them or shooting down scores of people trying to escape Eastern Aleppo any more.

We are witnessing a historic shift never told by your news media and US foreign policy may never be the same—certainly not respected. Countries will solve their problems on their own without the global cop who has lost its soul. Watch regional come together to put an end to the perpetual conflicts that the American military surveillance and industrial complex sustains in the Middle East and elsewhere to keep its profitable war industry thriving on death, maiming and sorrow.

DATELINE: 06 January 2017

GrumpyCatwObamasFake News ALERT, Part Four:

Obama finally reaches his highest “Pique” of Passive-Aggressiveness, Press-protected actions in Office

Barack Obama has been finishing his final days in office showing brazenly at last what I’ve been warning you over eight years ago what kind of passive-aggressive president he’d turn out to be underneath all that charm and jive about “change we can believe in” winning charm. Rather than present proof of Russian hacking, which he can’t, Obama orders over 30 members of the Russian diplomatic mission in the US, and their families to get out of America in 72 hours, or else.

Thirty families, with children, it’s the holidays, no less! No time to even pack the house with lockout coming in three days. Obama also shut down two holiday retreats for the children of the diplomats as if the kids had anything to do with anything. So the parents hastily packed up the children and unwrapped presents, right as the Russian Christmas holidays begin (according to the Julian Calendar, climaxing on the Gregorian date of 7 January).

What bad timing. Politically makes Obama look like a Presidential “chump” casting the kids of 30-plus families out of their homes, gift giving upended, Christmas trees abandoned. The meanness casts them right into the sympathetic arms of Donald Trump.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, to his credit and his clever Judo-diplomacy skills, did not match Obama’s Christmas-busting tit for tat expelling of any US diplomate or family from Russia. Putin used a soft touching Judo maneuver to make the harsh thrust of his stronger opponent stumble and look heartless and foolish before the world.

Obama’s Scrooge moment gave Putin a chance to be noble Russian Orthodox Christian, declaring he wouldn’t cast out families during the holidays and just wait to sort all of this trouble with hacking accusations, neither substantiated nor proven, with Obama’s successor stepping into office in a few weeks.

Obama’s petty punishment of Putin’s diplomatic postings only accelerates what will be a historic shift in US-Russian relations towards an end to the current Cold War that Obama, leading from his “behind,” got lead into by neocons and neo-liberal war hawks.

The US mainstream news then hastily launched into a story that the Kremlin forced US students home. It was a lie, but it didn’t matter. They reported it across the US media without checking their facts and had to retract it. All I can say is, “Smooth move, Ex-Lax, ever—lax and lazy US journalism and out going president, about to be flushed out the White House. History, can you hear that loud gurgling noise?”

This will-to-powerlessness, petulant, pattern has existed throughout Obama foreign policy moves. Case in point, Russia’s successful negotiations that lowered tensions during this new cold war Obama manufactured since April 2014 for the sake of his neo-con and neo-liberal handlers. Whenever Moscow successfully negotiates a peace armistice, not once but twice in Ukraine called Minsk I and II, the latter ceasefire still holding for years now, Obama increases economic sanctions. When Vladimir Putin in September 2013 averts a potentially devastating US-promoted air war against Syria because of Damascus’ chemical arsenal by arranging for its successful and rapid dismantling, Obama adds more sanctions. He punishes peace moves rather than diplomatically rewarding peaceful resolutions and punishing aggression. There’s no carrot for peace, just stick. I call it Obama’s passive-aggressive “piqué” diplomacy.

This current Syria-wide ceasefire has been achieved by Moscow in a brilliant coordination of Ankara, Tehran and upwards of seven Syrian opposition parties fielding 65,000 rebels. The mutually-shared intention, if it holds, is to sustain a cessation of fighting in large parts of the country in the first real attempt to end the civil war and find a political solution. If it holds, the Russian and Syrian government forces will be free to bring to bear their full military power against jihadist forces of al-Qaeda and the Islamic State remaining in Syria.

On New Years Eve, the United Nation Security Council voted in favor of supporting the Russian-Turkish-Iranian-Free Syrian Opposition ceasefire and is putting their humanitarian resources together to initiate a full-on peace resolution expected as the next step.

At least the incoming US President Trump gets what American foreign policy should and should not be doing in the Middle East. He has pledged to take the US out of the regime change business and he means it. If there’s any fighting left to do, I expect he’ll instruct US military assets to “join” the Russians and Syrians in destroying al-Qaeda and ISIS. I do expect a very different American engagement once he’s in office. The jihadists will get their Islamic version of Armageddon, but not the outcome they foresee. Trump will hit them decisively and hard and I foresee the Islamic State utterly destroyed and the region liberated by summer 2017.

Trump will go down in history as the first president in this young new century who fights wars to win them, quickly, decisively. The threat of war ending, of course, will galvanize forces in Washington that will do anything to sabotage peace to sustain perpetual wars in the Middle East.

DATELINE: 06 January 2017

SmokeStackCloudSunFake News ALERT, Part Five:

The Biggest threat to your Future came in 2016 and the Corporate Propaganda Press kept you uninformed

Now I wish to end this five-part series on “THE” most important new story that got all but lost while the media went one-eyed blind to all other news other than the US presidential election reality show for most of the year. In 2016 the Earth’s atmosphere was CO2-saturated to pass an apocalyptic threshold. On average, the air you breath in any corner of the world has reached an average of CO2 carbon emissions infecting it of 400 ppm (parts per million). The “pot” called our envelope of life sustaining atmosphere is poised to heat up a near-future boil.

It’s why most of you haven’t been reminded by the mainstream news up front and constantly that 2016 will eclipse the historic year 2015 as the hottest recorded in history as it passed the 400-ppm mark, henceforth driving the aggregate of average temperatures ever upwards in hotter readings in 2017 and 2018. We’ll be breaking a temperature ceiling, a climate change tipping point that is only a handful of years away, so I predict.

The Paris Accord that everyone sings kumbaya about has no teeth. The mainstream media keeps lullabying you all to fall into a false-comforting sleep that a whole world full of nations who signed it, including every nation except Taiwan and North Korea, are rolling along to a sustainable reduction regimen that will curtail fossil fuel emissions 20 percent by 2030.

I’m here to inform you that leaving 80 percent fossil fuel use still active by 2030 will NOT stop global warming. Rather, the press should be giving you daily interviews from representatives of 99 percent of the scientific community that can show you solid evidence that an 80-percent reduction of fossil fuel use must be achieved in the climate change race during the remaining 14 years marching us rapidly to 2030!

Now comes Trump to power, a climate change denier with a climate-change adverse choice of ministers to fill his cabinet. I have a lot to say about his cabinet and global warming policies in my new book, President Trump Predictions. I hope to have published before January 2017 ends or in early February. I will say this, many of the cabinet appointees you see today, are like the crowd of celebrities you’ve watched over the years in every first episode of a new season of Celebrity Apprentice. You already know a whole lot of them are cannon fodder for firing in the first half-dozen episodes. The Donald in the White House will be the same spontaneous, unpredictable, open channeling medium of a boss, pronouncing a lot of “You’re fired” and “You’re hired!” moments in what will be the revolving door of his cabinet. Moreover, Trump himself will undergo a conversion concerning climate change. The question is, if better come too soon rather than too late. Time is running out to stop a terrible planetary disaster that all of us, our grand folks, great-grand folks and great-great grand folks set in motion carelessly spewing and warming the atmosphere with dirty fuels of the Industrial Age.


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