The Iran Deal gives Peace a Chance, Obama foreseen by Nostradamus as the 11-Hour Peacemaker, but Vladimir Putin was the Catalyst, Your comments, my Replies and Blood Moon Three in Prophecy

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DATELINE: 04 April 2015

Nostradamus Predicted a US Peacemaker
But does Peace really have a Chance?

I wrote this article the morning after it was announced that pip-squeak “peace” has a chance emerging from under warmonger’s elephant foot. Iran apparently has agreed to a framework for a comprehensive agreement with the 5+1. This is a consortium of six world powers, five of which belong to the UN Security Council, such as China, France, Russia, the UK and the US, the extra non-member being Germany. “Altogether now” as the Beatle song chants, that brings together seven foreign ministers with seven levels of understanding exactly what in the next three months will be drafted in fine print for signing is this agreement, ending the presumed nuclear threat of Iran (though, not the nuclear threat of Israel) in the Middle East.

The celebration of yesterday was short lived.

If I were “The Wolf” in Pulp Fiction, the Mafia fixer, I’d like now to say about celebrating my forecasting success about Iran and peace deals what Harvey Keitel (The Wolf) said in Jimmie-cum-Quentin Tarantino’s garage but it’s too vulgar, though quite pertinent to the future three months and the test of my “successful” forecast.

Jimmie marveled at how hit men Vincent (John Travolta) and Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) had cleaned up the latter’s car of all brain, blood and gore from an accidental shooting of Marvin (now tucked away for eternity in the trunk. The windows? Spotless! Jimmie’s quilts draped on the seats betrayed nary a bloody bone fragment remaining from the previous gore-awful scene. Only a Hollywood movie could miraculously clean a mess in twenty minutes with two actors in blood-soaked suits and ties. And yet, Harvey-The Wolf-Keitel, all business, moves them all along to Plan B, with the pungent penile comment, “Well, let’s not start sucking each other’s *** quite yet, gentlemen!” (You can fill the gap. You get the picture if you’ve seen the picture.)

Now then, here comes the morning after and already, it sucks for peace. President Obama had claimed that nuclear sanctions against Iran would not be immediately put on hold until the agreement is written and signed around June 30. Once verification tools and cameras were placed in the vaults where excess Iranian centrifuges would be stored “would not” see all nuclear industry sanctions and economic sanctions lifted. Obama said it would happen in installments and the Iranian foreign minister is right to be livid about it the morning after, because that is NOT what the Iranians and the 5+1 agreed in principle to sign.

I thought those seven noble boobs of diplomacy could have glad handed and slapped backs and held hands singing “All we are saying is give sucking peace a chance” until the weekend, but noooo!

Already there seems to be 5+1 too many interpretations about what Iran pledged and agreed to and it isn’t even 24 hours later before the battles begin among these seven diplomatic dwarves, Snow White!

Then there’s the Nutty Yahoo, the recently reelected Israeli Prime Minister blowing Gabriel’s doomsday horn on peace’s progress. The man took time from forming what will be the most right-winged, Zionist-Supremacist, pro-bomb, bomb-bomb Iran-ing coalition government yet assembled, to disassemble any hope that the peace deal isn’t tantamount to them starting a war in the near future. It’s enough to make me wonder what chatter in back channels between Jerusalem and Riyadh is heating the airwaves between Saudi and Israeli generals right now. They must be reestablishing secret talks about logistical and communications issues that would allow Israeli air forces free access to rip the air and thunder over Saudi Arabian airspace to bomb Iranian nuclear installations at Natanz and Arak between now and June; or, no later than after Yom Kippur and the fourth and final Blood Moon bible portent has reddened. By the way Saturday is Blood Moon number three’s date with fate and I believe the warmongers in three capitals are seeing red about this peace agreement in principle.

In A New Cold War published in July 2014, I presciently mused on the following:

Click on the cover. Now also available in print. Click on the cover to find out more.

Click on the cover. Now also available in print.
Click on the cover to find out more.

Note the last and most trenchant Pluto-Uranus squares has the second moon blood spot punctuating its start—and a third poking a red colored point in night skies—near the end of the square’s finish. A bloody business indeed. Iran’s Arab ally, Assad in Syria, and Iran’s Shia allies defending the eastern third of Iraq against ISIS, may suffer a final collapse in a widening Islamic sectarian civil war. A counter-“terrible” invasion by the Saudi Arabian army and NATO commences. Lebanon and Jordan are dragged into this religious civil war sinkhole at a time when Blood Moon Three inches us ever closer into a time frame of Nostradamus’ best astrological plottings of stars for a war with Iran. Proxies in the Middle East become the barbare-d’arabe (Arab-Syrian-Libyan) catalyst for the Eagle Kings Russia and America waging a sudden and unexpected thermonuclear war. In other words, gas is thrown on the fire in the short countdown scenario of three years and seven months Nostradamus had warned us about [indexed] in 4 Q95.

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.

As I predicted in the forthcoming book—which will now have a new title, Predictions 2015-2016—the Republican controlled Senate will seek and most likely get close to a veto proof declaration not to ratify this agreement. Already, 45 Senators have signed and mailed to Tehran in an unprecedented breach of US Constitutional protocol a letter warning that no matter what the US Executive Branch signs, as soon as Obama is out of office, the peace agreement will be rescinded and even worse sanctions from the United States were coming. This is what I wrote about the US Senate and any Iran deal three months before it was agreed in principle:

Let me list all the things going right, far right… 2015 will be a benchmark year for pro-Zionist lobby support to end peace negotiations with Iran, stifle peace with Palestine, and suppress peace in the Middle East in general. You can swear on the Bible and put your blind “faith base” on that.

Congressmen war hawks will lie down with Iranian Revolutionary Guard MPs in the Majlis (Iranian parliament). Iranian hawks don’t want diplomatic breakthroughs in Geneva between President Obama and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani any more than you do. Give peace a “lance” right through the heart. The IRG MP caucus in Tehran will thumb peace down like the warmongers in Washington. In the latter’s case you’ll convert enough blue-dog Democrats to pass a veto-proof set of new sanctions that will silence all efforts to avoid the war that’s coming in 2016.

Cry havoc and let slip the blue dog Democrats of war voting for what will turn out to be a great boost for the weapons manufacturing industries of America when Iran could be attacked by air and sea in the latter days of 2015 but more likely during the election year of 2016.

Predictions 2015-2016, Chapter 4:
All the President’s Memes
(Subsection: US Congress running on American Idle)
Documented on 24 December 2014

ObamaPropheciesCover-kindleEditionTagged(Read this passage and much more about the future of the president and US politics, published now in The Obama Prophecies.)

Yes, we move this show from Lausanne to Geneva Switzerland. We move it to the United Nations’ second capital after New York, Geneva. The city comes up often in Nostradamus’ predictions as a place where peacemakers gather—and I believe he’s talking about this particular set of peacemakers that have been gathering there since Iran and the US started directly talking in the autumn of 2014, ending over three decades of a diplomatic Ice Age.

I’ve been writing accurate forecasts about the dangers of a US war with Iran since the first edition was published in 2007 of Nostradamus: The War with Iran. Eight years ago what I warned then is even more pertinent now. Warmongers have the advantage, starting later this year. Perhaps starting not long after a peace deal may torturously lead to a delayed deadline after 30 June may push the final deal into September and very close to when the war stars begin shining most read and dire: September 2015. In May 2007 for the first edition, I wrote the following:

2007 first edition cover. Click on it and see the newest edition.

2007 first edition cover. Click on it and see the newest edition.

It is going to be a long time before Mars and Saturn will equally burn together in the same fire sign or simultaneously in two fire signs. Mars will enter Leo when Saturn is in Sagittarius on far off September 2015. They will not share the same fire sign until the following year. Retrogrades of both planets make for the next rare and unusually magnified interlude of equal fire signs of war from March through May 2016 and again from August through September 2016. It is possible the scenarios of war with Iran written in this book in the spring of 2007 may better reflect a US-Iranian conflict joined in battle nearly a decade from now.

Whatever the time, the action foreseen takes place in a dry climate, apparently at the peak of summerlike conditions. Out of the skies falls the “long comet.”

Nostradamus: The War with Iran, pg. 123
Chapter 5: Hidden Fires Burn with Heat

Great moments in history often see a convergence of differing prophetic visions for good or ill. That should enlighten us to understand that there is free choice working here to make amends, to make “human” and compassionate choices rather than follow our reptilian brain stem lumbering to very predictable catastrophes. In the previous posting of articles on 29 March written before the Iran deal framework was agreed upon one day, disagreed on the next, I presented Nostradamus’ Century 6 Quatrain 24. It dates a very thin hope for peace emerging with a new “king” or leader “elevated” or elected under the influence of a Mar-Jupiter conjunction, “who would bring peace for a long time” after “a calamitous war waged under [the sign] of Cancer” [the American nation’s Sun Sign). Obama was enjoying the first full month of his first term in office when that conjunction happened. It happens again this coming October 2015 just after Mars and Saturn go fiery warlike in September 2015.

I draw you to my concern about a Nostradamus quatrain I considered back when writing A New Cold War: The Prophecies of Nostradamus, Stormberger and Edgar Cayce (a book, I would add that is the most important book I’ve ever published so far and hope you will all read, before it’s too late to change the future). In it is the following vision of peacemakers in Geneva, the latter mentioned outright. I wonder if it anticipates the missteps and misunderstandings to come in the next three months when hammering out the next step in the Iran peace deal. Let Saturn, the Reality Ruler of Astrology, show them and us the right way to peace:

1 Q47
The speeches of Lake Leman [Geneva] become angered,
The days drag out into weeks,
Then months, then years, then will fail,
The Authorities will damn their useless powers

9 Q44
Leave, leave Geneva everyone!
Saturn will change wealth to weapons,
Those against RAYPOZ will be exterminated.
Before the invasion, the heavens will show signs.

Line two of 9 Q44 is an important astrological dating. Saturn will complete its intensely karmic transit through Scorpio by the end of December 2014, and then punctuate it with a three-month encore in Scorpio in the summer of 2015. It takes Saturn roughly 28 years to orbit the 12 signs of the Zodiac, thus returning to a new pass through Scorpio for a transit of a little more than two years. Saturn is symbolized in astrology as the Grim Reaper, or ruler of reality checks confronting our limitations. During its transit through Scorpio, the world in general, and especially nations with Saturn factoring prominently in their birth charts, must review the past 28 years of successes and mistakes in the realm of financial institutions, monetary reserve currencies and banking. A wise nation under Saturn’s Scorpionic passing plans ahead for the next cycle of 28 years considering what it wishes to leave as an inheritance to the next generation. Nations defining or reinventing their viewpoint on economics and financing should learn from their mistakes of the past 28 years and prosper; whereas, those nations holding onto their self-limiting views and political-economic dogmas suffer 28 years of crisis and disaster. Saturn in Scorpio is about a process of transition, a kind of death to the old to clear the way for new ideas and a new life for the nation.

A New Cold War, Chapter 4:
Out of Cold War Two, into World War Three

Much much more is forecast in Predictions 2015-2016. If you haven’t joined the advanced donors list, please do now and be informed about what’s heating up after May 2015 and by spring of 2016 great movements and changes not seen in centuries are chronicled in that book. Changes that will completely alter your life.

DATELINE: 04 April 2015

Beware the Wounded Warmongers
Of Apocalyptic Intention

I now share with you several articles based on my answers to comments streams coming from my public Facebook page since the Iran peace deal was announced on 2 April 2015.

Peace in the Middle East is not only not good for fulfilling twisted and perverted ideas of what the apocalyptic literature of Judaism, Christianity and Islam have set down for our enlightenment. More than that, peace, rather than a full-scale Armageddon in our future, is very bad for business. The Military Industrial Complex has been seeking a replacement for the last cold war every since the day after it ended in December 1989. So, I give you the views of a reader named Kurt and my reply concerning the fragile advance of peace with Iran:

A deal that still needs to be ratified by a Zionist patsy US congress. For over 50 years they’ve been pushing to take as much power away from presidents as possible. Starting with the NDAA which took military control away. Than they make sure even the independent agencies (CIA, fed resv, nsa, fda, epa,…) are so far removed from him that you actually believe he selects his own directors. Nope… “by and with consent of Senate” by law it’s not his choice, he’s given a list to pick from. These agencies are your 4th branch of govt and basically corporations. Your military industrial complex that’s needed the UN to help facilitate the end goals. Surprise!!! If anyone has been paying any attn this peace deal isn’t the only great thing this man has done. Every president before him have worked with congress. The treaty process with the UN was crucial. He stopped it cold in it’s tracks. With the only real job function of bringing treaties to the Senate floor- he stalled the nwo agenda years ago. It’s why all of media, darn near every politicians, and even alternative news has been shooken up. The guy can’t do much other than that… The other thing… The TPP trade agreement. Media screaming foul there for a reason too. If you dig into it you find out it isolates China and the WTO/NAFTA to fend for themselves. Another tool in chest box. Say what you want about ideology or left/right… we can debate the local stuff… but our problems are far worse than Obama/care. I’m not sure though congress and the war hawks are going to go that quietly… they have Fox and friends to help convince a nation of the dangers of a “nuclear Iran”. It will take a bigger push by the people to force them. IMO

I’m glad to have read this today. Just adding my own thought to it

My new book Predictions 2015-2016 has grown into an epic tale prophecy and commentary covering over 120,000 words because many of the issues Kurt has listed above are elements in history changing events ahead in the next two years. My book forecasts the coming great struggle of a new aristocracy, the CEOligarchy, to complete their coup d’état started in January 2010 when the US Supremely corporate Court passed Citizens United that “untied” restraints on the corrupting power of money to buy off your government representatives and make their money more power free speech than your flesh and blood, human voice.

This book lays it out and presents you many detailed options, foreseen by my Oracle how the power of local communities can gather—must gather—into large-scale people movements not seen since the Vietnam War and Anti-Nuclear movements of the 60s and 70s, or the anti-Apartheid movement against South Africa, etc. Only when people gather and organize, beyond the limits of political parties do you see significant social, political and economic changes like the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, the Gay Rights movement of today.

Now the very system that your Constitution has granted you has been taken by those who would keep all of its trappings and titles and names but turn it into something very undemocratic. In my new book I present Aldous Huxley’s chilling prophecy about our times. This is what you need to wake up to, unite, gather, protest and end because between now and the presidential elections, this is your dark and threatening reality:

By means of ever more effective methods of mind-manipulation, the democracies will change their nature; the quaint old forms—elections, parliaments, Supreme Courts and all the rest—will remain.

The underlying substance will be a new kind of totalitarianism. All the traditional names, all the hallowed slogans will remain exactly what they were in the good old days. Democracy and freedom will be the theme of every broadcast and editorial. Meanwhile the ruling oligarchy and its highly trained elite of soldiers, policemen, thought-manufacturers and mind-manipulators will quietly run the show as they see fit.

Predictions 2015-2016: Chapter Two
The Under-Government Coup
(Subsection: Advance the Corporate Creeps of Command Politics)

DATELINE: 04 April 2015

Obama? Hand over your Nobel Peace Prize to Vladimir Putin

If peace has more than a slim chance in the Middle East, I will say what even Russia Today hasn’t said yet. Here at we give you the original takes and perspectives, prophecy-laced, that you won’t hear in the mainstream media. Igor from Slovakia had this to say and it inspired my original and provocative take.

Obama could only say “Thank you Vladimir”, that they could achieve this agreement with Iran. If this agreement will become reality in june, I wonder if the West will impose more sanctions on Russia as thank you for your help for peaceful solution?

Yes indeed! He will thank the real peacemaker with sanctions because that’s what Obama and Washington has done in nearly every errant of peace Plutin has initiated. Obama serves those who seek a new cold war with Russia when prophecies promise we could become brothers with Russia and that Russia is destined to be the hope of the world, so said Edgar Cayce.

Putin since 2013 has initiated ALL peace efforts in the Middle East and Ukraine. When Obama and Kerry wanted to “Libya” the Syrians in September 2013, in stepped Putin to get Assad to dismantle his weapons of mass destruction. That action got the Americans talking to Syria’s allies, the Iranians, in Geneva. Without Putin, we Americans would still be adding years of silence and sanctions on Iranians and it would have led without question to the War with Iran that my book of Nostradamus prophecies on the matter describes.

Putin sought a diplomatic solution the Ukrainian issue in February 2014, again in April 2014. These were met with a Western backed putsch in Feb. 2014 by neo-Nazi elements in the Maidan Revolution and a Ukrainian call to civil war in April. That didn’t work out too well for them because Russia met military force with force, aiding the separatists. Thus Putin initiated Minsk I (September-October 2014) ceasefire to which Poroshenko of Ukraine agreed then broke in Jan 2015, with an offensive that was repelled once again. This time the German and French leaders joined Putin and forged with Poroshenko the Minsk II agreement, and so far, that ceasefire is holding. By the way, both Minsk I and II peace agreements were met with the West adding sanctions on Moscow.

Now we have the Iranian deal in principle and perhaps a chance to sign and ratify it by June 30. I think Obama should let Putin borrow his Nobel Peace Price. Without Putin being a catalyst for peaceful resolution none of the following would have happened and the world would be a far worse place. Without him there would be hundreds of thousands more dead and millions more banished and scattering from a NATO-Syrian War. Ukrainian Civil War would have continued, widened and perhaps NATO and Russia would have had a direct military incident by now, perhaps even our time’s version of the Cuban Missile Crisis that nearly lit off a thermonuclear exchange.

With out Putin’s efforts to take the military option away from the peace table there would be no Americans talking to Iranians after over 30 years of deadlock. No agreement in principle with Iran that might end with peaceful resolution of the nuclear Iranian issue. Moreover, consider what could come next if peace and resolution of problems gains momentum.

Consider these possible futures:

1.) Iran working in concert with the US, NATO and Saudi Arabia to defeat ISIS.

2.) A resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian troubles with a two-state treaty.

3.) Declaring the Middle East to become a nuclear-free zone, thus pressuring the Israeli’s to undergo their own regimen of inspections and dismantling of hundreds of nuclear weapons that threaten everyone in the region.

Without these weapons holding their neighbors hostage, Israel’s foreign policy would have to grow up and treat its neighbors with respect and dignity. It’s no wonder to me why Netanyahu is so alarmed about peace breaking out in the region. He’ll have to let go of his infernal atomic toys. The Zionist will have to become a humanist. Apartheid will have to have an Israeli “Nelson Mandela” moment. God forbid God’s Chosen People might have to live and let live with other people. Thanks to Putin, even this alternative future is waiting for us all to access.

DATELINE: 04 April 2015

Your Further Comments and My Replies about this Historic Peace Deal’s Future

If peace has a chance we will all have to check our premises. I would say that what Marie in Paris wrote is one of the biggest programmed barriers in the collective mindset of Western readers when addressing the terrorist acts committed upon them by Middle Easterners. To ask why they hate us dares you look at what is hateful about the West that your leaders and media keep you hermetically sealed from seeing.

Can we trust the Iranians to fulfill their end of the bargain? I guess we’re trying to win them over to our side as we keep Russia in mind. But they’ve picked sides already a long time ago. Can’t forget those Middle Easterners celebrating on the streets when 9/11 happened … all of them men, women and children.

Can we trust “us” Westerners, Marie? It’s actually amazing that the Iranians would even talk to us, given what we have done to them. The US overthrew a democratically elected Iranian government in the early 1950s. It was a democracy, Marie, like France. (Marie, just so you know, I’m just using the Eiffel Tower logo you use at Facebook as a taking point, I know you’re not French, but the photo serves my purpose. You French readers, take note). What if France had its own ideas what it wanted to do with its natural resources like Iran. Would they sick the CIA on them, overthrow the Republic? That’s what the CIA did in Iran. It overthrew that democracy and restored the dictator Shah Reza Pahlavi. He created the SAVAK, a Gestapo-like secret police that terrorized Iran for decades that only a revolution overthrew in 1979.

If America had overthrown the French Republic, would you trust the U.S.?

What about trusting the French? Do you deserve trust? Ask an Algerian.

How many millions did you French kill in the Algerian War and most of them were civilians?

Can we trust NATO? Ask the Libyans.

Along with the Americans and other NATO allies, you just destroyed their country to save it from Gaddafi. Now they live in a ruined hell. You French did that with your bombers. We Americans launched our missiles and enabled you French and English air forces to destroy their country.

Can Muslims trust Christians of European stock?

Can it be a surprise when we self-righteous Westerners draw the borders of the Middle East after WWI that divides its people into fake national units white people can control in a colonial system that they hate us for it?

Can Palestinians trust us?

We support the crimes of Israel, we Americans, and protect them turning Palestinians into the new Jews in new Warsaw Ghettos called the West Bank and Gaza.

Can you not be surprised when Americans feel the pain of 9-11, that Palestinians, Algerians, Libyans and many Middle Easterners living in ruined countries, living in squalor, did indeed dance in the streets saying, “Now you are hit back like you hit us”?

The greatest thing standing in the way of Western understanding of what is happening is the racial hubris we uphold that looks away from the millions we’ve persecuted and killed in the Middle East in the name of noble causes that these people there never invited us to invade and impose. In short, as you can’t forget what they did celebrating 9-11 with 3,000 killed, they can’t forget the millions of family members you Christian-civilized Westerners have killed and persecuted. So, they dance when they think a little divine justice of what you sent around comes around home to roost. It isn’t right, but I understand why they danced over our dead. If more of you Westerners would start understanding then perhaps we could end this nightmare “you” are mostly responsible for creating.


You are a smart man, so I’m sure you realize that your assertion that “the future is not written in stone” can never be anything more than an unproven belief system. It assumes facts not in evidence, namely that fate and free will are mutually exclusive properties that the one begins where the other leaves off. But the direction modern science is moving in suggests that this may not be the way things really are at all. Consider light, which as we have all been taught, is somehow both waves and particles at the same time, even though we can only perceive it as one or the other at any given moment. Light, one of the most fundamental elements of reality, is two-sided, with both sides existing simultaneously, not one side taking up where the other side leaves off. I am inclined to think that the “fate vs free will” issue is much the same, that we all have perfect free will, and yet paradoxically at the very same time, everything is indeed fixed, certain, and written in stone.

Ah, at last you have stated your fixed, either-or view of reality. I was wondering when at last this would hatch out, as you’ve been trying to cram me and the universe into your this-or-thatness in your Facebook missives.

The universe is much much more than what the little minds of man can at present understand and measure. This will change when the consciousness of man expands to embrace the bigger reality. What men can measure is limited to what they know, which isn’t very much, so, not much will be known by them until evolution of consciousness goes deeper.

I experience your writing as a bit fixed and dogmatic, Peter. That’s not a good indicator for scientific inquiry to flourish in such a mindset-in-its-myopic ways. Look at the history of our greatest scientific geniuses. They share one thing in common. They do not presume to close the book on any reality they can’t measure or understand. They know what they know, and they know the vastness of what they don’t know, yet they are open to know more and more as their inquiry progresses. Stay open, Peter, and stay humble to the possibility that what you know is yet only a fraction of the bigger reality.

DATELINE: 04 April 2015

Blood Moon Three in Prophecy
An excerpt from Predictions for 2015-2016

Today (Saturday) is the third of four blood moon lunar eclipses that have many Biblical prophecy scholars abuzz about these relatively rare and ruddy lunar eclipses, happening on Jewish Holidays on  15 April 2014, 8 October 2014, 4 April 2015 (tomorrow), and finally 28 September 2015, are portending the biblical tribulation. They are certainly coinciding with some serious widening of war in the so-called holy lands, what with a major battle planned by the Iraqi Army to take back Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city. That is, if the Iraqi’s can kick ISIS completely out of Tikrit first. Mosul will be ten times harder. There’s Syria further unraveling and now Yemen is collapsing into a bloody civil war with unilateral attacks from Saudi Arabia, soon to add boots on the ground after bombing the what’s left of that ruined land into the Stone Age. The blood moons of 2014 and the first one of 2015 tomorrow have marked the beginning of a biblical-looking region-wide spread of what I’ve been predicting is the next chapter in Middle East mayhem, an Islamic Civil War that looks much like the Christian religious civil wars of the 16th and 17th centuries that carried off half the population of the German states and Bohemia who played Syria, Iraq and Yemen in those days, now repeating themselves from Protestant versus Catholics, not its Sunnis versus Shia Muslems. The religions change but the idiocy and bloodshed remains the same Stupid.

Click on the cover and read a free sample of John Hogue's newest book.

Click on the cover and read a free sample of John Hogue’s newest book.

So then, here’s an excerpt from John Hogue’s Worldwide Astrological Predictions explaining what to expect the Third Blood Moon may represent as a portent (click on the book cover to read a free sample chapter of this Amazon bestselling book in Astrology

Blood Moon Number Three blushes like cranberry moonshine in our eyes on the first day of Passover on 4 April 2015. What could transpire on that day may be recorded in the following vision that the fifth-century biblical prophet Joel prognosticated, launching this red-loon interpretive tradition taken up, quoted and rehashed in various sermons of Jesus and in St John’s end-time rants in the Book of Revelation:

I will show portents in the sky and on earth, blood and fire and columns of smoke; the Sun shall be turned into darkness and the Moon into blood before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes.

Book of Joel 2:30-31 (circa 450-400 b.c.e.)

Sounds initially like a vision one might witness by peering through the lens of any modern-day news cameraman filming our wars, yet my Oracle directs me to think of the above as a foretaste of the Syrian and soon “Iraqi” civil wars in volcanic-like bellicose eruption in early spring of 2015. On the 4th, the bleeding moon is full in Libra in direct opposition to the Sun in Aries, just two degrees from conjunction with Uranus, which is one degree off a perfect square with Pluto. This pretty much jacks in this Blood Moon to hear and dance to the pestilential buzz of Revelation locusts of the Pluto-Uranus square right round its worst moment of negativity. In layman’s terms, what I wrote in the special edition chapter of A New Cold War: The Prophecies of Nostradamus, Stormberger and Edgar Cayce, published in July 2014, dares you look with your best foreboding stare:

Note the last and most trenchant Pluto-Uranus squares has the second moon blood spot punctuating its start—and a third poking a red colored point in night skies—near the end of the square’s finish. A bloody business indeed. Iran’s Arab ally, Assad in Syria, and Iran’s Shia allies defending the eastern third of Iraq against ISIS, may suffer a final collapse in a widening Islamic sectarian civil war. A counter-“terrible” invasion by the Saudi Arabian army and NATO commences. Lebanon and Jordan are dragged into this religious civil war sinkhole at a time when Blood Moon Three inches us ever closer into a time frame of Nostradamus’ best astrological plottings of stars for a war with Iran. Proxies in the Middle East become the barbare-d’arabe (Arab-Syrian-Libyan) catalyst for the Eagle Kings Russia and America waging a sudden and unexpected thermonuclear war. In other words, gas is thrown on the fire in the short countdown scenario of three years and seven months Nostradamus had warned us about [indexed] in 4 Q95. READ MORE>>>

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.

Pitch in your views and observations with others around the world about prophecy matching current events. Click on Facebook.


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  1. krrish
    Posted 15 August 2015 at 3:24 pm | Permalink

    I found this 100 years old prophecy:
    Kenyan Prophet, Johanwa Owalo, the founder of Kenya’s Nomiya Luo Church, and who among the Kenya people of the Luo religion is believed to be a prophet similar to Jesus Christ and Muhammad, and who in 1912 made this horrific prophecy about the United States:

    “So far have they [the United States] strayed into wickedness in those [future] times that their destruction has been sealed by my [father]. Their great cities will burn, their crops and cattle will suffer disease and death, their children will perish from diseases never seen upon this Earth, and I reveal to you the greatest [mystery] of all as I have been allowed to see that their [the United States] destruction will come about through the vengeful hands of one of our very own sons.” [1]

    [1] “Visions of the Great Nyasaye, A Study of the Luo Religion in Kenya”, Order of Sorcha Faal, Sister Mary McCrea © 191

    Indeed the current president, who’s from Kenya origin, can’t be a peacemaker. Under whose leadership, America has continued to escalate existing wars and started wars on new fronts like Ukraine, Yemen, Seria and potentially provoking China/Russia.

  2. kARLA
    Posted 7 April 2015 at 11:31 pm | Permalink

    I was listening to Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis and he was talking about CERN that is being fired up in Geneva. It will reach full power 17 trillion volts in June 2015. Is it possible that the quatrain you posted has anything to do with CERN?
    “Leave, leave Geneva everyone!
    Saturn will change wealth to weapons,
    Those against RAYPOZ will be exterminated.
    Before the invasion, the heavens will show signs.”

    Hi Karla, good question. It could. I can’t rule that out, but it would have to hinge on unmasking the anagram “RAYPOZ.” I’m of a mind that it’s more about Geneva as a place for peacemakers to end future wars. These people must flee from RAYPOZ. RAYPOZ actually translates into OSIRAK, the name of the Iraqi nuclear research reactor that Saddam Hussein used outside of Baghdad to try building his first atomic bombs. The Israeli Air Force destroyed the reactor. Thus, those against RAYPOZ set for destruction by an Islamic atomic bomb are Israel and or the five security council members who, with Iran tried but failed to make peace in the near future. I have written in great detail about this quatrain of Nostradamus and the other Geneva-themed verses that, gathered together, seem to match as pieces of a puzzle that’s a far larger prophecy. You can read my findings in the following books:

    Nostradamus: The War With Iran

    A New Cold War: The Prophecies of Nostradamus, Stormberger and Edgar Cayce.

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