New Cold War Predictions, Neocon Conspiracies, your Comments about Hogue on Coast to Coast Am, the Grand Cross Crisis Coming, Ukraine, Crimea, Nostradamus, plus, Malaysian Airliner Flight 370, and the Syrian Civil War

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Click on the cover and read more about this new book.

DATELINE 12 April 2014:

Will an Old and Idiotic Habit
Give Birth to a New Cold War?

Have a happy “Unsinkable Ship” that “sank” day, everybody! It’s coming in two days on 14 April. That will be the 102nd anniversary of of the sinking of RMS Titanic, the loss of which, in 1912, was later thought of as a portent of the great sinking of monarchies and nations to come two years later. Now it comes again in remembrance for this year of 2014, which happens to be the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War. Our times are eerily beginning to match the blithe-and-blind march of idiot shepherd leaders and their herds of sheeple, to the slaughter of a new world war. That war is the foreseen outcome of a second Cold War with Russia waged economically over the oncoming breakup of Ukraine that suddenly and unexpectedly goes thermonuclear. So say the best of what I call “Prophets of the Three World Wars” (Nostradamus, Stormberger, Bartholomeus and St. Odile). You will soon be able to read their visions along with other seers in my newest book A NEW COLD WAR: The Prophecies of Nostradamus, Stormberger and Edgar Cayce (the Expanded Blood Moon Prophecy Edition). Click on Advance Order to reserve your copy now.

Sometimes I feel like I’m living in the Soviet Union, when it comes to the current “Pravda” or (truth) that’s peddled by the corporately hamstrung media in the United States. I am shocked to what extent the media has become an echo chamber for the march of Neoconservative philosophy now that it has successfully converted Obama and his administration. If you’re watching US network news, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC or FOX News you are not getting told the straight facts about the Russians, the Ukrainians and developing troubles there that are very rapidly sending your entire nation of to some disastrously stupid end, as blindly as men who marched off in the summer of 1914 to the trenches to the farewell flag waving and flower tossing of family and friends. You’re not goose stepping to the trenches. Instead you keep on trucking towards a deeper abyss, a new cold war that could turn thermonuclear hot when near everyone least expects it.

I watched President Obama in a recent news conference show me once again that he’s a pathetic product, a new low in higher education, as he almost glibly listed the ways this new crisis with Russia is not a cold war.

History will remember him as an ignorant man with a diploma!

He’s another repeat of the kind of cultured, overtly cerebral stupidity that, back in 1914, blindly guided kings and czars of Europe to look backwards into the past to define and prepare themselves for waging modern war. Like Obama, they defined the future they couldn’t understand with the outmoded definitions of the past. They held onto their quaint tactics and colorful uniforms of the Napoleonic and Franco-Prussian Wars rather than face and adapt their tactical and strategic thinking to the new and nasty surprises that technological advances after a long 40-year peace in Europe, had created. The new war with its multimillion man armies on battlefields hundreds of miles long blazing at each other with far more lethal weaponry would not be like anything seen before in warfare.

One hundred years ago, this August, the monarchies of Europe marched shoulder to shoulder in their colorful uniforms into the Battle of the Frontiers, the first clash of the Great War. The vast armies advancing in dense masses across the red poppy adorned fields of high summer were completely unprepared for the consequences of accurate rifle and machine gun fire. Neither could they cope with the breathtaking, mass life-taking advances in rapid-fire artillery with their new arsenals of high caliber and high explosive shells. In one week the defending French and British Expeditionary Forces fighting along the northern French and Belgian frontiers lost 300,000 casualties. The invading Imperial German Army also suffered around 300,000 dead and wounded. In one incident alone, a whole French Colonial Indochinese regiment of several thousand men charging across a wheat field fell to the rasping metal death cackle of a handful of a couple German Maxim machine guns.

That’s what happens when your leaders are asinine adherents of advancing into future challenges and dangers never taking their eyes off the rear view mirror gazing faithfully at what they know.

Obama has joined the club of history’s fools. He is leading “by his behind” looking ass-backwards at his definitions of Cold War that are 22 years behind the times when defining what a “new” Cold War looks like when framed in today’s very different world!

If he doesn’t pull his head out of the past and look where he’s going, you Americans will find yourself on the losing side of a new Cold War that will initially be fought less as an ideological conflict like the last one, but more as a financial conflict. Obama has now become as much a convert to the Neoconservative (American Imperialist) philosophy as his predecessor, G.W. Bush.

NulandwithNazisIt’s obvious to me. Why else would he permit Victoria Nuland, his Assistant US Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, to visit the revolutionaries barricaded in the Maidan Square in Kiev last November, encouraging them to start a revolution. Who but the wife of Robert Kagan would do this? He, like Dick Cheney and his father Donald Kagan, is one of the founders of Neoconservatism, whose top adherents often work in think tanks doing double duty advising on policy in Washington and Tel Aviv with American and Zionist supremacists in US and Israeli governments.


This is the nice Nazi fellow to the left of Nuland.

Obviously Obama has drunk the Jewish-Lithuanian born Donald Kagan’s russophobic, NeoCon “Kiev-Aid” about containing Vladimir Putin as some kind of new Josef Stalin and it doesn’t matter “who” you ally yourself with to do it. Nuland, his disciple-wife, was the very same, high US official that, along with Arizona Senator (warmonger) John McCain, was glad-handing Ukrainian demonstrators and leaders back last November, these being mostly members of various neo-Nazi, anti-ethnic Ukrainian Russian and anti-Semitic organizations.


They don’t want you to know, even now, that FIVE of these Neo-Nazi leaders hold top cabinet seats (including the head of Secret Police) in the interim Kiev government. That government of thugs was formed after a mostly fascist-led Putsch stormed the government buildings in a violent coup. The catalysts of the coup were snipers on roofs (also members of the neo-Nazi factions) indiscriminately killing dozens of demonstrators “and” police in a false flag terror attack that inspired the violent takeover of a democratically elected government.


Ever since 1992, agreements made at the end of the Cold War by western leaders had promised Russia that NATO would never advance eastward, gobbling up former Warsaw Pact Soviet allies into its defense organization to thus threaten Russia. Since then the West has consistently broken these agreements with much neoconservative bidding. Ukraine was the last draw, and, unlike Obama, Vladimir Putin, a master of martial arts, understands when pushed enough, it is time to shove back. American and EU leaders crossed his red line in Ukraine, trying to convert it to NATO so they can take Russia’s strategic bases in Crimea too. Putin struck back, occupying Crimea, which was willing to be liberated from the Maidan fascists in Kiev. In this game of geopolitical chess, Putin is a coolly rational, sober and a master player pitted against a couple of geopolitical lightweights, Mr. Obama and “The Mummy”, his Secretary of State, the Skull and Bonesman, thin-“augmented” lipped preppy from Yale, Mr. Kerry.

But hey, neoconservatives have always found it necessary to set up false flag events to advance their strategic goals of American hegemony. I explained in detail in Nostradamus: The War with Iran (click on Ayatollah) the evolution of neocon manifestos, staring in 1992. The movement was long looking for what they called, a “Pearl Harbor event”—a national crisis that could put the US government and Congress in lockstep with their agenda.

Their goal was to rapidly take down seven rogue regimes in the Middle East and North Africa in five years. The 911 terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001 was that “Pearl Harbor Event.” Neocons at that time ran the Bush Administration. They not only ignored the NSA and CIA memos of August 2001 but three far more detailed intelligence reports coming to them earlier that year, all warning of imminent attack by hijacked airliners flown into buildings by al-Qaeda. President Bush and his Vice President “in chief” Dick Cheney let that “Pearl Harbor” happen. By the way, Dick Cheney edited the first neocon manifesto in 1992. He’s one of the movement’s founding fathers.

Back in April of 2013 and later published in Predictions for 2013-2014 in July, my Oracle accurately forewarned you that neocons in Obama’s administration would try to false flag chemical attack in Syria. It was intended to be grounds for NATO bombers and missiles to rain down destruction on the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad, for a little regime change (Syria’s on that regime change list, by the way).

It so happens that Seymour Hersh, one of the last investigative reporters left in the US press, uncovered evidence proving that the chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians on 21 August 2013, in a Damascus suburb sympathetic to the rebellion, was faked by Syrian al-Qaeda elements in collusion with Turkish special forces agents! (More on this in later articles and in the New Cold War book).

Vladimir Putin saved hundreds of thousands of lives by successfully brokering a negotiated solution that has since seen Assad attempt to dismantle and hand over to the United Nations for destruction, his chemical weapons arsenal. Thanks to Putin, his diplomatic achievement also led to direct talks between Syria’s ally, Iran and the United States. The first time they’ve directly talked since 1979. There’s now a chance these talks could lead to a peaceful solution ending concerns that Iranian is using its civilian nuclear industry to build an atomic bomb.

Nothing could make a neoconservative in America or their close and kindred hegemonic allies, the Zionist Supremacists in Israel, angrier than giving peace a chance in the Middle East.

You want to really know why Putin is being vilified and Russia sanctioned economically come hell or high cold war dangers? The neocons are influencing their malleable and immature American president to see the world through the black-opaque, wired sunglasses of Pentagon generals and war profiteers who are searching for a new war market to supplant their failed Cold War on Terror. Putin is being punished for helping peace have a chance descending over Middle East oil fields neoconservatives believe must be controlled by US puppet governments and dictators of their choice, such as Saudi Arabian King Abdullah. His medieval Muslim state funds the Sunni side in a widening, regional religious civil war between Sunnis and Shias (the latter supported by Iran) that has consumed and destroyed Syria and will soon consume Iraq. The intent of Saudi “American” leaders is to place a new Saddam Hussein to suppress the Shias in Syria and Iraq and dictate over a new country, Greater Syria, as a satellite of Saudi Arabian strategic interests. You heard it foretold first here at Hogueprophecy.

None of these world leaders on the side of the US are seeing the future straight. Not the NeoCon men, not their wannabe man-child puppet, President Obama.

They think a cold war economic conflict with Russia for a few decades will undermine it like the Soviet Union. No, that’s not what prophecy says will happen. This time you Americans will lose. For one thing, the precipitous actions of Obama and his handlers are hastening the creation of an alternative reserve currency that will undermine oil transactions taking place using the US dollar. By mid decade, Russia and China will no longer do business in the US petrodollar. What your idiot of a president facilitating into a stark reality are sanctions against Russia that will only lead Russia into a closer alliance with China. Together they will answer cold-war sanctions by pulling all of their business transactions, especially crude oil and natural gas, out of US (petrol) dollar exchanges.

I’ve been warning my readers since 2007 about China using a money bomb. American imperialism will be put in its place by collapsing the US dollar’s value. You do this by using another competing reserve currency, based in part on gold, starting in 2015 or 2016.

The US president is a mediocrity at playing geopolitics. He is a man who grew up without a father at home. Obama will reach and fail to find his manhood by latching onto father figures in the guise of alpha-male macho neoconservative advisors who will lead him to these economic catastrophes.

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.

DATELINE 23 March 2014:

John Hogue on Coast to Coast AM
26 March 2014 at 10pm Pacific
Sounds a Prophetic Alarm!

Before the last Cold War ended, I began warning my readers about a “Second” Cold War. The second could very rapidly end in a full-scale nuclear war between Russia and America. These are two of several prophecies of Nostradamus, who alerted me over 450 years ago and for 27 years and counting, I have been trying to warn you in time about these dangers in TV and radio interviews and in books like Nostradamus and the Antichrist.


The four main candidates for Nostradamus’ Third and Final Antichrist. Click on the picture and read more.

The following extract is from my first published book. On page 146 of Nostradamus and the Millennium:


2 Q89
One day the great powers will become friends,
Their great power will be seen to increase.
The new land (America) will be at the height of its power.
To the man of blood (the anti-christ) the number is reported.

5 Q78
The two will not remain allied for long,
Within thirteen years they surrender to barbare and Iranian leaders.
There will be such a loss on both sides,
That one will bless Petrus Romanus (the end of millennium Pope.)

There are already indications that both the US and USSR see a future when alliance between their countries would be beneficial in the light of Middle Eastern disturbances. According to Nostradamus this may happen close to the end of this decade and the way matters are progressing, the new and seemingly intelligent leader of the Soviets, Mikhail Gorbachev, may lead the way to this alliance—something certainly that could not have been predicted by this generation of Communist haters in the United States, let along by a man over four centuries before. But the alliance does not last long.


I wrote that in 1986 when few could even imagine an end of the Cold War, which had dragged on since 1948, would come soon to an end. Four years later, the war officially ended in 1989. Gorbachev would bring the Soviet Union out of the arms race. Note the indexing of the prophecy, (Century) 2 (Quatrain) 89. In the “second” month of (19)89, Gorbachev pulled Soviet forces out of Afghanistan. Later that same year, in December, he and US president George H. W. Bush officially declared the Cold War over. The US “was” the sole superpower, then. America “was” at the height of its power! The man of blood is Gorbachev, who had a bloody birthmark on his forehead. The numbers reported are the nuclear missiles both the US and USSR began dismantling.

An attempt of friendship between America and the new Russian Federation that arose out of the ruin of the Soviet Union, but it has so far failed and a new Cold War is upon us, at the exact time that the final pope of St. Malachy’s prophecies, Petrus Romanus, is sitting in Rome, last of the line foreseen before Armageddon!

Click on the cover to read more.

Click on the cover to read more.

Barbare is a code name for either the Barbary Coast (either a direct allusion to modern Libya, or “Barbary pirates”, a 16th-century metaphor for Islamic terrorists Nostradamus used to describe future Islamist terrorists). Barbare can also be a double entendre, an anagram for the French d’Arabe (from the Arab). This might indicate the Syrian Civil war spreading sectarian violence across the Middle East. The Syrian conflict is drawing in Russia and America in a Sunni (Arab and Saudi Arabian) conflict with minority Shia Muslims who dominate Iran and the Syrian regime. Russia is allied to Syria and Iran. On the other side American leaders under the growing influence of neoconservative thinking—a philosophy that’s been trying to restart the Cold War for 20 years—uses its proxies, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Sunni Arab Gulf States to contain and destroy the Iranian regime and kick Russia out of the Middle East entirely. The Saudis would like to pipe their oil directly to Europe. Syrian-Iranian forces are in the way. This too was foreseen with surprising clarity by Nostradamus and the war is dated for 2015-2016! (Click on Nostradamus Iranian predictions.)

When the producers at Coast to Coast AM asked me to write a few sentences about what my interview was about, I noticed that what was posted at the page linked above was quite understandably cut down in size and toned down. I completely respect that. The alarm I am ringing is very scary and the harsh tocsin of my original sentences is more appropriately “rung” loud as the first entry of this article stream. This is what I originally wrote and what I will be speaking about with George Noory on Wednesday night:

Why is John Hogue back so soon? Because he’s sounding a rare prophecy alarm about Ukraine. The prophecies of Nostradamus, Stormberger, Edgar Cayce and many other great seers describe the current Ukraine crisis possibly launching a “second” Cold War, quickly becoming a thermonuclear war, that no one anticipated, happening perhaps as soon as three years and seven months from now!

Again, I want to thank the Coast to Coast AM staff for allowing me two hours to discourse on this extremely important and dangerous turn of destiny, that, if not awakening an alarmed awareness, could lead to the end of civilization in only a few year’s time.

You can read me expand on this subject and give links to the source prophecies by scrolling down to Hogue on Coast to Coast AM Sounds the Prophetic Alarm. Look for the “devilish” atomic bomb blast.


The picture you won’t see the US or EU media show. Ukrainian nationalists proudly displaying pictures of the “George Washington” of Ukrainian National Socialists, Stephan Bandera. This Ukrainian fascist leader fought side-by-side with SS forces of Adolf Hitler during World War II.

DATELINE 23 March 2014:

20 April 2014
And the Grand Cross Crisis Foreseen
Stage One in the Oncoming Partition of Ukraine

That sets the US and all of “us” on course towards a New Cold War with Russia

It just so happens that Resurrection Day in the Christian Religion, when Christ purportedly rolled a stone door aside and stepped over Roman sentries put “magically” asleep, falls on 20 April this year. And it just so happens that Easter falls on Adolf Hitler’s birthday! It just “will” happen too, that 20 April will bring us to the most intense zero point of the most dangerous and dark astrological super-square for this year, or many a year before and after it, that has or will be seen for a long time. Christ rises on Antichrist’s Hitler’s birthday when there will be an exact grand cross of Mars in Libra, Jupiter in Cancer, with Pluto in Capricorn.

Big-business-loving Pluto is hooked again in a near 90-degree upper-cut to the chin of chaos-loving Uranus as both planetary influences grapple once again with a notorious reprise of the square that has repeated itself since 2011. Once again watch leaderless mob revolutions like in the streets of the Middle East in “Arab Spring” turning into Arab untergang (downfall). See again people encamped like occupiers on Wall Street, and hundreds of thousands of unemployed Europeans protesting in mean streets across the European Union and this time all the way to the Ukraine. Witness once again a wave of leaderless revolts that play into being an irrisistable force that collides against the cops of the Plutonian Establishment that does not listen to their grievances because the plutocratic elites march to a beat of a different corporate puppet master: the CEOligarchy, the new face of Fascism.

I wrote the following visions about the Grand Cross of 2014 back on 16-19 November 2013:

NEW HOGUE BOOK! Planned for release (Nostradamus willing) this Wednesday!

NEW HOGUE BOOK! Planned for release (Nostradamus willing) in April! In the meantime check out my Amazon author’s page by clicking on this cover.

The temporal window of opportunity [in the early months of the year] is cracked open a little from January to April. Maybe then a bit of fresh air, a small draft of intelligent collaboration is possible. Governments and citizens can interact and nudge reforms forward with some collegial compromise. There can be some negotiated progress in global issues such as bank reform or solving the Palestinian, Iranian and Syrian crises, etc. Come April, leadership will dramatically shut down. The reason being that all four planets are tangled in a rare four-pointed square aspect in Cardinal Signs. When positively aspected, the planets in question would contribute their unique dimensions towards right leadership, decisive action, and the ability to recognize the real from the false and then progress to solutions of problems. Negatively aspected, as these planets will be in April, they lose perspective, fall into leaderless riot with each other with no solutions. Worse than this, decisiveness serves unconscious motivations in action. A time to make historic blunders will be upon the world during the upcoming Grand Cross in 2014. Perhaps decisions as bad as the historically stupid ones Hitler was famous for in 1941, such as invading the Soviet Union and even worse, declaring war on the US with no grounds to do so after the Japanese attack on the US Pacific naval base at Peal Harbor, Hawaii. A war with the Japanese could have kept the Americans out of the European theater and handed Hitler victory in his life-and-death struggle with the Soviets.

…My sense is the blunders embarked upon in late April 2014 could see Stupid reign as our cardinal sign because of precipitous decisions made by Israel considering a codependent, preemptive attack on Iran this year with Saudi Arabian help. The Syrian conflict will be pushed to a new intensity and spread its violence full-scale into Iraq, the latter already boiling with daily bombings and a resumption of the sectarian civil war there among its Sunni minority and Shia majority factions.

Then there’s the US Congress.

Need I say more?

Osho and child.

Osho and child.

…Though an individual born with a Grand Cross Square in their self-ruling cardinal natal planet positions might struggle heroically through a hard life of patient maturing and thus achieve through this built-in adversity a level of spiritual achievement and wisdom, that, dear readers, is a potential granted only to the individual. When such a cross expresses itself in the mass collective, it feeds mostly on the hysteria and myopia of “the public” under the guidance of their sheepdogs, the politicians, who in our times of 2014 are overseen by their corporate shepherd handlers.

We are not going to see this stranglehold loosened, or much effective pushback coming from the people against this new species of aristocratic tyrant, until well after 2014 and 2015. When the collective unconscious mind is set in motion, this “Misery-field” made by mass mind unconsciousness must run its course.

Only the individual can tap into a higher enlightened presence of superconsciousness. This “Buddhafield” can be accessed by any one of you reading this, with your personal lamp of awareness to light your way in your life’s journey through these darkening times. With that lamp you can best soldier on in the outside world as it once again falls into its cycles of fascism and runs amok, spending its bile before the masses accidentally find an equilibrium, perhaps after 2026, with the aid of positive Pluto-Uranus trines (harmonious aspects) kicking in 12 years after 2014.

Predictions for 2014, Chapter One:
The Grand Cross, and other Signs in the Skies of 2014
(Subsection: At Grand Cross Purposes)

The articles below, following this and my commentary on Malaysian Flight 370, will explain the Ukraine situation unmarred by the remarkably stupid spin one hears and sees from the Western media. I contend that the talking heads on your boob tube are once again acting like an echo chamber for special interests and their corporate bosses in the same way you saw them ape in lock step with the US Bush regime’s rush into invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003. You were caught on a fish hook strung out by FOX, CNN and the US Networks baited with blatant government propaganda and outright lies about Saddam Hussein being an imminent threat to America because he stockpiled vast dumps of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and even had something to do with 9/11 attacks too.

Jesus H(ussein) Christ! How blindly faithful to presumed authority is the idiot mind in us!

If you believed in that network hogwash as grounds to commit a war crime and wage aggressive war on Iraq, invading and occupy that country on false pretenses, breaking international law, why not try sampling Hitler’s cock-and-bull story about Polish soldiers attacking a German radio station as grounds for invading Poland and starting the Second World War.

Heck, if you let special interests play the press and never question what they spoon feed you again, the next Neo-con of a BS story just might get you killed by a “Third” World War you never saw coming.

The current neocon-promoted brinksmanship with Russia over the Ukraine isn’t going to lead to another G.W. Bush misadventure in Afghanistan or Iraq. Nor does it reprise Barack Obama leading from his behind the US and NATO into a regime change in Libya. The Ukraine and Crimean crisis could cause a military incident with Russia any time from now through Hitler’s birthday on the Grand Cross that could be as significant as the Cuban-Missile Crisis.

If the US, EU and Russia survive grandly-crossed “Stupid” in late April, we come out of it the following month in a brand new Cold War with a subsequent global economic downturn as the new standoff rips apart our interconnected and highly vulnerable, global economic system.

Fascism thrives in dark economic downturns.

Watch then the EU parliamentary elections in late May pick a new parliament with upwards of 20 percent of the seats held by national socialists and fascist parties as scary or even scarier than the same percentage of thugs in the Ukrainian Parliament who violently overthrew the legitimate government and are now currently sitting in power in Kiev, after expediting their Hitler-style Putsch with EU and US blessings and support earlier this year. Your Western governments have aided and abetted the skinheads of Svoboda (aka the National Socialist Ukrainian Party), Right Sektor and other neo-Nazi sympathetic parties that wish to cleanse Ukraine of Russians and Jews!

Sound familiar, Babi Yar?


This Nazi runic symbol of Ukrainian fascists who actively worked alongside the German SS and Gestapo, many of which serviced the gas chambers in death camps across Hitler’s Reich, happens to be the sign of modern Ukrainian fascists your neo-conned US president and government helped put in power again in Kiev.

You might as well let the fascist-saluting Golden Dawn set up a dictatorship, not in little Greece, but in a nation the size and with the population of France, nestled like a thorn right up against Russia, a country that saw millions of Russian Jews included in the 18 million Russian civilians exterminated by Fascist invaders during Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union. Many of these innocent civilians were killed by the Ukrainian Nazis that Svoboda and Right Sektor admire as their heroic founding father figures!

The atrocities of Babi Yar were the subject of Soviet composer Dimitri Shostakovich's 13th Symphony.

The atrocities of Babi Yar were the subject of Soviet composer Dimitri Shostakovich’s 13th Symphony.

Is it any wonder that tens of millions of Russians in the Crimea and the eastern provinces of Ukraine do not support this fascist putsch in Kiev?

Are you surprised that Russian Army forces stand at the ready to enter Ukraine from the eastern frontiers when the US and NATO play regime change like this was Baghdad and Tripoli all over again? Your president Obama and the prime ministers and presidents of Western Europe seem to have overlooked the thousands of nuclear weapons of mass destruction THAT DO EXIST AND CAN BE LAUNCHED MOMENTARILY if reason doesn’t soon return to the minds and mindsets of EU leaders, a US president an neocons who put this terrible thing into motion?

NEW eBOOK BY JOHN HOGUE: click on the cover.

NEW eBOOK BY JOHN HOGUE: click on the cover.

DATELINE 15 March 2014:

The Crimean Referendum:
Stage One in the Oncoming Partition of Ukraine

It takes no prophet to predict that the referendum held tomorrow will lead to a majority of ethnic Russians living there, voting for secession from the Ukraine after a staunchly anti-Russia, neo-Fascist even, new Ukrainian nationalist government took over Kiev when carried by violence, and their own snipers firing on rioters and police alike, created a false cause to seize power.

Claims by opposing gangs of journalists, either side of which are guilty of serving the special interests of Western or Russian propaganda, make the situation on the ground murkier. There are nebulous reports of Russian troops advancing out of their bases around Sevastopol, stripped of their Velcro insignia, pretending to be Crimean “militia” setting up battle lines on the narrow isthmus that connects the peninsula with the rest of the Ukraine. Ukrainian forces have also dug in. They stare nose to nose with the Russians, apparently disputing who controls a gas station north of the Crimean territory in Ukraine proper in an absurdity looking for a military crisis to happen. Ukrainians late last week put on a show of military maneuvers for the press—a defiant stance in response to the footage from RT and other news agencies financed by Russia—displaying thousands of ethnic Russians in Crimea and the southeastern Ukrainian provinces clearly gearing up for their own referendums. These large-scale demonstrations are largely ignored by the Western press, like the skin-head snipers sympathetic to the West shooting down people in the streets of Kiev who belong to the thugs making up the new government. The Western media avoid explaining footage of thousands of ethnic Russians in Ukraine demanding Russia protect them with their army from Western Ukrainians and their new fascist henchmen.

Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Putin.

Western Ukrainians plead for Western assistance against “Czar” Putin of Russia, amassing 200,000 soldiers and hundreds of tanks along the Eastern Ukrainian frontiers and in Crimea, poised for any pretext to invade.

Journalists in the pay of either side spin their stories while the reality in an information muddle, can soon spin out of control. It reminds me of my worst concerns for 2014, that this year might be a reply, an echo from 100-years ago, to the mindless and information-muddled times of 1914 when opposing sides in Europe each waved a shard of the truth at the other. Lots of shards of truth are dangerous. Each side grasps it hard and cuts themselves because their lies have broken the whole picture reflected in the mirror of truth, metaphorically speaking. All the parts are like broken pieces of glass. The Europeans in 1914 went to world war then, making the Ukraine one of the major battlefields of World War One, just as events in Ukraine might descend into civil war, and perhaps give rise to a new Cold War, perhaps even a Third World War in our near future. This danger, I predict will run especially high between now and the end of April 2014 when the fascist regime in Kiev will try to take control of the Eastern Ukrainians. Social unrest will spread east and the ethnic Russians in the Eastern Ukraine will ask for protection from the Russian Army.

I’m not so certain we are launching World War Three this year on the 100th anniversary of starting World War One, be we could very soon find ourselves in a new cold war later this spring.

What is more in the forefront this year was forecast at the end of the introduction to Predictions for 2014. I wrote about the fall of kings and queens of corporate aristocracy and their empires of greed as just the surface of something more profound, about to shake all of our pretenses down:

In a deeper and more breathtaking whirlwind of change beginning this New Year, the “monarchies and imperiums of habitual mindsets” that have sustained their current 5,000-year “rule” over the known duration of human civilization could be heading from 2014 through 2018 towards an age-changing whirlwind of history where TWENTY 20th centuries are lived in [the 21st century] !

We will echo 1914 through 1918 with the upheaval of systems of governing, banking and economic supersystems will collapse as we’ve known them. Click on 1914 and read my book that examines all the possibilities. Also stay tuned for my two-hour interview with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM on 26 March starting at 11 pm Pacific Time.

DATELINE 15 March 2014:

Ghost Jet Gone:
Air Malaysia Flight 370

Although developments in Ukraine seed a bitter fruit of far more pressing global crises harvested in our near future, one cannot ignore the strangest air flight disaster-cum-bat-shit mystery developing over the missing Malaysian Airlines Boeing triple-seven jet. It took off from Kuala Lumpur a week ago on its regular international run to Beijing. Not long after takeoff once at cruising altitude someone on the jet (or something) caused radar and computer tracking systems to one-by-one shut down. In short, the jet with 239 souls aboard simply disappeared!

Subsequently, Internet became as rife with speculation and wild theories as the Malay government was suppressively getting more mum to divulge information about what had happened. Slowly more information was offered that made the story even stranger, indicating that the jet had not plunged into the ocean but that someone or something had decisively turned off electronics that would have aided knowing where the jet was, and, that it kept on flying—for hours.

Which brings me to Michael’s question. He speaks for many of you Hogueprophecy Readers seeking my intuitive feedback. He filed this query on Thursday or Friday of this week.

Hi John, Long time fan here. I know I am probably not the only person to be asking you this because it really is a huge mystery, but what are your thoughts on the missing Malaysian airlines? Almost a week and nothing, or so we are being told. Something doesn’t seem right and I think as more time goes on people in general are starting to get suspicious. If you have the time, it would be great to hear your thoughts or maybe throw up a quick piece on your blog if you can. I personally think that there is a lot we are not being told and something bigger is going on, regardless if the plane crashed or not. Thanks and take care

For now, I’ll tell you this for the prophetic record. I sensed before it became publicly known that Flight 370 had passed over land and jungles. I saw it had crashed in jungles. I didn’t think much about it after last weekend. I might be just imagining it, because all the objective evidence at that time pointed to the plane crashing over the South China Sea.

But then the Malaysian government confirmed leaks on Internet that Flight 370 “had” made a dramatic left turn west from its planned northern passage to Beijing. It had actually flown over the Malay Peninsula under cover of darkness. That renewed my interest as it meant it “had” flown over the jungles and coastlines of Malaysia.

It made me take my remote viewing a little more seriously. However, I had a problem with my view because although there’s a lot of jungle on the Malay Peninsula it is heavily populated. One might think someone by now would have reported a crash.

Then I hear today, a week after the disappearance, that sketchy satellite and other radar detecting might have caught glimpses of that the Boeing 777 jet full of people flying for many many hours before all fragmentary data of its existence ended. It may have crossed Malaysia, made a right turn north over the Malacca Strait and flew north-northwest over the Andaman and Nicobar Islands towards India. Or… It passed over the densely populated Sumatran coastline of Bandar Aceh state, passing over the densely jungle shrouded and inhospitable spine of Sumatran mountains and volcanoes where few humans live to see it fly, at night, over on a southwesterly course above the Indian Ocean—next stop: Antarctica, or we drop on fuel fumes into the waves.

At the moment, I still hold a picture in my inner eye of a crash site under jungle canopy in a remote area. I thought it might be the Malay Peninsula but perhaps it is up in the Sumatran mountains where a jet with all of its mechanisms to cry for help, shut off, might have crashed at night, the wreckage perhaps not burning or burning only for the remainder of the night, unnoticed by human beings.

I will update this article when more information can be confirmed.

(UPDATE, 4 April 2014) Many have asked in the past 14 days since I posted the above article to provide updates on the search for Malaysian Flight 370. The requests for such increased exponentially when debris was found floating in the southern Indian Ocean. Yet I remained silent. Just so you know, even my silence is a “message”. In this case, it means, “There’s nothing to confirm.” I had told some of my readers in correspondences that I didn’t think the debris field had anything to do with the crashed airliner. It most likely is floating refuse from the Bandar Aceh tsunami, still floating at sea since December of 2004. The oceans are filled with human garbage as well: an estimated 200 million tons of it, with 15 million tons added every year and swelling. So, with this said, don’t think there’s much chance the airliner will be found this way. And, I still hold the potential fate of the plane had it crash under jungle cover in Sumatra—strange as that may sound. Many of you agree with that. However, whether we agree or agree to disagree, the clear judge of all intuition and prophecy is objective events in the judge of time.

DATELINE 15 March 2014:

Hogue on Coast to Coast AM
Sounds a Prophetic Alarm:
The Sleeper Nuclear War
May soon awaken

The following article was a very rare instance in 30 years of communicating to readers. I set an alarm bell ringing about a course of near future history changing suddenly for the worst. I rang it on 08 March 2014, early enough, or so I hope, that your spreading awareness of this potential danger can be converted to political action preventing a firestorm of thermonuclear war. This message was first sent to those on my free HogueBulletin Newsletter list.


Click on this cover below. See the expanded “Stormberger” edition of this book. Know his vision. Know that the Ukraine crisis might make it a reality you must prevent for the sake of your future existence and the existence of your human race. I’ll be talking about that now questionable future for two hours on 26 March on Coast to Coast AM. I rarely write with an alarming tone about tomorrow–only when future history’s alarm is about to ring!

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.

Friends, did I not say that these times, overshadowed by Uranus squared Pluto, would bring us more than one incident when the world as we knew it could change overnight? Left in the afterglow of the Winter Olympics and its global celebration of humanity was another light blazing in Kiev, Ukraine, of barricades made of burning tires. Then, almost overnight, while we slept, an old demon was conjured, the demon that once possessed the world. It was a devil of a possibility that held sway from 1948 until 1991, when one never knew for sure, when going to bed, whether there would be a world to wake up to.

I see another afterglow. A nuclear fire renewed by Ukrainian fascists used as pawns by a remarkably immature and cavalier stupidity that Western leaders never since the Cold War displayed. Nostradamus, Stormberger and I see a fire in the future, the lurid light of 20,000 cities rendered into ash by man-made “suns” lobbed by missiles in a mere 30 minutes. There will be no natural sunrise to follow that one terrible night when the demon of nuclear war took half the world while they slept, because a shroud of Nuclear Winter was pulled over the corpse of our civilization, that never saw this coming or never dreamed it would happen.

There are forces, this time mostly in the West that for greed and profit would like to set free the Demon called “Cold War” once again! These infernal corporations of the war business, their puppet politicians and their media hacks fantasize that propagating the Russian Federation as some new Soviet Union to be contained will bring decades of profits and like the financially flush times of the last Cold War market, never lead to a nuclear war.

I have been in possession of prophecies from the finest seers, such as Nostradamus, such as Stormberger and many others, who have consistently warned that the Third World War wouldn’t happen in the first Cold War with Russia but in a “Second” Cold War.

Democrat and Republican leaders alike have become converts to the Neconservative, US hegemonic philosophy that could bring this about. These agents of corporate fascism overtaking the Western World choose your leaders now. They have propped up Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, as big business’s choices. You are expected to choose one of them when you go through the motions of voting for US president in 2016. Both of these puppets have completely converted to the Neo-“Con” job. Either way, your next US president will be a channel for war market mongers!

Barack Obama, ever weak and malleable to the touch of NeoCons, nearly succeeded in dragging the United States into a full-scale war in Syria last year. Instead, Russia had a big part in presenting a diplomatic solution that brought warring parties to Geneva for peace talks and also opened peace negotiations between the US and Iran.

Bad for war business is that! Forces in the war business went on the offensive in early 2014. When Secretary of Defense Chuck Hegel announced the downsizing of US military forces, did you notice how quickly talk in the misinformation media networks flew to bring the Cold War back?

Lord of the Underworld knows, that the NeoCons tried and failed since 2001 to make a “War on Terror” a new Cold War to keep US hegemony and military industrial complexes well greased with trillions of public dollars for decades. Heck, just a few days after the 9.11 attacks on 11 Sept. 2001, the last presidential puppet, G.W. Bush, predicted the war would last over 30 years. He’s no prophet, folks. How did he know?

It is no coincidence that Hegel’s plans were stifled by a sudden “new” threat of a Cold War when Western and US-backed neo-fascists violently overthrew the Ukrainian government. Western war oligarchs financed, encouraged and armed “freedom fighters”, many of them apparently the snipers shooting at anyone–police or demonstrators–that moved below in the Maidan Square. You won’t hear or see “that” footage of the gunmen on CNN, Fox and the other US “lame-stream” television news organs. Nor will you see Washington’s “new friends” in Ukraine fascist saluting, fomenting their Jew hatred, invoking in their speeches and posters former leaders of the Ukrainian SS, while enforcing a new rule to make Russian an illegal language, effectively dividing their nation and ensuring a civil war is unavoidable.

Haven’t you all seen this media hysteria before, in the ramp up to a US invasion of Iraq to find weapons of mass destruction that didn’t exist? Were you not seeing a push for war in August and September of last year in Syria with a lot of hyperbole but no evidence that Syrian Army soldiers unleashed a chemical weapons attack, that, like Iraqi Weapons of mass destruction, was used as the klaxon “carrion” cry for US voters to sanction, and US soldiers to blindly charge, into the Syrian Civil War?

Now you’re being NEO-CONNED into believing, aiding and abetting the resumption of a cold war with Russia: A cold war of the West’s making.

I hoped to have never lived to see me write that, but prophecy had long forewarned such a future was possible where “we” of the West serve the next great lie and possibly commit the next great evil.

Don’t let this happen or else this time there “will” be weapons of mass destruction: a nuclear exchange!

Forgive my frightening message today. I do not regularly write in such a way. But this “IS” serious.

Senator McCain shoulder to shoulder with leaders of the new Ukrainian fascist regime.

Senator McCain shoulder to shoulder with leaders of the new Ukrainian fascist regime.

Moreover, I don’t usually call up the Coast to Coast producers to ask to do another full-scale show, what with my last appearance happening just back on 5 February for the launch of Predictions for 2014. The Ukrainian situation makes it very necessary. And the folks at Coast agree. I’m grateful, as much as I am sorry that the future’s potentials begin to incline towards one of the worst potential future’s we could bring into being if we do not awaken to the danger in time.

Members of Svoboda, a Ukrainian euphemism. Their former name was the "National Socialist" Ukranian Party. Hitler's party was also called "National Socialist", meaning, a nationalist political system based on race identity.

Members of Svoboda, a Ukrainian euphemism. Their former name was the “National Socialist” Ukrainian Party. Hitler’s party was also called “National Socialist”, meaning, a nationalist political system based on race identity.

The prophetic trends tell me that we are about to see a new cold war begin, perhaps when the Uranus-Pluto square magnifies the malefic influences of an astrological grand cross on 20 April (both Easter “and” Hitler’s birthday happen on 20 April in 2014).

Will Easter Sunday be the resurrection of the Cold War and the Antichrist Unconsciousness it requires from each of us to make it happen?

If this new cold war begins, and if the end of April is the time we begin counting its renewed existence, Nostradamus predicted long ago that America and Russia (who are named by their eagle national totems!) would go to war in either a fast track of 3 years and 7 months or a slower buildup of 13-years’ length.

Given the quality of Western leaders pushing a cold war on us, the fast track timeline is far more likely to make Stormberger’s Third World War prediction a reality we must all try to prevent. He said that with open eyes we would all walk into that great catastrophe, never imagining that the terrors of the Cold War were ahead of us rather than long behind us and conveniently forgotten!

So, I need to get the message out and Coast will allow me two hours on 26 March 2014 to talk in detail about these prophecies of a new cold war. Tune into Coast from 11pm on 26 March until midnight.

I will also be taping some shows next week for Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland Radio show. I will inform you when I know exactly when those shows will begin their continuous feed on his website.

If you wish to read more about my take on the Ukraine situation please read the stream of articles about new civil wars brewing in Ukraine and Venezuela currently posted at

I have already published Nostradamus’ prophecies about a future war between Russia and America. You can read them right now, in full. Go to the Epilogue of Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named: MABUS.

Stormberger’s prophecies on the same matter were published recently in a chapter added in my expanded version of my prophecies for 2014, which also includes my predictions about the oncoming Ukrainian Civil War written last year. Click on Stormberger to find out how you can get a copy and help Hogueprophecy continue to notify you of potentially dark and civilization-ending futures that you are empowered to prevent if you are prophetically informed. Your financial support keeps you informed and empowered to change the future from darkness into something golden.


Despite the scary potentials I’ve just written about, we have it in our power to end all potential apocalyptic end times. That’s the topic of this new book:

Nostradamus: The End of End Times

NEW eBOOK BY JOHN HOGUE: click on the cover.

NEW eBOOK BY JOHN HOGUE: click on the cover.

Also Available on:

DATELINE 15 March 2014:

The Three-Year Anniversary
Of the Syrian Civil War
Nostradamus’ Syrian Prophecy

Saturday is the three-year anniversary of a very uncivil self-destruction of Syria that Nostradamus foresaw over 450 years ago, if this prophecy was intended for it.

1 Q87

Ennosigee (Neptune) feu du centre de terre.
Fera trembler au tour de cité neufue:
Deux grands rochiers long t˜eps ferõt la guerre,
Puis Arethusa rougira nouueau fleuue.

Earth shaking fire of Neptune from the center of the Earth.
Will cause the towers around the New City to shake:
Two great rocks for a long time will make war,
And then Arethusa shall color a new river red.

Line 1: Nostradamus loved to use classical metaphors. Neptune in Roman mythology is not only the God of Oceans but also God of Earthquakes, the latter need not be solely literal, but earthshaking political structures, like in Syria, with a civil war that is effectively and inexorably going to devour that Arab nation. The consequences of such could link to the “earthshaking” fire of a thermal nuclear war Nostradamus foresaw taking place well “after” the end of the Cold War, when in other prophecies, Russia and America are depicted attempting a friendship that is undermined by what the prophet cryptically calls a “barbare” source. “Barbare” can mean “Barbary” as in modern Libya (site of Obama and NATO forcing regime change on Muhammar Qaddafi, a former Russian ally); or, it’s an anagram in French for “d’Arabe” (from the Arabs).

Syria is the Arab epicenter of a widening religious civil war between the Sunni Muslim majority and Shia Muslim minorities in the Arab world. Syria, ruled by a Shia dictatorship, is the last Arab ally Russia has in the Middle East. Shia-dominated Iran is the Syrian regime’s ally and friendly to Russia and China.

The Ukraine crisis is a move by Western Neoconservative powers in Washington to restart a cold war with Russia over the Crimea and Ukraine so that peace efforts held in Geneva to end the Syrian civil war and negotiations between the US and Iran to resolve Iran’s nuclear profliferation issues, will be derailed. The cold war planned is a new multi-generational attempt to expand markets and make huge profits in the big war business, (the Military Industrial Complex) by containing Russia in a new cold war.

Unfortunately for Daddy Warbucks businessmen and the world, Nostradamus and other seers warn that if there’s a second cold war it will backfire with nuclear fire. It will wipe out Russia and America in a nuclear war that threatens the survival of human civilization. The subject of these prophecies will be quoted in detail on Coast to Coast AM during my 26 March interview.

Line 2: The second line steps back a dozen years in time to further infer the core danger growing and spreading out of Syria, which is a rise, or better, a resurrection of Islamo-Fascism. The Sunni forces dominating the Free Syrian Army fighting with the Shia al-Assad regime are al-Qaeda sympathetic jihadists. Al-Qaeda made the towers of the “New City” of New York “shake” when they hijacked passenger jets and launched them like spears into the two World Trade Center towers, starting the war of the Third Antichrist—an important theme in Nostradamus’ dire future visions. This Antichrist, code named Mabus, may actually be either an Arab Terrorist “or” a US president.

Line 3: The “two rocks” are a seismic strain of the West vs. Islam, and/or a return of the strain of East-West resumption of a new cold war between the US and European powers against Russia and China. The train of thought of this poetic prophecy leans towards Neptune’s earthshaking being a superquake of unexpected world war over Syria and here’s how I evolved that idea interpreting Line 4 since 2007:

There is a Syrian connection to the classical town named after the goddess Arethusa. She is not only the goddess of volcanoes (earth-shaking fire) but possibly used to name modern day Ar Rastan. It was once an Ancient Roman settlement along the Orontes (Asi) River just inland from the Syrian Mediterranean coast, between Himms [Homs] and Hamah. The Asi River running red with blood is one of Nostradamus’ stark stabs at poetry about a future battleground along northern Syrian approaches to Lebanon and the Bekaa Valley—one of the principle routes Syria uses to supply Hezbullah. This could be Nostradamus’ description of Israeli air and missile attacks on the road to Lebanon, or ports along the nearby coastline where Syria has its only access to the sea.

[Metaphors of earthquakes and Arethusa] could foretell the seismic quake of Israeli tactical nuclear weapons drilling deep into Iranian underground nuclear installations at Arak, Natanz and Esfahan [Iran]. Nostradamus either gives an allusion to a new terrorist attack on New York as consequence to a war with Iran, or it is foreseen here accidentally or purposefully out of time sequence—the new city is New York. It shakes with the attack on 11 September 2001. In other prophecies (6 Q97 and 10 Q49) Nostradamus describes the latitude of New York, and the collapse of what he calls great “hollow mountains” that are “plunged into the boiling cauldron” of their own fiery debris. The acts therefore are reversed in his mind. The towers shook and then the earthshaking of Iran as consequence. The two rocks, figuratively speaking are Syria and Israel. If it is about Iran then expect their Syrian ally pulled into the fight. This war will be far worse than all others Syrians fought with Israel.

Nostradamus: The War with Iran
(First edition, May 2007)

In the newest eBook edition, published in October 2013, I evolved the interpretation further:

Click on the cover to read more.

Click on the cover to read more.



If for some reason you cannot leave your comments in the comments box below, just send them to me via the Contact email button. If they are interesting and clearly written, I will post them with my inserted comments. I will even post some of you rare souls disposing promising content with all the dirty literary laundry “spots” of functional illiteracy displayed. So please reread your stuff, use spell check and punctuate. You are being read by the whole world; so don’t look dumb in print. Those who do the best they can will be rewarded with it being published here.

John Hogue, February 2012. Photo: Linda Schwarz (

John Hogue, February 2012. Photo: Linda Schwarz (


First, someone defending Ukrainians siding with Hitler, but in my observation, making “everybody does it and necessary evil” arguments does not explain the latent racism underpinning these moves.

Hey John, Been listening to you for years. Unfortunately, I have not been convinced or impressed with the prediction accuracy but you are still very enjoyable to listen to and very well read. I wanted to point out to you that this Fascist streak you assume running through the current leaders of the Ukraine is not necessarily true…but if it were it would be historically justified. What you did NOT mention as to why the Ukrainians joined Hitler to fight Stalin was the fact that for the last 10+ years Stalin was conducting his own Genocide against them. Ever hear of the Stalin purges? Over 7 million of them died and I don’t blame them for having just a tad of historical animosity toward the Russians. The areas currently taken over by the Russians were lands that the purges were concentrated…ever hear of “Lebensraum”? Well the Russians had their own version. And remember also the Russians were very close and cooperated with the NAZIS right up to Operation Barbarossa. Look at your history regarding the concerns Churchill and FDR spoke of in reference to the close relationship Germany and the Soviet Union had… and the close cooperation they had militarily. So please try to be fair when you point fingers or conveniently combine the terms “Neo-Conservatives” and Fascists. You made no bones about who or what political leanings you have in previous shows. Please be fair. Conservatives do NOT equal Fascists. Anyway, I do look forward to your next appearances on the show even though I do not agree or see any bottom-lining when you convey your opinions or refer to prophetic literature. In other words you are too vague and not concise when you speak. Take care. Kris

Kris, one crime never justifies another. If that were true then Hitler was right to prepare for a second world war because the Versailles treaty brought Germany down so low and unfairly blamed it for the first world war, which was the stupid fault of all combatants.

I can’t excuse Stalin’s purges that killed five million Ukrainians.

You can’t excuse Ukrainians fighting with the SS and staffing the Death Camps or helping the Germans roust out all the Ukrainian Jews and send them down the Babi Yar! Gosh, weren’t these also “Ukrainians” too? Do Jews, shot in the gully of Babi Yar by the thousands, count?

How do you explain the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians who joined the SS units and shared in the atrocities that killed upwards of 18 million civilians, mostly Russians, though there was a good amount of Ukrainian-on-Ukrainian massacres too?

No, to my ears, you are arguing the “Old Humanity” argument. That humanity you argue for is trying to commit suicide. I cannot tolerate their passion of antilife.

I seek to understand the aspirations of a new humanity that loves life.

The old humanity’s habit of circular thinking, tit-for-tat, is part of the Antichrist Unconsciousness in us. We keep throwing atrocity around and around in a cycle of violence. This simply can no longer stand if humanity is to grow up, or otherwise it will go down to ruin.

Moreover, in your own words is an unconscious assumption that “all” Ukrainians sided with Hitler because of the Stalinist purges. Tell that to the people of Kharkov and the Donetsk Basin. Tell that to the Crimeans. Tell that to Russian provinces that found themselves amalgamated by Soviet dictatorship to Ukraine, when they never actually belonged to the Ukraine.

Kris, are you Western Ukrainian? Or, is your letter below simply academic thinking on this matter?

The other thing, about being fair about my relatively brief appearance on Coast to Coast AM on 26 March 2014. Do you think a 90 minutes I had the time to cover the entire history of the situation?

Do you rely solely on a few minutes of radio to judge the guest’s points of view?

Did you not study my websites hundreds of articles, or read any of my 25 books?

There you will find many of these details covered.


Here’s a fellow who doesn’t use a spell check or capitals unless the Bible tells him so. I’ll try to clean him up without compromising his question:

you frequently reference Nostradamus… why? His activities (and yours) are condemned throughout the Bible… Duet(eronomy) 18:10-12 (see below) and a word about the antichrist…. the antichrist is not a person standing against Christ, but rather, one who claims to be in the stead of Christ. There’s only one human agency on this planet making that claim, and its NOT president Obama, from the book of Deuteronomy. Chapter 18:10-12 “There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch. 11 Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. 12 For all that do these things are an abomination unto the Lord: ” have you not seen this before??

God hates fags too. I know, and women are responsible for spreading original sin. Yes sir! The bible told me so! (LOL…)

Such an angry and judgmental God you believe in, Max. Seems like God is as ugly as the human mind. Must be the human mind projecting itself as God in your dogma. Belief is a kind word for “ignorance”.

Your old testament is Old Humanity-think. And you folks in the dying old humanity’s God-Cult-Mind do wave Deuteronomy around all the time, not mindful that it is “Propheganda”—a propaganda to persuade people to believe and not know the future. You make the future a slave of religious politics.

Every religion thinks the other’s prophets are false and sorcerers, etc. The Hebrews had this conceit like other over-zealous and self-righteous religions. Yet I have studied the prophecies of ALL the world’s traditions and they all have their share of accuracy, as they all share their conceits against other prophets who do not drink “their” Deuteronomy Kook-Aid.


(From the Saint Joan of Arc Center, Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Dear Mr. Hogue: I always enjoy listening to you when ever you are a guest on COAST TO COAST as I found what you have to say VERY interesting. I was very interested when you spoke so favorably about St. Joan of Arc as she has been my good friend, since I was 7 years old, (I am now 65) I must say that my joy was quickly turned to horror when you went on to said that the 1999 French ‘THE MESSENGER’ was an ACCURATE depiction of St. Joan and her life! This of course is NOT the case. The late GREAT French historian, Regine Pernoud (an expert on the life and times of Saint Joan of Arc) and her academic associate Marie Veronique Clin told me that they both left the theater IN TEARS at just how horribly Saint Joan and her story was so distorted by the film maker who turned her into a raving lunatic! I am sure that you realize that the people of Joan’s time were as ‘worldly wise’ as we are now and so they would easily recognize signs of insanity had the REAL St. Joan be as mentally ill as this vile film made her out to be! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ this message. Sincerely, Virginia Frohick of the SAINT JOAN OF ARC CENTER, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Hi Virginia, thanks for your critique. Scholars are often dead from the neck down. They live in their books and in their dogmas. What I said about The Messenger comes from the source of prophecy. I do not think Milla Yovovich’s portrayal was off at all. It was the most honest I’ve seen so far. And the French scholars need to look with new eyes at this, and stop projecting their conditioned ideas of Joan of Arc as some sweet religious icon framed on a church wall: flat, two-dimensional.

If they had any sense of what it is to have the prophetic fire inside their hearts, these scholars would have understood what I understand about Joan of Arc. Prophecy is like fire and the prophet treads a fine line between sanity and psychosis. Yovovich and the director Luc Besson “at last” depicted this razor’s edge of the medium’s mind.

It is interesting to me how you have blocked out so many great moments from the movie that show her truly as a saint on fire with the divine message, just because there are a few moments of screaming and rage from your iconic saint that iconoclastically went against the politically and religiously gain of your expectations. AT LAST, she displayed sometimes what is uncomfortable for people like you to conceive of: you who are far outside and removed from one who inside has a presence of that holy fire.

She was as rabid at times as John the Baptist.

She was like Jeremiah, naked and aflame with God.

This movie was honest enough to show you the brutality and ugliness of war that Joan was thrust into by her “message”, and, saint or not, she had to deal with battle psychosis just like the men who fought alongside her, who got maimed or terribly killed in the close-quarter hell of medieval combat. This movie showed that gory reality to you, and you shrunk away. It showed her humanity, her doubt and ultimately her innocent courage.

My God! Who else but a prophet would have spurred her horse, jumped that trench and landed right in the midst of the English fort to cut the rope line to the drawbridge?

My inner understanding says that this movie brought Joan of Arc off people’s “good little girl” pedestal projections of her. This movie made her a real human being, with human frailties, yet despite her doubts, she was indeed a prophet ablaze, a warrior, and a leader of men in battle too. Moreover, ultimately, she was a courageous martyr.

Thank you for your comment even though it had to be consumed now by my words of fire!


Now we have John T who believes in an organized and disciplined master plan of the One Percent Elite. This conspiracy theory is quite popular. Our minds like simple solutions for problems that are more complex and true conspiracies. Yet the same mind, when faced with a simple solution to the core conspiracy of the underlying unconsciousness that undermines all human life, will reject a simple solution: Meditation. Now to a perfect and perfectly false plan, a final solution, we go…

You suggest that ww3 will be a slug fest with nukes. You obviously are a scholar of Nostradamus but I am looking at it from a world controlled by a psychopathic, but not suicidal elite. It seems to me that Audrey Tomason and her Apocalypse Equation seems to be a more rational choice for them than an out and out Armageddon. That would involve a choreographed war where selected cities in various countries would be targeted to bring about a mass genocide but leave the elite in safe enclaves to emerge and rebuild a neo feudal society where they would have power over all humanity and the planet’s resources. These psychopaths have a survival instinct like the rest of us. They have money but only lack total control over humanity. They are not accustomed to self-sacrifice, as they own most of the planet’s wealth and can enjoy a materialistic lifestyle we can only dream about. Either they will have a war using neutron weapons, which leaves infrastructure in place, and intense but short-lived radiation or they will live off planet with advanced technology that they likely possess. I am convinced that there is an alien presence living among us. President Truman admitted that extra terrestrials exist. Reagan alluded to it. UFO’s has a higher security clearance than the H bomb. Why all the secrecy and denial. I am inclined to believe that alien civilizations have treaties with the US govt and probably others. Many abductees have discussed seeing human alien clones. Certainly with the technologies they possess they can manipulate humanity. I suspect that there is a collusion to drastically reduce our population and perhaps to replace it with version 2.0 of humanity. As for a “free for all”, that will destroy our civilization and all life; I doubt it. I suspect that aliens are using the elites to promote their own agenda, which will as you explained, include a nuclear exchange.

John, thanks for the comments, but please, listen to what I said with more depth. Your rationalizations and the calculations of the elite presume that they can control the terrible evil they will unleash. The seers do not support your best-case scenario of what elites plan for us in a second Cold War and “controlled and managed” Thermonuclear war. No one wants to blow up the world, but once set in motion, these Cold Wars can, by accident or miscalculation, become very suddenly HOT. The prophecies indicate that “with open eyes”—that means with rational best intentions—the perpetrators can miscalculate and trigger a war that will kill two-thirds of the human race, elites included.

And even if this conspiracy theory of elites trying to depopulate the world is true, how can you call this conspiracy theory “rational”? It is insane. It presumes unanimity of elites that reality does not support. You are speaking about rational moves from a mind-space of being irrationally inspired by conspiracy theories, John. Can you not see how easily such a plan can fly go terribly off the train tracks once you unleash even a selective nuclear war?

In your thinking, in your statement, is the seed of the open-eyed humanity Stormberger is talking about, who enter these great catastrophes with their eyes wide “shut” while musing on your conspiracy theories.

Wake up!


Irene believes Crimea was always a part of Ukraine. This is historically not true. The dogma of nationalism always rewrites history to comfort the nationalist. I find it also interesting that she capitalizes all the other people mentioned, but not the “jews”. It alludes to how deep and unconscious is our latent racism. It’s not her fault. Most of the sins of humanity are bad habits repeated and reseeded into the innocent minds of children born into each new generation. I have Jewish writers who leave “arab” uncapitalized too. Habits are endemic and we are trained to overlook them in ourselves, but expose them in others. Meditation could help people break free of these habits. Anyway, here’s Irene’s sincere but flawed attempt at an apologia for Ukrainian fascism:

Heard you speak on Ukraine, and even though I agree with much what you said, there is much Russian propaganda mixed in with your sources. If you follow historical maps and History of Ukraine before rewritten by the Soviets, way before Catherine the Great, you will see Crimea (Крим) in Ukrainian ALWAYS belonged to Ukraine, but has been occupied a lot by many others. #2 Even though Bandera was aligned with Germany when it invaded Ukraine and moved into Kiev during WWII, it was NOT for anti-Semite reasons. Many Ukrainians died in Auschwitz along with the jews. If anyone was working in those camps, it was forced under the Nazi gun. Check the history, many Ukrainians, Upa underground and Metropolitan Joseph Slipij, along with many Ukrainian people hid and saved many jews. Bandera, Svoboda (which means Freedom in Ukrainian) are not neo-nazi terrorist or socialist groups, but grass roots Ukrainian nationalists, that have always fought for freedom and independence for Ukraine, and against tyranny and oppression from various invaders of the country throughout history. If you wish a legitimate source for information and answers to questions. He is a PHD from the most prestigious University in Ukraine, and very well versed in the truth… He can sort out the Russian propaganda, which he confirms is 1000% out there and filtered throughout the media. Putin was head of KGB and is an expert in disseminating Russian propaganda. PLEASE DO NOT MISLEAD MILLIONS OF PEOPLE THAT ARE LISTENING.. Thank you..

I know it’s hard to face certain facts, such as anti-Semitism and the undercurrent of racism that has plagued Western Ukrainian thinking. But someone has to bring these wounds to the air for a clearing. And I’m sorry that I cannot buy into the mythologies that make Western Ukrainians white wash their involvement with the Nazis and those many thousands who openly volunteered to kill Jews and Russian civilians. They weren’t forced to work at Auschwitz. Most were looking for a job and since they were conditioned to hate Jews, this job appealed to that. Sorry, Irene. It is a hard truth those of you programmed to think you are Ukrainians must face, just as Jews must face their programmed racism when they persecute Arabs.

The day that we look beyond our nationalist and religionist programmed identities is the day we will encounter each other as brothers and sisters of this Earth. But first, these identities we are forced as children first and onward to adult life to take as our reality are lies that must be understood and transcended.

In reality, there are no Western or Eastern Ukrainians.

There are no Jews and Arabs.

There are only human beings.

To mindlessly embrace that we are these identities—capitalized or not—is what is really misleading “billions” of good people to do evil things.


Finally, someone on track! Have you ever read ‘Mary’s Message To The World’? Do you think ‘The Devil’ and ‘Hell’ is no such place, but a creation on the mind?

Yes. I would suggest for experimentation and exploration of this idea: the mind, or better, thought, is a thing. Moreover, thoughts that are unconscious can create in dream state—they weave into dream a nice place called “Heaven” and a nightmare place called “Hell”. I don’t dismiss the existence of Heaven or Hell. I propose that our beliefs in these places are some fragmented and shadow memory of higher and lower astral planes of existence.


I try 2 awaken my blind friends & family, & they laugh & make fun of me calling me Chicken Little, but I always remind myself, they laughed & didn’t believe Noah. We will see who has the last laugh. Keep up the good work John & I loved the phrase, the house is smoking & CNN La-La Land made the laugh! …but it’s the truth!

Thanks. I’m known for my “Hogueisms”. However, I must cordially disagree with you about seeking a “last laugh”. I’m all for laughing, indeed, laughing to me is a higher form of prayer yet untapped as a sacred device by the mainstream. The new humanity coming will embrace laughter as the highest form of prayer. How then, can one even wish, as you secretly do, D.S., to have a “last laugh” at the destruction of the world, by Noah or by Nuke? Do you think “you’ll” be laughing when it happens?

We will all be weeping victims of this “last laugh” of the devil. So, let us use prophecy to end all need of a last laugh, by inclining the future towards a better destiny and bring your deniers along. The stone-headed idiots who do not understand what prophecy is and how it works as an echo of our present day decisions write the idea that prophecy is written in stone. It only appears to be written in stone because humanity “is” almost robotic in its habits. A machine is predictable. Stop being machines, human beings.


I so want to help make this world a beautiful peaceful place, and if meditation will help me fulfill this role, then I need to learn these techniques. Thanks, John

Hi John, I do understand and can appreciate the sentiment, however, meditation, as I understand it, is not a tool to make us missionaries, even for the creation of a more beautiful Planet Earth. Meditation might reveal to us that that idea is just another subtle ego trip.

My understanding is that meditation is not about The World but it is about falling back, away, deep inside to face The Within. If beauty is to flower, meditation helps “you” flower into your full potential. If, by consequence, you live your life more aware of your inner beauty, then, indirectly, the world is made more beautiful on its own accord.

It’s a subtle change of perspective. So important is this subtlety to understand!

I propose to you, that Your transformation only, transforms the world. As Krishnamurti would say, meditation makes “you” the world. Forget saving the world, your salvation “is” the world itself.


GREGG M from Hawaii
Aloha John, tonight, I have been listening to your Coast-to-Coast live radio presentation. I agree, and thank you for your viewpoints on religion as perceived by those who merely follow and believe what is doctrine programming through the decades. The “Them” vs. “Us” simplification mixed with personalized religious profiteering is (again) revealing itself to be the breeding grounds of religious hate, discrimination, and destruction of humankind.

I hope the world will wake up, and will not be zombies with “open eyes” chanting war tones.

Mahalo for a very intelligent, and insightful evening on C2C!

Thank you Gregg.


Your comments on Coast March 27 were powerful and your response to the callers was kind while being forceful in cutting to the reality of our blindness and self-imposed zombieism that is the essence of anti-Christ, being totally blind to the universal consciousness we all must tap into. I was a Catholic monk from age 12 to 32, then began following my inner compass and now close my eyes, at age 77, and in silence and wordless meditation observe God’s infinite compassion and love, as described in part by Eben Alexander and the great saints and mystics of all traditions. I want to see your way of meditations. Merci beaucoups.

I sent James the Meditation links. I wanted to share his letter with all of you. There are many great Christian mystics as well as mystics in other religions. Though these religions eventually become mostly dead, corporate, big business faiths, never forget—as the dogmatists and blind consumers of these religions have forgotten—that there still exists a thin and subtle thread of the living teaching of all the masters in all the religions. When you see me hit the religions so hard, know that I am overturning the tombstones of the dead, cemeteries called your religions. I can never attack the living thread. Putting it in another way, the religions are like bone-ridden, corrupt and rotting cemeteries, yet even a tomb can sprout a most beautiful flower or two on its ruins.


I think you are a very smart man and you have studied the lives of Seers, which is what they were called. I think it would be amazing if you spent all those years studying the Bible. I am a devout Catholic and I am not a bit afraid of the end of time. Most Catholics I know are not afraid. We know that Jesus the Christ has given us the only messages we need. His father is the only one who knows when Jesus will come back for us in the second coming. He outlines in the Bible everything we need to do to be saved. Life is very simple for me when I follow His direction. I do pray for all the people of the world who do not believe in the true church. Jesus told the Apostles that whose sins you shall forgive will be forgiven and sins you shall retain will be retained. Our church created by Jesus God’s son allowed his church to forgive sins. We can’t enter heaven without our souls being without sin. Catholics go to confession and receive forgiveness so we can go to heaven. This is open for anyone to become Catholic to receive the Sacrament of Penance so their sins could be forgiven. I am sad for you and others that are trying so hard to find the answers to salvation when it is in front of you. I will pray for you that you find the peace you are seeking. Life is very easy if you accept the truth. I pray at least 3 to 4 hours a day and am at peace. The one prayer I say that keeps me grounded and when the evil doer tries to enter my mind I say “Jesus I trust you Jesus I need you. Jesus I love you”. God Bless You

Hi Julie, your letter is little more than a rehash of your indoctrination by others. I know you mean well, and I do appreciate your effort, but if I am, as you say, a “very smart man”, then that intelligence cannot be duped by all of the borrowed religious bromides listed in your letter. These sound to me like you memorized them from a Sunday school program.

By the way, I “have” studied the Bible over all of these years, and a number of my published books cover biblical and even Catholic prophetic matters, such as my work on Catholic seers and St. Malachy’s prophecies on the popes. (Click on Last Pope)

Prayers, like mantras, if done mechanically, can bring one a sense of peace. There are far deeper forms of submission to God, states of surrendering to the divine that go far beyond a mechanical rote-prayer regimen one does four or five times a day, like the five prayers of the Muslims, or your prayer regimen.

I can say this about your religious practice because your letter, when witnessed by intelligence that even you acknowledge I possess, speaks of a robotic adherence to dogma. Your statements sound pat and borrowed. They are not words like fire, like Christ. They are words like parrots of Christ. It is not your fault, Julie, you are an unaware victim of religious conditioning, no less than most other people who borrow a faith or creed, be it eastern, western, deist or atheist. Your words do not ring with the authenticity of someone who has gone into the wilderness, like Jesus did, to face himself.

You have been taught to borrow his experience and thus never dare ever be a Christ on your own two feet. Big business religions don’t want devotees, they want “followers”, consumers of their belief systems business products. Christs and Buddhas are a threat to the business of keeping you a “sheeple” follower. That’s why they don’t program you to question, to explore, to see the mystery with your own intelligence. Corpus Christi Corporated Religions kill the buddhas and the christs, while they make followers out of “you”. They give you condolences, like pretty words to wrap your sheepishness in, such as “devotee”.

You may be truly a devotee someday, but you’ll have to enter the wilderness of religious seeking “without” your comfort zone of dogmatic blinders on. Otherwise you are just a mere “Christian” when perhaps Existence had seeded in your the potential to be a “Christ”, which means in its roots, “One who is anointed with the divine.” If he could be anointed with the divine, why not you?

I wish upon you the blessing of that divine discomfort and need to look deeper, beyond what you’ve been force to falsely borrow, as your own religious experience.


DEBORAH (of the duck tape and black plastic bags and crucifixes)

Hi, our Lady said that when the whole world can see a Cross in the sky, we will have 7 days to prepare. We are told to black out our windows, board them up, cover them with black plastic and to not look outside or open the door(s) for anyone. We are supposed to put a crucifix over all every exterior door. We are to have food and water and prepare to stay inside for I believe one week. Just FYI. Thank you for your work.

Hi Deborah, before you waste all that black plastic and break the bank buying crucifixes to place on every window, know this: Grand Crosses in astrology are not unique to 20 April this year. They do regularly happen, though they are relatively rare. I think if you reexamine the Catholic version of Apocalyptic Prophecy, you’ll see that these references attributed to the Virgin Mary intend you to see some great cross literally, not something like a lineup of planets in a great set of squares you “can’t” see. So with that said, save your duck tape. (Quack!)


Hi John – you were great on C2C last evening. Thank you for all the intense research that you always do – Appreciate your easy manner too in which you tell the audience on your findings. Thank you again.

Thank you. (It’s always makes a man feel manly when a girl tells him “he was great last evening”. Hee hee. But all seriousness aside, I do appreciate your comment in the way you intended it. Moreover, you understand what a herculean task it is to research and prepare for such shows. It takes a lifetime of preparedness and an equal length of time to find the right conversational, down-to-earth delivery that hopefully can make common and simple sense out of complicated subjects without making them simplistic.)


Prayed for wisdom last night. Sounded like good idea and thankful for what I have. What you talked of last night on radio, coast to coast, made sense. How a century later we fall into same action of The Great War. How we are in line for a change of epoch, but think the old way. I like that meditation is out of time.

Hi Mike. Thanks for your comments about the show.

Yes, that’s my experience of it. Meditation is a science of self-observation that prepares a climate in the body mind, for want of a better metaphor for something beyond metaphors. This climate is like a preparation, a waiting, a cleaning of the guest room with great love and quietude and care. The windows are cleaned and opened. The door is open inviting the “Guest” which is the mystery of meditation, to “visit”, like a breeze that is there but equally and profoundly “not there-ing”. There is no time in things beyond the mind. It has often happened to me that when I sit in meditation, it is as if I had just sat down, and then suddenly the alarm clock beeps and I am amazed that an hour has come and gone in eternity’s moment.


John: Heard you on Coast last night. In 2009, I remember seeing these Zombie road sign hoaxes (see photo). I felt it was synchronistic and noted it to some friends. However, nobody seemed to get it so I dropped it. But your comments last night brought this home again. The saying of the Buddha “I am Awake” comes to mind here. Too many walking dead running around could bring about WWIII as you say.

Yes indeed, Ken. We are the Zombies. We just don’t know it yet. Meditation awakens the walking dead out from this spell.


Here now is a tongue lashing from Saint Donna of the 666 Dogmatists:

why would you get on the radio and tell us you see world war 3? are you selling a new book? I know you said you wanted to prepare us for the upcoming events. There is not anything we can do to avoid death in the future war. Most of us do not have a bunker deep enough to hide in. As far as the 666 is concerned it is simple, the 6th seal the 6th trump the 6th bowl/vial (Editor’s note, Donna’s period is missing…)

Donna, why do you feed the will of the walking dead about the future? Who programmed you to think the way you do, that the future is fixed in stone? Nothing is fixed in stone, except dogmatic mindsets pretending to be truth.

Why are you locked inside the mind-crypt of these dead dogmas? Who has assaulted your innocence with such ideas of the living dead? You worship a dogma that has the number 666 and the concept of Antichrist all twisted. The Antichrist is a human habit compelled to blindly believe in the borrowed dogmas of others, rather than question and explore the divine mystery upon the merit of our own investigation. The Big Business religions are the Antichrist, even though they promote Christ himself and his Book of Revelations and their sixth seals you mention. Read what I have to say about the author of the Book of Revelation. Don’t worry. It’s free. Most of what I give you all is free.


For your consideration: Last night I listened to you on Coast to Coast; I have heard you many times before, but last night was different. I detected an urgent concern almost fear of what you see coming on the planet. I got the impression that this is a relatively new heightened concern brought on by current developing events. It was accentuated by your remarks to the gentleman that called in and wanted to talk about Kim’s haircut, a totally irrelevant issue. However, I believe your concern is warranted and is outlined in The Bible. I have not followed the prophecies of Nostradamus closely, but have been a Bible student of prophecy for 25 years. Most Evangelical Protestants have a very uniform response to eschatological events based on historical events dating to the time of Nebuchadnezzar and that the visions of Daniel in the book of Daniel are historical. Babylon, Greece, Rome and so on, I am sure you are aware of this. However, I do not believe this is the case. The stories in the first 6 chapters of the book of Daniel are like plays on a stage and are models of apocalyptic events during the eschatological time period. The visions of Daniel in the last 6 chapters are the details and all have to do with end time events. What you talked about last night on Coast to Coast is the first 8 verses of Daniel 7. Daniel 7:2 “four winds of heaven stirring up the great sea” is war Daniel 7:4 Beast like a lion with eagles wings. This is the western powers, but primarily the United States. The wings being plucked off is the collapse of the United States, likely through a conflict followed by economic collapse. Daniel 7:5 Beast like a bear devouring flesh is Russia, and the Crimea is only the beginning. Daniel 7:6 Beast like a leopard given dominion; are Asian countries, primarily China as an economic power. Daniel 7:7-8 The fourth terrifying beast is one world government no on the rise. All of these beasts are on the move now, but what brings events to their zenith is war.

Thanks, Anthony, for what unfortunately is an all too rare overview from Christians who usually study the prophecies with minds in lock-step with the dogmatic, Sunday School, interpretations that they parrot without knowing the subtleties of the Book of Daniel. This book was the basis for St John’s more psychedelic (some might say “psychotic”) rehashing of what I consider Daniel’s more solid and sober vision of near present-day and future events.

There’s a lot of different opinion and debate going on about how much of Daniel is a very accurate prophecy chronicling great events from the 4th century BC, such as the rise of Alexander the Great, etc., all the way to the times dating the emergence of the Yeshua Jewish reform movement. That movement, unfortunately, St Paul abducted and turned into his Pauline, Romanized and all-too Gentile religion that still renames Yeshua and itself as Imperial Roman pagans would have called him and it: Christ and Christianity.

I hope to live to see a day when Christians will awaken to this imposition of Roman Imperialism into their religion, demonically possessing it for 2,000 years. I hope to see the day when it will return to the Yeshua roots, to the communal days describing the lives of the early Christian Fathers and “Mothers” the latter expunged from male-centric history. Yeshua might have or might not have died to save people from their sin (that too may have been a pagan Roman addition to his story). But I foresee a future, not so far away now, wherein Christianity and Christians will have to undergo a death of Christ and Christianity, so that they can “resurrect” the true name and true ministry once again, of their Master Yeshua and his Fishermen and Fisherwomen of souls.

Yes! I’m glad you caught my new tone. I “am” afraid for your future. The smoke of war is rising. The fire hasn’t emerged yet. There’s still time if you all become more alert, to put out the smoke before there is nuclear fire. Be very afraid! But not with the kind of fear that disempowers and paralyzes you. Be alarmed, like a mother who scoops up her baby and runs through the flaming house to safety!


By the way, Yes, I am sounding an alarm that I hope will turn your fear into action and stop this grave threat of a Third World War that you are all mindlessly working and marching towards because of the Ukrainian crisis, and the Syrian and Iranian crises about to explode upon you no later than 2016. Don’t be in denial like some of the commenters I had to compassionately hit (above) in this comments stream. Meditation is the tool you need to wake up and then when awake you will know what to do. You will know how to respond to these creeping crises of Cold War’s return and planetary climate change.


LINDA (who does not speak English well but is sincerely trying)
I wasn’t to be awake, want to know what is going on please. I know some thing is going to happen no not when or were but want to ready my spirit, mind, and life thank you, Linda.

Here then, may be the tools that can do this, Linda. But first, be not afraid, or better, watch being afraid. Watch it deeply and in the depth of meditation’s watching, “understand” what is the nature of fear, how it came into your being, who taught you to identify with it. Do this without judgment for or against. Just be in it, breathe… Wait… You may find an understanding that will free you from this fear. These meditations I offer can help.


MICHAEL A.: Good Afternoon John, I’ve been listening to the most recent show you did with George N. While your predictions are daunting, I appreciated your focus on shaking people out of their slumber by increasing self-awareness and shifting out of the illusory distortions of material existence. You spoke about all the zombie programs and I couldn’t understand why they’ve become so popular. I’ve been a meditator for a long time, but am still interested in seeing your links to meditation sites. Thank you for the great work you do. I certainly hope that the unified efforts of humanity can increase the light, mindfulness and higher consciousness. All the Best! Warm regards.


Thank you for your lesson on coast to coast. I felt your pain as you tried to relay your great wake up call, how can man take in the enormity of the present time. Perhaps a change in conscious. I would like more information on this subject please. Perhaps its not to late for this world to repent (us to remember our true self) If only there was such a mass change instead of man feeling powerless, standing as one soul against the mighty wind of hell bent self destruction. Still you stood in front of millions and was not scared to tell and warn your reward is great my friend. regards David

Hi David, thank you for your great and heartfelt observations and thanks for “feeling” me too. It is an enormous and humbling thing to stand before 20 million people on the air and declare what must be declared, come what overwhelming praise or hatred responds, for I do get the full spectrum of reactions and responses. Yet Meditation has taught me to stand as a “Majority of One” against that unconscious wind.


Thank you John for your quick response [to my Meditation links request]. I always find your interviews so interesting and really enjoy hearing your latest updates. I am a firm believer that ” the way out, is to go in.”

I came to this after years of research about how this planet is being run, and the false reality most of us wonder around in. I follow you and many many others who I refer to as the truth warriors. We can turn this ship around if we all do our part in helping to raise the collective vibration of the planet – which brings me back to meditation. We are the saviors we’ve been waiting for. We have to be in it to win it. Count me in. Love you, Nancy

Thank you, Nancy. Fellow Truth Warrior. By the way, my Sanskrit name that my meditation teacher, Osho, gave me is “Arjuna”. He was a warrior king better known for his dialogue with Lord Krishna that later became the Bhagavad Gita, a chapter in the epic Hindu poem: The Mahabharata (the Great Indian War, of 3000 b.c.)


You truly are so Wonder~full~y Sincere in your Life Work, and your earnest desire to wake people the heck up and teaching them how. (Nice point made to that guy’s Malaysian “introspection” on C2C.) ThanQ again.

Ellen is referring to the phone comments in the second hour of the show. A guy wanted to drone on about the Malaysian Airlines mystery. There is a spontaneous force activated when I’m in my “mediumistic” element. Suddenly with direct clarity, I cut him off, adding that though the Malaysian flight’s disappearance is a mystery and a great tragedy for those left behind, please don’t pull this show off into something that is trifling when compared to a clear and present threat too ALL OF US. Thermonuclear war we don’t yet see is on the horizon, set to kill 7 billion.

I used the caller’s disconnect to what was currently under discussion as an example of how the “Antichrist Unconscious” works in us to make us robotic and off the subject and off our rockers asleep at the switch. Moreover, I wasn’t going to let that man eat up valuable time droning on off topic about what the “news porn” networks like FOX and CNN broadcast day and night about the Malaysian flight, like it was another OJ Simpson trial. They do this to distract you, to render you stupid to insensitivity. That’s what these Corporate News Networks (the real acronym for “CNN”) are doing to us and if they succeed. You won’t anticipate and stop this Third World War from killing you all.

I’m grateful to see that most of you commenting about that controversial move on the Coast to Coast AM show, that is, me stepping in and managing the show, which is not something I usually or even should do as a guest, had to happen.

I don’t seek to do that ever again, but when I’m under the presence of this “Oracular” work, what comes in actions and in words out of its silent space, is always ultimately the right thing to say or do, as I have learned.


Thanks for all the resources on meditation. I will check some them out and feel what one’s are right for me. As always your writings make “common sense” in a world full of myths, distortion, and lies.

Thanks Steve. For those of you reading this, you can also ask for these meditations by scrolling up to the top of this page and clicking on the “Contact” menu button. Write Meditation in the subject line and I will send you the links and information.


PAT: I thought you showed admirable restraint when that first caller was totally off topic. I pictured you with a bubble over your head that said “dumb ass” as you tried to be calm…

The bubble over my head would have read (“here’s another idiot). The word idiot is very important to me because of what it means in its ancient Greek roots: Idios = “one who is under the illusion of being separate from the Cosmos”. In that caller’s case his interests were separate and completely removed from the topic and the spirit of the show. Compassion suddenly arose and it became clear that even his disconnected comments gave us all an opportunity by example to expose the “Antichrist Unconscious” in action.


John,thank you! I want you to know I deeply appreciate your generous, and kind spirit. I look forward to formally learning meditation.

I wanted you to know, for what it’s worth, that your Coast interview on March 26 was your best yet, and I’ve been listening to your interviews since the early Art Bell days.

I appreciate your focus, courage, and strength. Thank you for sharing those qualities with us. Warm regards, Pam

Thank you, Pam. My call to meditation has touched a lot of hearts out there. In a week since my appearance on Coast to Coast AM, 1,600 people so far have asked for the meditation techniques. These techniques are the greatest treasure I possess, and I give this treasure for free I say but it isn’t really “free” but with a “fee”. My fee is, that people need to ask for them to be given. People must ask because then they will value these meditations. Their intention, then, has value. Their “yes” to entering the mystery is golden. That choice becomes a sacred first act of “response” ability and it is that choice that is the first lesson meditation teaches.


Hi John, thank you for your show on CTC last week it was great! I am planning to purchase some books from you as soon as I can purchase a Kindle probably next month or soon after sometime.

Thanks you for that!

You are correct about the unconsciousness of people.

One of my fears is that the Christians who dwell on the second coming may cause this next war willed by their own desire to bring their Christian prophecy into fruition. When the collective unconscious of so many are focused, they are exceedingly powerful!

I wrote an entire chapter about this danger of self-fulfillment in my book Messiahs, entitled “From Prophaganda to Armageddonomics”.

First people are given propaganda interpretations of their prophecies, which I call “Propheganda”. Then this indoctrination takes a few millennia to create a deep seated hypnotic suggestion that sees people unconsciously make efforts and set themselves up to fulfill the fake prophecy–that’s what I call “Armageddonomics” the economics or business of making doomsday happen. The greatest evil on Earth is this mass habit of unconscious collective actions. This, to me is the true antichrist that no one is trained to see. Meditation trains one to see this Antichrist and through awareness and understanding, see oneself removed from the habits of evil.

And aren’t there those who would be more than happy to supply them with what they wish for?! I heard something in the 80’s about the age of Aquarius and the fact that Uranus was bringing forth a new age, energy is being speeded up so that what people want will happen sooner. They said it would be like a big “Fellini flick” everyone going about in a different direction. Well the age is here I guess.

It is. I’ve been writing for decades now about the nature of the Aquarian Age definitely NOT being some airy-fairy, wave-your-crystal-wand-on-harmonic-convergences, in a day-glow of scattered fairy dust-rainbow-lady silliness. The Aquarian Epoch is about mass media and mass mind movements. It’s about the use or abuse of science and technology. It’s about ideas and numbers becoming real currency, like crypto currencies now emerging to end the fiat centralized, banking-bankstered economy. It’s about Piscean centralized systems of power fracturing and breaking down in the coming, centuries-long decentralization revolutions. It ain’t fairy. Aquarius lifestyle is a mix of Uranian chaos and Uranian humanitarianism.

I will continue to pray for rain (I live in CA.) and for peace. If we don’t like what other countries are doing and we can’t make changes diplomatically, I say we take all our marbles and go home.

Thanks again for your insightful show. Cindy

You’re welcome, Cindy.


Thank you, thank you, for the wonderful gift of watching, seeing and listening to Tristan and Isolde. For many years my daughter and I had season seats to the Boston Lyric Opera. For reasons I won’t bore you with I cannot for physical reasons attend the opera anymore. The end of the 2nd act I could almost not breathe I was so moved by the music. Yes, I can listen to a tape, but there is something about being at a concert or opera or as close to it as I can get that is much more thrilling. I remember reading in your credits somewhere that you are a singer or were. You are very blessed with all of your abilities and talents. Thank you for sharing them. Best wishes to you.

Hi Jeanne, I’m most happy to share that with all my newsletter members. I often write to classical music. Most often it is works by Wagner, Shostakovich, Bruckner, Mahler and many many others of a late-romantic, early 20th century classical musical style. This passage from Waltraute Meier is among the finest performances of the final aria (The Liebestod). For those of you who want to hear what Jeanne is writing about, click on this YouTube link Liebestod, and go to minute 7:40, just before the golden door opens behind Isolde.

Right now, I’m deeply engrossed in the Shostakovich’s fourth, fifth, seventh, tenth (and especially the eleventh) symphonies as I write two new books for release in April and May of 2014.

Also, I am listening Shostakovich’s string quartets and his first and second piano concertos. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t listen to the fourth (click on Shostakovich) or the Eleventh (click on In the Year 1905).

Shostakovich is like a Leo Tolstoy who uses symphonic notes as words to tell his narrative describing great massive movements and storms of history. He’s often satirizing the Soviet dictatorship of Stalin, a tyranny under which he lived, especially in the marches and dirges. As tragically epic as he could be, Shostakovich could also write incredibly tender and haunting harmonies, so powerful in their vulnerability. Right now the winds and storms of history are arising again, and I find his music quite prophetic and helpful in my mediumistic trances when I write about our great and mounting tragic times.


Here’s a comment from my Facebook friend:

I just wanted to thank for you appearance once again on coast to coast–just wanted to let you know i am making a trip to barnes and noble (only book store around in my tiny town!) i’m not much a nook person, i prefer the nostalgia of flipping through the pages of books i have been strumming through your list of books and you are amazingly accomplished, THESE are the important books of our generation!!! I will be purchasing about everything you have ever written and passing the word on…people have a tendency to listen to me, and your work is too important not to be noticed…. just a BIG thanks, John–i will do what it takes to get the word out, as i truly believe you are one of the most important guests to have appeared on coast to coast, AND one of the most prolific and important writers of our day…

Thank you for your wonderful and encouraging comment, Angela. That you would spread the word and read the books is so helpful to me and to this work. I need all my readers who resonate with what you said to do the same. These messages must be spread far and wide because in them is, I believe, an understanding of what is fundamentally wrong about us, why we are thus habitually, predictably dooming ourselves to repeat the tragic past and call it what will be once again a tragic future.

These books do much more than just show what’s wrong, they offer detailed instructions and solutions to how an individual can work and matter—to emerge from insignificance to a state of IN-significance through self-observation and observation of the world as it is. A fully alive and spontaneous human being is not predictable. Intelligence and love are not predictable. Thus a humanity that becomes loving and intelligent—one individual at a time—can break the vicious cycle of the past become dreadful future. That is how we build a bridge to the utopia of a golden age!


One more Facebook friend has five great questions with my five answers:

1.) Is there a link of a recording of your interview/ 2.) Are there people who have already sensed the seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth millenniums? 3.) There are many possible futures. It is like going to the multiplex theater, once you select a movie you have to stick with it. Our choice in the now determines our future, the one we will experience. Choose wisely! 4.) The past and the future meet in the now. The future does not exist until we create it in the now. As we move and have our being in the now, we are creating and living our future and creating our past as well, all at the same time in a single moment. Chat Conversation End. 5.) Your view on the following? Total eclipse, blood moon, April 15.

Hi Ilan. To your questions. 1.) I don’t know of a free link. C2C has a link for a small fee, though. 2.) Yes, I know people who see those distant millennia. I am one of them. I will write about life in the 15th millennium in a book that will be labeled “fiction” but it is not. 3.) Yes, the future is like a multiplex but it’s also like Costco. Infinite futures on the shelf. Once you “purchase them” with your actions, conscious or unconscious, you own them…Of course, there are “other” futures on the shelf, and this is Cosmic Costco—the Akashic Records we are talking about—so…. Pull something else better off destiny’s shelves. 4.) There is no past or future in “the Now”. Past and future are tied to the ego and mind. I will elaborate in future books about this. 5.) The blood moons of the next several years will be the topic of my expanded edition for donors only of my upcoming and completely new book coming out in May.


Hi John, I have heard you a couple different times on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. I find your work very interesting and intuitively accurate. I resonate with your prophetic messages but also your analysis of the current world state of affairs. I feel as if I am in a house that is on fire and the walls are collapsing around me. I speak to the people around me… we should evacuate, call the fire department, and act with sense of urgency. But everyone just keeps their head down, focused on their smart phone or tv show or sporting event on the weekend. I am not running around with a megaphone sounding the alarm of panic. However, I do observe many things that deserve to be questioned or tested. I have a strong intuitive sense for truth. I hear information and instantly know if what I am receiving is true or false. Sometimes I am wrong and I welcome it because it helps fine tunes my ability. But when I listen to your messages, without out a shadow of doubt my intuition tells me you are “right” on. So I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your hard work and dedication. I have always had a strong desire for truth and sometimes its not all roses. But it needs to be told. You are bringing that truth to the forefront. Thank you. I hope and pray work changes the hearts and minds of people around the world to make a positive change. Regards, Jason

Yes, I concur about the weird way the world just walks on like sleepwalkers, heading right for the abyss as they have their heads and minds up their cellphones. On the path of awareness and meditation, many will discover, as they begin to awaken from it, what a state of eyes-wide unconsciousness we all live under, like it was a spell cast on the world in some Twilight Zone episode. Only, this episode is real. It takes a while to get used to, but once awareness begins to kindle in me, there’s no way I want to turn back to being a Zombie, dreaming I was a human being.


Enjoyed your narrative on Coast to Coast……though I am extremely impressed with your research into prophecy especially Nostradamus, it was the discussion on Meditation and Experiencing Eternity that really caught my attention John. In fact only about 20 minutes before arriving home and turning the radio on I was thinking about how once you get this epiphany about living in Eternity it changes everything about your earthly existence. To me Eternity is now. Anyway when I heard you sharing the same thought that I had a half an hour previously I considered it a powerful synchronicity, especially on such an intense subject. i am coming at it from a Christian perspective, but i have studied other spiritual practices too. thanks for the great work and insight! Buzz

The eternity of now “is” the “Kingdom of Heaven” Yeshua was teaching. It “is” the “Satori” of the Zen masters, the “Moksha” of the Hindus. It is Nirvana (which means “blowing out the candle”) of Buddha. It is “IT”. Meditation helps provide a space to remember “it.”


Hello John, thank you for sending me this meditation information. Earlier, I also wanted to mention that when I first began reading/exploring yoga, Hindu and other Eastern philosophies/beliefs back in 1978, I always thoroughly enjoyed reading Rajneesh! (So very brilliant, he always shed so much light on so many philosophies!) I immediately recognized his eyes in the photo you have associated with Noah’s Ark of Consciousness on your Contact page.

Years ago, there was a book I read by Marilyn Ferguson, called The Aquarian Conspiracy (I think). If I’m not mistaken, one of her ideas was the blossoming of beacons of light around the planet. Your discussion, as well as other people frequently interviewed on Coast To Coast, present a rather bleak outlook of our times. I often vacillate between listening to those controversial ideas and alternately ‘insulating’ myself from the disturbing news and information about the world, these volatile times and the selfish agendas of many who are in power. However, what’s the alternative? Remain ignorant? I think the key is like you suggested, become conscious, alert and mindful! Then perhaps there could be the emergence of beacons of light around the planet! You described your role as the person to alert others to the “smoke” circulating in the world. I’m grateful for your insights, especially since there’s always the possibility that those smoldering embers could swiftly ignite into highly destructive flames. Thank you again! Bountiful Blessings,


Hi John, I’ve now listened to your recent Coast to Coast interview several times. I’ve also listened to anything I could find re previous conversations with others re your perspective and insights.

Two things stand out as deeply meaningful:

* Your reference to noticing and articulating patterns. We (human beings), in our great mindlessness, are indeed creatures of habit… and repetition. It takes a lot for us to break a long-standing pattern. The (hopefully not) outcome: World War Stupid! Beautifully said…

* Your clear and resonant recognition that the need to reclaim internal referencing is essential, and urgent. Turning to the great genius that lies within will make it possible for us to create a different world. Without that, pattern/habit can far too easily win.

Your great mastery of the prophecy of others is, without question, evident. Your insight into your own mastery? Hope lives in the sharp edge of your authentic and irreverent invitations to an alternate future.

Thanks! I look forward to your next interview! Louise


Mr. Hogue, I recently heard you on Coast to Coast and was surprised to hear you speaking about the crisis in Ukraine. You are the only one so far who has actually told the truth about what has happened in Kiev. For some inexplicable reason, our government and media have not told the American people the truth about whom our nation is supporting. The people in Kiev are nothing short of fascists and that is how they are thought of in the eastern part of Ukraine. Even you yourself mentioned that the leader of this coup stands before crowds and gives the Nazi salute, a fact that has escaped our media. These are the people that our government is giving financial and political help to but the American people are not aware of this. I get my information from my wife’s relatives in Ukraine and also on Ukrainian and Russian television. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I have to wonder why we’re not being told the truth. I do fear it will lead to an irrational hatred of the Russians and perhaps to a Ukrainian civil war. However, I do thank you for telling the truth about the crisis and look forward to the next time you’re on with Mr. Noory.

Hi Mark, the answer is simple as it is also incredibly stupid and dangerous. The simple reason is, the Western Military Industrial Complex needs a new Cold War lasting for a few generations so that the war business and the war containment business can continue. Only this time, according to prophecy, the new cold war ends in a thermonuclear war. I will produce a book by end of May that goes deeply into these prophecies. Stay tuned by being a member of my Hogue Bulletin list:


I close these comments about the Coast to Coast Show with a question about what exactly my “Oracle” is:

John, I’m currently reading Prediction 2014 and starting to wonder about you often mentioned “Oracle”. Heretofore I assumed that you were only used this term as a metaphor, now I’m starting to wonder. Are you, or do you, actually converse with a disembodied optical? I’m not skeptical if you say you are, just curious. Oh, just reading the intro to this book I witnessed high prose, the imagery of the Titanic sinking as a symbolic warning of the greater event that was to follow. Impressive. Keith

Keith is describing the opening of my new book Predictions for 2014. I tend to have a cinematic prose narrative style. I take readers into my ideas and visions and try to give them a “vision” of what I’m trying to say.

I use the term “Oracle” as a verbal reference point, because words deal with personifications, identity and dialectics. The “Oracle” is a point beyond all of that. That is it paradox, a non-event, sometimes requires a word of reference for even that which has none. Even nothingness, is a word implicating an identity, even though what “nothingness” is or is not cannot be identified. I can tell you what it is not, in words. My Oracle is not a disembodied opitcal or a spirit, or a channeling, as such. It is a completely relaxed moment of non-action. The “answer” is simply “there” about the future. I know this all sounds very strange, but words cannot describe such “mysteries”.















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  1. Pat
    Posted 12 April 2014 at 9:09 pm | Permalink

    In your new article the new cold war, you talk about the forming aliance between Russia and China and how “Together, they will answer cold-war sanctions by pulling all of their business transactions, especially crude oil and natural gas, out of US (petrol) dollar exchanges.”

    I was wondering if this would have any connection to the fact that Obama has “allowed the Chinese government to convert into equity the more than $1 trillion in U.S. Treasury debt owned by the Chinese government.”

    The two largest Chinese government owned oil companies, CNOOK and Sinopac now own a combined $17 Billion worth of gas and oil companies in the US. CO, LA, MI, OH, OK, TX, and WY. Two US connection these, and other Chinese companies have, are Harry Reid (D) Senate Majority Leader who has authorised a deal with the owner of the ENN Group to allow the ENN Group to win encentives for 113 miles of barren desert in Nevada for $4.5 Million; a mere fraction of its’ worth of $38.6 Million, and his son Rory Reed who has been appointed the primary representative of the ENN Group.

    What happens not only to these US companies, but to the US in general if the new cold war comes about?

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