Louisiana Flood, Rio Olympics Astrology predictions, Hogue’s Hillary Clinton Presidential Prediction, Trump’s Achilles Heel is his Counter-Punching Addiction, and Awareness about the Mind Matters for Black Lives and Blue Lives to Matter

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DATELINE: 19 August 2016

Louisiana Floods, the worst Natural Disaster since Hurricane Sandy: a sign of Super La Niña 2017-2018 approaching

Click on the cover to the Amazon sales page. One of the ten predictions is a concise overview of everything that could happen in the next five months to Election Day and beyond.

Click on the cover to the Amazon sales page. One of the ten predictions is a concise overview of everything that could happen in the next 80 days to Election Day and beyond.

In Ten Predictions 2016: and the Fire and Ice Prophecies, I cautioned you all to brace for the weather axis shifting quickly from El Niño to even more extreme weather coming in the next two and a half of years of La Niña.

Brace yourselves in the Gulf States of the USA all the way up to the Chesapeake and Washington DC. You are cyclonic-storm wheeling back to the future, back to a hurricane season like that suffered in 1998 and 2005.

The Hurricane Season of 2005, fulfilled the first of two super-hurricane prognostications I documented in 1998 for the destruction of either Miami or New Orleans, flooded by the earliest of globally warmed super-hurricanes in one of the first five seasons of the new century. Katrina in 2005 was that storm, inundating New Orleans. That danger returns for both cities, plus Charleston and Myrtle Beach in the hurricane season of 2016. Brace yourselves in St. Petersburg, Florida, and Houston, Texas.

Ten Predictions 2016: And the Fire and Ice Prophecies—
The Third Prophecy


This weather map shows the extensive rainfall across north and central Louisiana over a few days.

The good news so far is that whatever dire hurricane season my Oracle presaged has not erupted yet. I hope I misread the signs—an easy thing to do when trying to place a vision in a fixed time frame. I went on in that book to explain how my prediction for a Super El Niño turned out too early, but it did finally visit the world and do the things my Oracle said it would do a year later than I forecast.


This La Niña shift I targeted for spring rather than shifting in the summer has already happened. Still, the momentum of such a powerful El Niño is slow to relinquish its hold. The spring in the Pacific Northwest was colder and wetter than normal as was early summer. We have a joke up here that summer begins after the rained-out fireworks “on the Fifth of July.” Actually July for the most part remained cooler and cloudy, which is common in a La Niña effect. That goes the same for a late mid-August summer warmth come late, indicating a dry and gentle autumn is ahead before La Niña really lives up to expectations as a “Seattle Monsoon” closes in a little after Halloween and doesn’t let go or let us see much of the sun and stars up to the next July Fourth. It is much more challenging to predict what is coming next with planetary climate change unhinging weather patterns, except that it will be consistently abnormal as your so-called “new normal.”

What has happened in the north-central heart of Louisiana, though is a great flooding from sustained, tropical monsoonal-style rains displacing 80,000, requiring 30,000 to be rescued with 8,000 homes damaged or destroyed making this the worst US natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy slammed New York. It fulfills the essence of my Super La Niña vision. The floods weren’t caused by hurricanes, yet there they are, nonetheless. The misread of the vision comes from the habit of anticipating such things come from cyclonic tropical storms, yet again and again the new abnormal patterns around the world indicate a general intensification of what once were normal, non-cyclonic rain patterns. That’s why we experience subtropical rains advancing farther north and farther south from the equatorial belt than usual and behaving like super-monsoons.


Gulf State readers, you are not out of the flooded woods and bayous just yet. Hurricanes can be late cyclonic bloomers. September was once upon a more normal pattern the time the season peaks. Global warming promises to extend your seasons for hurricanes peaking even into October and early November. If it turns out I’ve been too hasty with dating this vision then next year’s hurricane season will rival those of 1998 and 2005. At least there is time to prepare for that. One of my biggest concerns is that eleven years have passed since the great Katrina hurricane season. People along the Gulf Coast have gone complacent.

Get complacent? Get drowned by storm surges. Get blown away by the winds of 2017-2018 hurricane seasons. I hope your listening.

DATELINE: 19 August 2016

RioOlympics-SunriseOlympicringsonBlueChestThe Rio Olympics put on ISIS?

I wrote the following as a segment for a book that is yet to be published because the intensive caregiving for my mother that had so delayed and disrupted work finally ended just recently with her death on 15 July. I’m now changing the book’s name to match the new bi-annual time frame of world events it will forecast. The main title will no longer be Predictions 2016-2017. Now I’ll call it Predictions 2017-2018: Years of Crisis and Breakthrough. My writing schedule is so backlogged with books that have to be published at least once a month for the next five months that catching up will most likely delay this book’s final release to the end of November 2016.


Click on the cover and get on the list to receive a direct download of the expanded “donor’s only” edition.

The life-changing circumstances that delayed its release have been a blessing in disguise. Putting this book in the context of the 24 months of the next two years solidly inserts it tightly, like a good gearshift in future time’s “clock.” Truly, the year 2017 and 2018 are indeed a consequence of decisions we are making in this crazy year of 2016, concerning the people we elect, the referendums in the EU that bode breakups and departures of nations from union and so much more. Crises and potential breakthroughs are clearly ahead of us in the next two years because of what we did, and did not do, in the year 2016 to anticipate the future.

Anyway, it is a good thing for my overloaded writing schedule that I can share in article form segments of chapters I rough drafted around March of 2016 for this book that delays require I post for you now about coming events in August, September, October and November. After some polishing, but no changes in the predictions from March, I will start giving you these articles for free in the pages of Hogueprophecy.

Here’s the next one: an article about the Rio Olympics rough drafted and its prophecies documented back in March 2016. I will insert assessments in italics from today where needed:



On to another significant moment in August, for the state of Brazil, when the whole world tunes into the Summer Olympics held in Rio de Janeiro from 5 to 21 August. We may be bracing ourselves to witness the first failed modern Olympic games. At the time of this writing [21 March 2016], venues are over budget and delayed. Last week, 3.5 million Brazilians demonstrated on the streets of all major cities demanding the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff for her presumed participation in the Petrobras oil business scandal that has even implicated her predecessor in office, the once popular Lula (Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva), who may be going to jail on corruption charges.

President Dilma Rousseff.

President Dilma Rousseff.

Don’t worry if the venues aren’t completely finished. There will be seating, that is, if you want to risk catching the mosquito-borne Zita virus that is preying on the country and will be the cause of some of the lowest turnout numbers in Olympic history. Moreover, the venues stink—literally. The sewer system upgrades for the Copacabana coastline and the Olympic venues will not be completed in time. Watch your purse and wallet because crime rates that have skyrocketed in early 2016 will only increase by August. The infrastructure the Rio city government promised would be up to modern standards for all the multitude of tourists flying in from around the world for the games will not even be 80 percent completed as pledged in 2009.


ASSESSMENT 15 August 2016: My Oracle correctly saw that venues would be unfinished and waters where kayak and boat racing venues would happen are still filmy with sewage. Even the diving venue has struggled with green algae infestations. The Zita virus is a danger but not as frightening as originally forecast, being that the Rio Olympics, held in the southern hemisphere during the winter season makes the climate less hospitable to mosquitos because the air is not as tropically sticky and buggy as if was at the end of southern hemispheric summer when the above was composed.

RioOlympics-BeachbathersPoliceThe overwhelming police presence has stifled crime. There were mass public demonstrations in the opening days of the Olympics yet the police kept a lid on dissent across Rio streets for the rest of the events, so far. This time around the protest are not government supported show demonstrations for, but spontaneous demonstrations clearly “against,” the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff by an intermediate administration run by acting President Michel Temer’s that, until the impeachment trials are over, is showing itself to be a truly, brazenly corrupt. Temer is under suspicion of being a US government informant. He picked a cabinet full of crooks that a majority of Brazilians want thrown out of office as soon as possible and Rousseff reinstated.


For the forecasting record, writing Predictions 2015-2016 in 2015, I saw her remaining Brazil’s president despite the oncoming storm of scandals. We shall see.

As I read my Rio forecast today, after five months, my brows are raised in surprise at the rest of this forecast from March 2016. My Oracle had foreseen overall a successful Olympics for Brazil, a break from all their troubles and woes and that is indeed what is happening as we are in the middle of this final week of Olympic sports and celebration. Enjoy this brief respite from a world going ever crazier once the Olympic flame is snuffed out on 21 August. I believe my Oracle’s prediction for possible terror attacks disrupting the Rio games not taking place will be fulfilled:


Terror attacks are a high possibility. ISIS has mentioned its goal to hit the Olympics and, given the social and political instability, the fact that Brazil will be in a deep and abysmal state of economic recession, the streets surrounding the Olympics will be mean and chaotic. There will be massive demonstrations against the government and hard line police responses.

RioOlympics-WatergarbageBabyDollDespite such bellicosity in the heavens twinkling reflections in open sewer ponds of Rio in August, national pride might trump an international embarrassment for two weeks and two days of the Olympics. The people of Brazil are passionate lovers of sport. I forecast that, despite the stars being in disfavor of success, they will for the most part, postpone the impeachment of their president and the revolution coming until after the Olympic torch is ceremoniously snuffed out on 21 August.

Certain aspects might aid them in this. The Sun in Leo will trine Uranus in Aries on 16 August, a good time for the nation to take a vacation from its many troubles, come together and feel proud to host the world at the games. Two days later the beaches of Rio will be soaked with a Full Moon in Aquarius: time to party! Time to celebrate. Athletes and tourists alike will be up for some original and spontaneous partying.

A pro Rousseff demonstration.

A pro Rousseff demonstration.

Enjoy it while it lasts. Not long after the Olympic spirit successfully dates the Aquarian-age spirit of humanity coming together as one, kumbaya on beaches and streets of Rio will begin to fade beyond the final and most festive Olympic closing ceremonies on 21 August. The following day, Mars marches forward, crossing the point in the sky where it began its long half-year stationery retrograde. Energetically it would feel like Orpheus who retreated down into the Underworld of Plutonian Scorpio had risen up to Earth’s surface at the point of 8-degrees Sagittarius where this difficult and year-defining descent and ascent in and out of a purgatory of terror attacks began.


The nearly six-month long stationary retrograde ends and like US General Patton’s tank columns bursting out of the hedgerow country of Normandy, with seething war energy, released from a celestial stalemate. The Mars-Sagittarius Square with Neptune in murky and beclouded waters of Pisces, that I first started warning you about in 2013 will then be upon us by end of history’s little August vacation. It brings potentially a perfect moment for hubris going half-cocked and unprepared into the jaws of war. The gnashing starts near the end of dog-day August on the 26th, followed on the 27th by a most remarkable celestial portend. The two brightest planets in Earth’s skies, Venus and Jupiter, will enjoy an extremely close conjoining being only 0.06 degrees apart in the evening skies just after sunset.


Blessed be those children born under this conjunction for they will be generous, optimistic and loving to others. They will be givers, philanthropist souls.

But for the rest of us marveling at the sight, already born and long weathered by the vicissitudes of life, this moment of Peace on Earth will be all but a brief interlude.

September is coming…

DATELINE: 19 August 2016


From “Yes we can!” to controlled “Press We Can!”

There is nothing unclear in my Hillary Clinton Presidential Prediction: The unclarity is only in Your Programmed Mind

Some readers still can’t shake being confused about my prediction that Hillary Clinton will be your next president.

She will be the next president, OK?

Click on the cover to receive a personal notice when this book is out!

Click on the cover to receive a personal notice when this book is out!

I’m so at ease with that future coming that I’m already setting up to produce a little eBook of prophecies about her first term (her only term) in office and may have it published as early as 8 November. Stay tuned for more news about that book.

Arlene’s letter is a common one from those Hogue fans who are confused by my multiple-future ruminations. Here’s her letter and a response that I hope clarifies what the future is and not what society has programmed people to expect the future to be:

Hi John, I read your book and listened to your YouTube interview about the captioned topic. I remain unclear as to your prediction about who will be the next president. You clearly state in the book that (astrologically speaking) Trump will win if he truly wants to be president. But at the end of the YouTube talk, you clearly state that Clinton will be unless her health interferes or Trump wins. Please clarify who you are predicting to be our next president. Thank you much, Arlene

The confusion you and others feel stems from a fundamental misunderstanding of how society programs us to mentally and intuitively conceive what the Future is. The Future is a realm of potentials, of infinite possible futures. Our actions in the present are often unconsciously guided by patterns of the past. That is why the future often repeats itself. We repeat that past and call it “The Future.”

FourMoreYEars-ObamaHeadHillaryClintonBodyThe future is a dynamic echoing of what we do in the present moment, whether bound by past habits or spontaneity. My job is to give you the main alternative futures that are most engaged and energized by those actions in the present granting them the best chance for coming up true.

Since the year 2000, I have consistently said that Hillary Clinton will be the first female US president. That is her Destiny. I have also consistently foreseen Hillary Clinton’s struggle with identity and truth causing her to be a saboteur of that seemingly sure-bet Destiny.

HillaryClintonShruggingWhoMeShe is not actually very smart and certainly she is a political mediocrity. Thus she relies on the mindsets of her advisers—such as Bill Clinton—far more than a true and talented leader should. She does not have an organic intelligence within her to lead, so, she’ll be lead by her advisors. This habit has set her on the path of an almost certain Destiny: a political career derailed by scandals based on trusting advisors who betray her and let her down. The question is, will she derail her political career before, or after she is your next president? The consistently stronger future potential is that she’d become president first and that is what I’m consistently predicting.

Hillary Clinton’s great unraveling will come after you elect her as your next president.

ClintonGlobalInitiativeLogoHer husband is a political genius, but genius cannot be borrowed when one must lead, when one must make decisions alone, like a president. Otherwise you get another Barack Obama, who is a clever politician but unlike Bill Clinton, Obama is untalented as a true leader. It’s ironic, really. There’s a lot of truth in the idea that Hillary will run the country like her administration is a third term for Barack Obama because she really doesn’t have any fresh and creative ideas. Like Obama, Hillary will be another leading follower in the White House, the third leader in a row since the dawn of this new century with no true leadership skills or center. Clinton will be a peripheral president with one dangerous difference, Obama was overly cautious in foreign policy. She will be the other extreme. She’s G.W. Bush in drag. She will be aggressively reckless.

bedtime4bonzo-174x300Her core issues about not being her authentic self are so difficult for her to surmount that there still looms a fading possibility: an alternative future where Hillary sabotages her final try at becoming president just like she bungled it in 2008. Back then it was her precipitously hasty vote in October 2002 to grant George W. Bush emergency powers to invade Iraq, which he did in early 2003. She sided with a foreign policy, economic and military US disaster and the anti-war voters in the oncoming Democratic Primary season were planning their karmic revenge if she did not reverse her bellicose views and apologize for being an enabler of that terrible mistake. A year before the Democratic Primaries I saw a weak link in her “certain” march to the White House lurking in 2008. I said she wouldn’t apologize; Obama would therefore could carry the anti-war vote in a close victory against her in the 2008 Democratic primaries. (See Hillary Clinton’s Albatross written and published at Hogueprophecy on 2 March 2007.)

Now then, I have always emphasized my prediction that Hillary Clinton will be your next president and, at the same time have equally done my job as a forecaster to make you aware of how she could screw that up again in 2016 because she is a serial screw-up.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Former President Bill Clinton react as balloons fall during the final day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Thursday, July 28, 2016. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Former President Bill Clinton react as balloons fall during the final day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Thursday, July 28, 2016. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

I’ve consistently said that I don’t predict Trump will beat her—I just say he has the best chance if Hillary keeps screwing up.

ClintonTrumpHairMorphTrump has a “chance” folks. But “chance” is not a “reality,” OK?

Still many of you are confused and I will explain why.

The problem is your mind.

It is a mind programmed for centuries by the most sophisticated political propaganda machines in all of human history called: Organized Religions. They have turned your mind into a polarized—either, or—mechanism when it comes to many things, not just prophecy.

The organized religions have made you all believe that the future is preordained and every event is waiting somewhere for people like me to illuminate and tell you fixed-to-be-mentally-tied folk how your fixed future will enfold, like the future is either-or, black-or-white.

Careful! Big Religious Dog-ma is watching.

Careful! Big Religious Dog-ma is watching.

The problem is, a preordained future is a false premise of big business religions. They have perpetuated this lie as another system for controlling you to put your blind faith in them and their phony, twisted dogmas.

So, when you hear me predicting a certain future for Hillary that Trump has the potential to upend and how he can upend it, you cannot help but misunderstand. To your mind I’m hedging my prophetic bets, etc.; or, you fall into confusion because I am not providing your programmed mind with the square peg you’ve been conditioned to plug in the illusory square hole.

The truth is a round peg that can’t fit with your square mind.

That’s because, deep down, the “squareness” of your mind has identified with this false “either-or” idea about future events.

rt by Murray at Black Magnolia Studio (NZ). Digital painting, spirit portraits, graphic art, cartoons & commissions. Contact: blackmagnoliastudio@gmail.com

Art by Murray at Black Magnolia Studio (NZ). Digital painting, spirit portraits, graphic art, cartoons & commissions. Contact: blackmagnoliastudio@gmail.com

The truth about the future as I’ve experienced it, and quite accurately over the last 30 years, is that the future is dynamic. Even a future that seems to have an unstoppable momentum towards final fulfillment has a weak link, because NOTHING is preordained.

It is my job to explain those weak links to you, those potentials in Hillary Clinton as a bad politician whom I foresee will become your next “bad” president, who even now can unwisely campaign against Trump and make this election close, perhaps even close enough to loose, though that potential future is really fading fast into premonitory irrelevance.

Conversely, I’ve consistently written about Trump’s chances as being, long odds at best, a winner in November. My Oracle illuminates why he won’t win. I have said in my writings for the record that Trump can only win if he really wants it.

Click on the cover and read a free book sample.

Click on the cover and read a free book sample.

I explained in my book Trump for President: Astrological Predictions that Trump, being a mutable Gemini, will not completely know how much he wants to be president at the beginning, but will gain more and more clarity through the election process. His “wanting” to be president is a journey that he’s been on for decades. Now, in the final months of campaigning, he will subconsciously encounter just how much he really wants to be president, and, as I implied and predicted a year ago in articles and in the drafts of Trump for President, if his desire isn’t 100 percent, he will lose.

What I’m saying to you is that Trump is not 100 percent there yet. In fact, I’m seeing his interest in winning fading already. Moreover, I have written long ago in my Trump book that I would not be surprised if he suddenly one day stepped down and quit.

This election is in Hillary Clinton’s pocket, but it is still her’s to lose because of that other nearly sure bet of a future destiny, her mediocrity and predilection to blunders and scandals that will color her presidency when she at last gets there. The only reason why she’s certain to win is that Donald Trump, politically speaking, is a babe in the dark and dangerous woods of politics. His eight-year-old mentality has entered those woods that are filled with clever political animals who know just how to drain his popularity with voters and cool his interest in winning.

I explained this in the following excerpt from Trump for President written in September of last year. When no mainstream thinker believed Trump would be the Republican candidate I was already telling my readers how Trump would be that candidate and how dangerous political animals would bate their traps to sabotage Trump by exploiting his weakness, the underlying addiction motivating what appeared up until recently to be one of his strengths: counter punching any attack. It will be his downfall come 8 November.

DATELINE: 19 August 2016

Trump-whoCuttheCheezeFrounNearly a Year ago, Hogue foresaw how Trump would be Defeated by Clinton

It’s good Donald Trump heeded his older brother’s advice and never began drinking alcohol, otherwise I’m certain, looking at his astrology, that he would have shared the same fate and died young, a victim of alcoholism.

Trump has an addictive personality. Addictions need not all be bad. For instance, having an addiction to exercise and eating healthy is good. Having an addiction to winning can make a businessman successful because he will be adaptable so he can succeed.


Trump has done well in the business arena.

In my book Trump for President: Astrological Predictions, I introduced the astrological reasons why Trump would become such a successful counter puncher in the debates. At the time I wrote the following in the late summer of last year, he had only just experienced his first debate. In the crowd of debates that would follow, his 16 career-politician competitors, one after the other, would start a dust-up and Trump was positively addicted to answering every attack with a devastating retort. Here’s the astrological reasons I laid out explaining why he would end up becoming the Republican nominee ten months later:

Trump-UncleSamPosterLeo makes Trump a natural performer at ease with celebrity and loving it. It brings to mind Trump in a photo publicity op, hamming it up, joking “in earnest” staging his signature, finger in the air, snarling the iconic mantra (“You’re fired!”) with teeth flaring in freeze frame. That Trumpian mantra was made famous when first sacking contestants competing to be hired and later celebrity apprentices on his hit NBC television shows.

TrumpShakingHandsAll the same, snap judger beware the mask of the big and brash showman for underneath this man’s outer, ebullient expressiveness is Mars in the Twelfth House of the hidden. His true purpose is well guarded. His hits in debates with other presidential candidates are effortlessly calculated for maximum effect. He neither shows his hand, nor may he consciously prepare his words. His Mars-Ascendant conjunction tunes in to hidden influences initiating his penchant for medium flashes of insight or rapid, intellectually peeved-and-snappy counter punches.

Trump for President: Astrological Predictions
Chapter One: The Birth Chart of Donald Trump

It worked for him in the “minor leagues” of the Republican Primary phase. Since becoming the Republican nominee, he’s finding it far more difficult because his one surviving competitor for the job, Hillary Clinton, is playing political rope-a-dope. Trump is now playing his game in the political major leagues sparring with real clever, cynical and dangerous political animals of the Democratic Party machine, commanded by those who would put Hillary Clinton up as their puppet to be President in November. These Machiavellian creatures can sniff out his psychological weaknesses. They know how to turn Trump’s addiction with counter jabbing into something negative and they’re doing it with some significant success by getting Trump to take the bait of their “Khan” job: getting him to attack the Muslim father Khizr with silent mother Ghazala Khan along side him who called Trump out at the podium of the DNC Convention on national television against this Muslim immigration policies. Mr. Khan dared Trump, the Muslim baiter to go after “Gold Star” parents who had lost a son fighting in Iraq.


This bereaved and Trump peeved couple “somehow” came out of nowhere, the husband unleashing one attack after the next where they strategically would push Trump’s reactive pride and counterpunching impulse. I predict with absolute confidence that the future will reveal Mr. Khan’s words were not completely his own. He had a lot of help from Clinton’s handlers and speechwriters.


It’s ironic really, what launched Trump’s downfall as a candidate is his counter punching of the Khans that, despite his usual belittling virulence, had more than once hit the factual target. Trump was correct. These people were coached and rehearsed by Clinton’s handlers to viciously attack Trump where his thin skin is thinnest. He was also correct about Mrs. Khan. Muslim custom would not have her speak publicly, deferring her views and her free speech to her husband. That is covered by more fundamentalist interpretations of the Qur’an.

TrumpNaked-fingerpointingIf you are jackals of the Democratic Party machine, you certainly don’t just stand up any grieving set of parents who lost a son or daughter fighting America’s imperial wars of late. No, you find yourselves a “Muslim” Golden Star couple because of Trump’s Muslim prejudices. Trump stepped right into this Khan-job with both feed and big mouth opened wide and his counterattack hurt him significantly. Trump’s standings in the polls dropped ten points across the board and he began slipping behind Clinton in a half dozen states he must win in November.

DonaldTrumpNakedTwoSelfiesinParkPerhaps he even saw the trap being set, like a drunk sees the glass of beer put under his nose that he will grab and guzzle down, because he can’t help himself. The addiction to fight back kicked in unconsciously, irresistibly even though he would be looked at as bullying poor parents who had lost “an American hero” in battle.

The Clinton machine finally found a way to turn the crowd’s sentimental hysteria “against” Donald Trump. Up to know he’d been the king of manipulating a mass-minded moronic power taking down 16 competitors in the primaries to become the RNC nominee.

Just to be "fair and balanced," Naked Trump deserves Hillary really being "thonged."

Just to be “fair and balanced,”  if Naked Trump is right, then Hillary Clinton is “thonged.”

Then came Clinton’s King “Khan” counterstroke and Trump trying to shoot him off the Empire State Building made Khan the martyr and Trump the villain.

The sheeple masses were easily shepherded over to Clinton’s camp because even a sheep-dipped brain knows you don’t insult these glorified victims of US wars needed to sustain the US Military Industrial Complex. The United States has been in the perpetual war business since the Second World War morphed into the Cold War, morphed into the War on Terror. It has become a habit, promoted by the war market to glorify its soldiers, living or killed in action as automatic heroes, rather than skeptically inquire why our sons and daughters who serve to protect us are getting killed in so many aggressive wars, invasions, and occupations.

No, Americans are not being programmed by their power handlers and propaganda media outlets to think about that—or to think at all. Better to cloak these tragedies in pyrite golden glory. My Country right or wrong, promotes a whole lot of wrong these days. But cancel that! Don’t make me look at that. I feel so much better just blindly saluting and ennobling any parents who lost a “heroic” child fighting America’s imperial, hegemonic wars.


Mr. Khan, by the way, has deep ties to the Clinton Foundation and with a law firm Hogan Lovells, LLP, a major D.C. law firm that worked diligently with the Saudi Arabian government to fast track the immigration process for upper-class Saudis. For that, and other things Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did for US-Saudi Arabian relations the Saudi Royal Family contributed 20 to 30 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation. I predict the Khan job will come back to haunt a President Hillary Clinton in her two years into her first term when she faces a serious, administration ending scandal, related to the Clinton Foundation, peddling special favors when she was Secretary of State.

However manipulative and repugnant the Khans and their ClintonCorp handlers were, playing those sympathy strings, using the corpse and memory of their dead son as a device to take down Clinton’s political rival, is dirty politics at its most cynically effective best, playing the fool’s heart strings in people who emote and don’t think when they choose presidents. And here are the astrological reasons why I saw this coming as a way to take Donald Trump’s run for the presidency down:

TrumpasBabyPlayingwith SoldiersSaturn’s position at Trump’s birth is in its detriment in Cancer. That makes one prone to suffer hypersensitivity to criticism and attacks.

Trump for President: Astrological Predictions
Chapter One: The Birth Chart of Donald Trump

This is the scary side of Trump the medium who can summon spot-on insights out of his unconscious one moment, then completely go beyond the pale the next. The two sides of Trump’s psychological currency are Openness and Shutdown. The reason being, Mercury in Cancer on its own makes him equally susceptible to other people’s ideas and opinions—some equally great, others equally daffy, prejudiced and what history will call outright, flat-earth stupid, like denying the existence of global warming.

One finds this self-sabotaging Mercury square effect active in Trump’s crusade to expose President Obama’s birth certificate as fake. It’s a troubling episode starring a man who might be the next president caught gullibly ingesting crank Inspector Clouseau research, receiving a “beeuump” on the head of his credibility in 2011. Perhaps it put an end to his aspiration to run for president in 2012, although Trump would counter that he had too many construction projects underway to relinquish control of Trump Corporation temporarily to campaign and later become president.

TrumpLipspursedSourFrownWhat I watched happen was leonine Trump stepping into the political animal trap laid out for him with the naivety of a kitten. Obama patiently let him blow up his conspiracy balloon with all the hot air he could muster, then, invited him to the annual Washington Press Association Banquet in 2011 to a very public roasting. Obama waited until the same day to publish his full birth certificate, deftly sticking a needle in Trump’s circus conspiracy balloon making him a laughing stock. The man famous for calling out other people on their stupidity met his own “dumb.” It’s hard to tell if that registered.

History will remember Obama as a lackluster president, but sophisticated political animals like him are minion in Washington. Trump, nodding at his table to gales of laughter at his expense, lips pouting almost childlike in a mask of inscrutable serenity, could later be President Trump, the babe in the woods, stalked by Washington wolf-pack politicians embarrassing his person and his high office, or worse.

Trump for President: Astrological Predicitons
Chapter Four: The Tale of Two Squares

The “worse” that I specifically saw was lying in ambush inside a composite (relationship) chart between his birth chart and that of the Birth Chart of the United States:

TrumpandDonaldDuckTrump’s Moon 21 degrees Sagittarius: it’s squared the US Mercury 24 degrees Cancer (within an orb of 5 degrees): Here’s an old problem again, the unconscious medium shooting off snap judgments on poor intelligence gathering only this time, things in the world can suddenly go “BOOM!” An intuitive nose for business success may not always sniff out a winning life as a politician, especially if he lets himself get dragged down by a level of negative press as president this man—notoriously touchy about lies and mean spirited attacks—has never experienced. The lies hurled at him will be minion compared to life in the private sector for even a Celebrity like Trump. He must rise as president above the impulse to counter-attack everything thrown his way, wasting his time, the people’s time and his energy to the extent that his health could fail while in office.

Trump for President: Astrological Predictions
Chapter Eight: Trump’s Chances on Election Night

The first week of August 2016 went down as Trump’s worst week on the campaign trail so far. His chances to go all the way were always a long shot, even though he really does have the only serious chance of any opponent to defeat Hillary Clinton. I was one of the earliest proponents of that possibility and here he is, the last Republican standing. In August, week two, “the Donald” tried behaving himself, acting more presidential. He’s tried his hardest not to “substance abuse” any substance and credibility in his run for president by not counter punching.


I can tell you now: he won’t resist the temptation for very long. Indeed he stayed “on the wagon” for only 24 hours before he let fly his “defenders of the Second Amendment” threat: a not-too-subtle hint that people who uphold the right to bear arms might unload one of them at Hillary Clinton.

The Khans aren’t the last con-job he’ll take on, hook, puckering in the famous pouting lips, line and sinker. Next time it is likely Hillary will be casting the bait during herself in the presidential debates coming this October. I don’t sense he gets just how formidable Hillary Clinton will be on the debate stage.


He is, in the end, a man with an afflicted Mercury, more afflicted than the natal Mercury of his opponent, Hillary Clinton. That’s her edge to what I’m seeing is a four percentage point, popular vote Clinton victory on 8 November. Trump has lost that future where he can win an upset victory. The best he can do is lose by four percent—and he could even lose by far worse!

That’s the price of falling for Clinton’s “Khan” job.

DATELINE: 19 August 2016

BlackLives-AmINextWe need more Awareness about the Mind’s tricks in Matters concerning Black Lives and Blue Lives

Jerry works in law enforcement and his comment was inspired by my last article stream’s account of the shooting of Altan Sterling by two white Baton Rouge policemen outside of the Triple S Food Mart just after midnight on 5 July 2016. I want to share this interchange to help all of us, black and white, be more aware of how the programmed mind in us will rationalize and rearrange factual emphasis to interpret a situation in a way that supports our biases.

I want to make this clear; those on the receiving end of police violence are just as capable of blurring facts to support their view of policemen. With that said, I will continue to illuminate how the victims of a handful of bad cops and poorly lead and trained police departments have generated most of the momentum of white-cop-on-black-citizen prejudice. This cultural aberration must be confronted and corrected so that truth can heal and bring understanding to all sides involved. I dedicate this article and future articles on this theme as my way to help end this terrible plague of police shootings and police being shot in reprisal.

You were wrong on Sterling and open carry, a convicted felon can not carry or own a gun John.

You’re absolutely right, Jerry, but this “right” misses the point and alters the sequence of events and how things became known. The two Baton Rogue policemen didn’t know Sterling was a felon at the time he was shot. They should know that in a high crime area, in an “open carry” state like Louisiana, police would very often be dealing with people carrying heat. The panic of that cop was unprofessional and when cops are poorly trained and unprofessional, cops and citizens get shot and killed.

I know it is not your conscious intention, but watch how the mind will make an inaccurate assessment by latching onto a fact, out of sequence of when it became a know fact to support what in many of us is an unknown, built-in cultural bias. Do you see how your mind may be trying to justify what happened to Sterling?

You’re right in a way. If Sterling “hadn’t” carried that gun in his pocket, no cop would have had a reason to unprofessionally freak out and shoot him; yet, I’m going to propose that the freak out is what killed Altan Sterling, not the gun that never left his cargo pant right pocket. I saw the aftermath in the video. After he’d been shot and left sprawling on his back on the tarmac, the policeman who panicked had difficulty opening and taking the pistol out of Sterling’s buttoned cargo pocket.

Professionally well-trained policemen would have arrested him, knowing how to properly take a man down. I am amazed when looking at these videos of black suspects being killed all around the country. There’s a thread of poor police training running in most of them. I remember growing up in a time when US cops knew the basics of physically taking down and cuffing a suspect and not being so quick to draw a gun. My goodness, they used to chase suspects, not stand and unload a clip in the back of a suspect running away.

You watch German police, South African, or Russian police in similar situations and they’re in shape and knowledgeable in basic Aikido, Judo, and Karate disciplines. Thanks to that, people don’t get killed. Cops don’t fight with their suspects like fat bears exposing an opportunity for a policeman’s gun to be pulled out of his holster in all that fumbling bear hugging.

Both those cops were overweight and unable to do their job: making the man submit to arrest and be handcuffed. Only afterwards would they have checked their computers and recognized Sterling he was a felon, confiscate his piece and I imagine put him back into the Revenge Industrial Complex that is our Justice and Prison networking system that simply does not “correct” people’s problems but helps them become better and better criminals. The story of how Sterling became a felon will, in part, be shaped by the inherent racism and illegitimacy programmed into our society to render black and brown or generally poor people of all colors into second class humans, treated with a second-class humanity

You’re a white man, Jerry, like me. We get a preferential kind of justice and sometimes dole out justice in an un-preferential way to non-whites. I’m not judging. I’m just looking at a social problem that needs correction.

The truth is, you and I are legitimate white citizens who may from time to time make an unintended rationalization that a less socially illegitimate black felon, illegally carrying a gun that never left his pocket, is grounds for getting himself killed. The convicted “black” felon is at fault, not the white, poorly trained, overweight, panicking policemen of Baton Rouge who resort to lethal violence as a stopgap for their mediocrity as peace officers.

[Jerry wrote back to me the following day:]

True! And I agree with you about some cops that hang out in the doughnut shop, especially in the South, I lived there from one till I was ten years old and there was segregation then which was bad. I am just saying that if that felon had not been breaking the law by carrying a gun then those ill trained fat ass cops would not have shot him.

Yes, Sterling did get himself killed because of that. But look what happened a day later to that other black man, Castilo? He had a license to carry. He notified the policeman he was licensed to carry and had a gun. He was reaching into his pocket, as requested, to pull out his driver’s ID. The cop, with gun fully extended, poised to use lethal force, shot him anyway. People are getting killed whether they are legal or illegally packing heat because of poor policemanship.

Do not let the media pervert perspectives to gain more ratings playing races against each other. Castilo and Sterling's lives mattered just as much as the eight dead police of Dallas and Baton Rogue.

Do not let the media pervert perspectives to gain more ratings playing races against each other. Castilo and Sterling’s lives mattered just as much as the eight dead police of Dallas and Baton Rogue.

Case in point, the two Baton Rouge policemen didn’t know Sterling was a felon when they shot him. We have to stay with the facts and the sequence of what happened. All the two cops knew was a report from an anonymous witness implicated someone who was outside the food mart who purportedly displayed his gun as a threat. That is simply a report. It may be true. It may be a crank call.

AltonSterlingPinnedwGunpointedThe cops came into that situation not knowing anything else. Not knowing the status of the man presumed to be carrying a gun, as many in the South do. One of the cops clearly on the video panicked when pinning Sterling down he suddenly felt the gun in Sterling’s pants. Both cops were sitting on him hard and he couldn’t move. It seems on the video like Sterling’s gun arm is immobilized but I’m not 100 percent sure. I certainly would err on the side that he was 95 percent immobilized and unable to pull out a gun, cock it and shoot it. Like I said earlier, the security video shows the cop having difficulty taking the gun out of Sterling’s pocket after he lay dying.

With his partner screaming “he’s got a gun!!” the other cop responded to the emotion and lost his policeman’s centering. Fear had entered the situation and he immediately reached for his gun and stuck it point blank into Sterling’s chest and fired it multiple times before rolling away. Then the other cop rolled over Sterling and unloaded his gun too.

I read all of your books and enjoy your insight, but I am still with the Napa County Sheriff’s Dept. and you do not see what I see every day here in Napa Valley with the gang problem, a deputy friend of mine was home for lunch when he heard his back door open and in came three masked intruders, one carrying a crow bar, he identified himself and pulled his gun. When they saw that it was a cop, they turned and ran because they knew we were trained not to shoot unless threatened. He chased one down and while he was running called for back up. No one was hurt and all three were arrested, they were undocumented Hispanic’s which makes up about fifty percent of Napa Valley now. Our Police and Sheriff’s Dept. train consistently to be safe and protect citizen’s.

I worked in security and interacted with Oregon state and local police frequently. I understand how weird and dangerous it can get. I’ve had a few of my own “moments” as a Rajneesh Security Guard back in the early to mid 1980s. As I see from my security-point of view, that situation your deputy friend had going on was far more dangerous; moreover, the three illegals instigated the threat. The Baton Rouge cops blundered into a situation, made a lot of assumptions the Southern culture programming probably supported and magnified and just about mugged that black man before asking questions. Your man would have never done that.

Your Napa County deputy did exactly what a professional should do in that situation. I commend him. He stayed cool and now those men were properly arrested, alive, and have a chance perhaps to change the course of their lives. That’s how you do it, if you can.

NapaCountySheriffBadgeThe Baton Rogue policemen need you guys from Napa County down there to make real policemen out of them. Because it’s true, you guys in Napa have some potentially serious situations with the Hispanic illegals “and” the continued infiltration of the drug cartels into America via the illegals, plus you have to deal with that “and” keep the serenity and peace of Napa for a huge volume of visiting tourist coming through every year, etc. You belong to a great police force and I’ve only heard good coming from Napa.

Security and policing require a kind of self-awareness that is half Samurai and half Buddha in the Middle Way. It requires a deep awareness, alert not to assume, not to project. Calm in danger, and not easily off set by panic or fear. I liked security work because being a “watchman” is the way of the meditator, which is my path in life.

Tell your deputy friend I say, Bravo! Well done. We need more men and women in blue like him. And thank you too, Jerry, for you service to the public in Napa County. Stay safe and true.


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If for some reason you cannot leave your comments in the comments box below, just send them to me via the Contact email button. If they are interesting and clearly written, I will post them with my inserted comments. I will even post some of you rare souls disposing promising content with all the dirty literary laundry “spots” of functional illiteracy displayed. So please reread your stuff, use spell check and punctuate. You are being read by the whole world; so don’t look dumb in print. Those who do the best they can will be rewarded with it being published here.


A reader left this statement and prediction back in February of this year:

I thought you were going to go indexer on me….We just have to disagree on this,because I’m sure I’m right for my reasons… The future from my findings in the quatrains… Trump will win in 2016,and Sam Brownback will follow him to the Presidency,so I figure he will be on the ticket.. Trump/Brownback 2016 I get that totally from Nostradamus,but if i’m wrong and just another shot down wanna be scholar? so be it.. Have a great Spring,and I’ll catch you on TV and Radio..later

When the mind is so certain, and stresses it so certainly, it is hiding uncertainty. Is that true? That is why when making predictions one cannot force a false certitude on the future. It is not set. It can constantly change. It is always changing, contradicting our desires, is it not? Events as they transpire become the real judge of whether we are lucky enough or unlucky enough to be accurate.

You might be surprised to know that not only when you’re wrong can others ridicule you, but if you are accurate, more trouble can be yours. You can be punished for being accurate. You can even be threatened because accuracy in a forecaster frightens readers when it was intended to help them.

I predict you are in the first category and my prediction is already half way home to getting me in trouble with you for its accuracy.

Brownback will not be Trump’s VP nominee. It is Pence. So, already, your prediction is half incorrect. The second half is coming. Trump is going to lose.

I emphasize “your” in this prediction and here’s why. There is no need to personalize this fact if I’m right or if I’m wrong. Why even anticipate your failure and protest in this subtle way, bracing yourself to be “shot down as just another “would-be scholar”? Do you see how you already have anticipated and rationalized failure in your prediction with some hidden complaint?

The prediction seems less to be about whether it will be true or not, but how your ego will be either flying high in success or shot down.

Can you see how the ego is penultimate in your forecast?

Be advised. I’m not putting you down here, though you might feel really stung by this letter. I’m simply shining a light on something that happens in everyone’s programmed mind and ego. My interest is helping you understand this, and by understanding the process of ego, a consciousness in you might become more distant and less available to feed energy to the mind’s tricks or be caught in it’s duality and divisiveness tricks that make one suffer and do illusion and do suffering as the mind’s slave. It is said mind is a terrible Master of us. I see and experience this as true.

Prophecy for me is only a talking point. My real work is all about meditation and awakening you and me from Mind.

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