The Great Hogue Facebook Debate about Donald Trump becoming President, Freaked out Progressives, Russian Hacker Myths, Dumb US Intelligence Hearings, Mainstream Media News Fakers and “The Donald” in Deep Trouble with the Deep State

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We’re counting down to the Inauguration of President Trump and the sturm, drang and noise just gets louder in America where opinion is often completely unanchored to fact. There’s hysteria rising like a whirlwind of fear in the land. Trump’s press conference last week unleashed a spirited debate on my Facebook pages, inspiring copious responses from me on a number of burning topics that, I hope, might help my readers find some balance and reason in these emotionally charged times.

Now, before we start, I have something to make as clear as you can understand. When you read my words, know this, they were written in a serene and un-angry, un-fearful, centered space. One of the challenges of reading me is that you don’t see how I am in the process. My silence and even voice is unheard. You just have words. What many of you see in those words—especially those who find me deconstructing your opinions when I sense they are based in fear or ego and not in fact—is your own angry reactions projected on my words.

You think that’s me.

It’s actually you.

MeditatorRedReedsI cannot be an effective writer being angry, fearful, or coming into this debate with a chip on my shoulder, nor can my readers. When I point that out, and cite examples, it is a gesture of love and compassion for you. I contend that I am just like all of you. I have judgments, ego, fears, and mind-games just like anyone else, but there’s a small difference. I have something awakening inside which is as much your birthright to rediscover as it is mine. It helps me step back and watch “the mind” in all of us.

It is from that cool and quiet, even playful, space that I reach out and respond to all of you and sometimes when necessary, it is from that cool and centered space that I shred egos.

Now, enjoy the debate. Most of these entries are from my Facebook and Facebook Public pages from 11-to-13 January with the final question and answer coming from my Inbox on 14 January 2017. What launched it off was Michele D., linking my Facebook page to a conversation she started on hers. I have edited my statements from Facebook. I leave everyone else’s unedited comments, unless a bracket is inserted for clarity, or captials, commas and periods left out need correction for clarity.


Just sharing the words of John Hogue for further pondering.

The Russian hack story is as real as Saddam Hussein stockpiling WMD. It is absolutely fake. Russia hasn’t hacked the DNC. It is an attempt of the Deep State to discredit and propagate a lie that is their first step in eliminating Trump from office.

ClintonBozoAtomMushroomCloudClinton was the Deep State’s choice for president, as I long warned. Trump is an outsider who will end the new cold war with Russia and defeat ISIS with Russia, thus ending two very lucrative war markets for the US perpetual war industry. In 61 years of life, I’ve never seen a more pathetic, phony, fake news campaign fomented by the mainstream media, without ANY evidence or even rudimentary knowledge of what it takes to hack and how one can make your hack trail go down a false path that you construct tying to anyone you want to discredit.

I guess this guy has been proved wrong. Even Trump admitted last night that Russia did hack DNC…

Feel free to add further comments, John Hogue.

No, Eve, he did not say that. He said everybody hacks the United States. What he didn’t say was that the US hacks everybody else. It is the number one hacker of other governments and elections. You won’t hear in the mainstream news how the US State Department under Hillary Clinton in Obama’s first term openly tried to influence Russian parliamentary elections. Then there was the wire tape exposing Pryatt the US ambassador to Ukraine on the phone with Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland picking and arranging the Ukrainian Yatsenyuk government with all of its neo-Nazi elements—the reason why the Russians took back Crimea.

A new generation of Ukrainian fascist fighters of Svoboda.

A new generation of Ukrainian fascist fighters of Svoboda.

That was the EIGHTY-SECOND time the US has been caught trying to influence elections and reseat governments in other countries since World War II.

Have you already forgotten the shocking news revelations that the CIA was tapping even Angela Merkel (the German Chancellor’s) cellphone and listening in to her state discussions and plans for political elections? The US was wire tapping the Brazilian government, the Japanese, their NATO allies in Europe. The NSA has been collecting mountains of emails not only from American citizens but citizens all around the world because most of the main Internet servers have been easily accessed and bugged by US spies because they were situated inside the USA.

Are you even aware of the huge shift going on of world businesses and governments building new Internet networks that DO NOT pass through US servers because of the spyware tapping of the NSA and CIA? You’re corporately/Big State-compromised mainstream US news have said little about this major shift in the Internet away from the USA and they certainly aren’t reminding you about it.

He did say it [that Russia hacked the DNC]… I heard him with my own ears. J

Eve, you may have ears, but can you “listen”?

BillandHillaryContonThe Democratic Party didn’t want the FBI to read their emails, but they “did” want them to believe they were hacked by the Russians. It would seem verification is their enemy and maybe there was much more revelations about suppressing the Sanders campaign that they didn’t want released. Why be so closed about being open when you want to prove you were hacked? Maybe being open would have proven there was no hack at all and this is just some fake false-flagging of Russia applied for other reasons?

MIKE O. (HOGUE commenting)
Mike just left a link about how the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court that rarely declines a warrant request from the FBI did so when they asked to look at intelligence reports concerning four key Trump operatives going to meet with Russian leaders in Moscow to talk over foreign policy issues during the campaign.

What the Guardian UK quote in the article didn’t tell us is that political campaigns for president do interact and meet with foreign dignitaries all over the world. Obama in his first election for president even made a world tour himself meeting with leaders.

FISA rejected the FBI request because they thought the request was too broad and unspecific. You can read the article that Mike O. sent by clicking on FISA. Mike did add this note: “The above article is pretty interesting in my opinion. It might appear the govt was trying to “legally” monitor Trump, but the court declined it.

Yes, Mike. That is unusual because Presidential campaigns often send members out on fact-finding missions to foreign governments. I would add that it shouldn’t be surprising that such a team went to Moscow, all above board because their candidate, Trump, has made no bones about wanting to make a major foreign policy shift in direction for the USA towards peace and reconciliation with Russia. That’s no secret and the trip to Moscow was not clandestine.

Now, returning to the main flow of articles, Michele D. stimulates another discussion stream.

As stated by Peter Novak: Fourteen years ago, the CIA told us they had proof that Iraq had WMDs, but it turned out that the CIA was lying. Now the CIA tells us they have proof that Russia hacked our election, but once again their evidence is pure baloney.

Michelle backed up her statement with an interesting article from entitled: If There Really Was Evidence of Russian Hacking, The NSA Would Have It. The subtitle asks rhetorically, “The real question that we should all be asking is why the DHS and FBI would destroy their reputation by posting such a fake report?”

Imagining that they are on opposite sides is like imagining the front and back seat in your car are two vehicles.

Trump is starting the Arms race again by wanting to build America’s arsenal. This will Not make the world safer. Trump will not survive until midterm. The so-called 35-page report is unverified. This means we don’t know either way. Trump calling CNN fake news reports shows Trump is very unpresidential. If CNN is fake then Trump is a fake POTUS-elect.

Any further comments, John Hogue?

I predicted over a year before he was elected that Trump as president would find out that he couldn’t make the US armed forces larger. He will streamline them and modernize them, though, which is sufficient.

Yes, I’ll repeat some of the observations I put in the conversation stream of Joy Williams that follows yours posted on my page:

DeepState“The CIA, NSA were telling us about a “slam dunk” with no clear sources that Saddam Hussein had WMDs and was going to launch mushroom clouds over US cities. How did that work for us? One million dead Iraqis, 6,000 dead Americans, radical Islam spreading in the ruins we made out of Iraq that gave birth to the Islamic State, more death, more wrecking balls to states in the Middle East, destabilizing the world, spreading terrorism to our shores—not ending it.

Now we have a new WMD lie proffered, brain-“Dirtying” your collective minds, but this one might get us in a war with the largest nuclear power in the world, if you count the active warheads. I’ve been warning my readers since 2014 that this new cold war could end quickly in a nuclear conflict when Nostradamus’ short countdown window opens in November 2017. Clinton was the main proponent for that war if she became president. Trump was the main potential peacemaker avoiding that war if he was president.

I’ve been warning you all already that the Deep State is far more freaked out about Trump than my emotionally melting-down progressive readers. They’ll try to destroy him so they can get their war with Russia. If they succeed, a lot of you will be responsible for it, because you don’t think for yourselves.

A new cold war was foreseen getting suddenly and unexpectedly "hot." Nostradamus gives two countdowns. The war erupts in late 2017 or 2027. Click on the cover and read how this future can be changed.

A new cold war was foreseen getting suddenly and unexpectedly “hot.” Nostradamus gives two countdowns. The war erupts in late 2017 or 2027. Click on the cover and read how this future can be changed.

You are gullible enough to believe heaps of BS that the mainstream news is dumping into your brains right now. We have an American plague of lack. A lack of intelligent, skeptical inquiry, will be used against you by the Deep State to take you to the brink of Armageddon this coming November. For further reading check out my book A New Cold War.

If you to study radical Islam study Sufism & Mullah Nasrudin and Rumi. ISIL has as much about Islam as the KKK does with xtianity.
Trump will self destruct due to his own stupidity.
1. First grab em by the pussy
2. Goldenshowers
3. Lying about dealing with Russia
4. Bernie Sanders on CNN called him
a pathological liar and gave examples
5. Now you will all pay for the Wall
6. NO, Muslim ban for you! Jeff sessions is against it!
The outsider excuse is weak.

you really think Clinton would have done any better? I have a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you

Larry, you’re right about Rumi and Sufism being diametrically opposite in Islamic understanding as Sufi day and black-flagged ISIS night. Then again there’s you list of six. I wouldn’t take any of your list points to court for a hearing. Here’s why:

NUMBER ONE: could just be a man talking locker room. I’m sure if I miked you over the years I might find you saying something lewd that I could use against you. That also goes for some of you girls who are disgusted by what Trump said. Though Trump was vulgar, I would say he was only expressing what is nearly universally a problem that all human beings have, a psychologically dysfunctional misunderstanding of human sexuality, lust and love.

NUMBER TWO: that golden showers story is from Buzz Feed, it has no objective sources mentioned, no witnesses cross-checked and verified. It is yellow piss-on-you journalism at its most urine-stained.

NUMBER THREE: as I noted earlier, Trump sending four of his key campaign operators to discuss foreign policy with Russia was above board and not unusual for presidential candidates. Obama before elected traveled to Afghanistan, Europe and other lands speaking directly to world leaders and governments.

Clearly Ronald Reagan was in contact with the Iranians before he was elected and affected a release of the US hostages. That was clandestine, whereas Trump’s view about improving relations with Russia is quite open and clear. Your thinking that he’s “lying” about his Russian diplomatic overtures is an unsubstantiated claim, Larry.

NUMBER FOUR: What Bernie Sanders says is an opinion, which he paints with a rather broad brush. That quote is old, by the way. It was from the campaign time. Time to get updated. Sanders in a post-election interview listed a surprising number of Trump legislative initiatives that he would support if they were more than empty campaign promises.

Trump has that Gemini quality of changing his views consistently because he is larger than his contradictions.

One could counter that Bernie Sanders was a paper revolutionary who gave away his political leverage before the race even began, assuring the Clinton party machine would never respect him, fear him and would easily ride rough-shod over his campaign, as I predicted they would. Politicians lie, Larry. Oh my goodness! Is this new to you???

NUMBER FIVE: Trump’s wall being paid by Mexico is outrageous, but as I have read all his books and been watching his climb to potential future significant figure since 1992, I’ve come to understand how he plays the negotiation game. He’ll start off proffering an outrageous offer. That’s the Wall paid by Mexico.

You watch what happens if he’s not sabotaged by the Deep State, the Immigration issue in his first term will be resolved by more moderate final actions. I give this issue an entire chapter in my new President Trump Predictions book.

NUMBER SIX: This is another pattern of Trump starting with an over the top negotiating demand, getting attention, moving a lot of energy. He is the one who finally started a national debate about immigration. I predict he’ll resolve this issue in more moderate way than originally tendered.

TrumpOrangecartoonPointingGet used to it, everyone. Uranus over his Sun sign likes to throw everything up into the air and stir you all up, just look at what settles and where. That’s where Trump will be going in his final decisions. I’m not at all surprised that Trump has Sessions, his Attorney General pick, talking about preventing his deportations. Trump is filling his cabinet with high-powered people who will do a lot of fighting like you see in Celebrity Apprentice. Bannon on the extreme Right, vs. Priebus the moderate Republican as Chief of Staff. Trump saying climate change is a hoax picks Rex Tillerson who has publicly professed that Climate Change is human induced. Ivanka brings Al Gore to Trump for an hour meeting because she, his most personal private council, is a staunch supporter of the science of Climate Change. And so it goes like his Reality Shows. The boss will often find in that atmosphere a solution or an executive decision that is surprisingly not what either polarized side expected. Be prepared to be surprised with Trump born under that Gemini Sun conjunct Uranus, everybody.

Then came Xenia. chiming in which prompted the following word play pun-ting with the definition of Xenia and Xeno, in our phobias about Trump:

Be careful what you wish for. Trump lies and changes his mind multiple times on each issue. When he sees there is no way out, he backpedals but he may go back to his original statement if pushed. I am afraid – very afraid. The Truth About Donald Trump’s Lies: Debunking Them as Lies Misses the Point

Why is it when someone states an opposite opinion to someone else, that someone else accuses you of not thinking for yourself? You mean no one else is thinking like you, ergo you are thinking for yourself? What hogwash!

There’s also “Xenia” phobia at play when it comes to Trump. J “Be afraid, very afraid…”

Well Xenia means hospitality and friendship so once again you seem not to know what you are talking about. Xeno is the opposite of my name and means fear of strangers. So remember, I am the friendly one and how can you fear hospitality? Well maybe you do John Hogue.

You seem hospitable to seriousness “ergo” your “ego” is taking a joke literally. I was only “pun”-ishing your snooty hog washing of other opinions rather inhospitably. You seem to be new here. You come into my Facebook page with a big and inhospitable chip on your shoulder.

hillaryclintonfingerupbillclintonaskanceI wonder, can you be hospitable to Trump?

Being negative will not help him. What a test it might be for living up to your name which means welcoming and friendship if you could be as hospitable as Christ and love your enemies. It might change you and change Trump.

Miracles could happen. Right now “Xenia” is writing in a state of “Xeno” when it comes to finding a way beyond our Trump phobias. I think you transform him by being truly hospitable, friendly, loving, rather than be closed, condemnatory, and fascist baiting.

Just remember how we got to this point. Every negative attacker against Trump did not succeed. All people resorting to negative attacks have been defeated so far.

Why not try love?

Rather than hate him. Love might change him and you. Then there are no losers. Just awakeners. Do not be fearful, Xenia. Be brave.

I have not come onto your page. I came to a post from Michele D.;who knows I need no apology to be who I am. I did not say hogwash to other opinions. I said hogwash to those who say if you don’t believe as I believe you are not thinking for yourself. Maybe you need to read.

Understand what Facebook can be. A post from one person can be linked infinitely to others. The stream lengthens. I always write with the understanding that I could be linked to every stream in Facebook. And anyway, Xenia, whatever stream your statement appeared on originally doesn’t make your point any less worthy of a critical examination. It doesn’t change your statement’s sweeping generality capped by a vulgar hog-washing brushoff. It doesn’t matter who you directed it to. I will answer back.

I don’t believe in much of what you are saying which I find fear based. I expect that makes my Hogue-wash another example of your Hog Wash.

That’s OK. I just like to tease you because you’re so serious. Maybe you might have some compassion for Donald Trump on one front. Both of you are very thin skinned.

I’m less interested in people’s ungrounded opinions that come onto these pages and far more interested in helping them see how unconscious givens, biases, and traps of the mind entrap them in opinions that do not illuminate their souls. My hits are here to help.

People who shut down afterwards only indicate to me that they aren’t ready to look dispassionately at their programmed and self-identified minds and personalities. They still love the rattling sound of their judgmental chains and the lock-and-key CLANG! of familiar mind prisons bars when the steel door of their own ego judgment locks them in.

I do like to rattle your chains. Not to make you suffer, you all do that well enough without me, but there’s another possible response. By rattling your chains, in their true light, you might become aware of your imprisonment. It is always good to start a real journey toward truth knowing your naked psychic reality, in the raw.

Dea[StateSkeletonfaceHelping my readers is what is most important to me here. Trumps and Clintons, Americas and Roman Empires will rise and fall, come and go. We remain, we incarnating souls, trapped in the wheel of birth and death dreaming we are true people when we are walking-zombie nightmares. Yet in all that dreaming around and around the wheel of life and death, something can witness you, us, and a world that is not a dream at all. That is my core interest, to lovingly rattle my readers playing with their balls, and clanging their chains of identity, opinion and mind in these pages. I want to help you become witnesses to these habits and by witnessing, the habits can fall away, replaced by a new and luminous clarity filling the void left behind

Wow! What a singular point of view. Every person who dislikes Trump is a loser in your book. I am prepared to wait and see how things play out. I hope for the best but I cannot say I think it will happen. In any case, the people have spoken and supported a bigot and racist. I think people voted blind folded or else they believe and like what he said and did on the campaign trail.

For the record, and you can check it in these pages at Hogueprophecy or in my books. I have never said anti-Trump people are losers. You are saying it. A majority of Trump supporters voted for him because they want to have jobs and forward mobility again. The “racist” and “bigot” label painted on 62 million people is a bit ripe with exaggeration from inhospitable Xenia.

I am leaving this thread but I want to share one last thing with you John Hogue. When you used my name to mock me, I lost all respect for you as I did for Trump when he mocked people. This shows me why you voted for and support him. You have the same mindset and I will not waste further words on you or him. I will continue to be loving and supportive to my family and friends who do not insult me. To strangers who mock me and insult me, I close my door. It is not xenophobia, it is self-protection so that I do not become a xenophobe, like Trump who fears foreigners. I can state how I see him because the U.S. and Canada are built on free speech but to this day at least, they do not support hate crime. What the future holds, I can only wait and see. I hope for the best.

Xenia, be more “hospitable” to laughing at your serious self. You’re way too serious; moreover, you make a claim that I voted and support Trump without reading my book on Trump which nailed his personality flaws very hard as well as mentioned his positive potentials. To be fair and balanced in this climate of unsubstantiated opinion prancing around as fact, I seem to be a radical for presenting Trump with his warts and his potential positives all hanging out an a fair and balanced book.

Upon what FACTS do you declare that I voted for Trump?

None at all.

FACT: I cast my ballot as a gesture of protest to the third party candidate most unlikely to win in this political circus, Jill Stein, and Jill should not take that as my support, because third parties, any political “party” at all, is the problem.

Political parties destroy democracies.

I don’t vote for lesser or greater evils that the two-party cartel dictates. Unlike most of you reading this, I won’t be blindly played as a fool, thinking my “lesser of two evil” voting choices gets me anything less than evil. The only way to get “less pregnant” is to have an abortion of political parties seeded in your brain as your only options. I’m going to give you solid alternative options below, so hang in there and keep reading.

Now, back to you, Xenia. You came onto my page with a chip on your shoulder, and I playfully knocked it off. You judge Trump, yet you share his vice of having a thin skin.

It is quite a cosmic joke, is it not? We hate in others what we hate about ourselves and don’t even become aware of it, except on very rare occasions of true self-observation. Then laughter and understanding of ourselves is the only answer.

Learn to laugh at yourself.

We’re all hilariously screwed up, ego-juiced up, projecting up our unsubstantiated opinions as fact. Some of us become a little more aware that we are clowns. I hope you will be one of those awakening clowns someday. The door to my Facebook circus ego-freak show, with all of its bearded ladies and elephant gentlemen and tattooed tit-for-tattlers, will welcome you.

OK John Hogue – stop addressing me in your posts. I do not want to hear from you again because it is you who does not see my point or understand what I said hogwash to. :Like I said maybe you need to read. So do not address me in your posts. I wish not to engage in discussion with you and do not want you bashing my name or character, which you do in saying I am thin skinned and ignorant. Stop you name calling. It shows more about your character than mine.

That was a pretty thin-skinned, angry outburst, don’t you think? (Giggle….) Go in peace. Try not to take yourself so seriously. Seriousness is a dis-ease. We all “do” seriousness. We “do” anger. We “do” thin skins. I am just like you, Xenia, with a little difference. That difference something you can awaken, so can Trump or Clinton. The thing I’m awakening to is everyone’s birthright.

You only need to be available, each infinitesimally small moment of Eternal, Universal Now.

All of us have the birthright capacity to step back from our body-emotion-mindsets and be thoroughly entertained by the incredible ego-movie we all run on the “scream” screen of our consciousness. If you can simply watch the show, you become more and more aware of that which is sitting in God’s cosmic movie theater, munching on karma popcorn and sucking down Samsara soda pop.

After Xenia stormed out of the discussion stream, David J. stepped in. He returned us to the issue of cyber space illiteracy of our leaders:

If you look at my IP address now, it will tell you that I am in Taiwan, the fact is I am in Weifang and not in Taiwan. Funny how I can change my IP location, where this [news] story thinks it cannot be done. I find it hard to believe any news stories online anymore, and will fact check all before reposting them.

Exactly so, David. This is a basic knowledge, of which Clapper as head of US National Intelligence and apparently all the spies in his agency are unaware. These people are lobbying Congress to make momentous decisions that could lead to nuclear confrontation with Russia and they are as ignorant about cyberspace as a man who chooses to cite laws he can’t read and writes his name with an “X.”

As somebody who has had graduate experience in a communications field, It was when the media reacted as it did that clued me into what was going on at the top of the ladder.

Which was (is) what, exactly? I do not follow US politics at all; hence, the question.

Thanks for asking that, Michele. What do you say, Deborah?

Well, I learned over 20 years ago about the brand of corruption that had taken over the media partly by degrading it to a gossip mentality. Somebody had begun setting down plans for a long game, and it was really coming to a head these last couple of years. As far as nationally, or even globally, I had no idea where it was coming from. But then I watched the media shamelessly bias their news openly against Trump and completely for Hillary, over any other Democratic candidate as well, with such a venom as to totally obliterate Trump even among the Republican candidates. For 20 years I never trusted the media. Looking at their attack on him was like watching wild dogs attack a lone traveler. Trump may well be a devil of sorts- successful businessmen are trained to be such, but the media attack clued me in on who the “NWO” was most afraid. And also who they were supporting.

Thanks Deborah. As I understand this dumbing down media process, which I’ve been watching carefully since the late 1960s, it is corporately directed. The legendary journalist Edward R. Morrow started raising the alarm even in the early sixties that if new bureaus of the major networks had to turn a profit like the rest of the network divisions it would compromise the freedom of the press.

TrumpEphigyHangedYou see, before the late sixties, networks would make their profits mainly from advertisement of entertainment shows and then keep a portion to budget to sustain their news divisions, which gave them prestige, gravitas and civic respect.

“I love Lucy” but I respect Walter Cronkite pulling an entire nation in front of the television to watch “our” network inform the country of important events.

Back then, when a reporter was going to give an opinion, he only did it in the Editorial segment of the news where it was made quite clear that it wasn’t news, it was an opinion about the news.

Around the early 1970s news started to change into more theatrical “Eye Witness News” broadcasting, that even then impacted me, a high schooler, as more sensation than journalism. Even then I called it eye-“witless” news.

Jane Fonda’s character in the 1979 movie The China Syndrome was a reporter trying to break out of the dog-and-ponying up eye-witlessness. She risked her job investigating a real story, against her producer’s wishes. She wanted to uncover the truth behind rumors that a nuclear plant had come close to a meltdown. The corporate hacks who oversaw the plant were trying to keep a lid on the fact that the technology was not up to standard safety levels even though they were pressuring the plant workers to bring it on line for more profits, threatening millions in the surrounding city and state with a nuclear disaster.

SmellsLikeBullshit-MediaThat movie was trying to make a statement about the mounting degeneration of news into entertainment if it relied on corporate sponsors and had to keep its rating higher and its journalistic integrity lower to make a profit. That prescient warning in cinema was released over three decades ago when news in the US began to go south. Now I have to seek the last vestiges of real journalism on TV mostly from overseas or from US bureaus of foreign networks like Al-Jazeera and RT (Russia Today).

The plug was pulled on Al-Jazeera last year. I fear that Russia Today will be next.

That means the American citizen is losing one of the last channels on mainstream television where critical or alternative views can be expressed. The source of this dumb down and numbing out of objective inquiry is a long-term process meant to reduce people into intellectual “serfs” of a new kind of Neo-Feudalism. A small, incredibly wealthy minority of what I call CEOligarchs want to rule as a power over sovereign nations and elected leaders who are meant to be more blow horns of business interests than representatives of the people.

This is the face of Fascism’s new wave. I have long written and warned you about it coming for a quarter and life in the 2020s. Oddly enough, Donald Trump, though he is a one-percenter, is a renegade, an independent operator. He is not part of this multi-corporate cabal.

Hillary Clinton, however, was their blow horn. All of this yelling and screaming in a day-to-day drumbeat of unsourced stories about Russian hacks, golden showers, pussy groping, all single-pointed and negative litanies against Trump, is meant to condition and prepare the American people for his destruction. He is a major threat to the US corporate perpetual war market. If they can’t get him to play by their rules they will destroy him and he won’t finish his first term in office, perhaps not even his first year.

This possible destiny is a major theme in my book about Trump as president. Trump is already in deep trouble with the Deep State—another name for this corporate motivated power class that transcends the surface mask of “Republican” or “Democrat” to fool you all into thinking there’s a democracy in this country.

It’s very odd that despite Trump’s many faults and clearly his potential to be a disaster president, I’d say he’s the most free and independent man to reach this high office in 50 years. That’s why I’m motivated by my Oracle’s prompting to tell all of you who are against him to love him. Confront him with issues but deal with your negativity in private.

Don’t dump on Trump.

It just won’t work in your favor.

Do keep your president’s mind on the issues the people need him to defend. Be creative, not destructive. The CEOligarchy would LOVE to see the Democrats go negative because they see as I see how it will disempower you. If the Republican’s banish the Affordable Health Care act, I want to see a sizable portion of those 20 MILLION people who lost their health care insurance peacefully march on Washington.

ObamaDemocratsWhiteFlagYou have power and the corporations with their news organs want to make you misinformed-stupid, make you uncritical thinkers, running on your irrational emotions bouncing off the walls, like some of the people you’ve seen in this stream today are doing. Shadow powers just LOVE seeing you negative, scared, very scared. That’s how they’re taking your power and your Republic away because you feed off their fake mainstream news outlets.

I will be writing a lot about these issues in the coming years and about an entire new kind of political movement coming that is not political party based. Stay tuned and read my books. They will help you. First off, get on the list to receive a notice when President Trump Predictions will be released. Then get on the list to receive the expanded edition of my epic Predictions 2017-2018: Years of Crisis and Breakthrough. They’ll both be coming out in February, the second book, no later than before the Spring Equinox, as it foretells events from Spring 2017 to Spring 2019.

If you want to follow this epic discussion stream further, just go to my Facebook page and why not join it too? Same with my Facebook Public Page.

Now we leave the general discussion that Michele D. activated (Everybody thank Michele!) Next I take you to the conversation stream that the following comment from Joy W. initiated. For the record, Joy erased her stream from my page. Something you all ought to know. Never put anything on my Facebook page thinking it can be erased or that you can erase all the people from view who commented on it. I date capture nearly everything for the record. Moreover, there’s no need to erase yourselves. Stand by what you have said, even if you feel embarrassed about it. What’s wrong with feeling embarrassed? Be courageous. I support you all in your courage to come into my Dragon’s den of a Facebook page where we burn down people’s opinions to their basic elements of ego and misunderstanding.

So here’s what Joy W. erased:

After the stuff that went on today [Trump’s press conference where he called CNN fake news], John, your prediction that Hillary will be President may very well be true.

I know that the whole thing looked weird before the election to you. Were there any indications about the hacking, and Russia in your predictions?

Fake news

John you are spot on

John, I don’t really see how this could happen…we are doomed to become russia’s bitch.

First Paulevie, question whether you’re becoming the Media’s blind believing bitch.

ok so I am aware that propaganda can go 2 ways..and dt seems like he may have the ignorance of a 13 yr old…but how would hrc be put into office at this point?

By the way, Joy, Clinton won’t win, that’s just your hope and the hope of many progressives in my readership that can’t yet come to grips with the reality that their Electoral College based election system has given them. Trump is the next president and I predicted how he could beat Hillary Clinton to the White House over a year before the elections happened when few believed he had a real chance and was a serious contender: Trump for President: Astrological Predictions.

Ok, do you have any predictions on our future welfare as a “united States” of america or amerikka?

This is the follow-up book I’m putting together right now: President Trump Predictions. This page keeps you informed on the progress of getting this second book of my highly accurate published.

are these books based upon Nostradamus?

The answer to both your queries, click on the links. They will explain what the book is about, what prophetic background I give them. Nostradamus is included but also my own Oracular war and astrological predictions as well as those from other seers.

For this stream I repeated my response from Michele D.’s stream. I’ll only quote again the part that relates to Joy’s retort:

You see, Clinton was the Deep State’s choice for president, as I always warned. Trump is an outsider who will end the new cold war with Russia and defeat ISIS with Russia, thus ending two very lucrative war markets for the US perpetual war industry.

Well, you also said that Hillary would win the election. She didn’t. This is off your prediction run. So how do you explain that? As to the hacking, someone did, Russia or not, Wikileaks did release Podesta’s and other’s emails, and they haven’t denied that those were their emails. Podesta and his risotto, for instance. As to Trump ending Isis. LOL!

I think you are losing your touch, John. I like you but I think you are really losing your perspective. Trump is screwing everyone up.

Joy, all I’m losing touch with is your agreement. Most of you only respect my views if they resonate with your biases for or against things. Now that “you” are losing touch with my truth, you seek consolation by picking at what you think are my mistakes. Let’s for argument sake say I got the Hillary Clinton prediction wrong—I didn’t because I have always picked the winner of the election by popular vote. What you Americans do to disqualify the will of the people in not the purview of my forecasts since 1968. But OK, let’s say I was wrong. That means in 13 tries I’ve only been wrong once.

Joy, do you see how it suits your biased mind to ignore 12 successes and fixate now on one loss?

Do you see how your mind just erases the most successful string of presidential forecasts on record because it makes your biased mind feel more comfortable?

The next few people are agreeing with what I just said and also the full quote from the previous stream that categorized how factless and baseless is the mainstream’s fake new Russian Hack assault.

I agree with you john!

Wow facts John Hogue

I tend to agree with John; the lack of supporting evidence is really amazing. John and I both know what it’s like to get propaganda from a single source. It’s not pretty. Also, John posted both ways about the election outcome.

Quit watching MSM (Hogue editor note, I think Cynthia means MSNBC.)

well said! I didn’t vote for Hillary and I advocate having the Electoral Collge but I agree with your point.

Funny thing, Joy, you can laugh out loud about Trump defeating ISIS, probably as much as you were laughing out loud in June 2015 when Trump declared his run for president. Most of you were having a good laugh, except me. I looked into him without biases. I read his astrology and saw his real potential to defeat Hillary Clinton and become the president. I went on written record for the next 18 months indicating in detail how she could blow this election and how he could win a long shot victory. Go read those predictions, everyone. They are posted here: Hogue Predictions for the New Year 2017, Five Future-Altering Events. Scroll down to the second HogueProphecy article entitled: “Let the Documented Record Reveal how my Oracle Foresaw what happened: an Alternative Future where Trump defeats Hillary Clinton after she Sabotaged her Destiny a Second Time”

I was actually thinking that that it was the popular vote your prediction was reflecting.

Well, Joy, I was right, was I not? I predicted her victory by the popular vote. It is now hovering at 2.8 million more votes than Trump. I even got the percentile variance right, by 2 percent of the popular vote. So why did you write the above saying I got it wrong?

Everyone, including myself: Bring your full attention and care when writing on these pages. Be mindful of your biases and your predilection to write from a place of selective memory. It is ever a surprise how many of you do not retain memory of what I’ve documented so carefully over the years for you. Indeed many of you don’t even read past the titles of my articles before you start telling me what these articles were about.

It doesn’t matter to me, but I do feel a great sadness for you. I see how the future is not so threatened by the Clintons or the Trumps waiting in the wings, but directly threatened by your mental sleepwalking into that future.

Each of us, walking, talking and living unconsciously is the real engine of the potential disasters coming to the world—not the leaders or the governments and their media outlets. The media and our governments are only symptoms, consequences, created by a humanity that hasn’t yet awakened from its programmed egos and false personalities.

Meditation-DancerSplitSunsetYou can’t collectively awaken humanity, but you CAN wake yourself up and see a truth beyond your dream/nightmare existence. Meditation is the way.

If you allow me, I can send you links and information about the meditations I use. Contact me at this link and put only one word in the subject line: Meditation. Then I will send you the information.

I’ll put my 2 cents in. I am no fan of Putin or Trump nor do I actually hate either one. But I do think that after the public “formal invitation” to hack from Trump, that Putin may have found it too tempting to resist. But countries spy and hack, we do it, Russia does it, etc. Why this is a big new deal I don’t know. I’m sure every country knows everybody else’s secrets by now anyhow. But – Trump is not the biggest concern for many of us. It’s his pals. Trump’s allies in Washington are poised to take away our healthcare, our paid-for Social Security has a threat of being put into the stock market, the environment will be controlled by Oil co. and so on. I agree with you John that Trump and Putin can together stop ISIS, but afterwards, we will have to deal with halting a worse march of Fascism and corporate control of everything.

I’m inserting from memory in this stream a question that I edited out but would like to restore now. I can’t remember who sent the question but thanks for sending it. The questioner asked about the future of US Senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren. Would she run for president in 2020? My answer is yes, she will run but with Clinton out of the picture her run for president is lost in a mist. There’s a good chance she won’t have a party to run for, if the Democratic corporate party machine wants to go negative and partisan against Trump. Linnea, you worry about corporations bearing down on our world even more after Russia and Trump defeat ISIS and that is a high probability, especially if opposition to Trump is guided by fear and hysteria. You will not be able to unite. Negativity will literally eat the Democratic Party whole. You don’t seem to be aware, even now, that the Democrat Party is part of the same corporate cabal to crush independent opinion and freedom. When will you people wake up to this? If you don’t the country may for a time be a one-party ruled regime.

I do have some good news. I see already different popular movements that can lead a respectful, strong and loving opposition that is beyond all parties. One of these movements is Brand New Congress.Org. The other is a movement to reinterpret the Electoral College by changing rules state capital by state capital. Eleven states with 165 electoral votes have joined. For this new rule to take effect they need it to pass in other states to collect 105 more electoral votes to make the magic number 270. That means the Electoral College a set majority of 270 electors who will only vote for the presidential candidate who wins the popular vote. That means there’s no need to go through the arduous process of making a constitutional amendment to abolish the Electoral College. This is the kind of creative, completely legal thinking I’m talking about that can intelligently improve our democratic system, and you are definitely empowered in your states to make this happen. Learn more, go to their website by clicking on National Popular Vote.

Brand New Congress has an ingenious plan. They want to change US Congress by running something like a presidential-style national campaign come the next midterm elections in 2018. Their motto is, One Plan, One (national) Campaign with 400+Candidates. There will be hundreds of candidates as one, pledging to the agreed upon plans for congressional reforms. Each will run in every Senate or House election as one, promoting that community plan. This kind of campaign easier to finance cheaply and effectively, as well as keep it politically focused rather than have hundreds of individual campaigns going it alone. It’s what I would call the first political community style national election for Congress. It’s the very thing my Oracle has been foreseeing over the years as an answer to ending the corporate hold of your two-party system. It is not a two-part based movement either. Check them out at Join the movement, because, frankly, the Democratic Party has no future. And it hasn’t served you well at all.

Also, for my traditionally Republican readers, just remember, Trump in office is not going to sustain the conservative moment in power. Your party is also going through a great change. The vast majority of Trump voters did not vote for the GOP. They are fed up with it about as much as the Democratic-Hillary Clinton party. The Brand New Congress movement is also gathering anyone who is disgusted with either party in Congress so you might also check it out by clicking on the link.

Trump is bringing real change to this nation. Whether it is good or terrible change depends on how all you find a way to renew community in common ground with your red and blue neighbors. One thing is certain, your two-party system will never be the same.

Now back to the stream conversation.

May PE Trump’s reign usher in a golden age for the US with sprinklings of his generosity for everyone!

Him generous? He is gone to take everything away from us, with all his rich men in the swamp.

He does have a generous side. People want to forget about that. There are more examples too.

Ken L. gave some links to display Trump helping others but Joy erased this stream before I could data capture that source. The link showed a picture of Donald Trump posing with Rosa Parks.

He does, Ken. Trump has many sides. He’s a multidimensional personality since he’s a Gemini Sun with Uranus conjoined over his Sun. He will always surprise us and most of us will always underestimate his kindness, his innocence and promotional genius, that lives entwined with his Gemini predilection to trash talk, and channel one day the worst collective mindsets of one audience, but be loving and caring channeling the energy of other groups. He’s an open channel that is in desperate need, unknown to him, of the nation’s positive feedback. If you dump negativity on him, he will channel and make “YOUR” negativity a political reality, folks, so find a way to shift him each day towards the lighter angels of his multiple personality Gemini nature.

I live with a Gemini, and I never know which path we are taking on which day. It’s a delightful surprise some days, other days, it’s a cold, hard, slog. But dumping negativity on it, never helps.

Well put Vicki. I also speak from first hand experience. One of my deepest loves was an Australian Gemini and a lifetime love of my older brother Jim. The Gemini split is happening on a national scale right now.

62 million people are supporting Trump and wishing him take the nation in a new direction with success for the sake of the nation. 65 million people want to destroy him, are afraid of him. You don’t want to go negative with a Gemini, especially “This” Gemini with his “heeeyooge” and powerful Leo Ascendant with Mars in Leo conjunct in the 12 House!

You sway this man with your LOVE folks, not your negativity. Dumping negativity on a Gemini president NEVER HELPS you or the nation. You’ll change Trump with your love and positive feedback, for instance, Obamacare. Don’t come to him in fear, desperately holding on to that mess Obama allowed to be made out of his unstable and financially unsustainable health care plan. State what you like about it and want your president to keep, but rather than give him all your psychic bile, give Trump your ideas. Join the process to recreate this healthcare Frankenstein monster I predicted Obama would turn it into.

I’m also speaking from first hand experience about Obamacare. I can cite many horror stories beyond my own from my neighbors in this very blue, west side of Washington State, a state that has its own exchange. Heck, we’re considered one of the “success” stories.

It’s a mess.

We need a better system. Help your president by being positive. One of the patterns of Trump’s personality is, that if you give him love and support he’s gives back 120 percent back. If you go against him, if you’re negative, your dead to him.

The truth is that which works.

Be positive.

Don’t dump your negativity.

It simply won’t work on your Gemini/Leo president elect.

I hope you are right John xx

(A pile of thumbs up in a picture)

Daniel D. put up a split picture with the guy who shot up a pizzeria in Washington DC because of fake news, and piles of dead Iraqi’s killed in as a consequence of the US invasion based on fake news that Saddam Hussein had WMDs. What I think he was trying to illuminate with these two memes was that the same US intelligence culture that wants us to just “believe” them again without providing any evidence of Russian hacks, just like before with Iraq. My comment from the other stream bears repeating in this stream. Now I’ll close with some comments from my Facebook Public page:

I’ve seen Trump’s comments about climate change somewhere. He said he is keeping open mind about climate change so it’s possible he will convert on this issue at some point.

Trump spoke with Al Gore for over an hour in December. His closest advisor introduced Gore to him, his daughter Ivanka, who understands the science and sees climate change is real and human induced. It’s not surprising to me that a daughter who has grown up with a genius deal maker and salesman like her father would recognize the right man to talk to her father about global warming is its greatest and most effective salesman, Al Gore.

The natural disasters coming in the first year of Trump’s presidency will have a personally tragic and transforming effect on the new president. They’ll make him a convert to Climate Change threats and galvanizing the nation’s economic rebirth by retooling its infrastructure and industries down the long and hard path of fossil fuel dependency.

And now the last questions and reply to Pat’s question/comment, which I think is a beautiful one to end this discussion/debate with:

I’m very troubled by the disruptions and riots people are forecasting for Friday s inauguration. Do think there is going to be issues that prevent Trump from becoming the president. Do you thing there is going to be a lot of violence. What is wrong with people and why can’t we all get along. Rosie o donnel wants marshal law. I feel like something bad is going to happen. Very sad. Thank you

Whatever turmoil comes, the inauguration will go one and Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.

Chaotic times are here. There is a positive dimension to this. I welcome the chaos as a necessary opportunity for people of all political, economic and religious persuasions to be shaken out of their stupid stupor, their stagnating points of view.

Right now, a whole lot of people who call themselves “liberal” are getting a chance to see how just underneath the surface is a whole lot of judgmental ugliness, intolerance and rage. Where’s all that love you progressives are always talk, talk, talking about? It isn’t in your current “walkabout.”

Trump will be a catalytic agent for a whole lot of people to rethink their politics, their economics and where the American civilization should be going next.

I have been shown a surprising vision by my Oracle, even surprising to me. The way to make this journey with Trump a beautiful and transforming one is not down the path of dumping and violent negativity. Now all you people who spout your Buddhist and Christian values about loving your neighbors and your enemies will have to start talking and walking your Love path.

ClintonSandersTrumpCartoonTrump needs our love and support. And sometimes that may mean expressing lovingly our Gandian, non-violent, civil disobedience. Be positive even in your protesting. Make your “protests” a “professing” of your truth and your wish to communicate to your president. Make your protest a petition. Send representatives to your president. Invite him to come visit you and be loving.

No one responds positively to dumping violent, hateful emotion packed actions or words.

Jesus says, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Respond with love, even if you are critical.

This is what I do in my replies to readers in my Inbox. It they react to my words thinking they are full of judgment and anger I can say from my side that there’s none of that behind my words. So, if you are reading judgment and anger it may only be a projection of your angry, snap-judging reaction to my words.

With the president, I am taking a different path of communicating because his personality as a Gemini with Uranus conjoined his sun with a Leo Rising and a Sagittarian natal Moon opposed his Sun-Uranus, requires one drop one’s judgments and look at him with the freshness of a child. One must regard our new president with innocent intelligence, because at his core, he “is” that eight-year old he himself has been quoted saying he is. I speak to that innocence, that great heart.

Understand that all human beings have many flaws. One of those flaws is a rush to judge and reject the whole diamond because of one ugly facet. Many of my readers suffer this flaw as you can see from some of the statements written today.

Trump’s contradictions are natural to a man who is a powerful multifaceted Gemini ego. You’ve got to flow with him. Don’t be trapped into locking onto one dimension of Trump at the rejection of all his other dimensions. Under the misogynist is a man who cherishes and loves women. Under the Mexican alien baiter is a man who also says his wall will have a large door, welcoming people to come through legally. The Xenophobe face of Trump about Muslims is an indelicate expression of what in his heart is a desire to protect the American people from terrorists and harm. That’s the issue to discuss with him. The world needs more peace. Support Trump making peace with any country, Russia or otherwise. He wants prosperity for working-class Americans. Help him gain clarity on how to do that for all Americans.

As I see it, the people set to destroy this country are those who follow their path of fear and hatred. I understand your concerns about Trump, but I also live by the motto of Gautama Buddha, “The Truth is that which ‘Works.'”

Your negativity will not “work.”

FutureOfSex-VanGoghishdream_lover2Try love.

Try expressing your negativity in private and then only come forth to speak issues when you have had a good vomit of your fear and anger and are cleared of it. Then you will be cool, calm, and clear in your protests, demonstrations, petitions and letters to Trump.

The man’s an open channel. Send him your negativity, and you’ll get a negative future. Send him your love and constructive, intelligent advise, and his big heart will listen. He loves good ideas. Send him your love and your ideas.

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