Clinton Recount begins, could Hillary Clinton still become President? Electoral College conundrums: Will Faithless Electors Dump Trump from Buyer’s Remorse? Hogue will never run for Office because He champions the Politics of the Future

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DATELINE: 27 November 2016

The Clinton Recount and Electile-Dysfunctions: the Math of Paper Ballots isn’t matching the Electronic in only those States that swung the Election.

I foresaw this election would be close and disputed like Al Gore vs. G.W. Bush in 2000. I stated on Coast to Coast AM and other shows that we might see more than one state recount their ballots to see if some electronic election fraud took place. Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate had initiated a recount process in Wisconsin, filed last Wednesday. The Clinton Campaign didn’t join the recount effort for three days. They came onboard only yesterday and seem cautiously ready to aid Stein’s effort to launch recounts also in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Click on this cover image and read more about this new book coming out around Inauguration Day.

Click on this cover image and read more about this new book coming out around Inauguration Day and how you can get a personal notice when it is published in eBook and Printed Editions.

This could bring about a turn of events no less shocking than that which saw Hillary Clinton gain a record-breaking popular vote victory but denied her the presidency. Donald Trump won the Electoral-College tipping victories in same said states that some computer scientists notice have potential patterns in counting results showing a suspicious variance between the final sums of electronic to paper ballot counts. It might be innocent. It might indicate upon deeper investigation a pattern that uncovers computer hacks and vote tampering. A recount would resolve that. Apparently tallies of paper-to-electronic votes are adding correctly in every state but the rustbelt states, in which Trump won enough electoral votes to become the President Elect.

Although your corporate media mollifiers will say the opposite, I have looked into how easy it is to alter electronic voter memory-bank accounts of who voted for whom. It doesn’t even need a hack of the machines themselves. In some instances, votes tallied in computerized ballot machines pass into a computer that adds up precincts. “THAT” computer can alter the votes by the push of a keystroke any which way you want if no election monitor is watching; or, if the monitor is culpable to your fixing the election. It is in “THAT” laptop that you can, let’s say, create an algorithm that turns every fifth Clinton vote to a “Trumping” vote against her.

Legal teams from the Stein and Clinton campaigns have not found any solid evidence yet of voter tampering. It they did, it is not Trump’s doing, by the way. He’s an outsider to this possible tampering. As an outsider Mr. Trump has an opportunity to unite the nation by supporting this recount effort and bringing his own watchdogs into the process.

Mr. Trump, you were the loudest voice criticizing the Electoral College and how rigged our voting system appears to be. The Trump campaign should take the lead on this recount and up the anti. Do the recount in ALL 50 states and territories. It may be possible that some of Clinton’s popular vote majority is also open to electronic fixes. There are rumors that millions of illegal aliens may have voted for Clinton. A recount would either dispel forever that rumor or expose it and its perpetrators. Let math weed out any tamperers from both sides.

I ask people on all Donkey, Dumbo and Green tree-hugging sides of this issue: how could a full national recount be a bad thing?

Rather than call the Stein/Clinton recount “ridiculous” I would advise the President Elect start the ball rolling for a recount of the entire national vote. It’s very likely that he’ll remain the winner. Solid, verified numbers matching paper to electronic balloting would put an end to a major cause of sustaining for the next four years a lingering feeling of illegitimacy for Trump because of voter tampering concerns not tried and judged in a court of recounting every ballot. If this isn’t done the American people will remain polarized as part of your legacy, Mr. Trump. Consider how a recount would silence the Clinton activists chanting “not my president!” once and for all. It would legitimize your constitutionally lawful victory by Electoral vote. Moreover, a national recount would further illuminate how arcane and backwards are the Electoral College rules galvanizing a national movement to have it overthrown by an amendment to the US Constitution. You could be the leader of that movement to unrig the vote.

Let’s look at this from another alternative future angle.

Trump won battleground states Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania by only 107,000 votes, a ballot paper-thin margin. Now set in motion by a recount is an outside chance that not one but TWO presidential candidates will have their election taken away from them. First it was Clinton. Now Trump, if the recounts of paper ballots negate the electronic. If just three of the states are recounted, like Wisconsin Michigan and Pennsylvania as planned, showing Clinton winning, she would then gather back from Trump the electors she needs to become the winner of the popular “and” Electoral College.

American people? You get the system you deserve and an eighteenth-century cheat made law that denies the will of the people’s majority picking a president does not only hamstring this election system. You add to that a number of ways that state legislatures—mostly Republican run—are denying voters of color and the poor their rightful vote in the millions. These voters usually poll Democrat.

Investigative Reporter Greg Palast give’s us a list of how many people in these same potential disputed states had seen voter turnout stifled specifically by Republican controlled state governments and state voter boards to aid the victory by minority Republican vote. The system is called “Crosscheck” and how it words is detailed in Palast’s Rolling Stone report, The GOP’s Stealth War on Voters, 8/24/2016.”

Here’s Palast’s list from the article of how many people were denied their vote. The numbers are shocking. Certainly no one can predict that all the victims would have voted Democrat, voted for Clinton, even or even turned up to vote at all. Still the demographics decimation is clearly targeting Black, Hispanic and generally poor voters who usually vote Democrat:

Crosscheck in action:

Trump victory margin in Michigan: 13,107
Michigan Crosscheck purge list: 449,922
Trump victory margin in Arizona: 85,257
Arizona Crosscheck purge list: 270,824
Trump victory margin, North Carolina: 177,008
North Carolina Crosscheck purge list: 589,393

It is important to point out that on 23 November, Palast reported the first petitions for state recounts had been filed from a surprising source, neither of them being mainstream corporately-controlled parties.

“Jill Stein just called [me] to say that I am the first one to be informed that the Green Party is formally petitioning for a recount in 3 states, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania,” wrote Palast.

“Trump’s margin is less than 11,600 in Michigan, 27,200 in Wisconsin and 68,000 in Pennsylvania.

“If just a few thousand votes are found in Wisconsin and Michigan, Hillary Clinton becomes president by 276 electoral votes verses 264 for Trump.” (See full article by clicking on Greg Palast.)

Want to help donate to the recount, click on this:

Support the 2016 Stolen Election Investigation

Palast relates that it was left to Jill Stein the Green Party candidate to formerly file recount because Clinton and the Democrat Party remained silent. By law, only a candidate can file such a claim legally.

Trump thinks Stein is scamming for money and said the following Saturday: “This recount is just a way for Jill Stein, who received less than one percent of the vote overall and wasn’t even on the ballot in many states, to fill her coffers with money, most of which she will never even spend on this ridiculous recount.

“This is a scam by the Green Party for an election that has already been conceded, and the results of this election should be respected instead of being challenged and abused, which is exactly what Jill Stein is doing.”

Interviewed by Pamela Brown on CNN Newsroom, a smiling Jill Stein on Saturday brushed that blast of bombast off.

“For his information, this is all going into a dedicated and segregated account so that it can only be spent on the recount.

“He may be creating his own facts here as he’s been known to do some times in the past,” Stein said. “He himself said it was rigged election unless he won it.”

DATELINE: 27 November 2016

Hillary Clinton on track to fulfill my Popular-Vote Percentile Prediction.

Hillary Clinton, as we know, has become the fifth presidential candidate in US history to win the popular vote but not win the Electoral College, thus handing over the presidency to the second place candidate. What you may not know is at this moment Hillary Clinton has surpassed all previous margins of “losing” the presidency but “gaining” the largest popular vote.

In 1824, John Quincy Adams beat Andrew Jackson by a decision of the US House of Representatives because no one won a majority in the Electoral College, even though Jackson had the largest minority vote, 38,221 more than Adams. In 1876 Rutherford B. Hayes got the “electoral” nod over Samuel J. Tilden, even though the latter won 252,666 more votes. Grover Cleveland in 1888 won 94,530 more “yes” to balloted nays, yet Benjamin Harrison caught all the handful of electors he needed to live in the White House. Then there was an electoral peace for over a century of presidential elections before the Electoral Collage shot the will of the people to pieces in 2000 when Al Gore won 543,816 more popular votes than G.W. Bush. You could actually increase that number by another 20,000 unofficial votes if the US Supreme Court had not be suppressed a recount in Florida. Gore would have won Florida and all of its electors becoming the President Elect.

Don’t react with outrage if you are a Bush supporter.

Let that hypothetical possibility go.

There is a better proof that Gore won Florida fair and square but was denied. Don’t buy into the Jackassocratic myth blaming 97,000 votes for Ralph Nader’s stealing the election from Gore. I would add, don’t even blame G.W. Bush’s brother, Florida Governor (at the time) Jeb Bush, or any Republican precinct operator, either. Consider the design demerits of the notorious Butterfly Ballot of Palm Beach County, concocted and cocked up by dimwitted Democrats who controlled that county’s precincts. They designed the holes opposite the candidate names too close, making it look like the right-wing Independent Pat Buchanan’s punch hole was Al Gore’s.

A vast majority of Jewish American’s believed Buchanan’s critical views about Israel made him an anti-Semite. How then could someone so hated and feared by a liberal Democrat dominant Florida county, crowded with pro-Israeli Jewish retirees, punch hole 4,000 votes for Buchanan?

Even Pat Buchanan publicly declared there must have been a mistake. The double-punched ballots proved it. Thousands had punched Buchanan hole first, then punched in Gore, after realizing the line-up punching hole mistake, thus disqualifying their votes.

There were 19,000 ballots disqualified in that way!

Consider if butter-headed Democrats hadn’t designed this butterfly ballot. G.W. Bush’s official though partial recount had him winning in several Democrat dominant counties by just fewer than 600 votes. If the Butterfly Ballot had been correctly designed you would have seen Gore leap beyond Bush with nearly 4,000 extra single punch-ins, plus 19,000 more ballots without multiple disqualifying pokes.

Let’s move 16 years ahead, to Hillary Clinton who is now approaching, and will perhaps exceed, a popular vote count larger than what Obama enjoyed to win the 2012 election. The Cook Political Report last Saturday evening (26 November 2016) had Clinton with 64,637,503 to Trump’s 62,409,389 popular votes. That means Clinton has cleared 2 million. She’s logged 2,228,114 more votes than her second-place winner who won the Electoral College count by 290 to her 232. He only needed 270 to win.

As of Saturday evening, so far it looks like my popular vote turnout forecasts are holding. At 134,237,025 and counting this was a larger turnout as I predicted, far larger than 2012 by over 5 million more votes and there’s another 2 million yet to be counted.

I had predicted Hillary Clinton narrowest popular vote victory could be as low as “under two percent. Right now the margin is 1.7 percent according to Cook Political Report. CNN’s ballot count is more conservative. They showed Clinton on Saturday yet to exceed two million votes. CNN puts her popular vote variance to Trump at 1.4 percent.

I will keep you posted when the final count is in. She’s doing so well that I’m thinking my high-end limit of the popular vote is definitely in play with 2 million votes yet to be counted. She could clear 3 million more votes than Trump. Clinton could even match Obama’s popular vote victory margin in 2012 against Mitt Romney: a variance of 3.9 percent.

I had said on 7 November, the evening before Election Day, that Clinton could get “as much, but certainly no more, than four percent of the popular vote. She’s going to get very close to 3.9 or 4 percent. (See my election eve forecast.)

This thing isn’t over.

Click on the cover and read a free book sample of the book that predicted Trump's upset win over a year ago and glimpsed his future as president.

Click on the cover and read a free book sample of the book that predicted Trump’s upset win over a year ago and glimpsed his future as president.

Trump remaining President Elect is not a done deal.

Surprises may be coming. So do read the next three articles about possible, jaw-dropping moments of electoral disbelief that might have as slim a chance of happening as Trump’s very long-shot upset victory.

As I stated earlier, until this weekend, Clinton just looked on, as Green Party candidate Jill Stein started a recount in Wisconsin earlier in the week. The response from regular people sending her small donations was swift and remarkable. She asked and received $7 million dollars in donations to finance the Wisconsin recount and more is flowing in that could soon start two more recounts in Michigan and Pennsylvania. The Clinton corporate “cartel” just sat there for three days with tens of millions of dollars left in her swollen campaign war chest that could get the recount moving in every battleground state, recounting even those they won, to be fair to Trump.

This is the back cover to "A New Cold War." Click on it to see the Printed Edition.

This is the back cover to “A New Cold War.” Click on it to see the Printed Edition.

Perhaps she needed three days for a thought to come into her head. Not her own, but more likely an idea passed to her after it had been tossed around by a study group while Stein acted like a real leader and took action.

I’ve seen Clinton’s potential future if she makes it to White House.

I’ll tell you frankly, I’d rather have Trump left alone to be the next president than have Hillary taking this election back.

I know that sounds shocking to my many Clinton readers. You don’t see what I see: the potential thermonuclear war she’ll blunder America into against the Russian Federation in less than a year. I hope the recounts confirm Trump the winner and there’s no evidence of tampering found. Otherwise they could hand back to her, the neocons—and us—World War III.

DATELINE: 27 November 2016

Not Reporting a Prescient Change—A Mistake I’ll endeavor never to make again

I am not the source of my forecasts. I am the “mailman.” The source is bigger than me, like a fingernail tip of one’s littlest pinkie, my apparent physical manifestation before you—and “me”— just scratches the surface reality as a nail-bitten representative of something far bigger that is unseen. In this work, that larger “presence” remains invisible to the normal consciousness. All you have to look at instead is me, Mr. “Hang Nail” Hogue.

Your dedicated author sometimes gets weary of “scratching” out messages from “the rest of IT.”

I was certainly getting tired as the election approached. I’ve accurately forecasted the popular vote winner, 13 times in a row in 48 years since I started in 1968 with 2016 being the most exhausting election cycle of them all!

I didn’t relate to you the following premonition I began having about a week before the election. Because I relate it now, I’m the first to concur that it comes with the suspicion of a vision in hindsight and therefore can be cynically rejected by all as suspect, except me.

I’m fine with the suspicion.

Truth is always encountered alone. I know what I’m about to write is true. What I don’t quite understand is why I didn’t write about it before the election. I apologize for writing it late thus making it forever a forecast untested by events.

You need at least to know the premonition had happened. Moreover, I need to explain why I didn’t relate it to you before the election would prove it true.

About a week before the election, with a chorus of chronic backache singing as I labored too long, too many hours, before my computer to prepare the outline for President Hillary Clinton Prophecies, a shadow began gathering over that future. The shadow impressed upon me that I should put the Clinton book aside because “what if you worked on it for another week and she didn’t become president?”

The feeling was not unfamiliar to me in such periods of revolutionary times when the normal patterns of mass unconscious behavior that are so much the vital fuel of Prophecy’s predictability are disrupted by a traffic jam of multiple futures acting like bumper cars aiming to collectively bump their way into the present day’s fulfillment.

Revolutionary times make, as the fictional Jedi would say, “a disturbance” or “a convergence in the Force.”

As Yoda in fiction says, so I experience in fact, the Future is not fixed. I’m not blocked by that Sunday school conditioning about Prophecy that organized religions would have you and I blindly believe. The future only looks predestined because societies and the mafias of the soul called “priests and politicians” like to program you to be drones of predictability—easily controlled.

“Always in motion is the Future,” said Master Yoda to his disciple Luke Skywalker.

He’s right. Given Luke’s actions, choices, and those of his father, Darth Vader, Destiny can change. Especially when both characters in this modern Myth do what Myth does best in its highest understanding: tell you about perennial truths that are higher and more essential than mere historical facts.

This Star Wars Myth is telling you the truth that any forecaster, who has freed him or herself from political and religious mafia programming, directly experiences like fictional Yoda as fact.

In this case, both Luke and Vader where entering a state of revolutionary destiny, a convergence of possible future timelines, a traffic jam of consequences that their lives could engage because patterns of predictability were being broken.

Vader was sensing he could break out from under his Master’s control, the Evil Emperor’s power hold. He could then convert his son, make him revolt against the Light and turn to the Dark Side of the Force to rule the galaxy with Vader as father with help of son.

Luke following his potential destiny sought a showdown with the Emperor and his father as a form of initiation that would either lead to his death of the death of his “Self” and the full awakening of The Force. Only this illumination could happen if he encountered the Dark Side totally.

I hear those bumper cars of possibility clanging and banging with the gales of giggles from the angels and daemons of possibility that do drive them. The future was in motion. The future was becoming a demolition derby of possibilities crunched by other possibilities.

In the end, tables of possibility were overturned by choices made in the present. Luke faces and defeats his father, becomes one with the light. The Emperor tried to blue-lightning suck that light and life force out of him, triggering an unexpected awakening of love and compassion from “dad” Vader who gets himself mortally wounded by being fried by the same bolts before throwing the Emperor down Death Star Two’s reactor shaft to his bilious and baleful release of spirits-wailing evil.

So there I was being saturated by a premonition from the back door of my mind, so focused and threadbare of energy, back pain singing Gotterdammerung to my aching body. It was like a perfect darkness whispering to me to put aside the Clinton book. Time to work on the long delayed Prediction 2017-2018: Years of Crisis and Breakthrough for the next week. Gain a week on that book rather than lose one on Clinton.

If I could put the sensation into words it said, “Yes! She’s going to categorically win the popular vote, of that your “Oracle” was certain… but start working on the other book now.” I put the Clinton book aside and plunged into the other one. I also put out of my mind and ignored the growing feeling that we were going to repeat the 2000 election—me being absolutely right and absolutely wrong about Clinton wining.

Click on the cover and see how you can receive the expanded edition of this forthcoming book.

Click on the cover and see how you can receive the expanded edition of this forthcoming book.

This time, though, I just couldn’t bring myself to publicly forewarn readers before the election like I did in 2000.

Why? I wondered.

Perhaps the answer arises in what Jill Stein’s recount has brought trundling into the near future, a new bumper-car conundrum to consider that could push out and drive in another alternative destiny.

This time I’m feeling something destined changing and I won’t keep it to myself, even though I personally don’t see how this is going to happen.

I’ll say it for the record, what I said on the recent History Channel documentary filmed in Seattle on 28 October in footage the editor cut from the final show. They have a record of it in their archives. I proclaimed that I did not see clear evidence of Nostradamus predicting Trump as the next president “because he isn’t going to be the next president.”

What did get recorded for all of you to read and many of you to disparage was my 7 November, Election’s Eve forecast that “categorically” declared Hillary Clinton was going to win the popular vote and be the next president. I did say that and said it with a conviction that went beyond my own promises not to predict anything happening beyond who wins the popular vote.

I seemed to do it as a rebellion against the new and growing premonition haunting the corners of my mind that Clinton was once again going to sabotage her destiny.

There was defiance in the way I proclaimed my certitude that she would win. Now as we all are coming to grips with a recount in Wisconsin and possible recounts in Michigan and Pennsylvania, I’m beginning to wonder.

Maybe there’s more to that stance of “certitude” than I understood?

Maybe she still might become, “categorically” the next president?

I don’t “make” predictions. I’m “given” predictions that are allowed to be “made” through me. I’m often in the same spot as you readers are, trying to understand the meaning and subtleties of these forecasts.

Maybe this certitude of Clinton winning it all—the popular “and” electoral vote—has some real future potential.

I still have this strange feeling that Trump will not be president. That bumper car destiny is ever bumping and thumping as it approaches the present. Maybe it’s going to bump him out.

It doesn’t come from any bias against Donald Trump or any support for Clinton. I’ve stated it often enough for readers to remember that I don’t want Clinton to be president of the United States because of the potential horrors she might accidentally unleash on us, such as an unexpected nuclear war with Russia, by November of next year.

For all Trump’s faults, and despite all the potentially dire missteps he may make, I sense deep down his life-affirming and positive nature. I recognize what few, especially those blinded by their fear and loathing, can feel. Deep down he is a man of Innocence and where innocence is alive, there is a chance to help such men rise to their higher potentials. Where there’s Power unconsciously corrupting such innocence—as I sense in Clinton—there can be no arising, sorry to say.

So, with that said, for the record, I do not take fondly to yet another overturning of Destiny by the motions of the future with competing undertows of potential timelines. This recount initiated by Jill Stein of the Green Party, may actually set the future’s motion in favor of my “categorical” pronouncements that went against the grain of my premonition overshadowing Clinton’s victory.

Who knows?

Maybe that perfect shadow of a premonition haunting me a week before the election is actually a future where the voting fraud is exposed; Clinton DOES become your next president because of the recount changing the electoral popular vote to match her popular vote. Thus I should be putting my work on the Trump book aside.

Actually, short of loading up my file with all the hopes and fears about Trump listed, I’ve remained mostly full-time focused on bringing Predictions 2017-2018 into the world. That may be hinting something to all of you and me.

I am facing a big “BLANK” when moving forward with the Trump book. I don’t understand it. I am letting you all know this time. Perhaps in the next few weeks the recounts will prove that potential unattainable or back on track.

Whatever happens, Trump’s potential future as a president does exist, accessed or not. And for now I will write it down for you, even if it only appears as an abridged overview in the President Clinton Prophecies if by some “Mad Chinese Monkey on my back of a” year a sudden recount reversal should pull her book out of Fate’s mothballed future.

DATELINE: 27 November 2016

An Electoral College conundrum. Could Hillary still become President because 37 Faithless Electors Dump Trump out of Brexit Buyer’s Remorse?

James K. passed along the following astrological request, but he’s got some of his facts a bit upside down about rumors of who is driving an electors’ coup in the Electoral College when they gather to cast the only votes that really count in any US Presidential election. Yours and mine don’t count a wit, except to vote for which state members of a small 270-elector majority, out of 538 assembling in each state on 19 December, really have a vote to cast that legally matters.

Dear Mr. Hogue, Please erect a horoscope pertaining to the electoral college (convening December 19th)…elucidating how a mere “37 Faithless Electors” (anti-Trump red state Neocon RINOs) could pull the rug out from under the President-elect…causing the selection of the 45th President to be determined by the House of Representatives. My suspicion is that the “37 Faithless Electors” have already been contacted by William Kristol of NRO…and even more interesting to me is my suspicion that Donald Trump really doesn’t want to be the President, but would rather be an impresario of a new and improved FOX network…announcing his reverence for the Constitution and electoral process and deferring his presidential aspirations to the wisdom inherent in the U. S. Constitution… while at the same time declaring rhetorical war against the Mainstream Media and both political party establishments. Your faithful reader/scryer, James K.

First a few things to clarify. Mostly disgruntled Democrats drive the “Faithless Elector” movement. They want to throw one last unexpected “Chinese Fire Monkey wrench” into the establishment-hallowed body of the Electoral College when they vote on 19 December just five weeks and five days before the Year of the Fire Monkey swings off for good before the next Chinese New Year begins on the New Moon on 28 January 2017.

These fellows and females who remain mostly unknown to us do not expect to turnover the electoral vote to Clinton. They want to throw wrenches in the spokes of the system, getting enough Democrat electors pledged to vote Republican in states where Trump won a majority to change their votes while lobbying enough Republican electors to vote for any Republican conservative candidate that ran against Trump, who deeply distrust’s Trump non-conservative leanings. Afterwards, what they hope will happen is the whole stupid elector show slips on a banana peel, causing a “peal” of outrage across the nation as the whole Electoral mess is dumped in the laps of the US House of Representatives and they have to cast the vote for president. The coming weeks of uncertainty would really illuminate how moronic this constitutional law from the seventeen-eighties is and feed fuel to add to the Bill of Rights a countermanding, Elector-ending new Amendment to the Constitution. This would take three quarters of both houses of US Congress and ratification by three quarters of the 50 states to pass in a process that has a deadline of seven years to do so.

Actually there’s a far better way to end the Electoral College and get your local state government to join with many others that have changed their voting rules for Electors. Dumping the Electoral College by changing the US Constitution is a hard task to accomplish. But your state government can pass in legislature a legally binding law stating that whomever presidential candidate wins the popular vote automatically gets your state electors’ vote.

Right now a number of states have passed such motions and have dedicated 161 of the 270 electors needed to make this law legitimate. If you live in states that haven’t passed this law yet, go to this link (National Popular Vote) and see what it takes to pull this monkey of an Electoral College off the back of the popular vote and off the nation’s collective shoulders once and for all before the next election in 2020.

OK, James and everyone else, here’s what I can say about the stars on 19 December 2016, we’ll see the planet Mercury, ruler of communication and intellect go stationary retrograde as the Electoral votes are being cast. It reminds me a bit of the monkeying around that stationary-retrograde Mercury produced to confuse and muddle the 2000 election between Al Gore and G.W. Bush. Remember those Florida ballot bungles, dangling chad counts and recounts?

There might be some confusion and a few faithless Electoral votes might be cast, thanks a lot Mercury. However, on the 19th we will be settling into a harmonious trine with Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. That keeps sudden surprises down and ordered voting favorable for groups, even with a little Mercurial dose of stationary retrograde thrown in. Add to this an emotionally satisfying conjunction developing with Saturn in its Uranian trine, conjoining in orb of influence to Trump’s natal Sagittarian Moon position.

Then “surprise, surprise!” The trine also greatly softens Trump’s natal Sun-Uranus in Gemini opposition to his natal Sagittarian Moon. Some cause for opposing stress but not “that” much for a nasty surprise and un-presidential emotional outbursts.

So, do I foresee the Electoral College cabal against Trump on 19 December throw this into the House of Representatives for a vote?


Trump is a winning machine that just goes on winning and the discussions of astrologers concerning other aspects that might put a lot of stress upon him at this time, do not in my mind, denote stress from the Electors causing a Constitutional crisis. Successful presidential transitions are stressful enough—add to that the stress of a recount in several states.

Just in case I’m wrong that an electoral monkey wrench sets Trump’s bicycle crashing into the House of Representatives, these aspects, even in the worse case scenario bode well for him winning a vote to become the president by House vote, if not by the Electoral College.

DATELINE: 27 November 2016

Why I will not go into Politics, as you understand it. I share a vision of Politics from the Future where all Time and Mindsets are bridged by the Eternity of a luminous Present.

Many Facebook Public Page readers and Facebook Friends have responded positively to the Mysterious Matters radio show I taped, hosted by Bob Bains, Donald Trump Prophecies. Here is one comment:

Thank you for the best political conversation I have heard in a long time. I listen to alternative political conversations from good media sources, was a Bernie supporter, and like you, voted for neither candidate, but seriously, your analysis is probably the best I have yet heard. If you decide to go into politics, I would be the first to support you!! Loved the podcast!

Adding to my remarks [above], the one thing I think you may have wrong is that Bernie supporters are not anarchists and do not burn cars. We are social democrats. There is a difference. I am an American living in Germany, which is a social democracy, very much like the US, just a country that believes it’s citizens have a right to health care, education and food and shelter.

I understand, Susan. Still, there was an element in the Bernie movement that did do violence. The Progressives need to do a little soul searching on that. The Trump people too. You have extremists in both views. That’s what I was taking about in the show. Thanks for your comment.

In my experience, the left-leaning mindset tends to be in deeper denial of their predilection to violence than right-leaning folk. I should know as both sides attack me quite frequently. As I am a Double Scorpio, let me put this in an elimination metaphor, so beloved by my scorpion friends (you know who you are, chuckle…). For those of you who might be a bit too delicate for this “bowel-ful” metaphor, I suggest you skip to the paragraph below the “***” starting with “I will never go into politics…”

Well, still reading? Be lovingly advised.

You’ve been warned:

The conservative mind is anal retentive in its attacks. The liberal mind is diarrhetic and “oh!” can the effluence of abusive words flow runny and long winded; whereas, the conservative takes you down in but a handful of expletive words, usually three at the most, kind of like bearing down too hard but only dropping a few turds of hemorrhoidal thought.


I will never go into politics. My path is meditation. It is through meditation that whatever deep insights arise, can come. I’m not political, as it is understood at this time, because through meditation I have glimpsed a form of politics that’s from the future, centuries ahead of today.

Imagine a politics based on the science of self-observation and compassion—not hubris and polarity.

osholookingdownbalddomeThe present eternal moment is the bridge between all times. What they enjoy in the future is exactly ours to create and enjoy in the present. So, rather than lose my soul being a candidate in today’s politics, I seek to enable and be a messenger of a better, more human based rather than ego based, politics that exists without parties.

Instead it is a political “community.”

Communities fundamentally flourish because everyone accepts and tolerates differences but work to find common ground so that the community thrives. In the rise of political community is the death-knell of political parties of all stripes, left, right, center or independent. DNC, RNC, Libertarian or Green, they are all fundamentally “mean” spirited and polarizing. They keep defining us falsely identifying ourselves as members in separate, hostile camps.

Click on the cover to purchase this printed edition. Or, go to and get the eBook version.

Click on the cover to purchase this printed edition. Or, go to and get the eBook version at this link:

Nostradamus: Premonitions of 9/11



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