Predictions for the First Presidential Debates. Thom Hartmann, take the Next Step towards a REAL American Revolution

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Click on the cover of this forthcoming book, read more about what it covers and get on the list to receive a personal note when it is soon published.

Click on the cover of this forthcoming book, read more about what it covers and get on the list to receive a personal note when it is soon published.

DATELINE: 24 September 2016

Predictions for the First US Presidential Debate 26 September 2016

And now for the big showdown. In the political arena, perception trumps truth and fact. People regularly don’t vote with their reason but with their gut in America, even on less wacky presidential cycles than this whack-job of a Year of the Flaming Fire Monkey 2016. In this year people will vote for which candidate can surf a banana peel or out “ape” gape the other in hairy vine-swings around the truth and facts. If things aren’t already weird enough, let astrology be your guide to anticipate which naked ape in a pantsuit or a red power tie will win this rumble in the political jungle Monday night.

First, a word of prologue from something I wrote and documented back on 22 March 2016, months before the two candidates I predicted would stand face to face in this face-off had actually won. I wrote the following six months ago when there was still ample doubt that Trump could become the RNC nominee and Bernie Sanders was still a hot contender against the forces of Hillary ClintonCorp:

This is round one of a three-round match into October. Thanks to the stars Trump will bring his cutting Neptunian intuition to do battle with Hillary’s Natal Sun conjoined with a transiting Venus 2 degrees in Scorpio. She will counter his hits with Venusian humor with a Scorpionic stinger wit, counter Trump’s “America is going to hell” rhetoric with cheerful optimism. The secret to defeating Trump is to be positive and self-deprecatingly charming. If Trump brings up Bill Clinton’s finagling with other women and her attempts to suppress and bully his mistresses to silence, Hillary can throw it off with a quip, “as twice divorced yourself, Donald, you know how it feels to be sleeping on the couch for six months.”

Click on the cover and read a free book sample.

Click on the cover and read a free book sample.

The day after the first presidential debate, Mars leaves Sagittarius and its equally fiery association with Saturn still long to travel through Sagittarius on 27 September. Whether or not Mars is heading into October to commit a capital (Capricorn) crime we will soon foresee.

The Gestalt of our times will be changed and this will exert great opportunities for victory for the underdog campaigning in the final full month of his or her US Presidential campaigning.

Debate One as I write this is day after tomorrow. I predict Trump will get a positive boost from the first debate because anti-establishment passions are high and with Uranus 23 degrees Aries, positively trined his Natal Moon 21 degrees Sagittarius, he will shoot his arrows in the air and many will find their mark hitting Hillary Clinton where it hurts most—that she’s the past, she’s more of the same, she’s corporate, untrustworthy…yadi yada, already.

Trump will be wild and unpredictable Monday night and catch her off guard. His ascendant in Leo will be messing with a formidable cluster of her natal planets in Leo that are in direct square (inharmonious, we don’t trust her, mode) to her Twelfth House Scorpio planets—chief among these is Saturn, the grim reaper of reality checks.

Trump on Monday night has fiery Uranus (unpredictable surprises) in Aries, Trined his Moon in Sagittarius. Moreover, Hillary’s Natal Saturn at 21 degrees Leo is trined Trump’s Sagittarian Moon! In layman’s terms, he will pull emotional strength in his debating attacks from the very source of Hillary Clinton’s hard life struggles with her hidden personality enemies in the karmic Twelfth House positions of her Mercury in Scorpio. Mercury, her messenger and ruler of the mind planet, is EXACTLY squared that natal Saturn position, from which Trump will draw his energy to go on full and often successful attack. His will to catharsis will do her credibility damage and you’ll see him get a bounce that makes all five contended states a closer match than before.

If only Hillary’s Venus in Scorpio could smooth this out and conjure the attitude I was writing about six months earlier. It is possible, but there is her bedeviling Mars Square with Venus, magnified by a natal conjunction with Saturn in square—that means the limits pressing upon her energy will be in play. She could lose temper. I’m afraid her response to The Donald’s diatribes will be to channel the ghost of John Wayne again, sounding mannish, strident and ungoddess like. Debate Number One could descend into a boorish match between a man of small hands against a woman, abandoning her feminine power, trying to grow a pair she doesn’t need to win this race.

If ever she has a chance to win this first round, Clinton MUST not be tempted to go John Wayne on Trump. She has help from her natal Moon in Pisces that’s harmoniously trined her Mercury (keeping her mental poise) and trined Venus (be a goddess, honey, be strong like a rose flower that no hurricane of Trump’s hot-air attacks can de-pedal.

With that said, I believe round one of three will go in favor of Trump. Do not think that Hillary will lose the election because of this. Remember, Romney “killed” President Obama in the first presidential debate four years ago. Obama masterfully recovered and routed him in the next two.

Be warned, my many readers who will vote for Trump, Clinton is a life survivor of some serious natal squares that makes her as much—if not even more—a comeback kid than her husband the former president and next First Gentleman. Heavy squares in your birth chart and progressions make you live by the old adage, “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” This is Hillary Clinton, the double-Scorpio with Ascendant and Sun in the sign of the Phoenix who, when burnt to ashes, is a resurrection bird.

DATELINE: 24 October 2016

Thom Hartmann, take the Next Step towards a REAL American Revolution

A reader reminded me the other day of the mantra that progressive author, Thom Hartmann, host of The Big Picture, ends every hour show five times a week on RT (Russia Today), that “Democracy is not a spectator’s sport. It begins with you. Tag, your it.”

I have a great regard for him as well as being at times a critic of someone so brilliant, yet even now, he cannot look at the US political situation as it really is. He still sees it filtered through a blue-tinted liberal’s “Lesser of Two Evil” pair of mental sunglasses. He still believes Evil can remedy the threat to our Republic by corporate special interests, not yet noticing the Greater Evil is that which pretends to be the lesser. He can’t see how corporations have made all living and breathing citizens “spectators” in its political “sport.” Moreover, just do the math. In the last three presidential cycles, Big Business money has placed many more of its investments and bets on two successful campaigns of Barack Obama and now Hillary Clinton. If corporations have taken over our government, then look who they prefer to win as your next president. They are exploiting the “evil” of good men, like Thom Hartmann.

Yes, good men do evil, when they let their hopes and dreams blind themselves to political realities. Hope becomes a servant of this evil as it springs eternally hoping each election the Dems will do the right thing they don’t do: turn a fundamentally evil political machine into a reformer grassroots, progressive movement.

The evil of a good man like Thom Hartmann is that he is politically asleep to this fundamental fact and as long as he dreams rather than “wakes up” he is just a spectator waiting for a revolution to happen that won’t happen until he and millions of Americans begin to abandon this two-party chimera of corporations.

I have been predicting this revolution coming for eight years now and I see it is now around four years away. I hope Thom reads this following passage someday, and we could discuss it either on his radio show or on his RT show. I share the following passage written and documented nearly two years ago with him, with all of you, to help take off those glasses of denial that have made you good people unintended pawns of evil.


Even a brilliant progressive thinker such as Thom Hartmann comes so close, yet not quite, putting his finger on the problem. In the following, he has beautifully framed what’s wrong inside the heads of Democrats. He put this comment out on his RT (Russia Today) show The Big Picture shortly after the catastrophic midterm beating the Democrats took, losing the Senate.

Based on the Tuesday night shellacking, it looks like the Caucus Room Conspiracy was a success. But here’s the thing. Democrats could have pointed out the relentless obstruction by Republicans. They could have highlighted the constant filibusters by the Republicans in Congress with regular political theater: doing stunts in front of the Capitol building every time the Republicans filibustered or refused to consider a bill. Democrats could have called out what was going on for what it was: sabotage. And they could have made the Caucus Room Conspiracy a household phrase.

Instead, Democrats played right into Republican hands. So the Caucus Room Conspiracy was wildly successful.

Democrats didn’t point out the Republican obstruction. Democrats failed to point out the real cause of all this gridlock and they didn’t push back on the media whenever the media used the word “gridlock.” And Democrats didn’t point out what Republican voter suppression and obstruction efforts were really all about. And to make matters even worse, as the New York Times points out, Americans had absolutely no idea what either party stood for in this election. Neither party ran on the issues affecting Americans. As the New York Times editorial wrote today, “Even the voters who supported Republican candidates would have a hard time explaining what their choices are going to do.”

Click on the cover and see what's left to misstep through the last days of the Obama era.

Click on the cover and see what’s left to misstep through the last days of the Obama era.

Instead, Republicans universally ran on President Obama’s inability to overcome the Caucus Room Conspiracy…when it was them who screwed it up.

Meanwhile, Democrats failed to show Americans how they were different from Republicans. Democrats failed to run on their platform. In fact, tragically, they ran away from the president and away from Democratic policies and democrats failed to publicize issues that Americans really cared about.

In 2012 the Democratic Party published their platform. Among other things it outlined the party’s plan to put Americans back to work, to grow the Middle Class, to reform Wall Street, to reel in campaign spending and to enact sensible tax reform—all things that Americans support.

Where was all the talk about these issues in the last election?

Why wasn’t this platform out there for the American people to see?

Why weren’t democratic candidates across the country highlighting these issues and their plans to tackle them?

If Democrats had clearly shown the American people what they stood for and called out the Republicans in really noticeable ways, ways the media couldn’t ignore any longer, calling out the Republicans every time they voted to obstruct legislation that the Americans want, then the Caucus Room Conspiracy would have backfired on the Republicans.

While that’s now all in the past, there’s still time for the Democrats to turn things around for 2016 and that turnaround starts with Democrats clearly showing the American people what the party stands for.

The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann,
RT (Russia Today), 11/6/14

These are the things Democrats should do but don’t; yet, Hartmann still thinks they will, someday.

It just isn’t so. It’s because deep in their political core of cores, Democrats aren’t any different from Republicans.

That’s the step in understanding he can’t yet make.

Thus spake my Oracle:

Progressives, if you ever want to influence the future of US politics again, you need to abandon the Democratic Party. Let’s face it, they are under the spell of corporate money and influence. They know what’s wrong. They know what they need to do. They don’t do it because, Mr. Hartmann, they don’t want to do what you’re saying.

Progressives, 2015 is the time when Saturn smiles on you, packing your bags and getting out of this co-dependent relationship with Obama and the Democratic Party. Blaming the GOP keeps you from facing your own peccadilloes. The Dems don’t fight for your progressive values, so take your progress elsewhere. Learn the right lessons from the Tea Party movement and move on “dot” organize a new political movement in America that is neither Democrat Ltd., nor the Republican Corporation.

Predictions 2015-2016, Chapter Four:
All the President’s Memes
Subseciton: US Congress running on American Idle
(Chapter completed on 24 December 2014)


Click on the cover and find out how you can get the expanded edition delivered to you directly when it is completed in December. This edition will include the essay, “We’re all made of God Stuff.”

This partially happened with the Bernie Sanders movement, that began in the summer of 2015 and put up a daring fight against the Democratic Party Machine that, as I predicted in other articles that summer, would NEVER let Sanders win.

Do not be deflated and disheartened, Sanders followers—Learn.


See yourselves.

See how you once again drink the “lesser of two evils” Kool-Aid.

Next go-around, start your movement outside of ALL parties. Political parties are polarizing phenomena. Create a Political “Community” of Americans of all stripes who seek to unite on common issues, not on dividing and conquering others.

This is what you can be doing in the next four years to prepare the way for a peaceful Second American Revolution starting in 2020.

My Oracle will be watching you and anticipating your next moves. Please get on the list to receive this book covering what your movement could be doing in the next 24 months: Predictions 2017-2018: Years of Crisis and Breakthrough.

Click on the cover to go to Amazon and purchase this eBook with easy one-click shopping.

Click on the cover to go to Amazon and purchase this eBook with easy one-click shopping. This is the most personal and autobiographical book I’ve yet published. It reveals three powerful premonitions I’ve had, plus challenges Skeptics with documented material proving that the world was forewarned by those of us who read Nostradamus and the stars.



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