Debt Ceiling Stalemate and the Future of Food, Part 2

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The great high-pressure dome across the eastern two thirds of the United States reluctantly relinquishes its hot pressure cooker on 200 million Americans one tenacious degree at a time. In the other dome, the US Capitol Building, the pressure cooker for political leadership and action intensified last night. The debt ceiling deadline approaches and the big babies on the Beltway, pretending to be adults — our leaders on Left, Center and Right — are letting their inability to find common ground, grind the US credit and credibility down as a leading economic superpower into the baked earth.

President Obama spoke to the nation Monday night, followed a few minutes later with a speech by the Speaker of the House John Boehner. Though I found Obama’s “Spockian” delivery more logical and substantive, he inserted a passage about an agreement to raise revenue that is clearly not in the Senate or House propositions ready to be put before a vote. Speaker Boehner’s speech relied on a deer-in-the-headlights sing-songy slogan-filled explanation of the Republican position that I found evasive when confronting the past and un-substantive when explaining how cutting spending without raising revenues can make 2 + 2 equal “5” in the math, if anyone cares to look at it. As I have stated before in my earlier article (see Debt Ceiling) mathematical realities trump subjective politics. Never before in history has a nation gone to war without raising tax revenues to pay for it, or balanced a budget without raising revenues to pay down the debt. Yet, in the last decade we have seen a president (G.W. Bush) cut taxes whilst going to war and reform spending on medicine without paying for it, and, as cruel mathematical truth shows, you lose the Clinton surplus and drive the nation precipitously down into debt.


Boehner needed to confront mathematics in his speech, especially because Obama laid out those issues. He sidesteps it at his and the GOP’s political future peril in the 2012 elections.

The GOP establishment is under the powerful influence of their Third Party coalition with the Tea Party revolutionaries. The movement that swept them back into power in the House of Representatives has the power to trump mathematics by ideology. I know many of my Tea Party readers are upset by what I say and I respect their sincerity, but the future is my expertise and I speak from that platform in these pages when I tell you that an ideological movement, not anchored to mathematics and rationality, does not have a future they desire waiting for them. Indeed, blind and irrational ideology is setting the stage for a far different future than politically desired if less zealously ideological heads and hearts do not prevail in the GOP caucus.

I was disappointed with both the President and the Speaker’s speeches last night. Both drew a political line of partisanship before the other. We are in a standoff, the nation held hostage by political posturing and an inability to compromise.

If I might channel last night from the mindset of a more enlightened humanity to come, the President and Speaker should have stood together before the national and international audience, like Lincoln and Douglas did in their famous debates. Both should have had transcripts of the others opening statements so they could prepare to answer each point in detail. The president would go first with his speech. Boehner would reply to each of his points. The president would then respond to the Speaker’s rebuttal, then the Speaker would have a final say.

In the second round of this foursquare debate, the speaker would make his speech explaining the GOP-Tea Party view. The president would rebut the points in detail; the speaker would have a chance to defend each point. Finally, the president would have the last say.

I tried to get professional debunker of all things paranormal and Nostradamian, James Randi, to act like a true skeptical inquirer and commit himself to such a foursquare debate. He always wiggled out of it.

Such a skeptical inquiry and debate, if it had been held last night before a worldwide audience, would present to the American people and the world at large a stable discussion of ideas, not slogans and partisan posturing. Each would be called to answer to such, and come clean with substance. I believe such a debate would restore American credibility in the end, even though this current debt-ceiling crisis has already seriously harmed our credit economically and Americans will see the consequences of this in the latter half of 2011 with higher interest rates.

We are now a week away from seeing the sole remaining military and economic superpower potentially default on his debts. The world nervously watches America in growing disbelief. I will have more to say about this as we approach the end of July. I already wrote extensively about this coming economic crisis of ideology over reality at the end of last year in Predictions for 2011.

The “last supper” in July is coming. The final Sabbath of July. Obama will break the unleavened bread and drink the bitter wine of buckling to pressure when he sits on 31 July in the crossfire between Tea Partiers and Republicans at his right hand and Democrats at his left hand.

On a happier note…

Today is Tuesday.

Tuesday reminds me of Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) livin’ large before an end of the next week Lent to the debt ceiling comes. I’m hungry. Let’s sandwich in Part Two of the Future of Food while we can afford to eat.

Here is Part Two of my interview with Ingrid Weithers-Barati on the Future of Food, published at the Raw Epicurean back on 22 September 2009:


IWB: Edgar Cayce was a vegetarian who advocated eating vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds, at least 1/3 of it raw [uncooked] in any diet type. Are there other prophets, past or present, that you are aware of, who embrace[d] a vegetarian/vegan dietary lifestyle?

JH: Well, I met a few like J. Krishnamurti or Yogi Bhajan and sat at the feet of one for many years, such as Osho, who were all vegetarians. Osho never considered himself a prophet but his predictions are quite stunning and far-reaching.

IWB: Any who embrace a raw food diet?

JH: Not that I’m aware of personally. (Isn’t it good that you can’t hear plants scream?)

Actually, I do feel them go through their own anguish when they are harvested. I experienced plant life’s silent scream working on a truck farm and as a lumberjack cutting down juniper trees in my youth. Now I like talking to plants and trees before I harvest them. I am reminded of the Zen master who used to be a woodcutter. He would walk through the forest and ask the trees which one was ready to come down. When he got the appropriate impressed “answer”, he took out his axe.

In the future, even Vegetarians, Vegans and Raw-fooders will become more meditative and commune with their plants before they slaughter them. They will feel the death as well as the life and the spirit of the food they harvest. You cannot know life without equally feeling death at the same time.

In the distant future, in the Age of Capricorn, human beings will transcend the food chain altogether and attain their nutrients direct from the sun.

IWB: Nostradamus‘ lifelong passions were writing and culinary delights. Edgar Cayce enjoyed photography, and I read he was a Sunday school teacher. What are your passions and hobbies?

JH: Running, f**king, eating good food, drinking good wine and aperitifs.

Dancing in a trance, sitting doing nothing (a luxury these days), singing, laughing, writing music, playing a cow in a musical or the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood (a Children’s Opera). Yesterday I crashed the Island County WA parade running in my blue shorts, tank top, and silver running shoes with bouncing green twinkle shamrock antennae clipped to my head. I ran a quarter mile ahead of the parade receiving the accolades of the waiting crowd, sometimes apologizing for budget cuts constituting my run as the parade this year. Laughter and joy was had by all as a crowning “clowning” warm-up for a wonderful parade.

Other loves?

Love, for one.

Then there is a love of all kinds of music. I write my [19] books and counting often listening to classical music, though I will listen to anything that captures what it is truly trying to convey, whether it is Wagner’s Ring or Nirvana’s Heart Shaped Box or Vangelis’ Antarctica or provocative CDs such as Enigma. I can start the day playing Van Morrison, Michael Jackson and end up with Alanis Morissette and Radiohead. I can dance to Grateful Dead and am a big fan of Dead can Dance.

Hobbies? I used to be a pretty good miniature ship builder of museum quality boats. I was once a master painter of miniature figurines. I also used to paint canvases in oils. I love how turpentine changes the smells and tastes of everything. Ever since 2005, I apply these painting talents to painting on bigger canvases called the interiors and exteriors of houses as a painter. (Writing is a calling. Anyone who thinks they will get rich being a freelance writer, might as well believe they can get rich being a schoolteacher. It is a passion and a calling to be a person of word craft with a message.

IWB: In your book, Nostradamus: A Life and Myth, there are many references throughout the book about one of his favorite passions — culinary delights. Tell us about his interest in the culinary arts and what type of food he loved to make.

JH: South French passions for Mediterranean cuisine go back more than a millennium as Nostradamus’ writings show. He had a passion for all kinds of foods, recipes for salads (liberal in their use of rose petals and wine). His chief culinary concern was the science of fruit preservatives. In this following passage from my biography on the prophet Nostradamus: A Life and Myth are examples of how this wandering apothecary, physician and Anthony Bourdain of the 16th century, had “no reservations” as a chef on a pilgrimage around France, Spain and Italy, gathering recipes that found themselves in his travelogue on the trail of medicine, cosmetics and food recipes:

We might follow a trail of bitter cherries left in passages of Traité des fardemens et confitures to mark some places passed. Nostradamus was obsessed with the sweet desires of the stomach — in particular, finding ever better ways to cook up fruit preserves of bitter black cherries of “the most delectable taste, which will keep for a long while.” In a rare moment of owning to where he had been, Nostradamus on the trail of the perfect black cherry jelly, says he had “seen it made in Toulouse, Bordeaux and [La] Rochelle.” Toulouse, the district seat of the Inquisition, seems an unlikely place to have been seen in 1539 [the year before they had “summoned” him for examination for questionable healing practices]. After Bordeaux he might have ridden north to La Rochelle, but another written extract could point his mule south, abandoning France altogether to hide out for an extended period among the black cherry confectioners and sweetmeat makers of Valencia, Spain:

I have often seen preserved things from Valencia, which were extraordinarily good … Their sugar is inferior [to] ours, but they are more skilled in the art of preservation. The same is true of their sweet meats in the manner in which they finish them, for when the sugar has been thoroughly absorbed and all bad and harmful moisture has been removed, they completely get rid of this sugar (which has become blackened through repeated boiling) and use a very beautiful one, which then makes the confectionery exceptionally attractive and excellent.

Excerpt from

Nostradamus: A Life and Myth, page 86.

A page from one of Nostradamus’ best selling 16th-century cook books.

IWB: Did he have a favorite food recipe?

JH: Beyond black bitter cherries? It seemed he liked best whatever he was engaged in preserving, whether it as pumpkin sauce to cool fevers and have a very pleasant taste, or taking bitter oranges into a sugar preserve, or honey preserving walnuts, or making a concoction called “boiled wine.” He wrote about a green ginger recipe originating from Mecca, Saudi Arabia. His quince jelly preserve endorsed by the Papal Legate of Avignon made him famous. His tastes seemed to mix the bitter with the sweet, though he also advised readers how to make candies and marzipan.

Ingrid Weithers-Barati: What fruits or vegetables are your favorites, least favorite and why?

JH: I can’t eat much fruit as it makes me too acidic, but I do like bananas, strawberries and blackberries and red wines (grapes).

I do eat nearly all vegetables. My favorites are broccoli, red onions, garlic, and mushrooms. My least favorite: Okra from India. It used to be eggplant too but I do love the way Punjabis make it

IWB: What‘s the one thing about you few people know?

JH: Nice try. If I tell you, too many people will then know it. Let us keep that to the chosen few. A man of mystery is far more intriguing, is he not?

IWB: If you could be or do anything else what would that be?

JH: A full-time composer of music. I wish I had the time and the financial backing to compose and conduct the many symphonies, concertos, symphonic poems and songs that play with full instrumentation in my head. I fear that I will be the only one to enjoy them if life is not much longer than the next moment.

Talia Toni Marcus, left. With Jack Benny, right.

I am bringing a few of these pieces into the world right now through the help of a dear friend, Talia, who is a composer and violinist who once played with Van Morrison in his Into the Music CD and was one time the kid who played violin with Jack on the Jack Benny Show.

IWB: What one word would you use to describe yourself?

JH: No-knowing…

IWB: Where and what was your most memorable raw food meal?

JH: At the Conscious Life Expo [February 2009] in LA, I lived three times a day on the Vegan wraps of food vendors with a café in Redondo Beach. They are called Leaf Organics. Go there if you can. They are the Mecca of vegan wraps! Leaf Organics! Yumm!! They used big broad leafs like burrito wraps. I still don’t know exactly what they put in there to make it so good. Who thinks when the thoughts drop in the no-mind of munch?

IWB: What is the most amusing response you‘ve experienced or reaction you’ve received when you told someone you are a prophet scholar?

JH: I don’t remember. So, I guess it will have to be the next response-reaction.

IWB: Looking forward, do you see a growing interest in vegetarianism/veganism?

JH: Yes indeed. To use a plant metaphor, it will be “grass roots” in nature until the emergency of food sustainability coming in the next decade forces a lot of people to get off the agra-meat machine. Ecological stresses caused by such high waste farming will become unprofitable.

IWB: Thank you John.

John Hogue

(26 July 2011)

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PSS–You can get “Obama” out of Nostradamus’ code name for his third and final Antichrist “Mabus”. But is Obama Mabus? Read more…

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  1. LostTraveler
    Posted 30 July 2011 at 10:12 pm | Permalink

    Wasn’t Bush being posted on your site as mabus when he was president? Now Obama is since he is the president?

      In my book on Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named: MABUS, I present four candidates for the Third Antichrist. We then measure their prophetic significance to historic fact and Nostradamus’ linguistic hints. As a prophecy scholar I must present all candidates. The chief candidates in our times are Saddam Hussein, GW Bush, Usama bin Laden and Barack Obama. My blogs cover this, but the book goes far more in-depth into this matter. Copy and paste this link into your browser if you want to read more about Mabus:
  2. Gary
    Posted 28 July 2011 at 8:35 am | Permalink

    Its very silly how you keep on labelling Obama as unemotional, Spokian, because , if he acted more emotional then the rightwingers and racists would accuse him of talking loud, overeacting and getting excited , like they do to any angry black people who want to be treated equally in the USA, and complain about it.

      Gary, what the right or left thinks about Obama is not a reason to suppress emotion. These idiots on the extremes will always find something wrong with the leader. However, leadership sometimes requires one get emotional, get mad. I have read Obama’s autobiographical books and meditated over his multi-dimensional birth chart and progressed charts, astrologically speaking. He has a life struggle with being passive aggressive. His cool facade is a defense mechanism that, when harnessed with great political power, can result in being disconnected with the collective feelings of the American people. This is an emotional “Cancer born” nation. Great presidents need to harness the emotions of the people. Sometimes a “Capt. Kirk” moment of heartful emotion delivered at the right time is better than a musing, cerebral Spock. Obama has deep resources of emotion that he suppresses. Deep down, Obama is a cool dude, but his authenticity is somewhat masked from view by a false facade of coolness and “above-it-all”-ness. Just remember, though I am hard on presidents in my articles, I also see the potential of greatness in Obama. This is the year he needs to turn the corner on his leadership of the nation, and become its leader. My predictions have long forecast that he could come out of this mess as perceived to be the one adult or at least the most adult person in this debt ceiling debate. Perception is truth in politics. Upon that perception, the Tea Party is currently handing him a second term in office. The world in the next four years will descend into systemic crisis. It will be time to become a great leader. We will see if he can bring that potential to life after 2012. To do that, he will have to find the real cool and stop being phony cool. And he’ll have to show those latent passions, even anger, when necessary. Copy and paste this link if you want to read more about my annual predictions:
  3. Robert K
    Posted 28 July 2011 at 12:47 am | Permalink

    There is a huge problem with Washington:
    They are all afraid to do anything!
    If the Republocrats do anything that shows they buckled they are afraid they will get voted out.
    If the Dumbocrats do anything that shows they caved they are afraid they will get voted out.
    The new members have stated they want change & are not willing to do anything that will give their followers/supporters, any idea that they are willing to negotiate. Their motto is: “We want change NOW, not the same old, same old.
    The majority of Congress/Senate are so ingrained into the Washington life style due to their long time sitting on their asses, in the city they have no idea what is going on out in the states they were elected from.
    They are also beholding to the corporate PAC’s that have greased (oops- Paid) for their chair, & demand/require their vote on anything that will affect them! This is their deal with the devil!
    All of the old members have forgotten that they work for US! They want the power, glory, fame & future income from their posting. One can see this with all the members who have left only to reappear working for the very PAC’s that sought favors from them. Amazing is it not?
    You scratch my back & I will scratch yours!
    Everyone seems to be looking for votes! You can see this in their apostatizing for their point of view.
    And the President: Well he thinks we are to stupid & unconcerned to care what happens. We also do not know what is good for US! Only the “Qualified” in office know what is good for US!
    What a statement to make!
    Take a look at the last statement from these so called “Qualified”: “86 Million checks will not be sent out!”
    How many people in the US? What percentage are receiving some type of check?
    Now you know why they want to keep all of US in their power. They can tell you & me & John & Jim, “Do what we want or you will not get your money!” Holding granny and others hostage!
    Hmmmm, sounds like blackmail to me!

  4. Sonya
    Posted 27 July 2011 at 2:19 pm | Permalink

    I have to agree with Melody.
    Maybe another term should be used.
    The kind of guys who use the term f**ck dont seem to be viewing it in an “innocent” way. It has other implications for them. It is a swinger term at best.

      Sonya, terms don’t matter. The truth of experience matters and it is beyond terms. Whether I say f*ck or your say “love” or some more decorative and appealing label to sensibility. None of that really matters when we are “in it” intimately. I am speaking of something that is naked of words and labels. I may use “f*ck” but it is just another label. It has its utility only in that it disrupts the mind’s revery with labels clothing naked truths.

    Of course, sex is an act which gives pleasure is innocent in itself. It is just that having “sex only” as a value eventually causes all kinds of problems.

      “Of course” is a phrase that we use to presume we all know something we do not, just like when we use the term “with all due respect” before we say something disrespectful of another. The assumption above is, you know innocence. And from that assumption comes this bromide, above. What do you “really” know about innocence, What is it? Enlighten me. Say something about your experience of innocence that will shake me at the roots, Sonya.

    I don’t care that Osho said it must be satiated in a person.

      Sonya, is that what you believe he said, that it must be satiated in a person? Show me a quote in his many books where he said we should seek satiation as a path to higher consciousness. I was there in his ashrams and communes. He spoke to me directly about the path of sex to superconsciousness. I never heard satiation was in his vocabulary as a key to transcendence. Show me where it is there in his discourses, his books. What I directly recall was his provocation to go deep into a thing to “understand” it, and by understanding it, the transcendence comes by itself. It is not that you got what you want and feel satiated. It is about seeing and understanding your “wants” and letting them go for something more divine and blissful beyond wants. Indeed no one lets them go. They just drop away. That is the magic of understanding.

    Yes, the Buddha was completely uninterested in sex, but that was because he had a harem at his beck and call earlier in his life.

      He was not uninterested in sex. Lol! No one with a harem is uninterested. Not in the beginning at least. Prince Gautama went deeply through his sexuality and found sex wanting. He was satiated and found how impoverished desire is. He was like the dog who chases cars all his life. Osho told a wonderful story about a dog on an indian road chasing the car a friend used to drive him to his next lecture when he was traveling all over India. Osho asked his friend to slow down to a stop and let the dog catch the car. The dog looked absolutely shocked. Here was the car of his desire and he had “caught it” at long last!. What to do now? The look on the dog’s face was bemused and bewildered. Buddha knows I am not disrespecting him, when I say he was like a dog who finally caught the car. He discovered how empty is the fulfillment of desire. His discovery was not intellectual, like ours. It was experienced by his whole body-mind-heart. Most of us are satisfied intellectually with this story. But I’m asking you, Sonya, and others reading this to go deeper. Feel this futility of desire like that dog when the car of desire stops and you catch your dream. Buddha caught that dream in sex, in wealth, in all the worldly desires, and felt empty. He then went the other extreme and became a fakir, a self-mortifying ascetic for six years. That too, led him nowhere. He had to let that go too. The desires first, and then the desirelessness second are let go with understanding. Then, Gautama became the “Buddha” the awakened one to the middle way.

    It is a bit unrealistic, especially for females, to try to do what you are advocating. Especially with the disease issue, but here are other things…

      And do you think sexually transmitted disease doesn’t touch men as well as women when they pick the path of licentious hedonism? The soul is not female or male. And I have not advocated anything that you should do about running around with men in my talk about f*cking. You are projecting these sexual desires and stratagems of licentious hedonism upon my written words from your own mind, Sonya. I have not told you anything about what sexual habits you should follow. What you do sexually with others is your affair. What I am simply saying is, go into such intimacies, when they happen in life, with your beloved, whoever that might be and however you responsibly or irresponsibly choose to move with him or her, and do so moving deep into intimacy without any label, and you might see and experience something that transcends the limits of mental labels like “making love” or “f*cking”. And from that experience, a whole new understanding may awaken that is far beyond both.

    Maybe there is a block of some kind here…maybe you need a counseling session with the Dali Llama. He sets a better example.
    Just saying.

      No, Sonya. I know your heart means well but the mind has it held hostage in your statement. To say “just saying” is like saying “with all due respect” when there is none in the mind. Heart is not mind. The mind is a politician. The Dali Lama is not an enlightened man, either. Ask him yourself. He is honest. He will not claim enlightenment on matters of sexuality. He doesn’t know anything about it. He has no experience whatsoever. He just does the best he can reciting memorized Tibetan Buddhist scriptures. You might as well ask the pope about sexuality. Like the pope the Dalai Lama is a politician. I wish all politicians could be half the man the 14th Dalai Lama is, but I do not seek counseling from politicians. I seek the masters. Please copy and past this link about such a master in your browser:
  5. Richard White
    Posted 27 July 2011 at 10:44 am | Permalink

    Welcome to the Age of Aquarius.

    Gone are the days of Piscean Puppeteers, who, supposedly, lived in the clouds and pulled the on our Marionette souls through invisible strings of religious myth, fable and dogma. Most of us have outgrown that puppet master and have cut or are in the process of cutting the strings. We celebrate our courage for cutting the strings and vow to never be a puppet again.

    Enter the sock puppets.

    But, the puppet master is alive and well in a new form. Having mastered the art of direct psychological manipulation, we are, once again, under the direct control of the puppet master. We are no longer controlled by imagined strings, but, by robotic mouthing of pre-approved talking points. It is as if their thumb and fingers are moving our mouths for us. We have cast away the ropes that held us captive only to embrace their direct manipulation.

    The Age of Religion has been replaced by the Age of Psychology. The puppet masters of old are the same puppet masters of today. The only difference is the type of puppet that we are.

    The budget debates are a great example. They are “The Punch and Judy Show”, prepared by our puppet masters, to keep us from noticing that they are controlling us. We spout all of the talking points and sound bites at each other and think that we are smart. Few of us even care to analyze the facts and propose solutions.

    There are solutions out there. But, the real solutions require a balanced and fair analysis and plan, in order to get the issues of the economy and stable government under control. It is not in the interest of the puppet masters for us to take control.

  6. Sandy
    Posted 27 July 2011 at 6:48 am | Permalink

    Hello John,

    Can you tell me what you know of the 11:11 Progress Group?

    Enjoy your insightful commentaries,


      Haven’t the foggiest idea what or who they are. Thank you anyway for your kind comment.
  7. Rocker
    Posted 27 July 2011 at 6:06 am | Permalink

    The last serious public policy debate to be held in the public square as you suggest was…. well, actually, farther back than I can remember and I reached voting age in 1980. It’s not enough to call this an indictment of those “inside the beltway” either; if such an event were to be held (it won’t) the sound of the public clicking their remotes to find something else would be deafening. We are a decadent, dissipated society now, and you are right, there is no prospect of the deficit being tackled for the forseeable future. It is going to take a crisis, which is what you foresee. Unfortunately, in American history, crisis is always the crucible that sparks real change and real effort/investment/commitment by our society as a whole. So in the end I guess I’m optimistic…optimistic that our pessimism will be borne out and that in the depths of a crisis we can no longer avert, we will…finally…find ourselves and get this country (and Europe) back on track. One word to all though – we have to realize that we are not…and were never…as wealthy as we thought we were (materially that is). And that’s o.k., if we embrace a sustainable, less materialistic philosophy of life.

  8. Clare Templeton
    Posted 26 July 2011 at 11:00 pm | Permalink

    Loved the interview, great foodie stuff. Errata: Edgar Cayce was far from a vegetarian, he ate typical Southern diet of pork on pork with pork and including pot liquor on the vegetables. He also smoked several packs of cigarettes a day (as did Blavatsky and “M” who collected Gospel of Ramakrishna). Not recommending, except not bad company. I find you cut POTUS a lot of slack.

      That’s what I thought about Edgar Cayce, that he was a lover of southern food and drink. (I’m sure he was good company. I wonder if he liked mint juleps?) Anyway, I could speak on the dietary realities of Krishnamurti, Yogi Bhajan and especially Osho. These were vegetarians. Who is “POTUS”?
    • Frank A. Combs III
      Posted 27 July 2011 at 1:22 am | Permalink

      @ HOGUE “POTUS”=the president of the united states

        OK, thanks. Sounded like a Marijuana pledge: Pot the US. 🙂
      • Frank A. Combs III
        Posted 27 July 2011 at 12:13 pm | Permalink

        @ Hogue no problem John

    • Kira
      Posted 5 August 2011 at 6:00 pm | Permalink

      Having recently become vegan (because the doctor suggested it), I have noticed the greatly increased energy vegetarians talk about. Tonight I decided to eat some chicken, because I dreamed of a big slab of cow liver last night, and thought maybe I am protein deficient or maybe iron deficient. I am still trying to get all these things balanced in my new diet. But man, I feel so tired now! I might have to go to bed, and its only 8pm. Maybe the body gives vegans tons and tons of energy so they can run down an antelope when they have these dreams.

        Hi Kira. This has been my experience concerning high energy by dropping eating flesh. I am not saying it is one size fitting all, but it worked for me. When at 25 I ended meat eating, I was given tremendous energy. That was 1980 when I stopped eating meat. Five years ago, I stopped eating cheese. I became a began who ate eggs. Another explosion of energy. In my experience there is something in this concept that flesh products toxically slow one down, glugg one out. I’m not saying that is right for everyone. I encourage my 83.5 year old mother to eat flesh. It works for her. It doesn’t work for me. Now at least. However, if in the future I might need flesh products to be strong. I will eat them. This is not about religious bs. This is about what works. Buddha used to say, “The Truth is that which works.”
  9. bill
    Posted 26 July 2011 at 7:17 pm | Permalink

    What do you think will happen, John? Either they will or they won’t be able to agree before the deadline. So only 100% is possible out of two choices.
    What is your thought. Default or not?

      I’m already on record saying they will kick the can down the time road. Just check out my 15 July posting. Maybe they’ll kick
      it down the road 30 days, maybe to 2013. Someday our man and woman child leaders are going to run out of road (and rope).
    • Frank A. Combs III
      Posted 27 July 2011 at 12:13 am | Permalink

      Bill,I fear that we will default,I doubt they will agree on anything of substance before August. I also fear a long summer of uncertainty.

        A long summer, a long autumn perhaps as well, as signs currently point to Obama signing a postponement of this issue until 2 September if no deal can be reached on Econamageddon debt’sday 2 August 2011.
  10. Allan Collison
    Posted 26 July 2011 at 7:01 pm | Permalink

    John , Both Parties have Attacking Poor & Older and the young . The Leader Ego is the Biggest Problems . E.C. Life some what like you. I Eat like you . Your Planet Forecast come true with FIRE the South Burning up / With Flood waters . Snakes plenty I hear. AL

  11. Melody
    Posted 26 July 2011 at 6:53 pm | Permalink

    Hi John, I was kind of surprised when you put f**king as a favorite pastime of yours. Don’t you think this term needs to be transformed a bit since, hopefully, humankind is working on raising their consciousness as far as relationships, and yes sex goes?? I think this term needs to go by the wayside, it is insulting to men and women. Can’t we come up with something more enlightened or am I hopelessly old fashioned?? Just sayin’, Melody

      Let’s not be serious but welcoming light about this. Let’s call it what it is. It is naked and honest and liberating to call a spade a f*cking spade, Melody. Calling it “love making” is phony. Let us be real with ourselves and accept that we do not know what love truly is. So why call f*cking by a label we don’t completely understand just yet? What consciousness is there in that? What consciousness can rise in us if we don’t face with celebration and acceptance that a fine and playfully intimate, life force awakening and merging f*ck is a good start, a good foundation to build upon. Maybe when we just accept sex as it is we can be innocent again. And from that innocence we then begin to rise towards superconsciousness without dragging our mind’s conceited labels along. When I f*ck, I like to be completely naked with the other. It’s not just the clothes that need divesting, it is the thoughts and identities of the mind too, that need to be scattered in the clothing trail that leads either to a bedroom or a meadow and forested place of coitus.
    • Talia Toni Marcus
      Posted 27 July 2011 at 5:50 pm | Permalink

      Dear Melody~Agreeing that Warm and Simple actions with magnetic physio-harmonic effects upon us deserve a more heart-centered languaging. Tenderness is a quality of presence which spontaneously awakens within many creatures.

        Lovely thoughts…Lovely chains. Lovely prisons of definitions remain. Language, be it heart centered or not, labels the real thing. Labels begin as mere utilitarian tools of communication. Soon though, they are made to be synonymous with life. In our minds the labels soon become more important than living life itself. They become our bondage. The worst of these are the prettiest labels — the most golden mind chains, such as saying “tenderness is a quality of presence.” It is such a cuddly sentiment. We all get caught in its snare. What if “presence” — “being” — has no quality? What if it is a witness of all qualities, good or ill, passing like impermanent shadows? Ah, but if I label presence as “tender” will one look deeper into this mystery of presence or be intellectually and sentimentally satisfied with the label instead? These labels do not come close to the thing, the experience, the intimacy. You know this in your heart of hearts. But afterwards, the mind will qualify its sugar coatings, its euphemisms, its valuing of the label over the mystery it labels. It is the curse of human beings that they lay upon real experience the labels of their minds. Yet, there is a way to experience again life free of the bondage of our labels. I can freely share with any of you reading this the techniques I use to catch such glimpses of freedom. If what I say resonates with something deeper than these words, contact me and ask for these techniques. You can do that by copying and pasting this link into any browser:
  12. Frank A. Combs III
    Posted 26 July 2011 at 6:41 pm | Permalink

    I just had a idea after reading your article John and the wikipedia entry about Default (finance). In a similar fashion as how credit/debit card companies and banks send out notices when payment is due. Why don’t the AMERICAN people and other nations who expect money from the US GOV send them payment notices? just a thought,what does everybody else think?

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