Midterm Election Prophecy Assessed. Gorbachev at Berlin Wall sees a New Cold War Coming. Was Hogue Foreseen as the American Nostradamus? Music as a Prophecy Tool

Gorbachev at the Brandenburg Gate.

Gorbachev at the Brandenburg Gate.

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DATELINE 08 November 2014

Assessing My Midterm Election Prophecy

CitizensUnitedBarCodeUSFlagLast weekend on the eve of the US midterm elections, I predicted the future of the 114th Congress would be a two-year road to perfect gridlock. Mathematically speaking I got it wrong about the gridlock being “perfect.” By the time the 114th Congress convenes in late January 2015, I predict Democrat Governor Landrieu of Louisiana will lose to the Republican in a scheduled runoff election in early December. Sullivan, the Republican candidate for Senator, will win in Alaska in a very close race. Thus if you factor the 2 Independents caucusing with Democrats, their control of seats in the US Senate will be whittled down to a minority of 46 against a Republican majority of 54 seats. The House of Representatives crammed many more Elephants into its caucus to give the GOP a mammoth, “pachydermian” majority not seen since President Hoover had just come to office (1929) and the Stock Market Crash and Great Depression was right around the corner. (Yes, I do see history repeating itself here.)


The Republicans despite their great gain do not have a 60-seat super majority. The majorities and minority seating at 54 to 46 has roughly done a flip-around, give or take one seat. Not much forward legislative progress left or right happened in the last Congress of two years when the Democrats had 55 to 45 Republicans. One thing the new Congress might successfully sustain: the last Congress’s 9 percent approval rating—lowest in history.

Everyone on either side of this corporately promoted right- and left-wing, two party paradigm in the week following the election is all warm and fuzzy about working together, yada, yada, yada…

It won’t happen. Unfortunately, I believe my prediction made in the last article (click on midterm election 2014) will in essence come true if not in math. There will be close to a more perfect gridlock rather than a more perfect US Union of bipartisanship ahead for this country. My math isn’t perfect but my inner Magus memes me a deadlocked Congress from January 2015 to January 2017.


DATELINE 08 November 2014

Mikhail Gorbachev Warns
Of a New Cold War

The man who helped King George (Bush) “the First” end the last cold war back in 1989 ought to recognize a new cold war when he sees one. Gorbachev, 83, and Nobel Peace prize-winning last Premier of the Soviet Union came from Russia to Berlin to attend a symposium yesterday held at the Brandenburg Gate to mark the fall of the Berlin Wall 25 years ago.

“Bloodshed in Europe and the Middle East against the backdrop of a breakdown in dialogue between the major powers is of enormous concern,” he said.

“The world is on the brink of a new Cold War. Some are even saying that it’s already begun.”

He lowered the blame on the West and on the United States specifically as having fallen under the spell of “triumphalism” after the collapse of the USSR in 1991:

Mikhail Gorbachev 1989.

Mikhail Gorbachev 1989.

“Instead of building new mechanisms and institutions of European security and pursuing a major demilitarization of European politics … the West, and particularly the United States, declared victory in the cold war.

“Euphoria and triumphalism went to the heads of western leaders,” he added. “Taking advantage of Russia’s weakening and the lack of a counterweight, they claimed monopoly leadership and domination in the world.”

All of this is leading to what Gorbachev predicts is a dangerous “collapse in trust” between Russia and America.

This man is not a “yes man” from Moscow.

Gorbachev is a long and staunchly outspoken critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Still, he could not, this time disagree with the essence of what Putin said recently in his speech delivered at the Valdai forum.

“Despite the harshness of his criticism of the West, and of the United States in particular, I see in his speech a desire to find a way to lower tensions and ultimately to build a new basis for partnership.”

I also listened to Putin’s remarks translated in full. Some of my readers have sent me US news communiqués with supposed quotes from Putin saying that a “third world war was unavoidable.”


I looked at the Russian and English transcripts, watched, and listened to the speech carefully. I didn’t hear or see any statement like that in his speech.

Beware of the misinformation by main and alternative news sources, my friends. I would suggest you do as I do, go take the time to listen to the unfiltered speeches of people. YouTube provides them. Next time, dip into the first source and not third or forth hand sources.

NOW ALSO AVAILABLE IN PRINT.  Click on the cover to find out more.

Click on the cover to find out more.

Many of the points Vladimir Putin laid out forcefully in his Valdai statements I have already examined in prose and seen and recorded echoed in the prophecies of what I call the World War Prophets: those seers who accurately dated and detailed the First and Second World wars. Except for one of these, Edgar Cayce, all the rest, including the German Nostradamus, Matthias Stormberger (d. circa 1820) and Nostradamus (d. 1566), date and detail a “Third” world war no one saw coming after a second Cold War standoff between Russia and the US. It could flare nuclear hot in the next US President’s first year in office, be it Queen Clinton II or King Jeb Bush the III.

I describe it in this, my most important book I’ve ever written.

Get it instantly as an eBook by clicking on New Cold War

Or, receive it in the mail in a few days as a printed book by clicking on Cold War.

Click on the cover. Check out this little Nostradamus book that comprehensively covers the life, magic and A-List prophecies of the world's most famous prophet.

Click on the cover. Check out this little Nostradamus book that comprehensively covers the life, magic and A-List prophecies of the world’s most famous prophet.

DATELINE 08 November 2014

Did Nostradamus
Predict Jeane Dixon
And other Prophets and Interpreters
Of his Visions?

Sarah, who was one of the 882 people who received a limited free download of one of my books, wrote to me an interesting qustion today.

Hello John, Thanks for the free Essentials of Nostradamus book, I just downloaded it, now I’ll have to get to reading it, and I think you do have a right to charge for your hard work. I have a question about if anyone, including Nostradamus, has ever made a prediction about you? I started wondering about this when I read the Nostradamus prediction about Jeane Dixon predicting the deaths of the Kennedy brothers and wondered if other prophets, such as you, were predicted by him as well. Thanks!

Hi Sarah, thanks for downloading Essential Nostradamus. If you like it, please leave a review on the sales page. It will help sales when the promotion ends at midnight and it returns to its $7.99 price.

You ask a unique question, Sarah. And my answer is “maybe.” In one of Nostradamus’ prophecies, there’s a calculation in time he made that could be construed to date the time when someone would surface in the future who would interpret his prophecies well to his satisfaction. Now, I was not aware of this until one of my colleagues made a rather loud and egotistical boast that he was the “great interpreter” Nostradamus had intended. Being that I was writing at the time the second complete translation and interpretation of all of Nostradamus’ major prophecies as well as a history of interpretations and interpreters, I had to look into his claim and file my assessment, which appeared on page 288-289 of Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies.


3 Q94
De cinq cens ans plus compte l’on tiendra,
Celuy qu’eƒtoit l’ornement de ƒon temps:
Puis à vn coup grande clarté donra,
Que par ce ƒiecle les rendra treƒcontens.

For five hundred years more they will take notice of him,
Who was the ornament of his time:
Then suddenly a great revelation will be made,
which will make people of that century well pleased.

Source: wishpot.com.

Source: wishpot.com.

The obscurity of the grammar may make this quatrain a grammatical trap laid to expose the delusions of grandeur of most interpreters of Nostradamus to date. Nearly all scholars of the seer wave this quatrain around like some kind of banner of validation for their particular interpretation. The key to unlocking this quatrain’s message is in how one deciphers which people of which century will be well pleased by their finest interpreter’s commentary. On the other hand, all overt or covert self-delusion aside, the answer may be too obvious for the self-focused Nostradamian scholar to divine. The people and century could be that of Nostradamus’ contemporaries. Counting five hundred years from the publication of Les Propheties gives us until A.D. 2055 to ponder on whose occult understanding of Nostradamus is right.

NostradamusMannequinDavid Pitt-Francis, on page 277 of his book Nostradamus: Prophecies of Present Times? makes a good observation that Nostradamus may not have intended that we count 500 calendar years. But I disagree with his assumption that the end of the world and the Second Coming of Christ are expected by the year 2000; this would land Nostradamus’ true interpreter and dispenser of revelations more than 55 years after the end of the world. Despite this rather Judeo-Christian prejudice for doomsday at the Millennium, Francis makes a good point that Nostradamus, being a Christianized Jew, may have counted lunar rather than solar years, namely, years with 12 months of 29.3 days each for a total of 354.3 days. Five hundred lunar years equal 484.5 solar years.

“Calculating from Nostradamus’ birth in 1503, this gives a terminating date of about 1987,” says Francis. “The most appropriate date for an ‘inspired’ interpretation of the Centuries is therefore shortly before 1987/88, too late for the many claimants of the past, but just before Nostradamus’ date for the end of the world.” The lunar calendar dates Judgment Day for the year 1997. So, since this book is scheduled for release in the spring of 1997, and if you are still alive to read this, I guess Francis or Nostradamus got it wrong.

Quatrain Indexing Date: Q94 = 1994, perhaps an important year for some new revelation on Nostradamus? Maybe not.


Click on the cover and get strait prophetic talk "at last" about important and ongoing reboots of prophetic ages still ongoing.

Click on the cover and get strait prophetic talk “at last” about important and ongoing reboots of prophetic ages still ongoing.

Well now, we’re all still here. For obvious reasons, such as laying a few major eggs in forecasting, Mr. Francis wasn’t The One Nostradamus had been waiting for. I left some clues in my tongue-in-cheek findings above that, at the very least, given all the talk rising out there that I’m some kind of “American Nostradamus,” can be grist for the rumor mill out there. It just so happens—if coincidence or not, you’ll all have to have your debate about it—that in 1994 I produced for Element Books the bestselling second edition of my international bestselling, first fully illustrated book on Nostradamus, called Nostradamus: The New Revelations. Most of the second edition contained a number of passages that the first publisher had dropped from the first edition of the book entitled Nostradamus and the Millennium. That book was my doorway into a successful writing career. I wrote it in 1986 and it was published by Doubleday-Dolphin in the year 1987. Most of the nine foreign language editions came out in 1988.

Things that make you all go “Hmmm?”


Click on the cover and see how a donation to help Hogueprophecy will get you a personally autographed copy of this rare book.

Click on the cover and see how a donation to help Hogueprophecy will get you a personally autographed copy of this rare book.

All this brass tripod leg-pulling aside, that first book did have a few intriguing prophetic home runs. It accurately anticipated the end of the last cold war in 1989, which for the time it was written four years earlier, was a real “out-on-a-limb” forecast. Even the CIA’s best analysts and forecasters had missed the end of the Soviet Union soon coming. In that book I also pointed to the end of the Soviet communism as the solution to the riddle of Nostradamus’ Boresthenes prediction. Boresthenes was the ancient name he used for the Dnieper River region, modern-day Ukraine. It was part of the Soviet Union at the time and the location of the worst nuclear disaster after what will and is becoming a far worse one at Fukushima. I correctly pinpointed the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and subsequent government scandal as the beginning of the end of communism in Russia.

Fukishima exploding in March 2011.

Fukishima exploding in March 2011.

Now the important question to ask is whether this author and interpreter of Nostradamus, who had predicted the last Cold War’s end, may or may not have accurately predicted the beginning of a second Cold War.

If he has, your “American Nostradamus,” if you like, believes the prophecies give you less that four years to “incline the future” as Nostradamus liked to say, towards a more positive alternative tomorrow. Nostradamus gave two countdowns. The short count, though, sets the next “Cuban Missile Crisis” situation before the next president. If that president is the foreign policy mind known for her vulgarity, such as her notorious “Putin-is-Hitler” bashing, Hillary Clinton, a dedicated war hawk, wife of the president who broke agreements with Russia not to expand NATO east after the last cold war…


Well folks, we’re in serious danger of having that war take place as soon as sometime late in her first year in office. Sometime around November of 2017, exactly three years away.

You can learn more about these dire prophecies and a positive solution given in detail by Edgar Cayce at the end of my new eBook and printed edition of, A New Cold War: The Prophecies of Nostradamus, Stormberger and Edgar Cayce.

shostakovich_firemanDATELINE 08 November 2014

My Divining Wand is a Baton
That Beats the Tempo
In Future Time
Of the Coming Danger
Of Totalitarianism

Today Laurie wrote to me about a review of a new book on Shostakovich.

Dear John. You may be interested in the Wall Street Journal article today entitled “The Strains of War” a review of Brian Moynahan’s book ‘Leningrad: Siege and Symphony’. It is primarily about the premiere and politics of Shostakovich’s Seventh Symphony. (Also a photo of him in his Leningrad fire brigade uniform.)

Respectfully, Laurie

PS You may have seen the now famous French protest sign which said, ‘The first act of disobedience is contemplation’.

ShostakovichLookingUpThroughGlassesThanks for the review. I read it just now. It’s hard for American critics to grasp the possibility that Shostakovich’s reality sits somewhere in the gray area of propagating for, and punching at, his regime in his music.

One has to talk to Russians directly about the kind of life they lived under communism. One has to have had an experience of “communal” life as I had, living in a commune city of 5,000 disciples, which in summer could swell to the size of 25,000 people during the festivals. I know first hand the good and the bad potentials of such a social system.

OshoOnGurdjieffDamnThrough my life in Rajneeshpuram in Oregon and in India at the main Osho ashram/meditation resort, I came to know people who later became my close friends and lovers who lived in the Soviet Union. One thing I found forever enlightening from that experience is how people living under a totalitarian regime could be so much more authentic in their day-to-day lives than people living in the so-called “free world”. The latter generally lived life more phony, with personality “happy face” masks on their reality. This was especially so of the “free-ist of the Free-ismistic”: Americans. Not the Russians, Armenians, Georgians and many others I came to know and love who lived in the tyranny of the USSR.

ShostakovichAgainstStalin-theWarSymphoniesHere’s a treat for you, Laurie, and everyone else. This is perhaps the best documentary about Shostakovich living and secretly defying Stalin during the darkest years of his rule (1937-1953). So many people under Stalin, except Stalin and his henchmen, understood the hidden messages in Shostakovich’s music lamblasting and satirizing the dictator and his totalitarian regime. See the documentary on YouTube by clicking on Stalin. Some of the documentary’s high points (that include the 8th) are the opening and closing scenes cast in opening and closing music from Shostakovich Symphony 4. He dared not perform this symphony while Stalin was alive. After the Shostakovich Symphony 11, the 4th impacts me most. They have become the divination tools I need to peer into the next wave of totalitarianism that is coming to the world. I’ve conjured A New Cold War out of them and am writing my Saturnine tome Predictions 2015-2016 with their intuitive sonic aid. Indeed, this morning I brought the opening segment of Chapter 2: The American Intifada, into the world. It is entitled “Advance the Corporate Creeps of Command Politics.”

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.


OshoGreeceWatersideNow to that wonderful French quote: The first act of disobedience is contemplation. It is far more than the first act. The state of meditation awareness is the only, the highest, and the purest act of revolution possible. All your other revolutions are “react-illusions”. The day that a true revolution of humanity happens will be the day that meditation is seen as the catalyst of such. This will happen, one individual at a time. This will begin and it will end, with you, reader. Your IN-ward IN-significance awakened. Want to join the revolution? All you need is to Contact Me and put in the subject line one atomically powerful word: Meditation. I will then send you the links and information about meditation, from one Homo Novus revolutionary to another new human being who just needs to look in and “know” this future is waiting in the eternity of the Present.


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If for some reason you cannot leave your comments in the comments box below, just send them to me via the Contact email button. If they are interesting and clearly written, I will post them with my inserted comments. I will even post some of you rare souls disposing promising content with all the dirty literary laundry “spots” of functional illiteracy displayed. So please reread your stuff, use spell check and punctuate. You are being read by the whole world; so don’t look dumb in print. Those who do the best they can will be rewarded with it being published here.


Looking so forward to your predictions for 2015 and the fire and ice chapter. Thanks for all your hard work and boldness in the face of all the critics and nay-sayers. Funny thing is, none of them are ever right! Thanks much Kind regards, Marc

Thanks for your encouragement and support. There’s a third category you could add to the critics and nay-sayers that is more critically harmful to this work. They don’t mean to do harm. Indeed I love them and am “great-full” that they read me. I’m very touched that many of them answer my call to meditate and gladly receive the information I give them. It deeply satisfies me that so many around the world are helped by what I write. From one outstretched hand, I give them a better understanding why the world’s future trends are inclining the way they are. Out of the other offering hand, these readers eagerly accept my meditation tools, given freely, to take each of them on the first step on a journey into blissful consciousness and a first step out of being part of the habitually predictable problem that feeds into a future of repeated tragedy and misery.


Yet still, despite this great good, the third category of people who are destroying my work, without ever wanting to, are the many thousands of readers who never send any donation or buy any books and take it for granted that we will survive from their neglect.

This work I do is full-time and it’s all for you. It hangs ever on a fragile thread of your financial support. Your donations are key to Hogueprophecy continuing.

I know you all value my work in your hearts, but because of the realities of the physical world, it is not enough to sustain us, unless you, and only you reading this, nobody else, starts giving us something towards solving this material issue.

Don’t wait for someone else to do it. It seems you are all waiting for someone else to give. There’s only you who can give. Nobody else.

It would be enough support if you would join those precious few who give donations. All we are asking of those who read Hogueprophecy free for so long is that you send—just once a year even—a donation of $12.50 or a little more for receiving the fruits of my mostly free and Herculean efforts.

Join Hogueprophecy readers, like Marc. In the name of the path of awareness and meditation that I teach and promote, become like him. Please answer my request for financial assistance. Donate Now whatever you can spare.

If you give a donation of $12.50 or a little more to help Hogueprophecy continue its important work, I will put you on the list to receive when it is completed a PDF download copy of the following expanded eBook edition with an extra chapter included called “The Prophecies of Fire and Ice.” Read more about Predictions 2015-2016 HERE.

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.


The response to the above request has been extremely positive and I thank my readers for their understanding. Then there’s “BeeBee.” I’m surprised how few beebee shots were fired in anger for the above request for financial help. This one’s endemic of the handful of beebees triggered.

BB KiddoBangBangBEEBEE
Please remove me from your email list.

Nope. You’re asking me to have power over you. I don’t do that to others. I only respect your freedom. That means I respect equally your response “ability” to get yourself onto this list and get yourself off it.

Actually, when people ask me to take them off the list, it’s an act of aggression. They want to force me. I don’t respect any such requests. I never forced you to be on my newsletter list and I won’t be pushed or bullied by cranky members.

I do not like the resentment you display toward your readership.

You’re seeing my letter above in the haze of your own resentment. I love my readers and am so open to them that I risk upsetting a few grumpy cats having hairballs, if I ask them for help. The vast majority are coming to my aide because most of my readers understand. My readers are intelligent. Even the most intelligent among us sometimes need to be reminded of the situation.

You act as if your readers and those on your email list owe you something.

Nothing is free. We pay in time, in attention. We pay in love, in hate. We are burning our life force with others all the time and sometimes in mundane currency. Learn that. Most of my readers get that.

BB KiddoBangBangBEEBEE
This time it would seem as if you are desperate for funds and are expressing your anger at those who are curious but not curious enough to support your views and/or support you in the style, which you think you, deserve.

“Seem” is the key word in your view. That’s what it “seems” to you. But are you being rational right now. You are seeing me through the red filter of your contempt and anger for me. Why are you off balance? Must be some truth you don’t want to face. Otherwise why so stirred up? Why are you so worked up, B.B., that you had to pay me in time and energy to shoot me your email?

PieMeyWebsites I go to ask for money all the time and if I don’t feel inclined to give, I just don’t give. But “you” are paying me a lot of your time and energy to write back.

I pushed your button on this because you have a charge, a button to be pushed. Take this as an opportunity to look at what’s eating you and it’s not me asking for financial support. Something else is eating you. It’s another issue. I think deep down you have money issues. Moreover, deeper than that there’s some guilt, I think.

What did Jesus charge for His work? 

Hmmm… This is your biggest hit. Allow me to deconstruct it.

First off, he never was called “Jesus.” That was added when the Romans “Romanized” Christianity. That’s their name for the religion too. It is quite likely that his birth and his death were stories lifted from the Mithras religion popular in Rome. Did you know that the Mithraic Eucharist wording is almost EXACTLY like the Christian version and Tertullian, one of the early and most respected Christian fathers, thought St. Paul was putting, and it put this in his words, “heathen practices” in the Christian religion.

GrumpyCatwithJesusSo, for me, using the “Jesus saves for free” argument is kind of a straw man, nailed to a cross-purposeless argument.

Are you saying people didn’t give Jesus lodging, food, wine, etc? These are “payments.” These are “donations” to his work.

Anyway, there’s some debate among Bible historians that Mary Magdalene was not a whore but was wealthy and she financed Jesus’ ministry all those three years.

In short, if that’s true, he didn’t “have” to ask for money to do what he did.

Now then, as you’re not inclined to give a penny to be my Mary Magdalene—or my Valentine—I’ll have to ask my readers for help from time to time. And I don’t ask for free. I “give” them a book with extra chapters if they donate.

[Nothing] That’s how much you must charge. And do not be angry or show contempt for others. 

Go to a real school. Get a job.

Did Jesus have a real job? Did Jesus go to school?

Practice what you preach, Grumpy Cat. Look at your own contempt and anger bleeding and dripping out of your words.

Do you even know what name Jesus was called when he walked the Earth?

Did you even know he did ask for payment?

Jesus wasn’t giving free of charge. You had to pay with your blind “Faith” in him. Your payment option was, “believe in Jesus or go to hell.”

“Such a deal!” LOL!

That is a far more expensive transaction than $12.50, don’t you think?



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  1. marc costillo
    Posted 8 November 2014 at 3:03 pm | Permalink

    Hello John
    Unfortunately the gears of war are turning faster than most people on this planet care to recognize. I read headlines day to day by the corporate goons who are more interested in selling their wares by distorting the truth and spewing so much disinformation to the masses of “sheeple” and yet think to themselves “I will not be affected. ” Reality is it affects each and every soul on this planet. Please people, turn your eyes away from your 60″ idiot box and think for yourselves once again, and direct your eyes to HOUGEPROPHECY.COM. Learn the truth and educate yourselves on what the corporate media and the leaders you think your vote elected, have in store for you, in the very near future, and closer than you think. Headlines to produce fear in all of us in hope that we say nothing, do nothing, crawl under our rock and put our trust in the elected who have our “best interest” in mind. Seems to be working for them. The best slave is the one who thinks he’s free. We can no longer say nothing, do nothing, and hide under our rock of false security if we are to have a future for ourselves and most importantly, our children. As always John, thanks for your brave and important hard work you do. Keep ringing that bell John, in hope that it resonates throughout the world and into the minds of every human on this planet.

    Kind regards,


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