Orlando Shooting, Hillary Clinton Presumptive Democrat Nominee, what’s Next for Bernie Sanders? Hogue appears on Dreamland and Coast to Coast AM. “O Can the Duh” with the Power of delivering a Shocking Wake-up Device, and let not Ignorance and Prejudice be your Guide: Read Trump for President—Astrological Predictions

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OrlandoShooting-coupleinPoliceLightsDATELINE: 12 June 2016

John Hogue’s Preliminary Statement about the Orlando Massacre

A Full Article is Forthcoming

I will be reporting on this incident and its prophetic significance as soon as I gather the facts and establish what details are true. This is the first of a plague of terror attacks I foresee happening as the Mars stationery retrograde in the last degrees of Scorpio continues and intensifies in August-September when Mars (god of war) begins moving forward into Sagittarius where Saturn lurks. The last transit of Saturn in Sagittarius in the late 1980s gave birth to al-Qaeda. This current transit of Saturn in Sagittarius has seen ISIS explode onto history’s stage as a force of Islamo-fascism. The window of war and significant terror attacks in Europe and the US has cracked open and will yawn wide by August-September. Be vigilant. Keep visiting Hogueprophecy.com or my personal Facebook page or public Facebook page to find out when my emergency article at HogueProphecy will be posted today.

DATELINE: 11 June 2016

Hillary Clinton the Media’s Presumptive Democrat Nominee for President in the Last Super Tuesday Primary: What is Next for Bernie Sanders?

Click on the cover to the Amazon sales page. One of the ten predictions is a concise overview of everything that could happen in the next five months to Election Day and beyond.

Click on the cover to the Amazon sales page. One of the ten predictions is a concise overview of everything that could happen in the next five months to Election Day and beyond.

Last Tuesday crossed an important milestone. There’s one more Democratic Party primary in the District of Columbia on 14 June but 7 June was a Wagnerian blast of brass all but ending to the primary season. It summoned Republicans and Democrats and those independents permitted in open primaries to poll in New Jersey, North and South Dakota, New Mexico, Montana with the biggest primary of them all finishing this operatic bout in the most populous state in the Union, California.

The corporate-bankrolled press had prematurely stepped in proclaiming the special interest’s chief candidate for president, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the “presumptive” nominee on the Monday night before. At least the media has been consistent in one modus operandi: consistently under reporting the significant political movement that Vermont Independent Senator (playing Democrat) Bernie Sanders has unleashed. Yes Sanders “Can” finance his campaign with small private citizen donations and out do Clinton “Corp” corporate powers that bankroll her as their poster girl for president. Clinton’s Corporations-playing-people with their mountains of money pretending money is human free speech got “peopled” upon by real flesh and blood human beings trying to take back their Republic since the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of big business buying elections in the Citizens United case.

HillaryClintonPointingBrightEyedSmileThe corporate bankrolled press is wrong to declare Clinton has enough pledged superdelegates to pass the magic number 2383 the night before Super Tuesday Eve because they don’t actually vote until the first ballot at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia later in July. That was a corporate move to dishearten and thin out Sanders’ voter support the following day and it worked.

SandersSittingTheThinkerRather than Sanders winning a close contest in California, effectively ending the race on a roll with some influence on the convention platform, it was a major victory for Clinton—one she needed to take the wind out of Sanders’ sails. It is just another way the corporations hide behind journalists they pay to influence rather than inform the voting public. I mean, if she is the presumptive winner since last night, why presume to go to the polls today and pick Sanders? The Corporate fascism taking over this nation preys on the ignorance of the average American voter. Playing Stupid gets you a Schutzstaffel (SS) Gestapo knocking on your door someday.

USFLagLittleSandersBluePosterHelena on my Facebook public page, speaks for many of my readers who I must disappoint with my accurate political forecasts. I never intend to hurt people’s feelings and I certainly don’t deserve being abused for getting the future right, yet Helena represents the vast majority of you that—when left crestfallen by the outcome I foresee—don’t persecute the messenger:

You know I was crushed when you said Bush would have a second term—and he did. I so want you to be wrong about both these clowns and want Bernie to be president. Like the guys from the Merlin project have predicted… I love your work. Thank you

I’m sorry to remind my Bernie Sanders supporters that back in February 2016 I said the Illinois University oracles who apparently have “never” got a presidential prediction wrong since 1975 (actually the first election they rolled their crystal bowling ball at was in 1976) are flat wrong about Bernie Sanders being president in 2016. The same goes for the Merlin Project prediction.

BernieSandersPosterBernie was never going to be the DNC nominee.

He made a wonderful run and he will yet be a compassionate thorn in the side of big-business Democratic elites come the DNC Convention in late July. He’ll try to shift the party to the left. I said long ago, Sanders made one self-defeating political mistake: he can rightfully complain about the party elites launching Clinton’s campaign with 460 plus superdelegates pledged to her before any regular citizens cast a ballot. However, he made a gelding out of his political leverage at the beginning by pledging to support whomever the Democratic Party nominee would be—which I said was certainly going to be ClintonCorp.

BigDonkeySuperdelegateCartoonI’ve said this from way back last summer. The fundamental reason is, he’s not a Democrat and the Superdelegates “are” 100-percent Democrat elites. Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and anyone else that seek to change this country politically can never succeed by doing it through the two-party monopoly of corporate interests. Nor can this peaceful people revolution succeed by going the route of voting Green or Libertarian, etc.

George Washington, by Arnold Friberg.

George Washington, by Arnold Friberg.

There has to be a completely new kind of party dedicated to end all political parties in American politics. It has to become a political “community” a political “commonwealth” that will sweep into power and then enact an amendment to the US Constitution to make all political parties illegal. The founding fathers were against political parties as threats to the Republic.

They are. We’re seeing their damage being done to the Republic now.

HillaryClintonShruggingItOffThey sow polarization and hubris; they do not bring people together. They are tools of special interests and now those special corporate interests have just had their number-one puppet cross that line and become the presumptive DNC nominee, Hillary Clinton.

You cannot defeat the political parties by working through their rigged system any more than you can clean up the Mafia by becoming a member of the mafia. You will be corrupted in the process.

HillaryClintonReadyHillary Clinton’s nomination as the first woman candidate for US president is a historic moment that I foresaw happening as far back as 16 years ago when I was a guest on Coast to Coast AM radio with Ian Punnet as host in early December 2000. Another guest, an astrologer was worried that Bill Clinton would somehow be “back in the White House.” She had it in her mind that he would be president again. I recall replying that that was impossible the way the laws of the land limit presidential terms to two; however, I predicted Bill Clinton would be back in the White House not as president for a third term but as “First Gentleman”, the husband of the first woman president, Hillary Clinton.

BillClintonPosterFirstGentlemanNow here we are, one step away from the forecast made so long ago becoming fact.

Do not judge this book by its “gender.” Hillary Clinton may become the first woman president, but be is an agent of the Establishment. She speaks well of stopping climate change yet has worked hard as Secretary of State to promote fracking across the world. Americans don’t look too deep beyond the cover of their human “books” before voting. Barack Obama was the first black president but he also turned out to be a corporate agent who shunned the golden, historic opportunity to reform and break up the banks that caused the Great Recession of 2008 among many other lost chances.

Hillary Clinton will apply the same power of stirring up the collective emotions of Americans to feel before they think.

HillaryClintonExplosiveSmilePointingEmote rather than reason, you American voter when you cast a ballot on 8 November 2016. To the emotion manipulator, goes the spoils of winning the presidency. Donald Trump knows how to harness your feelings and Hillary will harness the huge potential of women to empower themselves by getting the first woman ever to be president of the United States whomever is pulling her pant suit strings.

HillaryClintonWitchBoomstickI have predicted long now that Hillary will be the president because of the women vote but she is not what she seems and you’ll all find that out when she’s your next president. She’s corporate. The “people” she really answers to aren’t you of flesh and blood, they are corporations acting as “people” thanks to the Supreme Court ruling in January 2010 on Citizens United gave them access to buy elections. Ironically, the issue of the case involved your next president, Hillary Clinton.

DATELINE: 11 June 2016

CoasttoCoastAMwGeorgeGreenAn Overview of John Hogue’s recent two-hour Interview of Coast to Coast AM

I was on last Wednesday assessing the world’s future on 8 June, the day after “Tomorrow” began happening. That “Tomorrow” day-aftering in question was Super Tuesday 7 June. That’s when Hillary Clinton passed safely into the Democrat Party functionaries arms, her super-duper, people-duping delegates to at last be carried off by voodoo math, and get enough of the presumptive magic number of superdelegates spicing the pledged ones to make her the nominee maid in waiting in the wings of the Philadelphia Dem. Convention.

It's what comes "after" the final blood moon that this book covers. Click and read a free sample.

It’s what comes “after” the final blood moon that this book covers. Click and read a free sample.

I predict, your tomorrow: A President Hillary Clinton if Trump’s long shot shoots his chances in the foot surrounded by his mouth.

The Democrat Super D’s kept her forever ahead of the people’s choice by “voting” for her a half a year before actually voting, giving her something like a 460 to Bernie Sanders’ 70 superdelegate lead months before the primaries would even begin. That’s right, put a damper on the real down-to-earth Democrat party members, average Joes and Janes living in the real world, casting a primary vote or going to caucus when elites have handicapped Sanders in the race. Set up a psychologically subconscious suggestion that, despite Sanders remarkable run, hypnotized enough mainstream people to mind-stream their votes with the presumptive winner before there was a game.

PersonalFoulNFLRefIf this were the NFL and “Team Clinton” was playing the Super Bowl with “Team Sanders” they’d be jogging onto the grassy gridiron with 46 points on the board against Sanders’ 7 before the ref blew the whistle to begin play.

Guess who’s going to win that rigged match.

George Noory and I discussed this and other topics on Coast to Coast AM. Here’s a rather fine and concise overview of the show from the Coast website (Do click on Coast to Coast AM and listen to the show!):

Click on the cover and check out this new release!

Click on the cover and check out this new release!

In the first half, prophecy expert John Hogue returned to weigh in on the election cycle. He has been making presidential predictions since 1968, and has a 12-0 winning streak in picking the popular vote winner. He still sees Hillary Clinton as the winner, though admits Donald Trump, “the voice of a collective, often incoherent rage against the corporately correct political machine” that would pick its candidates for you, has a genuine shot at pulling off an upset. Trump has a surprising amount of powerful astrology beyond the veneer of his brash personality, and could potentially tap into the public’s emotions to come out a victor, Hogue cited, adding that if he got into office, he would lead more as an Independent rather than Republican.

Clinton’s astrology shows she has the alchemical ability to turn her negatives into positives, though she continues to have trouble finding her own voice, he remarked. She could potentially be a good president “if she steps out of the box of the corporate handlers,” and it would work in her favor if she asked Bernie Sanders to be her running mate, he added. Hogue also spoke about the latest edition of his book, Nostradamus and the Antichrist: Code Named MABUS, in which he added updated material, including new possible candidates for the third Antichrist, such as Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who was responsible for numerous terrorist attacks before he died in 2006.

A whole number of comments came in about the quality of my voice and oratory that are best summed up by Theresa:

I listened to you all night as I think it repeated once over. You are like no one else—no other guest on radio stays on track, has such organized thoughts; you always came back to the point, clear commanding voice, etc. Really, you are in your element under this high demand. Wonderful!

You know, sometimes I’ll be writing with the television beside my computer screen off to the right corner a ‘flickering, and give an ear to the news while typing up a new book or article. Sometimes, I’ll get lost in a writing reverie and the documentary on History Channel will change over into one of my many reruns, or guest appearances on new, Nostradamus documentaries. (By the way, I’m filming a new one later this month for a member channel of the Discovery network, stay tuned!) Anyway, at some point the mostly nasal yakiti-yak of hair-on fire forecasters is replaced by a soothing voice with a lot of silence radiating from it. It’s musical. It sings more than speaks and the musicality of it makes me immediately aware of what good music frames to trigger an ecstatic moment. Good music makes one aware of The Soundless, which is Bliss.

John Hogue in 1994, the year he met Sylvia Browne.

John Hogue in 1994, the year he met Sylvia Browne.

So my fingers involuntarily lift from their piano virtuosi pattering at 80-words a minute at the sound of that baritone and the depth of silence that’s an aura around the lilting, hypnotic tones and wonder who the hell that is.

I turn my furry faced head right and see my furry faced reflection gazing back at me on the television and I laugh at the cosmic joke.

I have a confession to make. I deep down find some of the stupid things people write in their comments quite funny and entertaining. So, I bless these idiotic moments. Within every one of our programmed minds and posturing personas is a great, potential multitude of mediocre thoughts. These can often fly out of us on threadbare wings of scant memory retention given us by a poor US educational system that did little to teach its children, tots, teens and collegians the intellectual disciplines of investigation, debate and skeptical inquiry beyond a vacuous opinion.

I bless the idiotic moment the other day when Bill N. “listrned” to the Coast to Coast AM show. How else could he have “listrned” to it because his letter was a scramble of dismembered memory of what I said that matched his ignorance of spell check. So, to put it in the way he might spell it, what he “hrded” me say is at best sonambulistically selective:

i listrned to coast last night but could not be clear on who you think will win. clinton or trump. at one point you said hillary. but if any one beats her it will be trump hell i can prophsize that. sounds 2 faced maybe you should run for office. thanks

Prophsize? LOL. That reminds me of a joke. Nostradamus went to Wal-Mart and hoped to find some underwear but he couldn’t find the right prophetsize.

All seriousness aside, I explained very clearly how the future works, and it very clearly does not work according to our programmed mind’s biases of black and white, pre-ordained futures. You need to “respect” what I said, which you have not.

Bill, first off you don’t give due respect to your writing by the true definition of that word that most people haven’t been taught. You don’t “look closer, a second time” at what you write and clean up all the dropped capitals and truncated, moronically spelled words. Your fingers stagger through the keyboard or touchpad leaving behind a comment that millions are now reading that frames you as someone semi-literate and stupid. Is that how you want to be “respected”?

I said categorically that Hillary Clinton would be your next president.

HillaryClintonInHeadlights8kbMoreover, This is only the second time in 13 tries at accurately forecasting presidential elections for 48 years that I ever saw a candidate with a sure green light to win the presidency potentially do something to sabotage that destiny. On 2 March 2007 I wrote an article for Hogueprophecy that accurately forecast Clinton botching a sure victory in 2008 by not apologizing for her October 2002 vote in the Senate the gave Bush war powers to invade Iraq in early 2003. I foresaw Obama being her chief nemesis in the primaries still nearly a year away and that in a tight primary run the anti-war movement in the Democratic Party would take the nomination away from her. It’s all documented.

HillaryClintonMoonFaceWell, here is Hillary again, suffering under her afflicted and very karmically undermining astrology—as I explained in the show—potentially botching her last chance at a destiny that’s just begging her to take it all the way to the presidency. This presidential campaign is a battle between two candidates with afflicted Mercury’s (rulers of the intellect and communication) Trump and Clinton. Which Mercury messenger from Olympus, as it were, trips over his feathered-ankled sandaled feet more than the other will lose.

We have two real stumbling Mercurial candidates left standing and perhaps pratfalling between now and 8 November. To the least clumsy goes the White House. I predict Hillary is less clumsy than Trump. I also have predicted the first man in 48 years that might end my winning streak. I’ve never predicted that before. A good forecaster can predict winners and predict when they might lose and why.

THIS MAN MAY BE YOUR NEXT PRESIDENT! Whether you want to make that happen or prevent it from happening, all sides on this matter need to read this book that so far has been the most accurate of my 40 books and counting. Click on the cover and read a free book sample.

THIS MAN MAY BE YOUR NEXT PRESIDENT! Whether you want to make that happen or prevent it from happening, all sides on this matter need to read this book that so far has been the most accurate of my 40 books and counting. Click on the cover and read a free book sample.

DATELINE: 11 June 2016

A Politically Incorrect Alpha Male Running for President has to Deliver, Immediately! So said Donald Trump in the “Art of the Deal”

Trump supporters love The Donald’s hutzpah, his brutal honesty, and his ability to say what’s on everyone’s mind but dare not say it and it has worked remarkably well. Last “Super” Tuesday the Republican Primary race ended with Trump doing what I said he’d do after gaining the lead against an army of contenders by 1 April. He’d keep the lead and never look back all the way to the RNC convention in Cleveland in mid-July. Trump, so far, has made my forecasts in Trump for President: Astrological Predictions about his primary run the most accurate I have made in my forecasting career with 700 articles and 40 books and counting. He won early and big and then stumbled where I said he’d begin stumbling, on the very day I forecasted his biggest slip up, on 23 March when he went after the wife of Ted Cruz over nude pictures published of is wife Melania taken for GQ Magazine during her modeling career. The sleaze factor helped Trump loose big in Wisconsin’s primary but I hastened to tell my readers that if he was in the lead after the detrimental influence of the Uranus-Pluto Square ended on 1 April, that he would regroup and never lose the lead to Cruz all the way to the RNC convention.

True, there was an alternative future potentially engaged by his verbal missteps, that Cruz might deny him the magic number of 1,273 pledged delegates automatically granting him the nomination before the convention began. A second ballot attempt would loom that could upset Trump winning the nomination. However, I looked into the future and I always saw him a winner of that nomination in Cleveland, come what future timeline was born through his mistakes and blunders and put into real-time action, either winning the delegates before or wrestling for them on the Convention floor, Trump’s stars would see him through to the nomination.


Well, here we are at the end of the primaries. Trump has once again overachieved like any respectable and awe-inspiring alpha male will do. The book predicted that such a powerful Gemini so at home with changing which of the Twin personalities he presents to us, will still pivot to the moderate center from the Republican right-buffalo-winged, red-meat-fisted, nativist, sometimes pseudo racist rants that have won him the Republican core voters and struck down 16 opponents in the largest turnout of Republican voters in history.

When almost all of you and the press and pundits included thought Trump was a clown running a fake campaign to promote his reality show, including the NBC execs who extended his Celebrity Apprentice contract run, I told you his campaign was real. I wrote what seemed impossible then. He was the ONLY Republican who could beat Hillary Clinton—who I said would be the Democratic Party nominee, not Sanders—and in November make a commanding run to become the first woman president of the United States.

TrumpPresidentialLookingVotingWell, here we are. The final battle for the White House has the two candidates I foresaw duking it out until 8 November and mind you, I warned that Trump has remarkable stars on election day. I warned you in the book that this would be a close election and already the polls are showing only a few percentiles of wiggle room between these two least liked candidates left standing.

Although I have predicted Hillary Clinton will win, I have, as ever in the past, accurately exposed the weak link to any sure Destiny, because there is always a weak link waiting in the future because it is dynamic and alive. Only dead things are unchanging, unanimated. If you are alive, your future echoes it. Preordained futures are false.

A year before the 2008 Presidential Elections I predicted how Hillary Clinton could loose a sure bet to become president and postpone her chances until 2016. I’m predicting the same potential again only this time her weak link is spelled T-R-U-M-P. The presidency is hers to lose if she doesn’t find a way to connect with and harness people’s anger and dissatisfaction with the very people who bankroll her, the corporate Democrat Party elites and fundraisers. If she were to go boldly where no Hillary has gone before she’d ask Bernie Sanders to be her Vice Presidential nominee and show herself as a leader who can balance the corporate democrats with the progressive left-leaning Democrats.

You want this pairing on election day if you are Trump supporters, not Sanders vs Trump.

You want this pairing on election day if you are Trump supporters, not Sanders vs Trump.

She’ll have to pay a big price, slough off half of her blue-dog billionaire support, and embrace the Bern. If she picks Sanders for VP, she’ll beat Trump by a historic landslide. If she doesn’t, Trump, the force of nature that has harnessed the collective emotional state of the US citizens to feel rather than “think” him into the Oval Office, just might get there. If he does, my winning streak of 48 years predicting every president 12 times in a row will be broken because I still predict Hillary Clinton will be your next president. Moreover, there’s a good chance that my forecast for Massachusetts’ Senator Elizabeth Warren becoming the next president in 2020 will gain an important boost from Clinton. I believe she’ll be Clinton’s VP candidate. As you can see, I don’t predict Clinton will be more than a single term president. It would appear that the damage Trump would do the Republican establishment has them leaderless and divided enough in 2020 that her Vice President becomes the Democratic Nominee and later the new president despite what misfortune, scandal or health issue might make a second term impossible for Clinton.

It is a politically shrewd move, if it turns out to be true. You negate the changeling Socialist “Democrat” Sanders by replacing him with a full-blue-blooded Democrat that satisfies the elites and those superdelegates who could support Sanders’ progressive policies if they came from someone who was one of them, a real Democrat Party legislator. The move would nearly be a bold as my VP Sanders scenario and would do more to activate what I’ve always foreseen was Hillary’s bridge to the White House, a huge woman-empowering turnout. What is more empowering and unique than a two-woman ticket? And we all know how Trump can make his worst political missteps and gaffs when confronting powerful women. Watch how alpha male apes can be severely dressed down and disempowered by the alpha female matriarch in their jungle communities if they do something outrageous.

TrumpThumbsUpinCarNow then, Trump will have achieved this alternative future by staking the most credibility on the most vacuous of political slogans, that he will, Make America Great Again! If he wins he does so on getting the most people to project upon him the blindest faith without details, carried by the power of his super-egoistic personality. He becomes the Alpha American Male running the American “pack” of 300 million people.

This is the moment I advise all my many readers who are Trump supporters, what I advised Helena on Facebook earlier today to consider. Just remember what Trump said in the Art of the Deal:

On page 60 of The Art of the Deal, Trump wrote: “You can’t con people, at least not for long. You can create excitement, you can do wonderful promotion and get all kinds of press, and you can throw in a little hyperbole. But if you don’t deliver the goods, people will eventually catch on.”

Trump for President: Astrological Predictions,
Chapter Six: Enter the Cherry-Blonde Reagan Karmic Echo

YoungTrumpTrumpTowerTrump is living a self-fulfilling prophecy from 1987, the outcome of which, positive or falling short of “the goods” is still up for Destiny’s grab. He better quickly come up “with the goods” otherwise he’ll be quickly dismissed as a conman. His vague, open-ended slogans will have to immediately be followed in office by dynamic and objective presidential action, breathtaking in its scope and diligent in its efforts to turn the US economy around in the first 100 days or he’ll be that guy he warned us about, the con man who “doesn’t deliver the goods.” Something he says he is not. He’ll have to prove that in the first 100 days, or perhaps he’ll be impeached by the end of the second 100 days. Remember, to be an Alpha Male, king of the pack, you have to command and deliver for the pack or they’ll eat you alive.

DATELINE: 11 June 2016

Dreamland-with-Whitley-StrieberTune into John Hogue’s Prophetic “Shocks” on Dreamland with Whitley Strieber

This week you can listen free to a live feed of part one of my two-part interview from last week with Whitley Strieber on Dreamland. Please note that what you’re hearing wasn’t taped on 5 June, but a half a month earlier, yet it sounds like we’re commenting about last week’s election results.

TrumpClintonOhNoFacesWe talked at length about Donald Trump’s future “fury” road to the White House, his mad Maxing his unique assault on competitors and how Hillary Clinton could be caught flatfooted and lose her “sure-bet” victory. I also pointed out ways Hillary Clinton could catch “The Donald” flat footed in the Presidential Debates and I recall that I delved deep into her astrological makeup, which in many ways is quite similar to mine. She’s a Double Scorpio like me with her Ascendant and Sun in the Twelfth House of karmic completion and the challenges of hidden subconscious enemies, just like mine are. Nothing ever comes easy for Hillary, yet, as I’ve also come to learn with my magnificently squared chart and Twelfth-house karmic challenges is that a soul with such a chart survives beyond their twenty-first year in the body by turning his or her squares and karmic aspects into challenges to learn and grow. Such an adverse chart either destroys you or makes you stronger. So, Donald should be on alert, she can be a formidable debater come October with stereophonic Scorpio stingers at the ready. Do not underestimate anyone ruled by Planet Pluto, lord of the Underworld, or you might find yourself unexpectedly “undermined” before the entire US populace on the very media you master, television.

Anyway, in our interview about presidential candidates we also talked about my new expanded edition that’s now available at Amazon, Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named: Mabus. The text from 8 years ago reads like it was written today! Moreover, I have added 30,000 more words and two new chapters, bringing two more potential candidates for Nostradamus’ third and final Antichrist to the prophecy police line-up that now has six contenders.


One of those contenders is the current US President, Barack Obama. Apparently Whitley Strieber was hit by a flurry of angry and “hysterical” emails condemning him and me for adding him. He asked me if I could provide a statement and this is what you find posted at the page with the live feed:


Click on the cover and see what's left to misstep through the last days of the Obama era.

Click on the cover and see what’s left to misstep through the last days of the Obama era.

Barack Obama’s name easily translates into the code name for the Third Antichrist of Nostradamus. Take the correct Swahili phonetic pronunciation “oobama” to create “ubama.” Re-arrange the letters to make “maabu.” Replace the redundant “a” with the missing “s” to complete the puzzle and you get “mabus.”

As a scholar of prophecy, I cannot be swayed by personal opinions for or against. I present this fact: his name converts easily to “Mabus” therefore, as a world leader, pivotal in influencing history in the region where Mabus is said to have an impact—the Middle East—requires I add him to five other chief candidates in my book, Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named: Mabus.


The four main candidates for Nostradamus’ Third and Final Antichrist in the first edition eight years ago. Now there are six candidates in the new edition. Click on the picture and read more.

Now then, it is an occupational hazard of balanced prophecy interpretation that one will be praised by half the readers and cursed by the other half because most readers are seeking answers from the future that only satisfy their unconscious biases for or against certain outcomes. Those among your readers who identify with being Democrats will not be happy that Obama is a candidate. Your readers who are Republicans will not like that G.W. Bush is also a candidate. Your Muslim readers will not like the fact that four chief candidates are from Muslim lands, and so it goes with bias.

I would suggest to anyone who has a problem with my interpretations they ought to do themselves a favor and actually “read” my book before passing judgment based on mere unsubstantiated opinion because ignorance is a servant of what is “Antichrist” in our world.

John Hogue

DATELINE: 11 June 2016

TrumpLookingUpOpen your Minds, Open your Hearts, let not Ignorance and Prejudice be your Guide. Read Trump for President: Astrological Predictions

I am struck by the level of misinformed opinion that galvanizes many people who are frightened by, love, or hate Donald J. Trump. There’s a lot of emotional charge out there that’s anchored in the quicksand of the irrational. When we are faced with the real chance that this man may indeed become the next President of the United States, basing your views on emotional charge, anger and often a kind of righteous ignorance about the man—whether you blindly like or dislike Trump—does not make you wisely and intelligently prepared for that possible future.

Take for instance this email from “G” a month ago. Such letters do little to enlighten us about who Trump is, but rather, shine a harsh light on how little we know the man and base love or hate of the man on our ignorance.

Click on it, all-reddy.

Click on it, all-reddy.

Dear John. How can you possibly write a book about a person like Trump? He’s the epitome of a spoiled son brought up by an extremely wealthy father, and had an easy way to become wealthy himself. He obviously has little, or no respect for women, having gone through one woman after another, and worst of all, he’s had no previous political experience whatsoever, along with very little knowledge of what it really takes to become a respectable President. The only votes he will obtain will be from men who are exactly like him—those who have no, or little respect for woman, guys who love whiskey, and idiots who think they know everything in God’s heaven. (But really know “nada.”)

If ever there was a Hogue reader who needed to read my book on Trump, it is you, “G.” This letter starts off with the usual media-propagated inaccuracies about how Trump started his business career with a silver spoon in pouting mouth and the doors opened easily by his father’s immense wealth and connections.

Young Donald with his father Fred Trump.

Young Donald with his father Fred Trump.

In fact Trump went against his father’s advice to stay out of the Manhattan real estate market where Trump Senior had few connections, and thought he was crazy to start his career in the most cutthroat market in the world. And whatever sum his father gave him to jumpstart that career, Trump used it well and turned his father’s millions in investment into a multi-billion dollar real estate and development company in the hardest market to achieve such. Have “you” or any of my readers done that? Put latent envy aside and regard this achievement without emotional charges. It is quite an accomplishment.


He took Manhattan, the Isle of Staten Island, too.

Do you know what you sound like when you brand millions of people voting for Trump as “men who are exactly like him—those who have no, or little respect for woman, guys who love whiskey, and idiots who think they know everything in God’s heaven. (But really know ‘nada.’)”?

You paint a whole group of people with the same ugly and uninformed colors of prejudice that one finds in bigots and misogynists who disparage women, Jews and African Americans with ugly stereotypes.

Did you know that the Trump Organization has hired, mentored, and brought to success more women executives per capita than are employed in most corporations?

Trump, second from left, and his friends who played sailors in Gilbert and Sullivan's HMS Pinafore production at his middle school. Trump first had aspirations to become a movie actor.

Trump, second from left, and his friends who played sailors in Gilbert and Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore production at his middle school. Trump first had aspirations to become a movie actor.

Did you know that ALL women employed by the thousands in his various companies and corporations under the Trump Organization are paid equal to men?

So where do you get off saying the man doesn’t respect women? Yes, Trump has a big mouth and I explain how it sabotages his relationships with politicians, women and what not. But to take that lapse as a one-size-fits-all-we-need-to-know about the man, is dehumanizing—not enlightening. You’re being just as abusive in reaction as Trump can be at times. It’s also not factual.


What I’m hearing is someone with a lot of anger and issues related to bad experiences with men and that is dominating your opinions here to the point that you can’t even imagine why anyone like me could write a book about him, or see anything but only ugliness you are only capable of seeing through angry eyes.

I love your honesty and it deserves this reply. You’ve earned this dedicated and compassionate attention.

You define the Trump voter as “men who are exactly like him…guys who love whiskey…”

Father Trump (center), Donald (2nd from right and his Mom (right). Sis, second from left and Trump's older brother who died of alcoholism.

Father Trump (center), Donald (2nd from right and his Mom (right). Sis, second from left and Trump’s older brother who died of alcoholism.

You don’t even know that Trump is a teetotaler. He doesn’t drink. That he still grieves the loss of his older brother from alcoholism.

And then you say only men will vote for him.

Really? Didn’t you even look at the people in the vast crowds at Trump rallies and notice that half of them are women? You have to be blinded by prejudice to erase that fact from your eyes. Or worse…

Look at all the women behind the first row seats filled by Trump's family. All Trump followers are men drunk on whiskey???

Look at all the women behind the first row seats filled by Trump’s family. All Trump followers are men drunk on whiskey???

One wonders if you couldn’t see them at all because subconsciously you’ve written women Trump supporters off as non-entities. Trump may stoop to misogyny. But subconsciously, you don’t even respect a woman voting for Trump as worthy of existing.

True, he insults women.

Perhaps you’re worse. You make them disappear.

“G,” I’m not saying you did this consciously. If you were more conscious of your own triggering motivations for what you wrote, you’d be less like Donald Trump, who, like yourself, from time to time, shoots off his mouth, not caring where that comes from inside his subconsciously sourced motivations or how it lands and hurts people who hear it or read it.

TrumpBacktoCameraArmsOutstretchedWe often hate others for what we hate about ourselves and hide from ourselves. The fact is, G, you are Donald Trump in your statement letter: loudly opinionated, disparaging entire groups of human beings with broad sweeps of vitriolic judgments. Like Trump you sometimes don’t think before you open your mouth.

You ask, how I can write a book about Trump?

Guess who this is?

Answer, because I’m not limited by my mind’s prejudices. I stay open. I try to die to what I know and be reborn to the new each moment. I begin to understand how much the experience of the world is filtered through a body-mind that is programmed to color it with my opinions based on unconscious motivations into which I must shine a light of awareness. That which becomes aware of this process is not of the mind.

Meditation helps me try to get out of my own way, to see things new, to feel things fresh.

I let the astrology of Donald Trump tell its story of potentials the same way I would read you and write a book about your astrology.

ClintonTrumpHairMorphI wrote a book about Trump because he has a real chance to be the next president of the United States and that’s going to impact everyone on this planet, so, I need to have an understanding of the man’s many good and bad sides. I need to understand him as you do, and that understanding can’t be compromised by the hidden motivations of a subconscious and overly opinionated mindset any more than understanding can thrive in the unconscious experiences that make you shut down and shut off Trump with extreme prejudice.

My words may cut you to the quick—I do that to Trump too—but they aren’t delivered with any anger towards you, or Trump. I’m giving you both some hard love.

ClintonMorphToTrumpYou need to read my book, not for Trump’s sake but for your own sake. You need to see another human being clearly, beyond your judgments and fears: especially if you don’t like that other human being. Our enemies are ourselves, the parts we can’t forgive but should forgive. The parts we can’t tolerate in others because we don’t tolerate them in ourselves and we repress these traits from our conscious mind pretending to be better than we really are.

Trump is a catalyst for many to encounter what they don’t confront, understand and finally transcend about themselves.

When you get some distance from your mind, compassion arises and so does insight into your “self” and by extension into others. I contend that that’s why my book on Trump is unique. It is fair. I owe him that as much as I owe myself to be that fair.

ClintonTrumpMasksWrestersI don’t pull my punches with Trump. Nor do I suppress the positive potentials in his birth chart. I aimed, and I think I succeeded, in writing the most balanced astrological examination of Trump published so far. I invite you to test that claim by reading the book. Only then will you truly know why I wrote it, “G.”

I examine his many faults as well as something more significant. Trump has many positive surprises in his astrology. He is not always the oaf he presents himself to be. He is actually a man who has helped the cause of women and kept it quiet and doesn’t boast about it. He can be at times incredibly caring and loyal and he gives a lot of time, energy and money to help men and women, about which he keeps quiet.

TrumpLookingUpPursingLifpsHe actually has a humble side—yes indeed!

My book on Trump will surprise my readers as much as it surprised me and made me look deeper into the psyche of this multi-faceted and complex man.

So, I invite you to “respect” Trump in the way that word was originally intended to be used: to “respect” is to look a second time, deeper than before, without your own psychological stuff in the way.

This book is meant to help the blindly judgmental either “for” or “against” another human being “respect” that human being with open eyes, mind and heart.

In the future, there will be "The Rapture." In the past, there was "The Raptor."

In the future, there will be “The Rapture.” In the past, there was “The Raptor.”

All human beings have great potential to be ugly or enlightened. That includes me and you, “G.” It is a humbling experience to study a human being with one’s preconceived judgments put aside, especially a human being that your mind and heart finds hard to embrace. If we are ever to become wise, we must pass through this experience of seeing another with a naked heart and innocent mind.

I invite you to read this book and perhaps discover yourself and what your mindset and judgments have made you miss about another human being.

TrumpCadetI’ve come to understand that we only do ourselves psychic harm when judging off hand other people based on our hidden prejudices. Every condemnation of another human being comes back as a self-inflicted hurting of our own soul.

I’m going to share your letter and my response to the entire community because I think it can help a lot of us be better human beings. I will protect your privacy by simply call you “G.”

“G”… Thank you for this letter and this teaching moment. J

DATELINE: 11 June 2016

CanadianFlagRanksofOilBarrels A final Word about my “O Canada” Parody and the Power of being Shocking that can Wake People Up

There remain Canadians readers that can’t laugh or get over my parody of their National Anthem, O Canada. Click on Athabasca Oil Sands. Most of their comments resemble Adriana’s. Even the one’s who tell me to f*ck myself harbor a concern for the potential environmental disaster taking over a large area of northern Alberta’s strip-mined regions. They admit to how dirty and pollutive is the corrosive crude oil produced from Athabascan bitumen, yet the don’t get why I had to touch a nationally sensitive nerve by putting the following lyrics to the first verse of their national anthem.

Sing along with me:

O Canada! We tar our native land!
Your pay-in-rot love in all thy sums command.
With glowing towns, we see smoke rise,
The perm-a-frost vents free!
From far and wide, O Canada,
We scorch the skies for thee.
Got C-O-2, glorious and free!
O Canada, with sandy tar for thee;
O Canada, we cli-mat-change for thee.


Hi john This is from an albertan who has no doubt that global warming is happening. It seems to be the hip thing for American celebs to point the finger at Canada as being the cause of it all. All I ask is that you visit the EPA website and read up on the causes of greenhouse gases. Also, please look at a map of the miles and miles of American gas pipelines in the US. Also, tell me who is the world’s largest producer of oil? Not Canada, not even Saudi Arabia. Guess who? The tars sands in Alberta are faaaaaar from being environmentally friendly but please look in your own backyard before you throw stones from your glasshouse.

Hi Adriana, please do more reading of my work. Then you’d know that for years I have blasted America for being one of the greatest criminal nations when it comes to climate change.

It seems like many Canadians are a bit touchy about being illuminated for their contribution to this climate changing crime. Moreover, if you read my writings on it, my comments about Athabasca are about where it will trend in the future, and I tell you again, Canada will rapidly become a climate-triggering agent of runaway global warming if your country adds a flood of bitumen oil onto the world market in the next five years. Today you may not be making such an impact. Tomorrow, your country will be one of the worst contributors.

Take my writings as a warning and prevent that future from taking place, eh? Thanks.

[Adriana wrote back:]

Hi again john. Thank you for responding. you are right i was not fully aware of all the work you have done bringing the WHOLE global warming story to light.

People in general, especially maybe canadians are not aware of what the athabasca oil sands really is. it is a monster of a mess of individual “projects” that span a massive chunk of northern alberta! i admit i did not know this making what is happening far uglier than i could imagine. that said, many countries, including usa and increasingly china, all have their fingers in the dirty profit pie. when positive sounding words like productive, natural, and resources are used to describe what is being done in northern alberta (let’s make our natural resources more productive) people just don’t hear the reality of the situation. apparently there is 1.3 billion being dedicated to a carbon capture technology (plan?) over the next 15 years. IT WILL STILL BE AN ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER. fossil fuels of any kind are not clean or ever will be, neither the extraction or the end use by consumers.

i’m going to cut this short only because this feels like a monster to tackle and frustration makes me feel like i’ll be making absolutely no sense to you.

john, illuminating is GOOD, and i have a sick feeling that you are on the right track.

but…..say Canada was out of the equation, would american oil interests stop? slinging mud by rewriting the canadian anthem just gets a knee jerk reaction from offended canadians (pretty sure the thought process stops there for most).

Hi Adriana. Thanks for the clearer understanding. Those kind of people are “shut-downs” by programming. They are looking for things to keep them closed. They choose not to be relevant to history, but become history’s pawns and victims. You, however, are my target when I wrote the parody and it worked. Rather than keeping you in an intellectual stance on this, my parody took you deeper. It stirred your emotional center. It shook you up a little. It made you want to write me about it.

TarSandsManOilyFaceLaughingTell me honestly, would you have even given this subject so much attention or felt to write me if I hadn’t written that parody?

Without the parody, I would not have stirred you to write, to think about this subject. That is why I sometimes resort to shocking devices. It’s the only way sometimes that I can get people out of their useless heads and into their hearts. Anger can be a bridge. Anger can so easily turn into compassion.

thanks for your efforts! this is a very exhausting thing to face for this canadian because it is a nasty tangle of money making and politics.

Canadians need to know about this scandalous and earth threatening affair, and then shut the Athabasca mining down.


Dave on my Facebook page wanted to get this off his chest:


Good, Dave but take it a step deeper, “who” is the “perceiver” and is that “Perceiver” aware of the delusions he or she filters the real world through: an unconsciously programmed, narcissistic mind?

Consider that “Perception” is a consequence, a byproduct of something that’s deeper and there is the evil in us lurking. The “Perception” of people living programmed, identified unconscious lives is the evil for which we all in varying degrees suffer.

The true Antichrist is Unconsciousness, a life lived without being a “Buddha” an awakened one, or a Christ, an “anointed one”—anointed by love and consciousness fully re-membered, made one.

AlexanderAsBuddhaSo Dave, in my experience it is not about “perception” it is all about remembering the awakened one in us, every moment, waking, sleeping, and perceiving.

Buddha once said, “When I became awakened the whole universe became awakened with me.” That’s the perception that sees and understands the universe beyond our current state of living under the sleepwalking spell of the Antichrist Unconscious.

If you resonate with these concepts allow me to freely give you links and information about the meditation techniques I use to help awaken the Perceiver of perceptions. Contact Me and just put one word in the subject line: Meditation. I’ll email you the information.

Click on the cover and read a free sample.

Click on the image to get a free sample read


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If for some reason you cannot leave your comments in the comments box below, just send them to me via the Contact email button. If they are interesting and clearly written, I will post them with my inserted comments. I will even post some of you rare souls disposing promising content with all the dirty literary laundry “spots” of functional illiteracy displayed. So please reread your stuff, use spell check and punctuate. You are being read by the whole world; so don’t look dumb in print. Those who do the best they can will be rewarded with it being published here.


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