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DATELINE: 14 February 2016

Syria goes Ape in the Year of the Fire Monkey

I hear from readers and even friends and neighbors about terrible images coming from the city of Aleppo in Syria, of civilians dying droves from the indiscriminate, not-so-smart, Russian bombs plastering the city falling out of the bomb bays of the Russian Air Force. For those uninitiated in news that doesn’t have a US State Department editor write the copy for the corporate news, the Russians have stepped in to become the Syrian Army’s air arm in their war against “all” the terrorist organizations pitted against the sovereign Syrian State, their ally since the early 1950s. The Russians are targeting ISIS “and” the rag-tag jihadist militias the US arms and finances in the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA). These, by the way are the same “freedom fighters” that even the State Department’s highest heads publicly admit cannot be trusted to be completely secular-sympathetic to US and Western interests. If one of the Middle East’s last surviving secular states should fall—a state which equally protects women’s rights and the freedom of Christians to worship in a Muslim majority state—prepare for the vacuum being filled by something far more Islamo-fascist, intolerant and theocratically dictatorial coming from the fighters of the FSA.


I have sources on the ground in Aleppo, and they corroborate what author and former MI6 agent, Alastair Crooke, said on the RT-United Kingdom news show Going Underground hosted by Afshin Rattansi this week. Aleppo, the largest city in Syria, known as a stronghold for the FSA was where he was, on the ground until recently. He talked with many people there and heard two general themes about what’s really happening there. The first concurs with something the mainstream British and US news won’t say. Aleppo is under the control of jihadist militias, under the euphemistic umbrella definition of the FSA. The Aleppans generally view themselves as under occupation by these jihadist soldiers, many of whom aren’t even Syrians but Saudis and Chechen terrorists of al-Sham and al-Nusra organizations.

SyriaAleppo-LaunchGunUpraisedThese are affiliates of al-Qaeda, you know? Yea, the same people that killed 3,000 Americans on 11 September 2001. American readers, your government has turned them into your “allies” now—all seems forgiven by political expediency.

The other thing Cooke concurs with that the mainstream media, gets half right—I would contend—is that the Russians entering the war since September of last year have significantly escalated the aerial pummeling of ISIS and the Free Syrian Army positions. Cooke reported the recent cratering of the city of Daraa by the Russians. I would add that 50,000 people from Aleppo are on the roads trying to flee the Russian bombing and escape the ground fighting as the Syrian Army, aided by coordinated Russian air strikes, has encircled jihadist forces of all stripes who tried encircling pro-Assad pockets in Aleppo. The Syrian Kurdish forces have cut off ISIS and the FSA’s supply lines from Turkey recently.

SyriaAleppo-RuinsCryingManSo, I’m reminded of friends pointing out to me that the Russians are killing many civilians now with their stepped up attacks, dropping dumb bombs rather than surgical strikes by smart missiles, etc. What do I think of it? they ask.

My response: I think the Russians are there to really fight and win this war. I can’t say the same about the Americans and NATO. Russians know something about urban warfare. They have suffered and won the greatest urban battle ever fought in military history, the Battle of Stalingrad (1942-1943). They know you don’t win by avoiding killing civilians. It is an evil that comes as part of the price of victory. If the enemy has burrowed himself in the densest populated areas you still strike him—hard, decisively.

SyriaAleppo-Bleached Ruins

War is a terrible thing. Every side in war is a terrorist. Let’s be honest about it. Best to wage terrible actions that are decisive in putting an end to the suffering, with victory, rather than take the US military industrial complex’s view. The fat cats of war profiteering would keep the suffering and the fighting low key but constant, over decades, because these kind of low-grade containment wars are good for the war business. They aren’t in wars to make peace but to make money and they’ve bought the American military as their tool, for their interests. The citizen soldier has been turned into corporate mercenary. Time for the rank and file to rise up against this terrible reality.

Al-Nusra TV broadcasts a heap of dead Syrian government soldiers in the Siege of Aleppo.

Al-Nusra TV broadcasts a heap of dead Syrian government soldiers in the Siege of Aleppo.

In the long run, this longer, war-profitable approach kills far more people. Russia, however, has entered this war in Syria to end it and end the war business in the Middle East as quickly and decisively as possible. In the long run, although people are dying in their thousands in this current Russo-Syrian offensive, the Russians, by giving Assad air superiority will give the Syrian Army victory in 2016.

Syrian government troops investigate their daily kill of jihadists in the Siege of Aleppo.

Syrian government troops investigate their daily kill of jihadists in the Siege of Aleppo.

Russia has decided to put an end to the long string of US-NATO debacles in the Middle East and North Africa. You Americans are not going to take down the Syrian dictator like you did the Iraqi and Libyan dictators, leaving behind failed states and dens wherein jihad mutates from al-Qaeda into grim ISIS, now threatening the west and Russia.

ParisAttack-ObamaOopsMugISISFlagAmerica presidents in the twenty-first century seem to have forgotten the importance of political stability first, then democracy later. Did they send their planes and soldiers to bomb and occupy South Korea during the 1960s and 1970s when it was under a dictatorship? Yes, you read me right. I wrote “South” not “North” Korea. That’s who I’m talking about here. Washington decided a stable dictatorial regime was better than a failed South Korean state from 1962 to 1979.

The body of US Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens taken from Libyan television. He was among four US State Department members killed in a fire raid of what appears to be al-Qaeda related jihad cells in Benghazi on 11 September 2012.

The body of US Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens taken from Libyan television. He was among four US State Department members killed in a fire raid of what appears to be al-Qaeda related jihad cells in Benghazi on 11 September 2012.

I will state categorically that the world is not a better place with the overthrow of Saddam Hussein of Iraq and Muhammar Gaddafi of Libya. Rather, it is far worse. I am not endorsing these too brutal dictators here, any more than I’m defending the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. It is an indisputable fact that he tried to crush peaceful demonstrations of unarmed civilians with tanks and heavy weapons during the Arab Spring of early 2011. He unleashed the whirlwind of this civil war and is part responsible for hundreds of thousands of dead, a million injured and millions of Syrians displaced and on the move as refugees. An indisputable fact that the US and NATO leaders didn’t quickly act to support the rebellion in its early stages, when it was secular and otherwise free from jihadist overlording. They delayed and let the jihadists take command then take over the citizens movement.

Bashir al-Assad poster in flames.

Bashir al-Assad poster in flames.

If the Assad regime were to fall, you would see something afterwards that’s far worse than the breakup of Iraq leading to the strengthening of Iran’s influence in the region. The metaphorical wall that Gaddafi regime held firm for decades, kept millions of African refugees from flooding into Europe across the Mediterranean. NATO bombed that wall and dictator to blazes in 2011, and now, here comes the multitudes in their rafts and boats.

Here they come, EU and USA bound, with unknown numbers embedding terrorist sleeper cells, which even now, last week, US intelligence had to admit is a reality and that sleeper cells are actively intending major domestic terror attacks in the United States, the United Kingdom and continental Europe this year. US quagmires lasting a dozen years and counting in Afghanistan started unleashing the human smokescreen of misery westward in which, in refugee costume, these terror cells hide. The mostly innocent refugees come in their millions from the breakup of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq because of ethnic and religious tensions he suppressed now hatching out with his absence. Out of order comes this US-military industrial complex’s chaos.

Click on the cover to the Amazon sales page.

Click on the cover to the Amazon sales page.

When the US concocted its invasion and occupation of Iraq, they had no real plan what to do, beyond improvising. They don’t have any idea what to do if they succeed in destroying Assad, either. I predicted in the first of ten essay prophecies in my new book–just released today–about ten things happening in 2016 that will change the life of everyone on Earth, the following:

Now we peer into the future, into 2016. The year began with upwards of 60 million displaced persons wandering the world, the highest numbers since the end of the Second World War. 2016 will balloon this multitude of misery. The hundreds of thousands crossing out of Libya to Italy and out of Turkey to beleaguered and economically derelict Greece for passage to the richer EU core in 2015 will multiply into millions in 2016.

The greatest migrations of humanity are ahead of us not behind us. ISIS in Libya has threatened to force march into inflatable rafts and boats upwards of half a million migrants aimed at Italy. Rather than use human shields, Islamo-fascist organizations like ISIS, will utilize human mass misery as a terror weapon and exploit European altruism, bombarding Europe with a tidal wave of hungry, jobless, and desperate humanity with the aim of breaking the EU apart.

Ten Predictions 2016:
And the Fire and Ice Prophecies
The Fourth Prophecy: The Great Exodus
(Click on the linked title and read more about this forthcoming book.)

Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar.

Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar.

Corazon Aquino.

Corazon Aquino.

Russia is fighting to prevent that future. They are winning this war for the Syrian regime because they understand that STABILITY Trumps failed states as an aftermath of pulling down dictators. Heck even a potential future president of the United States, Donald Trump, understands this rational, strategic thinking. Without stability, South Korea would not have slowly loosened the grip of its own fascist dictatorial regime under Dictator Park Chung-hee from 1962 until his assassination in 1979. Stability helped the Philippines do the same, getting rid of Ferdinand Marcos by ballot box not US bombs and a peaceful progress to democracy has been achieved. Burma (Myanmar) currently, and so far nonviolently, treads that difficult journey of a thousand steps to achieve a more democratic union.


Even Russia, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, took—and is still taking—the slow, long road to establish a new, more democratic Russia than existed under the Soviet Regime. Given what they’ve been through, under Stalin and 75 years of Soviet terror regimes, they have, in that context, evolved very far, at a time when the US democracy is slowly devolving into something fascist that’s not too far in the future.

american-nazi-flag-swastikaYet, with that said, beware of ways neo-cons and neo-liberal leaders in Brussels and Washington might throw a monkey wrench into the Russo-Syrian military victory, with unexpected and potentially civilization-ending consequences in 2016 or late 2017. As I write this two madmen—one, a president of Turkey, the other, a head-chopping king of Saudi Arabia, both American allies—conspire to drag the whole world into the Syrian Civil War.



President Erdogan of Turkey and King Salman of Saudi Arabia have agreed to airlift and ship and expedition force of Saudi and UAE ground forces to Turkey’s southernmost airbases along the Syrian border with the intention of launching, perhaps with the Turkish Army, a full-scale invasion of Syria from the north. Most likely this is done to relieve the developing encirclement in Aleppo of the FSA (read al-Nusra and other al-Qaeda jihadist militias) and open up lines of supply to those jihadist allies now under siege there. To do this they will steamroll over the Syrian Kurds. These are the same Kurds Erdogan’s Turks bomb and shell in the name of fighting ISIS, but apparently, Erdogan’s war is really with the Kurds and against ISIS in name only. Indeed his son does a bang-up business on the black marketselling billions worth of ISIS smuggled Iraqi and Syrian oil from the oilfields they’ve occupied. ISIS get’s paid through Turkey in US dollars and these dollars finance their theocratic regime’s control of half of Syria and a third of Iraq as the Islamic State.

King Salman.

King Salman.

The Saudi extended royal family of 4,000 princelings include factions that vigorously finance and arm the ISIS cause, for the Islamic State’s extreme concepts of Sharia Law are little different from the Wahhabi Islamist theology that rules dictatorially over Saudi Arabia.

Just who will the Saudi Army fight: ISIS or the Syrian Army?

Moreover, if they should clash with the Syrian Army, Russian jets might bomb them. If the Turkish Army is also involved beside the Saudis, Erdogan might at last get his twisted dream. Turkey is a NATO ally. Bomb the Turkish Army and NATO is obligated to come into this conflict, not just against the Syrian Army of Assad but also against the Armed forces of the Russian Federation under Vladimir Putin.

A new cold war was foreseen getting suddenly and unexpectedly "hot." Nostradamus gives two countdowns. The war erupts in late 2017 or 2027. Click on the cover and read how this future can be changed.

A new cold war was foreseen getting suddenly and unexpectedly “hot.” Nostradamus gives two countdowns. The war erupts in late 2017 or 2027. Click on the cover and read how this future can be changed.

You have emerging, now, at the worst astrological time, a perfect storm of foolishness not seen since the European powers marched with eyes wide shut into the catastrophes of a century earlier in the First World War, with a brass-buttoned-tight stupidity, bound by their robotic adherence to treaties. Like automatons, the great Western and Colonial Empires marched over History’s abyss in 1914. The Russian and Austro-Hungarian Empires never crawled out. The French and British Empires dragged themselves out mortally wounded. World War Two, a consequence of the First World War, finished off their colonial empires.

All of this is happening right now in one of two highly malevolent astrological aspects favorable for hasty decisions, aggression and war: Saturn and Mars are, as Nostradamus warned, “equally fiery” for “wars and raids” (read terrorist ambushes) in the fire sign of Sagittarius. This is happening now and will continue through March. The aspect clocks in again in August-September of this year. Adding confusion and deadlock to this issue is one last visitation since they began in 2011 of the Pluto-Uranus Square in the signs of Capricorn (the monolithic, disconnected and elitist Establishment) and Aries (the headless to reason, warmonger). It negatively favors irrational and overtly emotional outsiders colliding with establishment candidates that are stuck in past-think. The Uranus-Pluto Square stays with us until April Fool’s Day. It seems strangely appropriate.

DATELINE: 14 February 2016

NewMillennials-SquareHeadsSocialMediaLogosAn Overview of John Hogue’s most recent Interview on Coast to Coast AM followed by a Prophecy for New Millennials

On the late afternoon of 10 February 2016, I was invited by the producer to appear for the first two hours of Coast to Coast AM with George Noory (10 pm-Midnight, Pacific). I wanted to share this overview posted by Lex, the C2C webmaster. I do it for two reasons. First, I hope you’ll all consider listening to the show. The instructions on how to subscribe and listen to a download are on this show page at the website, click on George Noory. The second reason: I like how Lex has presented the most important predictions I made that night and I want to post them here as further documentation as time goes by.

Click on the cover and read a free book sample.

Click on the cover and read a free book sample.

First half guest John Hogue is an astrologer and writes about the occult, parapsychology, mysticism and prophecy. He has looked at the astrological charts of all the major candidates to inform his opinions and predictions about what we might expect in the days leading up to November 8th, and told George that “Predictability is going out the window this year.” Even so, he explained how this uncertainty would affect the electorate. Hogue sees a terrorist attack or some other serious military action coming either in the next few months or in August or September, which will change the entire tone of the election and which he referred to as a “foreboding prophetic wildcard moment.” At that point, people will be far more willing to take a risk with a non-traditional candidate that they wouldn’t have in the past.

NewMillennialsSelfieHogue thinks that Trump is the only one who could possibly beat Clinton. He also addressed the issue of global warming and his research that leads him believe it is real and caused by human activity. He says that studies commissioned in the 1990s by oil companies exist and show that they knew this at the time. During the call-in segment, 25-year-old Cory mentioned that he wouldn’t be voting in the upcoming election because he didn’t think it would make much difference. Hogue reacted with his opinion that the political “passive-aggressive attitude of millenials are making them objects of a new fascism.” Urging the audience to be on the lookout for abuses of power, Hogue concluded that history “doesn’t necessarily repeat itself, but it does rhyme.”

Read this book for free in the Kindle Unlimited library.

Read this book for free in the Kindle Unlimited library.

I want to thank Cory again for his call. I admired his honesty and forthrightness, even if he is, in my view, profoundly wrong. My response was tough but lovingly compassionate. I care deeply for the future of all new Millennials out there. You are in for quite a challenging future-history ride as a generation. You’ll either become the next version of “The Greatest Generation,” that takes America and humanity through to victory in this current cycle of planetary crisis (the last being the Second World War); or, you could be the generation that enables through your passive aggressive support, the world to descend into a new incarnation of fascism in the 2020s.

I read to Cory and the millions listening in on 650 radio stations across North America and all over the world on Internet, passages from the following segment of my book Predictions 2013-2014. I post the whole segment here so you can get the full measure of my views and those of futurologists Strauss and Howe, whom I’m quoting.


Back in the late 1990s when Strauss and Howe mostly gushed over this new generation’s potential, propriety at last obligated the authors insert three pages of negatives, for the record. The following passage with my inserts comes from page 358-360 of Millennials Rising (Vintage Books, 2000):

Today’s children and teens [the New Millennials Generation born 1982-2002] have never known a war requiring any significant American sacrifice—in life, liberty, taxation, consumerism, or even access to foreign travel and imported goods. For many, their only real exposure to violence is on movie screens, TV news and video games. They have hardly known even a mild economic downturn. For many, their own real exposure to financial sacrifice has been when their parents refuse to buy them what they want…

NewMillennials-MorphiusMemeFor such a generation, a collision with economic hard times or a major war poses a gigantic question mark. When a crisis comes, its harshness could explode across young lives like a video game that is no longer virtual. And if, in its early stages, the crisis is not handled well, or if America’s leaders are mired in personal scandals or vendettas that undermine their ability to command sacrifice from others, or if fate takes a harsh turn, or if millions of young people find themselves suddenly out of work, then the familiar Millennial sunniness could turn sour.

What then?

…According to Strauss and Howe in their book The Fourth Turning, the next-20 year period of crisis would gather momentum around 2001 through 2005. We’d be fully in it by 2008 onwards. The early stages have already seen the worst recession since the 1930s carried off 15 million US jobs, leaving the New Millennials processed out of college into a job market now expected to become the first generation since the last Fourth Turning without future prospects better than their parents. American leaders like President Obama and Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner, promise leadership, bipartisanship. Obama upon the merit of lofty rhetoric talks on about making sacrifices, promising big infrastructure and alternative energy programs that have muddled along with little improvement of the job market or objective progress in renewing crumbling US bridges, overloaded power grids and cracking pipelines.

PIX (1) CH4-OccupyWallStreet-RlovetYouth unemployment in America between ages 16-to-24 is 16.2 percent—double the national adult unemployment rate. Far worse is youth unemployment for New Millennials in the Euro Zone at 12 percent with all those 25 and under unemployed by 58 percent in Greece, 56 percent in Spain, 38 percent in Portugal and Italy. The Euro Zone as a whole is in the unemployment hole by 24 percent! That’s 19 million New Millennials out of work among the 26.3 million of all ages. We watch Europe’s youth take to the streets in protest, yet here in America the OWS (Occupy Wall Street) movement—mostly populated by new Millennials—camped and demonstrating in the streets from September 2011 into spring 2012 were crushed by Obama’s Federal heaping helping of logistical support to state and local police forces for a one-night crackdown, camps slammed down.

Wall Street facade.

Wall Street facade.

Did new Millennials respond to Establishment’s pepper spray and stick by flooding the streets in their millions? The majority of them turned sour on protest; turned away, turned to “Me” first issues over community, and let Obama’s administration increase surveillance and paramilitarize the police forces. The new doublespeak out of the White House and Congress ever nuances the meaning of New Millennial “protester” or “hacktivist” or “demonstrator” as synonymous with a “terrorist”.

“What then?” is next, ask Strauss and Howe (from page 358-360 of Millennials Rising) if this growing authoritarian harshness should deepen the New Millennials’ disconnect?

Millennials would still rebel against the perceived adult “mistakes” of their youth, but their list of mistakes would grow—and the tone of their rebellion would darken. They might rebel against today’s pop culture not just by cleansing it, but by demanding a repressive censorship. They might rebel against today’s spreading gap between rich and poor not just by urging new public policies, but by enlisting themselves in an ugly class warfare.

The Occupy Wall Street movement defined itself as a protesting voice for the 99 percent of US citizens falling into poverty out of a hollowing middle class opposed to a new, authoritarian aristocracy of monopolists, corporate powers, lobbying and controlling the media and political leaders with money and bribes. In the summary, the 99 percenters feel their individual rights and economic opportunities are threatened by an insanely rich one percent who hoard 40 percent of the wealth of a country of 300 million Americans.

What do you call those police riots slipped loose by their Establishment handlers on unarmed kids in the streets, even clubbing and arresting journalists?

These are the first salvoes in class warfare on America’s streets.

Strauss and Howe continue:

NewMillennials-CouplecellingBedThey [New Millennials] might rebel against today’s unfocused multilateralism not just by asking for more focus on action and results, but by prodding an aggressive militarism…

From Iraq and Afghanistan, New Millennials look with eyes wide shut at new adventures in Libya and in Syria. In North Korea after that. Then at last a big showdown of force against Iran.

…They might rebel against today’s civic ennui not just by voting and politicking, but by boosting populist demagogues…

What was the Tea Party movement? What was Occupy Wall Street? Populist movements, mob catharsis movements, leaderless, full of slights and fury, easily manipulated by big business (the Tea Party) or crushed by a militarized police force. What is Rand Paul? What is Barack Obama? What are the desk thumpers of MSNBC, FOX? Glen Beck? Populists?

They are demagogues using the power of their oratory to move the masses to their narrative agendas which are extreme leaning right or left. Look at the intemperate populism overtaking the Republican Party, purging its moderates as if they were Salem witches. Impure RINOS (Republican In Name Only). What could be next when moderate ideas and thinking are witch hunted out of the political discussion?


…And, perhaps more frighteningly, they might rebel against today’s high-tech individualism not just by enabling high-tech teamwork, but by constructing a new high-tech authoritarianism many of today’s older people now consider impossible….

NewMillennials-IntoAbyssYes! This is what I anticipate if the prevailing course of the Obama administration isn’t blocked by the vigilance and protest of New Millennials. An authoritarian turn for the Internet, a record rise in high tech surveillance, a police state with an air force of robot drones, or worse, as my Oracle will explain next, monitoring your every purchase, move, by GPS satellite, search engine pattern and invasion of your privacy for the sake of “national security.”

…If the Millennials’ heroic trial is twisted by adversity, if their post crisis hubris turns pathological, if their muscularity turns brutal, this is the kind of generation that could produce an Orwellian era, much like the “Big Brother” people feared back in the postwar years of conformism, bland culture, and midlife G.I.s [Second World War veterans during the Cold War years].


Given that these quotes were written around 1999 and published in 2000, the accuracy of Strauss and Howe’s futurology is breathtaking as it is dire.

Predictions for 2013-2014, Chapter Three:
The “Drone”-Wellian World Coming
Subsection: T’Obama-talitarianism


Scalia-handsUpJust as we’re going to press with this article stream, word came in that US Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia had died in his sleep last night. Republicans in Congress have asked the President not to pick a candidate to replace him during an election year. Given the partisan times, that would leave the potential for a deadlocked court voting 8-to-8 decisions for more than 11 months. President Obama has said he will begin the process for choosing a new replacement. With nearly a year left in his presidency this will be understood in the future as the correct and constitutionally legal right of the president. It is equally the constitutional right of US Congress to delay and prevent a vote from taking place.

Scalia-handsInArmpitsThis year of the Chinese Fire Monkey isn’t a month old yet, and already we have this unorthodox situation where maybe all three tiers of the US Democracy will be involved in an election process in a national election year. The Executive Branch, US Congress and perhaps even a vote will be pushed to accept or reject the President’s candidate for replacing Scalia in the US Supreme Court. The last time this happened was 80 years ago. Tradition states that no one should be elected during a national election year. Let the new president make that decision. But then, can one third of the US government function with an even number of judges, four left of center and four right of center? The man being replaced was the right of center swing vote as well. Yet again, another issue to forecast for my ever growing book Predictions 2016 that is now going to embrace two years—not one. See the next article.

DATELINE: 14 February 2016

PIX (1) CH7-Monkey

Happy New Year of the Flaming Fire Monkey:
Predictions for 2016 (and 2017) are coming at you in Three Acts (Three eBooks)!

I am serializing my prophecies about this pivotal year in history in three eBooks. Think of them as 2016 in Three Acts.

10p42016-Cover-125x188-thumb-30kACT ONE has been released today, 14 February. It has currently expanded into a book of over 30,000 words! It begins with Ten Prophecies, each of which is going to rock our world and potentially change the destiny of everyone—and in some cases everything—living on it.

A longer essay follows these that some of you have already read in its earlier version as donors to Hogueprophecy. However, this version of the Fire and Ice Prophecies expands and updates the science and collective visions concerning which general future global warming is taking us towards: one launching a new Ice Age; or, a hotter and hotter new Dark Age.

Cover-Hogues-Astrol-2016-125x188-thumbnailACT TWO is a short but comprehensive examination of the most important celestial influences defining this new year. I hope to have it published sometime in early March. I will include astrological predictions into 2017 to compensate for this delay. I will publish a book of annual astrological predictions that establishes New Years on the Vernal Equinox and not at the dead of winter, just because Pope Gregory in the late 16th Century said so. Each month of stargazing portents has its own chapter with my usual fare of witty “WTF?”-intriguing titles. Check them all out by click on the “Act Two” link.


Click on the cover and find out more about the book, what only the expanded donors copy will contain, and how it can be yours.

ACT THREE of this the book that many of you have donated for in expanded edition PDF download. It is the climactic final act, a tome of 40- to 50,000-words length. It is filled to the brim of the water-gazing divination bowl with predictions. It will be one of the most prophecy-packed New Year books I’ve ever published. It will especially thought provoking and enjoyable for those of you who read the first two books that set the table for this prophetic feast of a year.

I’m no longer doing annual predictions books. It’s over! Done! You know why? Because the general interests of my readers embraces my innovative idea of making “biannual” prediction books. No one else in the world does this but me, and so successfully. So, with that said, I’m taking a little more time to produce a book that will look into the future not just for 2016 but for ALL of 2017 as well. The pattern works that we first look at the Year of the Fire Monkey, with all of its unorthodox turns of fate and then examine the prophetic consequences for the world either erupting in crises or blossoming wonderful breakthroughs in the year 2017.

Click on the cover and see the NEW  PRINTED EDITION.

Click on the cover and see the NEW PRINTED EDITION.

Take for instance for whom Americans vote as their president in 2016. He or she will be faced with a major economic and military crisis in 2017, the likes of which might bring the world closer to a thermonuclear war danger not seen since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. So this final act about 2016 is also going to look deeply and long into events in 2017. A richer book of prophecy would justify the reality that you’ll not see this downloaded to you until early April 2016. Such delays happened when I offered you Predictions for 2013-2014 and Predictions 2015-2016 and you embraced them. Indeed all my biannual themed forecast books have been highly successful and critically acclaimed in your opinion. So, from now on I will only publish biannual editions first as an early expanded donor edition and then latter as Amazon eBooks and printed editions.

To do this, I really need Your Financial Help


Please give us a “Yes” to carry on this work by donating of $12.50 or a little more so you can receive this gift book as our thanks for financially sustaining Hogueprophecy.com into the new year. To those of you who have donated, you have my heartfelt thanks. To those of you who “will” donate, you have the same.

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Click on the cover and enjoy a meeting of humor and prophetic hubris--Bible style.

Click on the cover and enjoy a meeting of humor and prophetic hubris–Bible style.


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Obama Mabus?
Russia Victory DayMassacre
Mariupol Massacre
Odessa Massacre
Donetsk Referendum
Hogue on Coast to Coast AM sounds WWIII Alarm
The Grand Cross Crisis
RT (Russia Today) the Facts and Western Fantasies
Ukrainian Fascists Rule Kiev
Right Sector, the UkrainianNeo-Nazi terror
Svoboda (Ukrainian National Socialist Party)
John Kerry Exposed
Shostakovich, Music for our times of Stormy History
Obamacare Prophecy Fulfilled
John KerrySkull and BonesUkraine
The Coming Revolution of Decentralization
The CrimeaBreakaway
Malaysian Airlines Flight 370
Ukraine Crisis
NostradamusMabus Antichrist Prophecies
Four Blood Moonsand Israel
Polar Vortex
Nostradamus PredictedUS Defeat in Iraq
Fukushima Prophecies
Iranian Peace Talks
Hopi Prophecies of the Great Purification
Nostradamus Syrian Prophecy
Sylvia Browne Remembered
Senkaku Conflict
The Future of Politics
Prophecies for 2014
Obama Care Scare
Storm Flood Prophecies
US Debt Ceiling Crisis Ended by Women
Pope Francis Prophecies
SyriaJoke Diplomacy of John Kerry
Egyptian Revolution
Ayn Rand Prophecies
Obama Snowden Job
PRISM Scandal


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