US Government Shutdown, Navy Yard Shooting, Boulder Flood, Syria Crisis, Kerry Joke Diplomacy, East Siberian Floods, Rim Fire, Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack a US False Flag? Hogue on Coast to Coast AM, further Forecasts for 2013 and Hopi Prophecies


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The Zealots made their move. The Zealots that I have been writing about since late 2009 for Predictions for 2010. Many of you call the 80 or so members of the Tea Party caucus “Republicans”. Neither my Oracle nor I have ever called them that. The Tea Party is a Party unto itself. Back in 2009 and before their anticipated appearance as power brokers in the 2010 midterm elections, I began cautioning the GOP establishment not to play Dr. Faustus to Mephistopheles.

Don’t drink that tea!

Don’t make that pact with the political “devil”. You may get power in the Congress back from the Donkeycrats but you will lose your political soul you bunch of Dumbos!

I am not saying the Tea Party movement is demonic, but I “am” saying the political consequences for those that chose this separate party to be a part of the mainstream Republican Grand Old Party would find themselves trapped in a Faustian deal.

Dr. Faustus in the famous Elizabethan master play of the same name by Marlowe made a pact with Mephisto that for the span of a quarter century the demon would give him youth, girls, all power, wealth and pleasures desired, at the price of surrendering his soul to eternal damnation. Once time was up, Mephisto would drag Dr. Faustus down to Hell!

Time’s up, Dr. Grand Old Party!

It rang at midnight with the closing of the US government because a faction of 80 Tea Party congressmen and women played devil with the details they wanted expunged in one last attempt to overthrow Obamacare. The Devil wanted to extort these amendments out of the usually spineless denizens of “Democraptic” politics holding a majority in the US Senate. This time it didn’t work. At midnight the clock chimed in October 1, the government lights went out and Obamacare, already funded, moved forward.

Now Dr. GOP is stuck with his zealots and I predict soon damned by the American people if they do let this government shut down go past the 28-day record. The Republicans 17 years earlier, closed the government to the detriment of their GOP brand and the rehabilitation of the scandalized Monica-Jennifer “de-Flowered” Democrat President Clinton. Clinton had risen again. Whilst the Speaker of the House at the time who manifested the government shut down, Georgia Congressman Newt Gingrich was politically unleavened bread and soon dismissed.

It is with some cruel irony that on the night before the shut down, the current Republican Speaker of the House, Ohio Congressman John Boehner, was meant to give a keynote speech for a GOP fundraiser. He wisely declined the invitation to speak at yet another fundraiser on the night that the fabulously successful Republican Party rivals the Democrats at collecting millions of dollars for the upcoming mid-term elections but in either case can’t keep the people’s business or its government running. Not a good time! So Gingrich filled his place.

History repeats itself in mysterious ways. The Speaker who would be fired next defers the keynote speech chores to the Speaker who “was” fired for shutting down the government last time and ever since has failed to win re-election even as dog catcher.

If this were a black Monty Python comedy, Boehner could protest, John Cleese style, “Well, she turned me into a Newt!” Only this time, Mr. Boehner, you don’t “get better.”

Well then, this political witchery is, as the Python skit’s victim’s famous last words before being drowned to prove she’s a witch: “a fair crop”, really.

I could go on and say “I told you so!” like Cleese’s other horned and grumpy glowering owl character from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Tim the Enchanter.

He saw the monstrous hiding inside that “harmless little bunny” moments before that white and furry dynamite began decapitating Knnnnnnnigetts of the Holy Grail left and right.

Wait! I don’t want my Republican readers to “Run away! Run AwAAAYY!” just yet.

I’ve been pretty hard on Obama and his Mummy (scroll down to see article stream below). Now that my Democrat readers are “Democastrinated” with me (see new comments at the bottom of the stream), I must be fair and “have it with you!” GOPeers of my former political party like the Black Knight.

(Ohhhh…Had enough, ayeee?)

Now that I’m politically “free wing” I can feather flap tickle the red and blue colored glasses off the faces of right and left winger Hogue Readers and work both of you up equally into a Donald Duckian rage. I mean, wasn’t that what the Declaration of Independence wanted, that all men are created equal, including that majority of hu-womanity left out of the declaration, plus the slaves?

The GOP as I started predicting since 2009 will now reap the “damned if they do” close the government, “damned if they don’t close” the government price of a Faustian deal with devilish ideologues. Hair-on-hell-fire Tea Party legislators expect two times two in politics to equal three and will shut down government, mind and math and call extortion negotiation if need be to prevent the sum being four.

Dr. GOP Faustus got to power only with Teufel-tea Party’s devilish political magic. Now the clock chimes at midnight and here comes the price which you will now see unraveling in the coming year: the Tea Party dictates GOP strategy and policy, or they’ll break with the GOP and make two plus the Two Party system equal a “Three” Party system of Jackassocrats, Dumbopublicans and Tea Baggers.

Saturn is transiting Scorpio, the Eight House of business, corporations, inheritance, death-and-taxes and karmic bills come up for payment. We’ve just passed in September the third exact transit of Saturn over its natal 8-degree position in the birth chart of the United States.

In Chapter Four of Predictions for 2013-2014 entitled Saturn at Bat—Three Karmic Strikes, You’re Out, the third pitch thrown by Kaptain Karma on the mound for the US government to hit a home run of reform was thrown and the government seems to have struck out, missing the ball completely. You can read that chapter and find out what’s coming next

Want to know what the US mid-term elections are going to produce as a consequence?

Does Obamacare become downright Obama-careless or will it muddle monstrously on and with time become a workable system for the United States?

Come see how you can make the delivery of these prophecies swift and directed personally to you as soon as Thanksgiving Weekend by clicking on Predictions for 2014.


DATELINE: 16 September 2013

US Navy Yard Massacre
Was Ray Mabus the Target?
Is Ray Mabus Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist?

Here we go again, on two counts. One: a mass shooting at a US military installation, this time the Washington DC Navy Yard looks tragically similar to the Fort Hood shooting in November 2009. I will go on record saying it is definitely an act of domestic terrorism. I would add that it leans towards a similarity to the Fort Hood tragedy. That was when al-Qaeda convert, Major Nidal Hasan, pulled out a 45 pistol and fired on lines of US Army troops waiting to be processed in preparation for a flight to the front in Afghanistan, killing 13 and wounding 32 people before he himself was gunned down and paralyzed.

Hassan recently received the death penalty for his act. 9-11 was just a few days ago, as well. Is there a terrorist-like motive here? So in love are they with anniversaries. The circumstantial evidence at least indicates that one of the two gunmen that killed 12 and wounded three at the Washington DC Naval Yard—the one still at large—was an African American. If true that would rule out a white supremacist domestic act of terror, as I predicted accurately was the motive for the Boston Marathon Bombing with jihadist terrorism only a phony “front” for it and not the “THE” Front—or, al-Qaeda in Arabic.

Count two of “here we go again” relates to secondary stories in the initial media feeding frenzy that asked if the two gunmen were seeking to assassinate the US Secretary of the Navy, Raymond Mabus. Fortunately, “Elvis” was not in the building. Thankfully, this poor man remains a target of gossip only. Amateur Nostradamians latch onto him ever since he was President Clinton’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia in the mid-1990s. Mabus in fact is the accidental recipient of attention because his name, Mabus, happens to be the 16th-century prophet’s anagram code name for the third and final of his foreseen three Antichrists. The first was code named Napaulon Roy (King Napoleon); the second, Hister (Adolf “Hitler”) and the last Mabus.

The death of Mabus opens the famous quatrain of Nostradamus indexed Century 2 Quatrain 62 of his magnum prophetic opus, Les Propheties (The Prophecies), serialized into publication from 1555 to 1560, then compiled in a single tome in 1568, two years after his accurately foreseen and dated death in Salon Provence.

2 Q62
Mabus puis toƒt alors mourra, viendra,
De gens & beƒtes vne horrible defaite:
Puis tout à coup la vengeance on verra,
Cent, main, ƒoif, faim, quand courra la comete.

Mabus very soon then will die, [then] will come,
A horrible undoing of people and animals,
At once one will see vengeance,
One hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass.

Who is Mabus, the Third and Final Antichrist foreseen by Nostradamus?

Who is Mabus, the Third and Final Antichrist foreseen by Nostradamus?

In the summer of 2008 I documented a prediction which appeared in my eBook Nostradamus and the Antichrist: Code named Mabus, published on 22 September 2008 that Barack Obama would become president and that he would appoint Ray Mabus to his cabinet. Then the tongues would wag once again that he must be now in line to become a martyred Mabus that would mark the onset of a terrible undoing of animals and mankind (i.e. what climate change is doing to us right now!). Moreover, a war of 27 years length, the War of the Third Antichrist would ensue from the consequences of Mabus’ annihilation.

Well then, the caveat I wrote back in the summer of 2008 still rings true to me today almost 5 years to the day when I published that eBook (click on Nostradamus Mabus to receive your copy.) I cordially give once again that warning to amateur “sleuth”-sayers on the trail for Mabus, about “Ray Mabus” and being caught too easily by the obvious:

Sometimes a name appears so close that it must fit. During the 1990s many people were convinced that the former Governor of Mississippi Ray Mabus (1988 – 1992), tapped to be President Bill Clinton’s US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia (1994), would go there, be killed by terrorists and this would trigger 2 Q62’s terrible undoing of people and animals in a Middle Eastern war.

It makes logical sense. This wouldn’t be the first time Nostradamus stepped away from code names and obscurity to openly name a future historical person. A nebulous prophet must come clear and clean from time to time. It gives him the credibility to engage readers further to delve deeper, especially to decode names Nostradamus carefully keeps cryptic.

The man who caught Louis XVI and his family fleeing the French Revolution was correctly named in 9 Q20, Saulce. In 1 Q25, he named Louis Pasteur outright as one who would discover a long forgotten medical secret. Nostradamus augured that a man, surnamed de Gaulle, would lead France three times. (9 Q33) Charles de Gaulle (d. 1970) became leader of the Free French Resistance during the Second World War, then headed a provisional post-war government and at last served as President of France from 1958 until he resigned in 1969.

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.

As I also predicted 11 years before the above passage, in 1997, for my 1,000-page tome on the complete prophecies of Nostradamus, nothing happened to Mabus in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, I will say again, for the record, Ray Mabus is not a case of Nostradamus writing in the clear about a future historical figure. If you read my comprehensive study of all candidates in modern times for the Nostradamus Third Antichrist, he fulfills only one aspect of the fascinating set of prophecies about that figure, the name. I can predict that I will be called to come to the defense of this poor man not being an Antichrist many more times as long as he may live. May he live well, safe and long.

His boss, however, is Nostradamus’ Black King. In my Antichrist book, I have already accurately predicted that Barack Obama was this man and that he would kill Osama bin Laden (one of four key candidates for Antichrist that includes Obama, President Bush and Saddam Hussein) on the ground, in Pakistan.

Ray Mabus I can safely say is definitely NOT Nostradamus’ Mabus. Obama, however, with his actions in Libya and Syria, and because of his future actions foreseen by Nostradamus concerning a war with Iran by mid-decade… The current president is on track in prophecy to do either two things, become the chief candidate for Mabus or the peacemaker in the 11th hour who prevents that calamitous war under the sign of Cancer (America) as Nostradamus calls it (see 6 Q24), from taking place. A great comet appears in the sky to mark as portent what will happen next. Is this Comet ISON, becoming soon visible in northern hemispheric skies over which the acts of Mabus will happen?


Click on these links to read archived articles about Ray Mabus and related to the search for Nostradamus’ antichrist:

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DATELINE: 15 September 2013

The Colorado Deluge
A Foretaste of the Coming Era
Of Neptune in Pisces Floods
And All American Monsoons

It was only ten months ago. I took a walk west from the Boulderado Hotel in downtown Boulder Colorado towards the mouth of the Rocky Mountain valley from which Boulder Creek pours. It was late November 2012. I had a morning free for walking. That afternoon I would tape a highly fulfilling and enjoyable interview for “Beyond Belief” (Gaiam TV) with George Noory of Coast to Coast AM. The sun at a mile high altitude was burning brightly into my retinas and warmed the pits of my sun-starved facial pores with summertime warmth that even my island in the mildewed dog days of August up in the Pacific Northwest cannot fathom.

While walking to the foothills my skin was crawling at the touch of my clothes as if it my epidermis was like the “pachydermish” slippery hide of a grey whale shivering to the touch of a human hand stretching out from a whale watch boat off the coast of Mexico.

My metaphor is misleading. I should be writing about touching the cracked skin of an elephant. The skin of this “whale” John Hogue, that is, was not wet but incredibly dry, like Boulder, like Colorado, gripped in the worst drought conditions in living memory. Later that night, after the TV taping, sitting on my bed, scratching at the static electricity squirreling up and down my skin underneath my clothes, I watched the Ken Burns PBS documentary about the Dust Bowl drought of the 1930s. This phenomenon had cursed the high plains of Colorado in grand-dad and grand-mommy times with black dust storms that once blew up eight decades earlier, kicked up by winds descending off the nearby granite wall of the Rockies. I could see those magnificent, wind-maker Rockies loom so close outside my Boulderado Hotel window during my stay. I could fancy stretching out and burning the palm of my hand on Boulder’s signature flat rock mountains.

Nearly ten months to the day later, the lovely town of Boulder that human stupidity built at the bottleneck of an ancient flood plain emanating from the mouth of Boulder Canyon and creek is part of a developing natural disaster spreading across the Colorado Rockies. It and many other adjacent towns built on flood plains along mountain foothills have become victims of a “Deluge Bowl”. The torrents have all but washed away the street and riverside hiking trails I traveled—the dry air once scratching at my static electric body made tropically monsoon wet.

At present five people are confirmed drowned, and 1,254 are reported missing. Many of these I am sure will report in once the flash floods of the last several days shedding two feet of rain and counting have subsided. Yet, I fear hundreds have found themselves shed of life and buried in Nature’s mud beds to form fossils for future human beings to unearth—wiser, I hope, who build tomorrow’s towns of tomorrow’s future civilizations OUTSIDE of flood plains. The place that has forgotten the name “Colorado” and replaced it with a new name from a new language and more Earth friendly and enlightened culture will not see 14,000 of their kin evacuated off lands even raccoons and badgers know better not to burrow your borough in.

Colorado news anchors try to pull a silver lining out of this Great Flood of biblical proportions, saying it has put a major dent into the Dust Bowl developing drought of the previous years. It is up to prophecy, perhaps, to look a little further ahead and venture another vision: one of drought mega fires fires and monsoon floods. What you are seeing since 2008 and will continue to see through 2026 is the Neptune in Pisces flood effect. All around the world there has been, as I predicted in 2011 and 2012, an uptick in record flooding as global warming increases the potency of typhoons, hurricanes, tornado seasons and monsoon floods. (And now there is word of a typhoon heading for the damaged Fukushima reactors in Japan!)

What happened to mountain and foothill towns and cities of Colorado and New Mexico will happen more and more frequently in the coming 13 years. Americas Rockies and its Southern and Mid-Atlantic States will experience a climate I directly experienced while living in India. The central continental regions will get ever hotter with dry seasons punctuated by short and violent monsoon flooding seasons.

Climatologists use science to become most objective forecasters. They have said and rightfully that tropical and subtropical climates are reaching 600 miles farther north and south out of the tropics into the Northern and Southern Hemispheres of this globally warming planet. It will not happen every year that it divides itself every 12 months into savanna dry and monsoon wet seasons. Even the more frequent failures of the monsoon in lands used to them are a sign accurately forecast my climatologists.

Colorado and New Mexico and all my many friends who read Hogueprophecy over there, especially in and around Boulder, which is a hotbed for “Hoguers”, prepare yourselves for strings of Dust Bowl years punctuated by Deluge Bowl all-American monsoon summer flooding.

One of my Colorado Facebook friends, Teresa, in the midst of the flood zone had this to say:

To all of you who read John Hogue’s prophecies. I am living them right now. I am in Colorado. John is the reason that I was prepared. If you think it can’t happen to you. Think again. Some are without electricity, food, water, sewage & phones. Others are under curfew. People are helping each other. John nailed it! We are but one people.

Thank you Teresa, I am glad you and yours are prepared and soldiering through the Colorado floods in yet another new battle in Mother Nature’s war against human stupidity. I hope more of you who read my books and articles will take to heart the message to be prepared. This is a planet wide upheaval. ALL human beings will be impacted. Stock up on 3 days minimum or three months or more of fresh water and food. We are facing 30 years of upheavals in the climate, the economy and the social fabric of our lives passing through a planetary-wide evolutionary gauntlet.

Try as much as you can to help your neighbors.

I am NOT a supporter of lone wolf Survivalism. That is, individuals and nuclear families hunkering down in bunkers to save themselves, giving up on the world. To escape the world and hide from taking a direct part in changing this future from happening is a form of defeatism and cowardice that I will not nourish here at Hogueprophecy because to do so nourishes a future of doom, not “bloomsday” and the coming golden age. Prepare individually AND collectively in community with your neighbors on your street, your town, your city. Help each other.

Nations? Help other nations. We can sustain a better survival “together” not in isolation. And anyway, most of you who choose to hide in a hole, under a rock cannot construct your “holes” to wait it out without someone outside of your secret circle knowing where you are and when global wars, economic collapse and famines come. You will be the first people rooted out. Your resources will be the first pillaged, your lives: the first destroyed.

Pool your intelligence and your resources with many others. You will be stronger in community than hiding out all alone. Moreover, who else but those outside of your hideout hole will be fixing the world once the apocalypse has come and gone and you creep out from under your rock?

I cannot stress more how the core of human survival depends on each individual in community learning how to watch the mind and emotions in meditation. Man’s mind has triggered Nature’s war against its habitual stupidity. Meditation will show you that soul and consciousness are beyond this mind. When awakened, Consciousness makes the mind its servant.

Look at our human world at present and you see how bad the mind is when we unconsciously surrender our consciousness to it, making mind our master. That is why I urge you now to read once again or for the first time Osho’s Noah’s Ark of Consciousness Prophecy and how meditation is the ticket to coming “aboard”.

DATELINE: 15 September 2013

Kerry’s Joke Diplomacy in Syria
Will it End the Crisis?

Earlier last week, Secretary of State John Kerry dared to bust a move of his Mummy pointed jaw to let slip through his paper thin and desiccated Boris Karloff lips a snide and undiplomatically intended snark at Bashar al-Assad of Syria. Beware of Kerry coming out of his sarcophagus of ponderous prose to deliver a beau mot, a joke, quickly chased by a moldy, unravelling-bandanged afterthought of prophecy.

Last Monday, Obama and his Mummy were dead pan set to punitively bomb Syria’s chemical weapons facilities based on evidence they would not show to the world that Bashar al-Assad had launched missiles full of sarin at eastern Damascus suburbs held by the rebels, killing 1,400 and injuring the lungs and nervous systems of another 7,500 more. US Congress was set to vote Obama war powers for retaliation, but a tidal wave of global domestic and congressional dissent was overtaking Obama-Kerry plans for war. (See my debates with my US Congressman in articles below.)

Thus, a reporter asked Kerry at that Monday press conference in London if there was anything the Assad regime could do to avoid being attacked by the United States.

“Sure!” Groused the Mummy. “(Bashar Assad) could turn over every single bit of his chemical weapons to the international community in the next week.”

Prophecy then followed joke, “But he isn’t about to do it, and it can’t be done.”

Mummies wrapped up and all tied and bound in their own hubris are not very funny. Neither do they make good prophets.

The Russian and Syrian foreign ministers with the blessings of Russian President Putin and President Assad appropriately didn’t laugh at the Mummy joke or go all “King Tut” tut, about Kerry’s snide delivery. It was better to render the Mummy a Nostradamus dummy and take him up on his Joker Diplomacy offer. Now we’re starting a new week with what looks like a diplomatic breakthrough that “could” not only see Syria’s chemical weapons sequestered and dismantled by the United Nations, but forge a new working relationship between the US and Russia that might eventually turn the two “Brothers of the North” into friends.

This most important friendship needs to be forged so that it can make wrong Nostradamus’ warming that a thermonuclear war between America and Russia is not behind us but still a potential lurking ahead of us. We can forestall this future with diplomacy, reason and friendship. Read more about the Great Brothers Prophecy of Nostradamus, the “Eagle Kings”.

We enter a time of hope for peace in Syria also fraught with dangers that I have already dated astrologically for October and especially November of 2013. While peace may come from a gaff of a bumbling Secretary of State, there are forces that DO NOT want peace to happen. They exist in the Syrian Free Army. They exist in Tel Aviv, and in Washington DC. The Western war industries are starving for new disasters to launch and then replace their bombs for billions in profit.

You know things are bad with American leadership when Vladimir Putin is the rational player in this crisis. That is Saturn in Scorpio at play! That is the effect when Uranus is Squared Pluto once again! Expect death and regeneration. Expect the unexpected and violent to happen, or, expect that something as innocuous as a stupid and badly delivered joke might possibly bring peace for our times.

Read my Predictions for 2013-2014 and find out what is coming next. My newly published prophetic epic describes in great detail this important time window Saturn in Scorpio and the Pluto-Uranus Squares frame. Will there be surprises of peace, reform? Will there be unexpected descents into economic depression, war and planetary disaster? Will “you” be a part of the solution when now more than ever ways of avoiding all disasters seeded by our collective stupidity can be avoided by your rekindled light of intelligence? The time to shine is running short. It will end by New Years 2015. See how you can be a part of the solution—the golden age. Read Predictions for 2013-2014 on KINDLE * KOBO * NOOK and/or SMASHWORDS

DATELINE: 7 September 2013

Hogue Debating his US Congressman
Over Syrian Strike

Plus Link to 10 points
That Every American
Should Demand their Congress ANSWER
And in Open Public Debate!

I add today’s interchange with my US Congressman Rick Larsen of Washington State to the top of my stream of Syrian Strike Prophecy articles below. Scroll down after reading this article and they will offer you prophetic blow-by-Bardo blows accounts of the quickening of current events converging towards a very STUPID strike on Syria. The forces of STUPID are soon to intersect the path of prophecies warning against it, documented by me in the near past and foretold by Nostradamus over 450 years ago (see below). It seems appropriate—if a bit fringy of me to declare to the uninitiated to Hogueprophecy—that a new entry to the stream on 7 September seems appropriately infernal for the gathering war theme because this is the 101st anniversary of my “death” by cannon ball in a past life (See Battle of Borodino).

I would rather not see thousands of you go through that violent and completely wasteful “disembowelment-disembodiment”. So then, when US Secretary of State The Mummy “creeped” out to the podium the other week to blubber through his Boris Karloff thin and lifeless lips his in-eloquent and unsubstantiated  “argument” for a punitive US airstrike on Assad’s Syrian regime, I jumped on my keyboard. I blazed off missives to ALL my US Senate and Congressional representatives of my State of Washington. I also sent off a missive to Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky. In brief I requested that these legislators make public the findings of the Mummy and his handler, President O’Franken-bama Bomber (of course, I didn’t call them that in my letters, that’s for your button-pushing political entertainment). I got a response from Senator Paul with YouTube extracts of his voluble verbal spar with The Mummy during the Senate Foreign Affairs hearing last week.

Day after tomorrow (that almost sounds like a title for a great apocalyptic movie) US Congress returns on 9 September to debate the motion to strike Syria. So far only my Congressman Rick Larsen has written back to me. Still waiting for my Senators Patty Murray and… Gad! I keep forgetting the other woman’s name. I think it’s because, unlike Patty, who—God bless her—engages with her Washington State constituents, I only hear from the other one once every six years when she needs my vote. Anyway, Rick Larsen is also very good about engaging members of his district and has once even appeared at my front door. I met him again when I had an “eye-opening” experience being a Hillary Clinton Caucus delegate in 2008 where we had a long conversation. (The nice thing about being unaligned is I could hop over to the Republican Caucus in 2012 in an attempt to be a Ron Paul delegate. I will be writing about both shocking experiences in the midst of the Donkeycratic-Dumbopublican monopoly in the future.)

I want to share my interchange with Rick Larsen in hopes that if you are an American citizen (or not) it might inspire you to use the power of the Internet to “talk” to our legislators and air out your views about this momentous decision coming next week. If there is war, I promise you every human being between now and 2016 when this thing spreads across the Middle East to war with Iran will be personally impacted.


September 6, 2013

Dear John,
Congress will vote soon on whether to authorize military force in response to the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons on civilians.

I have not decided how I will vote. Before I do, I would like to hear from you.

The evidence that the Syrian government used chemical weapons is convincing. I understand those who are skeptical, particularly with the memory of how the American public was offered defective intelligence in the run-up to the Iraq war. But the evidence on Syria is credible, and has been corroborated by analyses from France and the United Kingdom.

Now Congress must decide whether the United States should respond with military force.

I still have a lot of questions about how the proposed military strikes would affect our national interest and security. I’m sure you have questions too. Please share them with me. Over the next few days, I’ll participate in a series of classified briefings where I’ll work to get answers.

What do you think? Should the United States take military action in Syria? If so, what sort of restrictions do you think Congress should place on that action?

Let me know here. I look forward to hearing from you.
Rick Larsen
United States Representative
Washington State, 2nd Congressional District

Thanks for your letter, Congressman Larsen. You asked for my feedback and here it is.

Imagine what would have happened in the Cuban Missile Crisis if Adlai Stevenson just faced down the Russian UN Ambassador and said, “I have seen the evidence and it is credible, but it is top secret and I can’t show anyone. You just have to trust me.”

And then that was it. Case closed.

The world needed to see the CIA’s photos of the missiles in Cuba. You want to hush up Russian President Putin who says your evidence is spurious and that Free Syrian Army jihadists playing Syrian Army soldiers launched to missiles to trick you into entering the war?

Show the evidence.

If this evidence is so compelling, please compel this president to bring out the evidence before the UN and the world in a special UN Security Council Emergency meeting.

That is what I ask you, as my representative in Congress to lobby the president to do.

It was the right thing to do in the Cuban Missile Crisis. It is the right thing to do in the Post-Snowden world where it is no longer enough that “you” Congressman or the President simply say evidence is “compelling”.

Show it.

Are we a country of truth and evidence? Or, are we a country of hearsay?

Thank you.
John Hogue


 Feel free, Hogue Readers of the world, to send Congressman Larson your views at the “Here” link he left me above.

Before you do, read this comprehensive, truly skeptical and intelligent article from former Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich on the ten reasons EVERY citizen ought to ask their House and Senate representatives to openly and publicly discuss IN PUBLIC NOT IN SECRET in the upcoming US Congressional Debate. Click on Dennis Kucinich.

Afterwards, use your browser to go back to this page and read further article streams on Syria and what’s next. Also go to the bottom of the article stream and read your many comments and my replies to my recent Coast to Coast AM appearance with George Noory.

(By the way, within seconds after the show ended at 2 AM Pacific, I got an email from none-other than Art Bell! I will be appearing as his guest on his new XM-Sirius radio show Dark Matter on 8 October! Stay tuned for more information about that show. Also, my free and subscriber shows on Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland are available for listening. Click on the Dreamland link.)

DATELINE: 02 September 2013

Obama will Doublespeak to US Congress
About Striking Syria:
My Astrological Prediction

Many of you have asked me in the last week what weirdness is happening astrologically to cause the record breaking Rim Fire in Yosemite, California, the floods in Siberia and China and typhoon-induced mudslides across Taiwan this week poised to dump 18 inches on the Japanese Ryukyu Islands in the new week. Well, we cannot blame these events on the usual culprit the three-week cycle every four months when Mercury goes retrograde in the skies, causing machines to fail and communication becoming more challenging. One has to look at bigger, more distant planets that define the atmosphere and tone of generational and historical eras, such as the flood maker and Earthshaker, the Planet Neptune, ruler of the oceans and deluges as well as earthquakes.

Neptune has entered its sustained transit of its home sign of oceanic Pisces until 2026 and will gully wash and deluge us with record breaking floods like those inundating the Danube River watershed in Europe earlier this year and currently drowning eastern Siberia and northeastern China across an area the size of France-times-three! More frequent storms and floods of the century are coming. There will come inundation by historic typhoon and hurricane storm surges, overactive monsoon downpours and the greatest recorded earthquakes of the last century. This is Neptune’s new “abnormal” for its transit through the next 13 years in Pisces.

For more directly manmade aberrant behavior, look to the malefic influence of Uranus and Pluto to divine human made-up upheavals that come when stubborn and leaderless rebellions collide with an immovable, suppressive and polarized status quo in power.

President Obama rushes to prepare a “punitive-only” US cruise strike against the Assad Regime. Before stepping up himself to the podium Saturday he rolled out his “Mummy” the day before (otherwise known as the Skull and Bonesman John F. Kerry, US Secretary of State). Kerry at the State Department mike rumbled and rambled words without corroborative evidence that Assad is an unquestioned thug who unquestionably fired chemical weapons killing 1,400 people. Kerry then went for the sentimental emphasis adding that over 400 or so were little children. (I guess shedding a tear for the other thousand victims of all ages wasn’t enough bang for the propaganda bucking of the Secretary of State.)

Anyway, the Mummy mouthed and unloaded a whole string of poorly delivered, tortured phrases emphasizing his inarticulate points often bellowing them louder for emphasis, as if that made them sound clearer and intelligent.

Thus Spoke Kerrythustra!

“We really know that we can talk about” chemical weapons being used (but don’t show the evidence, just “talk” about it).

Kerry told us—big news!—that, gee, the Internet showed the world the effects of the chemical attack almost live, “just 90 minutes later all hell broke loose in the social media!” (Yes, Mr. Secretary we all “saw” the effects of a chemical attack on social media, the people of the world look at it as much as your NSA looks at us “on” it.

Did you give evidence about “who” launched the strike seen on the worldwide web 90 minutes after it happened? Would you like to stop talking and show us? No?

The Mummy droned on in that pontifical habit of the elitist talking down to us in Queen-Elizabethan first person plural about how “we saw rows of dead lined up in burial shrouds…”

(Yes, tell me what I already saw myself, and keep avoiding showing me who actually did it: Assad’s people or the Free Syrian Army stealing Syrian Army missiles firing them to get your usually Mummified attention on the Internet.)

“This is the indiscriminate, inconceivable horror of chemical weapons,” Kerry concluded.

(Sure is.)

“This is what Assad did to his own people.”

(Say it. Don’t prove it!! Make me blindly believe.)

Holy Orwellian angst, Batman! Kerry uses disjointed emotional, sentimental and hysterical phrases, then jumps over proving any of it and speaks like he’s actually shown us that evidence, cutting to the chase, telling us what to think about his string of unsubstantiated accusations just delivered. Then the brainwashing finish: “The primary question is really no longer, what do we know. The question is what are we—we collectively—what are we in the world going to do about it?”

Where has “knowing” even entered in this man’s diatribe against the Assad Regime??? Where was the evidence? Nothing offered but bombast passing out of Kerry’s dissipatedly tight, Boris Karloff taciturn lips supported grounds for Obama launching missiles on Syria getting America into yet another Middle Eastern quagmire.

This sad show is Uranus (mass media propaganda) going wacky. The rug of reason is upheaved and we are tripped for hysterical effect by a “Plutocracy” under the malefic power of a Uranian squared Pluto governance using doublespeak to make you emote and act on no substance, on no evidence, to go to war overseas thinking you almost know why you’re getting yourselves killed!

This is not a Mercury retrograde flubbing of communication. It is much worse. Obama and his Mummy began rattling the sabers on 25 August, the very day Uranus in Aries returned to its near-exact square of a 2 degree orb with Pluto in Capricorn. This is a time when the President who favors his audacity to hope will show the more negative definitions of “audacity”. In Chapter 2 of Predictions for 2013-2014, covering my Obama predictions for his second term, I wrote:

“Audacity” was the catchword of Obama’s best-selling book The Audacity of Hope; a tome-sized long and lofty political speech of a book that set out his ambitions, political dreams and goals. The Obama years definitely started with his followers full of audacious hope anticipating he would live up to his soaring words and the many audacious promises eagerly dispensed to all and everyone. Would he, really, live up to the positive definition of “audacious”?

Will he be that fearless, daring and bold president, at last?

With one term finished and a new term beginning, many of the same true believers, the Obamalievers, mutter to me now about the more negative definition of “audacious” that paint the first African American president with an un-Lincolnesque brush as being presumptuous, overconfident, impertinent, assuming; or, foolhardy—rash.

To divine which audacious Obama will be president in his second term…READ MORE.

This year’s final Uranus square with Pluto lasts into late December 2013. Watch therefore President Obama tempted to make an impetuous rush, jumping to biased conclusions before thinking his decisions out. Even now, he will go on assuming evidence that Syrian regime used chemical weapons brought to his attention by the CIA and NSA are unquestioned fact. He chooses conveniently to assume that his Alpha-male and female cabinet hawks have no agenda to embellish “actionable” intelligence with an “actionable arrogance”. I predict they will go on influencing this president in the coming months and their easy manipulation will show just how much Obama is out of his depth as a man and a leader of the United States. Though Obama had another potential destiny, my Oracle has consistently warned that if he became president in 2008 he would come to is destiny too soon. (See Obama Nation).

The good news is the world is getting smart to these US mad rushes to war for murkier strategic reasons based on little hard evidence but a whole lot of projection of special interests hiding behind power. The last “Obama” (G.W. Bush) rammed through bogus data to get America into the disaster of Iraq. This time, the British people at least are not ready to spill blood and treasure. This time British Parliament voted down Prime Minister Cameron’s chest-beating appeals to charge off with the Americans to teach the Syrian regime a lesson without learning the lesson of not having clear strategic goals.

After them followed the Arab League. Once burned by an Obama doctrine that leads from its behind. They had approved his plan to bomb Libya with US and NATO planes. Gaddafi is gone, yes, but Libya is a new haven for jihadist upheavals spreading across North Africa and the Sahel. Obama’s planes and bombs aided these jihadists and warlords!

Never again, says the League. They dropped their support of a punitive attack on Assad’s regime. The United Nations too and NATO. It’s enough to paraphrase what Glinda, the Good Witch of the North from the Wizard of Oz might say, “and in Toto NATO too!” (Arf! Arf!)

“And NATO too…”

Rather than war erupting on Saturday, Obama came out to announce in so many more words without evidence than his Mummy that he had decided the Assad Regime was unquestionably at fault for the attack. That he was going to strike Syria, period!

Still, President Obama would grace US Congress with an opportunity to debate his already-made decision, in a not too subtle attempt to put a good spin on being abandoned by his foreign allies by throwing the responsibility on Congress, in the president’s oft applied passive aggressive political maneuvers after a blunder. He chased that unexpected announcement at his press conference with an outrageously naïve promise. Apparently he would be using his favorite weapons of war, robots, i.e. drones and cruise missiles, adding that no US service man or woman would be put in harm’s way when his missiles began killing people and blowing things up in Syria, thank you very much.

Audacity in its negative potentials is “presumptuous, assuming and foolhardy.” If there is a US cruise missile attack the Syrian regime, its chief allies the Iranians and Hezbullah in Southern Lebanon will defend themselves. Obama, you may position your US destroyers as far away in the Mediterranean as you like before firing hundreds of missiles killing hundreds of people in the dark of night yet Syria intends to defend itself. They have missiles that can target your destroyers. They have a fleet of diesel-powered attack submarines. When you have placed jets and military assets on Cyprus, just 100 miles or so away from Syrian missiles, when you position military personnel in Turkish NATO bases just over the Syrian-Turkish border, when US garrisons team with thousands of personnel in Kuwait, or guard the Syrian border with Jordan, ALL of these troops WILL BE IN HARM’S WAY!

Stupid Empowered, reigns in halls of the powerful in a Uranus-Pluto Square!

Uranus in Aries in a square with Pluto in Capricorn is a ruler of upheaval and nasty surprises for what Pluto in Capricorn rules: the economy and status quo suppressing the forward progress of reform, humanitarianism and revolution [Uranus]. You will notice that things went bad to rushing-to-war “worse” around 24-25 August, just when the square achieved a two degree orb of influence (that means, a close magnification of the square of two planets at 90 degrees of exact inharmonious aspect).

The Square will go closer to exact towards the end of September, just about the time the US Congress decides to support or reject the president’s missile strike. I predict they will support it. The conjunction goes exact around 17-18 October! That’s when the “Shahid” will hit the fan in ways unplanned for by this administration.

I will predict this, American people. If I am wrong and the Congress rejects Obama’s war drumming, you still have vestiges of a representative democracy functioning. If they vote to support his war mongering, consider your democracy has failed and you have moved from being citizens of a democratically inspired republic to mere subjects and peons under the rule of a CEOligarchic big business aristocracy. The oil corporations want this war toppling Assad as part one of a war that takes down Iran next. (See Nostradamus Iran.) If your government is “buy” the Corp, “of” the Corp and political favors “for sale for” the Corporations supporting this military industrial complex, Congress will support Obama’s strike on Syria as I predict they will later this September.

The consequence of this corporate-friendly decision of Congress will be a full-scale war in the Middle East over Syria, dragging in the US, NATO and Israel starting as soon as mid-October through November just when the great Comet ISON falling through the skies is seen with the naked eye.

Perhaps it is the comet of the Third Antichrist of Nostradamus, named Mabus, said to be a portent of his coming.

(Read more about who he is and where Obama stands as a candidate, click on Antichrist.)


The four main candidates for Nostradamus’ Third and Final Antichrist. Click on the picture and read more.

Investigate further all the powerful astrological aspects gathering for the final months of this ominous year in history explained in detail in Predictions for 2013-2014. You can purchase it now on Kindle.

It will also appear for sale on Nook, Kobo and Smashwords by the time I appear this Wednesday, 10 PM to 2 AM on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory on Premier radio and on the worldwide web for a THREE-HOUR marathon interview about the near future.

Now please continue reading below what I wrote on 25 August, the day Uranus and Pluto went into deep square. It has more to do with what is coming next, even though it was composed and published over a week earlier.

DATELINE 25 August 2013

US False Flagging
A Syrian Chemcal Weapon Attack?

The stink is back. The NeoCon Job becomes an old con job of imperial aspirations. There was ever a plan set in motion “before” 9-11, by elements in the government belonging to the NeoConservative Movement, to have Americans spend blood and treasure to take down regimes in seven countries across North Africa and the Middle East. Since the plan was originally contemplated in 1992, presidents change but the momentum of war plans ever moves forward taking them for a ride. From President Bush to Obama they go. Dictatorial regimes on the list have fallen, such as Iraq, and Libya. Somalia is contained as is Yemen under the robot eye of lethal US drones. The Taliban in Afghanistan, for now, seem contained as well. The Sudan Islamic regime has been separated from its oil rigs in the new breakaway state of South Sudan: a perfect setup for border clashes that will start a war the South Sudanese cannot sustain requiring the “Obama Doctrine” fly in a drone and aerial armada to blast the North Sudanese military and leadership assets faster than you can say “Muhammar Gaddafi!” Or, “Saddam Hussein!”

Sudan is a low priority. They will be cleaned out with the garbage later. For now we see the NeoCons setting us up whilst they set up the US president for the “big show”. In Nostradamus: The War with Iran – Islamic Prophecies of the Apocalypse, I detail a US plan set in motion. I have long forecasted it would be a “NeoCon Texas two-step” dance of death: first isolating Iran from Hezbullah in South Lebanon by exploiting the Arab Spring aspirations of Syrians, having the US “play the Vietnam card” once again, picking sides in a civil war that’s aim is to topple the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad a key Iranian ally. After step one starts in 2013, comes “step two” by mid-decade, an attack and regime change falling like a fire from the sky on Iran.

All of this dancing with bloody and fatal hypocrisy is done the same old way because the powers behind government façades, be they Bush or Obama administrations, count on the American people being disconnected and distracted. To tell the story, as it were, in a nutshell-sized globule of sarin poison gassed succinctness, the NeoConObama Doctrine as we have already seen performed in Libya, finds a reason to hide behind NATO gravitas and faux international support to bomb the crap out of any dictator the moment the civil war against them falters. You heard it then, you hear and “here at present” Obama now, decrying the need to protect innocent civilians from the evil al-Assad regime. Then like now, Libya or Syria, take your pick, you’ll see both sides committing atrocities on civilians and rather than seek a political solution, the United States of NeoCons will call their choosing sides “protecting” civilians”. They will put lipstick on the about-to-be slaughtered sacrificial “pig” of a regime for their own strategic ends. These ends become a social and political “dead end” waiting in the near future for every nation Americans have attacked without grounds, occupied without international support and left behind a tottering, sectarian violent mess.

The US media these days act like the Soviet Pravda news agency. They ape, goon and gaga whatever the government tells them to say and conveniently move your attention from the aftermath of US past “successes” bringing “democracy” to Iraq (when it is civil war), then Libya when what you have in Libya is what my Oracle accurately foretold in early 2011 before Gaddafi was deposed and killed nine months later bringing a US-NATO air strike sanctioned rebel “victory”. You have tribal warlords fighting over what is left. In the wake of every NeoConned war, you have a failing US economy and flag draped coffins flown into Dover Delaware, coming from a failed state and new breeding ground for Islamic extremism. When America blunders in, you get disorder in the name of democracy and a metastasizing spread of terrorism.

Syria is next.

Click on this cover to read more about this new eBook.

Click on this cover to read more about this new eBook.

In Predictions for 2013-2014, I wrote Chapter Seven’s subsection about what happens next to Syria; ironically, it just so happens it was on 20 April, Hitler’s birthday. (See NATO’s Quagmire in Syria) In it, I predicted the following US proxy war coming to a point in time near your present:

Chemical weapons will be used in the spring and summer, certainly no later than autumn 2013 in Syria. A slide into chaos where direct detonations of such weapons of mass destruction become regular events might compel Israel to initiate an open and sustained air war on the al-Assad regime with the aim of wiping out from the air its chemical weapons stockpiles and an estimated array of 2,000 Scud missiles that could deliver them.

I have already documented in these pages of predictions pulled out the the final stages of completing my eBook of predictions for 2013 and predictions for 2014 that have accurately dated when chemical weapons atrocities would take place and “who” is responsible for them. (See Syrian chemical weapons). I say to you now, for the prophetic record then as now: these chemical attacks are the actions of the Free Syrian Army and not the Assad regime.

You need not believe in prophecies made and documented in these pages many weeks and months before the attacks in late April and mid-May happened. Just consider what Barack Obama, the new spokesman for NeoCon preemptive attacks on rogue regimes, along with the NATO allies have threatened but have not done. Chemical attacks were their “red line” that if Assad crossed would bring down a Gaddafi-style, regime-killing attack out of the air with cruise missile, hornet jet and drone in May or June at the latest.

I am writing this at the end of August.

Nothing happened!

Silence reigned. Obama-mums the word about red lines and air strikes on Damascus until recently.



You need no Nostradamus to tell you this. The reports coming from UN inspectors and a team of chemical weapons experts from Russia in May must have been correct. The chemical attacks of late April and May 2013 were “not” from weapons grade, military industrialized, sarin warheads of Russian manufacture that the Syrian regime has stockpiled. They actually were home made and fired by jihadist elements of the Free Syrian Army to create a false perception that would cause all the chest beating and clatter of saber rattling needed for a rush to war by NATO.

Well, you can’t look good going to war ostensibly to protect civilians when “your” side of the Syrian Civil War is doing all the civilian gassing!

And now we have another NeoCon job botch-up in the making with the most current gassing of upwards of 600 people [Updated toll, 4 September: 1,464 dead 7,500 injured] in a Free-Syrian-Army held eastern suburb of Damascus. It seems that those people whispering into the mediocre minds of sitting presidents about vials of anthrax and sarin waved over America like a sword of Damocles, ready to drop shatter and gas US cities, get more sloppy with their propagating imminent danger requiring a “slam dunk” occupation of Iraq, a turning of Libya into tribal chaos. Now, time to get the US and NATO once again into a war with Obama not leading from behind as he likes to think he does but by Neoconservatives helping Obama lead with his behind by gullible belief in their foment of a phony story most asinine. They want him to believe and then precipitously “ACT” on their “intelligence” reports that Assad would launch a dreadful chemical attack on mostly children just when he has invited UN inspectors back in his country, to scientifically investigate earlier claims of chemical attacks.

Assad might as well put a flying drone to his head and pull the keypad trigger of the US Air Force officer flying it “on” the seat of his pants around the other side of the world from his comfortable cubicle in Tampa Bay Florida. This is the Free Syrian Army once again killing not dozens, but this time hundreds of innocent civilians, many of them children as the serried ranks of the shrouded dead on news feeds attests. Next time these monstrous “friends” and allies of the United States will gas thousands by launching a Syrian Army missile they have stolen until they get a false flagged red line crossed that drags Europe and America into yet another NeoConned gassed up Middle Eastern quagmire.

This quagmire is not even the main event. Iran is next and in all my 30 years of studying Nostradamus’ prophecies from the 1550s, I have rarely seen so many clear inferences and warnings in his quatrains of that oncoming war, dated for the mid-decade, with the future naval clashes in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz called by their 16th-century names. The Iranian flag’s abstract red tulip symbolizing Islamic martyrdom is described as is the US Navy Jack belonging perhaps to a fleet that will be “melted and sunk” and sent to the bottom of the “Arabian” (Persian) Gulf.

Is it the US NAVY? Is it the Iranian navy consisting mostly of water bug-like boats as Nostradamus describes coming out of the shores of “Carmania” the 16th-century name for the Iranian coastline of the Strait of Hormuz?

Click on the cover and read more.

Click on the cover and read more.

Not interested?

You should be.

I predict that if this two-step death dance with Syria, then Iran, goes forward it does so because of your disinterest in these matters. It does so because of your apathy as a citizen of the American or European democracies who is not willing to exert your citizen power against the stupidity of your leaders and you will be directly impacted! No one living on this planet will be immune to the consequences of this war.

If there is war with Iran, oil production and transport will be disrupted. If your fiat global economy has not already busted its own balloons of phony growth before 2016 (See Towards a Greater Depression) a war with Iran will collapse the global economy. Gone goes your job. Gone for some unknown time will be affordable fuel prices to ship goods to your supermarket, your business, your home. You will have no job and catastrophically hiked up food prices. Maybe then you might understand why Arabs ran into the streets of the Middle East protesting and fomenting revolution when you too have to spend 40 percent of “your” remaining earnings on food just to feed your families each day.

Yes. It is scary. But don’t run away from it. Face it and act. That is how you prevent my Oracle’s terrible story from happening.

Here at Hogueprophecy, we try to scare you straight

Along with taking political action, also venture inward and seek understanding and insight into yourself and your part in the mess that is our world (as well as your inner “answer”) through meditation. It is the most important thing I can share with you in 500 articles in these these pages (see the archives listing all articles since 1999). Take the outer step to politically pressure your leaders to avoid conflict whilst you equally and in balance take an inner step into Meditation.

You can simply Contact me and put in the subject line: Meditation. I will freely send you links and pointers about the meditations I use.


Click on this cover to read more about this new eBook.

Click on this cover to read more about this new eBook.

We are a week away from the airing of my powerful interaction with Whitley Strieber on Dreamland at There is one week left for you to help Hogueprophecy and receive a gift for your contribution of $12.50 or a little more: the extended edition of Predictions for 2013-2014 with an additional 13th Chapter on the Hopi Prophecies of the Blue Kachina.

Scroll down to the dancing Blue Kachina and find out more. Thank you.


If for some reason you cannot leave your comments in the comments box below, just send them to me via the Contact email button. If they are interesting and clearly written I will post them with my inserted comments. I will even post some of you rare souls disposing promising content with all the dirty literary laundry “spots” of functional illiteracy displayed publicly to my worldwide readership “uncorrected”. Though I should caution, my readers are far less forgiving than I am and you will receive their reviews. So, do your very best and even you folks who can’t write your way out of a sixth-grade Middle School level literacy test have a misspelled “chanse” getting print-tud on “thees” “pagis”.


Sir , I take offense at your labeling of this movement .I belong to this org. I am not evil , I didn.t drink the cool-aide . Myself and others love this country ,NOT the GOV. ! We believe in the HISTORICAL interprertation of the Constitution . If the Constitution was adhered to as intended most of these problems would had never developed .

First off, Wayne, learn how to punctuate. Even the drafters of the US Constitution understood that you don’t put a space before every period and comma. I wonder just how deep is your reading of the Constitution. Can you show me where it says in the Constitution when a faction in Congress doesn’t achieve a majority of votes to change or end legislation that it can then go forward with extorting the majority and shutting down the US government?

You “say” your movement stands for interpreting the “HISTORICAL” Constitution (your uppercase strident yelling in print). However, your Tea Party’s actions aren’t supported by the Constitution.

So, here’s your chance. Can you actually cite the chapter and verse that allows a faction in Congress who can’t get enough votes to vote down a law to extort the majority to pass things their way by shutting down the government?

Secondly, how do you explain loving country and not the government that our Constitution has created for us? If you love this country and its constitution you must love what the Constitution has given you as a government system. Work with it. Make it run better. And “know” your rights and its procedures. You can’t simplistically “hate” the government your Constitution has granted you.

Your letter and its odd and uninformed line of thinking is evidence why I am hard on your movement. There are, by the way, many Constitutional legislators I do support, such as Dennis Kucinich on the left and Ron Paul on the right who “do” know their Constitution. They would have more impact  helping our country if people like “you” would rise to their understanding of the Constitution, Wayne.


I disagree highly with your attack on Obama. He is definitely not what you say he is. I’m also extremely disappointed in you. White female, age 66.

I have written long and in great detail about Obama’s destiny to be great or his destiny to be missed by rushing his time to be president far too soon.

One of the occupational hazards of my work is that I will often have people blindly like what I say because it resembles their expectations. Equally, I will make other people blindly condemn what I say because it doesn’t match their expectations of Obama and the future. Because I hit fairly, I have Republicans “and” Democrats very disappointed with me. So be it.

On very rare occasions, there are people that can put their emotional reactions and expectations aside and look deeply into my forecasts. They read my books, such as Predictions for 2013-2014 with its 131,000 words of discourse, rather than rush to judge me by listening half attentively to some radio show for a few minutes.

It is my sincere hope that you have the potential to be one of those rare few people, Lora, who have the courage to look deeper beyond your expectations and reactions at what I actually write about Barack Obama.

Now it’s time to upset the next reader’s projections coming from the Right side of his biases:


Here’s another example of readers with Democrat Blue colored eyeglasses getting in a huff about what I say about a Donkeycratic president. WARNING: do not think you Dumbo readers wearing your Red GOP glasses are immune to doing what blue Donkey minds do. Watch how I go after the Tea Party Zealot’s government shut down in the next blog stream. Here’s Paula with her blue glasses on:

You incorrectly predicted that Congress’s would approve a Syrian strike toward the end of September. I think it is unnecessary and unprofessional for you to attack President Obama and Secretary Kerry. Stick to your predictions and keep your ugly political attitude to yourself.

This is where you predicted Congress would approve a Syrian strike… the paragraph under the image of Iran, Syria, Mideast unrest.

Here’s the quote in question:

“The Square will go closer to exact towards the end of September, just about the time the US Congress decides to support or reject the president’s missile strike. I predict they will support it. The conjunction goes exact around 17-18 October! That’s when the “Shahid” will hit the fan in ways unplanned for by this administration.”

Fortunately in error, thankfully because of the error of the Mummy making jokes taken seriously by Syria. The timeline has changed, as I pointed out in my followup in the same blog stream added after this posting about Kerry’s “Joke Diplomacy”, which you did not yet read, Paula. However, in Prediction for 2013-2014 I stated other astrological windows for war with Syria, agreed to by Congress. We must look out for events still possibly unraveling and the Congress voting approval of strikes. Hopefully I’ll be wrong about that too. That window is coming later this autumn at the peak of the Uranus-Pluto Square.

Now, obviously your bias is pro-Obama so you tend to only get your buttons pushed when I hit your blue-filtered projection of “Messianic politician” upon the man. It is not surprising how silent you are about the very accurate slams I’ve delivered to the Tea Party and the GOP over the years. You all love me when my forecasts “agree” by accident with your biases.

Also, there have been many times I have predicted the success of Obamacare and the success of the president. So your snipe at me in the last email in unfounded by facts. This is not my problem, I accept it as an occupational hazard. The shame is on “you”.

I wish readers like yourself, be they left or right leaning, would do yourselves and your own inner truth a favor and look at how biases guide your views on my political predictions.

However, I predict you won’t see the fairness of my predictions. You can’t, as long as the biased mind filters them, taking my forecasts in some way personally.

I would hope you will make that prediction wrong, but you won’t.

You can’t unless you see yourself beyond your judging mindset.

Still, that is my dream and hope for you, Paula.


John Hogue

PS–the way to make that dream come true is to meditate. Though meditation, people can see their biases in the light of consciousness. If you but ask, I will freely give you information and links to the meditation techniques I use.  Just Contact me at that menu button on my website and put in the subject line: Meditation.


Now here’s Michael seeing the world through his Red GOP-Tea Party-Libertarian glasses. The hyperbole in his prophecy is red-filtered:

JH, no doubt you have noticed the steady progression of radical Obama behavior since 1st term inauguration into 2nd term where he is obviously beyond most all control/influence by other government bodies. If you think he is radical now, just wait until after the 2014 midterm elections. He will then live up to his motto of “Change.” He will become a hated tyrant by all except his most fawning and dedicated sociopath cultists, and there will be nearly no effective opposition to his reign of terror from within the federal DC government. You’ll see, JH.

The reality of Obama’s legacy will not be so starkly red filtered or blue sun glassed up. The best way to understand my views on this is to read the chapter on Obama predictions in my new eBook.


And now, I kind word and a stretch of irrational rationalization in defense of The Mummy Secretary of State’s “Joke” deplomacy.

John Kerry wasn’t joking. What he said wasn’t an accident either. He gave his own solid opinion on what he felt would directly address and solve the Syrian stockpiles of chemicals problem, which is to remove them. I thought the same thing– missile strikes weren’t going to remove the chemical weapons!

Then John Kerry simply used “reverse Psychology”with a dare/ challenge to Syria’s ego, by saying that “Syria won’t or can”t turn over the chemical weapons”…(Editor’s note, the rest thankfully deleated…)

Hmm…As usual this is one of those running on and on and on letters that usually people wearing blue glasses of a liberal send my way. Where the guys with their red colored right wing glasses usually go after me with anal retentive simplicity, laboring long and hard trying to squeeze out  just two or three words, such as, “You are F**ked!” or “You are Un-Americun”, the blue filtered liberal applies their overly adorned intellectual bling like a necklace of thoughts strung for a Mardi Gras in New Orleans–just waaaaay too much blah, blah, blah-bling-parade!

Beth took a break from sending me her incessant and unsolicited petitions to save this or that furry or flippery thing (even though I’ve told her to desist), to think for John Kerry where no Mummy “thought” had gone before. In her epic letter she applied her psychology degree to bend reality and “reason” that Kerry’s joke putting his big foot squarely in his mouth, was the maneuver of a shrewd negotiator. It was part of Obama’s  “master plan” to get Syrian chem weapons dismantled and Iran to the talking table.

I’m interpreting the gist of Beth’s Jungian jackity-yack of epic length for you. If I’ve understood her line of thinking, Obama planned snub Congress by going first to them to receive support for a punitive strike on Syria. Instead his strategic goal was to boldly send the British Prime Minister to British Parliament. The plan was that Parliament was supposed to vote down their PM Cameron’s call to join the US in this strike. This is important because Obama needed enough political disasters like the Arab League, NATO then the UN joining British Parliament voting “no”, so  That  Obama could come to Congress “late” and ask them to vote, even though he stressed that he had the power to ignore their vote if it wasn’t a “yes” to his strike. I mean, with the debt ceiling and budget deadline only days away, Obama needed to insult the US Congress. They’ve just been too supportive of his foreign and domestic policies these days!

Now then, once all the brilliance of this “plan’s” preliminary steps had “perfectly” aligned it was time to let fly Kerry’s mummfied lips loose uttering his masterstroke, his “joke”, chased with a prediction that Syria would never offer to dismantle their Chem. weapons. Of course any idiot can understand that he “wanted” them to take the reverse psychological bait and offer to give up their weapons. Goodness me! They didn’t need those gas missiles anyway as they are winning their civil war.

After his Jokesterggedon moment, Kerry violently protested that he was only fibbing. War was imminent. He was only looking like he was stammering and befuddled. I mean, isn’t John Kerry a great “actor”? Is he not as stiff and wooden as Tree Beard?

This completely sorry and political disaster for Kerry and the President was only meant to look like Barack Obama had stepped into the doo doo of his worst diplomatic, foreign policy blunder of his presidency. The point of genius here is that all of these missteps and misspoken words were intended to create the “appearance” of a major foreign policy disaster, so that once this “bait” was set, Russia would appear to take the initiative and “give” Obama and his Mummy what they always intended, a diplomatic breakthrough with Syria and Iran.


Now, I know you’re Nuts !   A Goofy Progressive Leftist !

You’ve got it all figured out behind those rose-colored glasses.

I know U drink the Little- 0’s  Kool-Aid !

The important thing is to question your premises. You presume not to be drinking your own dogma imposed by others.

I can prove in an instant with one fact and many more facts to follow  that you are completely compromised and that you live identified in the fictions of others without even  knowing it. Talk about Kool-Aid! This compromising of your truth happened before you even knew what Kool-Aid was.

Fact one: If you have a name others call you, then they have identified you with that borrowed name.

If you have a national label, you have borrowed it from others.

If you identify with a party, this personality you have borrowed from others, with a borrowed name and a national label has picked it for you.

If you believe in theism or atheism, you base your borrowed understanding upon a qualified ignorance for that is what belief is.

You think you know yourself but your very “thinking” is a collection of borrowed ideas from others.

The truth is, you have NEVER thought for yourself, felt for yourself, understood yourself or even intrinsically know and discover what “Self” is. You use a false thinking process to falsely “think” you are an individual that doesn’t drink the Kool-Aid.

You are a collection of other people’s thoughts and projections even before you have taken that a sip of Kool-Aid, Mr. “Comeldad”.

These are the fundamental and shattering revelations each seeker of Truth must encounter. Otherwise you’re life is lived in a dream. You are jacked into your own Matrix fantasizing a life from birth to the grave, thinking it was lived, even though you have yet to actually be “alive”.

It’s a hard hit, I know. And you will blow me off as being “crazy” because that’s how you’ve be automatically programmed to handle these moments.

This is your “Morpheus” moment. Remember when he stood over Neo after he was unplugged and snatched from the sewers of the machine world? He said with sad compassion in his eyes,  “Welcome to the ‘real’ world”.

Once this reality was encountered, Neo could begin his hero’s journey to transcendence and truth.

The movie was a myth, but this “Myth” is an eternal truth and all of us will have to get unplugged from our illusions, sooner or later, and grasp our truth.


Mr. Hogue, While listening to you on Coast To Coast AM on 9/4/2013 you mentioned an “unraveling of human and animal” that Nostradamus stated. Could this be the unraveling of the genetic code. e.g. gmos etc. ?? Scott.


thank you so very much for your dedication to change and the sharing of important info,,,,especially in these times. i have bought your books in the past, and just bought your predictions 2013-14 after listening to you on coast. thank you …thank you.


I was listening to your interpretation of the prophecies of Nostrodamus on Coast to Coast today. One of the items in the prophecy had something to do with the world of animal and man unraveling. One possibility is that that could have something to do with genetics and cloning. We now have to ability to clone animals and although human cloning is outlawed, it is easy to imagine that somewhere, someone with a bit of money and push is looking into it. Just for the record, I am a skeptic who is open to just about anything but actually believes very little. I’m still on the fence about prophecies and astrology and I think it’s equally ignorant to accept as it is to refute something (no matter how outrageous it may seem) without first examining the evidence.


Hi John; Great show. You are an excellent speaker and clearly explain your ideas without getting sidetracked. A pleasure listening to you. At the end of your recent interview, you offered to send a few links to help people understand how to vision the way Nostradamus did. If you would be so kind it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

Actually, “no”, David. I did not offer links to better understand how to predict like Nostradamus. This is how the mind in us projects itself on the worlds of others. We all have minds that do this. Meditation is the way to catch your mind in the act. Mediation was what I was offering, not instructions in how to be Nostradamus. If you ask for meditation links and then delve into the world of self-Observation, who cares about Nostradamus and prophecy? Meditation leads to the truth beyond minds, beyond prophecy, beyond time.


I see that one can get the kindle version of your book but do you have it in paperback? I did not see it …please advise. Thank you so much! Also, I wanted to say that you were fabulous on Coast to Coast AM the other night. Great interview!

Hi Coni, between now and 1 November I hope to establish a print per order option for that book and others, just so my readers who still want paper books may receive them.

Stay tuned to my newsletter list when these become available between now and Halloween. Trick or treat!


Thanks…strange days ahead

Yes, some writers are calling this Obama’s “guns of August.” (The title of the historical account of how the European nations, against all conscious desires and reasons, got themselves entangled by alliances into the First World War in August 1914. One wonders if 1914 is repeated in 2014.


The Neocons have almost no power why do you give the guy in charge a out every time. I think you are great and I tons of respect for you but come on.

What you or I believe or want to believe, Jim, is irrelevant. I deal and my contacts deal with what lies beneath the propagation of the lame-brain-stream news. Watch the events as they unravel. September-October 2013 has been my long and documented time window for NATO striking Syria as step one of their two- step plan to first isolate then attack Iran by 20150-2016 at the latest. (See Nostradamus Iranian predictions). Also, how can you say I give Obama an out? (Folks, does this fellow even read Hogueprophecy?) It is clear that he has adopted the neoconservative agenda.

PIX (5) CH3-IranWarcoverMoreover, I do not think you have done much reading of Neocon manifestos as they have evolved from 1992 to the present. In my Nostradamus: The War with Iran eBook, I take my readers through that evolution. You will find that they are willing to work with any president if that president is a believer. Like al-Qaeda, Neoconservatism is a philosophy first. It has its Apostles who indoctrinate people to support and act upon a narrow worldview. Republican and Democrat presidents are little different when it comes to supporting the biases, programming and dogma of US Hegemonic policy.

We are already seeing that Obama is Bush when it comes to the hegemonic primary need to target and overthrow regimes and you don’t have to be a card carrying Neocon to be a follower of their ideas. Obama is a follower.

Obama may make more moves or “appear” like he’s using diplomacy than Bush, but he is, as events will prove, merely Bush with a tan who intellectually is a Neocon’s man.

So Jim, if you have tons of respect for me, do that respect the favor of being better read about my view on Obama, especially look to the scathing pronouncement and study of character flaws in the Obama Prophecies chapter of Predictions for 2013-2014.

See a sample of articles on Obama in prophecy articles posted at the Hogueprophecy archives and more comprehensively described in my eBooks:


Well… I used to have respect for you, but after reading your irrational/delusional rating about the Obama Admin & the Syrian Chemical attack, no longer. I spent 6 years in US Army chemical weapons and 5 years in US Army surface to surface missile systems, there is little doubt about what happened. Even Human Rights Watch agrees. You are simply WRONG!

I’ll ask you what I ask the president. And what I ask of you and the president is not charged with overly emotional outburst like this letter above. What I ask you is to be ‘rational’. Trust but verify is what Reagan used to say. And it is what I ask you to do. Show me the evidence, Sam. Not an emotional brain-fart of an outburst. If this were a combat situation and we were under fire, do you think your emotional outburst would be helping our unit fight and win this battle? I’d have to tell you to chill out and get a grip. Drop the emotional meltdown and give me confirmation of intelligence about the “enemy?

You may now have no respect for me, but what I see in your letter is no respect for showing the American people THE EVIDENCE that the Assad regime gassed its own people. FACT: You don’t know “Jack” about what happened in Syria on 21st August, and who did it. You just have your opinion which is not actionable intelligence. I am asking this president to show the world his evidence just like Kennedy did through Adlai Stevenson before the Soviet delegation at the UN during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Even tonight in Obama’s much anticipated speech to the nation, no evidence beyond his words was presented. We’ve done Gulf of Tonkin. We’ve done vials of fake anthrax before invading Iraq. I am happy to see just how huge the American majority is protesting this rush to war. The American people are learning from their mistakes. Why don’t you join the team Sam and ask what I am asking the president and Kerry. I’m asking for verification as much for you as for myself. I’m doing this for you and people like you who might end up in harm’s way once again for all the bogus reasons of the Gulf of Tonkin and the Iraq debacle. It is the patriotic thing to do, “ask” for verification. And if I’m simply wrong, fine. Prove it.


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  1. Victor Esteban
    Posted 2 October 2013 at 8:40 am | Permalink

    Hello Mr. Hogue,

    You have a lot of very interesting and intriguing things to say. However, your writing style is quite difficult to follow and I usually give up a third or the way through each new article. If possible can you write topic sentences in plain, straight-forward English, in bold-face print, that contain the prophecy or the point you are trying to make please?

    Many thanks, VE

    Sorry VE,
    I lovingly invite you to rise in your literacy.

    When I am challenged by writers, I pull out my dictionary and my thesarsus. I work to improve my ability to absorb what they say. This happened when I read Frank Herbert (of “Dune” fame) or Shakespeare, or Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky and many others. I have been immensely enriched by my efforts to rise and understand them.

    Also for economic reasons, ever since I stopped compromising my sentences for those who have a harder time understanding me, my readership has exponentially grown. That tells me that a majority of my readers want a higher standard, a more challenging prose, laced with humor and satire, puns and my own creations–hogueisms–in it. A majority of my readers pay my bills so I listen.

    I’m sorry you’re having a struggle with my style. I do care for you, enough to risk saying with all positive encouragement: strive higher to understand me. Make the effort and you’ll be rewarded.

    Thank you for your letter today.

    John Hogue

  2. Linda Robinett
    Posted 17 September 2013 at 3:46 am | Permalink

    The Navy Shipyard shooting was done by a disgruntled employee not a terrorist.

    It is best to let the FBI continue their investigation before jumping to conclusions. For one thing, you are, on your statement, leaving out many details, such as the fact that he was schizophrenic, heard voices. Had issues with anger and gun violence. I hope you’re right about him, meaining in the context of his mental health issues, not having some al-Qaeda “voice” speaking in his schizo mind, as it were. Just remember though, months passed before it was divulged by the FBI that the older Tsarnaiev brother was actually a White Supremacist and not a jihadist. So, we will see and then we will report.

  3. Mark Porter
    Posted 8 September 2013 at 8:58 am | Permalink

    Hey John:

    I agree with you wholeheartedly concerning this situation in Syria. The American people are continually duped with false flags, and continued trumped up reasons to spend trillions, shed blood needlessly, and wreck economies. The nauseating part is the hypocrisy involved in all of this. Where was all of the concern and worry when Israel attacked Lebanon, and killed 1300, mostly women and children, attacked by phosphorous bombs, and having their skin burned off of them while alive, some actually with the misfortune of being left alive. Why was there no cruise missile attack upon our great ally, Israel. Especially since Israel is number one in leading the way with continued violation of human rights, yet no one in our government confronts them, cuts foreign aid, military aid, or even an outcry to AIPAC, or the Antidefamation League. Only praise for Israel’s disgusting actions. The actions of the U.S. are truly shameful.

  4. Gary
    Posted 3 September 2013 at 1:38 am | Permalink

    Obama is simply the coach of the team . Who hired him to coach the team? He doesn’t make the decisions , he says what he is told to say

  5. Posted 25 August 2013 at 9:43 am | Permalink

    Interesting article John. I’ve read recently too that Russia is actually one of the “good guys” in all this; that Putin & Company have been resistant to the NeoCons and the Global Overlords of Corporate Domination (afterall, this is all about control resources–who says oil and water doesn’t mix?). Any truth to this?

    Yes, Paul. My research also leads to that conclusion. Putin certainly has his power issues, but one of them is not manufacturing wars to feed new markets of war to an industrial-security military complex. The Russian version of this collapsed with the Cold War. I hope America doesn’t have to collapse before we lose ours, but that could be where we are heading. For you, Paul, or anyone else who desires to go deeper into understanding my take on this, I suggest you read “Nostradamus, the War with Iran — Islamic Prophecies of the Apocalypse”.

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