North Korea at the Brink of War, the Stock Market plunges nearly 531 Points. Hogue predicted August 2015 begins the Global Economic Bubble Bursting

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DATELINE: 22 August 2015

Chinese Economy slows
US Stock Market Plunges
Hogue’s Prediction fulfilled?

I had to take a break from writing my book of astrological predictions about Donald Trump’s chances being America’s next president to address yesterday’s stock market plunge—the worst “correction” since 2011.

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As recorded in my epic two-year forecast book Predictions 2015-2016, China did become the largest economy in the world at the dawn of 2015 and what is happening all through the first half of August is just what one would expect when the world’s largest economy begins slowing down. It affects the global economy significantly. August began with China devaluing in steps the Chinese Yuan, then the Renminbi. China’s slowdown has affected yesterday’s record drop in oil prices below $40 a barrel, not seen since the recessionary months of 2009. Stock market plunges around the world for the last two weeks have finally come home to roost this Friday at the DOW Jones Stock Exchange of the second largest global economy.

The currency world war has really begun this August with China joining other world currencies in a devaluing and counter-devaluing fight to the bottom. Who will be the biggest “loser” of currency value so that their exports will be cheapest to buy? The only problem with this “war” is how it strengthens of the US dollar making US goods far more expensive.

The last Great Recession in 2008 exposed the “pin” that popped the economic bubble being US sub-prime real estate lending corruption. Here’s the new “pin” for the next bubble bursting: the world economy is too dependent on Chinese growth. Now they’re slowing down, and the world slows with them, the oil drops below $40 a barrel because China’s not buying while the Saudis try to wreck the US fracking industry by glutting the market with cheap oil. Now I would not be surprised to see oil drop as low as $30 a barrel and even farther this year into next, dragging oil-based national economies down with it into a new Recession. By the way, they called the Great Depression a Great Recession in the 1930s. It only got the “D” word moniker in the history books only after it was over. I’m talking about a bigger “D” coming in 2016.

In 17 November 2015, I documented the following forecast about August 2016:

August could be the month an economic bubble busts. All the efforts to quantitatively ease a faltering fiat credit-based economy by flushing it full to ballooning with more gouts of printing and digitalizing imaginary money has crossed the Russian Ruble-con, as it were. It knells the end of smoke-and-mirror reform. Perhaps the new recession will visit us in those dog days of Saturn summer 2015. After the prelude “correction” of stock markets there may ensue what my Oracle calls a “Greater Depression” the following year. It won’t dispense inflation but deflation of currencies, starting in the late summer of 2015, mainly because of the currency wars well underway since the latter half of 2014 where all currencies are trying to rush to the bottom of value in a mad competition to attract importers for their ever more affordable products.

August was intense but only a prelude to a September chock full of portents. Neptune is opposed the Sun on 1 September, launching this important month into a collective psychic atmosphere of confused inattention to what is an intuitive message or just the mind spiritually woolgathering. A good day either to watch a romantic weeper at the movies or consider your relationship as a citizen to your legislator, prime minister or president who turned out not to be the “lover” you thought you voted for.

Prediction 2015-2016, Chapter One
The Stars War, the Empire Strikes Out
(Subsection: Saturn Summer)

There’s a popular rebellion arising in America, a rebellion of regular citizens who know their government, and the corporate candidates of old-school politicians aren’t listening to them. Trump on the right and Bernie Sanders on the left “are” listening to the people. You might not like what they are saying but they now are the ones filling the gulf between you and those in power. The renegade Trump and Sanders campaigns are the karmic consequence, a reaction for better or worse, against the corporate takeover of the Republic going on openly since Citizens United was passed by the US Supreme Court, making corporations “people” and money “free speech.”

I have said quite often over the years that when your voting system is rigged by big business, only a renegade big businessman, pulling resources to campaign from his own billions, can be your voice, your representative.

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Click on the cover.

These are heady and even dangerous times with much to risk, and much that could suddenly transform the way we are governed, the way we live.

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This eBooklet is only a chapter in my epic examination of 2015 and 2016.

Predictions 2015-2015 is a 120,000-word examination of decisions and trends enacted through 2015 to the end of 2016 that will define where human history will carry us during the most dangerous and equally the most potentially transforming 30 years to come. Click on Predictions to read a free sample of the introduction.

DATELINE: 22 August 2015

This Time it isn’t North Korea
That is pushing the Korean Peninsula
To the Bring of a Catastrophic War

All the times the North and South Korea has nearly come to blows since the Korean War was put on hold in 1953 with an armistice, this time it might not end well. The potential combatants are the House of Kim, a Stalinist throwback communist kingdom run by a succession of unpredictable potentates Kim Il-Sung, Kim Jong-Il and the most unpredictable “young-Un”, Kim Jong-Un. Across the DMZ (the Demilitarized Zone) are a half million Republic of Korea soldiers including nearly 30,000 US troops staring down one million North Korean soldiers.

Here’s how the most recent game of apocalyptic chicken started. Two Republic of (South) Korean sergeants were doing a routine check of, and bush clearing around, their barbwired perimeter on their side of the DMZ. The North Korean army had planted a booby trap mine that blew their legs off. In response, the South Koreans activated their propaganda loudspeaker system that had been switched off for over 12 years. These new and improved high tech speakers can broadcast propaganda messages read by North Korean defectors, round the clock, with enough decibel sound-polluting clout to reach several miles into North Korea, deep enough to harangue the one-million man North Korean army with its psychological bombardment. They hear all about how the young Un has systematically liquidated members of his general staff, including members of his extended family. They hear about the threat of famine ever lurking in the economic basket case that is their socialist “paradise.” Most enticing are promises to give defectors a house, car and all living expenses paid after getting married.

South Korean President Park Guen-hey has been the target of misogynistic propaganda from the North, yet she’s clearly put on a set of balls to back up her threat—a rather dangerous escalation of playing chicken with a North Korean nuclear power with around 20 nuclear warheads. Gone are the days of measured responses to military incidents with the North. Park now struts around like Kim in her own military attire and she means business, starting with this serious escalation of unconventional warfare waged by sound speakers. It is having an impact on the morale of the North Koreans and Pyongyang is dead set upon this barrage of ideas continuing. When the North lobbed two shells into the South a few days ago, testing her resolve, Park ordered up nearly 40 artillery rounds in response.

I’m not saying that North Korean leaders haven’t deserved a more forceful and doubling down military response for their bullying and terrorizing the South, but Park has upped the anti. She’s bested Kim Jong-Un at his own game.

After the barrage, the North set a deadline for the speakers to be removed from the border, or else they go to war. They have never given such a threatening deadline before In this game of brinksmanship some new moves in the apocalyptic dance reveal some cool down of the tensions, what with the North extending their deadline 48 hours.

CNN reports on Saturday morning (22 August 2015) that high level crisis talks between North and South Korean will commence between Kim Jong-Un’s deputy, Hwang Byeong Seo and Kim Yang Gon, a veteran of South Korean negotiations since Kim’s father, Kim Jong-il, ruled the secretive regime. South Korea’s Unification Minister Hong Yong-pyo and Kim Kwan-jin, the head of National Security, also attended the meeting.

A South Korean presidential briefing stated that the North had specifically requested that the two officials attend.

The name calling also stopped in an indirect way. The media outlets of both sides are actually addressing their news communiqués using the official names of each other’s Korean countries.

Park’s stronger stance is paying off.

North Korea’s collapse is inevitable.

I have often written that they cannot sustain their economy. Eventually, elements Pyongyang cannot control, such as planetary climate change causes further crop failures and famines that destabilize the regime. There’s also the danger of playing chicken with the South one too many times, like drag racer cars hurtling headlong into each other’s path might just end in a head-on collision. An economic collapse or threat of political coup in Pyongyang could cause it. Equally possible is too much overreaction from the South Koreans to a military incident. I predict the key is something neither side can address or manipulate, climate change. The following prediction documented on 4 December 2013 warned:

The economies of the 1930s were not as intricately global as they are today. Although I don’t foresee a reprise of the Second World War, I do see unexpected 1914-like eruptions of war from 2014 onwards into mid-decade. War will spread across the Middle East in climate-change bush wars. China, the US and the latter’s satellite Asian allies will fight over oil reserves there and domination of off shore oil rich pockets in the Western Pacific as well as aim to control the shipping routes to China.

Economic stresses make war happen with China, with Iran, with North Korea. Then come the climate change wars later in this and the next decade. There will erupt as many as 70 small and mid-sized revolutions, civil wars and sharp conflicts over resource and water disputes: These will suddenly flare up and then flame out like eruptions of plague boils across the face of the planet.

Predictions for 2014, Chapter Seven:
Gonzo Weather for Our Hot House Planet in 2014
Subsection: The Uranus Generation: Children of the Upheaval
(Documented 4 December 2013)

The FINAL blood moon glowers over the Middle East in just five weeks and two days! Click on the cover and read a free sample.

The FINAL blood moon glowers over the Middle East in just five weeks and two days! Click on the cover and read a free sample.


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