Hogue projects Hillary Clinton Democratic Party Nominee. Trump leads Delegate Count never looking back. Who wins Arizona, Utah and Idaho this Tuesday? Russia pulls Jets out of Syria, and finally, understanding Putin’s Judo Diplomacy

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DATELINE: 20 March 2016

Super Tuesday Three: Trump Wins Four out of Five States and I Project Hillary Clinton the Winner of the Democratic Nomination

Back in the last HogueProphecy Bulletin, I predicted the following about Super Tuesday Two, 18 March:

Trump tonight is setting up for a major victory on the Ides of March [against] the Republican Establishment Caesars. Et tu Brute?! So far my astrology forecasts for Trump about the first two months of the primary campaign are nearly 100 percent accurate. Now comes the turning of the tide when winner takes all primaries begin with Ohio and Florida, the states that swing presidential elections more than any others. What’s going to happen? Can Cruz and Kasich dilute Trump’s tidal wave of success and take him down at an open convention in July?

Click on the cover and read a free book sample.

Click on the cover and read a free book sample.

Trump has indeed turned the tide. As of last Tuesday’s vote, I project he has clinched a lead that Ted Cruz or Kasich can’t surmount. But by losing Ohio, which I predicted was a possibility in my HogueProphecy articles posted on 12 March (read here), Trump is still activating an alternative future I warned about in detail in my book Trump for President: Astrological Predictions. I give it a 50-50 chance that he will now not have collected the 1,273 pledged delegates needed to clinch the nomination before traveling to the RNC Convention in Cleveland (18-21 July).

Back in October when I was writing the chapter about the Primary Campaign trail to Cleveland, I kept kicking myself wondering why my Oracle wanted to spend so much time on a brokered convention. Personally, I’m often at odds with my Oracle’s predictions but I dutifully write them down anyway because 9 out of 10 times the Oracle is right and my personal expectations are wrong. Now I’m beginning to understand why the Oracle compelled me to write a day-by-day, astrological blow-by-blow account of the wheeling, dealing and potentially riotous convention to come.

Get yourself a copy of this book now and get a heads up on what might be the most rowdy convention since Chicago 1968. This book covers every milestone Trump must overcome to be elected the next president on 8 November, and much much more. The last third of the book looks at the potential future of a Trump presidency, warts, overcombs and all, even some unsuspected positives along with the frightening negatives.

Click on Trump and get your copy for only $3.99 and you help me continue this forecasting work and sustain HogueProphecy.com. If you can’t give $12.50 in a donation, you can certainly afford $3.99, I would think. I would hope. Please help us and I’ll help you back. This book will help you understand and prepare for the potentials coming in our turbulent and revolutionary future.



Click on the cover and receive a personal notice when the book is available for pres-sale and when it is available at Amazon.

Now a word about Hillary Clinton’s formidable performance on Super Tuesday Three. She won all five states: Florida, North Carolina, Missouri, Illinois and Ohio. Because of the proportional rules of the DNC, she’ll be sharing many of the delegates with Bernie Sanders but now she has a sizable cushion that will keep her permanently ahead of “the Bern,” without his being able to race neck and neck and perhaps convince hundreds of her super delegates to cross over to the Sanders camp. She has far larger a lead now than Obama had against her in 2008. I don’t see Sanders winning more than 70 percent of the delegate remaining to dilute the Hillary tsunami. This race on the Democratic side is mathematically over and my often-voiced prediction about Sanders will be fulfilled. Sanders can open big but he can’t close this race. I apologize to all of my Bernie Sanders readers. You have and you can still have a significant impact on the Democratic Party platform and keeping pressure on Hillary Clinton to adopt some of your revolution’s tenets. Keep burning the Bern… I predict your movement is bigger than one election cycle can contain. Remember that. Don’t be disheartened. Revolutions take time even in turbulent times.

Some of you have wondered why I’ve put so much more energy into the Trump and Republican race than Sanders versus Clinton. The reason is the Republican race has far more alternative future timelines tangled in it. Clinton has only one future timeline I’ve consistently foreseen for many years now, that in 2016 she would become the nominee of the Democrats and then be elected president. I wrote about the inevitability of Hillary Clinton becoming the first female president starting at least 15 years or more ago on pre-election day in November 2000. It might even go back farther than that.

Certitude has helped her destiny balloon grow yet more than once; I’ve tried to puncture it with oracular inquiries into her potential missteps and weak links. I warned in an article posted 2 March 2007 how in the primary season to come a year later, if she could not apologize for her vote in the US Senate in October 2002 that gave G.W. Bush war powers to make his historic mess in Iraq that her presidential destiny would be closed in 2008. She didn’t apologize. Obama whom I foresaw as her chief rival won the close primary race with that anti-war lobby’s edge. Thus began my predictions of a Hillary run in 2016. This time around in early September, seven years later I was hunting for another alternative future weak link. The media and the Republican spin doctors were pressing hard that the email security issue was that weak link and I began to think it remotely might be—I stress “remotely.” However, I looked at her astrology and saw much of that threat evaporating once Saturn ended its transit through Scorpio where it had been passing over her Sun (ego ruler), Ascendant (ruler of outer expression and how one is seen by others), Mercury (her intellect) and karmic Saturn in the 12th House. I predicted back in the end of September that she would begin her surge, gain strength and advance to her destiny (click on Clinton’s emails).

Short of some cardiovascular health issue, she’s on her way to fulfill her destiny and only Donald Trump has a remote chance of beating her—no other Republican candidate that might be rolled in to nomination other than Trump has a shot. She’s working on what may be a landslide victory. So once I finish my trilogy of books about 2016-2017 this May, I will begin principle work on Hillary Clinton: Astrological Predictions. This book will look at her astrology, take you through the Presidential Campaign and beyond, covering an account of her first term in office.

I hope to have it out in time for the Democratic National Convention in the latter weeks of July. Click HERE to get on a list and receive a personal notice when it available for purchase. I will probably initiate a pre-order program as well. Stay tuned for news about that.

In the meantime I do have currently ready for pre-order Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named: Mabus. This completely updated and expanded second edition explores Nostradamus’ most well known topic about our future, which has become our present because the man who would be his Third and Final Antichrist is our contemporary. This book provides the most complete examination of all the candidates:

Pre-order Here:

Click on the cover and pre-order the definitive, expanded new edition about the most popular topic in the history of Nostradamus' prophecies.

Click on the cover and pre-order the definitive, expanded new edition about the most popular topic in the history of Nostradamus’ prophecies.

DATELINE: 20 March 2016

Predictions for Super Tuesday Four: Who wins Arizona, Utah and Idaho?

I’ll make this brief. Ted Cruz will win Utah because he’ll enjoy a Mormon Mitt Romney, anti-Trump movement bounce. Trump with enjoy a winner-take-all victory in Arizona. On the Democrat side are three states up for grabs. Hillary wins Arizona handily but Sanders will rebound a bit in Idaho and Utah where they will split the delegates. It doesn’t change the inexorable mathematics. Clinton’s lead will continue to stretch out of reach for Sanders.

DATELINE: 20 March 2016

Please don’t argue English translations of Nostradamus with me unless you also can read Sixteenth-Century French

Some questioners really waste my time, expecting an answer to things about Nostradamus’ prophecies that miss a brain cell activated to sniff out the obvious. Case in point, I’ll get people debating the prophecies of Nostradamus giving me English quotes as if Nostradamus wrote in English and these are his actual words. Guess what? Nostradamus never spoke or wrote a word of English. These English “translations”—often poorly endeavored—are often wretchedly composed disseminations of sixteenth-century Old French, Occitan, Spanish, Latin, and Greek with some Hebrew and Arabic thrown in, and last but not least Provencal, Nostradamus’ mother tongue, a heavily Latinized, Hellenized and Spanish-saturated French.

Nationalism is a mental flypaper that often has these pseudo-scholars conjuring his nebulous verses to only bring illumination to their nativist preconceptions. American armchair Nostradamus amateurs are not alone. If you read the many Japanese translations of him, you’d think Nostradamus was only concerned with the future of Japan.

Mike’s letter is a more entertaining example of someone establishing an imaginative argument based on a fundamentally dopey linguistic premise. He’s talking about the famous Mabus quatrain: 2 Q62, which is the corner stone to Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist Prophecies. Here’s the Old French and a proper English translation:

2 Q62
Mabus puis toƒt alors mourra, viendra,
De gens & beƒtes vne horrible defaite:
Puis tout à coup la vengeance on verra,
Cent, main, ƒoif, faim, quand courra la comete.

Mabus very soon then will die, [then] will come,
A horrible undoing of people and animals,
At once one will see vengeance,
One hundred powers, thirst, famine,
when the comet will pass.

Might want to look at the original text, is it the comet will run or the committee will run? Comets don’t run they pass, committee’s run, i.e., run very fast in the opposite direction.

Mike, you’re too funny, man. You’re statement shows as much understanding about Nostradamus’ words and grammar as a guy passing opinions about driving but he can’t find the ignition key. In fact, he doesn’t even know about ignition keys, but still, he’ll lecture you on how to drive.

Clearly you don’t read sixteenth-century French. I’m pretty sure of that. Otherwise you wouldn’t make this inane statement for quand courra la comete. You’d know that “courir” translates into: “will run, will be in a race; will go quickly, will hasten; will ramble, will rove, will pass.”

When the comet will run or …will pass is EXACTLY what Nostradamus’ French means in English. No need to chase that up with a committee sprinting out of sight.

DATELINE: 20 March 2016

Russian begin partial pullout in Syria. Mission accomplished? Yes. Understand Putin’s Judo Doctrine at work in Syria and in Ukraine

One has to experience the meditative martial art of Judo to understand the global strategic thinking of Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin. In Predictions 2015-2016, I wrote:

Meditation is a form of journalism investigating the who, what, when, and the wheres and whys of one’s soul. Consciousness becomes the observing reporter. It is the witness of how the body, mind, heart and being tick.

Click on the cover and see the NEW PRINTED EDITION.

Click on the cover and see the NEW PRINTED EDITION.

In my role as a meditative investigator, I contend that I recognize the influence of the Judo philosophy in Putin’s strategic moves. For instance, one finds him practicing the Judo principle of “maximum efficiency, minimum effort” in his decision to allow the Russian forces already based in the Crimea to occupy it with minimum effort because there was maximum support by over 90 percent of the ethnic Russians who wanted to return to Russia. It’s a simple fact that the US and NATO-backed coup on 22 February 2014 overthrew the Russian-sympathetic government of Yanukovych, putting in its place in Kiev a regime openly declaring its US prompted request to join NATO. This was the moment for the black belt in Judo to anticipate and trip his opponent’s advance.

In Judo you wait to make your move on a more powerful and assertive opponent by applying a thrust with exactly the right timing. I would contend that a Russian leader who wasn’t a first-degree black belt in Judo might have trusted that the new regime in Ukraine would honor its lease to Russia allowing Moscow access to naval, air and army bases in and around Sevastopol, Crimea.

The future I predict will prove Putin anticipated the next thrust of his opponent correctly. He had used a counterblow of “minimum effort” (occupying what was already occupied) with “maximum efficiency” (that is, taking away the real prize desired by NATO-US interests). The Crimea had been a Russian province for over three centuries. Soviet Premier Khrushchev had only annexed it to Ukraine in 1956. When the Soviet Union broke up, it should have returned to the motherland.

Predictions 2015-2016: Chapter Nine:
The Future of Vladimir Putin
Subsection: Siberian Mountain Forest Murmurs

This strategy of a well-timed blow to a larger foe was applied to bring the US, NATO and their surrogate Ukraine to a political solution not once but twice in the late summer of 2014 and again in the early winter months of 2015 called the Minsk I and II agreements. In both cases the Kiev regime propped up into being by the Western powers had begun an all-out civil war on the ethnic Russian breakaway states of Lugansk and Donbas in Eastern Ukraine. Each time President Poroshenko invaded these Putin allowed Russian Federation forces to “take a furlough” from active duty, remove their insignias off all vehicles, tanks and artillery weapons, as well as their uniforms, and help the Eastern Ukrainian militias defeat the Ukrainian Army twice. The latter rout convinced enough NATO backers like Prime Minister Merkel of Germany and President Hollande of France to break ranks with American neocons influencing Obama’s foreign policy decision against Russia. The flew to Moscow and consulted Putin then all eventually flew to Minsk to meet Poroshenko for peace talks that so far have kept the Ukrainian Civil War on hold for over a year. Putin’s two military nudges with a minimum of effort had the maximum effect on quashing any chance of a military option having success. Russia would always be there to tip the balance against an invader. In short, Putin only uses military force to rabidly bring about a political solution.

The same happened in Syria, when the Assad Regime, the sovereign government of Syria, whether the West likes it or not, had never given them permission to fly over its airspace or bomb its countryside. They did ask the Russians for military assistance. Russia replied by building up its forces at the Tartus Naval base it leases from Syria and establishing an airbase in Latakia in late September 2016. A vigorous bombing campaign coordinated with the Syrian Army began in October 2016 and in a few short months of efficient strikes maximized far more damage to ISIS forces and its black market oil export rackets than NATO and American air forces had accomplished in a year of posture bombing.

Starting in June 2014 after ISIS had routed four Iraqi Army divisions around Mosul and conquered most of the Sunni provinces of Iraq, the US air campaign began and seemed to deliver token harm to Islamic State. It was almost like the US military industrial complex was playing its perpetual war game to make huge profits rearming Iraq and all the neighboring Gulf States in a decades-long containment of ISIS.

Putin ruined their war marketeering because he’s that rare leader these days that doesn’t build and use military force to perpetuate wars but to inflict with maximum violence to end a war and bring about a political, peaceful solution. Like in Crimea and again in Ukraine, Putin applied a careful blow to US-NATO military ambitions. Putin sides with the Syrian Regime. He attacks also the so-called Free Syrian Army (which is not free of being another kind of Jihadist fundamentalist gaggle of militias little different in ideology than ISIS or al-Nusra). Putin was sending a message to world leaders. It was a variation on what he proposed to the Ukrainian regime. Russia would be there to preserve Syria, like it preserved Novi Russia, the breakaway provinces of Eastern Ukraine with just enough military support to make the military option a failure.

Putin also sent his planes immediately to devastate hundreds of oil tankers in headlight to tail light traffic snarls waiting to cross the Turkish border and sell black market crude oil to elements in the Turkish government. US planes had been flying over those convoys for a year and did next to nothing. Russia came in and immediately smashed a major source of US-cash-generating export that is the backbone to the Islamic State’s financial system, without which it cannot buy support and soldiers to wage war.

The NATO and American fighter-bombers never touched the convoys because they apparently weren’t there to end a war but to perpetuate one. The Turkish regime of President Erdogan was so incensed by the effective Russian attacks that his Turkish war jets fired air-to-air missiles from Turkish airspace into Syrian airspace shooting down a Russian Sukoi fighter bomber, killing one of the two pilots and nearly caused a dangerous international incident.

Putin the Judo black belt swiftly hit the Turkish leader where it really hurt. After denying his family a cut in the black market crude deals with ISIS, Russians tourism immediately ceased, eliminating half of Turkey’s tourism business. Then came Russian sanctions knocking out half of Turkey’s food exports, which no longer would be shipped to their number one client, Russia.

In the aftermath of the Russian jets flying home from Syria in the last week, Western media try hard to forget what Putin said at the onset of their mission. That his military air war in Syria was a limited military action and would be over in four months to a half a year, max. Here we are five months later. Putin broke the back of the Turko-ISIS black market racket. He bombed the Syrian opposition fighters supplied and supported by the US and NATO making his missile-tipped point to the rebels and to the West. Assad wasn’t going anywhere and his regime would have to be accepted as a reality and a key negotiator in a political settlement of hostilities between Free Syrian and Regime forces so they could then unite with NATO and defeat al-Nusra and ISIS, who are enemy number one.

March 2016 witnesses diplomats from all parties converging on Geneva, the United Nations second capital after New York, to present a roadmap to Syrian peace. Putin in a gesture of support of these efforts had ceased his air campaigns and pulled his air force out of Syria.

Mind you well, the Russian’s are not going to completely abandon their airbase in Latakia or their naval base in Tartus, Syria. Just like in Ukraine, Putin can rapidly send Assad minimum of military assistance to have a maximum impact if rebels, goaded by the Western powers, should resume fighting the Assad regime. The Russian jets that few away can just as quickly fly back to Syria, and initiated a judo throw down as a message: war with the regime is not an option. Talk. Negotiate a political solution. The real enemy is ISIS and al-Qaeda affiliates occupying large tracts of Syria and Iraq. Take them down first. Negotiate creating a federalist Syrian republic with more autonomy granted to the provinces, if not outright partition of Syria. Assad in the end may end up with his piece of Syria to rule.

Breakups are an unavoidable near future for these Western-imposed pseudo nations like Syria and Iraq. They had been created after the Ottoman Empire collapsed after the First World War as an expansion of Allied colonialism in the Middle East. By 2018, a century later, these fake bastions of colonialism like Iraq and Syria will completely break apart.

I’m not at all certain other parties in this theater of destruction are ready for peace. I predict that there will be at least two more times the Russian jets will have to return to make this point bloody clear this year. Nostradamus often mentioned “those of Geneva” meaning the United Nations diplomatic missions, talking and talking for weeks, months years until they “damn their own useless powers” to give peace a chance. That brings to my mind the words of Imperial Russia’s greatest mystic, George Gurdjieff (1866-1949), who I contend has the right formula for making lasting peace on Earth.

GurdjieffDetail-facegazingLeftPeacemakers do not live inside their psyches “in peace.” How then can they bring peace on Earth if they are ignorant to all the war suppressed in their imposed personalities? Gurdjieff declared how one begins a journey to true peacefulness through self-examination:

Wars are not decreasing, they are increasing and war cannot be stopped by ordinary means. All these theories about universal peace, about peace conferences, and so on, are again simply laziness and hypocrisy. Men do not want to think about themselves, do not want to work on themselves, but think of how to make other people do what they want…War has many causes that are unknown to us. Some causes are in men themselves, others are outside them. One must begin with the causes that are in man himself. How can he be independent of the external influences of great cosmic forces when he is the slave of everything that surrounds him? He is controlled by everything around him. If he becomes free from things, he may then become free from planetary influences.

George Gurdjieff


Click on the thumbnail cover photo and read more about the forthcoming book.

Click on the thumbnail cover photo and read more about the forthcoming book.

The “planetary influences” in 2016 favor war. Only a meditative human being can free his or herself from this war fever and really be a peacemaker when they become a peace “walker.” Understanding the bellicose astrological aspects of 2016 into 2017 is one of the basic themes of my forthcoming, unique new take on the annual astrological prediction book. It’s called, John Hogue’s Worldwide Astrological Predictions for 2016 into 2017, I don’t start the tale from 1 January 2016 to 1 January 2017. My New Year dating is ancient future. The future humanity will move New Years back to where the pagan religions rightfully placed it them, at the Vernal Equinox when spring and life returns to the Earth. I shall have the book out in a few weeks. Click on Astrology to read further about it and learn how you can get a personal notice when it is available at Amazon.

Click on the cover to the Amazon sales page.

Click on the cover to the Amazon sales page.



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