Russian airstrikes on ISIS in Syria, Nostradamus’ New Cold War just got hotter as Hogue Predicted it would by Late September 2015

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DATELINE: 02 October 2015

 Click on the cover to find out more.

Click on the cover to find out more.

Russia Gets “Syrious” while the US Leader continues to Lead from his Behind.

Since early 2007, I’ve been warning you all in my articles, books, radio and television appearances that the strongest window for war opens “at the end of September 2015.”

On 30 September, the Russian air force based in Syria has begun air strikes on ISIS targets adopting a coordinated role with the Syrian air forces and army units as allies of the Assad regime. Like them or not, that regime is the only serious battler with ISIS on the ground after the equally brave but much smaller force of the Kurds. Like it or not, in the real world beyond blinding ideological, neo-conned, neo-Liberal US agendas, the sovereign government of Syria, asked its Russian ally of 59-years and counting to come to its aid in this war with Islamo-fascist forces. These bloodthirsty jihadists are set to take the regime down, slaughter millions of its Shia and Christian minorities and absorb all of Syria into its Islamic State. They will flood the world with tens of millions of refugees. In short, rather than follow the Obama Doctrine of destroying states to save them, like Libya, then leaving these ruined states as hosts for spreading and cancerous tumors of Islamic extremism, Russia goes to war to preserve and restore a nation and cut out the black flagged cancer of ISIS.


President Vladimir Putin is a world leader who “leads” rather than “talks” about defeating ISIS. He’s already established military intelligence ties with other countries fighting the perils of ISIS, such as Iraq and Iran. He no doubt told President Obama about this move over the weekend when they met and invited the US and NATO to be a part of this alliance to extinguish this terrible terrorist Caliphate that has spread and grown more powerful since the piecemeal gestures of air strikes Obama ordered up since the summer of 2014.

ISIS-AK47sinShadowWith the transit of Saturn into the fire sign Sagittarius in September, and Mars for most of that month was in the fire sign Leo, summon the fulfillment of an astrological prophecy recorded by Nostradamus. This is time when “Mars and Saturn are equally fiery” as a launching point for war in the Middle East.

I have dutifully predicted since early 2007 this danger. Now it has come! We have entered a period of bellicosity and war. Under the stars, there’s a time for everything, for peace, for war.


The time is for war yet it need not be the wrong war. I predict that Putin with his actions is trying to lead the world into a right war against a real threat, the Islamic State. It must be destroyed and this time, the nations who destroy it can’t just cry “victory” and talk about establishing a democracy and rebuilding a nation. They must stay there and REBUILD IT. The nations that get involved must make of this war in the Middle East against ISIS a war to end all Middle Eastern wars. After which they must remain to heal and rebuild the Middle East transforming it after a generation of labor into a thriving and peaceful place. When people have a job, a life, and other positive, life-enhancing options, thoughts of terrorism cannot thrive.


The future will see what I see today. What Putin has done is right, yet that doesn’t mean this war can’t go terribly, terribly wrong between now and when this window for war closes for a time, in the autumn of 2016. The leadership in America and NATO could continue to run their false narratives and delusional foreign policy and precipitate by their blunders something even now they can’t imagine possible—a thermonuclear war with Russia that kills two-thirds of the human race.

I’ve been writing about this potential danger for years. After planetary climate change it is the most imminent threat to the future of a human race because, as the world war prophets warned, the people walk “with open eyes” into these catastrophes.


Today, we’ve seen a window open to the possibility that a good war against ISIS morphs into an insane and Western-pushed false war against Russia that destroys civilization. That window stays open until the autumn of 2016 with the potential for a Cuban Missile-like crisis with Russia in the autumn of 2017 either over Ukraine or the war with ISIS.

From Eschatus, by Bruce Pennington.

From Eschatus, by Bruce Pennington.

The latter date is one of Nostradamus’ two countdowns for a new and far shorter cold war going suddenly nuclear. The “Barbare” cause it. They are “vassals of the “Great Brothers of the North.” Nostradamus also calls them the “Aquilonaires” (Those of the Eagle) after their national totems: The Bald Eagle (USA) and the Double-Headed Eagle (the Russian Federation). “Barbare” is the prophet’s anagram for the French phrase “d’Arabe.” It means that a vassal “of” “Arab” descent drags Russia and the US into a world war. This vassal will “rebel against them.” His prophecies also show that Western leaders have been planning to wage their war “in the (Middle) East,” and not the Russians.

The Syrians are Russian Arab vassals. The Saudi Arabians, Jordanians and Iraqis are the US Arab vassals; however, as the Baghdad government is supporting Russia’s involvement, the Shia Arab part of Iraq at least are also quasi vassals of the Russians.

UncleSamSyriaThose of you who read my books know that I’ve long documented these dates and warned you of this danger of a world war hitting the planet when most of you least expected it. That goes also for those of you in positions of power who read me (you know who you are). Nearly all of you least expect this nuclear exchange because never before has there been so much access to information at a time when Western Journalism has so completely abrogated its responsibility to check facts and rely on credible sources. They rely instead on social media—what I call the “social-mob-ia.” You can find real facts on the Internet, but this is gold hidden in mountains of information dross, or better, it’s lost in the noise of a mob of pseudo-journalists relying on hearsay and outright lies spouted by minions of idiots with their own private blogospheres staking their credentials on equally private facts.

We all have our opinions but we all can’t have our versions of fact.

I can’t believe what I’m reading these days as ‘source’ fact from the New York Times or what I watch on FOX or CNN presented as “credible” sources in the Social “Mob-meatee-ya.” Even the White House and the Pentagon, the people who take us to war, use the team mobile mob mind of Internet as their “credible” incredible sources.

This is the back cover to A New Cold War. Click on it to see the Printed Edition.

This is the back cover to A New Cold War. Click on it to see the Printed Edition.

Misinformation is the fundamental catalyst for this unexpected third world war coming if your intelligence and self-awareness isn’t activated. As one man’s attempt to prevent this future from happening, I wrote what is, I think, the most important book of all the 33 and counting I currently have published. I wrote it just before this new cold war started. Please read this book: A New Cold War: the Prophecies of Nostradamus, Stormberger and Edgar Cayce. It will explain how the West and America has made perpetual war a big business and has miscalculated “the market” of war in the Middle East and with NATO’s encroachment of Russia over the last 20 years. The military-national-security-industrial complex wants this new cold war to last for decades making military weapon contractors filthy rich from “containment” of perceived and imagined enemies. They don’t want their war going thermonuclear hot, but it will if certain myths aren’t exposed to the illumination of facts and the warnings of those prophets who documented, factually, and breathtakingly clear visions of World War One, World War Two, and perhaps with equal clarity, a Third World War we don’t see coming right at us.

Click on the picture to read more about the Final Blood Moon Prophecy.

Click on the picture to read more about the Final Blood Moon Prophecy.

The prophets who foresaw First and Second World Wars saw the third going hot as soon as 3 years and 7 months or 13 years after the new cold war began. It began the end of April 2014 with the onset of the Ukrainian Civil War. The short countdown takes us to autumn of 2017 for the first brush with nuclear doomsday. The next is in 2027.

Don’t be a victim of the gathering misinformation and downright ignorance of what’s really motivating and what’s really going on in this new cold war. This book will show you the prophets, their prophecies and the solutions that can avert this conflict before the human race destroys itself “with open eyes” wide and blind to these approaching catastrophes.

Read A NEW COLD WAR as an eBook:

Read the printed edition:

AttilaStatueDATELINE: 02 October 2015

The Antichrist comes “from the Empire of Attila,”
So Says Nostradamus, but where does Attila really come from?

My article above inspired an author to write the following. I want to share my answer with you all:

I agree with most of what you say, but there are certain prophecies that need to be looked at more carefully.

For example, Nostradamus says that the Antichrist comes from where Attila ‘s empire was (that would be the former Soviet Union and Russia). Moreover, Nostradamus often refers to him as the “spy,” and the book of Daniel as a “master of intrigue. ” Ezekiel says that he comes from Russia, from “the uttermost parts of the north,” and Nostradamus confirms the latter. It would be an eye opening revelation to find out the exact year Mr. Putin came to power, or became acting president of Russia, and then to compare it to Nostradamus’ s Century 10, Quatrain 72.

They match!

I’ve already written about this intriguing connection in my book… Thought you might find this interesting.

Thanks for your letter, Eli. I do find interest in your letter, but not in what you say but in the number of unsubstantiated points you make in regards to what Nostradamus said about his Antichrist prophecies, sorry to say. What I write in the following is meant to help you and others reading this become more mindful and better detectives of the great prophet’s verses and do a much better job presenting them.


Click on “candle man” and read about the life of Nostradamus.

First, your Nostradamus geography is wrong. It’s not based on a reading of his original Renaissance French text. More on that in detail below. Suffice it to say, that one of the most common mistakes of unseasoned students of Nostradamus is that they rely on other interpreters only and do not have an intimate knowledge or understanding of the languages Nostradamus used and the mores influencing his 16th-century mindset. Instead, they imperil their credibility by relying on the good graces and sloppiness of amateur scholars finding a gullible publisher who only rely on less-than-satisfactory English translations that lead the stories in these prophecies from one exaggeration or inaccuracy into another.


Read in detail how Nostradamus predicted the future then set it down to writing by reading this biography. Click on the picture to access.

Secondly, you are cherry picking, Eli. It’s a common mistake of those who only look for things in Nostradamus that fit their particular interest. In your case, you are looking “only” for parallels in the Bible. You must find Nostradamus agreeing with Ezekiel’s views about the Antichrist coming from the North. (Push-push, nudge, nudge–Russia–know what I mean? Know what I mean?). Also that he’s a master of intrigue because that’s what the Prophet Daniel says. What’s missing in your letter is any inkling of what Nostradamus actually said about his Third Antichrist and the First and Second before him. You letter, at least, does not indicate you are aware of the three Antichrists, their anagrams and the clear listing in verses like 2 Q30, 2 Q62 and 8 Q77 many details of his anagram name, his actions, his fate, his location of operations and much more. None of these indicate even by any stretch a connection to what Ezekiel or Daniel (and you) are looking for in a Nostradamus Antichrist.

"Push, push. Nudge, nudge. Does she go? Does she "go"?

“Push, push. Nudge, nudge. Does she go? Does she “go”?

Any scholar with a basic foundation his Antichrist prophecies understands that Nostradamus named him with an anagram: Mabus. There’s no mention of the name in your letter. Maybe you know about this key set of clues, maybe not. I can only rely on what you present to us and its pretty thin knowledge. I can’t make a value judgment about your Bible scholarship, but I can tell you this, even if you are actually unaware of the laws of Nostradamian anagram crunching, even if you just use the letters of M-a-b-u-s, you can’t make P-u-t-i-n out of the anagram.

Try it.

Mabus doesn’t get you “Putin.” Mabus=as bum… Even if you try turning a b into an upside down P you can’t make it happen: mabus=mapus=pusma… (Hmm, sounds like Spock spunk.) Try turning the M into an “n” as a outright cheat and you still can’t make it work: mabus=mapus=napus=Pusan (Korea? It’s close to Russia??).

Nope. No connection.

Nor can you make Putin transform into Mabus: putin=nutip… Oh well, as they say in a Putin anagram that’s my “inPut” to you Eli.

Nostradamus and the Antichrist: Code Named MABUS

Click on this cover to read more about “Mabus”.

I wrote a 70,000-word tome on the Antichrist prophecies of Nostradamus. It took more than a skim of Nostradamus but a 25-year, painstaking research and detective search. (Read more background about the three Antichrists and my book by clicking on Antichrist.)

Now to other things you claim in your letter.

You say that Nostradamus refers to the Antichrist using the word spy.

Really? You won’t find any way to stretch his French to substantiate this claim, which is based on the shakiest of translated foundations that require “spy” be a word link to support the view that Putin, being a former Soviet KGB Spy, must bend Nostradamus’ linguistics to cough up that noun, singular or plural.

NostradamusStatueFaceSideAngleHow many times does Nostradamus use the word “spy” or “spies” in his 36,000 words of prophecies?

Do you know?

I do, because I made a computer database looking at all the possible ancient, Renaissance and modern French applications of all the words of French, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Provencal, Occitan, Breton and Arabic Nostradamus used.

The Old French eƒpie and esplorateurs from the Latin explorator are the only spy words used. Esplorateurs (spies) is mentioned in (Century) 4 Q (Quatrain) 66 but it’s about Genoa, Italy.

Soubz couleur faincte de ƒept teƒtes raƒées,
Seront ƒemés diuers explorateurs:
Puys & fontaines de poyƒons arrouƒées,
Au fort de Gennes humains deuorateurs.

Under the false color of seven shaven heads,
Will be sewn diverse spies:
Wells and fountains to water with poison,
At the fort of Genoa, human flesh eaters.

Doesn’t sound like this one has anything to do with Antichrists, Russians or Putin. That’s it for “spies.” The plural application is never used again.

Chavigny's handwriting is signed off by the arthritic scrawl of Nostradamus.

Chavigny’s handwriting is signed off by the arthritic scrawl of Nostradamus.

Maybe we’ll have better luck with “spy.” I hope so because Eli has presented himself to us in his letter as knowledgeable in the works of Nostradamus as much as in the works of the Bible. So we might hope he’d apply the same expertise in Bible prophecy scholarship to his claim, that Nostradamus often refers to the Antichrist as the “spy.”

“Spy” or Eƒpie (Old French for “spy”) is only mentioned once. You’ll find it in  7 Q33.

Par fraude regne, forces expolier,
La claƒƒe obƒeƒƒe, paƒƒages à l’eƒpie:
Deux fainctz amis ƒe viendront rallier,
Eƒueiller hayne de long temps eƒƒoupie.

Through fraud the kingdom — forces stripped away,
The fleet blockaded, passages for the spy:
Two false friends will come to stand into the land,
To excite hatred for a long time dormant.

This is a classic example of many verses that are vague enough to be applied to a number of incidents. I tried my hand at it in the following, but my interpretation has no corner on other possible applications. I gave the British fleet firing on the French fleet at Oran in 1940 a shot:


This best describes one of the darkest and most dishonorable days in the British Royal Navy. With France fallen in 1940, British Task Force H under Sir James Sommerville was ordered by Winston Churchill to shell the French fleet while it lay peacefully moored in the Algerian port of Mers-el-Kebir, at Oran. It must be remembered that the French Navy was the fourth largest in the world at that time. Hitler could have incorporated this armada (forces stripped away) to augment his modest surface fleet for the planned invasion of England.


Sommerville stationed his 6 capital ships and 11 destroyers a few miles outside of the harbor, training his guns on two French battleships and several cruisers anchored in a line. He radioed an ultimatum to French Admiral Marcel-Bruno Gensoul: Mutiny against their new government and join the Royal Navy (forces stripped away) or be scuttled. Gensoul feeling that the ultimatum made a fraud out of their one-time alliance against the Germans refused. Sommerville then unleashed a ferocious 10-minute barrage, supported by naval torpedo aircraft, killing 1,297 French sailors and crippling and sinking all but the battleship Strasbourg, which sailed out of the harbor unscathed.


The incident drew new blood out of ancient wounds harbored by the French for the English. Eyewitnesses describe the French sailors burying their dead and openly damning the English. One sailor was so bitter that he took a straight razor and sliced a tattooed Union Jack off his arm.



The verse has no verbal hint or reference to Putin, the North, or the spy being any member of the Soviet KGB.

Well, that’s it. Each word for spy has only one reference in the entire lexicon of Nostradamus. This is an indisputable FACT. The “spy” that Eli says “Nostradamus often referred to” does not exist. I can only conclude that Eli is no in-depth scholar of Nostradamus at least. Hopefully he’s just out of his realm of expertise here, and should keep his declarations centered around what he “claims” to be, a Bible scholar.

Now to Eli’s last claim and my Nostra-Geography lesson.

Attila’s empire was not Russian sourced any more than you could call Genghis Khan’s Empire “Russian” because the Mongols conquered and incorporated Russia into it. The Huns are not from Russia, but from Central Asia. Indeed they may have been crowded out of ancient Xiongnu, the land that later became Mongolia.


Even the Renaissance books Nostradamus might have read have Attila’s Hun horsemen appearing out of central Asia north of the Caspian Sea out of Central Asia yet they came from the Mongolian region and never were part of the Russian Empire or Soviet Empire, they were just passing through. That point, verbally speaking, is important.



Eli forgot to mention the equally important second geographical clue out of Nostradamus’s Epistle to Henri II of France: the Antichrist comes from the Empire of Attila “and” the Empire of Xerxes. The latter area gives us a sprawling bit of ancient real estate that covers Persia (modern-day Iran) and many other Central and Middle Eastern lands.

Once again, Eli is misquoting Nostradamus because he doesn’t know his 16th-century French. (I can only hope that his Roman-era Greek, Aramaic and Hebrew language skills are up to the task because no one call truly be a Bible scholar without a mastery of these languages).

The phrase Nostradamus used in the Epistle indicates the “source” and not the “place” of the Empire of Attila. That source is definitely not Russia. Read the Old French:

Puis le grand empyre de l’Antechriƒt commencera dans la Atila & Zerƒes deƒcendre

The word deƒcendre (descended) is the key. Here’s the right English translation:

Then the great Empire of the Antichrist will begin—where once Attila’s empire and Xerxes descended.

That’s “descended” as in, where they “originated.” Look to where the Hun horsemen “descended” as place of origin and look to the realms within the Persian Empire.

Nostradamus is very specific about geography in his prophecies. We need to understand his writings from the source of his pen and the original language he used, and not rely on the many poor translations out there.

Here’s what I wrote 18 years earlier about the above sentence from Nostradamus’ prose letter written in a weird, stream-of-temporal consciousness, sent to the King of France in 1558:

IranianRevolutionaryGuardsWantWarNow the stream of visions pitch forward towards a time ahead of our own, and see the war of the Third Antichrist. Nostradamus uses classical allusions to describe a new empire, or Pan-Islamic superstate, that includes the newly independent states of former Soviet Central Asia (Empire of Attila), united with modern day Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Trans-Caucasia, and Turkey (the Empire of Xerxes). The eastern potentates of Attila and Xerxes were notorious for their attempts to invade and conquer Western Civilization; the same allusion therefore is applied to a future Asian or Middle Eastern potentate of an Islamic superstate who has designs to do the same.

Efforts to unite the Islamic world into one state are not new. The unity of language, culture, and religion makes this theoretically more feasible than uniting the various religions, cultures, and language groups of Europe into a European Union. Fear and prejudice of Christendom against Islam has seen the West do its utmost to keep the Islamic world divided. These efforts will eventually fail in the early decades of the next millennium.

Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies

(Element Books, 1997), p. 569

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.

Now then, this path of the Antichrist corresponds to the Islamic prophecies I detailed in my book about Nostradamus’ Iranian war predictions. Muhammad foresaw the black flags of modern Jihad coming out of Khurasan. That’s the modern day, Central Asian region of east Afghanistan and Western Pakistan. This is where al-Qaeda was based and from which all branches of the black flowering of their holy war stem from, including ISIS and its Caliph, who is a candidate for Antichrist but not the only one. Moreover, the top candidates for Antichrist in Nostradamus’ clues could include some of the Western leaders who draw themselves into the Middle East to wage war.  Nostradamus and the Antichrist details all this. I really think that any serious scholar who approaches me ought to have read that book before telling me what Nostradamus was all about.

I won’t talk about the merits of Eli’s published works. I can only comment on the merits of his research relating to what he’s shared first on my Facebook page, and now to you all. I understand from my private interactions with him online that he’s keen on not being judged unfairly for his book that I haven’t read even though he pitched his book in the letter. I cut all mention of it because the issue here is not what I haven’t read but what I have read in his letter.

From Eschatus by Bruce Pennington.

From Eschatus by Bruce Pennington.

I’ve written this article with two motivations in mind. I want to educate my readers about not sending me lightweight research and I want to set up some boundaries for those of you who are “scholars” of prophecy who want some of my time and energy.

Please remember that I’m a very busy man and if scholars do such a poor job presenting themselves for the first time by getting so many fundamentals wrong about a subject for which I’m a worldwide noted expert, I won’t further burden myself and my time with them. You might have written the greatest book in the world but if your emails and letters on Facebook don’t show it, I’m not interested. It’s like an audition: Nexxxt! These days anybody can publish a book and call themselves “a bible scholar” or whatnot. So don’t write me an “anybody’s” poor attempt at an email or letter.

The FINAL blood just glowered over the Middle East. Three days later, Russia entered the war on ISIS. Click on the cover and read more.

The FINAL blood just glowered over the Middle East. Three days later, Russia entered the war on ISIS. Click on the cover and read more.

Now then, with no malice to anyone–but no tolerance for anything less than the following request–I have a compassionate warning to any self-published writers, either in eBooks or in print by the grace of an Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and a Create Space account. Don’t claim to be a scholar. Show it by example. Present to me concisely the merit of your understanding of prophetic subjects. Don’t make unsubstantiated claims. Back it up with examples, otherwise you’ll lose my interest and perhaps earn a bad review. Give me the very best–but short–presentation and your work will have my interest. I might then read you and perhaps give you my public endorsement.


Okay, let’s move on. Check out this newest book in the Hogue eBook library and don’t forget to scroll down and read all the many comments from my Facebook friends about the first article. I have inserted a lot of replies to you all. Thank you.


Francis-Cover-300x450-45kClick on the Cover and read a free sample.


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If for some reason you cannot leave your comments in the comments box below, just send them to me via the Contact email button. If they are interesting and clearly written, I will post them with my inserted comments. I will even post some of you rare souls disposing promising content with all the dirty literary laundry “spots” of functional illiteracy displayed. So please reread your stuff, use spell check and punctuate. You are being read by the whole world; so don’t look dumb in print. Those who do the best they can will be rewarded with it being published here.


There’s been a whole lot of responses to the first article, which I first posted on Facebook. Thousands of people read it within an hour of posting. Here’s some of their comments and my replies.

Why refer to the Assad government as a “regime” and exactly when and why did it become any of our business?

Nazi Germany invaded and occupied Poland on false pretenses...

Nazi Germany invaded and occupied Poland on false pretenses…

I use “regime” as a bridgework to take Americans in words from their biased labels into realities. Moreover, Assad’s government IS at times a brutal regime. So was the Soviet Union under Stalin, but we allied with Stalin’s “regime” because it was necessary to do so to fight a greater evil. Also, the Syrian people, like the Soviet people aren’t evil, just because they are under a dictatorship. It now becomes our business because Americans were involved in an act, that the Nuremberg trials called “Aggressive Warfare.” Our invasion of Iraq in 2003 was no different than Hitler’s invasion of Poland in 1939. It was unprovoked and used for imperial reasons of conquest. We even imposed our occupation on Iraq and perhaps a million people there died because of us. Al-Qaeda in Iraq, the father of ISIS was born because we let the terrorist fighters into the Muslim heartlands. Bush as much as invited them to come in and fight us. The karmic consequences of destroying Iraq, then Libya and now destroying another major country, Syria, in the Muslim heartland is every American’s collective karma to end. It’s because of “U.S.” that all this mess is set in motion.

...US forces invaded and occupied Iraq on false pretenses.

…US forces invaded and occupied Iraq on false pretenses.


In The Millennium book of Prophecy, page 189, ‘Russia is the hope of the world”, is this it John, is this the start? ‘Cheiro, Osho, Edgar Nostradamus’ all seemed to think so, with the karmic debt owned to Russia, I cannot see it as any other choice.

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945)

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945)

Yes, Russia is the hope of the world as Cayce foretold. But it can’t be that hope without its American brother being a hypocrite. America must live by the example of its constitution. Now it is not. America must be a good brother, not a double-dealing hypocrite following false narratives right into a thermonuclear war with Russia.

I climax my New Cold War book with the Russia prophecy of Edgar Cayce. I quote it in detail and give my views and others about the only World War prophet who “didn’t” foresee a third world war and why. It’s a beautiful and uplifting ending to a very scary, but necessary to read, book


Hope you can get on C2C soon to share this update on world events.

I should be on soon.


I am definitely going to read this book. Thanks for sharing Mr. Hogue. Keep us updated. All the best to you and your family.

Thank you Edward, and thank you Jeannie for the like.


Here’s a report from one of my readers who is a Rael follower:

Elohim Speaks: no.5 : False flag Persian Gulf

Click on this picture and read about the future of Iraq, Syria and when Nostradamus dated and described the next great Middle Eastern War.

Click on this picture and read about the future of Iraq, Syria and when Nostradamus dated and described the next great Middle Eastern War.

A faked Iranian strike by the Israelis sinking many US Navy ships in the Persian Gulf is, categorically, not going to happen. Remember I documented this here on this page. Whoever thought this up has an active imagination not anchored to the realities of how completely impossible it would be to instigate and remain undetected. When I write books on hypothetical wars with Iran. I balance my predictions with an understanding of military and naval capacities of the potential combatants. This message smacks of certain 9-11 conspiracy theories based on leaving out important data. For instance, most 9-11 conspiracy theorists haven’t calculated the effect of tons of melting aluminum from the two jets, smelted under the fallen debris of the initial crashes and stoked by the jet fuel and building interior fuels to begin the aluminum’s own positive feedback loop of melting. One could see the streams of bright yellow molten aluminum ejecting from the buildings just before they went down. Aluminum when melted his more than hot enough to melt the twin tower steal. Moreover, it explodes when touching water–that’s why people reported the detonations. Fire sprinklers had left flooded floors upon which the aluminum molten aluminum poured setting off huge explosions that shook the weakening structures straight down. The reason why you never see structures falling like that in fires before 9-11 is that none of these had whole airliners embedded in their cores melting tons of highly explosive and very hot melted aluminum.


It’s a sign of the Tetrad

Perhaps. And much more. Once again the astrology aspects are far closer to the mark than the Blood Moons alone. Mars in Leo for a few weeks just as Saturn passed at last out of its several-year transit of Scorpio into several years of Sagittarius firing arrows (missiles?) at things. (I have a Scorpio 12th House with Saturn, Venus and the Ascendant conjunct 20-21 degrees with a 5 degree Scorpio sun–yes, that’s why I do what I do.)


Now I’ll share with you some of the comments left by thousands of readers from all around the world coming to my Facebook Public page:

Short of thermonuclear war, what can be done? US and EU have turned their economy to crap over Ukraine already. Not that I have any rebut for the “leading from his behind.” lol

No more leading from Obama’s bottom for starters. What can be done is support Putin’s idea of a real coalition that includes Syria, that has as its strategic intention 1.) the complete destruction and occupation of the Islamic State, 2.) make this a United Nations police action making this endeavor a responsibility of all members, 3.) the alliance will remain to resolve politically a fair participation of all interested parties–including the sovereign government of Assad–in a political solution to the crisis and most importantly, 4.) the UN alliance will remain in Syria to rebuild it and get the Syrian people back on their feet, back to work back to kids going to school and back to a peaceful life. The greatest weapon against terrorism comes from having work, an income, clean water and food, education for your children, hope for your future. Terrorism is the last option of people who have none of these hopes made alive.


It’s possible that this was all planned as well. Remember some time back Obama told Putin to wait until after the reelection in an open mic “accident”. We all know ISIS was created by the CIA. .. so the whole staged refugee crisis could well had only been the CIA getting out of harms way. One day of war makes more money than a year of peace” something like that?

Hi Kurt. Memory of quotes and incidents ought to be reviewed by seeing the raw YouTube footage. For one thing Obama was talking to Russian President Medvedev, not Putin. The latter was Prime Minister of Russia. One cannot construe anything specific in Obama’s open mike gaff except an intent based on Obama’s presumption that nothing substantial can be achieved during a US presidential election, and that Obama would have a majority in the Senate allowing more freedom to negotiate with Putin. So watch it, everyone, how easy it is to project your own ideas on a vague comment. But on your other point, I would avoid speaking in sweeping “we all know” terms. Indeed few people really are aware just how much ISIS is a creature of schizophrenic US intelligence and foreign policy. It’s a complicated issue. The Military Industrial Complex has been looking for new enemies to contain for decades and thus create huge profits in the war business containing them. ISIS is one of those market projects, if you will. That’s what makes Putin’s move so right and so dangerous. He’s right to fight and destroy ISIS. The American’s don’t want their new bogeyman quickly taken down. What has to happen is a turnaround in US foreign policy. This coming Year of the Fire Monkey is just the kind of atmosphere where a lame duck president could reverse his failed policy in some face-saving way to aid Putin’s coalition. Or, equally, the whole thing could unravel as quickly as someone throws a Year of the Monkey wrench into the spokes of this coalition. Stay tuned later this year for my “Predictions 2016” book. It covers all these issues.

It was Medvedev, not Putin, that Obama was caught having the open mike gaff in 2012.

It was Medvedev, not Putin, that Obama was caught having the open mike gaff in 2012.


Wow, some powerful and frightening words…..I just don’t get why all this shit has to happen….I appreciate what you publish…..

Hi Joseph. Thank you for reading me. That’s why I write these articles and many books, to go back to the mechanics of habit and programming that make us repeat the past and call it the future. This is the real work, to understand why we are conditioned to do what we do as masses of humanity under the spell of mob unconsciousness that only a crowd that is trained to identify itself as Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu or American, Syrian, Iranian, or Russian, etc., will do. To break this Misery-go-round before the wheel of life completely collapses on this planet is what I’m sharing with you. I take you into the future to understand the past and then come to the empowering PRESENT, a state of eternity that is free of past, present and the mindsets that sustain such temporal illusions.


Yes you did foretell this event John. Is it preventable if it is prophesied… Some “redirection” is necessary for humankind to act appropriately to one another.

Yes DeAnn. Crisis has it’s hidden blessing. It makes sleepy people wake up and redirect their lives. I’m reminded of something Gurdjieff said. When people used to commiserate with him about all his plans for spiritual schools being upended by revolutions in Russia then the Nazi occupation of France, his second home. He said something to the effect that none of that was a cause of failure but an important element in the success of his teaching and helping individual followers. When times are good, good people often don’t seek deeper understanding and soul growth. They enjoy the happy, sleepy, fat and sassy times. When the illusory world starts turning into a nightmare, that’s when people who wouldn’t seek a spiritual liberation are pushed into it. So, even hard and bad times are in some ways necessary catalysts for real human growth in love, awareness and attaining a unified and harmonious consciousness. Gurdjieff, you might already know, DeAnn was a Greek-Armenian mystic born near Kars in the Russian Empire in 1866. He emigrated to France in the early 1920s and established his school for the harmonious development of man. He died in Paris in 1949. He’s most well known for his book Meetings with Remarkable Men and Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson and Life is Real only Then when I Am. There’s also the Gurdjieff Dances. Dance your way to self-awareness and harmony, Opah! J

G.I. Gurdjieff (1866-1949), a prophet of remembering the "self" in the harmonious development of man without quotation marks.

G.I. Gurdjieff (1866-1949), a prophet of remembering the “self” in the harmonious development of man without quotation marks.


Stupidity shall rain, like water from the clouds!

That’s one possibility for sure. There’s another possibility. There’s the “Guru.” This word, Guru, comes from Sanskrit. It describes a heavily laden monsoon rain cloud, so full and heavy with its life giving water that it must release its beauteous burden on the earth. It cares not whether its waters nourish sterile rocks or falls on fertile, thirsty farmland and forest. The Guru is a giving flood. The human Guru is like that cloud, giving of its love and awareness to whomever, the rock-dead stupid or the living souls in need of spiritual nourishment.

Osho giving energy darshan in Pune, India in the 1970s.

Osho giving energy darshan in Pune, India in the 1970s.


Here is what I think.

Our thinking processes are borrowed from others. The more we become aware of this, the less our words may be slaves of borrowed concepts, like being a “Christian” a “Hindu” an “American” and so forth.

GumbyPythonBrainHurtsDAVID G.
Your just not quite up to it all.


Who is? LOL. But I do my best. And for those who have read my books (which does not include you, David) and seen my track record of accurate forecasts over the last 30 years, I do well enough and thousands have been helped.

You try in your best to say how it will be but I don’t think you really know.

No one really knows. That includes you. The insight comes from something deeper than our conscious self. It’s not ours. Our job is to step out of “IT’s” way and celebrate a creative life in the mysterious ways that “IT” guides us. I have found my way.

I hope the good Lord is truly protecting us all.  

It’s a lovely sentiment, David, and I thank you for writing it. However, “hope” is one of the worst of the four-letter words. As long as you cling to “hope” you are a slave of the hidden “hopelessness.” I have no hope, so I have no “hopelessness” about you, me and the future of all.

DAVID: You are a business that deals in gloom and you certainly are not a wizard.

First off, you can only say that if you are generally ignorant of my work. I have written many uplifting articles and books and many thousands of people have been greatly and happily helped to celebrate life in all its ugly and beautiful colors through the meditation techniques I share to them coming from my teacher, Osho. (He’s the man in the white robe giving energy “Darshans” to disciples in the picture ending the last interchange.)

Obama-Wizard-of-OzAnd, like I said in an earlier email, my wizard statement was a joke. I’m no wizard. I’m no one at all. I’m on the path to understanding that “no-one-ness” completely. So, again, if you can so easily misunderstand that my wizard statement was a joke, what does that say about your understanding of other things about me?

I’m not trying to be hurtful but your ego is way to much .

Ego is ego. Large or small doesn’t count. It’s like being pregnant. You can’t be free of ego by having “your” little ego any more than I can’t avoid my large ego. You think you are more spiritual because your ego is smaller. This is your delusion. Ego is ego, playing deceptions of being “big” or being “small.” Understand this, and the Ego becomes less a master and more your servant, David.

Here's an artistic rendering of my friend's photo of me during our Blood Moon party on the Bluffs of Langley, WA. I have made the joke that Cynthia had cast me in my new "Gandalf the Gray" wizard look. David didn't get the joke and took me serously. That's also funny.

Cynthia Campbell, a very talented photo artist, took a picture of me during our Blood Moon party on the Bluffs of Langley, WA, and added some special photo effects with gray shading. I posted it for my HogueBulletin Newsletter friends, making the joke that Cynthia had cast me in my new “Gandalf the Gray” wizard look. David didn’t get the joke and took me seriously. That’s also funny. The joke continues.

I’m expecting a harsh response .

This is not a harsh response. I have not written this in anger. If you feel upset and anger, these are your projections on my words.

Your not a wizard your just John…..

I’m not even “John.” There’s really nobody here in either of us. Some understanding of this is needed. You haven’t understood this yet. There is no David, either.

doing your John thing.

There’s no thing to be done if “the doing” is pure.

Your not a Nostradamous.

Never said I was. That’s another joke. You do take jokes very seriously, David.

By the way, I like your misspelled “Nostradamus” so, you’re right, I’m not Nostradamouse (I added the “e”), meaning in French with the English ending, “I’m not ‘our lady mouse, eek, ekk!.'”  🙂


I am not sure if I am reaching you but I did read your reaction to Eli and his thoughts  and I find you a very well educated person and I am so LIMITED in my knowledge but I will keep trying to understand what is really going on with why we live and what we become after death.

Source: Deva Padma. Check her art out at

Source: Deva Padma. Check her art out at

Hi Al. Thanks for sending this letter. All the knowledge in the world wouldn’t help us answer the profound questions you ask. One must cultivate a knack for “Knowing.” It doesn’t come from borrowing ideas and identities. It comes from awakening a birth-given and innocent Wisdom that lies dormant under all the crap people have coated us with from birth onwards, that makes our souls slaves of our servant minds without us even knowing it. So, I would only slightly correct your statement and say, find a deep “knowing” and this knowing will be the understanding that “stands” under what is really going on with why we live and what we become after death. Meditation is my path to deepening this “Knowing” of Consciousness.

Consciousness is what I am seeking, what is it and is that what I leave this earth with (knowledge)  I AM NOT SURE WHY I AM WRITING YOU THIS BUT IT MUST BE JUST TO SAY I RESPECT THE TIME YOU PUT IN AND YOUR KNOWLEDGE BASE WILL SERVE YOU WELL IN THE NEXT WORLD.

Thank you, Al. I also don’t know why I do what I do and work so diligently doing it. But that’s the surface of this fathomless ocean talking. Deep inside I cannot help but do what I do and follow my compassionate purpose, come what abuse or praise or infinite misunderstanding comes my way. There are deeper secrets and mysteries in our lives that compel us forward beyond the paper-thin conscious ego’s understanding. The deeper I plunge into this inner work and outer sharing through writing, the less I know what it is. At the same time, as the knowledge falls away, what fills the void is a vast depth of “Intimacy” with the Mystery. As if it’s a lover and I am in her arms in deep Tantric embrace and she is dissolving me into “Her” wholeness.

The most important gift from this Mystery I can offer you, Al, and anyone who resonates with Al’s comment and my response, is an email containing links and information about the meditations I use and the teacher who has showered these blissful gifts upon me. All you need to do is Contact Me and put just one word in the subject line: Meditation. I will then send this information to you.

Blessings to you Al and to all who hunger for and truly need deliverance.




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