The Donald Trump Predictions, the Third Greek Bailout Bail-in and the Iran Agreement before Congress is in Peril

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DATELINE: 16 August 2015

The Donald Trump Predictions

Here’s the most common question readers ask me these days about the future:

Hi, what do you see happening with Trump, will he fade out or will he end up facing Hillary Clinton in November 2016? Also, what explains his popularity from a historical/prophecy perspective?

My answer is the following a passage from a first draft of a new eBooklet with the working title Donald Trump for President: Astrological Predictions.


Take Donald Trump seriously for he may have become the voice of a collective, often incoherent, rage against the corporately-correct political machine that would like to pick its candidates for you from two political dynasties—Koch or Pepsi, Bush or Clinton. Trump keeps rising in the polls despite Fox Corp’s attempt to unfairly trash him in the first Republican Debates because more American voters than ever before no longer want to reason with the system. They don’t feel it represents them. Trump has become one of the voices of this catharsis from the Right. US Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, is the other spokesman from the Left. More messengers harnessing popular rage against the corporate political machine are coming into a campaign arena more unpredictable than a barrel of monkeys.

Trump, in the mind of those polling in support, is the renegade one-percenter, the loner standing proudly upon his own special interest in becoming the president. He can pay for his campaign all-the-way to November if need be, from his own earned billions without brown nosing any special interests except his own. People deep down, viscerally, emotionally like him playing monkey wrench stuck in the spokes of elitist power. It’s just what the Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey would order up for US presidential elections.

On the darker side, Trump has become, indirectly, a demagogic spokesman for the core, white and frightened Americans that do most of the voting in Republican primaries. That means he’s staying around a whole lot longer in the RNC primary limelight than the GOP establishment wants.

Trump melds original and creative ideas to revivify America with statements that can make him appear as the misogynous messenger of the “angry white males” on the right of red Republican views. I’m not saying that’s actually who Donald Trump is. There is a danger here, astrologically speaking, of the habit programmed into our minds to oversimplify what is a charismatic, highly successful and often original thinking man born under the Sun sign of Gemini. Such men and women can be multi-faceted, multi-dimensional personalities. They’re contradictory. Their dark sides bring brighter and brilliant contrast to their flashes of genius. You have to take in the full spectrum of such an ego type like Trump and watch how your own one-dimensional attempts to understand such a person leave you, in the end, showing what your perception of others lacks.

Richard Wagner.

Richard Wagner. Public domain.

One sees this lack directed to another Gemini genius. Even after so many years, people try to peg the nineteenth-century German composing giant, Richard Wagner, into their one-characterization-fits-all opinion. Wagner was born a double Gemini. That means his astrological predilection to be and act like more than one person was magnified. The joke goes that when you love a Gemini, symbolized by the twins, you get two people for one. With Wagner, being a Sun and Ascendant Gemini, you get at least four for the price of one.

If you judge Wagner by the parts, you lose an appreciation for his genius as a whole. A rose has petals and thorns. Wagner struggled, like many Germans of his day, with anti-Semitic tendencies. A shadow on his legacy the will never shed, but oh, what contrast it gives when compared to the brilliant light of his genius as a revolutionary composer and dramatist. Wagner predated Marshal McLuhan by a century as a prophet of multimedia. Wagner defined it in his essay The Artwork of the Future, as a Gesamtkunstwerk or “total art work” combining music, drama, special effects and literature into one organic whole.


Click here and listen to this transcendental music from a multifaceted and complicated genius. Isolde’s “Liebestod” finale. The voice is that of Waltraut Meier, singing this in the 1995 Bayreuth Festival.

So the challenge is not to judge Wagner’s genius solely on his bouts of anti-Semitism. Don’t let your perception go myopic when you weigh Trump’s business acumen and rare executive genius, solely weighed by his chance misogynistic remarks or bouts of vulgarity. The Gemini genius may need the dark personalities to balance the light. In Wagner’s case his comments about his creative processes begs one to presume he was playing his personalities off each other to create greater music dramas like the immortal operas Tristan und Isolde, Die Meistersingers, Parsifal and his magnum opus, Der Ring Des Nibelungen, his four opera—music drama—cycle that takes nearly 15 hours over four days to perform.

Try to embrace genius when it is big enough to contain such beautiful and disturbing contradictions. Wagner was at times an anti-Semite, but he only wanted a Jew, Herman Levi, to conduct Parsifal for it world premier. When a group of proto-Nazis came to his door asking him to sign a petition to violently cast the Jews out of Germany, Wagner raged and chased those men out of his house for their violent intentions. Donald Trump can talk misogynistic trash, but his charities and work with women, his actions, denote a man who does not hate women.

Click here to listen to Waltraud Meier singing Isolde and Siegfried Jerusalem singing Tristan in the “Liebest Nacht” (The night of love). 1994 Bayreuth Festival with Daniel Barenboim conducting.

Click here to listen to Waltraud Meier singing Isolde and Siegfried Jerusalem singing Tristan in the “Liebest Nacht” (The night of love). 1994 Bayreuth Festival with Daniel Barenboim conducting.

Perhaps the hidden dualistic and mutable blessing of having Geminis in your life is that they teach you to also grow in your understanding and in your heart large enough to accept their contradictions and see the bigger picture. Check if you are looking at the world through the peephole of a narrow straw of your expectations and simplistic judgments.

Still, one has to accept as part of the full package the power of mediocrity cherry-picking Gemini genius for their own limited but dangerous ends. Trump, the master communicator in a boardroom is also Trump the demagogue carnival barker to those narrow enough that they only revel in what they think is a shared racism and xenophobia. Hitler did this to Wagner. He selectively identified with the anti-Semitism essays and ignored Wagner’s views on love, redemption, and the power of the feminine to save the world. Hitler blocked out from his mind Wagner’s prophetic warnings in the Ring Cycle that lust for power can only thrive if you renounce love from your life, like Hitler. Hitler in his autobiography Mein Kampf reveled in his power coming from a crystallization and focus of his anger, not love. The Germanic mythical world of Wagner’s Ring is destroyed by an accursed ring of such loveless power and it is reborn anew through Love’s redemption. Wotan, king of the Germanic Gods, orders his, the Gods and Walhall’s (Valhalla’s) self-immolation, the consequence of power unbalanced by love. Hitler’s Valhalla-like self-immolation of his Third Reich met the same end.

Click and listen to the climax of Gotterdammerung (the Twilight of the Gods). The burning of Wallhalla in the heavens, the death and rebirth of the world. This YouTube montage by a Wagner fan does not portray the details of this final scene. However, it captures much of the essence and does so in a modern and topical way addressing our own approaching "twilight of the anti-life humanity" that is destroying this world. He ends it with the rebirth of a new and blissful humanity childlike prancing to Wagner's final love theme. The anti-life humanity burns up the planet's atmosphere and in their place comes a new humanity dancing.

Click and listen to the climax of Gotterdammerung (the Twilight of the Gods). The burning of Wallhalla in the heavens, the death and rebirth of the world. Brunnhilde set alight Siegried’s funeral pyre, then mounts Grane and rides into the flames to become on with her dead lover. Wotan’s ravens see the event and hasten to Walhalla with the news. Wotan pierces the fire god Loge, and casts his flames down upon the chopped up pieces of the giant World Ash Tree set around Walhalla by the Gods and heroes. They then wait in the vast hall of Wallhall seen above where they are consumed in the flames. Upon Walhall’s burning and its glowing ash fall, thus ends the old world cursed by the Ring with the rebirth of a new and blissful humanity childlike prancing to Wagner’s final love theme. The anti-life humanity burns up the planet’s atmosphere and in their place comes a new humanity dancing.

For Hitler it was all about Mein Kampf (my struggle). For Wagner it was always ultimately a journey towards “Mein Liebe” (my love) and how it could grow so large that all limits of personality and ego could disappear into its Cosmic Everywhere-ness.

Of all the characters Hitler most resembled in Wagner's Ring wasn't any of the heroes. It was Alberich, the evil dwarf who renounced love to gain ultimate power with an accursed ring.

Of all the characters Hitler most resembled in Wagner’s Ring it wasn’t any of the heroes. It was Alberich, the evil dwarf who renounced love to gain ultimate power through stealing the Rheinmaiden’s red gold. Alberich using  the power of his lovelessness and hatred  learned how to forge the gold into an accursed ring that could make him ruler of the world. Sieg Heil! Alberich-Adolf Hitler. Art by Arthur Rackham, public domain.

Donald Trump is a master genius in his realm of promotion and real estate. Whether he can transform his promotion skills to become a master politician is a dicier venture. Like most effective modern political demagogues, such as Adolf Hitler, Trump has a way of mixing wacko with wise ideas and can wrap buns of BS around the meat of a real political injustice.

For instance, Hitler was right. The Versailles Treaty of 1919 actually was a form of crippling punishment delivered to Germany blaming all its people with draconian reparations making them the scapegoat for a whole lot of collectively bad decisions made by all combatant nations responsible for rushing into the First World War (1914-1918). The meat of this fact rightfully angered a proud German people and Hitler exploited and harnessed that mass minded hysteria wrapping real injustice around a big lie, that Jewish bankers and some Jewish secret cabal was the culprit for Germany’s rush to capitulation while the army was still resisting heroically.


Such a weaving of truth with pathological myths incites a riotous mob mind with a boilermaker of truth trigger whisky chased by dropping it in the beer of bubbling lies. That’s why Trump isn’t wrong when he says illegal aliens are bringing across the US borders their mafia, their drug gang violence, and their criminals into the US. All true. However, what centered perception Trump displays in the board room seems to escape him when standing on the bully pulpit of politics branding ALL illegal aliens in a white man’s white wash of racism. It reminds me of Wagner’s written and rabid catharses against Jews that seem so out of place coming from the composer who gave us such transcendental harmonies of Isolde’s “Liebestod.” How can a man write and compose stories and operas about love rising to a cosmic level and yet write that wretched pamphlet Judaism in Music?

Perhaps we should ask Donald Trump a similar question?

Trump’s genius is in business and the art of making a deal is a form of high art that is rarely respected as such. How can a man who wrote the protean Art of the Deal paint Latino’s coming across the border, looking for work, as only rapists, drug dealers and crooks?

Here I find myself once again where I was, pushing your buttons over eight years ago. I’m calling out another demagogue and comparing his power to move the masses as comparable to Hitler’s. I said the same about Obama nearly eight years ago, coining the term Obamagogue and Obama Nation. Obama has used Hitler’s oratorical persuasion to get the masses drunk on a dream and a promise he could not keep.

I’m not saying Obama or Trump is Hitler. I am saying they have Hitler’s power to viscerally bring up the collective, emotive feelings of a crowd and when they do, they can then plant the seeds of flowering insight or spread the weeds of half-truths. It’s a wizard-like power that can persuade people to be better, or drive them to savage acts of history, or, in Obama’s case, be a change we could almost believe in that almost came true, because Obama almost was a great president who almost had genius.

There’s the difference. Donald Trump “is” a genius, but does that mean he can transmute that genius from the boardroom into a successful bid to become the next president of the United States? Would a President Trump be an unexpected and peaceful harbinger of revolutionary change in government, or an unparalleled disaster?

Is Donald Trump the next Teddy Roosevelt, or, is he President Greg Stillson of Steven King’s The Dead Zone? Is he that political maverick, breaking the rules, coming to power to kick some butt and produce significant, lasting reforms of the system, or, is he just a mad man, reaching beyond his depth and showing us that his macho campaign bravado against Iranians and Russians isn’t talk. If he were president, would he pull a Stillson? In Steven King’s novel and subsequent movie, the main character after surviving a coma has been given a special power to touch someone and see his future. When he accidentally shook the hand of Stillson while on campaign he saw an alternative future where the United States and Russia and much of the world is destroyed in a thermonuclear exchange when this circus barking bravo actually becomes president and launches World War III to fulfill some mad delusional destiny.

From a prophetic consideration, there is a remote chance that Donald Trump could actually play Greg Stillson if he were president in the latter days of 2017. The final months of 2017 are made prophetically dangerous by what appears to be the beginning, back in April 2014, of a New Cold War that Nostradamus foresaw going nuclear hot either in late 2017 or the spring of 2027.

 This potential future isn't just a movie. It's danger is coming very close. Click on the cover to find out more.

This potential future isn’t just a movie. Its danger is coming very close. Click on the cover to find out more.

What if Trump’s brusque brush-offs hurled at the Russian President and the Iranians are more than trash talking up the electorate into a frenzy of nationalistic support? What if Trump really intends to push Vladimir Putin up against a wall? In Trump’s defense, he’s not alone in making what I think History will judge as critically imprudent statements for a future president. Take for instance the woman most likely to be the next American president facing Putin in 2017, the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton? She has reveled in calling Putin another “Hitler.” Even Adolf Hitler, when delivering public statements never stooped so low as calling enemy leaders like Churchill, Stalin or Roosevelt by such names of historic mass murderers, for instance like comparable to Genghis Khan, Tamerlane or Vlad the Impaler. Hitler felt it was beneath a world leader to lower him or herself to such levels.

There’s a lot of tantalizing and rebellious energy brewing for 2016’s presidential primaries and campaigns. A lot of chances will come to upset the corporate elites attempt to control and slam dunk their creeping corporate coup started in earnest with the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of Citizen’s United in January 2010. The plan is to close the deal with one of their two choices in the elections of 2016 becoming big money and big business’s presidential tools.

Trump on the right, like Senator Bernie Sanders from the left, aren’t part of this plan. They are monkey wrenches in the corporate spokes: a socialist democrat and a self-made billionaire who can fund his own campaign on his own coin could during this coming year of the Fire Monkey derail the emerging plutocracy’s best laid plans.

I will say this, depending on the right reading of the stars of political astrology for 2016, I cannot completely rule out Trump not flaming out early in this Reality Show circus of campaigns oncoming. One scenario I foresee, though quite a long shot, given Trump’s potential under his Gemini Sun to suddenly shift gears and loose interest in campaigning, is three one-percenters left standing a month before the presidential elections. Competing wings of the multinational corporate CEOlygarcy back two of these. The other is Trump, gone corporate rogue. The mainstream political party cartels will go through the ritual of primaries that ultimately picks Clinton and Bush as their nominees. Could they actually have to face the populist Trump running as an Independent?

That’s what the astrological examination of Donald Trump’s political destiny will try to reveal.

A month before the first Republican Party debates, Trump said, “No third party candidate can win a national election.”

Then in classic Gemini fashion Trump in the opening of the Republican debate contradicted himself, saying that he’ll support the Republican nominee if the nominee is “Trump.” If not, he reserves the option to run for president as an Independent. Is this in fact what he will do, or is Trump, the master deal maker, using his threat as leverage against the GOP leadership? Maybe his horoscope will tell us.

The big decision will be waiting in end of May next year whether he will go rogue or not.

As much as Geminis are prone to turn off as much as turn on an ambition, and as much as I feel logic and reason might temper Trump and see him step out of the campaign, some deeper part of my Oracle cannot categorically rule out that he won’t. He may be in his thing all the way to the end. On 14 June 2016 Trump will be 70-years old. This narcissistic billionaire, ever the Gemini mix of opposites, a man of contradictions, a businessman of genius and vulgarity, a master executive in the subtle art of the deal and at times the most loud-mouthed of carnival barkers. This misogynist who is charitable and helpful to women is confronting his last chance to stay on the world stage, big time, baby!

Do you think this apprentice president is going to get fired before the 8 November election night?


He won’t get the nomination of the Republican Party, of that my Oracle is categorical. So will this unusually frugal billionaire keep this carnival alive by bowing a billion bucks on an independent run? Maybe Trump dreams an impossible dream, that he can play odd man “in” on the stage during the Presidential Debates in October. He just might pull it off. He just might have enough New Yorker chutzpah and just enough bountiful shock of his notoriously famous hair left to set on fire. His celebrity status is immense and his polytechnic promotion of himself as savior maverick president just might fire up enough popular support from a fed up citizenry to politically “poll” himself up a chair on that national stage. Moreover, if the Republicrat-Demopublicans who rig the elections ever in their favor should deny him that right, there’ll be hell to pay in the polls for the Republican candidate. It’s deja vu Ross Perot all over again, but this is “New York”, the Big Apple, bigger than Perot. This is Trump style, baby. You’re fired!


Well then, that’s the first stab at the introduction to Trump for President: Astrological Predictions. I’ll bring the rest of the book into the world this week and have it online before the next Reagan Library Republican Presidential Debates on CNN on 16 September 2015.

Click on the cover and read more about this bestselling, epic book about the next 18 months.

Click on the cover and read more about this bestselling, epic book about the next 18 months.

DATELINE: 15 August 2015

Tsipras capitulates to a Third Greek Bailout
It only adds more pain and Delays the Grexit

Never underestimate the power of Habit conditioned in collected masses of people under the programmed spell of national identity, to postpone the inevitable by holding on to what they know—even if it is hell on Earth—rather than risk jumping into the unknown. I’ve written often about how future destiny keeps being postponed, kicked down the road of time, by people and nations, like Scotland with its referendum and somewhat like Greece just recently. Although in the latter’s case there’s a big difference. The Greek people, a majority of them, are ready to go to Hades if a few painful years of economic hell, leaving the Euro monetary union. The pain of going to Hades outweighs the lingering purgatory what Brussels and its Nazi (oops, I mean “German”) bankers have imposed within one, two and now a crushing third bailout that is more sadistic and impossible to pay off than the last. This time around, the Greek people in their referendum just a little while back DID mean NO! (OXI!) when the voted no to austerity and even though their Prime Minister Tsipras has returned home with a “deal” that even he can scarcely keep his lunch down about. In July he got the Greek Parliament’s pro-austerity parties to pretty much vote against a sizable part of his own Syriza party in power. This Friday morning (14 August 2015) after an all-night debate, the Greek Parliament voted into law the omnibus bill that could provide Greece with a three-year bailout program worth about 85 billion euros.

A reprise of the Versailles Treaty was how former Finance MinisterYanis Varoufakis described it back in July. Before capitulating the Brussels, Prime Minister Tsipras had replaced him with a more agreeable if spineless Financial Minister the technocrats in Brussels, tacitly hinted should be done. Varoufakis had committed the sin of challenging and skeptically confronting German bankers and Brussels sprouted technocrats once too often with too sharp an intelligence and he dared to use the “R” word in their presence, “rational” thinking. No one can talk to the EU ministers and bankers in their ivory towers that way. With him out of the way, it was easy to politically emasculate his replacement and clip the Greek Prime Minister of what little balls he had left.

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.

Varoufakis may be prescient describing this third bailout in five years as a repetition of bad history. Versailles wasn’t as much a peace as it was a punishment cast down by the victors of the First World War on the entire German people. There was enough blame for starting the First World War shared by all combatants, yet this vengeful and draconian seizure of industrial regions, chased with a bitter regimen of reparations on an economy already devastated by four years of warfare and blockades, sent Germany into one of the worst depressions in history during the early 1920s. One of Europe’s most sophisticated societies was pushed to the brink of famine, revolution, state failure and collapse. Varoufakis may be rightfully concerned that Greece is being punished likewise with bailout terms even worse than the one’s the public rejected in their July referendum. This bailout hits the poorest Greeks hardest, cutting pensioner’s salaries even further, and allows the privatization of trains and social services by foreigners of Brussels’s choice. It effectively takes Greece’s sovereignty away as the price of 85 billion euros of debt relief that, in itself, makes Greeks indentured servants of the EU for perhaps another 30 years in grinding poverty.

Versailles created a semi-failed state out of Germany and therefore radicalized political discourse and brought the communists and fascists into open riot and combat in the streets. The Nazis won and Adolf Hitler established a dictatorship eleven years after Versailles was signed.

The fascist Hellenistic party, the Golden Dawn, has a golden opportunity now to play Hitler the savior and use this third bailout in as their Hitlerian “stab in the back” by non-Greek European powers.

The Syriza party has suffered over 40 MP defections during the final ratification of the agreement. Tsipras’ party is in such disarray and rebellion that he’ll hold a confidence vote next week. If he can’t draw his rebelling party members back into line—and I predict he won’t—he’ll have to resign or disband his government and call for another snap election, like the one that brought Syriza into power in late January.

I see in the future Varoufakis taking up the role of prime minister. Next week’s election or the resignation of Tsipras may create the earliest opportunity. I do not see the Greece able to sustain life under the austerity imposed by the third bailout after its grim austerity is imposed this autumn.

The Grexit, I predict is still coming. It’s only been delayed.

All we’re seeing at present is another kicking of the can down the road of time, into 2016 at the latest for the exit. This monkey business will end in the Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey. The rebellion in Greece will AT LAST take place and I foresee Yanis Varoufakis leading it. This time around he’ll do what Tsipras hadn’t the spine to do, prepare Greece for abandoning the euro for the Drachma and then go negotiate in Brussels with some bargaining strength. It’s a very painful few years coming for Greece but only walking through this valley of “Debt” fearing no evil, will they endure this biblical purgatory and get back on their feet in about three years. That is, unless the climate continues its unraveling the civilization in a runaway rise of global temperatures. This oncoming planetary disaster puts all bets about the future on hold and places every human being on Earth on the climate-tipping balancing scales of Fate.


Tsipras, as I predicted five days ago, has resigned and called for snap elections. I want to share an interchange with “Nick” the Greek. He’s been my Zorba the Greek contact, keeping me informed of all things topical about Syriza progress:

Looks like Greece is going to be "blood moon" ready, what with a snap election on 20 September, just 8 days out from the final blood moon reddening.

Looks like Greece is going to be “blood moon” ready, what with a snap election on 20 September, just 8 days out from the final blood moon reddening.

Hi, looks like Greece is now headed back to elections, i doubt if SYRIZA well retain power, i suspect they will lose a minimum of 10 -20 % of support. Interesting how the election is planned for 8 days before the blood moon. My only guess is that the Greek people are totally fed up with elections they may just actually vote for Golden Dawn and the splinter SYRIZA party who will form a new party. Hard to see anyone getting absolute majority which will throw it into complete chaos. The other theory i have is that this interim goverment may actually last longer than the proposed elections in Sep and hence this new interim Goverment will be in stasis that nothing gets down.

I still cannot see how Varoufakis can become Prime Minister.


Remember, Nick, I said the next election “may” give him an early opportunity to become Prime Minister. I foresee it happening more likely later on, not soon. Yet this process will start the ball rolling.

Basically the EU bankers with this third bailout maneuver was intended to weaken Syriza and destroy Tsipras’s political career as Prime Minister. They “hope” the Greek people will be leaderless, divided and indentured servants of the EU for the decades to come.

The European leaders have not learned hard lessons of European history, in this case how the punitive Versailles Treaty against Germany brought fascism into power.

Now it happens again!  In Greece. The consistent stupidity of these decisions made by leaders of the first super-state (the EU) boggles the mind. But then, under the related alliance of NATO, many of the members have shown themselves nearly as good as the US at taking a wrecking ball to other states like Libya and currently Syria, making the world more unstable. They are now rewarded with an immigration wave that I predict  will be 100,000 a month for nine months out of the year. They can’t seem to put two and two together. Two NATO destroyed nations, times two refugee floods that will only increase, equals the end of the EU cohesion.

DATELINE: 15 August 2015

The Iran Peace Agreement?
Time is not on its side for Ratification in the US Congress

A quick update on where we are. Except for the US, the UN, China, Russia and the rest of the permanent member-nations of the US Security Council have had their parliaments ratify the agreement forged on 14 July 2015. Many timetables will now start ticking. The UN Iranian arms embargo will remain for five years. Iranian Missile technologies will sit under an embargo for eight years. Tehran has agreed to a 3.67 Percent uranium enrichment restriction for 15 years. The UN Security Council swiftly endorsed the agreement on 20 July and has given the US Congress 90 days to review, ratify or reject it.

There’s but one “Aye” in the ointment—one “yes” vote that may not be coming from the US Congress.

As I stated in Predictions 2015-2016, time is not on the side of peace if negotiations strayed too far beyond the original 30 June deadline. The positive stars, if you will, the Uranus-Jupiter Trine, begins to fade. Any further delay deep into summer brings the stars of war and rejection ever more powerfully into play if ratification by the US Congress lingers into late September. Because of the delay beyond 30 June, Congress had to bump their scheduled debate on the agreement from 9 July into early September once their summer recess ends. That gave the powerful Israeli lobby not one but two months to proselytize and convert more Democrats into the Republican dominant, anti-ratifying camp. Senior US Senator from New York and influential Chairman of the Senate Rules Committee Chuck Schumer has already buckled to the Zionist-supremacist pressure from Jerusalem. With him could follow enough Democrats with strong Jewish constituencies to mollify adding up to a presidential veto-proof 67 votes needed to reject peace with Iran. What makes this now a more likely outcome is pressure from an equally angry and powerful Saudi lobby in Washington who share with their enemies the Israelis a dread of Iranian hegemony counterbalancing their regional hegemonic control.

Click on the cover and read a free sample.

Click on the cover and read a free sample.

The 60-day countdown ends on 20 September. Saturn’s last three-month transit through Scorpio, the world leaders’ last chance at starting a generation-long, peaceful reform of systemically unsustainable financial and political reforms, will have ended two days before the deadline times out. Eight days after that, the Fourth and Final Blood Moon of the current and rare lunar tetrad blushes bellicose red over the skies of the Middle East. Some believe this might mark the beginning of the Biblical Tribulation times. American Israeli and Saudi plans for a war against Iran might be set in motion and the conflict would then be unleashed one year ahead in September 2016.

The West’s plans for war with Iran is the subject of Nostradamus’ surprisingly clear, detailed and dated astrological prophecies set out and examined in the eBook and printed edition (below). The rejection of the peace agreement will bring a potential future back to life again if the last-minute attempt at peace should fail.

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.


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  1. mikey
    Posted 19 August 2015 at 9:34 am | Permalink

    once again the aussie and yank political processes are aligning. our last election saw the unexpected rise of clive palmer, a billionare dude who decided he’d better milage out of running for a seat rather than trying to buy conservative party influence. he talks more sense than any corpo-politician, has better ethics too. perhaps he’s the template for trump.

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