Hogue’s Presidential and US Congressional Election Day Predictions, by the Numbers

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DATELINE: Election Eve, 07 November 2016

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I’ll make this short and categorical. Goodness knows I’ve been detailing the outcome of Hillary Clinton becoming your first woman US president starting sixteen years ago, on 12 November 2000. In the year 2000 I predicted how she might obtain his destiny by 2008. In March 2007, I told you accurately how she could blow her chances in 2008 in a hard fought Democrat Primary season against Barack Obama and she did. When many of you asked me if she’d run in 2012, I categorically said “no,” she’ll run in 2016 and win. Half of that prediction is correct. We’ll know in the wee hours of (Wednesday 9 November 2016) whether the second part will be fulfilled. For the record, I say, for the last time before the election, it will.

Hillary Clinton will be your new president.

HillaryClintonInHeadlights8kbNow, a word to those of you having trouble with my stepping back from being a forecaster of presidents and warning how a sure winner can sabotage this Destiny. Remember this: in winning 12 and 0 in a winning streak lasting 48 years and counting, I have only twice felt the need to step back and tell my readers how a sure-bet candidate could sabotage his or her destiny. In 12 tries only Hillary Clinton has shown herself capable of potentially bungling her own destiny win and right now, I’m here to tell you for the record that she’ll do it again!

But not on election night.

hillaryclinton-shadeslookingsickat911Hillary Clinton will sabotage her Administration in the middle of her first term in office. If she doesn’t start a nuclear war next year then a Nixonian scandal on steroids will be the cause of her impeachment. There is also the potential of a health crisis with her cardiovascular system that will force her to step down from office around the same time. The strain of scandals might trigger it.

For the record, the giant shadow is on the hunt and will envelop her administration. It consists of  email-gate  compounded by a future scandal involving the next president’s conflict of interest concerning access pedaling using the Clinton Foundation. The shadow hunts her and it will “catch” her no later than the middle of President Clinton’s first term.

Here’s the reason why scandal won’t let go. Tomorrow night, Election Night, you’re going to see a surprising rebound down ballot for the Republican Party in US Congressional elections.

He needs to look worried.! Speaker Ryan rejects Trump as candidate and tries to save Republican control in both congressional houses.

Speaker Ryan rejects Trump as candidate and will save Republican control in both congressional houses.

Rather than take back the Senate, Democrats and Republican’s might find themselves—like the nation—in almost a perfectly divided Senate of 2017 with a 51-to-49 seat spread at the most or even a 50-50 seat Senate. The Republicans, I predict have the edge to gain a razor thin majority of 51 seats.

The House of Representatives will remain with a Republican majority. This means gridlock is really locked in. It will be more magnified than it has ever been with an adversarial Republican Congress at odds with a Democrat Executive Branch.

Finally, since I usually provide you all with accurate accountings of the popular national vote and electoral vote, I will predict one last time, that Hillary Clinton will win the electoral vote.

If New Hampshire goes her way early then I could even see her win the Electoral College vote as early as 8pm Pacific Time. If Trump takes New Hampshire, Michigan too, along with Florida, then we’re in for a long night. We might still be figuring out who will win when my slotted early-morning hour-long interview on Coast to Coast AM broadcasts 1-2am Pacific Time.

CoasttoCoastAMwGeorgeGreenTrump might even have a long shot chance to win a slightest of edges in the popular vote, but that edge is currently evaporating. Remember, there’s a huge demographic hole in pollster estimations because they can’t robocall cellphone users. So, expect some surprises and I think a late night of election watching.

I certainly could be wrong about the details but I will not be wrong about the outcome in the presidential race. I will say again that Clinton will win this election with as little as inside two percent of the popular vote or as much, but certainly no more, than four percent of the popular vote. No landslide for anyone in this very contentious and close race between the two most unpopular candidates ever to run for office in modern US political history.

Signed off by John Hogue
At 6:15 pm, Pacific Standard Time
On Election Eve, 07 November 2016


Click on the cover of this forthcoming book, read more about what it covers and get on the list to receive a personal note when it is soon published.

Click on the cover of this forthcoming book, read more about what it covers and get on the list to receive a personal note when it is soon published.


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