ISIS IS-Steria, US Plans for a First Strike on Russia, Excerpt from Predictions 2015. Start a Revolution against the Two-Party Duopoly of Corporate Fascism

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DATELINE 28 September 2014

An Excerpt from Predictions 2015

Check out this specially illustrated introduction to a chapter in my forthcoming book Predictions 2015 entitled “An Ice-SIS Cold Armageddon in the Middle East.”

DATELINE 28 September 2014

The American Mind
Is prone to IS-Steria:

Hide your daughters, Mr. and Mrs. America, before an ISIS fighter, come home from the Syrian front, should throw a black pillowcase over her pretty head and drag her off for a good Boko Ha-ramming as his newly veiled, Muslim haram slave. Tear off all your military decals on the pickup truck. The news media in America says hundreds of American youths who went as tourists to the Middle East are coming back seasoned jihadists blessed by the Caliph of IS (Islamic State) to play lone wolves on the hunt for US service men and women or their families. (Actually they’re only a few dozen American citizens known to be fighting with ISIS, but don’t let fact buzz-kill fear.) They’ll abduct you. They’ll break into your house and drag you away to some undisclosed hideout where they force you to wear Guantanamo Orange jump suits for the videotaped close-up beheading, god willing.


As an astrologer who reads the world and plots charts on the destiny and collectively conditioned makeup of nations, I’m not too surprised that America, a nation born under the sign of Cancer, is not only populated with people who find it easy-to-cry, easy to get overtly emotional and sentimental. The Cancerian effect can also induce its people to play American “dreamy” Cancer’s other bad collective habit. Americans can be easily aroused to hysteria by the misuse of this Cardinal Sign by authority figures residing in high office or pontificating before TV news cameras.



I will have much to write about in this new eight-to-ten year war in the Levant and Iraq. It will be the final wrecking ball to US and Western hegemony. But for now, I want to write about the root of Terrorism. I sat before Osho, my teacher of meditation. Many times I and heard him say that for understanding and transcendence to happen, one must cut to the root of the conditioned mind’s problems, otherwise you’re stuck pruning the details. This only increases the growth of manyness of that bramble of mind-f*cking illusion leaves.

In Predictions for 2008, I wrote this essay about Fear as the fundamental terrorist. Though I mention this in the time frame of what could happen in the year 2008, you could apply it to 2014, 2015 and so on. This is a perennial prophetic call to all Americans. I’ve only replaced Usama bin Laden with ISIS and 2008 with 2014 (see the brackets), otherwise what I declared eight years ago applies to today:

The people of the future will look back upon Americans today and say we were infantile. Young kids always take things for granted. Then growing up happens, often painfully. That’s America’s future.

PeeWeeHermanFalseFlagAmericans take their freedoms for granted and generally forget they once had to fight for them. They may have to lose their freedoms in the coming era of Cosmic Night, descend into a dictatorship and have to shed blood once again to get their liberty back.

Patrick Henry before the American Revolution famously wrote, “Give me liberty or give me death!”

Today’s average American, if he or she were honest, would change that motto to, “Give me comfort even if it costs me my liberty.”

“Promise me anything…Just the word without substance is enough to win my heart…”

Obama-I-Don't-Have-A-StragegyA greater terrorist than [ISIS] is fear itself.

To transcend and conquer this fear, Americans must face the fact that this is no longer the America of Patrick Henry.

Give me liberty or give me death?

No, take all my liberties away; turn the country into a police state and give me safety.

Beware of politicians bearing “mushroom cloud” threats to your cities, like Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice harangued as false just causes to invade Iraq in 2003. The most dangerous weapon of mass destruction is the one fashioned out of fearful illusion.

When the fear mongering begins again in [2014], be an American people who resurrect the spirit of Patrick Henry. Be someone who loves and lives their freedom so much that you’d rather a terrorist take out an American city, even take out “your” city, your “self” and your beloveds, than surrender freedom’s way of life.

ObamaUncleSamGive me liberty or give me death!

This is our fearless American’s motto.

Do not give me comfort. I will step away and stand alone if I must from the mob of those who would surrender their freedoms to an American dictatorship just to be safe.

I would rather live and die in a free country than live safely in a country that suppresses freedom to keep us safe from terrorists, real or mostly imagined by politicians.

I am not saying we shouldn’t be more mindful of our security, our borders. An aware and watchful populace need not have its freedoms suppressed. Look at the Israeli citizens. Even set in the jaws of Islamic terrorism they do not let their freedoms, or their unique way of life, be trampled by over-excited legislators for the sake of preserving their safety. They live and sometimes when caught in a terrorist bus bombing, they die free. They bury and honor their dead and strive on as before. Their freedom lived is a silent and enduring defiance to all that would bury it in flames and grief.

The free are not cowards.

Kerry-MuppetEagleNo, the year [2014] will see the rise of a new American. And if there is a terrorist attack on the American soil in that year its citizens will be tempted — encouraged, even, by the sitting government—to surrender freedom to a far greater evil that indulges hysterical fears. [ISIS] isn’t the real enemy. As President Franklin Roosevelt once said in the depths of the last great economic depression—a crisis many believe is about to befall America again. Roosevelt said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!”

Consciousness of this “enemy” called “fear” is enough to transcend it and really keep us safe and free, come terrorism or rumors of terrorism in [2014].

PIX (1) CH4-OccupyWallStreet-Rlovet

DATELINE 28 September 2014

To “Dislike” is the First Step

Next, Start a Peaceful Revolution
Boycott the Two-Party Corporate Farce

My good friend Nefri wrote a one-word comment to the post I put on my Facebook page today. It was about evidence that Obama has shown himself ever more to be “Bush with a tan” again. It’s a headline covering a reoccurring theme in Nostradamus: The War with Iran and evolved further in A New Cold War:

Click on the cover and read more about this new book and where the Ukraine crisis is taking us next.

Click on the cover and read more about this new, bestselling book.

“US Revives plans for Nuclear “First Strike” on Russia, ready as early as 2016: The prophets of three world wars anticipated this danger. They are warning us and if we heed them, we have a future…

I then directed my Facebook community to read A New Cold War. It is perhaps the most important book of prophecy I have created in the hopes that since millions of people read Hogueprophecy and/or watch and listen to my TV and radio appearances, I might in some small way, do my part to prevent this terrible future from happening.

I want to share my reply that Nefri’s potent, single word inspired:

It’s certainly worthy of Dislike. And that’s why I labored over this book as hard and as fast as I could to get it out while there’s time to alert the public and change course. People must know what the prophets are warning, because our leaders have strayed from us. They no longer represent us. And there are indeed many idiots in power in Washington DC (the “DC” stands for Dumb Cretins) who seriously believe a nuclear war with Russia is winnable.

There are some things worth our “dislike”. That’s a good start. Now, get politically active and when you do, do not waste your vote with the corporate choices presented to you as false choices. Do not vote for a single Donkeycrat or Dumbopublican in any election henceforth.

I know, I know… I’ve heard the reactive line to this, “You’ll be throwing away your vote.”

Donkey-vs-ElephantMy retort: You are throwing your vote to corporate fascism every time you vote for the Jackass Party or the Elephantitis Party.

It’s time for people to withdraw from these parties and cast their votes to whatever third party candidate you resonate with, left, right or center, because whatever their political persuasions, at this time at least, third party candidates share one thing in common: they are not pawns of your true enemy, corporate fascism and its hegemonic military interests abroad.

This is the nature of fascism’s return that Hitler mused about in one of his last prophecies before he committed suicide. He said the new movement would be more “faith based” than political. That means to me that you all will create it and be smothered by it if you approach your political lives as blind believers, like an African American who has redefined what it is to be a slave of White elites. That snake oil selling Obamagogue declaring pabulum slogans like: “Change we can Believe In”

ObamaPuppetChangeBelieveInReject such stooges of the neo-liberal Left. Forbear allegiance to an equal set of stooges propped up by the corporate neo-conned Right, like that Sarah “Palin-olithic” Alaskan pigeon eating out of the hand of power who clucks equally mindless-though-emotionally seductive slogans like, “Take back America!”

Take back from “whom”, Ms. Palin? What “Change” are you talking about that I should place my blind and unqualified belief in, Mr. Obama?

The mainstream duopoly of DemoPublican corporate brands is a dis-ease. And if you vote for them, you may be voting for the death of two thirds of the human race—the death of “you.” The death of all those whom you love. The end of End Times begins with “you” right here and right now.

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.

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