Hogue’s Israeli Election Predictions and the São Paulo Water Crisis caused by Global Warming, One of Two Great Dangers the Future Warns us to Face and Transcend

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Click on the cover and read a free sample of John Hogue's newest book.

Click on the cover and read a free sample of John Hogue’s newest book.

DATELINE: 14 March 2015

Israeli Elections on 17 March
A Nation at the Crossroads
Between Democracy and Apartheid:
An Excerpt from Predictions 2015-2016

The parliamentary elections are only three days away. Israel is four days away from choosing one of two futures: Democracy or Apartheid. There’s a number of reasons why Prime Minister Netanyahu chose to hold early elections but the fundamental issue is a bill soon to reach the floor of the Knesset for open debate that has brought to the surface a significant difference of opinion dividing Israeli Jews about what direction in the future they want to take their Jewish state. It is a proposed change in the constitution of a Basic Law. The amendment to the law is entitled “Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People.”

On one side are those who want no changes to the wording. These are generally the center-left and secular Jewish Israelis. On the right are conservative Zionists and orthodox Israelis who want to nationally socialize the Jewish State and use this rule to legally put an end to any talk of a two-state solution with Palestine.

The change in the wording seeks to put into law a fundamental reinterpretation of what the phrase “Jewish and democratic state” means. Is Israel, therefore, a “nation state of the Jewish people” alone?

There’s no ifs ands or buts about that line of thinking, if this amendment passes. The bill will forever put an end to any talk of a bi-national state with the Palestinians. The right of self-determination will solely and legally be the right of the Jewish people. Palestinians will be moved to “ethnic enclaves” outside of Jewish cities, sort of like those shanty towns for blacks built outside of the white man’s cities of South African’s apartheid days.

Back on 20 December 2014, I cast my prediction about the election’s outcome. Delays in publishing my book require I issue my predictions today, just like I had to do with the Greek election in late January, so that you readers can be my witnesses to what I get right or wrong as the book won’t be released until the end of March, about ten days after the ballots have been counted.

So, for the record, here’s my forecast:


The national debate is now engaged and the first casualty may have been Netanyahu’s tenuous coalition government. He sacked Minister of Finance Yair Lapid and Justice Minister Tzipi Livny and called for early elections to be held on 17 March 2015. That election will be a referendum on Israel’s future course, staying with democracy or descending into Apartheid and fascism.

The astrology of that day will be defined chiefly by an exact square of Uranus in 15 degrees Aries, in this case influencing the Jewish nation’s common destiny and sense of justice at loggerheads with Pluto at 15 degrees Capricorn, influencing fundamental upheaval and a call for fundamental change in the realm of organization, economics and governance of Israel. It’s a deadlock exactly in the middle of Pluto’s generational transit through Capricorn. Clearly Israel is stuck on a crossroads with roughly half its population wanting a two-state solution and the other half leaning towards a Jewish nationalist state with no Palestine for Palestinians. There’s much fire in these aspects on the 17th. Along with Uranus in Aries, Venus (diplomacy) is in the final degrees of Aries, Mars (energy) is 18 degrees Aries. Saturn is in Sagittarius in the early degrees. It will have just gone retrograde. That might work against a secular, democratic direction in the vote and hasten a more right wing and Jewish fundamentalist outcome if it were not for Jupiter in Leo in a trine with Uranus. It’s one of the most positive aspects of 2015 and it lands within the orb of two degrees inside the trine on election day.

Lapid lost out from being Israel’s new prime minister in the 22 January 2013 election by one seat. If Lapid joins forces with Livni’s Kadima Party, small as her two-seat backside-hold in the Knesset is, he will unseat Netanyahu as prime minister. The Lapid-Livny government however will have to form another coalition government. It would work better if it united with the Labor Party.

UPDATE: 15 March 2014. Actually the Lapid-Livny coalition with Labor Party would make its chairman, Yitzhak (Issac) Herzog the next Prime Minister of Israel.

A close showing of the right wing parties would demand they include Likud and Netanyahu, although I think right wing parties in the coalition will seek a new face and new leader. Netanyahu’s rush to early voting could end in his early retirement.


Predictions 2015-2016, Chapter Eleven:
An Ice-SIS Cold Armageddon in the Middle East
(Subsection: The National Socializing of Israel)


For further reading, please get on the list (by clicking on predictions) to receive the special limited offer of the Expanded Donors Edition Predictions 2015-2016.

DATELINE: 14 March 2015

São Paulo’s
Twenty Million People
Could Run out of Water
In less than Sixty Days

I have been conscious of the danger of global warming as far back as the late 1960s when I was just a young teen in middle school. I’ve watched planetary climate change slowly gain acceleration for 47 years. Even though I have written at length about its dangers since the late 1980s, and have anticipated each advent of is gathering threat, now that we’ve passed the threshold of a climate tipping point—now that we are living under broiling skies of a planet-altering event—I still can’t completely shake the feeling that this is all some dream concocted for a science fiction disaster movie. Even now, I find it hard to believe things I’m reading and seeing on the television—and seeing out my window—that remind me of distant memories of ScyFy movies and TV shows I watched in the early 1970s. Now these fantasies are starting to happen today as Reality.

Is it true? Are 20 million people in the world’s tenth largest city less than six weeks away from running out of water?

Haphazard rationing is happening. As usual poorer districts are having their water shut off more often than the wealthier neighborhoods. There’s a possibility that water trafficking and water riots are soon to erupt in the streets of South America’s largest city. Crowds are going to the Malls to wash their armpits. What rain falls is trapped any which way it can for washing clothes, spit baths and watering gardens. This standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and now dengue fever is spreading across the city. Good news. Some rain has been falling to soften the edges of this potential urban disaster. I still hold hope that 2015 will have São Paulo citizens tenuously sustain a fragile water sustenance for another year. Yet this is a big warning to them, to us, to “you.”

There’s a real possibility that many cities will face similar dangers and the São Paulo running out of water is a real possibility, if not this year, then each year we venture deeper with our unsustainable civilization, as it is blindly stumbling farther into the twenty-first century. São Paulo may be the first but it won’t be the last. People of Tucson, of Las Vegas, of Phoenix, Los Angeles, you’re next if you don’t do your best to prepare in the short term for water scarcity while becoming politically active in the long term, as part of a people’s movement to petition that your civilization change its fundamentally abusive ways with managing resources of the Earth, sky and water.

We could be a few months away from seeing millions of São Paolo’s having to pick up what they can carry and pack in cars and move in great refugee herds searching for drinkable water. The great exodus of humanity running from climate disasters is a time before us in the near future, not some distant abstract concept of Science Fiction stories.

Here’s an extract of what I wrote about São Paulo’s future in my forthcoming book, Predictions 20152016 I logged these observations and forecasts on 25 November 2014:


São Paulo, the largest city in South America will begin running out of water in February of 2015 if the rain season fails again.

UPDATE 17 February 2015. I wrote this chapter at the end of November 2014. Yesterday, 16 February 2015, the New York Times reported the São Paulo’s 20 million residents will soon see their water ration shut off for five days a week. The article Taps Start to Run Dry in Brazil’s Largest City, adds that “Paulo Massato, a senior official at São Paulo’s water utility, said that residents might have to be warned to flee because ‘there’s not enough water, there won’t be water to bathe, to clean’ homes.”

UPDATE 5 March 2015. Reuter’s reports the reservoirs have reached critically low levels and now an emergency “technical reserve” had been tapped for the first time in history at the end of February.

“If we take into account the same pattern of water extraction and rainfall that we’ve seen so far this month—and it’s been raining less than half of the average—we can say the (reserve) will last up to 60 days,” said Marussia Whately, a water resources specialist at environmental NGO Instituto Socioambiental.

It is no longer a Science Fiction fantasy. Millions of people may have to abandon the 10th largest city in the world.

Back now to what I wrote in late last November.

The desiccation of Brazil is a direct result of the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest. Kill the trees and you kill all the moisture-releasing leaves breathing into being the tropical rainclouds. It’s simple. Even a caveman can understand it. That’s the problem. We are still just cavemen in suits and ties and cave women in dresses. We follow the ancient habit of hunter-gatherers. We presume our planetary range of existence is infinite and thus infinitely exploitable, as if there were only 10 or 20,000 of us wandering the planet—not nearly eight billion.

São Paulo in 2015 will be an alarming example to the world of the equation of disasters soon to reach many other cities. The cause is shortsighted urban planning overtaxing the watershed. It all adds up—with a whole lot of bureaucratic malaise and indifference—to a reservoir systems turned to caked mud in the heartlands of all our overpopulated continents. Over 20 million of São Paulo’s citizens are under threat of running out of life sustaining water to drink. This oncoming disaster should be utilized as a wake-up call, a sounding of the climatic alarm. São Paulo is the future waiting for hundreds of cities in drought-ridden lands. You and yours may be living in one of them.

Predictions 2015-2016, Chapter Twelve:
Armagettin’ Globally Warmed
(Subsection: Scorched Earth)

I'm just about finished editing this 120,000 word epic on events in 2015-2016 that will impact the next 30 years. Click on the cover.

I’m just about finished editing this 120,000 word epic on events in 2015-2016 that will impact the next 30 years. Click on the cover.

DATELINE: 14 March 2015

There are Two Great Dangers
The Future warns us to Face
And Transcend

Notices about my appearance this Sunday on Shirley MacLaine’s radio program are already posted on my social network pages. They’ve generated some requests for Shirley and I to discuss. One of them comes from Tamara:

Please ask [John Hogue] for his take on [St.] John’s Apocalypse – and current 6th wave of extinctions and loss of 95% of life on earth underway.

Yes, Tamara, the latter, the Sixth Extinction Event, is a very important issue because it is not a Biblical metaphor from the Book of Revelation that’s open to interpretation and the “Propheganda” of ready-made theological answers sitting in the quiver of religious dogmatists to be fired off at us as “the” truth. We, all of humanity, are on a path towards an extinction level event caused by artificially altering our climate with fossil fuel pollution. I examine this extensively in my Global Warming chapter in Predictions 2015-2016 under the subtitle, Kali Yuga Koka Kola.

There is not one but two manmade dangers threatening our future existence. They share one important similarity, collective human denial is their disguise. Global warming sliding out of control is one threat, the second is nearly as devastating, a new Cold War that began last spring going suddenly hot, perhaps as soon as the autumn of 2017.

In that same year, we face a consequence of an even greater threat, not just to our species but also to all future life on this planet.

2017 is “The Year Zero” of Climate Change.

That’s the cut-off year for curtailing the current rate of exponential and runaway growth of fossil fuel pollution. If we don’t’ dramatically lower our fossil fuel use with internationally binding laws, the carbon and methane gases we pump into the atmosphere in 2017 and beyond will exceed the ability for humanity to limit carbon pollution growth to only a 2 degrees Celsius rise in worldwide temperatures as prescribed by the Copenhagen Accord in 2009.

By the way, that 2-degree limit is a rather arbitrary one. It’s appeasement offered to corporations. It’s no less morally bankrupt than what British Prime Minister Chamberlain and French President Daladier offered Adolf Hitler at the Munich Pact of 1938 to prevent a war that came anyway a year later. Chamberlain and Daladier sacrificed Czechoslovakia to appease Hitler. The leaders at Copenhagen have doomed low-lying nations to death by flooding from the oceans that WILL raise sea levels under their 2-degree Celsius limit just so Big Business can be placated into thinking profit making pollution can go on.

If a climatological apocalypse needed a “feel good” target number, that’s all it is, because an average 2 C temperature rise around the world is ridiculously too high for sustaining a stable civilization. Why? Because it begs us to add another 1.2 degrees Celsius of hotter temperatures fomenting even more extreme shifts in fiery droughts and ice storms of climate change than we experience today.

Look up from your cellphone fixations at your weather and encounter how the climate is already sliding out of control.

Click on the cover. Now also available in print. Click on the cover to find out more.

Click on the cover. Now also available in print.
Click on the cover to find out more.

Climate change is the greatest threat to humanity’s future only slightly less threatening is this new cold war suddenly flaming up hot into World War III.

The prophets are warning us of the dangers and the solutions. I’ve already published their visions and my interpretations concerning the new cold war going hot. (Read more about it here).

At the end of this month, I will at last publish the long awaited epic work of forecasting about this “Year of Last Chances”—2015. The special donors edition of Predictions 2015-2016 has an extra chapter that will explain through prophecy which outcome awaits our mismanagement of the Earth’s climate. There are prophecies of fire and prophecies of ice. Is the world actually heading for an Ice Age or a hot as hell dark age? (Read more about this extra chapter here).

Now Amazon's Number One bestseller in Prophecy. Click on the cover and see what all the buzz is about.

Now Amazon’s Number One bestseller in Prophecy. Click on the cover and see what all the buzz is about.


If for some reason you cannot leave your comments in the comments box below, just send them to me via the Contact email button. If they are interesting and clearly written, I will post them with my inserted comments. I will even post some of you rare souls disposing promising content with all the dirty literary laundry “spots” of functional illiteracy displayed. So please reread your stuff, use spell check and punctuate. You are being read by the whole world; so don’t look dumb in print. Those who do the best they can will be rewarded with it being published here.


Usually I put a notice out on my Facebook public page when new articles are up. I’ve noticed a pattern of late. I’ll initially get comments that are vulgar attacks, mostly from angry white males, its seems, who share a predilection to speak in sweeping generalities and spice their comments with juvenile explosions of slanderous vulgarity. I never block well thought criticism, the kind that shows the reader actually “read” my articles rather than just spewed off at the linked title and opening lines on my Facebook page. So, a warning to critics, be honestly critical and detail exactly what I said that prompted your responses. You’re comments are always welcome and I will do you the honor of a reply.

After I blocked “Bruce” we had an interchange in my message box that I will share. I hope it is instructional to my critics. What happened with Bruce and me is what I hope will happen every time I’ve been unfairly slammed and slandered and I go write a message at the authors Facebook page:

What a dufus asshole.

I can see this site is full of the normal horse shit.

If the geo engineering and chemtrail programs along with their weather machine gets shut down , the weather will take its course.

Hoague’s simply insane and a Zealot !

People would do well to awaken !

[I then do what I usually do, first I block the person from writing further slanderous comments on my Facebook public page, and then I go to their message box. This is what I put in Bruce’s box:]

Hi Bruce, I’d keep your comment up for my readers, if it had some merit beyond the vulgarities. What is it with Americans these days? Can’t they be critical without using expletives? Is that who we’ve become, Bruce? Just surly and ugly when someone else’s thoughts provoke a comment? I bet you didn’t even read the articles before you spewed your opinion. Sad. Some people grow up. Most people, it seems, just grow old.

[Bruce then wrote back on my private message box.]

Actually I did read it and along with several years gleaning who these people are and how disenfranchised we all really are. Keep you sentiments , They’re worse then my failure to reach you with the truth. Have a nice day.

And what do you have to say about your vulgarity in your letter? Do you think you represent yourself in a positive light when you stray from the issue into words of slander? At your age I would expect better behavior than a sixteen-year-old’s use of swear words.

Given what you’ve written about my articles I very much doubt you read them beyond a cursory sweep with your mind made up before you even began. Why can I say that with certitude? Because you did not address one detail of what I wrote in your critique, rather, you reverted to ready-made opinion. Even in your responses just now, you revert to sweeping generalities, like “who these people are and how disenfranchised we all really are.”

Really? How?

You call that “reaching out”? That’s just you spouting dogma.

I talk to millions of people online, in my 28 books and on television and radio. I even give private counsel to billionaires. Your sweeping bromides only keep “you” blind to the richness of intelligent “franchised” people that are out there questioning what’s going on with their world, Bruce.

Gee , so much for an apology. I don’t think you and I have had enough dialogue to make the kind of statement ..

I apologize, Bruce. It was Facebook. It’s been acting glitchy today. For some reason it posted your “restart” apology after I wrote the above.

[Here’s Bruce’s Restart Apology:]

Actually , Let’s restart . I refer my chastisement as a furtherance of some interest you may have . I just made an honest mistake. For some reason , I had in mind the John Hogue as portrayed by the personage of the American spouting the Gospel according to his malevolent involvement with the shenanigans of Israel. Seems I made a mistake .

I will respond to your “Restart” apology now. First off, I accept your apology. Thank you. We all make mistakes. We’re all real people on Facebook, but I find that way too often people react quickly and write their attacks without thinking the behind the type you see appearing in your white box there’s another human being. That your words will have an impact that maybe you didn’t intend them to have. That categorizing anyone in some generalization of a group is another form of dehumanizing the recipient you endeavor to reach.

Bruce, I would advise you present yourself more thoughtfully, to wait and contemplate first on what you read online, otherwise you run the danger of giving a knee jerk blast of words and slanders that the whole world is watching. When we write from a knee-jerk reaction, we always look merely like “Jerks” online.

I’ll have to friend you. I’ll behave myself within the confines my ability to articulate from a better standing.

Thank you Bruce, you can leave comments on my public page again. I’m grateful we could come to this understanding.


Now to the next commenter, taking me to task about Climate Change:

BARBARA: Mr.Hogue, I came across this statement on your website and must comment on the phrase “restore harmony to Earth’s climate”.   Sir, the earth’s climate has never exhibited “harmony.”   Indeed, it has always gone from disaster to disaster, with sufficient quiet interludes to lull humans into complacancy.   Killing heat, killing cold, killing seastorms, earthquake, toxic volcanos have always plagued earth and always will.  Man’s activity has not been proven to be significant enough to overcome nature’s impact, which includes climate.   Nature and the universe have a cold heart and always win.
Cordially, Ms.B. Wanvig

HOGUE: I think you are looking at my statement according to your own understanding of it. Nature is “always” seeking balance and the process of violent swings to cold and hot disasters you describe is just that effort in progress. Since 10,000 B.C. we have been in one of those quiet, relatively balanced (harmonious) climate states. I’m speaking about the aggregate state of the climate and that should not be misunderstood that certainly in that time there has been great storms, climate altering volcanic activity, droughts and floods, etc. However, taken in the general, larger record, we’ve enjoyed 10,000 to 12,000 years of balanced warm climate since the last Ice Age. Because of it, we were able to create a civilization.

When you say that, “Man’s activity has not been proven to be significant enough to overcome nature’s impact, which includes climate,” you do so going against 97 percent of all scientific evidence that proves otherwise. Moreover, you are going against the World Bank, and all Insurance market watchers, such as Swiss RE and Munich RE, the IPCC United Nation’s panel on Climate Change and far more who have now looking at the science and concluding that humanity IS a major climate-altering factor with its emissions.

Also, you might like to wax poetic at the end. It sounds poetically nice to personify things and say, “Nature and the universe have a cold heart and always win,” however, I would like to stick with the facts, the data here and not be so subjective giving the Universe a “heart” — cold or otherwise.

I’ve been looking at the gathering  data about human-induced climate change since the early 1970s, long before it went mainstream. We can have our own opinions but we cannot have our own facts. The oil magnates are spending billions in a misinformation campaign that is out to witch-hunt science on climate change. Of course, I understand why they have to do this. Soon the facts will have their day, and an entire way of looking at our planet and how we exploit it will end. It will be the death to all they have thought was valuable. It will be the end of the free market and extraction capitalism as we’ve known it and  believed, rather irrationally, in it:  that economic growth is endless. That resources are endless, that the climate can take our abuse of it “endlessly.”

It can’t.

That’s the scientific fact, Barbara. We are entering the Earth’s Sixth Extinction Event and we are creating it with our own hands misunderstanding mindsets and industries. By the next decade, I predict that even you will have to face these facts and when you do, I hope you will work with the rest of us to turn humanity away from this terrible destiny and restore the balance we’ve upset in the climate.

John Hogue



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