Global Warming’s Canadian Mega Fire, Bernie Sanders path to Victory requires Conversion. My Clinton Email-gate Prediction. The Texas Fertilizer Blast was a Criminal Act as I Predicted, and We are all made of God Stuff.

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DATELINE: 15 May 2016

Global Warming’s Canadian Mega Fire burns down Fort McMurray and causes greatest North America evacuation in a Century. This is just the beginning of what is coming.

Ninety thousand people were evacuated from Fort McMurray and surrounding suburbs in the wake of one of five mega fires raging through the boreal forestlands along the Athabasca River 320 miles north northeast of Edmonton, Alberta. Ironically, the fire rages out of control in the heartland of Canada’s bitumen tar sand motherload to rival the reserves of Saudi Arabia but producing the dirtiest and most corrosive crude oil in the world.

Fort McMurray? Report in. Over and burnt out.

(Fifteen percent of the city, thousands of structures, did burn to the ground.)

FortMcMurray-RoadBorealForestFireNot since the Great San Francisco Earthquake dropped wall and hot stove on ruptured gas lines staring the even “greater” San Francisco Fire has such a large population in North America been forces to evacuate, post haste. Those people who believe Fate’s fickle arsonist’s finger could not light up a more ironic setting—the homes and businesses of bitumen’s best borough—the folks living there being employed to mine the Athabasca tar sands, think again. Expand your perception. Consider your boroughs where millions of you buy their dirty Canadian oil and expel it out your car’s butt end.

Oh Canada! The future is watching and telling tales sitting around a campfire made of your blazing boreal forests. Fate has composed new lyrics for your national anthem:

O Canada! We tar our native land!
Your pay-in-rot love in all thy sums command.
With glowing towns, we see smoke rise,
The perm-a-frost vents free!
From far and wide, O Canada,
We scorch the skies for thee.
Got C-O-2, glorious and free!
O Canada, with sandy tar for thee;
O Canada, we cli-mat-change for thee.


FortMcMurray-OneCarRoadFirestormO Canada, you may soon export the bitumen fistful that breaks the climate’s back. Back on 1 November 2009, I wrote the following first of two predictions displayed below about 2010 becoming the first year of the current and ongoing temperature tsunami that sees an exponential increase in fossil fuel use that is heating up the world towards a climate tipping point far sooner than any scientist dare consider. My dear friends and readers north of the border, seven years later you are on track to shatter the climate’s back in the 2020s.

Cold or suddenly hot, torrential or bone dry, it is the intensity of extreme weather that spikes in 2010. You’ll read here first about the source of a climate tipping point coming in 2010. Climate scientists will report it in 2011, after the weather of 2010 has savaged us. Climatologists will publish findings of a large-scale plume of methane escaping from vast tracks of thawing permafrost across Siberia, Canada and Alaska has begun a new cascading temperature rise and acceleration of the greenhouse effect. Methane is a far more able to trap solar heat than CO2 in the atmosphere, not letting it escape out into space, like a transparent greenhouse pane of glass traps the solar heat inside.

Predictions for 2010, Chapter 15
We have ‘Appeasement’ for Our Times
America is on a global warming comeback.


It has a new Saudi Arabian sized oil reserve just north of its border, in Canada, to plumb. The Athabasca tar sands of Alberta Province may hold the same potential oil reserves to rival the largest known reserve in the world. However, unlike the Saudi Arabian mother load, there’s a load of sand that must be steamed and washed off the oil in a process that makes the Athabasca oil boom the dirtiest and most ecologically harmful oil extracting process ever undertaken. It’s poisoning the aquifers and rivers of northern Alberta and conceivably could pump more C02 per oil barrel extracted into the atmosphere, speeding up global warming in the next five years to record levels.

Predictions for 2012, Chapter 6
Nature’s War on Humanity, Year Three:
Subsection: Cure over Prevention—The Sign of a Childish Civilization


I published the second quote above on 21 December 2011. We are now in the fifth straight year of record-breaking, runaway global temperature increases. Last year (2015) was the hottest on record—even outmatching the seemingly matchless venting of soaring temperatures of the first temperature tsunami of the first Super El Niño of 1998. Now a greater Super El Niño heats the world from 2015 into year five, this year of 2016. Already the data indicates a very high probability that the global mean temperatures will break the 2015 hottest-year record!


Oh! Canada. Oh! World! Oh! fossil-fuel venting, soon-to-become-fossil-fuel-yourselves Humanity: WAKE  UP !

DATELINE: 15 May 2016

SandersBigScreenStadiumWhat Bernie Sanders Needs to Win the Primaries is a Conversion Miracle

SandersPodiumBernieSignsAny future is possible because the future, like the present from which it is born is alive and dynamic, not a corps of preordained dullardness. Thus for the sake of my many Hogue readers who are passionate Bernie Sanders supporters, I want to oracularly describe what would be a near-miraculous future path your man must tread to surprise me, you and the future: becoming the Democratic nominee for president. It is possible, though remote. Still, this is the Year of the Fire Monkey in Chinese astrology where wacky is mainstream, and unpredictable reversals of fortune are a day-to-day, madly mundane potential.

SandersSittingTheThinkerBernie won West Virginia big on 3 May 2016 with the highest percentage since his New Hampshire landslide way back when primary season began in early February. And yet, he’s still stuck in the same Democratic Party demographic bind. Sanders can win big in white-dominant rural states but he can’t crack through Hillary’s hold on multi-ethnic states with powerful Black and Hispanic voting blocks and huge populations. All the same he’s won 19 states and 48 percent of the delegates. Not bad for a Democratic Socialist interloper competing in the lion’s den of one of the two rigged, two-party corporate cartels.

His passionate speech in Salem Oregon delivered after news reached there of his big win in West Virginia made it categorically clear that he’s in the race all the way to the convention and he intends to win. He can’t win by pledged delegates so “winning” has to be redefined. The vote getter must become the missionary—the Prophet of his revolution. He has to converted the superdelegates to change sides.

SandersHillaryClintonGlumGrimIf Superman had super hearing these superdelegates are deaf to the chants of Sanders’ millions of followers, mostly the young and the future pool of support for the Democratic Party as it begins an axis shift to the left of center. If super man had X-Ray vision these superdelegates are blind to the polls that consistently show Sanders’ beating Trump in a national election by a wide margin.

The passionate progressives and the young take the ride with Sanders. The Establishment, DNC (I’d rename DNCC, standing for the Democratic National “Corporation Convention” party stands firm and facing the past with Hillary Clinton who is merely keeping time with History but falling behind the times. The Trump and Sanders movements in this election are the first steps towards a hopefully peaceful, Second American revolution.

I would suggest again as I wrote many months ago (click on Feel the Bern), that Sanders take the risk and regain his leverage by doing more than changing the Democratic platform to match his movement. He needs to demand from Clinton a very public pledge to adopt the main tenants of his movement or he will tell his voters not to vote for her on 8 November.

SandersShakingHandsHe needs to keep that threat hanging over her all the way to 8 November. Then, when she’s elected, he needs to soldier his millions of voters to be what Obama’s army of 8 million dedicated supporters—his army of vote canvasers, organizers and cyber savvy social media users—never got a chance to be, because he rejected them after they won him the presidency not once but twice. Let there be a Sanders Army online, on the streets peacefully demonstrating or performing acts of Gandian civil disobedience, strikes, shutdowns and occupations of government ministries, etc. Shut down and sit in all the colleges until the student debt issue is resolved. In short Sanders has already won something bigger than being president, he has launched a serious movement towards a peaceful revolution in America. All of you who have supported him need to keep your hope and intentions alive. You need to keep pressuring your legislators and president to change, whoever party they identify with. Keep your pressure on the two-party monopoly. It is the problem.

I say unto you: Never! Never! Never! let your grip on Clinton go! This is the start of the long hauling process. A revolution I foresee is coming in 2020. Peacefully build your movement and expand its numbers, inclusively welcoming all Americans. Move beyond parties and become the “Community of Americans” I have foreseen for years acting as a wedge movement that can break the hegemony of the two-party corporate cartel. No matter what happens in Philadelphia in July, mark that event as the beginning of your peaceful revolution. What is at stake is America’s future existence, because if revolution turns to the gun rather than the Constitution this country will be soaked in blood and nearly destroyed in the next decade.

SandersHillaryClintonCordialTo beat Trump you Sanders supporters need to help Hillary “feel the Bern.” You have to make her see that she needs to come closer to you and widen the distance from her corporate handlers who have bankrolled her campaign. That mean’s you’re public funding that was so pivotal in making Sanders independed of special interests and a serious candidate must transfer that people empowered funding to her when she becomes your nominee. The little people need to outspend big money interests. You can do this, and you can hold her feet to the fire with the math during the campaign and every minute of her first term in office.

Clinton could indicate to all of us that she is more than a presumptive nominee, more than a slam-dunk for Destiny as the first woman president. She could show us a moment of daring leadership choice. She could go to Philadelphia and nominate Bernie Sanders as her Vice Presidential running mate.

If she even has any potential for greatness, she’ll have to find the political brilliance and poise to stake her place in the middle balancing the corporate and progressive wings of the Democratic Party, starting with the convention in Philadelphia later in July. Of all the things she’s claimed to have done to prove she is ready to lead this country—many of which are doubtful achievements—striking a powerful balance and uniting her party coming out of the convention would truly be a significant sign that she’s ready, really ready to be president.

It’s up to her, but the price she’ll pay is a move to the progressive left that’s not just a calculated maneuver to trick Sanders supporters into her camp until the gets elected. She’ll have to play commander “and” balancer in chief, like Goddess Lady Justice with her scales.

If she creates such a team with Sanders as her Vice President nominee, Clinton will beat Trump in a 70-to-30 percent popular vote landslide and the Republicans could lose both houses of Congress for at least two years.

DATELINE: 15 May 2016

You want this pairing on election day if you are Trump supporters, not Sanders vs Trump.

You want this pairing on election day if you are Trump supporters, not Sanders vs Trump.

My Official Predictions about the FBI Clinton Email-gate Investigation

A Trump supporting Facebook friend sent me the following the other day:

John, I have read your thoughts on the Bernie and Clinton run, but 1 factor Bernie maybe staying in is the FBI email scandal because if she is found to be at fault (and she is) then Bernie can step up against Trump. You know Hillary put crook in crooked from 1969 her luck on getting away with the private server breech just might be out. lol.

Well, Betty, if you are correct then we’ll have a race that includes for better or worse two candidates that really speak for the outsiders of the system. I think that would be best thing that could happen for the American people for they also are now outsiders of the system. Now, with that said, I put my personal views aside and put on my three-cornered Nostradamus hat to predict the future. That future does not have Hillary indicted and taken out of the race any more than the Trump University scandal will take Trump out, though, I do see the pro-Clinton elements in the media blowing it out of proportions, until Trump wins the class action suit. Because he will. I’ve long forewarned of a future American Revolution in the early 2020s. It’s only four years away from happening. I hope that it will be peaceful, but it could also not be so. It would be good for outsiders to take power now for a peaceful revolution to happen. If a corporate puppet is elected president in 2016, then a violent revolution is far more possible in 2020. Remember I’ve got my soothsayer’s cap on now. This is not what I personally think, but I tell you this, Trump supporters. You want to run against Hillary. Even then your man has long odds to win, but he has a chance against her. On the other hand, in an outsider vs outsider, Trump-Sanders run, Sanders will win by a landslide.

More Facebook friends pitched in their comments about the above:


Really feel the Bern!

Honest to pete, John, as someone feelin’ the Bern, I have an easier time talking to Trump supporters, than Hillary supporters. And I see what you mean, we are ripe for a revolution (no soothsaying needed to see that). We have a choice: the easy way, or the hard way. Easy is, like the office supply commercial goes, better! Have a good one. I do read your thoughts when they pop up on my screen.

Great to see your comment and hear you’re reading words of the islander from beyond the “fairy” ride. Clinton has been instructed by her brain “truss” to answer Trump’s bullying with pure Wonk. She’s been told to be more boring than she already is. You know, I still predict she’s going to win this one, but man! Sometimes I see her working very very hard to make Hogue presidential prediction number 13 wrong.

WrinkledHillaryClintonSorryLINNEA R.
I thought that the preceding Sec’s of States used private servers, too. No matter what people think about Hillary, I don’t think that endlessly searching her email will do anybody good. That being said I am wondering if there is a chance that Hillary and Bernie will team up….as in Pres and VP…?

There is a chance of that. It would show Clinton making a bold choice for a change. It might also be a Machiavellian maneuver. As the old adage goes, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” In my idea of a dream team I see Clinton and Sanders. But it has as much chance of becoming true as Trump and Pen Gillette (of Pen and Teller parlor-magician trickster, flim-flam fame).


KEN L.: Through her neglect (or whatever actually happened) she didn’t protect 4 people in Benghazi and they paid with their lives. Horrible, agonizing and prolonged torture until they died. We can’t chance having that happen to America and her citizens. That, IMO, is how the endless searching will make a difference. Just my thoughts…

And what of the 60 or so diplomatic staff that died under the Bush administration? And the almost 300 who were killed in Lebanon under Reagan’s regime? Oh, and of course the 3000 who died on 9/11 and the 1000+ who died in Hurricane Katrina due to Bush’ neglect and indifference, not to mention the 5000 who were sent to fight a false war in Iraq? The right-wingers constantly cherry-pick their facts to sculpt the outcome (“facts”) they prefer. . As my Gramma used to say: “A half-truth is a whole lie”. It sounded better in Yiddish.

Click on the cover and read more about this new book and where the Ukraine crisis is taking us next.

Click on the cover and read more about this new book and where the Ukraine and ISIS crises could take us toward a nuclear standoff between Russia and the USA in 2017.

Well put, Dinah. Ken, I think she makes a pretty good point about whose neglect has gotten more Americans killed. Then again, Clinton is such a war hawk and eager to confront Putin and Russia, I’m more concerned about her, far more than Trump, blundering into a nuclear crisis with Russia in her first year in office. (Click on A New Cold War.)

Back to the thread of this back and forth: if only the Democrats would fist-a-cuff back the facts, but that party doesn’t. Both these parties, indeed parties as such, need to be abolished from the Republic. The Constitution does not protect the creation or promulgation of political parties. The founding fathers were famously against their rise as a sign of the hegemony of special interests poised to be the doom of democracy in America. (Well here they are.)

What we need are “Political Communities.” In short, a community is based on co-prosperity and helping each other find common ground to sustain the community. Political parties are constructed to polarize and make winners step over losers. It is negative. The other, positive and humane.

DATELINE: 15 May 2016

The mushroom cloud from the blast that rocked West, Texas on the evening of 17 April.

The mushroom cloud from the blast that rocked West, Texas on the evening of 17 April.

Texas Fertilizer Plant Blast three years ago “was” an Act of Terror as Hogue Predicted

Three years ago, the domestic terror filled week that included the Boston Marathon bombing and manhunt had inserted in that mayhem an enormous blast from a fire in the West, Texas, fertilizer factory that killed 15, injured over 200 and leveled 500 homes back on 17 April 2013.

This is what I wrote and predicted on 18 April 2013:

West, Texas, wreckage the day after the blast.

West, Texas, wreckage the day after the blast.

Today is the day before two anniversaries dear to anarchist and right wing, home grown, all-American domestic terrorists. April 19 is the 20th anniversary of the Waco, Branch Davidian massacre “and” the 18-year anniversary of a reprisal for it, the Oklahoma City bombing of the Murrah Federal Building. For the record, I cannot shake an intuitive suspicion that the explosion yesterday evening in West Texas, just 19 miles north of the city of Waco, Texas, was not an accident but an act of an arsonist, a domestic terrorist who on off hours entered that fertilizer factory on the north end of town to start a fire he knew would launch an explosion the size of a small nuclear bomb doing massive damage, wounding and loss of life.

The first and second Boston Marathon explosions caught on camera.

The first and second Boston Marathon explosions caught on camera.

Being in this business of interpreting prophecies for three decades, I have seen my share of remarkable coincidences and have said these were as much and not evidence of conspiracies. But this time, I am not so certain. I hope this explosion is a dreadfully and badly timed coincidence, and yet… I have no evidence to support this subjective feeling and I am concerned that the power of the explosion has all but left a crater out of any possible surviving evidence to back my suspicion that some arsonist anarchist or anti-Federalist “Tim McVeigh” out there set off the fire that blew things up, then vanished into anonymity. It is a signature of domestic terrorists that they hit and run, keep their plans close to their chests, unlike al-Qaeda. The Boston Marathon terrorists do this. Perhaps this is also being done in West Texas. God forbid there is another act, another explosion somewhere. Because that would back my intuition’s terrible vision that this was not an accidental explosion, of a rickety fertilizer plant already cited and overshadowed by a bad safety record.

The Boston Marathon Bombing,
an Act of Domestic Terrorism?
(, 18 April 2013)


Fortunately that West, Texas, blast had no repeat performance anywhere else. Today (11 May 2016) findings were presented at a news conference by agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives that indicate the deadly fire and explosion at the West Fertilizer Co. on April 17, 2013, in the rural town of West was indeed a crime of arson.

NBC reports “ATF Special Agent Robert Elder said the agency is offering a $50,000 reward to help find the person who committed the crime, which was determined to be deliberate after ‘we ruled out all accidental and natural causes.’ But he could not say why someone would have set the fire.”


West, Texas, after the explosion.

My intuition will say it. The deed was plotted and accomplished by an arsonist who is a white male and white supremacist. He set off the plant a few days prior to the twentieth anniversary marking the morning the Federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) bulldozed and set on fire the Waco Mt Carmel compound of David Koresh, on 19 April 1993, accidentally killing (some believe it was a massacre by design and intent) 78 members of the Branch Davidian sect also known as members of The People of the Seven Seals. Only nine survived. This tragedy became for many domestic anti-Fed militias and extremists “the Alamo” of their cause, even though Koresh and his disciples were not directly associated with right wing groups.

The Tsarnaev brothers with packs.

The Tsarnaev brothers with packs.

I went on in the 18 April article to specify that the Tsarnaev brothers responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings taking place on the same week were also connected to a domestic, white supremacist plot:

What I want to say on the record is my intuitive vision of this man, soon to be revealed by the FBI. In my vision he wears a white baseball cap. He is Caucasian, not an Arab. The Boston bombing is an attack of domestic terrorists .

Four months later I wrote the following update on 06 August 2013:

An interesting new disclosure apparently vindicates my remote viewing documented on the day I tried to psychically profile the Boston Marathon bombers before it was clear who they were. (Click Boston Marathon.) To recap briefly, I sensed that one was wearing a white baseball cap and that they were Caucasians and white supremacists. As it turns out the youngest of the Tsarnaev brothers “was” wearing a white baseball cap. As it turned out, they “were” domestic white Caucasian American citizen terrorists, literally and ethnically hailing from the Caucasus region of Russia.

RollingStoneBostonBomberMonday on BBC news Panorama, it was reported that the leader, the older brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev, subscribed to a number of White Supremacists magazines. This also explains why they set off their bombs on the Patriot Day holiday and on the week of anniversaries white supremacists usually commit acts of terror that included the anniversary of the Murrah Federal Building bombing and Hitler’s birthday.

HogueBoston Bombing Prophecy
They “Were” White Supremacists
(Hogueprophecy, 06 August 2013)

CosmosPBSCarlSaganCoverDATELINE: 15 May 2016

We are all made of God Stuff

An Excerpt from the Expanded Edition for Donors Only of Predictions 2016-2017: The Years of Crisis and Breakthrough

Astronomer Carl Sagan in the award-winning documentary Cosmos described all that we see in sky and on Earth, including each other, as “made of Star Stuff.” From big bang dust to stellar dust, in a great breathing out and breathing in of what the Hindu’s would call a Great Kalpa—an exceedingly long era of time, dozens of billions of years– the Universe breathes out from and retires back into the unknowable.

Today I would like to share with an excerpt from one of the extra features donors will enjoy when the special expanded edition—published only for them—will soon be released.

It is from the extra chapter that only donors to HogueProphecy will read, called, “We are Made of God Stuff.” It takes Carl Sagan’s concept one big step deeper in understanding what is hidden underneath the veil of stellar dust that had formed and created all of us, all living and inanimate things, worlds, stars, galaxies and the dark matter that holds them.

Prince-1999to1983Many of the passages in this special chapter are inspired by “you” my readers. Your statements of joy, or spiritual crisis, had inspired responses for which I am but a messenger, a mailman issuing missives from The Mystery. This passage was inspired by a reader, that, among other psychological triggers tripped, had been thrown into an existential crisis by the catalyst of the sudden and tragic death of Prince. She’s not alone. Many of you have written about how the tragedy had affected you. It indeed has affected me deeply as well. It would seem that Prince had “taken that elevator down” as his prescient lyrics from the song 1999 warned us all not to do. He had told a friend the lyric symbolized Satan dragging us down to Hell. I am not, like he, a Jehovah’s Witness, so, my view about Satan, Hell or the Antichrist, etc., is different. To me, these are just labels for the core evil, the only evil there is: living life Unconsciously. The only core good is a Consciously lived life. Drugs can be a doorway to Unconsciousness. Pain killers kill.

I will be writing more about Prince and the prophetic angle to his life and songs soon. For now, I want to share this response, inspired by a troubled and grieving fan of Prince, which is an excerpt from “We are Made of God Stuff.


StarCloudNurserySerpensConstellationWhat you need is an ability to be a witness to the body, mind and emotions. All that you see and experience that is happening to you is not who you are. You are simply the witnessing consciousness and these mind storms of yours are like storms in the limitless sky of your consciousness. They fill it with dark clouds or fantastically beautiful clouds full of sunset and sunrise colors, or as black and threatening as your moods.

Have you ever noticed that you can’t push clouds or cancel clouds out. You watch them in the sky and by and by they simply keep changing. They are beautiful one moment, projecting shapes that you fill with your mental projections. There’s a bear, there’s a demon now the cloud looks like Jesus is smiling at you. All of this is the mind projecting on an unassuming cloud. Your thoughts and emotions are like these clouds that clutter and distract you from the endless, limitless sky of consciousness.

The sky has no beginning or end. The sky has no form, yet it is there. Simply become a sky watcher of the clouds of mind and emotion, neither for them or against them. Simply a witness to their coming, their changing forms and ultimately all these lovely and ugly clouds, storms, disappear and there again you are reminded that at all times the sky is limitless and free. It is silent and formless. It is ALL.


I’m speaking metaphorically to you because what I want to give you comes from a higher place and speaks a higher language. It is silence itself. It is the meeting of the cosmic whole remembering itself.

Self-remembering is the gift of meditation. It is the only thing I have that is of any true value. So, I will now send you links and information about the meditation techniques I use and the teacher who taught me them. Worry not. Let that cloud go too.

Prince-1999withPrinceSymbolJust one more thing about symbols. They are merely the projections we impose on cloudy thoughts. For now, just take note of them and let them go. They will float around you, change, and one moment later, they will have disappeared like clouds in the sky of your witnessing consciousness. Be not interested or disinterested in them, any more than you might fixate on the lamp next to you rather than have a simple awareness that it is there. That the walls and ceiling are around you, etc. You’re aware of many things around you every moment, but the disturbance you feel is only coming out of your agitated mind latching onto them with your energy.

No problem. Let that “me” be. And if you can’t let it alone, just note the shape of that cloud and let it just be. The mind will chatter like a radio your neighbor left on full blast in his apartment before going to work. It will babble on through your wall all day. Let it babble. You cannot switch it off, you can only let go of your identification with the noise.

Meditation-ZenHilltoptreeMoonriseMeditation helps one see how we “do” misery, how we “do” anguish, like the anguish you are “doing” to yourself right now. One last thing before I share with you these links. Any synchronistic feeling you have about Prince’s death and symbols on CD and record labels are to be noted and let go of. It’s just the ceiling and walls. It’s just a lamp on your table. Do you rave against the lamp and the walls? No… The same with synchronicity. Your agitated mind will find what it is looking for and make something of it.

Meditation says, “What of it?” “Such is the case” and it will let it be and let it go.


The mind will eventually then settle down like an agitated pond that initially has its reflection of the full moon disturbed by a rock hard thought thrown against it. Suddenly the moon’s reflection is a delirium of agitated sparkles, winking crazy. Doing anything about it just throws more rocks into the water disturbing the pond.

Witness how you throw your emotions and thoughts around like rocks disturbing the reflection pool of your world. When your witnessing consciousness simply watches you doing this misery all by yourself, the rock throwing of thought loses your connection. Slowly you will see yourself doing misery and it makes it look silly to throw rocks now. You’ll begin seeing the Cosmic Joke of it. The rock in hand will simply fall out of your relaxing palm.

EyeNebulaMeditationYou start waiting.

Watch what happens to the pond.

It will settle.

The insanely dancing sparkles will calm.

The surface will become still like glass and the reflection of the full moon will be perfectly revealed.

What you do next at that moment is turn inwards your consciousness.

Witness the true “Full Moon.”



Would you like the links and information I gave this reader? Simply Contact Me. And put one word in the subject line: Meditation. I will then send you freely this information.

Click on the cover and check out this new release!

Click on the cover and check out this new release!


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    But John, the Boston Bombing was a COMPLETE hoax. Plenty of excellent research on the subject…..and your comments human caused global warming…really? There is zero valid data to support your comment. The human caused global warming hoax is to suck more money.from all baaaad humans. It is psychological warfare, not valid science. Is the planet warming? Yes, it appears to be for now, which is a very common event which precedes an ice age. Check out the sun. Remember when it was yellow? It is now white. As David Icke would say “Global warming is caused by the bloody sun.” We will only know for sure once we.experience the future.

    For all of what you say to be credible, you have to possess a mind that is capable of researching a subject without any prejudices for or against the topic. This, categorically, is not “you”, Shelly. Oh, and by the way, don’t let the Inter-Nuts on Internet fool you by playing with the color of the sun in their photos. It’s still yellow.

    I bear witness to your state of mind, Shelly: what is coming in the next ten years in the case of human induced climate change will prove your thinking foolish, ignorant and unabashedly in the way of the human progress required to save your civilization, your children and grandchildren. I understand how your mind works and can only feel sorry and feel compassion for how abjectly blind you are to what is coming and to what you have a part in creating.

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