Trump Loses Wisconsin, prepare for an Open Republican Convention as Hogue Predicted. Sanders wins Wisconsin, a turning of the Tide? An Open Democratic Convention?

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DATELINE: 06 April 2016

Trump’s Mouth joins the Anti-Trump GOP Establishment movement on 23 March as forecast, ensuring an Open Convention in Cleveland

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Click on the cover to the Amazon sales page.

The two front-runners in the race for president lost big yesterday in Wisconsin. With this said, I do not take back a word of what I projected for Hillary Clinton in my 20 March article (click on Hillary Clinton). She will be the Democratic Party nominee. I stress again that she “and” Trump after campaigning beyond 1 April will not need to look back. Their competitors, Sanders and Cruz, will not overtake them in the pledged delegate race. Yet, as I have been writing, starting as early as six months ago when this race was just beginning, there was a challenging Uranus-Pluto Square to contend with. It begins affecting the race just a few days before the first round, the Iowa Caucus and remain transiting over the pivotal first two months of the campaign when around 60 percent of the delegates for both parties would be chosen, at last ending 1 April (Fools Day) 2016.

I cautioned that the front runners would win big and early but there could be damage done during the square that would certainly lead to a brokered or open Republican Convention in Cleveland and the outside chance of same in Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention this July.

Click on the cover and read a free book sample.

Click on the cover and read a free book sample.

Beginning in early October of last year, my Oracle began insisting on a number of prophetic developments that its messenger—me—find personally uncomfortable to countenance, because it just seems so beyond the pale of possibility. I was writing extensively in Trump for President: Astrological Predictions an accounting of how he could actually win the nomination even after the first ballot in the convention was dutifully voted and many of the delegates could then vote their personal preferences. It seemed impossible to me personally that Trump would ever get that far and I almost dumped what I was writing. Yet my Oracle compelled me to get out of the way and write on!

It could see it coming, long before there was even a race, really. Trump did win big and early but he could do great harm to himself if his afflicted astrological aspects muddled his communication of his ideas and made him a medium of his darker, Gemini evil twin self. Consider the following segment and my present assessments of it:

TrumpHoldingEarTongueOutBeware Trump the rebuilder of America devolving into Trump the birther-brained conspiracy wonk sliding off message and becoming the xenophobic nativist waxing politically partisan with self-righteousness. Going down to a new level of negativity just might win him the nomination from all the darkest voter resources of the reactionary far right Republican base at too high a saturnine karmic cost during the general election.

ASSESSMENT: Do you all remember the robocalls from white supremacists on the eve of each early caucus and primary? Remember how it led to the notorious moment when Trump could not bring himself to categorically reject the robocalls of the Klu Klux Klan just prior to 1 March Super Tuesday? That didn’t seem to hurt him. It was “that new level of negativity” I forecast that probably got him the white fright vote in the Deep South, aiding him sweeping all the southern states except Ted Cruz’s home state of Texas.

TrumpMouthWideattackRedBackgroundFear sells, but at a price.

I wrote my book not only for my readers but also as a private “reading” for a public figure to absorb and perhaps understand and transcend his bad potentials with his harmonious astrological aspects, which are many.

I would advise Trump step back a bit from the dark side of the force of his ego to find his Libran spirit. Be the balancer, weighing the positive and centrist policies (Jupiter’s sextile with Saturn) and be sparing with the Mercury square motivated attacks. Don’t play the bad guy for too long. Remember what you wrote in The Art of the Deal: “Despite what some people may think, I’m not looking to be a bad guy when it isn’t absolutely necessary.”

Trump must sustain his lead early and strong in the Iowa Caucus (1 February), the New Hampshire Primary (9 February), and the primaries in Nevada and especially South Carolina (20 and 23 February). The New Moon at 19 degrees Aquarius trines his delegate-expanding Jupiter 17 degrees Libra on day of the New Hampshire Primary. His Natal Mercury is trined transiting Neptune in Pisces as well. In short, that means the Trump message received by the widest audience can produce the most ballots and victory.

TrumpBacktoCameraArmsOutstretchedASSESSMENT: As it turned out, Trump just missed winning in Iowa, won big in New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina at a time when the stars aided his ruling planet Mercury with harmonious energy, keeping him pretty much on track and on theme. Even his barbs and denouncements of competitors were clear enough and anchored enough in truth to help his campaign gain a momentum early that still at the time of this writing has him the leader by hundreds of delegates beyond Cruz. So far, Trump did gain a lion’s share of the popular vote, breaking turnout records with 3.5 million people voting for him.

Yet, waiting in the wings was one of the nastiest of squares:

Overshadowing the front-loading of primaries to pick a clear front-runner in February through March is a reprise of an old and accursed, deadlocking square of Uranus in Aries with Pluto in Capricorn. It goes near exact by one degree two days before the Ohio Caucus. It then sustains a near-perfect square through the New Hampshire and Nevada primaries, losing a little malevolence by widening the orb of influence two degrees over the skies of the South Carolina Primary on 28 February into the biggest primary show of the season: 1 March, Super Tuesday, with 13 GOP primaries and caucuses up for grabs. It continues to shine its 90-degree negativity on Saturday, 5-6 March, at the time six more state caucuses and primaries commence. Appropriately enough, the square doesn’t let go until April Fool’s Day.

BlackProtesterWhiteTrumpFollowerArguingASSESSMENT: The danger, I explained later was a potential diluting of the delegates to outsiders like Trump and those candidates the Republican establishment, once at last awakened to the Trump danger, would finance and help become spoilers:

If this square has its way, the Trump, Fiorina, Carson outsiders’ rebellion will run up against a wall of corporate, establishment candidates and there will be deadlock—no clear winners. This could mean delegates would be spread thin throughout the throng of hopefuls so that no front-runner advances beyond the pack in the early spring.

ASSESSMENT: Fiorina fell out early, as the book predicted she would. Carson also was consumed by the bigger battles between Trump vs. Cruz and the Establishment’s poster boy, Marco Rubio. Delegates were also scattering among the four left standing which included the eccentric campaign of Ohio Governor John Kasich who would win his home state in one of the first winner-take-all challenges thus beginning to make it mathematically hard for Trump or Cruz to gain the magic number of 1,237 delegates to automatically win the nomination before going to the convention.

Trump had definitely taken a commanding lead in the first two months, so that prediction didn’t turn out completely right. However, the essence of the message of my Oracle was inclining toward what I forecast six months ago:

In the worst-case scenario, especially for Trump’s hopes, no one wins and he goes to a brokered convention in Cleveland in far-off July. The delegates will cast their perfunctory votes for no clear winner in the first ballot, then, according to RNC rules, they are free to vote for anybody they like in the second or subsequent ballots cast, even for people not running, like Mitt Romney. The Establishment and the corporate money will intend to lobby (read “bribe”) enough delegates to pick their man and it won’t be anybody left standing who isn’t a career politician.


As we know, Mitt Romney famously stepped up as a leading member of the “Stop Trump” movement in March and it gained momentum. Their aim was just what my Oracle predicted: not to beat Trump but to dilute the delegates won amongst Cruz and Kasich so that Trump wouldn’t get to the convention with the magic number of delegates where he would be taken out and replaced. A dangerous proposition, especially because Trump will come to Cleveland with a lion’s share of the delegates. He may just miss 1,237 by 20 votes or less. Could they dare deny him the nomination and not destroy the party before a national television audience? That’s a topic for later.

After writing the above, I inserted this following comment two months after the selected quotes you are reading from early October when Trump for President was in final edits:

TrumpMikeFingerUpMakeAPointUPDATE 09 December 2015: This chapter was written in October 2015. Two months later, I would add, indeed even entertain, the possibility of a corporate coup to sabotage and rig the primary voting to prevent Trump from winning in early primaries as a result of this malevolent square. This might set us back on a future track I earlier forecast as far back as mid-August in a Hogueprophecy article [The Donald Trump Predictions]. It was about what hell there would be to pay for the GOP if Trump felt he was unfairly treated—forced out—and thus sets him in motion to run one of the most effective independent campaigns for president since Teddy Roosevelt’s Bull Moose Party bid in 1912.

The anti-Trumpsters would get help from Trump himself. In late March and under the temptation of bad aspects to his Mercury (mind), his Jupiter (higher mindedness going low brow) he finally started making statements so wild and off the cuff that it may have hurt his chances in Wisconsin and maybe beyond. Trump started channeling whatever kooky Gemini idea dropped into his brain, not thinking of the consequences, thanks in part to having his Moon in Sagittarius shooting arrows in the air, where they landed Trump did not care. My Oracle warned him of the specific day he would say something that could launch a deflation of his popularity and momentum:

TrumpCartoonGothingRealismNevertheless, other aspects transiting on 23 March might cause Trump to slip into the Sith side of his mercurial personality during a Sun-Mercury conjunction at 2-3 degrees Aries opposed Trump’s natal Neptune 5 degrees Libra.

ASSESSMENT: Sometimes it’s scary how the cosmic forces can align exactly as dated months in advance. On 22 March the Brussels ISIS terror bombing of the international airport and a main train station worked to overshadow the Arizona Primary and Utah Caucus elections handing Trump a split decision against Cruz. Trump won all the delegates from Arizona but Cruz won all the delegates in Utah by beating him so soundly that all the proportional delegates became Cruz’s. A Cruz super PAC had republished old photos from GQ Magazine of Trump’s wife posing nude when she was a well-known model.

The following day, the election results were overshadowed by Trump escalating the nude photo issue with tweets threatening to go after and expose Cruz’s wife. Thus on 23 March, Trump began descending to a new level of outrage, taking the Cruz Super PAC bait. He descended into a state of nervy agitation and overreaction that just seemed juvenile and unpresidential right when the world was reeling and trying to deal with a terrible terrorist attack in Brussels. It was a time to be presidential, not purulent. Instead, both Trump and Cruz, these two potential president wannabes, were dragging their wives down in the mud in public.

TrumpPointingOHNext, Trump fired off credibility-undermining gaffs that dropped in his “good brain” as he calls it, like saying he was against nuclear proliferation in one breath but encouraging with the next that Japan and South Korea to build their own nuclear arsenals against North Korea, seemingly clueless of the consequences. If a President Trump allowed that to happen, China would enter an arms race with Japan and South Korea making the Western Pacific Rim a far more dangerous region.

Trump reached his most fan-gaff-stic climax, saying when pressed in an interview by MSNBC host Chris Matthews on 30 March, to answer him straight: do women need to be punished for having abortions? Trump said yes. The circle of gaff-and-fetch it from 23 to 30 March was complete, ending as it began seasoned heavily with misogyny, further destroying any chance that Trump can win the all important women’s vote.

TrumpFreeFramewFofFiredmouthThe anti-Trump campaign redoubled gaining fertile ground in the conservative stronghold that is Wisconsin’s Republican Party members. Cruz beat Trump soundly on 5 April there and just may have ensured a brokered convention that Trump could lose, thanks in no small measure to the dark stars that drug Trump into acting on his dark potentials on 23 March as warned. In closing, I have no reason to change what I set down for the record around 5 October last year, exactly six months ago, for what is coming next for Trump:

My crystal ball doesn’t see Trump having a chance to cinch the nomination in latter primaries. It’s all or nothing in those early primaries from 1 February to April Fools Day.

Still, there is a chance you will have Trump on your ballot on 8 November. It always was a long shot, but it is a real shot no less, so stresses his astrology. He may survive the establishment’s bloodless coup by brokered convention. Read my book and with your purchase for only $3.99 (or $0.99 if on sale), you help these timely articles keep coming to give you the prophetic scoop of future trends of current events.

DATELINE: 06 April 2016


Hogue Predicted Clinton after 1 April need not look back, but then she loses big to Bernie Sanders in Wisconsin. Should she be looking back? Is Hogue’s April First Prophecy going to make him an April Fool?

Some people are wondering that. My response is, I don’t think so. Hillary Clinton has a huge lead will carry her into the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, whether she reaches the magic number of 2,383 before the convention or during it, if it is brokered. All she needs to do is stay ahead a few hundred pledged delegates, which she can and will do, because Sanders is not going have the same big victory he did yesterday in Wisconsin in every contest remaining.

BernieSandersMustUpHairFarewell predominantly white Wisconsin-style states, Mr. Sanders, where you do amazingly well. The race goes to New York on 19 April and other key northeastern states on 26 April, like Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. This is “Clinton country” with states brimming with large multi-ethnic, African America and Latino voting blocks. Sanders may do better than expected but he cannot repeat Wisconsin-like 60 or 70 percent victories in all the states left in the race to move ahead of Clinton in pledged delegates. He’d get close but a lead is a lead.

WrinkledHillaryClintonSorryOh but many Sanders supporters hold onto that dream that superdelegates will jump the Clinton ship when—if—it gets close. You readers supporting Sanders do so misunderstanding what Clinton’s hard core of super delegate support is—part and parcel movers and shakers of the Establishment political machine, one of the two-party machines that will do whatever they can to stop these unique “Chinese Year of the Monkey” swinging in outsider popular movements from gaining the White House.

Click on the cover and see how you can receive the expanded edition of this forthcoming book.

Click on the cover and see how you can receive the expanded edition of this forthcoming book.

I will explain in more detail how they’ll try to stop the outsiders in the Republican and Democratic Party in Predictions 2016-2017: Years of Crisis and Breakthrough (soon to be published in late May or early June). Suffice it to say, I do not envision a majority of superdelegates will budge from their Clinton support because they have the power to ensure that their establishment and influence will continue only if they rally around Hillary whether this election is decided in primaries or goes to an open convention. Short of her arrest by the FBI for email-gate (which I don’t foresee happening) they are locked in.

I’ve been saying this all along, the Democratic political machine, like the Republican, will do everything they can in 2016 to prevent outsiders from dictating the future course of US politics. What I hope the Sanders and Trump revolutionary movements will learn from 2016 is that you can’t fix a corrupt two-party system by insinuating yourselves in it. A real, and hopefully peaceful revolution starting in 2020, the next election cycle, requires those who want to change the two-party system “remove” the two-party system. And I sincerely hope and work as a forecaster towards providing you all with the potential future solutions to challenges so that your revolution succeeds using the ballot box and the Constitution and not descend into a revolution of the gun and bloodshed.

A better future is beyond the two-party system. In prescient fact, it is beyond political parties.

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Click on the cover and pre-order the definitive, expanded new edition about the most popular topic in the history of Nostradamus’ prophecies.


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One Comment

  1. Carol K
    Posted 7 April 2016 at 2:08 am | Permalink

    Just a minor, yet significant correction. You state that the photos of Melania Trump were put out by a Cruz SuperPAC. This has been thoroughly debunked.

    The pics were posted by the anti-Trump SuperPAC, Make America Awesome (which is not pro-Cruz, simply anti-Trump). The operator, Liz Mair, posted on Twitter on 24 March 2016 t 6:09p, 6:11p, 6:12p, 6:13p, 6:15p x2, 6:17p, and 6:18p taking full responsibility. She has also stated elsewhere that Ted Cruz had nothing to do with her ad.

    Perhaps you could edit your writings to reflect this fact.

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