Hogue’s Post-“Mom”-Mortem catch up on Prophecy trends in Current Events covers: the Hillary and Trump nomination, A Plague of EU Terror Attacks, Black and Blue Lives not Mattering in the American Intifada, Darth Erdogan’s new Turkish Police State, and Clinton raising “Kaine” after Bernie Sanders surrenders his Movement at the feet of ClintonCorp

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Now that the beautiful and ecstatic death of my beloved mother has been celebrated, and I become acquainted with a new life that has begun, I will attempt in this 14,000 word stream of nine articles to play some prophetic catch-up with current events and global trends. July was indeed a busy month for that!

DATELINE: 30 July 2016


JohnWayneSearchersRedshirtStillIt’s official: Hillary Clinton breaks the Glass Ceiling to become the First Woman Democratic Nominee for President, but can she break through the Barrier of a Mannish political Mediocrity?

If only former US Senator from New York and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could find her goddess power. Instead, when she made her epically-long acceptance speech Thursday night at the DNC she sounded like she was channeling the ghost of John Wayne.

Rant-ah RANT-ah, “pilgrim.”


She seems not to understand the power of a silent voice—a reflectively feminine pause—can be carried by her microphone and fill that great hall with silence’s awe. Instead, she lowers her voice, pushing it relentlessly and loudly, like a woman pretending to sound like a man. She drones. It’s sad.

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Click on the cover to the Amazon sales page. One of the ten predictions is a concise overview about who will win the US Presidential Election and how either candidate can best help their chances.

She may be the first woman US president in history, as I began predicting she’d be starting as far back as early December 2000, but I somehow think my fulfilled prophecy will come up a bit false. Hillary has not harnessed her goddess heart and power to become the “mother” of a nation like a Margaret Thatcher of Britain, an Indira Gandhi of India or Golda Meir of Israel. Even Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan brought her goddess into her voice. Clinton’s forced mannishness doesn’t, in my view, truly make her the first “woman” president of the United States.

I love this picture of Hillary Clinton. It is a reminder that we come into this world with so much potential to flower that life covers with its pains, identities and egoism. I wish to reach out to "this" innocent soul who is still inside the woman who could be president and who might accidentally destroy the world.

I love this picture of Hillary Clinton. It is a reminder that we come into this world with so much potential to flower that life covers with its pains, identities and egoism. I wish to reach out to “this” innocent soul who is still inside the woman who could be president and who might accidentally destroy the world.

Then there’s the second matter of how her speech and just before it her “life story” video did much to distract one from the fact that although her public service has been long, there’s really very little significant legislation that she authored and got passed in the US Senate. Except for one more round of popping up the famous shot of her in the nerve center underneath the White House watching the attack on Usama bin Laden’s compound, we only get the info that Hillary was present at the hunt down and death of al-Qaeda’s master. Yet I still don’t know or hear what significant influence, if any, did Hillary Clinton contribute in that war room. Moreover, nothing more was displayed from her four years as US Secretary of State.

When I move to digest this hamburger of accomplishments, where, Mrs. Clinton, is the beef?


The one thing I love about the war room picture is that she’s the only person who is displaying a feminine virtue in that crowd of glowering men watching the attack off camera on a huge screen. She, at least shows emotion by pensively covering her mouth with her hand. There’s a glimmer of her goddess empathy, some body language at least indicating what a horrible thing it is to put human beings in harm’s way, and kill some one, even if it is necessary. That’s the “mother” spirit in action. May we see that deepen and crystalize in her as president. The world’s future survival depends on it, because her mediocre mannishness habit may very well push harshly and recklessly enough in temptation to prove she has a pair, based on wrong-headed and false projections about the Russian Federation’s strategic intentions. It could lead to a nuclear confrontation by November 2017.

Madame President to be, we don’t need you channeling John Wayne at that time or at any time. Be our Mother of this nation and not the Mother of all nuclear wars.

DATELINE: 30 July 2016

AngelaMerkelinShodorIslamicThe Great Martian Stationary Retrograde Terror Attack Plague

Before my mother’s death vigil took me away from reporting further outrages of ISIS, I had said the following about how The Pulse, Orlando, Florida, and Holey Bakery, Dhaka Bangladesh, massacres were just the beginning of a malefic eruption of terrorist attacks. These are what one might expect under the intensifying influence of the red war planet Mars moving forward after a long and stationary retrograde in Scorpio before it will dip back into self-righteously Islamo-fascist and fiery Sagittarius in early August.

GermanPoliceTerrorEinkaufszentrumIn mid June I wrote: “What defines the astrological heart (or heartburn) of the year 2016 is a stationary retrograde of fiery Mars. It started slowly backing up from 8 degrees Sagittarius on 17 April, retreating into Scorpio on 28 May 2016. It will turn direct course 23 Scorpio on June 29, then re-enter Sagittarius on 3 August, passing on 22 August the 8-degree mark where it began going retro in April and at last leaves Sagittarius on 27 September 2016. What does that mean? Expect volatility in the middle months of 2016. Expect to rise in the morning more than once to an incident that changes your world.” (The ISIS Orlando Massacre: The first of several Prophetic Wild Cards that Hogue Predicted may tile the Outcome of the US Presidential Election in favor of Donald Trump: Hogueprophecy Bulletin—15 June 2016)

Click on the cover and see how you can receive the expanded edition of this forthcoming book.

Click on the cover and see how you can receive the expanded edition of this forthcoming book.

In forecasts documented in March 2016 for my forthcoming book Predictions 2016-2017: Years of Crisis and Breakthrough, I wrote:

The passion of Mars in Scorpio was kinetic. The passion of Mars in Sagittarius in the coming few months runs through our veins like the blood of the zealot—all or nothing can we proclaim in starkly righteous religious overtones. Patriotism will be rampant on every side, left, right or center and the temptation to behave harshly, to lack tolerance, to listen to others’ political and religious opinions will be “my way or the highway” highly likely. If you think the political discourse has gotten too coarse already, brace your shield and spear, Mars, God of War, you have heard or seen nothing yet.

…It’s a time for conflict and danger, intolerant speech, ideologically zealous politics, Black-flagged and saturnine Jihad! Black fires of oil fields in the Middle East. Sparks can especially fly inside the United States because Mars sets itself in a stationary retrograde just under 9 degrees Sagittarius. That means it conjoins the Seventh House Cusp of the US horoscope while pulling a stalemate tug of war in opposition to the US Natal Uranus.

ISISfightersin2rankswGunsThis in astrological terms for America means terror attacks on the homeland. This means America is going to widen its war in the Middle East on the ground in Iraq and Syria. [This Mars stationary retrograde in July] could redefine and even sharpen the nastiness and partisanship of US government and also establishment and outsider wings of the battling Democratic and Republican parties, especially through July’s Conventions that could be open to fights on the convention floors.

ISISFightersOilRigsFlamingskyUnfortunately I can promise you, the attacks will be far more numerous and worse very soon. Mars advances forward into Sagittarius on 3 August, to join and intensify the suicide bomb heat of potential violent forces alongside a black-hearted transit of Saturn. Saturn has returned to this fire sign to do what it had done 29 years before. Back in the late 1980s Saturn in Sagittarius gave birth to al-Qaeda. This time around, it brings to full ripening to an even more extreme Islamo-fascist organization. ISIS the Islamic State is losing territory on one front but it is redoubling its terror targeting as a reprisal on the international front. They hit soft targets with lone-wolf jihadists and trained teams alike come home from the Middle Eastern theater of war, blasting and shooting down innocent civilians almost every few days or so, rocking the world news with terrorism’s own version of George Bush-ish “shock and awe,” oh shit, look what’s happening now!


On 4 July, and about three days before nursing my mother through her final week of conscious let go of life, I had posted for you the prophetic angle about the Orlando and Dhaka Bangladesh disco and bakery massacres. I described the thousands running for their lives out the entrance of Turkish Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul, illuminated by explosions killing dozens not fast enough to escape. I also presented to you what the Western media consistently marginalizes: the far greater loss of life from ISIS terror attacks against innocent, unsuspecting Muslim civilians, such as those running from a mall on fire in Baghdad that would incinerate over 300 people and injure thousands at the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

The day after the Karada and Shaab district attacks there are still bodies by the dozens being pulled out of the scorched ruins in the worst death toll of these Ramadan ISIS terror attacks. But will you adorn your Facebook photo faces with the red, white and black colors of the Iraqi flag, like you do the French flag? Did you color your faces with the white, red and blue tricolors of the Russian flag for the 200 plus victims of an ISIS bombing of a Russian jet full of civilian passengers leaving Egypt several weeks before the Paris November attacks in 2015? I'm just pointing out how selective our sentiments can be and how politically, racially and sectarian can be our unconscious choices.

The day after the Karada and Shaab district attacks there are still bodies by the dozens being pulled out of the scorched ruins in the worst death toll of these Ramadan ISIS terror attacks.

Life and work goes on. Even during my mother’s final death vigil of six days during the 9th to the 15th of July I would check the television and my internet news outlets overnight to keep appraised of a world under the astrologically Martian influence of hot tempers, aggression and terrorist attacks. The night before she died, I watched the tape of an absurd nightmare vision of a massive truck slowly, inexorably rolling over and crushing dozens of people watching fireworks on the coastal promenade in Nice, France, on 14 July. Once again I watched men, women and children ten days after the Turkish airport blasts, running for their lives, this time from a monster truck rendered into an Islamo-fascist terror weapon. (I have more to share in the next article, because the French sixteenth-century prophet Nostradamus may have described the weaponized truck in his verses centuries ago.)

ISISFlagSunFilteringThruClothThe television ran that event the last night my mother was alive. After she died a most blissful and beautiful death the following morning, it would be a few days before I could pull myself away from that life-redefining event to check the news again. Waiting for my head-shaking in disbelieving attention was the tale of two Muslim teens. One was born and raised in Germany, one an Afghanistan with an axe, chopping innocents on a train, the other an Iranian teen unloading his gun point blank at children in a MacDonald’s hamburger restaurant in Munich on the fifth anniversary of Anders Breivik’s white-supremacist massacre of 77 Norwegians.

The lone wolves with guns seem more deranged and deluded than ever. There was Ali Sonboly, a kid with an identity crisis, who hates Turks, declares he’s a German during the massacre of 9 killed and 20 wounded—many of them Middle Eastern—on the date of the worst white supremacist terror attack in Norwegian history, before he breaks even and kills a tenth person, himself, with a shot to the head. This sick kid is a crazy krank knabe. He’s auslander raus verruckt!

July under Martian madness marches on with mostly ISIS-inspired outrages reported almost daily. A Syrian refugee in Germany stabs his woman to death in the public street. It’s not considered a terror attack or ISIS inspired, but it is terror no less for the victim. Then, another Syrian refugee who had been refused a visa but allowed to live in Germany until the Syrian civil war settled down and he can return there blows himself up trying to burst into a wine bar with 15 bystanders seriously injured. Germany is very close to the point where mass reprisals will hatch out against anyone who is Muslim, so say the angry stars of August into September.

ISIS-HoodedThugCloseupWhen Mars re-enters Sagittarius on 3 August, joining Saturn in the same fire sign, the irrational will have its hand on the bomb vest switch and you’ll see this ISIS-inspired terror intensify attacks in Europe, South Asia and perhaps even in Russia. It is understood, but it shouldn’t be taken for granted by Western media, that bombings in Baghdad will spike again dramatically in August and finally yet importantly, terror will return to the streets of the United States. Be vigilant.

DATELINE: 30 July 2016

NiceTerror-2ShotTruckshotup-pilesofDeadThe Nice Terror Truck Attack on Bastille Day: Did Nostradamus foresee it?

Find out about the life of the real Nostradamus. Click on this cover.

Find out about the life of the real Nostradamus. Click on this cover.

Nostradamus foresaw the history of the future from the vantage point of how it would potentially affect the future of France, his homeland, and specifically the future of his corner of it, fair Provence—that lavender-covered, azure coast-lined, sunny-California-on-steroids hub of international tourism. Nostradamus is history’s most geographically rich foreteller of the future. He saw the future with a map. There are over 650 locations mentioned in his magnum opus, Les Propheties (The Prophecies) that presaged events up to and beyond the year 3797 A.D. If you placed a dot on a world map where every town and geographic location was mentioned in its 942 surviving four-line verses out of 1,000 planned, along with the locales mentioned in its Presage and Epistle prose letters, you would find his remote viewing turning the map nearly black with dots in and around Provence.

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So, when Nice is targeted by the modern “Barbare” or Barbary Corsair Islamic pirates (terrorists) of our future, you put your nose into his massive tome of forecasts and start looking for all the many references for Nice. You’ll then find one published in 1556 that could be his attempt to describe an unbelievable sight on its own. Imagine the impact to the eyes and ears of a prophet in trance state in 1556 beholding some giant, glossy white, horseless carriage that any twenty-first century dweller would take for granted as a shipping truck, rolling over crowds of onlookers on the Promenade des Anglais. They were just pouring back onto the promenade, temporarily closed to automobile traffic, after watching fireworks on Bastille Day, 14 July, on the beach. Many of them literally didn’t anticipate or see the hurtling vehicular metal that crushed them.

The deranged driver and ISIS self-recruited jihadist, Muhammad Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, a Tunisian resident of France, drove a 19-ton cargo truck zigzagging into people while firing a gun, mowing down families and celebrants, killing 84 and injuring 303 before he was riddled by police bullets after running over people for a stretch of 1.7 kilometers (a little over one mile). Bouhlel had been planning the attack for months with five accomplices, who have been arrested.

NiceTerrorScatteredShoudedBodiesHow might a prophet who lived in a pre-industrial, pre-automobile era try to understand and recount (or better fore-count) a distant horror like what happened? For starters, the quatrain indexing (Century 7, Quatrain 19) is rather close to the date: 7/19 for 7/14, just five days off from 14 July. There are instances when the quatrain indexing comes very close and often exactly date the day, month or year in its numbering. Some scholars, like Mario Reading, have misread the dyslexic randomness of Nostradamus’ free-style patterns in his prophecies, thinking that all the quatrain indexing therefore must each hide dates. One has to have a knack of reading inconsistent patterns in Nostradamus and knowing, like a black jack player, when it’s time to get up and move to another dealer’s table; otherwise, what prophecy cards “lay” at Vegas, stay Nostradamian “vague-ass.”

Case in point, the one verse out of almost a dozen in his prophecies that mentions Nice outright and might—I stress, “might”—be a stab at warning future French people of that truck attack 4.5 centuries before:

7 Q19
Le fort Nicene ne ƒera combatu,
Vaincu ƒera par rutilant metal
Son faict ƒera vn long temps debatu,
Aux citadins eƒtrange eƒpouuantal.

The fort of Nice will not be fought against,
It will be vanquished by shining metal
Its reality will be a long time debated,
To the citizens strange and frightful.

NiceTerror-ThreesurviorsBodyWhiteShroudThis verse opens implying outright an attack from within Nice, and not in the conventional way: an assault on its fortifications. “It”—namely Nice—is vanquished by a weapon of “shining metal.” The 19-tonne cargo truck was made of metal and it shined because of its glossy white painted container and cab. The debate of line three goes on. How to end terrorism? Politicians and traditional military minded commanders don’t know how to defeat the new asymmetric, terrorist-driven warfare of the lone wolf variety. They debate; they react with conventional warfare overkill against a stateless piracy. They wage war against an idea of extreme religious intolerance. An idea cannot be bombed or strafed by jets. It can lurk in a perfect hideout inside the brain, inside the skull of a potential young Muslim man ripe for radicalization.

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An army cannot occupy an idea. Has it not been a long time that states have tried to fight and win this impossible war, ever since al-Qaeda arose in the 1990s and ISIS evolved an even darker idea of Sharia holy law in the 2010s?

The war of asymmetric terror has been raging now for nearly a quarter century. It began as a tactic of secular Palestinians in the mid 1980s and has since evolved into a tool of religious extremism with no end or clear strategy to defeat it in sight. And for the citizens of Nice, running down the promenade in their thousands on Bastille Day, 14 July 2016, they were prey to a “strange and frightful” weapon of terror.

DATELINE: 30 July 2016

AltonSterlingMemorialatFoodMartLives all Black and Blue Mattering as the Civil Strife in the American Intifada deepens

It often happens in history’s tales of injustice that one intimate incident lights a match to set afire a mountain of tinder dry rage built up over years, over centuries of oppression. US racial tensions between the white dominated culture against American blacks have never adequately been resolved since the Civil Rights days. Our racial divides in America have adopted a more Jewish-Israeli-on-Arab-Palestinian dimension with the way a predominantly Caucasian police forces play legitimate citizens patrolling black, impoverished neighborhoods with the unspoken view that poverty plus people of color equals that they are less-legitimate citizens and human beings that can be accosted and even quickly killed.

ThirdIntifada-TwoRockThrowersDuckingCase in point, I’m living this incarnation on Earth in a Caucasian body, so, I ask my white, twenty-something male white readers to consider this question: how many of you regularly, almost daily, get your car pulled over, or get stopped in your tracks while walking down the street by the police who start frisking you?

How many of my white readers either witnessed or had a relative, who was licensed to carry a weapon by your state, get shot to death by a panicking policeman. He’s already pulled and aimed his gun through the car window while your white relative was carefully pulling out his wallet with one hand while his other had was raised over his head as commanded.

CastileShooting-GuninwindowI’m pretty confident that I have just about zero Caucasian readers saying “yes” to any of these questions or comments.

My African American readers know what I’m talking about, daily and the facts on the ground are there for all the open minded to examine. Black people do not get the same legitimate police treatment from white policemen. A culture of racism exists that needs to be addressed and remedied by people standing on both sides of a policeman’s unholstered and pointed gun.

I predict that history will record that police departments must confront this shoot-to-kill plague as a mindset sustained in their ranks that requires reform. The handful of sociopaths in police departments must be expunged from the force. A few bad apples rots the entire department in the eyes of a whole race of Americans under the threat of death for a traffic misdemeanor, or for selling cigarettes on a street, or for being wrested to the ground and shot like Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge.


The assault on Sterling started on a phone-in tip from some unknown caller that a black guy selling CDs in front of the Triple S Food Mart for years “must” be waving a gun at someone. The white cops get there. They see a black man selling CDS and immediately the presumption is that he’s dangerous. They don’t politely talk to him. They lunge from behind and throw Alton Sterling on the ground, Taser him, then kneel on his immobilized arms. One of the cops panics and yells that Sterling has got a gun that Sterling can’t grasp and they both take turns unloading their pistols at point blank into his chest of the prostrate man and also in the back.

Louisiana is an open carry state. You don’t need a permit or a license. Show me a story where a white guy in Baton Rouge, carrying heat, selling CDs in front of a foodmart is approached by white police and within a minute is wrestled to the ground and shot dead.

AltonSterlingPinnedwGunpointedThe police have to make the bigger change here but it takes two. And when you are black and a victim of such potential gun violence you have to play it cool and polite. African Americans literally under a white cop’s shaking gun sight, for your safety’s sake, must be inordinately polite, helpful, at ease, because of the times, if you want to live to see better days.

Yes, I agree, you shouldn’t have to go the extra mile. You’re right, white people don’t need to do that, but until this psychic subconscious suggestion that you are not a legitimate citizen like a white person is exposed through dialogue and compassionate, non-violent encounter, your black life matters more than treating police in the same way white people treat them. Until the police culture has cleared this attitude up, do not take your safety for granted. I may be white, but I’m also someone with a long beard and long hair and I get stopped and profiled from time to time. When that happens, I make a point of being peaceful, polite, and helpful and I surround the police officers with a blessing of peace. I wish peace be upon them and so far, so good for all involved in a profiling moment.

BlackLivesMatterFreewayBlockingPolicemen, please understand, your blue lives also matter as much as black lives matter but we’ve reached a civil strife boiling point in mean American streets. A plague of serial killing black men by police poised ever on the hair trigger tension has reached a point of social explosion. The continued and unprofessionally fatal actions of a few bad cops has put all policemen and women in the crosshairs of a handful of a few deranged black young men who have seen enough—had enough—and are fighting back.

Black lives and White lives matter. These five Dallas policemen did not deserve to be made examples of a handful of bad cops killing innocent black men.

Black lives and White lives matter. These five Dallas policemen did not deserve to be made examples of a handful of bad cops killing innocent black men.

Your handful of officers committing injustices, under the influence of a culture of judgment that supports it, are now replied in kind by lethal injustice. It has already taken down five policemen with seven wounded from a sniper in Dallas, Texas, the other week. A few days later, the death of Sterling was unfairly used as a pretext for revenge, killing three more cops from Baton Rogue caught in a planned ambush, who, like the Dallas men in blue, were probably exemplary cops who never abused their power against black citizens. When such a circle of violence grows, innocent men and women on both sides of this divide begin to die in a descending spiral of violence that will soon gain a power of its own that neither side can stop until it unconsciously spends itself.

Dallas cops mourning their brave dead.

Dallas cops mourning their brave dead.

What I foresaw ignited back in August 2014, when Michael Brown was gunned down by a white Ferguson, Missouri, policeman is the vision of what is today’s American Intifada. The evils that overshadow the cousin brothers of Abraham have spread to this country. This is what I wrote in November and December of 2014:

Click on the cover and see the NEW PRINTED EDITION.

Click on the cover and see the NEW PRINTED EDITION.

The Pluto-Uranus square wasn’t in action when the first violent movement of police collided with demonstrators on the streets of Ferguson in August 2014 after Brown was shot, yet it was within one degree of an exact square on the night of the grand jury decision rendering the riot on 24 November. The square illuminates what situations might arise in 2015. There will be standoffs and violent stalemates in winter’s riots and demonstrations lasting all the way through the spring until the scrum of cops and protesters breaks in early May.

Between November 2014 and May 2015, more riots will visit the mean streets, mostly police riots at first. This ongoing strife with rock and bottle throwing is literally an American Intifada. Many of the American police you’ll watch roll down tear gas foggy streets in armored cars, bulging out of army flak vests, heads covered in Kevlar helmets, shooting rubber and bean bag bullets with abandon, got their training from the Israeli military police. Their mentors in riot control spar off these days in a sporadic “third” Palestinian Intifada in the streets of the Israeli occupied West Bank.

American police are being trained to think as racists and view their poorer citizens as second-class humans under occupation, just like their trainers regard Arab Palestinians. They aren’t being trained and programmed to protect their citizens and keep the peace. Their Zionist-Supremacist teachers are poisoning American cops to sustain a White Supremacist division of the races in a variation on Israeli-Palestinian urban and class warfare. Let slip the Apartheid in Israel spreading across the ocean to launch an American Apartheid.

Predictions 2015-2016: Chapter Four,
All the President’s Memes
Subsection: American Intifada
(Chapter documented and completed on 24 December 2014)

I went on to explain how the 2014 November riots in Ferguson that launched the ongoing American Intifada did lead to further eruptions, like in Baltimore, the following year over purported police brutality against African Americans. As I publish this article, all the police involved in the incident that triggered those riots have just been exonerated of any crime. The system has failed once again.

Back in 2014, I foresaw an opportunity for dialogue and some reconciliation and healing of this problem during the last three-month transit of Saturn in Scorpio in the summer of 2015:

Yet those responsible for dialogue will need to look at this police-versus-African American conflict in the three months of the Saturn-in-Scorpio final pass like [Martin Luther] King had once done. Racism is one dimension. Poverty, the other, and finally the militarization of domestic life at home. I foresee many policemen protesting against the Pentagon, imposing heavy surplus hardware on the shoulders of police departments. They might start finding common ground with those on the opposite side of the police riot line.

The direction of the dialogue and reconciliation will best succeed if it follows what Saturn in Scorpio illuminates: the economy (i.e. poverty), and what kind of inheritance will we give to the future (i.e. civil rights in a civil society). Invest in that future. Restart the war on poverty with money from a scaled down military budget.

The issue is this: Do we want to create an America divided by a new form of racism that defines equality and respect by who belongs to the “have-nots” versus the “haves”? Discrimination in the future reaches beyond the color of our skin. The balance in our bank account, or the lack of an account, defines our racial status.

Confront this issue now, or enter a decade of class warfare in 2015.

If ever there was a time to reboot the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street movements, the Summer of Saturn is that time. Learn from the errors and re-launch these people movements anew. Find common ground with each other. Reach out.

Predictions 2015-2016: Chapter Four,
All the President’s Memes
Subsection: American Intifada
(Chapter documented and completed on 24 December 2014)

That window for reaching out came and went with little improvement so now we are suffering through a third hot and bothered summer of 2016 with a string of police-on-black incidents that have now escalated to black reprisals on police.

Do not let the media pervert perspectives to gain more ratings playing races against each other. Castilo and Sterling's lives mattered just as much as the eight dead police of Dallas and Baton Rogue.

Do not let the media pervert perspectives to gain more ratings playing races against each other. Castilo and Sterling’s lives mattered just as much as the eight dead police of Dallas and Baton Rogue.

It is clear to my Oracle that the corporate powers that further manipulate US government and mainstream media want to skewer perspectives and continue to play news porn for ratings. The filmed, documented, and outrageous atrocities committed against two black citizens Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, lives that mattered, were drowned out by equally deranged, black reprisals. The press and politicians exploited a larger wave of magnified focus on blue lives mattering more than black once again. It’s good for ratings, is it not? There’s more white people watching television. Let’s grab their attention fondling their collective-subconscious racism. Blue lives that in one week lost eight policemen in Dallas and Baton Rouge ambushes could be used to frame the Black Lives Matter movement in a light that was based on one insane black sniper violence and not empathic to the victims of police violence.


Blue lives “do” matter, but the emphasis in the media projected their lives mattering more than black men being shot by police by the hundreds each year. I predict that if reporting is not made more objective, unbiased and equal in all lives mattering, the media will have launched a new phase in the American Intifada. The streets of the American ghettos in 2017 will look a whole lot like the Palestinian ghettos of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

DATELINE: 30 July 2016

ErdoganPodiumConeTurkishFlagsBkgroundErdogan Erdo-going Erdo-gone Totalitarian

At the end of each of the final days of my mother’s death process I tried to watch television and keep appraised of the intensifying world uptick in terror acts. The night of July 15 was the first night without her in the world. She had died that morning at 10:30 am. She had died beautifully, ecstatically. I will share with you more of this later. The night of the 15th was the first night of my new life in the “absence” meditation of Mother. I eased down from the joy of her divine parting back into a broadcast on television of the world’s limits, divisions and idiotic identities and the human mind’s mad rush to grasp, fight for and achieve violence and misunderstanding.

TurkishCoupExplosionWSparksI had come down, like Nietzsche’s Zarathustra from the bright sunlit peaks of a new awareness of the eternal, to turn on the television window of the ego-minded world news. Life and work for Hogueprophecy goes on. That night I caught a reprise of a tracer-bullet riddled coup d’état initiated by elements in Turkey’s armed forces all across their country with hundreds of people and soldiers gunned down in a failed attempt to overthrow President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

AtaturkPortraitWflagbkgroundEver since Mustafa Kamal “Ataturk” founded the modern, secular Turkish state out of the ruins of the Ottoman Empire at the end of the First World War, the officer corps of the Turkish Army had entrusted itself with the role of protecting the democratic and secular rule of law from any attempts by Muslim clerics and extremists to turn back the clock. The veil would not be put back. Turkey would not be restored to a medieval, Islamic-fundamentalist state of mind or Sharia law.

Reuters reported that the coup-backing soldiers who raided the Turkish state broadcaster, forced news anchor Tijen Karas to read their manifesto, which said as much. The Erdogan government and his Islamist-leaning party were eroding pillars of democratic and secular Turkish constitution. They had systematically censured and jailed the press along with suppressing other human rights and freedoms.

Democracy and secularism threatened, the Generals made their move.

Democracy and secularism threatened, the Generals made their move.

All of this was quite true. Erdogan, who was once a progressive leader, had over the last several years let power expose the latent corruption inside his soul. Mind you, I do not believe power corrupts. It is also my experience that what the Indian mystic Osho my teacher says is true: power doesn’t corrupt. Power exposes the corruption in the subconscious mind that’s already hidden inside of us. Power is neutral. It gives the good and the evil hidden in us an opportunity to use power for good or corruption.

ErdoganWavingSecurityGuardsErdogan’s true and corrupted self is now coming out as a former prime minister, turned President and soon to turn into dictator of Turkey and many members of the officer corps felt it was time to stop the Islamist wrecking ball he was swinging to destroy the secular, democratically governed society that Ataturk had founded.


Soldier and coup supporter brutalized by pro-Erdogan crowd.

The bloody overnight coup failed, chiefly because Erdogan has that one political attribute that can guarantee a rising dictator’s ultimate success. He is popular. He is riding the wave of Salafist, Islamic fundamentalism spreading across the Middle East ever since the Arab Spring unleashed those religious forces into political action. A secular society relies on a population that is rational, progressively and liberal that protects the rights of people to believe or not believe in God as a private issue. Secularism celebrates reason, science, literacy and education. Islamism celebrates blind belief, irrationalism and religious bigotry. Secularism challenges a nation to rise and embrace a higher intelligence. It is easy to be blind-faithful making Stupid your Prophet, to stop thinking and reasoning, to be part of a herd, to be under the spell of a devoutly ignorant believing that cuts down life’s challenges and erases questions and complexities with the slash of a scimitar. Erdogan has a powerful ally when he appeals to the latent unconsciousness of the mass mindset, so he will be successful in becoming Turkey’s next dictatorial Islamist “Sultan Stalin.”

In the new Libya that Hillary Clinton help create, Egyptian Coptic Christian laborers captured and beheaded by ISIS affiliated jihadists in Libya.

In the new Libya that Hillary Clinton helped create, Egyptian Coptic Christian laborers captured and beheaded by ISIS affiliated jihadists.

I have no doubt that Washington’s neo-cons and Cold War promoters were not amused when the ever more erratic Erdogan rebounded from one foreign policy disasters after another, making enemies out of friends and friends into enemies. Moreover, it was another reason the coup leaders made their move, to restore some sanity to a Turkish strategic and foreign policy. Under Erdogan, Turkey went to war with Islamic State actually to attack one of the best forces defeating Islamic State, the Kurds. He fears their gaining strength and support in that fight from US and NATO arming and training, thinking perhaps rightfully that the Kurds in Syria will turn those weapons on Turkish forces and create a greater Kurdistan that will absorb the southeastern third of Turkey into it because it harbors the largest enclave of Kurds in the Middle East.

While he declared war on ISIS he had the Turkish Army strike Kurdish forces shelling them in the back while his son and extended family oversaw a fantastically profitable black market racket with ISIS exporting Iraqi oil the Islamic State pirated from conquered oilfields. Thus Erdogan helped bankroll ISIS with a flood of black market US paper dollars.

This is how you defeat ISIS. Destroy their black market oil business. "Go after the oil," as Trump rightly said.

This is how you defeat ISIS. Destroy their black market oil business. “Go after the oil,” as Trump rightly said. The US and NATO jets did NOTHING for a year about these caravans openly moving oil into a Turkish black market racket for needed US cash. The Russians stepped in a destroyed that racket within a month of getting involved in the Syrian Civil War.

American and NATO bomber jets spend much of summer 2014 through summer 2015 flying bombing runs over ISIS occupied sections of Syria and Iraq flying past long, snaking convoys of oil trucks heading for Turkey without threatening more than casting a shadow upon them. Russia, invited to militarily help the sovereign government of Syria in September 2015, stepped in. Moscow’s first order of business was to hit ISIS where it really hurts. They set struck the oil tanker caravans and set them ablaze, effectively breaking the financial back of ISIS and putting a flaming end to Erdogan’s double dealing “war” against ISIS. No wonder Washington neo-cons and neo-liberal supremacists hate Vladimir Putin and his Russian incursions into the Syrian Civil War. They fight this war to rapidly end it when Washington’s military industrial complex was trying to sustain a low-grade war and containment policy that would stretch the conflict (and the armament profits) on and on for years. The Russians had exposed Erdogan’s tacit open border policy with ISIS that has allowed thousands of jihadist fighters come and go from Islamic State, many of whom are currently terrorizing the West and especially Europe with almost daily acts of terror, thank you very much!


Erdogan rewarded Russia for actually fighting ISIS by ordering a reprisal. He had Turkish jets in Turkish airspace fire on and destroy a Russian bomber flying just over the border in Syrian airspace. The Russian economic backlash and tourist embargoes hit Turkey so hard that a year later Erdogan formerly apologized to Moscow for the Russian jet attack and began shifting his allegiance to the Russians.

ErdoganHandsupGoldenRightI cannot tell you how pissed off that made Washington’s military industrial complex. I have no doubt that this coup against Erdogan had US backing and support. It came on the heals of his strategically significant pivot East that could ultimately close Turkish air base access and effectively end US capability to run its low-grade bombing campaigns against ISIS, requiring Washington make a major military buildup at airbases in Iraq, thus getting deeper into the Iraqi military quagmire they had escaped from at the end of 2011.

Is Fetallah Gulen the CIA's choice for Erdogan's replacement?

Is Fetallah Gulen the CIA’s choice for Erdogan’s replacement?

For the record, it is not a coincidence, readers, that the Turkish president warms up to Putin in Russia and then “suddenly” the Turkish army, roll their tanks over the bridges that intersect the Bosporus, and connect Asia to Europe. You see them roll into Istanbul and hundreds of miles east into the capital Ankara to crush Erdogan’s regime, run by an Islamist extremist in a business suit. I predict you will soon learn that the CIA, NSA and President Obama were chief partners in this failed coup, that many of the coup perpetrators were US-trained Turkish officers. You will soon find out that Erdogan has objective grounds to demand Washington hand over moderate and pro-secularist Muslim cleric Fetullah Gulen, holed up in an upscale compound in Pennsylvania in self-imposed exile, for instigating the coup.

The authors of Bozo Diplomacy.

The authors of Bozo Diplomacy.

It will be exposed—probably by Wikileaks—that US foreign policy under President Obama has once again stumbled into a new and unforeseen regime changing mess because it listens to the ill-focused promptings of a State Department once under the command of Hillary Clinton and currently under that horse-faced “peace” of work, John Kerry. From the nation-destroying council of Hillary Clinton over Libya, the Kerry era precipitously set in motion a regime change gone ruinously wrong for US-Turkish relations. This US president, easily influenced by two bungling Secretaries of State will be judged by history as easily and consistently influenced by the diplomatic initiatives of his two chief diplomatic “dip-shit-lomats.”



By backing this wimpy coup attempt on 15 July 2016, Obama has handed Erdogan what Adolf Hitler had to negotiate hard to get from the German parliament in the early 1930s, his own “Enabling Act.” Not only did he temporarily pull the plug on Incirlik Airbase’s electric power where 3,000 US personnel, a fleet of US Air Force jets and a large US-NATO nuclear stockpile reside, thus temporarily suspending airstrikes on ISIS to make a threatening point, the Turkish president is on a fast track to purge secularism out of Turkish society. He’s firing and arresting tens of thousands of teachers, union leaders and members, weeding out all secularists in education, the officer corps and taking his country backwards into a Islamist police state. Unions are closed, schools and universities have been shut down, the free press is non-existent and many journalists are reporting the truth to dead walls behind bars in prisons where no one is listening.

Thousands of Turkish soldiers stripped and stuffed into concentration rooms for interrogation--part of the thousands being purged and imprisoned across Turkey in Erdogan's terror.

Thousands of Turkish soldiers stripped and stuffed into concentration rooms for interrogation–part of the thousands being purged and imprisoned across Turkey in Erdogan’s terror.

Turkey is descending into the darkness of fascism. My Oracle has always presaged that after Syria collapsed into the Islamic State’s black-flagged, religious dark age, Turkey and Saudi Arabia would be next. This destiny has been set in motion, in part from the bungling of Barack Obama’s foreign policy in the nearly eight years it has been in the incapable hands of Hillary Clinton and John Kerry as his two Secretaries of State. And now the first of these two diplomatic boobs will be our next president without any one above them to show some intelligence, less gullibility, and some mature restraint. This situation is not going to get better when Hillary Clinton moves from bungling Benghazi diplomatic blazes to setting ablaze whole Middle Eastern nations with her idiotic decisions.

You heard this warning here. And I will write in detail what is coming in the opening years of Hillary Clinton as president, in the momentous unraveling years of 2017 into 2018 in my book Predictions 2017-2018: The Years of Crisis and Breakthrough.

PIX (1) CH7-MonkeyYes, I’ve changed the title once again. My mother’s final struggle and blissful departure from life has altered the content of this long awaited book. It will open with a long Prelude that takes my readers through the final flameout of the Year of the Red Fire Monkey of 2016. Then it will take you through the consequences of what decisions in 2016 launched in the following two years. The necessary delays in writing put aside so I could experience this most significant passage of Life and Death have only brought this long-awaited book into a evolution of what it apparently was meant to be. It will be well worth the wait when I finish it at last and launch first the expanded donors’ only edition in October 2016.

DATELINE: 30 July 2016

Republican National Convention: Day FourTrump is the RNC Candidate for President as I predicted coming out of the weirdest, disconnected Convention I’ve ever seen

Click on it, all-reddy.

Click on it, all-reddy.

Is this Nero’s party on the palace balcony with drunken pundits laughing and scratching? Nero fiddles as below there bellows a demagogic groan and guff before Rome begins burning.

I have to state briefly in this short article something I’ve yet to hear be stated on the lame-streaming news. Perhaps you’ve noticed it. Perhaps you have a memory that hasn’t been rendered by a too frequently propagated overload of fast-paced shows and adverts on television that has you rendered hamster minded and spun on the mass media’s spinning wheel of image and sound onslaughts where there’s no pause to contemplate how our thinking got to here.


I’ve seen a new desensitizing technique on the rise this presidential election cycle, of which the MSNBC station is the most strident. Pundits now have their microphones wide open to the cacophony of crowds all around them. In the case of MSNBC, they made a point to place their anchors and commenters in noisy restaurants and bars, or in nerve centers during primaries where all the hubbub of staffers finger padding, texting, talking and running around like they’re getting things done, swirls noisily around a circle of talking heads who are trying to be heard in the maelstrom.


Earlier this month the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, brought this towering babbling background noise of mass mindless mindedness to a rising and constant crescendo for four days and nights. It levitated from the convention floor to deafen the background where anchors and pundits played “intelligent” high up in their lofty booths overlooking the sea of seething people harangued by loud and demagogic speakers.


The interpreters of events who try to think for their audiences in various networks were in a subtle fight with the roar and din of cheers, chants and often screaming rants of speakers that together gave me a feeling, ill at ease, that this was the discordant symphony of unconscious minds en masse. The mental muzak was the orchestrated ugliness of the mass mind that devours intelligence and individual awareness with its crowd-led maw.

This is what the networks were subliminally broadcasting “at” you—American people. It was done to wear your intelligence down. They want to short term your memory and grind you down to submission, or better, send your finger to the remote to switch the channel so that those taking power away from you can go on with their evil work, while you watch your favorite TV escape show. Whilst otherwise engaged your Republic of the United States is being handed over to a new corporate Fascism and you don’t want to know about it.


Then came the climax, the longest nomination acceptance speech in 40 years delivered by trumpeting Donald Trump in sustained and brassy apocalyptically colored blasts, longer, harder and LOUDER than he has achieved before. No pivoter to the center was he. On this one prediction out of many accurate recorded in Trump for President: Astrological Predictions I got it completely wrong.

Maybe this is his marketing genius at work.

Trump-PenceSignHe gets that the world has descended into a louder, cruder, unsubstantially intelligence-driven frenzy since the Republican and Democratic conventions of 2012. Neither was as loud and raucous as what had just transpired in Cleveland, for I have a memory that is still intact, thanks to being a practitioner of the science of self-observation.

Trump gets the Year of the Monkey and he might be the last gorilla standing and thumping his chest and bellowing all the way to the White House, because he is a medium for the mass-minded times. And if he gets there, perhaps Trump will also become America’s Nero and fiddle while Washington burns below his White House terrace.


In some ways I witnessed Nero’s big Capitol Building fire party sale already getting started. I was watching the army of pundits in the CNN booth get so giddy after Trump’s speech that they spent more time laughing and scratching than musing on how vulgar American politics had devolved and how fascist was Trump’s world view. At last the quacking pundits had achieved a cacophony louder than the background demagogic din below on the convention floor, punctuated by the random gunfire blasts of people stomping on balloons unleashed from the convention roof to cover the floor—a precursor to real gunshots to come when the revolution I foresee happening after the next presidential election cycle erupts.

DATELINE: 30 July 2016

BernieSandersonaVermontFarmhousewallBernie Sanders: A Paper Tiger Revolutionary embraces the lesser of Two Evils

A few days before the Republican Convention gathered in Cleveland, attention turned to the Democrat contenders, to US Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders giving the race up to Hillary Clinton. On this act of surrender Sanders was ever consistent. He thus fulfilled his own self-defeating prophecy posted in the summer of 2015 and long before the primary race ever began on 1 February 2016. He had said at the beginning that he would endorse 100 percent the Democrat who won the primary contest. Now, he never stated the obvious who that would be, because after him there was no real alternative than the symbol of all the things he stated was corporately influenced and rigged in the US political system: former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

BernieSandersThumbsUpCLintonBefore there was even a political fight, Sanders had laid down all of his power, influence and leverage at the feet of Hillary Clinton. He would spend months on the campaign trail inspiring millions to rise up and vote against all the corporate-friendly things that Hillary Clinton stood for as the one-percenter’s number one choice to be your next Puppet (I mean President) running United States. But in the end, the actions of Sanders exposed him as a paper revolutionary and a hypocrite. Sanders was a walking, talking political spade-job. He cut off his own balls and handed them on a platter to Hillary Clinton (who is ever trying to grow a pair) before the games began, because he believes that the lesser of two evils is a Hillary Clinton presidency rather than a Republican—whom ever they might be—in the White House.

BernieSandersBlueUnderlit-sinisterWhy do Sanders and those who vote Democrat think Clinton and the Democratic Party are the lesser of two evils?

Just look at the math. In the last two presidential elections a whole lot more corporate money was pocketed by Barack Obama than his opponent, Republican Senator McCain of Arizona, in 2008 and an even larger wad of dough was collected to trounce former Republican Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney in 2012. The flood of corporate money poured into Campaign Hillary in 2015-2016 is on track to break all records, whereas, look at the measly amount of money backing the Republican nominee Donald Trump.

When will you Democrats pull your heads out of Pandora’s Box and see the truth of this?

DNCSandersProtest-BernieForSaleYou and Sanders are now voting for the “Greater” Corporate “Evil” and I predict that Hillary Clinton will out perform for their interests and not yours when she has conned enough of you vapid, blind, naive voters to put her in office. Have you been blind to the special interest peddling going on with the Clinton Foundation receiving large sums in the millions from even dictators to gain access to the potential future President Clinton and First Gentleman Clinton in the White House? Concerns voiced in 2000 about future Vice President Dick Cheney’s “conflict of interests” as an oil baron pale in comparison to the international, money-scooping scope of the Clintons.

DNCSandersProtest-NoJusticeNoPeaceHillary can recently disparage Trump as someone trying to be elected dictator rather than president. She ought to know. When she was Secretary of State, the previous Saudi Arabian King Abdullah, an autocratic Islamist dictator gave the Clinton Foundation tens of millions of dollars not long after she schmoozed warmly the Saudi dictator-prince in a state visit to Riyadh. Officially she was no longer part of the Foundation but how interesting the coincidence that after money was flooded into its coffers the Secretary of State decided not long after to lift limitations of Saudi Arabia’s ability to purchase massive amounts of US military hardware in what became the most expensive foreign purchase of US arms in history. Lots of that hardware is now in the hands of ISIS.

HillaryClintonBlueDogbackgroundSereneHillary is in like flint with dictators, folks. You watch when she’s president. They are going to be lining up for favors that go against the American public’s interest during her presidency. Indeed, I predict one of these gratuitous “favors” dispensed to a foreign leader will be the catalyst for her impeachment and resignation from office in 2018. You heard it first here.

THIS MAN MAY BE YOUR NEXT PRESIDENT! Whether you want to make that happen or prevent it from happening, all sides on this matter need to read this book that so far has been the most accurate of my 40 books and counting. Click on the cover and read a free book sample.

THIS MAN MAY BE YOUR NEXT PRESIDENT! Whether you want to make that happen or prevent it from happening, all sides on this matter need to read this book that so far has been the most accurate of my 40 books and counting. Click on the cover and read a free book sample.

This year had favored outsider infiltrations into power. It had galvanized mass mob emotion running roughshod over reason too. Because of the convergence of future potentials backing up in a traffic jam of chaos, 2016 has become a most daunting year to forecast. It was certainly a lot harder to drop second-guessing my intuition’s adamant message in forecasts that, despite my own personal opinions and reasoning, felt excessively out on a limb. Still, in the end, Trump DID become the winner of the Republican primaries. Britain DID vote to leave the EU. Even the hardest prediction of them all came in solidly in favor of my oracular intuition: Hillary Clinton, categorically, will never face charges or punishment or indictment for the harmful and thick-headed use of a private server when texting emails including classified information.

BernieSanders-PruneFrownRedFaceSanders the gelding Revolutionary never touched that hot potato. Her mishandling of that email situation was something a “real” revolutionary must expose. It was a glaring indication that Clinton’s long years of service have made her less an experienced and seasoned potential president and more a future head of the US state who is habitually sloppy and blundering. She does things the Clinton way, above the law and repute, until scandal finally catches up with a Clinton, like it did her husband and former president, who is set to become the “First Gentleman” in the White House, poised to commit more mischief.

PhilliesMascotSanders-SilencedMr. Sanders, you are going to endorse THAT?

This wild monkey of a year even gave Sanders an option to gain his leverage back, leave the Democrats and become the nominee of the Green Party for president but then, this man doesn’t have the balls to really risk life, liberty and limb for the sake of Revolution. He’s no founding father. Bernie Sanders is a floundering father.

(Don’t get mad, Bernie readers. Hang with my narrative. I will explain in detail where he missed and what is needed next, because “you” can still make this revolution happen, leaving him behind to advance forward.)


Despite getting all the difficult calls above correct, my prediction about Sanders was easy. Predicting what he would do next was ever a breeze, though smelling a bit foul as it was blowing off a revolutionary fake. I mean, this is the one time during this crazy Year of the Monkey that someone handed my Oracle a no-brainer to forecast. Revolution is not for talkers. The Second American Revolution coming by 2020 requires men and women of courage, capable of decisive action that will take the two-party corporate cartel out of political power.

DNCSandersProtest-RedDressSilencedGirlSanders says his revolution will go on. He believes as far too many card-carrying progressive Democrats believe that they can transform the Democratic Party. It sounds quite familiar to my Oracle. It sounds like what Tea Party members used to enthuse: that they could transform the Republican Party from within. This is not what happened. The GOP establishment was tenacious. The Party became polarized and the in-house battle that started when Tea Party followers became legislators in US Congress in 2010 has visited upon the Republicans a Donald J. Trump as their candidate. If he loses big there will be record numbers of Republican senators and legislators losing their seats in a Clinton-Corp landslide.

Clinton-Corp will rule supreme after that and such Pollyanna politicians like Sanders and his audaciously hopeful millions of followers will trick themselves into believing they can control the Clinton political machine. The new Clintoniod legislators in the US Congress of 2017-2018 will be far more powerful and numerous than what Tea Party legislators had been after winning seats in the midterm elections of 2010.

Never "believe"--Know! Belief is just a nice word for putting your trust in your own blind ignorance.

Never “believe”–Know! Belief is just a nice word for putting your trust in your own blind ignorance.

My Oracle has been telling you this message for six years and counting: Whether you are Tea Party or Progressive of political bent, you cannot change a system of control by being a part of it. You can’t play with the garbage and not come up smelling of it.

In Predictions 2015-2016, I had to illuminate how even one of the brightest and most intelligent progressives supporting a dream that Democratic Party will act like they talk, as advocates for the common people cannot take that last penetrating look past this illusion:


Even a brilliant progressive thinker such as Thom Hartmann comes so close, yet not quite, putting his finger on the problem. In the following, he has beautifully framed what’s wrong inside the heads of Democrats. He put this comment out on his RT (Russia Today) show The Big Picture shortly after the catastrophic midterm beating the Democrats took, losing the Senate.

Based on the Tuesday night shellacking, it looks like the Caucus Room Conspiracy was a success. But here’s the thing. Democrats could have pointed out the relentless obstruction by Republicans. They could have highlighted the constant filibusters by the Republicans in Congress with regular political theater: doing stunts in front of the Capitol building every time the Republicans filibustered or refused to consider a bill. Democrats could have called out what was going on for what it was: sabotage. And they could have made the Caucus Room Conspiracy a household phrase.

Instead, Democrats played right into Republican hands. So the Caucus Room Conspiracy was wildly successful.

Democrats didn’t point out the Republican obstruction. Democrats failed to point out the real cause of all this gridlock and they didn’t push back on the media whenever the media used the word “gridlock.” And Democrats didn’t point out what Republican voter suppression and obstruction efforts were really all about. And to make matters even worse, as the New York Times points out, Americans had absolutely no idea what either party stood for in this election. Neither party ran on the issues affecting Americans. As the New York Times editorial wrote today, “Even the voters who supported Republican candidates would have a hard time explaining what their choices are going to do.”

Instead, Republicans universally ran on President Obama’s inability to overcome the Caucus Room Conspiracy…when it was them who screwed it up.

Meanwhile, Democrats failed to show Americans how they were different from Republicans. Democrats failed to run on their platform. In fact, tragically, they ran away from the president and away from Democratic policies and democrats failed to publicize issues that Americans really cared about.

In 2012 the Democratic Party published their platform. Among other things it outlined the party’s plan to put Americans back to work, to grow the Middle Class, to reform Wall Street, to reel in campaign spending and to enact sensible tax reform—all things that Americans support.

Where was all the talk about these issues in the last election?

Why wasn’t this platform out there for the American people to see?

Why weren’t democratic candidates across the country highlighting these issues and their plans to tackle them?

If Democrats had clearly shown the American people what they stood for and called out the Republicans in really noticeable ways, ways the media couldn’t ignore any longer, calling out the Republicans every time they voted to obstruct legislation that the Americans want, then the Caucus Room Conspiracy would have backfired on the Republicans.

While that’s now all in the past, there’s still time for the Democrats to turn things around for 2016 and that turnaround starts with Democrats clearly showing the American people what the party stands for.

The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann,
RT (Russia Today), 11/6/14

These are the things Democrats should do but don’t; yet, Hartmann still thinks they will, someday.

It just isn’t so. It’s because deep in their political core of cores, Democrats aren’t any different from Republicans.

That’s the step in understanding he can’t yet make.

Thus spake my Oracle:

Progressives, if you ever want to influence the future of US politics again, you need to abandon the Democratic Party. Let’s face it, they are under the spell of corporate money and influence. They know what’s wrong. They know what they need to do. They don’t do it because, Mr. Hartmann, they don’t want to do what you’re saying.

Progressives, 2015 is the time when Saturn smiles on you, packing your bags and getting out of this co-dependent relationship with Obama and the Democratic Party. Blaming the GOP keeps you from facing your own peccadilloes. The Dems don’t fight for your progressive values, so take your progress elsewhere. Learn the right lessons from the Tea Party movement and move on “dot” organize a new political movement in America that is neither Democrat Ltd., nor the Republican Corporation.

Predictions 2015-2016: Chapter Four,
All the President’s Memes
Subsection: US Congress running on American Idle
(Chapter documented and completed on 24 December 2014)


Last weekend’s WikiLeaks email dump clearly exposes how the chairman of the DNC and the party bosses had rigged the elections to make sure Sanders and his sizable movement of millions of supporters, would be denied any chance of winning the nomination.


Why do you support this party, people? Stop being so Stupid. Cast your votes for the Green Party or the Libertarian Party. Poll in favor, at least, of getting their candidates, Jill Stein and Gary Johnson, on stage during the presidential debates. Who knows, if you can get Johnson or Stein up on the podium with Trump and Clinton during the debates Americans might actually hear a different political view beyond the corporate hegemonic line.


Jill Stein.

I was happy to see last Sunday morning in the streets of Philadelphia on the eve of the DNC convention, thousands of Bernie supporters who “ARE” beginning to see the light about the rigged two-party system. They are demonstrating in the streets petitioning Sanders to keep running, make a fuss, make a noise, make a threat at least to take his voters out of Clinton support. It’s a good start, Bernie people, but my Oracle has ever felt the “Bern” and he doesn’t have the sustained fire to be your revolutionary leader. I’ve seen some of you all through this week on the convention floor with tape across your mouth with the message, “Silenced by the DNC,” on it.

Gary Johnson.

Gary Johnson.

That statement is not completely correct. You were “silenced” by a paper revolutionary” named Bernie Sanders. You are “silenced” by your own false belief in the DNC being a lesser of two evils as if evil was pregnancy and one could support having the lesser of two pregnancies in your womb.

BernieBirdwithButtonDon’t do as your shepherd did: do not make the Sanders compromise. Don’t support “any” evil, large or small because defining evil isn’t a quantity but an existential “quality” issue. Evil is evil. When you at last can smell these frauds out, that’s when real revolutionary leaders will be there to guide your way to a better America.


Too all of those that found some “miracle” message in the little Bernie “bird”–corporate politics just flipped you the bird, I’m afraid. Moreover a revolutionary who is not ready to risk everything for his revolution is “for the birds.” Grow from this disappointment and be a part of a real revolution–soon.

Leave the corruption of the two-party cartel and begin a new movement free of both: be that Party, or better, that Greater Political Community of Americans that my Oracle has foreseen is the next evolutionary step in US politics beyond the polarity and violence of political parties. These only send you towards one destiny: to destabilize the Republic of the United States.


Now let’s add Clintonian insult to Sanders’ politically self-inflicted castration injury. Just look in my next article at who Hillary picked to be her Vice Presidential running mate.

DATELINE: 30 July 2016

TimKaineFistsUPDorkyHillary Clinton raises “Kaine” as her Vice Presidential Candidate: A slap in the face to left-leaning progressives that only Helps Trump possibly win a surprising upset on 8 November

Tim Kaine, current US Senator of Virginia (2013-), former Virginia Governor (2006-2010) and Lieutenant Governor (2002-2006), Mayor of Richmond VA and former Chair of the Democratic National Committee, i.e. boss of the party (2000-2011) is now set to be Hillary Clinton’s US Vice President of the United States when she wins the election. In a Democratic Party that is inexorably shifting its demographics to the left of center in the coming years by polling at 70 percent progressive, Clinton’s pick of Kaine makes it loud and clear: she’s shunning that demographic. Clinton is in my estimation unwisely staking the success or failure of her presidential campaign on luring blue collar, blue dog Democrats, the largest and growing majority of non-party aligned Independents and Republican moderates voters. These voting blocks have the highest unfavorable numbers about her credibility to be president, and are potentially rich sources of voters for Donald Trump, as you will later see on election day.


Kaine is as dark blue dog conservative and DNC establishment, as they come. It just shows how little respect ClintonCorp had for Sanders and his movement by how quickly Clinton brushed aside all possibly bold moves to show dramatic leadership skill and bringing corporate and progressive leaning Democrats under the same tent. It is just what I’ve been forecasting since the summer of 2015: Bernie Sanders is an interloper, a changeling, a cuckoo bird Independent insinuating himself in a nest of Democrats. The party that created and mastered the concept of a powerful special-interest driven political machine would NEVER let that Bernie “bird” fly into the White House under their banner and brand.


The DNC emails that were leaked by WikiLeaks (and not Russia, as the propagandists in the media try scamming that scape-goat for all US ills) proved my prophetic point: Bernie’s revolution was still born. It should be a lesson to true progressive revolutionaries that you can’t fix the problem of a two-faced corporate political Mafia cartel running the country by joining that criminal cartel. Your revolution must come to power outside of that cartel and crowd it out of the White House, House and Senate, starting in the 2018 midterms and complete the clean out by 2020.

HillaryClinton-MoneyinSkyAs I predicted, neither a lightning stroke decision indicating bold leadership would bring Sanders into the ticket, nor would even US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren take his place as a welcoming bridge to the 13,168,214 progressives who “felt the Bern” and can’t let go of this thing being “Bernie’s or bust.”


Clinton raised a “Kaine” and just “busted” you over the head, folks. If ever there was a move that shows just how deep Clinton-Corporate control goes, she picks a well spoken but far more conservative replacement for Sanders, a rock-solid establishment party man. Kaine is a slap in the face to millions of Sanders’ supporters who may not vote at all come 8 November. And why should they? Their own shepherd, Bernie Sanders showed his true spinelessness as a Revolutionary “talker” not a “walker.”

If he was the real revolutionary deal, millions of Sanders supporters would be going Green Party and Sanders would have worked out through negotiation with Jill Stein and approval by her delegates a role as presidential nominee on a winning Green Party ticket. A true leader, a man of decisive action rather than a theoretical neo-socialist, would have bent any opposition to being top of the ticket with his persuasive will, and bring to bear his clear leverage that promised to flood 13.1 million supporters to the polls on 8 November voting for the Green Party in 50 states. Sanders would have taken his progressive movement to the next step, a clear attempt to bust the grip establishment Kaines and Clintons presume cannot be threatened by the progressives in their party.


The doings at the DNC Convention this week clearly shows Clinton is not seeking to heal or warmly welcome with actionable choices beyond her mere rhetoric those 13.1 million Bernie Busters. I’ve already predicted, before it was fashionable and backed up by statistics, that her battle with Trump will be a very close race. At the time of this writing, Reuters and other credible national polls have him five points ahead of Clinton. This is a year where outsiders have the advantage over an Establishment ticket. Clinton at least by action is showing her true corporate establishment colors going against the grain of this year’s passions. If she had picked Sanders or Warren, I would have no doubts that she would win a landslide in November, but she didn’t. If this year’s collective desire to rebel against the political system had a nose, Clinton is vigorously rubbing it in her Establishment friendly campaign.

HillaryClintonShruggingWhoMeI have predicted her the winner but I have also warned you all of Hillary Clinton’s recklessness and serial bad leadership choices that could once again sabotage a sure Destiny to be elected president in 2016 just like what happened in 2008. She is setting herself up to lose an election that is going to be very close, like 2000 was—and probably under dispute with recounts.

I’ll say it again, I have predicted her the winner by popular vote and propose that my winning streak since 1968 will be sustained at lucky 13 and 0. I tune in to the popular vote when making my choices, just like I correctly forecast in 2000 Al Gore winning half a million more votes over Bush. Yet officially he lost.

I’m beginning to wonder if we’ll have a repeat of Gore with Hillary: she wins the popular vote but Trump wins the Electoral College vote. In 13 tries, I’ve only gone on record three times offering a caveat alternative prediction, detailing how a seemingly certain destiny can be upended. Two of those documented caveats concern Hillary Clinton’s two tries as president (2008 and 2016).

Click on the cover and read more about this new book and where the Ukraine crisis is taking us next.

Click on the cover and read more about the cold war that could go hot in November 2017, perhaps from a Clinton Administration blunder.

If she does fulfill my prediction and become the next president, she will be an afflicted, poor leader. Her first term will commit historic blunders and be mired in scandals rivaling Watergate and Nixon. Clinton is politically myopic and a combative war hawk. I find her a scary candidate to forecast because of how much she flirts with stupid political decisions that work even now are giving Trump an even chance to beat her to the White House. She is rubbing the electorate’s collective nose in the fact that she’s the corporate choice number one, all the way, ignoring the progressive wing of her party and giving Sanders voters no other choice but to express their political disgust with her by either voting Green Party, Libertarian or even voting for Trump. (I predict you’ll be surprised how many will do that in November.)


Which one of these men is a “real” revolutionary: Ralph Nader, or, Ralph Nader? (Who the hell is that other guy?)

Thus, I predict a significant impact of Green Party votes on 8 November not seen since Ralph Nader influenced the outcome of the Bush-Gore election of 2000. There’s also a Ralph Nadering happening on the right with disgruntled Republicans abandoning the GOP candidate to vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson, who will reprise a karmic echo of Ross Perot in 1992, gain the 15 percent he needs in the polls that will allow him to take a seat on the debating stage with Clinton and Trump in October.

HillaryClintonCartoonDictatorBedfellowsGetQualitySleepClintonCorp hopes 2016 will repeat what happened in 2000, only this time in their favor. One of the great, undead-vampire myths that no wooden stake of fact can render into ash is the belief that Ralph Nader in 2000 stole the election from Gore and gave G.W. Bush Florida and the 270 Electoral votes needed to win. They see those 97,000 Nader Florida voters tipping the vote to Bush even before ballots were disputed and recounted. The factual problem is, polls show that 250,000 Florida Democrats crossed over and voted for Republican G.W. Bush.

Johnson will be on the National Debate stage in two months. He's already gaining the popular polling to achieve a 15 percent threshold soon.

Johnson will be on the National Debate stage in two months. He’s already gaining the popular polling to achieve a 15 percent threshold soon.

Do the math. Bush got Donkeycratic aid to beat Gore by a margin of 153,000 votes. Nader had nothing to do with it. Add to that the idiotic “Butterfly Ballot” designed by Democrat election officials that had around 7,000 of their fellows punching the wrong hole for right wing Independent Pat Buchanan before they punched the right hole for Gore, clearly disqualifying the thousands of votes that would have given the state to Gore in a recount.

Fact: the Jackassocrats shot their own foot in Florida in 2000.

Clinton hopes Republican refugees running away from Trump will become Clinton Republicans in enough swing states to clinch her election as president in a tight race. It makes logical sense in a year that prophetically doesn’t follow logic. This is the year of Fire Monkey Shine. One cannot easily predict in what direction the potential mass-minded irrational forces agitating the populace leaning left or right will swing. I sense a great catharsis coming that could surprise the outcome, make this election the wackiest, and indeed end with a more wacky mess than Florida recounts of 2000.

JillSTein-notHillaryClintonPosterI even see a future potential strengthening that, come October’s presidential debates, you could see not two, not three but perhaps even FOUR presidential candidates on the debate dais. They will be Clinton and Trump of course, but the ire of an angry American voter enduring the next two months of a droning Clinton and a bellowing Trump might poll so strongly in favor of an outsider rebellion that Gary Johnson “and” even Jill Stein might be on the debating stage. Both third party candidate polls are already rising with the Libertarian Johnson, the former Governor of New Mexico, hovering around 9 percent. He only needs six percent more support to be on that stage and I predict he’ll cross that threshold in the next two months. Perennial Green Party candidate Jill Stein, thanks to Clinton raising “Kaine” could get a Bernie “boost” and see her poll numbers do the same.


Anything’s possible in this simmerin’ Simian year of baboon foolery.

DATELINE: 28 July 2016

NewHumanEvolutionLineLightBUddhaOsho Visions of a New Humanity: The Total Man is the most dangerous Man to Vested Interests

I finish this stream of steaming Fire-Monkey Freaky articles with, what I hope you’ll experience are the prophetic words of a rational mystic. The term sounds paradoxical, I know. Try what Osho has to say, recorded back in long ago February of 1987. Osho, I purport has an understanding for illumination and food for thoughtful solutions to answer the string of idiocy, both terror and politically driven, that I’ve recounted above.

Osho, at Gurdjieff Dam, Rajneeshpuram, 1983.

Osho, at Gurdjieff Dam, Rajneeshpuram, 1983.

Osho made this comment back in Pune India, in the discourse series The Razor’s Edge in February 1987, a little less than a year after the governments of 21 nations eventually either denied him access or kicked him out of their countries during his World Tour. He’d already been kicked out of America and our “Commune” Rajneeshpuram (AKA Rancho Rajneesh). Often a CIA jet tracked his Lear Jet’s every flight like a shadow to pressure one government after another to “kick the Bhagwan” out. Just what were President Ronald Reagan and all the other 21 world leaders and their governments so afraid of?

Perhaps this passage from the Razor’s Edge answers that:


If a man lives totally, his every moment is such a fulfillment that you will not see queues before movie halls—who wants to see somebody else making love? When you yourself can make love, why should you go to the movie house? When your own life is such a mystery and such a tremendous challenge to discover, who is going to be interested in third-class film stories?

Osho, formerly known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. If something deep inside is stirred by looking into this face. If it reflects back to you a truth already nestled deep inside the being, once forgotten. Now remembered. There are meditations of Osho I would be happy to freely share with you. These meditations have helped me rediscover that light behind eyes, in ego mind-bind, forgotten. If you have a feeling to explore these meditations, just ask by email and information and links will be freely given.

Osho, formerly known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. If something deep inside is stirred by looking into this face. If it reflects back to you a truth already nestled deep inside the being, once forgotten. Now remembered. There are meditations of Osho I would be happy to freely share with you. These meditations have helped me rediscover that light behind eyes, in ego mind-bind, forgotten. If you have a feeling to explore these meditations, just ask by email and information and links will be freely given.

The man who lives totally becomes unambitious. Because he is so happy right now, he cannot conceive that there is the possibility of more. The ordinary madness of man’s mind—of desiring for more and more—is because you are not living totally. There is always a gap, something is missing, you know things could have been better. Out of this partial living, all ambitions arise, and then the whole game of the society goes on: people want to become rich, people want to become famous, people want to become politicians, people want to become presidents and prime ministers.

Up to now humanity has depended on not allowing man to live totally, creating all kinds of barriers, because the total man will destroy many vested interest in the world. The total man is the most dangerous man to the vested interests. You cannot enslave a man who is enjoying his life in its fullness, in its wholeness. You cannot force him to go into the army to kill people and to be killed. Your whole structure of society will collapse.

With the total man coming in, there will be a different structure of society: unambitious but immensely joyful—without great men. Perhaps you have never thought about it: great men can exist only because millions of people are not great; otherwise, who is going to remember Gautam Buddha? If there were millions of Gautam Buddhas, millions of Mahaviras, millions of Jesus Christs, who would bother about these people?

These few people have become great because millions are not allowed to live totally. Who will go to the churches if people are not miserable…to the temples, to the synagogues, to the mosques? Who is going to be there? Who is going to bother about God, and heaven and hell? A man who is living each moment with such intensity that life itself has become a paradise, that life itself has become divine, need not be a worshiper of dead statues, dead scriptures, rotten ideologies, stupid superstitions.

OshoRanchDarshanSilverChairSilveroutfithandsWaveThe total man is the greatest risk to your existing establishment in the world.

And you can see…why I am being condemned by the whole world. It is not without reason. If they crucify me, I will not be able to say to God, “Forgive these people because they know not what they are doing.” In the first place, there is no God to whom I can say anything; in the second place, I cannot say they are doing something not knowing what it is. I can only say, they are doing exactly what they want to do and they are doing it knowingly. Their whole lifestyle is in danger.

Their lifestyle may not be giving them joy, blissfulness, but it is their lifestyle. Even their misery is their mystery. These miserable creatures are in such a vast majority, and they cannot tolerate people who have nothing and yet are so happy and so contented, so tremendously joyous that their hearts are full of songs, and they are ready to burst into dancing any moment.


The United States attorney, addressing a news conference, said, “Our priority was to destroy Bhagwan’s (Osho’s) commune.” One wonders why a great nation with so much power should be worried about a small commune of five thousand people, living absolutely aloof from America, in the desert. The nearest American town was twenty miles away.

Why were they so worried? Why, in every Christian church, where they condemning me? For the simple reason that those five thousand people were living life without any inhibitions. They were living really in total freedom; they had dropped all barriers. They were working perhaps the hardest in the world—twelve hours a day, sometimes fourteen hours a day—and still they had the energy at night to dance for hours, to sing for hours; and they had the energy in the morning to wake up early and meditate for hours.

Osho arrested and in chains. He was later poisoned by talium while incarcerated without a warrant by the Reagan Administration. He was eventually released but the poison aged him 20 years in four and he died in January 1990.

Osho arrested and in chains. He was later poisoned by talium while incarcerated without a warrant by the Reagan Administration. He was eventually released but the poison aged him 20 years in four and he died in January 1990.

This was creating a very dangerous situation. If these people who have nothing are living so joyously, then why are all the Christians of America and all the Jews of America, who have everything, miserable?

We were even celebrating death—they were not even able to celebrate life. Whenever some sannyasin died, it was an opportunity to rejoice and give him a good farewell, dancing and singing. He is going on an eternal journey and perhaps we shall never meet again; this is not the moment to mourn, to be miserable, to cry and weep.

This became the problem for America. That’s why it became a priority for them to destroy the commune—and they did everything illegal and criminal and unconstitutional. But these five thousand people were helpless. They had never though that being joyful could be a danger to their lives, that in a miserable would you should behave just as others are behaving. When everybody is crying and weeping you should not laugh; otherwise, those crying and weeping people will kill you.

[At this point Osho turned back to addressing Ma Lani directly, who had inspired this response with her question. It is important to add this because what Osho said she experienced has also been my experience as one of the five thousand residents of Rajneeshpuram/Rancho Rajneesh when I lived, loved, worked and worshipped there from May 1982 to January 1986.]

Lani, you were pulled towards the commune because…you had an innocent mind…unburdened

That was the quality that made you feel a pull towards the commune. And when you were in the commune, you could see that life can be lived in a totally different way, in a more intelligent way, that man has been simply wasting a great opportunity: an opportunity in which he can discover himself, can discover new spaces of being, new flowers of blessings, new love—a love which does not become bondage but a love that makes you more free than you ever were before, a love that gives you freedom.



And for the first time you must have become aware that five thousand people of all races, of all religions, from almost every country, of all colors can live just like a huge family. Just to see five thousand people eating in one kitchen—and at festival times there were twenty thousand sannyasins [disciples] eating together—and nobody was worried about who is a Christian, who is a Jew, who is a Mohammedan. Nobody even asked, “What is your religion?”

Everybody understood that our religion is to live totally, fully, and allow everybody else to live according to his own way, according to his likings and dislikings—not to interfere in any way in anybody’s life, and not to allow anybody to interfere in your life. Five thousand individuals…yet living as if they are one organic unity.

The Razor’s Edge, by Osho
Session 29: The Answer is You

Silence will bring you great gifts.
And the most precious and the first gift is intelligence.
A clarity of vision, a deep understanding of yourself,
and almost all the problems start disappearing—
not that you get answers for your questions,
but just that the questions disappear.
You don’t find the answer because you are the answer.




This is a whole other dimension of my life that over time I will share more and more with you because my Master-disciple relationship with Osho since 1980 is at the core of what attracts you to my writing. My articles and books have the fragrance of my sitting at the feet of this incomparable man and being a part of his great experiment to plant the seed of bliss in all who loved him whilst planting a seed in the world for the birth of a new humanity.


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