School Shooting Massacre, Syrian Scuds, 12-21-2012, Hogue Shut out at Fox, US Winter Drought, Mabus in Palestine, and Egypt – Oh Morsi, Me

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20 December 2012

The Last Day of Earth?
The End of “End Times”?

It was the night before Doomsday,
And all through the Mayan Temple,
Not a Creature was stirring
Except the New Age People…

I predict that tomorrow, the long awaited winter solstice will be the “Great Went” of the Maya Calendar New Age myth industry. I’ve watched it, commented on it, seen my many filmed statements on a dozen documentaries edited out, because I have been a sympathetic skeptic of the way Jose Arguelles, Terence McKenna and last but certainly least, Vincent Bridges and a whole industry of pseudo-prophecy experts and New Age Guru Gringos from the North have played around with the real significance of  Maya prophecy and its place among the many forecasting calendrical traditions of ancient peoples rebooting in our lifetime.

I have spent a 25-year-long ramp up to tomorrow’s anticipated “Mayan Time’s Up” day criticizing those colleagues and New Age exploiters who first dragged a Native Mesoamerican calendar, then dragged poor French seer, Michel de Nostradamus, into the tangled web of their imaginative mythologies.

The name Maya makes a wicked literal pun with maya, the ancient Hindu Sanskrit word for “illusion.” Even though this is a mere coincidence, I think coincidence sends us a cautionary warning to sit back, count to ten. Let’s make the last look, the last word on the Maya Calendar the most balanced and refreshing. The best time to do this is not now, but starting the Day After Tomorrow.

For a decade now, many readers have asked me when I would jump on the bandwagon about the Mayan Calendar lining us up with Galactic Center on winter solstice 2012 to either fry the planet with gamma rays or dispense some laughing-gassed collective enlightenment, unearned. I have told them that I would publish a book “after” the Big Day that didn’t happen. What I have to say is for the more significant time coming, the Post-Mayan-Apocalyptic party hangover. Thus I aim to publish my newest e-book, Nostradamus 2012 – The End of End Times in the first half of January 2013. Find out more about the eBook, click on maya end of the world.

14 December 2012 (with further updates on  details entered as things become more clear, and I have time to enter them while I’m finishing Nostradamus 2012 for publication)

Another School Massacre
And Prophecies of the Mind Plague

There are times when dreaming during sleep, I become aware of a permeation of something that seems to be soaking that dream with a direness or an anxiety that may translate itself into my own personal subconscious issues but a knowing arises that this is some invasion of a larger issue coming from the collective mass mind. Often, when I awaken from such dreams, like this morning’s, and I feel a gnawing anxiety that seems bigger than my individual little unconscious problems, I begin to wonder if something big has happened in the world. I soon found out.

America has “once again” been shocked by what has become the second deadliest school shooting in American history after the Virginia Tech massacre. The details are still under a process of picking out of the fog of hearsay the pieces of fact. What is being reported is that at least 20 children and 6 adults of the teacher staff of the k-through-4th grade, Sandy Hook Elementary School near Newtown, Connecticut, were killed by a heavily armed 20-year old, named Adam  Lanza. It was first reported that Lanza was the son of one of the grade school’s kindergarten teachers, but her association with the school still remains unclear. She may have done some volunteer work or had been a substitute teacher. At the time of the attack she was retired from school teaching. What is developing in the story was her love of guns and target shooting and that she was a gun collector who trained her mentally disturbed son how to shoot. Apparently, this Friday,  Lanza seized upwards of six guns from her collection shot her dead at home,  then drove to the school, encountered the principal,  shot her and her assistant dead along with four other teaching staff, all fatalities were female. Lanza forthwith massacred most of a first grade class, relentlessly firing at the bodies with a Bushmaster .223 assault rifle. The coroner reported that  each child was riddled with multiple gunshot wounds — on average 7 bullets pumped and shattering apart their little 6 and 7 year-old bodies.

Lanza also was armed with a Savor and Glock 9mm handgun — on of which was used to kill himself.  The death toll, including the gunman is 28. The guns were registered under his mother’s name, and he was using his brother Ryan’s ID.  Witnesses said he had broken into the school and  did his murdering, dressed in black, with cold, methodical silence.

The motive still remains unclear. Police are looking into whether Lanza had had an argument with the school staff a day or two before. Stories of heroism are surfacing. The school principal Dawn Hochsprung had hurled herself against the gunman in an attempt to stop the shooting when she was killed. Twenty-seven year old Victoria Soto huddled her first-grade class of six-year olds into a cupboard, faced the gunman

First-grade teacher Victoria Soto, 27, selflessly sacrificed her own life to keep her class of six-year-olds from harm. She ushered the children into a cupboard and then came face to face with the gunman. Soto told  him the kids had been evacuated. Lanza shot her dead and moved on.  You can get more information as it develops by clicking on Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting.

2012 has seen a plague of mass shootings. Earlier this month people in an Oregon shopping mall. In August, a Sikh Temple in Brookfield, Wis., 6 people dead from a rampaging gunman. In July, an audience watching a Batman movie saw the shooting on the screen suddenly turn real when 12 were gunned down and 58 wounded by a flame hair-colored madman in Aurora Colorado. Even as I update this opening on 16 December, news reaches us that two hospital employees at St. Vincent Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama were woulded, along with a police officer who shot and killed the gunman early Saturday morning.

 From the prophetic angle, these heinous acts are a symptom of something that many native prophets all around the world have warned is overtaking humanity in these days. After the Aurora Shooting, I wrote about this collective madness gathering like a storm, a Mind Plague. Many of you have been feeling it. The weak minded, the psychically ill, like this shooter of little children today, will sometimes act, carried up on this collective madness wave.

This madness also rumbles over my head in the last week’s incessant and growling drone of military jets and bombers flying east from a nearby US naval base. In the past, when they roar into the eastern skies, it means another war in the Middle East is near, another conflict where US planes will be involved. This madness flies in the shriek of falling scud missiles on Syria’s largest city and rebel stronghold. The symptom of the Mind Plague is a new nature in war, the unraveling of nations like Libya, then Syria into chaos and civil war, a breakdown of sense, an undermining of logic, a myopia of partisanship over participation and compromise.

Back in 1999, I collected the visions of many prophets from different traditions and from different historical times who shared visions of the coming “Mind Broil”. These appeared in my book Messiahs: the Visions and Prophecies of the Second Coming (click on Messiah). Here is the preamble trying to make sense of this senseless wave of madness, followed by some of those visions:


Native prophetic traditions the world over generally share a vision of the world’s physical and psychic energy fields rising a third or more in intensity in the coming century. They contend that the Earth’s energy band began its increase between 1983 and 1991, and will attain to its higher vibration around 2012. It is said that this new frequency of energy will be a blessing to those who can embrace the unknown, and who are open to innovation, adventure, and meditation; however, the native seers and shamans warn that those who hold onto fear and contraction will find life after 2012 hard to endure. Some will enjoy mind-liberation while those who cannot change will suffer a mind-broil. Those individuals who cannot abandon fossilized ideas and traditions will be so subconsciously terrified by the new energies of new times that it is said they will drop dead from their own fear.

Tribal people will tell you that thoughts are things and that modern humankind uses the subtle forces of thought most irresponsibly. When there were so few of us, this didn’t have a serious impact, but now the unprecedented appearance of unaware and mechanically conditioned humans contributes more aberrant and unconscious thoughts than ever before. When the critical mass of so many unconscious thoughts may cause a foretold psychic trauma, only the ark of a silent mind may keep its cool in the brainstorms to come.

He whose mind is unsteady, who knows not the path of Truth, whose faith and peace are ever wavering, he shall never reach fullness of wisdom.

Buddha Gautama (circa 500 B.C.E.), The Dhammapada 3:38

The coming…years are going to be of constantly accelerating momentum. They will drive many people crazy because no one will be able to live comfortably, because a great longing will arise in every soul. It will be almost like a fire—it will burn people.

Osho (1977), What is is, What ain’t ain’t

In the evil days of the ages full of turbulence

There will be many fears and dangers;

There will be men possessed by devils.

Nichiren (c. 1271), Japanese seer

A moment comes when you start realizing that nothing is going to happen. Then there is the state of anguish. In anguish, only one thing seems to be there: somehow to get out of this circle of life—hence suicide, the increasing rate of suicide. And an unconscious desire of humanity that the third world war happens…“So I am not responsible that I committed suicide…the world war killed everybody, and killed me too.”

Osho (1987), The Hidden Splendor

In the age of Kali, people’s minds will always be in turmoil. They will become emaciated by famine and taxation, and will always be disturbed by fear and drought. They will lack adequate clothing, food and drink, they will be unable to rest properly, have sex or bathe themselves, and will have no ornaments to decorate their bodies. Actually, the people of Kali-yuga will gradually come to appear like ghostly haunted creatures.

The Srimad Bhagavata [Hindu Scrpture] (bef. C.E. 300)

There are periods in the life of humanity which generally coincide with the beginning of the fall of cultures and civilizations, when the masses irretrievably lose their reason and begin to destroy everything that has been created by centuries and millenniums of culture.

G. I. Gurdjieff (c. 1916), In Search of the Miraculous

Then the kings will divide the world among themselves; there will be great hunger, great pestilences, and much distress on the Earth. The sons of men will be enslaved in every nation and will perish by the sword. There will be great disorder on Earth.

Y’shua, aka Jesus Christ (bef. 5th century C.E.), The Apocalypse of Thomas (Apocrypha)

Leave them to entertain themselves with their desires! (Qur’an 6:91) …They are seized by the madness of their vain fancies. (Qur’an 15:72)

Muhammad (c. 620-630)

No believer has real gratitude towards these messiahs, avataras—no, because what have they given to you? Just beliefs…unfounded, ungrounded. How can you feel grateful to them…On the contrary, if you search within yourself, you will feel anger. You will be surprised when I say that all Christians, deep down, are angry with Jesus. He promised to redeem them, and nothing is redeemed. He promised, and he was saying, “Soon you will be in the kingdom of God, soon you will be with me in the kingdom of God.” And two thousand years have passed, [and] that “soon” has not yet been completed…

There is anger in every Christian against Jesus. And because of this anger he shows too much fanaticism for Jesus, so that nobody knows that he is angry. In fact he does not want to know that he is angry, that he has been deceived, that he has been given a bogus belief, that for two thousand years millions of people have lived with this belief and died with this belief—attaining no growth, reaching nowhere, finding nothing. One is afraid of this anger, this rage. To suppress it, he goes to the church, he prays to Jesus, or to Krishna, or to Mohammed.

But every believer, sooner or later, is going to be frustrated because belief is not going to give him the truth. It is not going to give him the living waters of life.

Osho (1984), From Mystery to Enlightenment


The only remedy for not being infected by the global psychic plague made of the tipping point of unconscious actions, thoughts and emotions causing a “Psychic” Climate Change in the Earth’s etheric body is the practice of Self-Observation, meditation. Only a Noah’s Ark of Consciousness can help one be centered and serene in the eye of these cyclonic times and be of some help for oneself and others.

This remarkably ugly crime against innocent children, against innocence itself, brings us an opportunity to use tragedy as a moment for spiritual grown in understanding and compassion. When the world is sick, the urge to heal only grows to balance sickness and cure it. If any of you wish to explore the meditations I use to try to understand and live in this crazy world but not be a part of its insanity, just ask, and I will freely give you links and information. Got to this Contact link, and in the subject line, put: meditation.

10 December 2012

A Quickening of History
A Gathering of Prophecy
Documentaries with John Hogue in them

Somebody the other day joked that the “H” in History Channel’s logo ought to stand for “Hogue” Channel these days, as the five documentaries I have filmed for History (International), Canada’s Vision TV (I Prophesy) and National Geographic are all piling up on air. Lately, in the last few days, I walk into my little village on an island in the dewy, drizzly, often global warmed and windy Pacific Northwest to do chores after marathon writing sessions. Villagers and strangers on average now stop me seven times each day usually declaring: “I saw you on TV! What is going to happen on 21 December???”

I scarcely have time to look at the two episodes of History 2’s Countdown to Apocalypse upon which my furry owlish, talking head is lunging its prodigious forehead forward for emphasis whilst Hogue-ish hands are conducting Hoguisms emanating in an smooth and aesthetically operatic baritone out of a less-than aesthetic snaggle toothed pie hole. There will be new episodes popping up across North America in the weeks to come. I had no time to watch them last night (Sunday). I was trying to figure out how I could “Mayan-ize” my face to replace the center Maya godhead in the wheel of the Mayan Calendar – a concept I am designing for the cover of my 21st book Nostradamus: 2012 – The End of End Times, coming out very soon, because the end of the world is coming. According to Nostradamus, I only have exactly 1,785 years left before the Sun devours the Earth like in Terrence Malick’s Tree of Life.

Yes! There have not been a lot of blogs and articles on Hogueprophecy of late. The reason being, I am flooding most of my energies into writing on average 5,000 words a day since the last posting on 16 November (click on Obama Mabus) in an attempt to bring out the above book, my last word on the 2012 phenomenon: myths, warts and all. It was originally going to be 20,000 words. It is now 50,000 words and counting. When it is finished it will be around 62,000 words, I think. Do not trust me on that. I may be often accurate in my forecasts about future trends but I am terrible at forecasting how long my books will become or when they will be available. For instance, I planned to begin downloads of Nostradamus 2012, the End of End Times, starting 19 December (Pacific Time) to all those of you who helped Hogueprophecy keep going by advance donating for it. Now it looks like I will get it out before Christmas. It is well worth the wait, because I am very excited about the content as it is developing and expanding. It will give my readers a comprehensive idea how much bigger and longer in duration of the rebooting of ages is and how many more time clocks of the ancients are literally crowding little 2012 off the stage.

John Hogue in a still from Vision TV’s new series, “I Prophesy”.

It does not matter the least that this book comes out before or on the much-ballyhooed new candidate for millennium fever, the upcoming winter solstice of this year. It is said to mark the moment when the most accurate calendar of the ancients reboots a 13 baktun Long Count of 5,125 years that either gamma rays you all with an unearned and mostly unsought for collective enlightenment beamed in from Galactic Center; or, the gamma rays just fry all life on Earth out of existence.

My work deals with prophetic realities not New Age sewage. If my interpretations of Nostradamus, the Maya and a dozen other rebooting calendrical prophetic systems of the Ancients are correct the death and transfiguration of civilization and the world is a show that has just begun and is not ending on 12/21/12.

History is indeed quickening. The explosive events on many prophetic fronts appearing since my last Hogueprophecy posting on 16 November are a testament to that. I do not have much time to write about this right now. Yet, these developments in Egypt, Syria, the deepening US Drought, the observer nation status of Palestine bringing an old candidate for Nostradamus’ 3rd Antichrist, Abu Mazen (aka Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas) back into prominence need some commentary from me and my oracle. That includes Hillary Clinton coming back into Presidential Destiny’s box too, and let us not forget terrible Typhoon Bopha. Thus I have to leave the Maya – and the illusory “maya” about the Maya Calendar – for a moment and give you a pithy Pythian account of these headlines:

09 December 2012

Egyptian President at the “Morsi” of Mass Protesting mobs

Out of the falafel frying bread pan into the chickpea fire goes the newly elected President of Egypt Muhammad Morsi after he successfully refereed a quick cessation of the Gaza War with Israel a few weeks ago. Bolstered by his bigheaded success, he came home to Cairo, declared himself a sort of autocratic pharaoh, giving himself sweeping enabling emergency powers. Within hours of his shocking announcement Tahrir Square, the navel and womb of the Egyptian Revolution during the Arab Spring of 2011 filled with hundreds of thousands of moderate religious and secular Egyptians protesting that this former leader of the Islamic Brotherhood was making an Islamo-Fascist move on efforts to author a new Egyptian constitution.

Morsi no! said Morsi. He claimed (as Hitler did to the German people) that he would surrender these absolute powers once the committees set to author the new Egyptian Constitutions had drafted it for a referendum vote of the people, scheduled for next week.

Sneaky fellow is Morsi. His Muslim Brother-Hoods dominate these editorial committees. The constitution presented for a vote will be Islamist. Morsi’s mafia thinks they have drafted a constitution the people of Egypt “cannot refuse.” A national boycott of the vote is in the works; however, that works in the favor of Morsi and his Islamists. A low voter turnout of the majority of secular and moderate Muslim Egyptians would give the minority backers of the Islamic Brotherhood a majority vote next week.

The radicalizing elements of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution are pulling a “Bolshevik” as it were. They are a politically disciplined minority taking advantage of a generally democracy aspiring but disorganized majority. History repeats itself feeding prophecy with our habitual predictability. Russia had two revolutions in 1917, the Kerensky revolution overthrew the Czar, but the Communist Bolshevik revolution later that year overthrew the Russian democracy. A moderate Egyptian majority overthrew their “Czar” or Pharaoh, the dictator Mubarak in 2011, but chose an Egyptian Vladimir Lenin, or worse, for lack of a clear moderate coalition the presidential elections in 2012 might have delivered them an Egyptian version of German Chancellor Adolf Hitler. Divided moderate German voters in 1933 elections created a coalition government made of minorities, the Nazis being the largest of these. Hitler was asked to form a government and the Wolf (Adolphus in Latin) was let into the democratic chicken house.

The fanatics made their move on power. Lenin succeeded in 1917. Hitler succeeded in early 1934. However, Morsi in late 2012 badly timed his move and now we anticipate by tomorrow (Tuesday) a quarter-million Egyptians marching on his Presidential Palace. Morsi has already given his absolute powers back because of massive pressure from people in the streets, but these people aim to take their revolution back from the Lenins, the Hitlers, and the Morsis of the world.

My oracle saw this setback of radical backlash coming back in February 2011 at the onset of the Egyptian Revolution. You can read it here: Egyptian Revolution

09 December 2012

Let No accurate Prophecy go Unpunished…
My black listing by Fox News

Earlier this month Fox News broadcast an hour-long special called “Doomsday 2012”. I was not asked to appear on it. I have not appeared on Fox News ever since the attacks on the World Trade Center on 11 September 2001. Before then, I appeared frequently in Fox Network productions on prophecy shows like Encounters and even appeared in satellite linkups on Fox News spots.

Fox getting on the Doomsday 2012 bandwagon warrants some comment. What follows a copy of a reply I entered of the Facebook stream of a friend, Melody, who asked if I knew about the special on 2012. I have expanded upon what I sent her and share it with you all:


The last time I appeared on Fox News was back on a satellite link from Seattle on 31 December 1999 for the Hannity and Colmes Show. It was a similar theme like the current Maya mass madness about end time, in this case Hannity and Colmes wanted to look at the turn of the Millennium coming the next day (excuse their bad math, more on that later).

I sit in a small studio room at Fisher Broadcasting in the shadow of the Seattle Space Needle, my only companion, the black cycloptic eye of the television camera. I wait for the little red light to feed my signal across to the East Coast studios. I do not see Hannity and Colmes; I only hear them in my earpiece.

During the show Hannity started flummoxing when I spoke about predictions already documented in 1998 in my book 1000 for 2000 Startling Predictions for the New Millennium. I reiterated my forecast of global warming launching a super hurricane either destroying Miami or New Orleans any time in the “first five hurricane seasons” of the new century.

Climate Change and Global Warming are VERY politically incorrect topics on Fox News, then as now. Hannity started his attack, asking accusingly if I was “just a doomsayer”.

I simply said “no”. Then I waited for him to fill the uncomfortable silence.

Then he rolled a second wave of accusations, a little less certain than the last.

I calmly but firmly cut him off, asking, “Have you read my book?”

As I heard him in my earpiece stutter and fumble I gazed into the black lens of the camera adding, “Those who read my book know that half the 1000 predictions are alternatives to doomsday.”

Hannity calmed down, chagrined. He had to admit that he had noticed many positive predictions and then asked to cut to commercial.

The fifth hurricane season in the new century was 2005. (For you avid Fox News watchers who fit the polling profile of being generally 20 percent more stupid than the liberally idiotic watchers of CNN and the network news, the year 2000 is the LAST year in the old millennium. It actually turned on 1 January 2001.

Anyway, the fifth season in 2005 had Hurricane Katrina unfortunately flood and destroy much of New Orleans as I had predicted back in 1998. Read the full prediction by clicking on Sean Hannity.

No accurate prediction goes unpunished at Fox.

I seem to be black listed from being on any of their shows, especially after I did a Fox documentary special called Prophecies of the Millennium that aired across the US in early 1996. In it was a simulation based on my interpretations of Nostradamus that had the Twin Towers in NYC attacked a second time (the first failed jihadist attempt was in 1993). I forecast the towers collapsing in the second attempt. We illustrated this with special effects showing the World Trade Center towers taken down by a small, terrorist nuclear device.

The show aired again on FX Channel (a Fox affiliate) in August 2001, just two weeks before 9-11 happened. Since then my Fox connections have been severed, from their side. Seven years or so after the blackout I managed to contact sources in and outside of Fox confirming that my “accuracy” got me blocked off the air over there.

If any of you reading this right now work for Fox News, it might be a good time to put in a word for me and help stop this blacklisting of accurate forecasts. I never shut the door on you. Bring me back. Otherwise, I am left only to conclude that Fox only likes to scare people with the false rather than scare people to positive action by looking at what is truly frightening and needs changing, such as climate change.


That brings me to the next headline:

10 December 2012

The Great US Drought of 2012
Will become “the Greater” US Drought of 2013!

My oracle has anticipated the current global temperature tsunami as far back as 2009 when writing Predictions for 2010 and later Predictions for 2011. My annual almanac of Predictions for 2012 consolidated the stream of dire and accurate forecasts anticipating not only superstorms besetting and flooding the perimeters of continents but also the desiccating and biblically intense super-droughts that are not flukes but a new state of climate abnormality that will dry out the central cores of continents in the next decade. We have seen this already beginning in Russia in 2010, then in the Texas-Oklahoma region of the US in 2011 with its record triple digit (Fahrenheit) temperatures spreading significant drought in 2012 currently across 62 percent of the lower 48 US states with 20 percent of these suffering extreme drought conditions.

Do not think it is over. The drought that has made the mighty Mississippi too shallow for freight barges to carry full loads this late into autumn, will linger and deepen into a drier winter. The US is not out from under sun-fired skies that in 2012 reduced roughly 20 percent of the US produce and livestock harvests. This is the beginning of what my oracle foresees could be an extensively long drought that might bring the world its first significant food sustainability crisis next year in 2013 through 2014.

In the near future we could witness the fulfillment of one of Nostradamus’ scariest verses that forecasts the sun blazing a line across a latitude in the northern hemisphere that means drought will scorch ALL the chief grain belts (except Australia) that feed the world with the Sun’s “fire in the sky” glower.

Read more about this drought in the eBook almanac of prophecies I am currently writing for next year: click on prophecies  for 2013.

With Global Warming fires in the skies above continental heartlands also come floods on continental coastlines. Typhoon Bopha spun its fury into the Island of Mindanao (Philippines) killing 274 and leaving tens of thousands homeless washing away bridges and roads across a mountainous tropical island that usually is not in the deadly track of typhoons, let alone this Category 5 beast coming out of the deep Pacific off season. In my forecasts for 2012, I collected my oracle’s many documented warnings that global warming would alter typhoon tracks, hitting farther south. Eventually you will see typhoons visit Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) and even Bangkok, Thailand. The Philippines and Vietnam might end up the first countries taken down by nature’s fury at our fossil fuel pollution giving her extremes of climate fevers and blizzard chills.

The floods are coming because Neptune has returned home for its long transit of the oceanic sign of Pisces. Click on Neptune in Pisces to read more. Click on Hurricane Sandy also.

Now to the last few Datelines I have time to enter, before I disappear once again into a writing, editing and book designing marathon that will bring Nostradamus 2012 – The End of End Times into the world for those of you who advances a donation for it.

Click on this cover image and read more about this book.

10 December 2012

Syrian Civil War Endgame?

The Syrian rebels are gaining ground on the Bashar al-Assad regime because they are gaining weapons and training form US CIA and other Gulf Arab sources bringing about a cohesion of command, training, anti-aircraft cover. The first signs of the coming end game for the “beginning” of a greater Syrian Civil War are soon coming.

When you look for a parallel metaphor for what is and will certainly worsen once the Assad dictatorship falls, perhaps as early as March or April, when you see Syria in that smoldering and bloody aftermath, think Bosnia.

Think Balkanization of an ethnically diverse nation of Christians who speak the language spoken by Christ, Aramaic. Think of a Sunni majority no longer under the dictatorship of a Shia, Alawite regime that consists of a minority of 18 percent, yet we are talking about millions of people set for Sunni revenge massacres. Think of the Kurdish Syrians living in the north and northwestern parts of Syria – the latter sitting atop the country’s only oil fields.

Think Indian Partition and the Partition of Palestine back in 1947 that created the world’s two lingering and worst hot spots for war and strife ever since. Add Syria to another fine mess the US has supported and the UN sanction in a rush.

This is the Syria coming and it will be far worse than the Syria fighting and dying today. I have written extensively in my newest eBook out to donators since 19 October 2012 about how a wider Syrian Civil War is part of a greater US and Western strategic plan to isolate and then wage war with Iran. It was foreseen in detail with astrological dating by Nostradamus. Read more by clicking on Iran.

10 December 2012

Palestine gains UN Observer Nation status


A Palestinian Leader as Candidate
For Nostradamus’ Third and Final Antichrist

After 20 years of promises down a road with no destination, the so-called Roadmap of Peace, the Palestinians have opted out and seek a route to statehood that Jews sought in 1947 through the United Nations. The Palestinians now are one big step closer to statehood. A landslide vote of the UN General Assembly this month established Palestine as an Observer Nation despite threats from the US and Israel. In response, Zionist elements in the Israeli government came clear on what has always been their intention: not to follow a two-state solution but to expand Israel into a greater Jewish State by seeking to gain lebensraum (living space) in the West Bank lands to Israel’s east. After UN vote, the Netanyahu government jumped at declaring the construction going forward for over a thousand new settlements. This will not only ensure his reelection in January as Prime Minister but it fulfills the Zionist Supremacist aspirations of Netanyahu’s recently departed 102 year old father and Jewish scholar: to reclaim what God and the Bible tells Jews is their greater homeland that includes ALL the land west of the Jordan River, including the Palestinian West Bank. If this settlement is built, it will effectively destroy any chance of a two-state solution.

Prepare ye all for a third Palestinian Intifada – a third wave of daily riots of Palestinian youths throwing stones at Israeli occupying forces firing rubber bullets and live ammunition that will claim the lives of hundreds of Israelis and thousands of Palestinians once again.

Prophetically speaking, these rapidly changing events bring the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen) back from obscurity to become a foremost candidate for “Mabus”, Nostradamus decoded name for his third and final Antichrist.

Mabus easily can be decoded from (M)abu(s) Mazen, or (M)abbas = Mabas = Mab(u)s. Thus if a new Israeli-Palestinian collision comes after both abandon 20 years of fruitless peace efforts leads to Abu Mazen dying or being assassinated, he might fulfill the Mabus prophecy that sees Mabus first to fall in a war of the Third Antichrist that could last 25 to 27 years!

Read more about Nostradamus Antichrist prophecies by clicking on Mabus. You can also read my full chapter on the Palestinian connections by ordering Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named: MABUS.

10 December 2012

President Hillary Clinton in 2016?

Yes, it is quite possible. My oracle, years before she ran in 2008 and ever since, has remained constant in the message the H. Clinton will be president. It is her destiny. That destiny was delayed by Barack Obama, as I predicted it might nearly a year before Obama and Clinton battled for the Democratic nomination in 2008. (Click on Hillary Clinton to see how my Oracle isolated the one weak link messing up her destiny in 2008 and click on Barack Obama to see how he could – and did – come to his destiny too soon.)

Obama won his second term as I predicted as far back as September 2009 (click on Obama prophecy). Clinton soon steps down as Secretary of State. She will rest and prepare for her presidential bid in 2016 no matter what protests she offers to the contrary. She will most likely face former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. You can reserve a copy of my chapter planned for next year’s almanac of forecasts. It will also explain how the Republican Party might find or forever lose its mojo and make as consequence Clinton the next president. Click on prophecies for 2013 to read more about the book and how you can reserve a copy.

John Hogue
(10 December 2012)


If for some reason you cannot leave your comments in the comments box below, just send them to me via the “Contact” email button and I will post them here. First we have Michael who seems to want me to write a new kind of book, a “Hogue for Dummies”:

Hi John,  as a reader and also a donor and subscriber….you note that u write a lot of words….i think u can write fewer words and still be clear. I have often wanted a summary of your prophecies either at the end of the ebooks or each ‘chapter’ as I for one am little interested in all the prose and sometimes even posturing and would like to see the ‘bottom line’ more simply stated.  I read a lot of stuff and prefer the ‘bottom line’ and in your case I don’t see how that would detract for those who want more detail, more nuance etc.

OK, thanks for the critique, Michael. Your comment is so important to me that I have answered it at the end of the current blog article at Hogueprophecy so I can share your comment and my answer to the entire community. I hope you will appreciate the compassion in my response. Since you want the bottom line, I’m going to give you the ultimate bottom line.

It is one simple word: Meditation

Whether you like the writing to be comprehensive and nuanced or whether you just want Cliff Note simplicity, or better, “Hogue for Dummies”, none of that is the real bottom line issue. The fundamental issue is that you do not know who you are, Michael. You, like everyone else born to this world where mind trips are king, are made to collect other people’s ideas, emotions, religions, and belief systems and turn them into “Michael” — even that name is borrowed from somebody. You have even borrowed the idea that you don’t borrow ideas and identities, that you are an individual. This is the bottom line illusion, and no reading me or prophecy whether it is written elaborate or simplified is going to help any of you.

It is just a habit of killing time, nourishing opinions and thought processes that at the bottom line of reality, are inauthentic, borrowed from others and made to look like your opinions and thinking.

Only when one pulls off the veil of mind can one have a glimpse of this mechanical man we become, this sleepwalker through life, dreaming, killing time until time runs out on life.

You are fast asleep, dreaming that you are awake. That is the bottom line. For you, for all of us.

Meditation can help you experience a taste of what is beyond the bottom line.

If you never read another word of me, let me give you one last gift. Links and information about the meditations I have used since 1980. If this is the last thing I can give to you, it is the best thing and I give it freely. Just say the word and contact me. Put in the subject line this: Meditation.

Thanks by the way,  Michael

You do not need to comment on Fox news ever and somehow promote yourself vs them etc…boring and who cares..waste of time and energy pal.

People can always wake up. Even you can wake up, Michael. When I see all of us, I see some profoundly lost-in-illusion folks. Whether it’s you, Obama, or O’Reilly, O my God, we are all a profound and cosmic mess.

What speaks through me sometimes is beyond me and that mess. How it wishes to convey itself in words is what I serve. Some deep issues require a little more nuance, a little more background. Often, what I am trying to say is not in the words but between them. The flow and cadence of the words can help some of you “hear” and perhaps “understand” what cannot be said. Sometimes I am compelled to say a thing in a way that it stops your thinking process. It is intentional. I throw you into a gap. Much can be revealed to us in that gap.

Beware of seeking simple answers. They make you a simpleton — thinking the quick and easy understanding actually is helping you. It is not. Nothing the mind thinks can help us. More and more I try to lead you all to something else that is more than prophecy, more than commenting on current events and human trends.

Somehow I failed you Michael. I failed to get that message through to one who has donated much finance and time and has read my works. It is not your fault. It is mine. I celebrate it. One is empowered in communication only if one takes full responsibility for not making oneself understood. You are then freed up to admit failure, move on, or try again using a language your reader can understand.

So Michael, I’m going to try again. I have one simple message for you: Meditation. All else that I share is mere entertainment unless there is a reawakening of that soul in us buried under a pile of ego by our societies once we are born into them and programmed by them.

I hope that this letter, strong as it is, will not lead to you closing down. However, I accept the risk and the responsibility if it does. Either way this is a blessing, bitter or sweet.

People can close doors in my face. It happens all the time. The real bottom line hurts. Seeing the fiction we have become hurts. It even hurts me to be so hard on you, Michael. I am you. Deep down we are one in this same mess. And the light must be shone on us, on this mess we’ve become. Even if it makes one run away.

So, I will ever keep the door open to you, Michael, as much as I keep doors open to the people at Fox, at CNN at BBC, at Al-Jazeera, RT or people shutting doors in my face from any other media outlet: Palestinian or Jew, Zionist or racist, Iranian or American.

Compassion compels me to look beyond all of our programs, our positions, our borrowed Left and Right Wing politics, our fundamentalist religious programming, our Theism, our Atheism.

Compassion is like a heart beating. You cannot stop it and everyone has a heart. We are all the same inside. The only little difference is that habits of society help all of us forget that heart beating is there, yet some try a science of self-observation or go deep into love’s devotion to begin rediscovering their lost light and IN-nocence once again.

Compassion’s heartbeat is the bottom line for all of us. Meditation can help us remember this, each moment. There is nothing I can share with any of you that is more important. So if I write a book called “Hogue for Dummies” it will have just one word inside its pages: Meditation.


You should have a special email on the 22nd.  Assuming we are all here and the 21st is a non-event.  I don’t think that will be the case as I do think something will happen, but what do I know.  Wishing you all the best.  If Minnesota becomes your destination and you need housing-seek me out.

Thank you, John. There’s every possibility I will someday come to Minnesota because nothing will happen on 21 December 2012 of any apocalyptic significance, unless we can face the “revelation” of how deep rooted mass minded hypnosis can be. A lot of people think doom will come. Some idiot lone terrorist might try something, but that is little different from other idiots doing such things on specific days playing with the numbers 9, 11 and 7.

Doomsters aside, more idiots believe they will be part of a mass enlightenment beamed down from space and the galactic center on the solstice. The doomsters can be exposed to their mass hysteria pretty easily when expected big booms go bust. However, the falsely enlightened are in such a deep self-hypnotic sleep… When someone is in a spiritual coma, slowly wasting away yet dreaming a heavenly dream, it is almost impossible to stir them back to awakening.

I will be writing an important message to all my readers on 22 December 2012. If you are on my free newsletter list, you’ll be the first to be informed in the dawning first day of the Post Mayan Apocalypse era. Just click on Newsletter to join.



First, I would like to thank you for all your hard work! I am sending you a check for your future book Predictions 2013. Second, I need to comment about meditation.  I began meditation about 1-year ago to relax.  But, relaxing it has not been.  I have had something, unseen, come into my room, twice.  I have left my body and have had other experiences that have made meditation a little uncomfortable for me.  Not that these experiences were bad, I just didn’t expect any of it to happen.  If and when you have the time, can you explain this to me? Do I need to “reset” my intention? What ever that means :). Or just  let what ever happens happen. Needless to say, at this time, I’m having a hard time of letting go. Thank you.

Hi Sherry. First, thank you for the donation. Your comments and questions. I will try to answer your comment from my own experience:

Meditation can make one more sensitive to the mystery of life, that which is elemental as well as physical. I too have had out of body experiences and seen things and presences, traveled to other planes. Indeed, the work I do now is done out of a byproduct of the heightened sensitivity that has come as a consequence of meditating.

The important thing Osho used to remind us, is not to be too attached for or against what passes by for witnessing during meditation. Just enjoy the movie, celebrate whatever comes and goes before witnessing consciousness, no matter how mundane or seemingly extraordinary. Whatever one experiences is not the witness. It can be easy to get identified with what comes up from our unconsciousness. Just stay in the here and now, breathing in and out, being open, undisturbed, breathing with each breath into a deeper and deeper relaxation. The experiences, thoughts, emotions, revelations will come and go, but remember always as a kind of knack rather than what these words I’m about to say represent. Wherever you travel, into other plains or fantastic realities or just when you are witnessing who is mopping the kitchen floor, it is about turning in and witnessing “who” is having these experiences. Always come back to “who are you”, not as a mantra, but as a presence of inquiry without words. In every moment, waking or sleeping, unconscious or conscious, happy or sad, loving or angry…whatever is happening in that moment be it everything or nothing at all, it is ever about “who are you”.

These Osho meditations I offer can help. In meditation, it feels to me like I am pushing the reset button with every breath. It feels like I am being born again, every second from the widening womb of Mother-NOW.


I have been in a back-and-forth interchange with the following fellow, who in my experience, just doesn’t understand what most of my readers clearly indicate they do understand: that this full-time work as a professional writer requires some readers’ support to continue. This is a reality of being a writer as a profession, like it is being a cook, a construction worker or if you work in an office. Nothing is really free. And anything that you get without some cost in time, or in money, is not worth much.

Robert here is upset because I kept my usual donation links at the bottom of my “free” newsletter bulletins to announce posting the article about the Sandy Creek massacre of children at The man has a lot of “shoulds” going on and he thinks I shouldn’t have had the donation link up.

His mind’s view narrowing in a condemnatory way says much about how our ideas of propriety or impropriety are guided by the mask imposed upon us made up of our  national and religious identities.

For instance, how many of you American readers thought it was bad taste to have my donation links up when  my bulletin announces a new article posted at Hogueprophecy that chronicles the murder of children by the dozens by our weeping president’s robot drones?

Obama can weep as I weep for children lost in Sandy Creek Elementary School, but where is the same ire and demand for respect coming from you Americans when you, like your president, can shed a tear for US kids, but not even emotionally connect let alone weep for hundreds of 6-to-10-year-olds  blasted and slaughtered in Yemen, Afghanistan and Pakistan?

Oh, they’re just “collateral damage” when your president, your robot drones and their missiles launch on presumed terrorists that often turn out to be innocent people and kids gathering in their schools, celebrating a family marriage, consoling each other in a family funeral. We Americans can feel the pain of American school massacres, shootings in theaters, in American churches, hospitals and American malls, but seem emotionally remote from feeling anything for upwards of 10,000 innocent women, little kids, teens, male providers for their families who our president with out drones get accidentally  killed in the last decade. Moreover, most of these slaughterings of innocents have taken place on President Obama’s watch since he has significantly escalated the use of drone missile assassinations across the Middle East and Central Asia.

So here we have Robert, who has been on my newsletter list for some time, who has received my reports about killings by US drones and not complained about my donation links being active. It has to be “American” kids before his button is pushed. Anyway as I promised Robert, I am going to share the end of our interchange to  my entire community:

ROBERT: No, what you fail to grasp is that asking for money while stating things which aren’t facts.  This shooters mother was NOT one of the kids teachers, not that any news organization has stated.

HOGUE: Oh Robert. This is a straw man argument. I said in the article, clearly, there will be updates when the information changes. It’s amazing to me how people who expect me to do this all for free, expect I should update the information as fast as it comes in like I’m a finacially well-healed, one man CNN Network!

Oh! the “inanities”.

ROBERT: Regardless, asking for donations when attached to such a tragic event is poor judgement on your part.  I hope that you post this too and let your other readers make their own decisions about what your motives are.  I closely follow many sites.and yours is the only one asking for money at this time.

HOGUE: There are 400 million URLs in the world right now that you don’t “closely follow”.  Moreover, if you scrolled down many major news network web sites reporting on Friday, you would see their donation buttons are all active. Watch the TV on Friday, before the day was out the networks did restore their commercial breaks. The major neworks ran for one hour, but the second thirty minutes had commercials. Are you saying this was bad taste? Robert, do you honestly think any professional, full-time news service, large or small, can happen without some financial help or request for financial assistance?

Get real. Get some understanding.

ROBERT: I would have been thrilled if you’d just said “sorry, I made a mistake”

HOGUE: I didn’t make a mistake. Moreover, when I wrote about other people’s kids being killed by American drones “you” also apparently didn’t think I made a mistake having my donation links up. So, you’ll have to seek your thrills elsewhere.

I have made a mistake that you have missed. It is spending one more iota of time on these replies to you, when I have to get my Mayan Calendar eBook out to all those who have patiently advance-donated for a copy. The more time and energy I spend with you is delaying its publication. For that I am truly sorry and I ask my readers to forgive me.

How his full sentence again:

ROBERT: I would have been thrilled if you’d just said “sorry, I made a mistake instead of getting insulted by someone who used to think that you were someone special.

HOGUE: So the “you” in this sentence is “you”? According to your sentence you are being insulted by yourself.

I think you’re lapse into bad grammar got it right, Robert. I agree.

ROBERT: You are just selling books and getting money at the expense of those who are honestly concerned about the future of life on this planet.  Feel free to drop me from your mailing list.

HOGUE: I’m not impressed by your “take” on people, Robert. It is pretty biased. Also, I never drop people off a mailing list that they freely put themselves on. I respect your freedom to put yourself on, and your responsibility to unsubcribe.  So all of you who want to play that power trip on me, think again. Think about your freedom and take responsibility for the mistake you made joining my newsletter list. You logged on. Log yourself “off”.

When people are emotionally upset, they tend to write letters to me filled with  absolutes. When emotion is queen, all rational fairness falls away, lost to an emotively reactive, “Donald-Duckian” grump off.

I “just sell books” nothing more and I’m “just getting money at other people’s expense” and so on.

That’s how the emotional body speaks when reason is drowned by emotional reaction. The target of this dump fest is rendered into a one-dimensional object for emotion-driven and sweeping judgments framed in absolutes.

I know something Robert can’t know, as long as he is caught in the fever of his emotional reactions. I happily have received  a huge avalanche of positive feedback coming in response to my article on Friday about the massacre. There has also been a flood  of requests for meditation, which  particularly touches my heart because it is the most important thing I offer. Meditation can help people understand what happened at Sandy Creek and live a life beyond being a victim or a victimizer of such tragedies whether purpetrated in America or by drones over Central Asia.

Meditation is the most important thing I can offer my readers and I always send instructions and links about meditation absolutely free of cost, except that you pay by asking for it.

Like I said, nothing is free that has any value. You have to ask for the meditations. I will not hurl these pearls before people who eat them up without valuing them.

You want them, Robert? I can send you the information too.

There has also been a surge of advance donations for my prophecies for 2013 e-Book scheduled for release later in January. It would seem that the majority of my readers get what I’m doing and what I need financially to make it happen.

Robert, the truth is, you belong to a surprisingly  small minority of crumudgeon  readers who get all “shouldy-this-n’should-do-that” about my asking for financial assistance to cover the costs of providing The majority of my readers know something that you could know, if you opened up your heart and your mind. They receive much, much more back from me with their donations.

We may be in the midst of the robotic habit of the mass-mind programmed holidays, but this circle of sharing gifts at goes on all year round. Every day is filled with Holiday Spirit.

Everyone that donates a mere $12.50 gets a gift in return of e-books. Most of my readers enjoy the return generosity behind this trade because what I give back to them for a mere $12.50, or a little more, are books that range from 36,000 words to the War with Iran tome I just sent them consisting of 105,888 words — all these e-books are fully illustrated and beautifully designed too.

The only person having a problem about this circle of giving seems to be you, Robert and a few other mopes.

Allow me to give you something for the holidays and any of your other grumpy cats out there. Just ask for the meditations. It won’t cost you any money, just an email with “meditation” on the subject line. You can place your request by pushing the “contact” button in the home page menu.

I would be happy to give meditation information too you, Robert, despite how abusive and rude you’ve been in your earlier letters.

That attitude is not your fault.

It’s just the Grumpy Cat Syndrome that our minds are programmed early on to assume and then presume is our true “hair ball raising” reality.

Anyway, whether you accept my gift or reject it,  I’m grateful to have so many thousands upon thousands of people all over America and all over the world  appreciate the need to give a little so they can receive so much in return in these books and these articles dedicated to help all of us better understand prophecy’s mysterious interaction with current events and future trends.


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  1. Henry
    Posted 18 February 2013 at 6:32 am | Permalink

    Hi John, my question is, do we have any hope in this worlg? Hasn’t greed (wallstreet), corruption with world leaders,corporations. Poisoning our food.Really is there any chance that this world can be turn around in time?

  2. Bob
    Posted 16 December 2012 at 11:48 am | Permalink

    John –

    Thanks for the work you do, and especially the spirit in which you carry it out…

    Are there any meditation practices in particular you would recommend for this Solstice season?

    Only the meditations that you resonate with each day. Some of the techniques of my teacher are tailored specifically for certain times of the morning, afternoon, evening and night. For those interested in receiving information about these techniques just click on my “contact” button in the menu buttons at the top of my homepage. Then put this on the subject line: Meditation. I’ll send you the information.

  3. Annoyed
    Posted 14 December 2012 at 8:35 am | Permalink

    No John, I do not need to sit down and meditate on my navel. Your timing today with this horrific tragedy is in poor taste.

    If a still point of calm and compassionate understanding is not needed now, then when? The cliche you use to define what meditation is, is just another example of how we judge others in ignorance. Meditation as I understand it is being mindful in all waking and sleeping moments. It does not retreat from life, it “is” life, with a renewed light added to every action and inaction, feeling and thought. The meditations I use are not for escapists. They are for the living. They are life itself. But do not believe me. A true skeptical inquiry will “investigate without prejudice for or against”. That is what the word “skeptical” means.

    • Annoyed
      Posted 14 December 2012 at 10:50 am | Permalink

      Google your name John, and see what falls under your name.

      Yes, it will take people to see the many detractors. You get detractors when you shake up people’s beliefs, when you become an iconoclast to dogma, be it blind theism or Scientism. I celebrate all detracting of me. It shows I am touching a nerve. I am going against your dogmatic “grain.” There will ever be detractors like you, who come into this debate with their minds tightly made up before even researching with an open mind and heart what I do. Yes, Google my name. Many who do also run into They can see the true data and make up their own minds without your spin and spittle. The very fact that you want to take me down proves that I’ve gotten under your skin. I make you “annoyed”. Thank god and godlessness! I’m out to disturb your monkey mind. Something’s bigger beyond it. I want to take you there. Got to get that monkey dogma off your back first.

  4. Rocker
    Posted 13 December 2012 at 3:33 am | Permalink

    When you go on a news channel, you are not supposed to be “accurate”. You are also not supposed to engage in repartee with the hosts, or do/say anything that might suggest you are very intelligent. As a “psychic”, your role is to be (not so subtly) mocked. If you fail to follow this script, you will not be invited back because you are undermining the entire intended subtext of the interview.

    This is something I think most network news operations…left, right, confused….agree on.

    As I have actually done over 100 television interviews and documentaries since 1987, I would say that this is the general bias of mainstream corporate news outlets, left, center or right leaning. However it is not always true. Rosemarry Church of CNN International did a fair and interview segment with me on Nostradamus’ birthday back in 2003 for his 500th birthday anniversary. BBC International Radio also, around the same time. I would say that as far as live interviews go, Rocker is only 75 percent correct, in my experience. Three out of four live news interviews want the dog and pony show. What I didn’t say about that Hannity and Colmes show was how I and the climate scientist took over the show and delivered a rich subjective and objective angles to climate change. As it was going on I wondered, “When is Hannity or Colmes going to take this intelligent dialogue down and say something sensational and snarky”?

  5. Posted 10 December 2012 at 12:07 pm | Permalink

    You should have a special email on the 22nd. Assuming we are all here and the 21st is a non-event. I don’t think that will be the case as I do think something will happen, but what do I know. Wishing you all the best. If Minnesota becomes your destination and you need housing-seek me out at

    Thank you, John. There’s every possibility I will someday come to Minnesota because nothing will happen on 21 December 2012 of any apocalyptic significance, unless we can face the “revelation” of how deep rooted mass minded hypnosis can be. A lot of people think doom will come. Some idiot lone terrorist might try something, but that is little different from other idiots doing such things on specific days playing with the numbers 9, 11 and 7.

    Doomsters aside, More idiots believe they will be part of a mass enlightenment beamed down from space and the galactic center on the solstice. The doomsters can be exposed to their mass hysteria pretty easily the expected big booms go bust. However, the falsely enlightened are in such a deep self-hypnotic sleep… When someone is in a spiritual coma, slowly wasting away yet dreaming a heavenly dream, it is almost impossible to stir them back to awakening.

    I will be writing an important message to all my readers on 22 December 2012. If you are on my free newsletter list, you’ll be the first to be informed in the dawning first day of the Post Mayan Apocalypse era. Just copy and past this link into your browser and click on it to join:

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