From Drought to Floods in Texas and John Kerry meets Vladimir Putin in Sochi: Is the New Cold War thawing a little?

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DATELINE: 16 May 2015

From Drought to Floods in Texas

Yahoo! Mr. Perry!

Yahoo! Mr. Perry!

Governor Rick Perry in 2012 famously called for a collectively big-as-Texas prayer for rain when even the mud in Texas lakes was mostly high and drier than scattered, sun-bleached fish bones in a great central plains drought. Praise Jesus, but unfortunately, God answered with more scorching, mummifying weather cracking and scaling out Texas earth into Satan’s leathered neck. The presidential “oops” candidate of 2012 will announce another crack at campaigning on 4 June of this year. I guess he’s a bit gun shy about declaring himself on June, day “three.” The last time he tipped his ten-gallon cowboy hat into the political bull rider’s ring of oncoming Republican presidential debates, he was saddle sorely embarrassed by that number. Last go around, Perry couldn’t count beyond two things he’d cut from government during a debate. He went vague in eyes squinting as beady-eyed blank as an armadillo on a limestone gravel road reflecting the headlights of a Texas rancher’s truck about to run over his presidential aspirations. Perry pinched harder into that squint but couldn’t dig up the third thing he’d do to cut down government. Before a national audience, the cameras waiting, the only active brain synapse he did access could favor only a command to shrug and say, “Oops.”


Well, sir, well mam, don’t it look just peachy how Perry’s collective prayer for rain was answered—four years late. God heard him and is most abundant in his grace that I reckon Mr. Perry’s got a chance to offer another collective prayer request. “Lord? Thanks for all the needed rain. Thank you much… Too much!

If you ask me and my Oracle, God didn’t make the great Texan drought on 2012, or the developing great Texas deluge of 2015, the mainstream will admit in the future what science has already proven as fact. These weather extremes aren’t made by God’s hand, it is the work of human hands turning the ignition on a fossil-fuel based global industrial output and car “putt-putt” for Christ’s sake!


We warned you, Texas. Me and my Oracle in the electronic pages of Predictions 2015-2016, that the southwestern jetstream was going to send floods into the Lone Star State where before there was only unremitting drought. In a passage documented and time tagged for end of December 2014, my Oracle set down the following forecast for Texas:

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.

The winter of 2014-2015 is nearly a week old as I write this subsection on 27 December 2014. I predicted 2014 would be the hottest year on record since 1998 and the weather patterns will mimic that year with Northern and Central California undergoing flooding rains in January and February. The San Joaquin and Napa Valleys will once more have crops drown rather than dehydrate. The tract of the Southwestern Jetstream will move farther south visiting similar inundations on drought ravaged Texas and Oklahoma in March through May.



Predictions 2015-2016, Chapter Twelve:
Armagettin’ Globally Warmed
(Subsection: Global Deluge)


In the last few weeks Texas and much of the neighboring plains states as far north as Nebraska were under what I predict will be an ever more common sight in globally warming skies: new kinds of weather patterns and phenomena that just won’t go away. The lines of tornadoes and straight wind thunderstorms did not steadily advance over the region heading towards the Atlantic states. They just billowed up their super-cell thunderheads and spun their twisters around and around and around ravaging the same areas, mostly over Texas, then Arkansas, and swirling there and back again from Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska, day after day so that the armadillos were lining up two by two in search of Noah’s Ark in Texarkana.

San Diego floods, a prelude to what was sent east through Texas.

San Diego floods, a prelude to what was sent east through Texas.

Even bone dry and super-drought ridden Southern California a few days ago had San Diegans waking up to Ron Burgundy skies at morning, sailor take warning! Then came the torrential rains, in May, which in So. Cal is usually moistened by nothing worse than overcasting fog banks thanks to the California cold sea currents. Semi-arid San Diego’s streets were as filled to the upper ankle in the wet stuff as the Saudi Arabian capital had been last year when sudden and unexpected cloudbursts hit Riyadh, a city millions built on some of Earth’s driest desert sands.

Up here in the Pacific Northwest we have our own weather weirdness, a pool of hot and humid, subtropical air and water offshore that’s pitching a higher incident of thunder and lightning that we naturally thunder-stormed starved folk living under a drizzly marine climate don’t usually duck and cover from.


Welcome to the new “abnormal.” Ice ages in Boston, floods on a holding twister pattern over Texas one year, an equally biblical Noah’s flood the next. San Diego’s streets turned into rivers, yet despite the welcomed downpour, there’s no end to your Kali-fornicating drought in sight.

Another weird weather flash point, literally. Record breaking heatwaves in Spain this month turned deadly with early mega fires.

Another weird weather flash point, literally. Record breaking heatwaves in Spain this month turned deadly with early season mega fires.

What’s happening to you in California isn’t a passing phenomenon. It is a new climate settling upon you as the golden state becomes more like Baja California in the near future. Read more about it by clicking on Drought. Its in Armagettin Globally Warmed, the twelfth and final chapter of Predictions 2015-2016. In it is a long passage picturing what kind of state California will look like by the mid-2020s under climate change’s dispensation of a human-manufactured planetary disaster creeping over it.

The book also explains in detail how this threat can be ended and what people and governments need to do. Since the Planet Saturn, ruler of reality checks, is the symbolic totem of the book, I dispense my visions of doom with equal and detailed messages listing practical actions that can bring a recovery—even a peaceful and golden age of human revolution.

mr-edDATELINE: 16 May 2015

John Kerry and US Policy
Genuflects to Putin and Realpolitik Realities

Where has all the horse-faced sturm and drang gone out of Mr. Ed? The US Secretary of State John Kerry went to Sochi, Russia, this week to meet first with the similarly slay-horse-faced Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, then Russian President Vladimir Putin for four hours. In the press conference that followed, it would seem all the “cold” in cold war mongering was removed from Kerry’s script. No mention of RT as the propaganda bull horn. No litany of Russia as the aggressor, the threat, the drone of doomsday was nowhere to be bellowed by Mr. Kerry for the umpteenth time. He was almost cuddly in his praise of his hosts.

MrEdinSuitTie“I’m grateful to President Putin for the significant amount of time that he made available to this discussion, for his directness, and for his very detailed explanations of Russia’s position with respect to some of these challenges, and of the ways that he believed that we have an ability to be able to work constructively together in order to resolve these problems.”

The following words in the press conference were out of the same horse’s mouth of a man who wouldn’t come near Putin since the pro-NATO Maidan Revolution in Ukraine precipitated Russia taking back the Crimea in early 2014. America’s top diplomat made a point of snubbing Putin’s Minsk I and II ceasefire negotiations with Ukrainian president Poroshenko, even when the latter meeting included staunch US allies like German Chancellor Merkel and French President Hollande pushing Putin’s peace plans on Poroshenko. But suddenly, here is John Kerry, flapping his lips like the talking horse on classic TV stations, saying things like, “I think the fact that leaps out at me, certainly, from this day’s discussions which is precisely what brought me here in the first place, is that there is no substitute for talking directly to key decision makers, particularly during a period that is as complex and fast-moving as this is.”


This awareness of fast-moving changes seems to have come Johnny Kerry come lately. This horse of a horse so diplomatically off course finally woke up and smelled the stables when European leaders getting a tad too tired of US intransigence—you might even say, it’s pro-Cold War mongering stance—took statecraft matters into their own hands with success.

If you want to anticipate core changes in foreign policy, ever listen carefully to the word craft of foreign ministers and secretaries of state, mindful of what bad weather rhetoric had come before, when now, the words are warn and sunny.


The Kerry-Obama bungling American foreign policy team is once again looking for the Russians to help them climb out of their own strategic messes. This nicey-nicey Kerry at Sochi is offered in anticipation of an embarrassing result anticipated by Washington when a vote in the EU for sustaining economic sanctions against Russia is coming up fast. Word has it that the EU is jumping ship somewhat on this cold war saber rattling. At least six nations are planning to vote “no” on further sanctions against Russia.

  Click on the cover to find out more.

Click on the cover to find out more.

In short, the Sochi talks last week are a sign that the Obama Administration may be half-way—as much as it has been half assed—nudging towards almost understanding what they need to do next and almost—I stress almost—ready to face facts. The sanctions against Russia, as I predicted in The New Cold War, are backfiring and doing more harm than advantage for US geo-political and economic interests. They have alienated their closest allies and sent Russia into a historic pivot east that only strengthens, in the long term, Russo-Chinese strategic and economic power over the US.

Sochi maybe one of those rare moments when I can “almost” call out some positive news. It may be a first step back from the brink for America from a looming Cuban-Missile style crisis in Ukraine still waiting in the first year of the next US president to avoid. A potential disaster coming sooner than 2017 is a full-scale war with US/Israel versus Iran. A warming to Moscow could signal another half-ascertained understanding that peace with Iran can better happen instead with help from Russia. So the good news is, we may be stepping back from another future catastrophe foreseen by Nostradamus taking place either later this summer or definitely in the year 2016.

The authors of Bozo Diplomacy.

The authors of Bozo Diplomacy.

We are in that eleventh hour where peace has a chance, between now and 30 June. An apocalyptic war with Iran may not follow that disrupts oil and gas flow out of the Middle East and plummets the worldwide economy into a greater depression than that endured in the 1930s.

So, for now Kerry at Sochi speaks words of grace and praise for the men he was bombasting and lamblasting officially as provocateurs and aggressors. Here’s Putin, the man that Hillary Clinton, the former US Secretary of State and maybe next US president, called “Hitler.” May he not be called that so loosely from now on?

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.

What a breath of fresh air came from the horse’s mouth at Sochi. Gee, Kerry at last may have bore slow wits to Russian “bear” in mind what Kremlin watchers like myself have been writing for years: Putin, with Lavrov as his “Kissinger” is a formidable practitioner of Realpolitik. He might be the brightest world leader surrounded by a gathering of pretty dim light-bulbous headed adversaries following what I defined and satirized in Predictions 2015-2016 as Obama’s Bozo Doctrine. Maybe the dim wits are coming around to fact and that augmenting their foreign policy to fit with reality might not be a bad idea after all. It just might turn the future away from two of its three most dangerous obstacles: a new cold war becoming a hot nuclear war in 2017 and a war with Iran perhaps triggering same, by 2016. The third, planetary climate change happening right now has yet to gel enough gray-mattered concern in Mr. Kerry’s talking horse-faced show.

As Mr. Ed would say, flapping his lips over his horsey bridge of yellow teeth, “Ah-ah-ah Wi-i-i-lber! Shiver my withers! We’ll be watching.”


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  1. Simon
    Posted 17 May 2015 at 1:43 am | Permalink

    John Kerry’s remarks are encouraging for now. For all our sake, maybe others will start agreeing along the same lines and indeed “give peace a chance”.

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