Islam film, 9-11 2012, Isaac spared New Orleans Levees, Romney-Obama Convention, Iran War and Nostradamus Mabus Antichrist

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DATELINE: 22 September 2012

A lot of readers are writing in asking if I am all right because I have not posted an article for a long while. Others write that they are now feeling a bit famished for a new article. I have a 4,000-word whopper in the works for publishing early next week that will cover a dozen topics of interest. Prepare for the feast next week, while I celebrate this autumnal equinox with some much needed rest. My e-book “Nostradamus the War with Iran: Islamic Prophecies of the Apocalypse” will be available within two-week’s time. Find out how you can get on the list to receive it. Click on Iran Wargame.


DATELINE: 13 September 2012

Innocents of Islam:
A movie that is neither “Innocent”
or even trying to be fairly Critical
of Muslims

The movie “Innocents of Islam” has started a firestorm in the Muslim world. I will be commenting on it this weekend, once I finish my own research into the falsehoods and the facts behind it before I am ready to comment on  the prophetic significance of the movie’s consequences. All of this mass hysteria, the attack on the US embassy in Libya, Cairo and other places, etc.,  concerning this repugnant and mediocre hate film is something one who follows astrological influences can attribute to the peak of a very powerful and quite negative Square of Pluto (ruler of orthodoxy and status quo) with Uranus (ruler of explosive and violent chaos). Tonight, in the first half of the 10 o’clock hour (Pacific) I will comment on all of this for Coast to Coast AM, with George Noory.

Putting the final effort in finishing my book “Nostradamus: The War with Iran — Islamic Prophecies of the Apocalypse” has made my blog entries temporarily more infrequent. Despite this, I am working on an extensive overview of this issue that will also include the politicizing of it and the future of the presidential elections, the future of Libya, Syria and the war drums beating in Israel. It will be out as soon as I can produce it: as early as Friday night or as late as Sunday. If you are not on my free newsletter list, please join here and be the first to receive notice when the article will be posted.  Thanks for your patience.

DATELINE: 11 September 2012

Eleventh Anniversary of 9-11
The Eleventh Hour for al-Qaeda has come:
Blow something up or shut up

It is the eleventh anniversary of the 9-11 al-Qaeda attacks on the World Trade Center Towers in New York City and the Pentagon. For ten years I prepared for you a special article on these pages for every anniversary. Now, I just add this event as a dateline to the subjects already entered which now have more importance to the trend of the future. I do not say this out of disrespect for what had happened eleven years ago. Indeed, in Predictions for 2012, I offered this caveat about the 11th anniversary being more dangerous than the tenth, because of al-Qaeda’s love of elevens:

If there ever was a year when al-Qaeda or some jihadist, home grown lone wolves inspired by them, would prepare reprisal attacks across America for the death of Usama bin Laden on 1 May 2011, it will be on or around the eleventh anniversary of 9-11. The stars are in malefic alignment. The Uranus-Pluto square will be at its height in September 2012 and lingering with danger into November 2012. This square is so bad for planning anything successfully, such as an economic policy or building a better car bomb. I hope we’ll be happily talking about the big terrorist hit planned for America that malfunctions like a dud.

My oracle does tell me this. Al-Qaeda is on the way out. The best its operatives can do is shoot up a mall or set off a truck bomb in 2012. Usama bin Laden, crossed out in 2011; his replacement, Ayman al-Zawahiri, is next in 2012.

Predictions for 2012. Chapter Three:
Hot Crises in a Cold Depression
Al-Qaeda’s 9-11 Eleventh Anniversary – Eleventh Hour

When I used “more” in regards to “danger”, it is relative. If something happens related to terrorism tomorrow, it will be like the last shot of a routed enemy. The last hiss of a severed head of a snake, decapitated from its body – a body that is appearing to move, appearing to be animated for a threatening attack. However, do not be too worried with the pantomime of dead reptiles, pretending to be animated when they are dead. Al-Qaeda is dead. The severed head might still bite the fool, just as a dead shark can bite the fisherman, but al-Qaeda died when its “head”, Usama bin Laden, was killed. (Click on Osama bin Laden for my article about it.) Other snakes may arise, though, in Egypt, in Syria. And that will be the topic of my future comments and the epic e-book I am finishing and set to release on Yom Kippur (28 September), this year. Read more about it by clicking on Nostradamus Iranian prophecy. That book is the reason why my articles have been few in the last few weeks. This book is an epic, now 105,000 words in length. I am racing to get it out by end of September before the outside chance of October surprises from the Israeli air force.

These days I am less concerned about what al-Qaeda in its death throws might do and more concerned about the Military Industrial “Security” Complex might do to keep in the business of “protecting” American citizens from a terrorist threat that is dead and buried last year wrapped in a white Islamic funerary shroud dumped into the Arabian Sea. (See Osama.) A new terror rises. A terror comes from the protectors of us, who need to find new reasons to protect us. If there is not threat, they will have to manufacture one. If they cannot find a foreign threat, they will have to create a domestic one, such as whistle blowers, such as people practicing their freedom of speech and right to assemble. The Security Industry will have to secure itself from the US First Amendment for there is no greater terror to the overprotective than freedom.

STAY TUNED FOR UPCOMING ARTICLE: I thought it best to let the donkeys and the dumbos have their conventions and be treated to Mother Nature’s inclemency with her globally warmed weather upsetting the best laid plans of donkeys, elephants, mice and men. By this weekend at the latest I should be posting an assessment of my 2012 election prophecies, with many of your comments included, and a glimpse of what is coming next in the Presidential Elections.

The best way to know when new stuff is posted is to join my free newsletter.


DATELINE: 11 September 2012

Your Comments about 9-11
And my Replies

A picture of a shirtless man (see below) falling out of one of the flaming towers on 9-11, like the opening picture of the previous “dateline” posted above of another victim falling through the pale September skies of that terrible day has exposed wounds in readers. This is what I intended them to do. A wound that is hidden cannot heal unless it is exposed to the air, its callus of suppression cut. The process can hurt, but it is necessary.

Some strong and understandable reactions to this second picture that I posted on my Facebook timeline to notify readers there about this new article on my web site, warranted replies that I wish to share with my HogueProphecy community:

Horrible people. To waste life as if God would appreciate them for it. I pray for their souls, but not their victory. Balance with you John…And their innocent ones too.

The strange numerical coincidences surrounding 9-11 continue, even 11 years after the event. I replied to Robert’s comment 11 hours after he entered it. Here it is:

Robert, your reaction is understandable but that view has not ended the cycle of violence in the world.

It was horrible, what they did IS horrible. Diabolically horrible.

Such is the mind under the influence of religious self-righteousness. Without this whole ugly and holy conceit, all the so-called holy wars of Islam, and Holy Crusades of Christians and Westerners like us would not have their mafias of the spirit, their priests and politicians granting us “indulgences” to indulge in committing the most savage and ungodly horrors upon other human beings. We would not have permission from our big business religions to do these crimes in the name we are programmed to stick like an ugly mask on the face of God.

We in the West have committed atrocities in the Middle East. They commit atrocities in turn on us. The cycle of savagery keeps karmically coming around and around.

Meditation grants me a deeper view into this. People are not horrible. Those men who plunged their planes and killed innocent thousands are not horrible. Their ACTS are horrible. Their MINDS are programmed to do horror and call it god’s work. Their cultural and religious IDENTIFICATION enslave them robotically to do horrible things.

Our identifications put blinders on our souls. A Judeo-Christian does not call Operation Iraqi Freedom, a unilateral invasion of Iraq on false pretenses, something horrible. The “shock and awe” bombings are not thought of as “terrorism”. The 3,000 people killed in America is deemed a horrible act, but the 600,000 people in Iraq killed by Operation Iraqi Freedom is, for many Judeo-Christian programmed people, just a statistic.

It is no different with the Muslim-jihadist programmed mind. Allah blesses their savagery, as much as Jesus Christ forgives our savagery. It is these programmed ideas that are the true evil, that turn newborn children of every culture into robotic, identified tools of hypocrisy and evil.

Meditation is the only thing I know that exposes this ultimate conspiracy of the Antichrist Unconscious dwelling inside us, behind our self-righteous thoughts. Muhammad’s view of Jihad has been twisted by these thoughts, just as Christ’s views, such as loving thy neighbor as thyself, and loving your enemies, forgiveness…all twisted by ego’s rationales.

Only meditation can help expose these “antichrist” thoughts and thus allow the light inside, long suppressed by conditioning the mind, to shine wisdom and thereby find solutions to human misunderstanding.


Why put this picture up?? He was someone family member. Here in NYC, we all know someone who was in that building. I went to 12 funerals in the following weeks after this tragic day. Let us remember, not cause more hurt.

Thank you, Stephanie for asking this important question. Here is my answer: Never forget the hurt, because then you will gradually forget them and forget what happened. This issue, Stephanie, is not about hiding the hurt or suppressing your pain. The issue is becoming a conscious witness of this hurt.

I contend as one on the path of Meditation that the pain is not fundamentally caused by this image you see. It is caused by the “attachment” to pain that this picture triggers in the unconscious mind.

Meditation can help one face these hurts and see the core of how we hold on to them, not the other way around. They do not have a hold on us. When you can see how you have been programmed to hold pain, this understanding can bring a distance.

You are not this pain, this hurt. We are trained by egoistic life to “do” pain, to “do” misery, to “do” hurt.

Once you are able to witness this process happening, a distance can happen. The pain has not lessened. The scope of a horror like this picture above is even more sensitively experienced. It will bring forth even deeper revelations that take you to the very root of a human predilection to commit horrors; and yet, there will be calm distance, a grace, a pain eclipsed by a rising compassion. When you can witness this picture meditatively, undisturbed, a deeper reality is clearly seen, but “you” are not “doing” the pain of that reality.

You have gone to the funerals of the fallen on 9/11. I helped carry the most important and most beloved human being in my life to the burning ghats of India, where I took shifts watching over his ashes for three days and nights.

He was murdered.

I have seen my people banished and scattered from their homes and for a time I lived like a refugee, homeless.

These tragedies are a reality that I will never forget, but thanks to the meditations Osho taught me, I do not “do” the misery and tragedy of these events or hold onto his murder and my loss.

I would like to share these techniques with you, Stephanie, or anyone else reading this. If you wish to receive links and formation, just click on this link: compassionate awareness. and ask in the subject line for Meditation.

Here is a quote from Osho about how only facing the pain can transcend pain’s tyranny on us. I have gone into what he says to do and found it to be true:

Always remember that whatsoever you dislike, face it.

And whatsoever you would like to avoid, never avoid.

Whatsoever you are afraid of — go into it.

That’s the only way to finish it; otherwise, it will haunt you like a shadow.


DATELINE: 28 August 2012

Hurricane Déjà vu:
New Orleans flooded by Isaac
On Hurricane Katrina
Seven-Year Anniversary?

I begin writing this the late morning hour (Pacific time) that Tropical Storm Isaac became a Category One hurricane. To punctuate this or by mere coincidence the bodacious anchors on Weather Channel are wearing fetching orange-red and scarlet red alarm colored summer dresses. Is it a weather girl’s siren call to attention and emergency – because that is no joke for Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama – or, are Heather and Jan wearing the hot red dresses as a Doppler fashion statement? Scarlet red and day-glow orange will better match the colors on the radar screen, which will be seeing a lot more orange and red signifying the expected 20 inches of rain for the Louisiana low coastal lands and parts of the Mississippi coast, plus the six-to-a-dozen inches for the rest of central Alabama and Mississippi. I am reminded what my oracle set down last December when making weather forecasts for the year 2012.

There will be a sharp blast of hurricanes in 2012. The Gulf of Mexico, which has mostly been spared dreadful storms, may see respite end.

Predictions for 2012 – Chapter Six:
Nature’s War of Humanity, Year Three (2012)
Upheaval and Flood

This year is marked by several powerful astrological events. First Uranus (Aries) square with Pluto (Capricorn) that sets status quo Plutonian, plutocratic forces to suppress Uranian collective desires for change, reform and revolution – a desire for new beginnings and enterprise. We are in the peak of that powerful, year-defining square right now and the future my oracle foresaw has inclined for now towards the status quo finding a 360-pound cop to squat on revolutionary aspirations of the public, pinning them to the ground with pepper spray can in piggish hand. Round one goes to the corporate plutocrats who are going to entertain us this week and next with their two storefront advertisements: the Dumbopublican Convention in Tampa, Florida, and the Jackass-o-cratic Convention in Raleigh, North Carolina. We are going to have a “Henry Ford” moment with both of them, politically speaking. Namely, you can have any “Model T” DemoPublican color to match your political persuasions and aspirations as long as the color is corporate black tie and cummerbund dumb.

The other astrological event of significance is the return of Neptune to its home sign Pisces the Fish. Neptune is the symbolic ruler of floods, earthquakes and if one lives unconsciously, the underminer by hidden subconscious enemies in one’s id. The transit through its oceanic home sign will last until 2026. There are many positive sides to Neptune’s return, especially for the arts, a time of great creative innovations. (See Neptune in Pisces) Yet initially in the first degrees of this transit of Neptune coming to the watery depths of home there will be significant natural upheavals such as the strange earthquake swarm around San Diego yesterday, the uptick of volcanic eruptions and most of all, storms around the world in 2012.

Neptune as predicted did unleash greater rains than mainstream meteorology expected. You will see storms grow vast. You will endure what are merely called Category One hurricanes like Isaac, but do not let that low category measurement fool you. Remember Category One Irene last year chased by a mere Tropical Storm Lee up the Atlantic seaboard states into New England? Though technically low in wind power their sheer size and duration empowered them with a wide ranging and enduring destructive power earning them distinction of being some of the most financially damaging storms in US history.

Twenty inches of rain are about to fall in New Orleans and its environs in a gigantic Category One Isaac expected to pummel the Gulf coast states with relatively low scale hurricane winds but significant marathons of rainfall and storm surges for two days and nights. Yet do not trifle with tropical storm winds being too puny a thing. Sixty miles-and-hour sustained winds is manageable in an average storm passing in a few hours, but two days and nights of sustained winds in the 60s and gusts in the 70s-an-hour will topple trees, take out regional infrastructure and electric power.

The storm surge is expected to load up the low swamplands and glut Lake Pontchartrain surrounding New Orleans with upwards of 6 to 12 FEET of floodwaters for two days and nights. Consider also the two high tides during this torrent surge! Isaac will be a huge event, a Neptunian flood, a significant and damaging storm, even if it does not rise in wind power beyond Category One or low Category Two standing.

Uranus in tug of war with Pluto is trying to whisper via the mass-mind subconscious to you, to all of us, including the Reagan red dressed girls of Weather Channel. It buzzes our unconscious like a call coming in on a cell phone making it prowl and freeze in the dark, creep and stop, slide and halt along a hotel night stand.

Hmmm… Hummmmm…

The text message is: redefine your categories, labels, definitions, religions, economic dogmas and ultimately redefine what it is to be a human being, or suffer ecosystem, psycho-system, ecological and psychological collapse in the 2020s or far sooner. In a more mundane vein, weather forecasts need to redefine the categories of storms to embrace the empowering surge of moisture into global atmosphere caused by global warming, acting on storms of all categories like a toot of oxygen up your nose.

TOOT! Ah, what a rush! Now I’ll run around the block ten times on this oxygen high.

Right now, our definitions do not capture what is happening. Indeed nothing we are labeling in our lives captures what is happening in the 21st century. That is what a real “New Age” does, move beyond our Old Age conditioning.

Before I get back to final edits on my new edition of Nostradamus: The War with Iran, one more journey back to the future. In Predictions for 2011 I dated the day and time the rebuilt levees of New Orleans would be threatened with breach once again by a hurricane. I predicted it would come over Haiti, drench and flood the place, then slide into the Gulf of Mexico and threaten New Orleans. What I got wrong fortunately was Haiti seeing thousands drowned. Only seven died according to reports. I also missed the year but perhaps I have not missed the time window for August, even if it was not August 2011 but 2012 instead. Here is what I wrote in November 2010 about it:

New Orleans, you were spared in 2010 as forecast… New Orleans, it’s good your levies have been rebuilt for they will be greatly tested near Labor Day, August 2011.

Predictions for 2011
Chapter 10: Alarms Sound the Unsustainable

One of the hardest things to achieve in predicting the future is capturing exactly the accurate date. The currents of echoing actions committed in the present, reverberating in the dimensions of the possible, can slow down or speed up the time windows for forecasted events. I am thinking now that I was wrong on the year, but the rest of the prophecy looks like it is going to be fulfilled in the next 36 hours. Not “near labor day”, August 2011 but August 28-29-30 of 2012 just a few days shy of Labor Day weekend.

May Isaac be checked! May the levees hold!

Time is running out on stanching this flood from the angry skies and roiling rising oceans. Climate change will be irreversible in five years. The atmosphere heats up and holds more water, making all storms, temperate, arctic, or tropical, increasingly Neptunian Kraken-Loch Ness Monster powerful.

Predictions for 2012
(Click on forecast and read an overview of this e-book)

DATELINE: 23 August 2012

Mother Nature’s
Pussy Riot
Coming to a
Republican National Convention
Near You

I posted this forecast (below) for the 2012 North Atlantic Hurricane Season. It, like other regional tropical storm seasons in 2012, will feel the torrent of Neptune’s first degrees of homecoming into Pisces in the guise of greater flooding rains. Already, Tropical Storm Isaac is quite the drenching rain maker as it bowling balls the sky on a projected path past Cuba to hit pins in a the sizzling upper 80 degree pond of the Gulf of Mexico. Rising degrees of hot water act like jalapenos fueling a hurricane’s dream enchilada laid out like a glutton’s banquet for Adam Richman to inhale. “Oh! My Goodness! Oh! My GOODNESS!”” It is not, however, “Man vs. Food” we are talking about. It could be a prophecy for hungry Hurricane “Man” Isaac versus an “Elephant meal” otherwise known as the Republican Convention, which is scheduled to convene 28 August in Tampa Bay, Florida, right around the time Isaac is bellying up to the door, armed with Elephant thunder gun, hungry to flood and blow the house down. Here is part of the forecast I made Hurricane Season 2012, published 21 December 2011:

Now the oracle rides monsoon mists in its Neptunian bowl of water for a session of hydromancy over the regions of Central, South and Northern American coastlines to see what is coming in the 2012 Hurricane Season. The first thing that emerges from the bowl’s surface is the God of oceans in forward motion since February suddenly moving backwards pitching a flood in June through November when it returns direct and in so doing Neptune’s movements exactly frame the official time window for the hurricane season (June-November). There will be a sharp blast of hurricanes in 2012. The Gulf of Mexico, which has mostly been spared dreadful storms, may see respite end. Though I have predicted hurricanes hitting Haiti and Houston Texas in the 2011 season, I have been thankfully wrong. Perhaps I have misread the oracle and placed dates on events later in time inclined for 2012 and 2013. We will see.

Predictions for 2012 – Chapter Six:
Nature’s War of Humanity, Year Three (2012)
Upheaval and Flood

Feverish Mother Nature might run pussy riot on the greatest convention of climate change deniers in the land with a visit from Isaac. Mom Nature’s incorrigible storm will begin the sharp blasting of the Gulf of Mexico in a few days. As often happens in a developing El Nino pattern warming equatorial waters in the Eastern Pacific, hurricane seasons in the Gulf and North Atlantic can be a cake walk until you draw close to the end of August. One of the quietest El Niño driven seasons was 1992, when the first tropical storm to turn up the hurricane heat, late in the season – tomorrow is the twentieth anniversary of its Florida landfall on 24 August 1992 – began with the letter A for “Andrew”. The first storm of that unsettlingly quiet season became one of the costliest hurricanes in US history, blowing out $26.5 billion worth.

Isaac is on track to strengthen into a Hurricane this weekend and pass into the Gulf through the tree-denuded and mountainous, flood prone gateway of deforested Haiti. May we hope the great flooding of Haiti I foresaw mistakenly for 2011 had not been forecast a year early. Still, it takes not Nostradamus to predict that unless Haiti can reforest its destroyed mountainsides tens of thousands are earmarked by an angry and globally warming Mother Nature for mud pie burial by flood and landslide.

There are signs that Isaac, once it had its way with the eastern Floridian coastline, perhaps cancelled the Republican Convention; it will turn northwest towards New Orleans. I have said the levies will hold before and I say it again. Look out, though, Houston and the oil refineries and oil transport pumping ports. Like Haiti, there is a thunderstorm bowling ball spinning at you in a near future – maybe Isaac, maybe another Hurricane named farther down the hot alphabet soup will take refinery towers down like bowling pins from wind and tidal surges that climate spills out of that percolating, streaming, great bowl of the Gulf.

Neptune’s return is also responsible for positive revolutions in the communicative arts. (See Neptune in Pisces is Hobbit Forming.) But why spoil a sub-tropically rainy day? Neptune being a ruler of unconscious enemies, illusions, that most of us do not use meditation and consciousness to recognize and master, are exactly the murky, irrational mobocratic stuff going on in US politics today. So here is a hint from Predictions for 2012, written last year, forecasting how Neptune could – did – influence the choice of Mormon Mitt Romney who you will soon see under Isaac’s cloud burst in Tampa, get the GOP elephant stamp of approval albeit with some trepidation and a clear lack of Elephant trunk tooting GOP party passion:

Neptune’s return to Pisces and Saturn beginning its two-year transit in Scorpio could conjure in candidates and upon the collective human hive-mind, subtle and hidden enemies – the darker angels of a mass-minded mob nature. If one of these Piscean candidates survives to be the Republican candidate, the muddleheaded watery times and collective minds of voters could wash him or her close to the goal: beating Obama (the fixed organized Leo) in the last weeks of the campaign. I don’t foresee Piscean Bachman surviving that far. Of the two other sockeye salmon Piscean pols (Perry and Romney), Romney most likely has the best chance.

Predictions for 2012: Chapter Seven –
Primates in Primaries for President

Romney will need a strong showing of the religious Republican and mostly Protestant evangelical Christian right to pull off the great woe be Obama-gone in November. If only Congressman Ryan, Romney’s “Sara Palin” move to raise McCain passion, could wink and wiggle his way into a $7,000 dress and masquerade Palin-appeal, sashaying “Rupauling” all the way to Tampa in drag, to drag the grumpy white red meat Republicans men, mostly, to the ballot box, tip the scales, throw the black Obamanation out in November.

There is no way you can save Privatized Ryan or Romney from losing. Romney belongs to a magic pant cult and his Vice President choice, Congressman Ryan, is a Papist, triumphalist Catholic. You will not hear Republican Protestants say this in polite company, but on to the ballot box and behind the curtains they will go in November thinking the above. The world may be ready for an African American president but a Republican ticket including an “über-Catholic-cum-mysterious Mormon”…


A Mormon Tabernacle ticket? A presidential candidate squirreling taxable income in offshore bank accounts on the Cayman Islands, in Switzerland vaults? Heck! Dare I say it? I know many of you Republican evangelicals wonder about it. Maybe there is a Mormon Merrill Lynch or Bane Capital outlet in God’s star system and/or Planet Kolob?

For those initiated in Mormon cosmology, Kolob appears in Mormon founder Joseph Smith’s scriptural tome, The Book of Abraham. Kolob is “nearest to the throne of God.” Apparently, the spiritual source of Mormonism emanates from aliens living on Kolob who are of the same cosmic-spiritual order, nearest to the Lord…

…I know, that’s a lot to take into your ballot booth, especially if it indeed is true – who knows?


Draw the curtains closed in ballot boxes. Voters are beyond polite company there, regarding butterflies of doubt, armed to poke holes in butterfly ballots on 6 November 2012. I am confident that in private, a lot of the GOP base faithful will look at candidates such as Kolob-Mitt-igating Romney and not save Private “enterprising” Ryan. A slim majority will leave ballots blank deciding they and the Republican Party are better off setting aside these two. Hide them out of sight four more years. Forget them even, when, like kiddie toys, you bury plastic figurines in a tin box under an electable Jeb Bush in 2016.

What definitely is not underpinning this election pitting a charming Obamagogue against Kolob’s brightest star is the still and silent witnessing consciousness that somehow gets buried in a coat of ego offal identity as soon as bright eyed and enlightened babes enter the dark woods of the human de-education system. You then reach your twenties, a graduate of this gradual dumb down to sleep of the soul, voting for candidates little able to digest what is little out there to inform your intelligent choice.

Intelligence! What an OxyObama qualifying a Romney-moron!

My meditation teacher, Osho, once said, as I recall, “There can be no democracy when there are political parties.”

I suppose the path beyond a mobocracy party democracy requires we return ourselves to the pure state of innocent light. Wisdom, rather than super pack quacks is needed. I offer you information and links to the meditations I use. Contact me. Put meditation in the subject line.

Join my newsletter list as well, if you have not already subscribed to the free Hogueprophecy bulletin. These days, I frequently post a blog and keep it up for one to two weeks constantly renewing it and inserting new articles as well as post and answer your comments. Every time something new in current events related to prophecy comes up, I notify my readers by newsletter, or send them special stuff written just them.

DATELINE: 21 August 2012

Exerpt from
The War with Iran
Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist

Completing Nostradamus: The War with Iran – Islamic Prophecies of the Apocalypse consumes much of my time these days. Time to take a moment from completing it to catch you all up on a number of current events in prophecy. First, a gathering violence in Syria relates directly like a match set to enflame the Middle East’s next great firestorm, a war with Iran. The second Persian Gulf War is coming. It might erupt as soon as next month (September 2012) though I doubt it. I would like to think Nostradamus’ stars do support my contention. The clash of Western civilization with militant, some would say defiant, Islam is waiting down a free-“will”-way, which a hurtling mass-minded unconsciousness of man traffics and jams its stupid bumper car on the road to predictable ruin. That is, if without map or self-consciousness, he rolls.

The destination waiting in the claustrophobic and shallow waters for a deep water US Navy is no game. No war game, carnival car bouncing outcome sees players climb out of the ride for a safe journey home. Wargaming officers might slip their toy carriers on the situation board back into drawers of a Pentagon parlor comforted by the hypotheticals of bloodless war dogma. They are conceited victims of a different kind of “fog of war”. It overclouds decision makers that jump at sending real flesh and blood crews and ships into harm’s way. This fog clouding war rooms is like a psychic cigarette smoke. It wafts as ideas from the past projected as certitudes blowing smoke without a clear view of the future.

I think of 1914. I think of a century of military dogma projecting an outcome to campaigns dressed in pretty uniforms and Napoleonic plumes that launched the First World War that did not anticipate lethal technological advances. I am haunted by those parade ground marching armies of 1914 mowed down, shoulder-to-shoulder by machine gun and Krupp heavy artillery. I think of the folly of military men and political leaders who do not change tactics to match the uncertain times when I research and write this book on machinations played out by desk-top admirals and generals to piece together a fog of thought, starting as far back as 1992. They have evolved a strategy limited by past-held assumptions, untried and many untested, when they conspire to destroy the Theocracy ruling Iran in our near future.

The consequences of military thinking riding full tilt into an unknown future on its charger sitting backwards in the saddle facing the past is an old stupidity ever made new by the next war. Here then is an excerpt, a taste of what nasty surprise might be waiting for a deep water Navy when it sails into the pond called the Persian Gulf, guided off course into the outdated smoke of yesterday’s musing. Cold War tactics, 20 years behind the times will soon put sailors in hot Persian Gulf waters, unless the following excerpt from my Nostradamus Iranian prediction can be avoided:


The Battle of the Persian Gulf will begin when US radar screens suddenly sparkle with dozens of blips of high and low altitude attacks of sub-sonic Iranian Exocet “arrows” appear “within” a 200 mile radius and virtually “on top” of their targets as close as 60 miles away. Swarm attack theory becomes terrifying reality. Everyone on both sides soon finds out what tactics actually work to dispense victory or death in a few milliseconds.

Across the Gulf, action stirs on the decks of US cruisers and destroyers. They are not sailors manning their stations. Few are visible. It is the other crew come to life suddenly animated, arising from rest with straight metal missile launcher arms, or others, swiveling, spinning, lifting up with blunt-sided metal hands gripping boxes loaded with packs of four RAM (rolling airframe missiles). On station with laser guided eye and paranormal powers of radar wave, they compute and move with superhuman speeds to lunge in fire and smoke their harpoon, sea sparrow and RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missiles hurling them over a far closer horizon than comfortable at the greatest number of incoming anti-ship missiles ever fired in the history of modern naval warfare.

Human eyes squinting into the haze from ship bridges or the decks of a dozen US warships of the carrier group searching above the horizon from north to east to south spot distant points of blossoming fire in the torrid skies of a desert sea. The volleys of missiles guided by the AN/SWY-2 and Ship Self Defense System combat systems are vaporizing the Exocet horde. The human sailors’ metal and computerized mates do not pause but quicken their lethal labors, raising aloft and firing more of their missile pointed spears, surveying the skies with black radar cell eyes sweeping wildly rolling to lock on what is yet humanly unseen.

There are too many enemy missiles.

The survivors are coming over the horizon. On the deck and superstructure of an Arleigh Burke Class, Aegis destroyer on station 20 miles farther north from its Nimitz Class aircraft carrier, the artificial minds in the metal sailors defending the ship reach with wider range their radar sentience scouring skies perceiving the first emergence of supersonic missile trajectories a hundred miles away. Suddenly some electronic start of an alarm in hot circuits computer clicks on a new electronic brain lobe pathway in the tall-domed robot the human sailors affectionately call R2D2 because the Mark 15 Phalanx anti-missile batteries look kind of like the domed and plucky Star Wars ash can-shaped Sci-Fi robot.

The “R2” in this speculative future engagement has much more punch in his arm. No party zapper for Ewoks and power ports of Bespin. This R2 unit carries a spinning six barreled Gatling gun that would put the little Gatling number lugged by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator to shame.

R2’s close-in anti-missile engagement system has firewired a new pathway concentrating in a radar séance to perceive in its narrowing engagement envelope what human eyes cannot yet see – an Exocet approaching the starboard quarter bearing down at 300 miles an hour, altitude, six feet above the water. R2 hefts his Gatling gun instantly, aiming, barrels whining. It erupts with a bright shivering cloud of fire in a rasping ear-splitting stream of depleted-uranium rounds – 4,500 per minute.

The humans saw only the Exocet’s fireball at 1.5 miles distance not the Exocet coming in at terminal velocity. Little “R2” has not the mind for feelings, like human relief or cheering, or the time to care. He has not the human mind to panic either. He must calculate, air-coolly, in his hot circuit brain, the angle, trajectory and speed needed to swerve right, shoot, then left, shoot, then right blazing away again across an advent window of 70 degrees of horizon wherein three more Exocets at different distances are charging the destroyer inside five miles range. R2 does his job undistracted by clarion alarms meant to warn human sailors, or umbrella clouds of anti-missile jamming chaff launched over the ship’s superstructure. R2 has not the mind to feel competitive ire when the thunder and flash of fellow robot swabs, the RAM batteries, gather up swiftly with fingerless metal palms their missile box guns loaded with fresh RAM – rolling airframe – missiles to shoot at “his” targets first.

Fast and hot work begins and ends two seconds later with another Exocet fireball. R2 swerves wide over 70 degrees, left, gun tearing the air with depleted uranium bullets. R2 did not notice the sea sparrow lifting off confronting a supersonic prey still several miles over the horizon. It could care less right this millisecond.

Fortunate is the robot mind in the electronic conceit of its inhuman efficiency that it cannot feel the terror of a ship’s shudder throwing the fragile human forms around like dolls twisted and mangled, like in a little girl’s tantrum, against bulkheads and decks. Nor can it feel burning flesh or perceive the final anguished epiphany of life lost as the Russian-build Iranian Sizzler supersonic missile the sea sparrow missed snuffs out the lives of human sailors.

The destroyer lay sliced open at the port waterline with a ragged 30-foot wound from a short sword thrust of the enemy at Mach 2.1. R2 independently wired did not dump out its computer consciousness as the ship’s other electronic systems flickered off – some not re-engaging. R2’s gyros corrected against a sudden lunge upwards of the starboard platform from the force of impact of the Sizzler stabbing the port side. A microsecond correction to the squinting target engagement envelope locked on the third Exocet, coming in at terminal velocity.

R2’s Gatling gun at the instant. Ready.

An instant too late.

The Exocet sliced through the thin metal skin of the bridge superstructure and smeared blood and bone of every human being inside across the windows and bulkheads with flame.

R2’s vessel will be the first of many destroyers and cruisers in the Battle of the Persian Gulf taking serious damage or soon be sitting dead in the water ablaze – easy prey for mortal wounding by swarms of subsonic and supersonic Iranian “arrows.”

Nostradamus: The War with Iran

Chapter Eight – “Ships melted and sunk by the Trident”


The above passage appeared in the first edition of this book published five years ago. I am currently putting the last touches on an expansion of that 70,000 word e-book with an additional 30,000 words of new material. Click on jihad watch where you can read more about this book and check out the updated table of contents.

The Iran e-book is one of two new Hogueprophecy books coming out this September: Iran in early September will be joined late September by a long anticipated final word on Nostradamus’ take on the Mayan Calendar time shift on 21 December 2012. Today is 21 August 2012. The climax to 2012 prophecy is just four months away. Click on 2012 predictions and see why interpretations proffered by the 2012 book industry will soon see me clucking: too Chicken Little, too late.

Now let us view the magic mirror darkly to conjure the prophetic significance behind one of today’s most topical prophetic questions:

Is Nostradamus’ Antichrist the Secretary of the US Navy?

It is not such an odd question. Given that America’s next great war in the Middle East will be waged upon a desert ocean with Iranian subsonic, supersonic and perhaps even carrier killing ballistic missiles falling out of sand blasted vanilla skies has as its highest appointed civilian overseer a man bearing the same name Nostradamus used to introduce the third and final of this three Antichrists.

This most debated theme of future gazing by the 16th-century French seer makes him unique among prophets. Only Nostradamus foresaw not one but three Antichrists, the third being our contemporary. I have been on the trail of revealing just who he is for over a quarter century. My detective work culminated in a 70,000 word e-book published in September 2008, entitled Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named Mabus. (For more detailed background information, click on Antichrist.)

In brief, Nostradamus used anagram word plays to mask the names of these men which each bring the human race one blood-soaked step closer to Armageddon. Their march is Eastward. The first came from France. His code name PauNayLoron, standing for Napaulon Roy. Roi is the modern French spelling for Roy, or “king”. Napaulon is one of Nostradamus’ wicked double entendre for the Book of Revelation’s angel of the Abyss, Appalyon, as well as a close spelling of the way a certain, devilish French artillery officer of the Ancient Regime, hailing from Italian-French stock of Corsica spelled his name: Napauleone. This shaggy Italo-French Corsican would make his meteoric rise, spell his name in French fashion, becoming their dictator and Emperor Napoleon I. Napaulon Roy became “Napoleon King” Antichrist number one.

Go further east my readers to the deepest Eastward frontiers of Western Europe to Noricum, the ancient Roman name Nostradamus gave for modern day Austria. Go to the banks of the Hister River, the ancient name for the River Danube and meet upon its shores in Linz Austria the dreamy self-obsessed loner, Adolf Schicklgruber, soon to rename himself Adolf Hitler, a parting gesture to a detested father’s death and silly name. You have just met Nostradamus’ Second Antichrist. You can recognize his name lightly unveiled by anagram, playing with the old name of the Danube in Gothic spelling with a Gothic s (ƒ) nudging at one to recognize the missing “t”.

Hiƒter? Meet Hitler.

Go farther East, all the way to the near and Middle East. That is where you will find the theater of war at least, in which the third and final Antichrist meets his bloody destiny. Whether he is a native or a Westerner waging wars with natives of the heartland of Islam is a topic that took me down 25 years of labyrinths and alternative futures. I was guided only by the clues hiding in the links of phrases and themes of Nostradamus quatrains, all set out of time sequence when published initially in serialized form from 1555 through the early 1560s. My long search has narrowed the suspects down to four possible candidates for Antichrist: Saddam Hussein, G.W. Bush, Usama bin Laden and Barack Hussein Obama.


Be still an impulse to grasp or reject the men on this list for snap judgment is the mother of all shallow and mediocre minds. The authentic soothsaying Sleuth-sayer, the detective on the trail to prophecy’s mysteries, snoops deep down under the layers of the obvious to find his culprit. Pass through the material laid down by me before passing 25 years of detective work like crap through the goose of one’s idle interest. My e-book is like wine, aged since September 2008 publication. Now I would not change a word of it. That is how right interpretation of prophecy should work. The older the insight published and grown dusty with time, yet more constant in the light of its truth, the more impactful is the utilization of its seemingly correct theory in solving a mystery.

I wrote the following passage in the spring of 2008, because I saw a retired US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and former Governor of Mississippi, Raymond Edwin “Ray” Mabus, Jr. was about to enter center stage once again in Nostradamus’ who done-it. Do not be too ready to stamp your foot on the throat of the obvious whilst other rats in a mystery scurry to their hiding places. First read this cautionary and accurate prediction made a half year before Barack Obama was elected president of the United States and over nine months before he found a post for Mr. Mabus in his cabinet, as foreseen by my oracle:


Who is Mabus, the Third and Final Antichrist foreseen by Nostradamus?

Sometimes a name appears so close that it must fit. During the 1990s many people were convinced that the former Governor of Mississippi Ray Mabus (1988 – 1992), tapped to be President Bill Clinton’s US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia (1994), would go there, be killed by terrorists and this would trigger 2 Q62’s terrible undoing of people and animals in a Middle Eastern war.

It makes logical sense. This wouldn’t be the first time Nostradamus stepped away from code names and obscurity to openly name a future historical person…

Maybe there was nothing obscure about the name Mabus.

It’s Ray Mabus, sent as a most influential US ambassador into the dangerous arena everyone in prophecy circles during the 1990s expected would be the theater of Armageddon.

His appointment, and the thousands of “Ray Mabus is the Antichrist” letters I received about it, compelled me to write this passage in 1995 for page 202 of Nostradamus: the Complete Prophecies (published in 1997):

“At this time I don’t sense anything malevolent about the ambassador, but this gives me the opportunity to look at yet another angle to the Mabus enigma. The ambassador may not be the Antichrist but a victim of such. Since the November 1995 car bombing of a US-run military training facility in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has ended its long exclusion from terrorist acts. From now on Ambassador Mabus has a dangerous assignment and I wish him well. I wouldn’t like to see him become the target of a future Gavrilo Princip and have his assassination trigger World War III.”

The best-laid names in Antichrist detective work can go nowhere. Ambassador Mabus left Saudi Arabia without fanfare or prophetic significance, retiring from public service in 1996.

Case closed, so it would seem. Then Mabus came back.

He resurfaced in 2007 from years of serving on charitable and corporate boards to endorse Senator Obama’s bid for the presidency. He’s now one of Obama’s chief Middle Eastern advisors on Arab relations and has been appointed co-chairman of Obama’s Democratic Primary campaign in his home state of Mississippi.

If Obama wins the presidency, the handsome and engaging Raymond Edwin Mabus may serve in his cabinet. Perhaps he will return as some special envoy to the Middle East and start doomsday tongues to wag about the return of the man who “is” Mabus to the region of the Third Antichrist.

Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named MABUS
Chapter Nine: Obama Mabus?


President Obama nominated Ray Mabus Secretary of the US Navy 27 March 2009. Defense Secretary Robert Gates officially swore Mabus in on 18 June 2009 – coincidentally on the 194th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, a defeat that put an end to the threat of Nostradamus’ First Antichrist. Tensions in the Middle East have frequently seen Mabus visit Bahrain where the US Fifth Fleet is based. One sees him inspecting the carrier strike forces taking turns on station at the mouth of the Persian Gulf and patrolling the Strait of Hormuz. His role of of US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia in the 1990s to the theater of anticipated Armageddon has been upgraded in the 2010s as chief bureaucrat overseeing what Nostradamus predicts will be a great battle “in the Arabian Gulf” (the other name for the Persian Gulf given it by Arabs). He warns of a fleet “melted and sunk” by the “Trident.” It is the place where a flotilla of Ishmaelites will venture forth on a suicide charge out of Carmania. This is the ancient name for the northern shore of the Strait of Hormuz where Iranian swift boats, missile-firing corvettes and thousands of heavily armed speed boats, many packed with explosives, intend any moment from now, to take Jihad down to the sea in flaming US ships.

That is the subject of my Iran war book. Within its photon and electronic pages, you will not see a Ray Mabus on the bridge of some Nimitz class supercarrier. I predict that when war hits, Mabus will be far away at his desk in Washington DC on a summer day marked by Nostradamus’ clear astrological predictions framing the window of hostilities only a few years from now.

I do not think the Third Antichrist is a US Cabinet bureaucrat. I do not think Nostradamus would use enigmatic names on two but come up clear on the third of his Antichrists. Then again, my Nostradamus library is stuffed with books by armchair Nostradamians that applied their projections to his nebulous flypaper prophecies, thinking they had the buzz on his secrets, had decoded his gibberish and found an all-encompassing way to decode his prophecies.

Anyone who had spent 30 years studying his mind, sifting through the output of his many words of prophecy, copies of his surviving correspondences in French and Latin and his other literary works might soon discover that this severely dyslexic genius was chaos incarnate. The chaos, however, does at times have an algorithmic pattern. Chaos has its own quirky understanding of order. Indeed, crybaby order may be the child of Mother Chaos.

Other candidates – candidates already dead even – are in my estimation more likely intended by Nostradamus to be Antichrist Mabus, such as Saddam Hussein and Usama bin Laden. They have fulfilled what Mr. paper pushing Mabus in Washington DC hopefully never will. They have been the first to fall in wars they launched lasting 25 to 27 years. (Secretaries of the Navy do not launch wars; they fight them or try preventing them at the pleasure of their bosses in the Oval Office.)

With that said, the great Nostradamus, pun-meister extraordinaire, the champion of 16th-century love of double meanings, entendre on the double and sometimes tripled, even, that would turn the head of Rabelais or Shakespeare, might he darkly laugh at the Mabus cabinet member to be, who might serve a Mabus candidate hiding “Obama” in a code name? Might he even venture into the region where the war of the third Antichrist would be waged, perhaps sooner than later, if the prophecies Nostradamus wrote about war with Iran are in fact imminent?

John Hogue
(21 August 2012)

PS – Join my free newsletter and add yourself to those who get bulletins when new articles are posted at There are many TV documentaries coming in the latter half of this year. I have already filmed five TV appearances and might add another two very soon. Being on the newsletter list, you will know nearly as quick as I do when these prophecy documentaries will be shown on television or other media.

Photo by Diwamani.


 No subject over the years has found more readers leaving your comments than solving the mystery: who Mabus is. So please, send your comments to me. Don’t be shy. I will post them and when I can, insert my replies. If for some reason you cannot leave your comments in the comments box below, just send them to me at this Contact link and I will post them beginning just below this paragraph.

Hi John, my name is Christian and you were speaking on Coast to Coast AM recently, I called in and mentioned to you and asked your opinion concerning the Orsen Wells film/documentary ” The Man Who Saw Tomorow.” I have two questions for ya? 1. Was Saddam Hussien the “Third” Anti-Christ” that was predicted, and 2. as a result of the “Deppression” this country in going through presently and the power Elite who caused all this, do you see a people’s Revolution coming soon? Nostradams predicted that after all this insanity, their would be a Thousand years of piece on Earth. Thank you for responding back, and I am very concerned about where society is going, I sometimes wonder if they’ll ever be “light at the end of the tonnel.” Thank you Sir, keep up the good work for us all.


I wrote you about a year ago about the 27 years between when Saddam Hussein came to power and when he was killed. I just noticed another 27 year pattern. The Mujahadeen’s funding system which became the template for al Qaeda was established in 1984. The sources I consulted were vague on when Osama bin Laden started fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan, but it appears his organization got a big boost in 1984 when the financial network to fund them was established. 27 years later Osama bin Laden was killed after being at war with somebody for most of those 27 years. It’s odd that two of the Mabus candidates had 27 year runs between the time they came into their power and when they were killed.


As usual, the Comments mail rejected the password: Your letter preceding this article and also incorporated in it, “Iran War and Nostradamus Mabus Antichrist” is very well written. It is easy to read and evokes the visual imagination with great illumination.


Hi John, I appreciate all that you do in service of the community. I no longer have a day job, and I am living my life in service to the community as a shaman nowadays which is incredibly satisfying but does not always provide a lot of extra income, so I hope my small donation $12.50 helps in support of your invaluable service. Blessings and Light, Rob

It definitely does, Rob and I thank you and wish for you good fortune on the material question coming soon to enhance your spiritual practice.

I’d like to say to anyone reading this, no matter how small you think your donations are, the volume of readers giving modestly is the key to keeping us afloat at hogueprophecy. Right now, we are hovering around 100,000 ranking in the USA’s 200 million websites. That means hundreds of thousands of you are reading us each week. If even one tenth of a percent of that readership gave us a $5 donation once a year, we could match the high costs of maintaining a high-traffic website. So please, do not wait for others to make that donation. Only you can make it. If you have a “yes” for that, click on this support link.

By the way, I like to complete the circle of gift giving. Rob gave $12.50 so he will receive as a gift my e-book updated edition of Nostradamus: The War with Iran when it comes out in September. You too can have that or a copy of the new and last word on 2012 Mayan prophecy: Nostradamus 2012: The End of End Times also coming out in September, for a $12.50 donation. Be sure to put either “Iran” or “2012” in the Paypal note box so I know which pdf book file to attach to an email upon which I will send it to you. There’s one more option, for $25.00 or more you get on my list to receive pdf files of get both books. So many  ways to help us and many ways to thank you with gifts are available when you click on donate.


You should have a track record of 100% to be a true prophet. Not hits and misses. You are a very intelligent man but no prophet.

As if you know what prophecy is, Nancy, to lecture anyone about this mystery. Ignorance in us has no limits.

The future is not written in stone. It looks like that only because some of us are programmed to live our lives as if we are made of stupid stone. Come out of the fields of stone, Nancy. Raise yourself from the dead.


Books by John Hogue

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  1. Ray
    Posted 20 September 2012 at 6:29 am | Permalink

    The attack in Benghazi had nothing to do with a movie. It was a pre-planned terrorist attack. America is being set up to take away our freedom of speech. There is a worldwide effort to make any insult to Islam crime. We have free speech in this country! Is something wrong with a movie that does not depict Islam is a positive light or a religion that calls for the death of anyone who dares question it or “insults’ it? Appeasement is not the way to deal with these radical Muslims, as Obama’s foreign policy is now showing us.

  2. John
    Posted 14 September 2012 at 12:59 am | Permalink

    John My feeling is Syria or their chemical weapons in someone elses hands will start the war. Or it will appear this way. Israel will take out Syria and hit Iran as well. What do you think. JB

    US, French and NATO involvement will creep along inside Syria. This, in my view, is the only significant conflict that will deepen in the Middle East for 2012. As much as I am tempted to be carried off by all the Israeli saber rattling, I believe Netanyahu is bluffing. He will not launch an attack on Iran this year.

  3. Allan Collison
    Posted 11 September 2012 at 8:14 am | Permalink

    John , With Mercury Retro on Election Day . Fraud showing up in election now. President will be selected not elected . Courts will call it. Just like Gore & Bush election take over. But you right Obama win but Courts will pick ?????????

    The astrology on election night required I write an entire chapter about it in Predictions for 2012. I wouldn’t change any points or forecasts I made back last December about it. Have you read it, Allan?

  4. Norm Christiansen
    Posted 10 September 2012 at 7:07 pm | Permalink

    Interesting how hard it is to WRITE clear thoughts early AM…esp. dealing with relatives & alleged ‘friends’
    (Not the “Facebook” kind)…So much clarity is lost trying to write ANYTHING!…I noticed this now when
    sending emails this AM…NO point, just having a written record 4 myself is better than phone calls, which are
    like pissing in the wind!

  5. Rufus Blue
    Posted 8 September 2012 at 9:32 am | Permalink

    Rippin read dude! Its nice to know there are people out there who care enough to be as out spoken (with some inteligence) as you. To many misguided political diatribes in cyber space already. Can’t send a donation in this ‘obameny’ right now but thanks again!

  6. Posted 28 August 2012 at 11:36 pm | Permalink

    last year you were sure obama would win by a small margin.
    now you are saying the opposite?
    thanks for your reply. marianne p.

    Hi Marianne. No, I am not saying the opposite. Please read “Predictions for 2012” to understand the full extent of my political predictions and the nuances that we attract or repell in the future from our individual and present-day actions.

  7. Posted 23 August 2012 at 2:00 pm | Permalink

    Its interesting to note that Romney’s Bane capitol owns a medical waste company called Stericycle which deposes of dead fetus’, which dosen’t exactly remind one of Republican “Morals”. “Thou shalt depose of all baby fetus’ after they are aborted.” Is that in the bible somewhere? He’s fooling all of the Republicans into believing he is somehow religious and moral to appeal to his base, however his investments tell us he is anything but. His business was to eat the hearts out of other companies and leave their Carcass’ to rot. That was his job. You say he comes from a weird programmed baby scraping black whole planet called Kolob? it seems likely.

    • Rufus Blue
      Posted 8 September 2012 at 9:34 am | Permalink

      What would you do with a murdered fetus Josh?

      • Posted 7 October 2012 at 10:01 am | Permalink

        Invest in a company that got rid of them and then tell people I was a Christian.

        Joshua, this line is unclear. What is the context? In my comments pages I do not long tolerate vague comments. I ask my readers to challenge themselves, and work to move beyond their limits as communicators. I invite you to be a better communicator and make some sense out of this one-liner.

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