Marco Rubio, with Romney lurking in the RNC Convention Wings, plays Billionaire Paul Singer’s new Puppet, but is Rubio Trump’s Achilles’ “Heel” on Super Tuesday?

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The super-warrior Achilles, undefeated in single combat in the Trojan Wars was felled dead by an arrow shot from behind his back plunking into his heal. In professional wrestling performances, a good guy wrestler can switch rolls and become the designated “heel”—bad guy in the ring. A heel is one who generally displays poor behavior to others, especially a man to a woman or a man to a man in a “bro-mance.” The CNN Republican Primary Debate, the last duke-out before Super Tuesday throws the delegates of a dozen states up for grabs, became a professional wrestling show that I would call Donald Trump’s Cuban American Missile Crisis. Marco Rubio firing on his right, Ted Cruz firing on his left volleyed and thundered. I saw a real “Heel” emerge that night. It wasn’t Cruz. He’s in fade-away mode, wave bye bye, even perhaps in the Texas primary. But we now have a new Trumpian Political Wrestler. Marco Rubio may have found a way to scratch the Teflon of Trump by going “bad guy” bully on him, and he hasn’t quit since.

TrumpHoldingEarTongueOutHis strategy may have some real effect on Trump’s polls at the cost of actually stooping to a lower level of political mongrel mongering. His speeches now are a litany of piss-in-the-pants, body part pummeling, tan salon slamming, and spell-checking aloud twitter-pated campaigning. To beat Trump and make some dent in his runaway leads in every state as Super Tuesday approaches, Rubio has chosen to stoop below him, be even ruder, grosser, not standing face to face but heel to an even a lower kind of heel.

MarcoRubioSnideSmileTrump had played the bully with more finesse. He was naughty but every entertaining, following the strengths of his natal birth chart, that aloof and airy Gemini Sun conjunct Uranus the Unpredictable when it comes to counterpunches. Rubio’s race to the bottom of adult behavior may be effective. He’s become the new circus strongman show and putting his freak on did attract larger audience to hear him speak mostly about trumping the con man Trump with a very selective use of negative milestones in the building developer’s past. Some true, many half-truths and a few out and out lies, as Rubio flails and flails like a kid throwing unsupported windmill-swinging blows.

MarcoRubioArmsUpSnideRubio runs the danger of appear more like a man-child than a man. At least Trump’s bully performance looks manlier. His Leo-Lion ascendant gives it swagger. Can one imagine little Rubio’s breathless, baby-faced fight with a Vladimir Putin could get any traction in those lifted shoes if he were president? Or, would Putin give him a grin and pat him on his head: “There there, my boy, now let’s take your lunch.”

MarcoRubioblueShirtBoyishsmileI mean, is it me or is all this rising Rubio interest promoting him as actually presidential, a standard bearer to the GOP establishment, anything more than the spin doctoring of billionaires abandoning Rubio’s mentor, Jeb Bush, and looking for a new puppet to tie their strings of money on? Investigative reporter Greg Palast found a big one, the biggest fundraiser of the Republican Party about a month ago. He’s Paul Singer. That’s when all this talking up Rubio in the corporate owned media started quacking. Singer had just put his money behind the freshman Florida Senator who has even less of a voting record than other successful corporate puppets for president such as Barack Obama. Rubio is an empty page, upon which Singer can write his programs. Palast has been on the hunt for exposing Singer, whom he calls “The Vulture” because he launched a murderous financial “vulture” attack on Argentina, shaking down the nation for $3 billion. Read the full story by clicking on Greg Palast. The Vulture is circling the carcass of the US Democracy and looking to land his chosen one in the Oval Office.

Back in October of last year, I put forth in my book Trump for President: Astrological Predictions that a descent into over-the-top meanness and vulgarity could at last go too far and hurt Trump. The reason being that his negative Mercury square aspects are magnified in February through March by the malevolent Pluto-Uranus Square over Super Tuesday skies up through April Fool’s Day.

Click on the cover and read a free book sample.

Click on the cover and read a free book sample.

This Pluto-Uranus square directly affects Trump’s natal Jupiter 17 degrees Libra where it really can hurt. Uranus 17 degrees Aries, can play the underminer, the lord of sudden reversal of political fortunes, because it exactly opposes Trump’s 17-degree natal Jupiter “and” adds a grand T square with Pluto in Capricorn just one degree off an exact and malevolent positioning.

The T square could be a T-bone collision for Trump’s hopes raging all the way from a few days before the Iowa Caucus, New Hampshire and through the Nevada primaries. It won’t release its grip on his Jupiter until 1 April. It’s another classic example of Trump having the very best and worst potentials to access from his Jupiter, bedeviling him perhaps into becoming his most erratic and nervy version of his Gemini self at the worst time. One moment he’s staying on message and centered, the next flying off into over-the-top slash and gaff mode, shooting from the lips, shooting himself in the foot. It also can mean he loses front-runner status in a ballot diluting crowd of candidates because of the voters being confused and frustrated. Therefore they scatter their votes across the gang of candidates and consequently kick the final voting decision down the road all the way into July, to Cleveland, and into the hands of muddled RNC convention delegates. These in turn, would fall into the embrace of corporate interests with deep pockets and thus they pick a puppet nominee gaining no rank-and-file Republican voter’s satisfaction.

Trump for President: Astrological Predictions
Chapter Seven: Trump’s Astrology on the 2016 Campaign Trail

TrumpPointingOHThis negative influence of the square on Trump’s expansion, higher-minded planet Jupiter, didn’t have any significant impact through most of February. He just missed winning Iowa, then won big in South Carolina and bigger in Nevada giving him great momentum into Super Tuesday. Rubio is doing something as goofy as taking Trump on like it was a Claymation TV show Celebrity Death Match where celebrities literally tear each other apart, metaphorically of course.

So far, Trump took the flurry of Rubio sucker punches on the debate stage and delivered his own haymaker blow the morning after by rolling out a literally “huge” endorsement from a physically enormous endorser, New Jersey Governor Chris Christy. Rubio has only Sunday and Monday to make any wrecking ball, Claymation head ripping-off progress in the polls on Trump.

TrumpAndChristiEndorsementIf there’s a vote scatter diluting Trump votes over to Rubio, Cruz and the lesser threats Carson and Kasich I think it has come too late with too little time to hurt Trump on Super Tuesday. However Rubio’s pummeling could transform him into the “new Trump” bully flavor of the month. He could become the new master of mobocratic mob-mindedness that craves vulgarity over political substance. He’s the new freak in the ring that he may steal Trump’s mass-mob-feeding fire. Rubio might survive Christy promotions, Super Tuesday thumpings and possibly rally enough delegates over the next few months so that the Republican establishment really hopes they can grasp to stop Trump by no one winning enough delegates thus making the RNC Convention a wide open chance to buy back delegates and pick the corporate chosen nominee.

CelebrityDeathMatchReffThis, I predicted is a real potential if Trump’s bad personality aspects unite with the effect of a volatile political climate generated by the Pluto-Uranus Square between now and April Fool’s Day spreading the votes around, denying a clinch before convention.

This brings me to a Hogue Reader named “Kate.” She wrote the following email today:
John, I am a huge Trump supporter! The GOP Establishment has plans if Rubio loses Florida to drag out Loser Mitt Romney as a last gasp.

Hi Kate, you’re probably aware that in my Trump book, I predicted this possibility of rolling out Mitt Romney at the convention:

MittRomneyThumbsUpPhonyIn the worst-case scenario, especially for Trump’s hopes, no one wins and he goes to a brokered convention in Cleveland in far-off July. The delegates will cast their perfunctory votes for no clear winner in the first ballot, then, according to RNC rules, they are free to vote for anybody they like in the second or subsequent ballots cast, even for people not running, like Mitt Romney. The Establishment and the corporate money will intend to lobby (read “bribe”) enough delegates to pick their man and it won’t be anybody left standing who isn’t a career politician.

Trump for President: Astrological Predictions
Chapter Seven: Trump’s Astrology on the 2016 Campaign Trail

HillaryClintonWinsSouthCarolinaAll of this would play favorably for the person I’ve long predicted is the winner of the 2016 Presidential Election. She just thumped Bernie Saunders 73.5 percent to 26.0 percent in a rout in the South Carolina Primary on Saturday night. Expect a Hillary tsunami in delegates throughout Super Tuesday and all caucus and primary packed month of March political madness because of it.

TrumpAndHillaryPinkandBlueYes, again I must stress, that every “slam dunk” in prophecy has a chance to be upturned with everything “but” net for Clinton. Trump is the ONLY Republican candidate currently running or potentially waiting in the wings like a Romney or, dare I say it, the corporate favorite Jeb Bush. I think digging up Ronald Reagan and putting him in an ashtray would get more votes than these two in November. But Trump… That’s another comb over to mull over and not take for granted, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton as my book on Trump explains. Please read it.

Click on the cover and read a free book sample.

Click on the cover and read a free book sample.


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