Cold War Begins with Malaysian Airliner shot down over Ukraine. Gaza City, Israeli Ground Offensive begins. ISIS Jihad Insurgents take Mosul. Hogue Prediction of New Civil War in Iraq and Libya for 2014 fulfilled. What is next?

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Click on the cover and read more about this new book and where the Ukraine crisis is taking us next.

Click on the cover and read more about this new book and where the Ukraine crisis is taking us next.

DATELINE 17 July 2014

Malaysian Airliner Shot down over Ukraine
1914 to 2014
One Shot starts a World War, Again?

The infernal formula is in place. Someone fires a missile shot in the air over a massively tense region of the world. Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 with 283 passengers and 15 crew is the target. It breaks apart and crashes in the disputed breakaway Donetsk Peoples Republic in Eastern Ukraine in the grips of a civil war. Onboard are nearly 300 people killed in one of the worst civil airline disasters since the 9-11 terrorist hijackings.

The packed flight left Amsterdam and was heading for Kuala Lumpur when it was hit at an estimated altitude of 33,000 feet. Video of the flaming debris field 25 miles near the border with Russia depicts a burnt field of carnage heaped with the dead who will no doubt number among its 295 victims the citizens of a wholehost of countries making this an international crisis.

Click on the cover and discover many more political, social, economic and climate axis shifting events to come as 2014 looks more like 1914 when history's water broke.

Click on the cover and discover many more political, social, economic and climate axis shifting events to come as 2014 looks more like 1914 when history’s water broke.

The Russian separatists guarding the crash site have recovered the black box and avionics boxes that may have recorded what exactly happened. Maybe it wasn’t a missile. Maybe it was a bomb to let fly a false flag. The separatist government has called upon their adversaries in Kiev to initiate a cease-fire to allow international investigators enter the war zone. The world waits for some answers, and I do expect the facts will be twisted to deepen the division of the West with Russia.

President Poroshenko in Kiev, with no evidence in hand immediately in hand, blames the Donbass separatists for firing a missile. However, the rebels are only armed with “man-packed” over the shoulder missiles. They simply couldn’t have hit a jet at 35,000 feet. What is a fact is that Poroshenko around eight days ago declared a no-fly zone over the breakaway provinces of Lugansk and Donetsk (Donbass) that the rebels have been frequently ignoring by flying drones and their own air assets against Ukrainian troops. They shot down a Ukrainian military plane just yesterday. It is a fact that the Ukrainian army does possess larger caliber, surface to air missiles that could have fired and taken down the civilian plane mistaking it, perhaps, for a rebel target.

One hundred years ago another shot was fired in the air. Not up in the air but horizontally through the throat of Archduke Franz Ferdinand by a Serbian named Gavrillo Princip, killing him on 28 June 1914. Thirty three days later that shot sent the world to war. In my forthcoming book, A New Cold War, I wrote:

[After the assassination] a crescendo of diplomatic missteps and escalating bellicose threats in little over a month plunged the entire continent into the opening, catastrophic battles of the First World War. In four short years, 30 million people were killed, European empires fell and Red Communism was on the rise. Next appeared Black Italian and Brown Fascist revolutions of Italy and Germany. The world was utterly changed, a thousand years of political and social realities in the glowering blink of a blood-soaked eye.

In Predictions for 2014, I drew a parallel to our times with 1914, poised it seems to repeat the same catastrophic mistake:

History’s water broke 100 years ago in the year 1914. It didn’t go unnoticed by one of the 20th century’s most significant enlightened mystics and prophets, George Ivanovich Gurdjieff (1866-1949). This Armenian-Greek citizen of the Imperial Russian Empire was in Moscow teaching 30 disciples in his first meditation study group. He foresaw the upheaval of the current era coming with Russia and the European powers mobilizing millions in their march of madness into an auto-suicidal lust for destruction that soon became the First World War. Gurdjieff presciently anticipated that 500 years of Romanov Dynasty rule, and that of many other European monarchial systems, would soon be utterly broken and swept away.

His chief disciple, P.D. Ouspensky, recorded Gurdjieff’s following prediction: “There are periods in the life of humanity which generally coincide with the beginning of the fall of cultures and civilizations, when the masses irretrievably lose their reason and begin to destroy everything that has been created by centuries and millenniums of culture.” (In Search of the Miraculous, by P.D. Ouspensky)

The march of folly and world war may be on. The shot through an Archduke’s head is matched by a missile shot through a Malaysian airliner. In the shortfall, this leads the world into a new cold war. Yesterday, before the airliner went down, Russia was hit with further sanctions by the US, limiting finance options for major Russian corporations including Gazprom, which keeps the EU warm in winter with natural gas exports. The EU will follow with its own sanctions.

Russian Prime Minister Medvedev said these new sanctions might drive relations with the West back to the deeply cold war years of the 1980s.

What Medvedev said is in part true but dangerously different in these times. More chaos and lack of control is apparent. Many of the leaders involved in this new cold war are mediocrities in comparison to the 1980s, hot headed and imprudent. Consider Poroshenko’s recent diatribe threatening to kill 100 ethnic Russian civilians in Eastern Ukraine for every Ukrainian soldier killed in the civil war. This IS Hitler talk. That was the policy of Ukrainian fascists and German SS troopers fighting Soviet partisans in Ukraine during World War Two. This intended savagery only escalated the partisan violence then as it will now, Mr. Poroshenko.

The Malaysian jet shooting is a significantly dangerous development. If this incident is used to bring more sanctions on Russia, Russia this time might respond with sanctions that will hurt the EU much harder and speed up a breakaway of a number of nations out of the US Reserve currency camp into the Russo-Chinese political-economic sphere. The Cold War will be on, and according to two timelines given by Nostradamus it either lasts 3 years and 7 months or 13 years, then turns into a Third World War that kills two thirds of the human race.

Read what the prophets warn and understand how this civilization-ending catastrophe can be avoided. Click on this cover and read more about the expanded edition scheduled for release weekend after next (25 July) with the biblical Blood Moon Prophecies included.

This brings me to today’s second serious development when dire prophecy converges with current events:

Click on the cover and read more about this new book and where the Ukraine crisis is taking us next.

Click on the cover and read more about this new book and where the Ukraine crisis is taking us next.

DATELINE 17 July 2014

The Israeli Ground War in Gaza City
Has the Arab Battle of Stalingrad begun?

We are entering one of the self-destructive cycles. The march of madness has also begun today with the Israeli armed forces launching a full-scale ground offensive. I predicted this eventual move 5.5 years ago during the opening stages of the last Israeli-Hamas War, click on Israeli Ground Operation.


NEW RELEASE DATE FOR John Hogue’s next book:


By 25th of July weekend I will to publish this new and important eBook next. It looks at the small but elite club of world war prophets. These includes the prescient giants Nostradamus (16th century), Stormberger (18th century) plus Edgar Cayce (20th century). Also listed are the world war prophecies of St. Odile (8th century), Pastor Bartholomaeus (17th century), Johann Friede (13th century), and the Sibylline Oracle of Babylon and Yeshua (1st century). All but one predicts with amazing, even frightening, detail the first, second, “and” a third world war that catches us completely unawares, unless we become aware–NOW–of the warning signs and stop it from happening.

I end the book with Edgar Cayce. He’s the only one in the club that doesn’t predict a third world war but he clearly advises us how we can avoid it.

The 19th July ‘s release is the expanded edition for advance donation only. It will include an extra chapter on the biblical prophecies of the Four Blood Moons. The Kindle, Kobo and Nook releases set for later in July will not include this special chapter.

Unlike other books out there, we will look at these biblical prophecies of Joel, Yeshua, St. Peter and St John (Book of Revelation) without the dogmatic blinders of current pentecostal dogma and popularized evangelical Christian projections. HogueProphecy Publishing gives it to you straight.

Click on the book cover and read how you can advance donate for this expanded edition and receive the direct download personally from me.

DATELINE 13 June 2014

ISIS Jihadists Take Mosul The Second Iraqi Civil War Goes Full-scale as Predicted for 2014

Click on the cover and discover many more political, social, economic and climate axis shifting events to come as 2014 looks more like 1914 when history's water broke.

Click on the cover and discover many more political, social, economic and climate axis shifting events to come as 2014 looks more like 1914 when history’s water broke.

Today is Friday the 13th and it’s the horror movie Friday the Thirteenth in Iraq. Jason Voorhees wears the black hood of ISIS (The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant—in other words “Greater Syria”) rather than his signature hockey goalie mask. In a sudden and breathtaking move, this mobile insurgent jihadist army raced across the Iraqi border and rapidly conquered Mosul, Iraqi’s second largest city this week on Wednesday. Over 30,000 Iraqi soldiers fled, abandoning armored vehicles and vast armament stockpiles to the insurgents. One can see government army uniforms discarded like trash on the road to Baghdad. Quickly following their ignominious retreat was a multitude of refugees choking the roads to the Iraqi capital and especially north to the frontiers of Iraqi Kurdistan in an estimated horde of 500,000 civilians. They are fleeing the terror of this extreme movement of Wahhabist militants that even leaders of al-Qaeda reject for their ruthlessness and draconian application of holy Sharia Islamic law on those they occupy.

The thousands of cars snarling the desert, trying to put many miles between themselves and the columns of black smoke rising over Mosul denote the spread of fearful rumors that ISIS holy warriors are committing mass executions and beheadings back there.

They may have taken thousands of hostages, including a confirmed report that the Turkish Consulate in Mosul was stormed and all the Turkish nationals on staff were taken away. Ankara declares it will intervene militarily if Turkish hostages are harmed.

Tikrit also feel on Wednesday, the tribal home turf of Sunni strongman Saddam Hussein. Videos on RT display three thousand soldiers of the Iraqi Army, hands over their heads, led away as prisoners in a long column walking down a desert road in civilian clothes. Were they less lucky deserters who shed their guns and armored personnel carriers and uniforms rather than fight? One thing is certain, huge stockpiles of US made weapons, munitions dumps and a fleets of hundreds of armored Humvees, artillery and tons of military equipment is now slung over the shoulders of jihadists who are more mobile, armored and empowered than ever before.

The belly blow reports kept coming in of a spreading disaster in Iraq. Losing Mosul, a city of two million citizens, cuts off the main hub for the transport of goods and Iraqi oil. ISIS forces are also now controlling Iraq’s largest oil refineries. By Thursday’s close it was clear that ISIS insurgents had occupied the rest of the northern province of Nineveh and most of Anbar Province where it already holds parts of Fallujah alongside nationalist Sunni militias whom it sometimes battles. By Thursday, reports of the number of refugees and the displaced shot up to an estimated two million. In an unprecedented move, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki requested military assistance from the United States. Talk of sending in the US Air Force’s robot planes or actually jet bomber attacks is rife in Washington. President Obama says he’s leaving all options open. Comments made on Friday the 13th indicate bad luck for Maliki if he thought one US Army boot would touch Iraqi ground. US support will be “appropriate” but “limited”. I guess only Jason’s lumberjack saw is coming, perhaps.

Obama’s speech at war’s end made after the withdrawal of the last US solider in Iraq at the end of December 2011 sounds disturbingly glib. How similar the brazen wishful thinking it betrayers, echoing his predecessor George Bush’s notorious “mission accomplished” speech made at the war’s beginning.

“Now, Iraq is not a perfect place,” Obama said. “It has many challenges ahead. But we’re leaving behind a sovereign, stable and self-reliant Iraq, with a representative government that was elected by its people. We’re building a new partnership between our nations. And we are ending a war not with a final battle, but with a final march toward home. This is an extraordinary achievement, nearly nine years in the making.”

(Things that make you go, hmmm…)

A prophet, Barack Obama, is not.

My Oracle has a dubious success rate predicting events in Iraq. As far back as November 2000, both in print and on Coast to Coast AM with Ian Punnett, it predicted the US getting stuck in a Vietnam-style quagmire after easily overthrowing Saddam Hussein half way into Texas Governor G.W. Bush’s first term in office, if he won the voting ballot dispute in Florida. Bush was inaugurated president 20 January 2001. A little over two years and two months later, he unilaterally invaded and occupied Iraq starting March 19 2003.

Here is the prophecy in an article written around a week prior to the radio show and a day before the US Presidential Election happened on 7 November:

However, I am sorry to say that I do not see President Bush being a good foreign policy president. He is an isolationist at heart. If Saddam Hussein views President Bush as withdrawn from world affairs, or weak or erratic then you may see the Iraqi dictator risk unleashing a regional-wide war in the Middle East. I believe this war could happen as soon as 2002… Where a Gore presidency will contain Iraq there will be an eagerness in a Bush presidency to settle scores and bring about a Gulf War, Part Two. It will most likely topple Saddam Hussein but not before it gets a Bush presidency bogged down in a Vietnam in the desert and threatens America with 27 to 30 years of terrorist reprisals.

Bush or Gore—Two Presidential Destinies in Prophecy ( 6 November 2000)

When the first reports came in about Mosul falling this week, I posted the following notice and documented and fulfilled prophecies on my Facebook personal and public pages on Wednesday:


Iraq’s second largest city has just fallen to al-Qaeda inspired Sunni Islamic freedom-fighters-cum-terrorists. The Muslim Shia dominated al-Maliki government has declared a state of national emergency.

This is a significant development in the spread of what I have warned is a religious civil war brewing in the Middle East that could rival what Christians waged in the 17th century when Christianity was the same age as Islam is today.

A year ago when writing Predictions for 2014, I predicted a new civil war erupting in Iraq, spreading from Syria:

My sense is the blunders embarked upon in late April 2014 could see Stupid reign as our cardinal sign because of precipitous decisions made by Israel considering a codependent, preemptive attack on Iran this year with Saudi Arabian help. The Syrian conflict will be pushed to a new intensity and spread its violence full-scale into Iraq, the latter already boiling with daily bombings and a resumption of the sectarian civil war there among its Sunni minority and Shia majority factions.

Predictions for 2014, Chapter 1: The Grand Cross and Other Signs in the Skies of 2014 Documented on 16 November 2013

My book also foresaw the new Libyan civil war that’s just erupted. Here’s what I said about it and dating the new Iraq civil war for 2014:

The US will be dragged along with NATO vassals into a new Libyan Civil War by economic necessity. They need that sweet Libyan crude to run their civilization as much as they need the crude underneath Iraq’s new Civil War in 2014. These Westerners will side again with the Benghazi faction for the sake of backdoor control of their oil fields and refineries. Like before, great depressions always birth great wars, in this case a decade of great resource wars around the world beginning in 2014.

Predictions for 2014, Chapter 5: Readings for Regions and Nations, Subsection: Libya’s New Civil War Free for “Oil” (Documented on 29 November 2013)


I first introduced the following Nostradamus quatrain to my Hogueprophecy readers on 11 July 2003, when the Iraq war and US occupation was only four months old. It comes from Century 3 Quatrain 61 of his magnum prophetic opus, Les Propheites. I could have made this assessment even earlier but for now this may have been the first time I documented it on the pages of and it bears review, given this week’s developments nearly 11 years later:

The final line [of 3 Q61, shown below] seen in the light of the 2003 invasion, becomes more ominous for America. Indeed, a clearer picture arises of just what Nostradamus might intend for the ‘law’ that will ‘hold for the enemy.’ Saddam’s dictatorial ‘law’ survived the Gulf War of 1991 only to be replaced by a new tyranny–the ‘Sharia’ law of Shiite fundamentalism.

The law of the Sharia will hold Iraq because the American president’s preemptive war and occupation is the catalyst. A force-fed Iraqi puppet democracy will radicalize the country. The guerrilla insurrection will grow in strength long after the US captures or kills Saddam. This insurrection may be the match setting the fires of a 27-year war foreseen by Nostradamus in his famous ‘Mabus’ and Third Antichrist prophecies [2 Q62 and 8 Q77].

[HogueProphecy Bulletin, 11 July 2003, New Crusades and Quagmires]

Here is that prediction that I believe foresees the United States losing this war—that the “crusaders” mentioned refer to the American military occupying Iraq. It turns out the al-Qaeda insurgents liked to call their enemy “crusaders” in a region that still feels the rape, pillage and murder of cross-emblazoned knights of the distant crusades a thousand years ago as a wound opened just yesterday.

3 Q61 La grande bande & ƒecte crucigere, Se dreƒƒera en Meƒopotamie: Du proche fleuue compagnie legere, Que telle loy tiendra pour ennemie. The great host and sect of the cross [or: the crusaders], Will be massed in Mesopotamia: From the nearby river the fast company, That such law will hold for the enemy.

No host of crusaders every stepped foot in Mesopotamia (Greek for “the land between two rivers”, or, the Tigris and Euphrates. This is modern-day Iraq). Bush tried to tie Saddam Hussein to al-Qaeda, responsible for the 911 attacks. He called this new conflict a “war on terror” fought by soldiers on “a great crusade. Thus the derogatory term used by jihadists that US, cross carrying, soldiers, a majority worshipping Christ, are “crusaders”. The Euphrates is the nearby river, from which the fast company of US armored columns rolled along its banks passing over it to strike and occupy Baghdad in the fastest Blitzkrieg penetration of any invaded country since Adolf Hitler’s panzer armies began waging “Lightning War”. And yet, the outcome is not good for them.

That such a law will hold for the enemy, their enemy, the insurgency that US regime change let in to fester inside the heartland of the Arab world. Islamic extremism was let in. Two opposing sets of holy warriors belonging to the majority (al-Qaeda inspired) Sunni sect of Islam pitted in a vicious sectarian war with US troops in the crossfire, against the minority (Iranian Ayatollah inspired) Shia Islamic militias. The battle in Iraq, like in Syria, is about whose interpretation of Muhammad’s holy “Sharia” law set forth in the Qur’an will prevail. In both cases it is extremely fundamentalist and it is a sectarian struggle over this “law” that’s plunging Iraq once again into a state of lawlessness “that will hold for” America’s enemy.

The events of this week are the most significant and catastrophic since the US invasion that started tanks rolling down this road to ruin. As I’ve long predicted all the way back in 2003, the consequence of Bush’s great “Crusade” into Mesopotamia is a military, political, economic and moral defeat for the United States, the breakup of Iraq, and the spreading cancer of an Islamic civil war across the Middle East.

Like him or rightly hate him, strongman Saddam Hussein had a powerful intelligence organization and secret police that put a lid on sectarian tensions. The Turks ruled Iraq peacefully for 600 years because they knew what American leaders still couldn’t grasp, Iraq has unwisely forced a union of three fractious people’s: the ethnic Kurds, and Arab Muslim Sunnis and Shi’ites. The Ottoman Empire peacefully ruled all three in three separate districts.

Americans came in, overthrew the regime, disbanded the army, threw to the dirty and sewer-puddled curb. They forcefully disemployed all Baathist Sunni party card carriers, unmindful that they just threw out their new “baby”—the post Saddam democratic Iraq’s chance for success—with the “Baath” water, so to speak. Thus the American occupiers destroyed basic social services, wiped away the police force, utterly collapsed the power grids, banks, and the economy, the army and bureaucracy needed to rebuild the new Iraq.

For eight years the Americans spent trillions of dollars, thousands of American lives and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives building up the nation they destroyed. Now the karmic consequences come home to roost. The government replacing Saddam is Shia dominated and it has neglected and persecuted the Sunni minority that was once in power under Saddam. ISIS has obviously made agreements with the local Sunni Sheiks and tribal leaders, those who once helped throw al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia out of Anbar and Nineveh provinces during the “Sunni Awakening”. Now the tribal chieftains either tacitly or directly support the rolling armored columns of ISIS approaching Shia Iraq’s new capital of Baghdad. The Iraqi army that the US took eight years to rebuild and train is a pathetic basket case and just like the South Vietnamese ARVIN forces when pitted against North Vietnamese forces, the Iraqi Army is unraveling and running away, leaving their American built weapons on the roadside or in abandoned military weapons dumps.

We Americans do “Vietnamization” really badly! We never seem to learn.

There’s so many parallels to it now transpiring “once again” in Iraq. The last U.S. troops are withdrawn from Vietnam on 29 March 1973. South Vietnam capitulated to the North Vietnamese forces on 30 April 1975 just two years and one month later. The last US soldier left Iraq on 31 December 2011. The civil war actually resumed less than six months later and has since escalated in two years and one month (31 January 2013) to levels of death and mayhem not seen since the last sectarian civil war during the bloodiest years of the US occupation (2006-2008). It will only get worse in the first half of 2014 and now the avalanche of post-US occupation is happening before our eyes. As predicted by Nostradamus and interpreted by me as well as forecast two years before Bush invaded Iraq in 2003, America’s quagmire in Iraq will soon be complete and absolute defeat. The intolerant Islamic “law” of America’s enemy, has prevailed. ISIS warriors are the descendants of al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia, lead by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. He was a candidate for Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist, who I examined in Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named: Mabus.

Nostradamus and the Antichrist: Code Named MABUS

Click on this cover to read more about “Mabus”.

Here was a real piece of jihad’s work that had fellow Third Antichrist sleuths bury me in emails asking if this commander of “al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia” (Iraq) was Mabus. At the time he emerged in the summer of 2003, bin Laden had been all but forgotten or presumed dead by the popular press because of his long silences. Here was a real thug, the Jordanian-born student from the al-Qaeda training camps who took pleasure sawing off the head of a captured American contractor on YouTube.

Zarqawi blasted UN headquarters (August 2003), blew apart the dome of the sacred Shia Golden Mosque in Samara in early 2006 and nearly succeeded in his gory dream to turn Sunni against Shia Iraqi Muslims in a religious civil war. Usama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri ordered him to taper down the Muslim-on-Muslim slaughter damaging al-Qaeda’s reputation. Soon after, Zarqawi met annihilation in a safe house north of Baghdad bombed by the US Air Force on 7 June 2006.

Did a terrible undoing of people and animals ensue? One might expect it from a man with such a “Mabus-able” name: Abu Musab = (m)ABU(s) = Mabus. The letters of Musab spells Mabus. A full-scale war did erupt soon after his death on 12 July. Hezbullah guerillas in Southern Lebanon stood off the advance of the Israeli army in the 33-day long Lebanon (July) War. Zarqawi had “soon died.” War came but quickly sputtered out. Mabus the Zarqawi’s martyrdom shot a blank.

Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named Mabus, Chapter 7: Jihad Messiah (Published in September 2008)

The insurgents have learned from theirs and Abu Musab’s mistakes and are back winning the hearts and minds of the Sunnis for now. Iraq’s breakup has begun and the Islamic Religious Civil War I forewarned you all about is spreading, as I said it would in the year 2014, out of Syria and into Iraq. Lebanon is next, and Turkey too.

The news media says ISIS intends to drive its new armada of armored personnel carriers and tanks down the road to Baghdad and take the capital, soon.

What does my “Oracle” say?

Baghdad will not be returned to Sunni control. The ethnic cleansing of Sunnis out of Baghdad during the last sectarian civil war was nearly complete. Years ago I wrote that Baghdad will become the capital of Sumer, the land of the former Shia Iraqis. Sumer (aka Sumeria) will become part of Iran’s growing sphere of influence.

I’ve predicted that the Sunnis of Iraq will become part of a Greater Syria as far back as early 2008, three years before the Iraq War ended and six years before ISIS emerged there with aspirations to unite its Syrian and Northern Iraqi enclaves into a theocratic Caliphate called Levant or Greater Syria:

ProphandOurFuture-columnmontage-dec-pope_bushShia Iraq will raise the green and black flag of a new nation called Sumer (after ancient Sumeria). Kurdistan will declare its independence and Turkey will answer with invasion if US forces do not retreat from Iraq’s breakup to garrison Kurdish territories. The Sunni triangle may end up a failed state rife for the return of al-Qaeda. Perhaps it will be known as the “New Babylon” of biblical end time prophecy, although the ruins of that city will be within the territories of Sumer. I nickname the Sunni Triangle: Jihadistan.

Baghdad becomes a Shia capital, as the creeping ethnic cleansing will continue. Sunni militias will try to take the city back by force but the rubble strewn and blazing urban battlefield will go to the Shia Madhi Army and Badr Brigades.

Strangely enough, fulfilling the Baathist dream might be the best thing that could happen for stability in the Sunni provinces of moribund Iraq. The Sunni triangle may submit to an Arab Anschluss, a union with Syria becoming a country called Greater Syria.

Predictions for 2008, Chapter: Iraq: the Surge, the Lull, the Breakup

Today I would add that Kurdistan will soon declare what is already the case. It is an independent nation and no longer needs US bribe money to keep this fact, this wide-open secret, secret. The Peshmurga (the Army of Kurdistan) will go to war with ISIS shortly. The price in Kurdish blood spilled will be the US acknowledging its independence outright. The Kurds will use this opportunity not only to flush out ISIS from Mosul and Kirkuk but also to settle old ethnic scores with the Sunni populations moved there by the late and hung, Sunni born Saddam Hussein. He did it to crowd the Kurds out of their cities and better control the rich oil fields surrounding especially Kirkuk, the former capital of the Kurds when the Ottomans ruled their territory.

As the Shia-dominated al-Maliki government has announced a state of emergency, the next step will be the Iraqi Army mobilizing its forces to retake Mosul in a military showdown that will fully relaunch a worse sectarian civil war than the one in 2006-2008.

I have long predicted this future resumption of the terrible civil war that US invasion and occupation caused by overthrowing the Sunni dictator Saddam Hussein, who, for all his tyrannical faults did keep the lid on sectarian tensions that could break up Iraq. Now with Mosul taken, I declare the lid’s been kicked off and it will not be put back again.

Saddam Hussein had once predicted that if he were overthrown someday by the Americans it would be “the end of Iraq.” America’s catastrophic string of decisions, going to war and occupying Iraq is making that prophecy come true and more. It is making true Nostradamus’ prediction of a “calamitous war” under cancer” that in 6 Q24 (click on Iraq and Iran). Cancer is the Sun Sign of the United States “and” George W. Bush. Obama was itemized as the peacemaker elected who would “bring peace for a long time.” As far as Iraq is concerned this is either an alternative future Obama can still achieve, but furthering his short-sighted, geopolitical decisions just keeps this US and Iraqi calamity going farther into the black abysmal forest made of Jihadist black flags of Islam’s holy warriors.

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Click on the cover to read more about this new eBook. Get the limited expanded edition.


John Hogue in a still from Vision TV’s new series, “I Prophesy”.


If for some reason you cannot leave your comments in the comments box below, just send them to me via the Contact email button. If they are interesting and clearly written, I will post them with my inserted comments. I will even post some of you rare souls disposing promising content with all the dirty literary laundry “spots” of functional illiteracy displayed. So please reread your stuff, use spell check and punctuate. You are being read by the whole world; so don’t look dumb in print. Those who do the best they can will be rewarded with it being published here.


MARC John, I consider this man, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the supposed head of ISIS, to be the Mabus of Nostradamus.

HOGUE He does fit an important anagrammical rule of Nostradamus: you can add upwards of two new letters to fill gaps in a name puzzle. Thus you can add “m” and “s”: (M)abu(s) Bakr al Baghdadi. Abu Bakr, leader of ISIS, may be the same “Abu” that succeeded Musab. Still, there are many many candidates to consider who follow this “Abu=Mabus” clue. Read about all of them by clicking on Nostradamus.


SUE This is also a problem of an all-volunteer military. Less than 1% of families in our country are involved or affected, so the attitude is “why should I care?”

HOGUE Thanks for the comment. With such a myopic attitude of Americans, History will ask, “Why should America stop its rapid decline?”

The people are disengaged, dis-educated, “dissing” without knowing the world outside their borders. The only way they may be reached is when their gas goes up to $10 a gallon. Then, given their crybaby nature, the American masses with have a meltdown. They’ll demand immediate solutions to what has been a systemic decline of 30 years or more.

The mystic Gurdjieff once forecast that the decline and fall of America would come from its abuse of its sex and digestive centers. Our sexuality is infantile and we eat crap. Put crap in our belly, and our critical thinking becomes “crap”.


BETTY Thanks always for your newsletter and correct predictions. I would like to move from my area to Washington State and am looking at Port Townsend. Do you think that’s a safe place to move to now? I feel that something terrible is upon us and your predictions are moving fast so I need to move fast too. Please let me know your thoughts.

HOGUE I will say this, Betty. Follow what feels right for you. Do not let fear be your guide. Move to Port Townsend if you are pulled there out of love for the place, out of a feeling that it is in synchronicity to you. I would visit the place you want to live in. Take a trip there. Spend some time feeling the place you are pulled to live next.

Certain practical matters are needed for consideration when living in the Pacific Northwest. Global warming will increase our winter windstorms, so power outages will increase. We are prone to rare–though infrequent–earthquakes and tsunamis. I made a point to live 100 feet above sea level on my Island in the Pac Northwest.

The other thing to remember is that there is no safe area. What is coming is a global crisis. Climate change is planetary. So, make your choices according to where you would “love” to live and then prepare and weigh the good potentials with the bad of your chosen new place on this troubled planet.


DATELINE 12 June 2014. Satgyan sent me an EcoAstrology report from Ananda Sandesh and written by Stephanie Austin ( It reminded us all that the Grand T-Square is still sizzling, Mars (intolerance) is opposed Uranus (rebellion) and both are squaring Pluto 15 June. Add to that Sagittarius full moon (back a few days ago) with Mercury in Cancerian retrograde. Definitely a time for awareness, time to review home hearth and family matters. Time for Cancerian America’s leaders to get their heads on straight about foreign policy mistakes.

Stephanie focused a lot on solar flares being stirred up by these aspects affecting people’s consciousness. I would differ with her. The Sun will keep calming down as we enter a new solar minimum cycle. However, the grand cross did factor in, yesterday, concerning the ISIS conquest of Northern Iraq. It also factored in the Ukrainian right wing mobs, led by their interim foreign minister, present with the mob, undiplomatically hurling dye and expletives, attacking the Russian Embassy in Kiev. All in all Gemini weirdness in June will just make the madness seeping into politicians’ minds more intense and contradictory. Tomorrow Russia will cut off gas to Ukraine, because the Ukrainians in the Kiev regime are out of their minds. They got a great deal on the gas issue and it isn’t enough. Even EU leaders said Russia’s solution was fair and correct. The tyranny of Stupid reigns under such stars. Europe’s gas supply will be threatened when Kiev begins stealing and siphoning gas in pipes running through Ukraine. Russia, then, will be forced to turn off all pipes through Ukraine. Gas prices in Europe will skyrocket. Add to this next week’s battle for Baghdad beginning, and we do live, as the Chinese proverb said, “in interesting times.”


DIANA Dear Mr. Hogue, I am a Coast to Coast AM listener with a question regarding Nostradamus. Speaking on the topic of Planet X, a recent C2C guest, Marshall Masters, maintains that there are “two [planetary] bodies in this system in or near the constellation Ophiuchus, exactly as predicted by Nostradamus.” I did a search of your website for “Planet X” and I don’t see anything particular to that topic, although I imagine it would have been covered at some point if indeed Nostradamus foresaw such an event. I realize you receive a lot of emails but as a Nostradamus expert, I would appreciate your take. Thank you for your time.

HOGUE Hi Diana, I do talk about the Nibiru movement in the following book. I hope you’ll read it: Nostradamus: The End of End Times.

NEW eBOOK BY JOHN HOGUE: click on the cover.

NEW eBOOK BY JOHN HOGUE: click on the cover.

Now to Marshall Masters.

He may maintain anything he likes about what he thinks or has “heard” Nostradamus had written, but there is, categorically, no mention of any kind of Planet X in the 16th-century languages used by Nostradamus in his work of prophecy. I say that, with all possible stretches of linguistic translation in mind.

I would be interested to know just where in his source material he comes up with this “exact” prediction by Nostradamus. It simply doesn’t exist in the text, so, I’m thinking he might be sourcing it to the so-called “Lost Book of Nostradamus” which was neither lost or written by Nostradamus, or, where the very vague watercolors drawn by him because he could not draw at all. I cover that controversy as well in the book.


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  1. Gary Johnson
    Posted 17 July 2014 at 11:49 pm | Permalink

    The Scheduled World War will not achieve the death numbers that the 1% wants. It will look like everything is lost but only because of all the huffing and puffing from the right wing extremists who want to see all that death and destruction. Even Nostradamus said that free will can change any of his forecasts . They are trying to bluff us all into a world war , but most people will not go along with the bully lies anymore

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