Mass Premonitions for July 2011 and Comet Elenin

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If you read my nearly 2,000 comments from readers logged mostly in the last year alone, you will find a theme of collective concern on record. As the disaster-ridden month of June draws down and prescience draws its breath before gazing into the augur’s bowl of water to divine through hydromancy, what trembling images will project upon the surface for July? I wish to address this concern.

Michelle had this to share in the comments page of my last blog, click on Afghanistan.

Something doesn’t feel right, at all, for July… I do not know what will be brewing in that particular month, but it really terrifies me. I am having trouble sleeping again, in just thinking on it. On some days I almost feel like I am in a race with a giant event of some kind, looming over the horizon, or stark panic, hidden just beyond those self-encouraging thoughts. But mere thoughts cannot hold back what seems intent on manifesting…

Many readers report this collective feeling. I think these feelings are unique for our times because humanity itself is undergoing a global existential crisis. Our civilization is under threat from perpetuating our own fossilized traditions and stupid habits. The point of collapse for human and ecological sustainability is on the horizon. It is coming no later than the 2020s, but I think it is coming sooner. Already I have identified the year 2011 as one where alarms of unsustainable behavior begin ringing in food, weather and population sustainability. Humanity must now grow up. The world cannot long endure our immaturity and is beginning to heat us, rain us, wind us, flood us and ultimately shake us off her back if we don’t change our collectively unconscious ways.

In the last blog I opened a channel to my readers to leave comments defining what they think is Disaster Number Six for what I have begun to call the Year of 12 Disasters — one major catastrophe each month.

A quick review:

The Year of 12 Disasters: Keeping Score for June

Up to the approaching mid-point of 2011, we had cleanly clocked one major natural or politically regional changing disaster per month. With May it started to become more difficult to choose only one a month. June is crowded with candidates. But before we tackle June which is, as the song goes, “busting out all over”, let us review the months before it burst:

January: Australian monsoonal flood inundating most of Queensland.

February: The disaster for dictators, the Arab Spring Revolutions. Then comes the Libyan Civil War.

March: Japanese superquake and tsunami.

April: Killer tornado outbreaks in the US South.

May: Historic river floods on the Mississippi then the Missouri Rivers. Hundreds killed by an EF5 tornado flattening Joplin, Missouri.

June: What a spinning Carosel! It is hard to pick one to ride. There are so many. We had an eruption of one of the worst fire seasons in the US Southwest and Southeast in June that includes the Wallow Fire becoming the greatest in Arizona’s recorded history. My pick for June’s disaster number one is a fire and smoke maker of another kind, the Chilean volcanic eruption sending an ash cloud twice around the Southern Hemisphere, disrupting air flights in and out of Australia and New Zealand for weeks. A disaster that affects worldwide climate takes my vote.

Certainly, June had other alarms to ring awake humanity to a world that will no longer tolerate it. We have the lingering nuclear disaster brewing in Fukushima Japan. A huge, wind whipped fire threatens the nuclear laboratory at Los Alamos, New Mexico, where a lot of nuclear materials are stacked in drums in the open air. Floods along the Missouri threaten the Fort Calhoun nuclear reactor near Wichita, Nebraska. This same reactor had its water coolant pumps shut down for 90 minutes on 7 June, (click on Anthony Wiener). A no fly zone was initiated by the government with the lame excuse that it protected people from flying high over the flood waters, despite the fact that Fort Calhoun’s nuclear installation was cited as the problem, not the whole Missouri flood plain.

Sunday, 26 June 2011, one of the inflatable dikes around the plant collapsed letting in flood waters. The government spokesmen said there was no problem. The next day (27 June 2011), they admit the reactor’s water coolant system is once again on backup generators but bristle at the comparison of Fort Calhoun to Fukushima.

Anyway, on 25 June, just two days before the dike deflated, Gary wrote in my comments page that the Missouri flood was June’s number one disaster adding a little Ice Age prediction as a chaser:

John my pick is the extreme flooding of the [Missouri] River. This is largely being caused by the melting of the record setting snow pack. I don’t believe it is global warming. The needed sun blocking and but the beginning of a new ice age.

[HOGUE: and but????! Well that sentence made no sense, Gary. I will have to fix it in my full reply, now the rest of your comment:]

The extreme volcanism is supposed to be the part that brings the needed sun blocking and moisture from unferwater [underwater?] volcanoes.

Belief has nothing to do with facts, Gary. I will go into why climate change denial is a symptom of another sign of the end of a civilization as we have known it when I get to Kercelia’s comment below. What I will explain here is that record-braking snowfall is EXACTLY evidence of global warming. A generally heating up world atmosphere retains more moisture. Moisture is the gas that drives more violent energy in weather. Scientists have often forecast, based on extrapolating their evidence, that the first stages of a warming climate change would visit record breaking snowfall in winter with record breaking fires and floods in the spring and summer. So, it looks like we are well on our way to a warming climate change cascade.

Now, to volcanic eruptions blocking the Sun’s rays causing warming to cease (I guess that is what you were trying to write.) They have to be big. Really big, like the eruption on a magnitude seen in prehistoric times at the end of the Cretaceous Era, such as the Deccan Traps. These were a series of volcanic eruptions near present day Mumbai, India, spanning a period of 30,000 years creating a 123,000-cubic mile pool of lava the size of half the Indian Subcontinent.

Other than that, eruptions at best can only press upon us ash cloud induced ice ages only a few months or a few years in duration. Even a super volcanic eruption like that expected someday in the Yellowstone region might cause a Nuclear Winter style ice age, with dust and ash clouds blocking out the sun for 6 months to a few years. Catastrophic as that would be, it would not cause a return of a lingering 100,000-year long Ice Age. Indeed, once the heaviest elements of ash filter out of the skies the sulfuric compounds and other green house gases left behind as aerosols will stay far longer aloft trapping the suns rays inside the atmosphere even more efficiently than before, causing a spike in global warming.

The Mount Pinatubo’s eruption in 1991 is a prime example of this. Because of the volcanic plume, we had a general cooling of the climate for several years during the 1990s. However, as I accurately predicted back then, once the sun’s rays were no longer blocked by a thin ceiling of ash cloud, the lighter, invisible compounds floating in the high atmosphere did generate a climate changing, global warming spike in 1998 and word temperatures have been spiking on ever since.

Here was that prediction published in 1994:

Although the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo (June 1991) has cooled off the world temperatures for the mid-90s the heat is on with a vengeance by 1998. With this interpretation in mind we can expect a wave of global droughts by July 1998. From that time onward global warming steadily kicks in disrupting weather patterns and the movement of climate conditions needed to grow grain.

Nostradamus: The New Revelations,
Chapter 14, The Apocalypse of Gaya, p. 215

Kercelia contributed another angle of collective foreboding about something wicked this way soon coming only this time she sources it to a collective socially degenerative source:

I think that people are so out of tune with what is really happening due to a constant need to be entertained. Everything these days seems to be in competition as to what is the most outrageous. With the advent of round-the-clock entertainment via the TV and other media, people just don’t care what’s happening as long as they are being entertained.

This rush to be entertained is a symptom of civilizations on the brink of collapse. They idle away the last momentum they have left in distractions and entertainment. Look at Rome and its insatiable lust for blood letting of criminals, Christian cultists and animals in the Coliseum.

The 18th-century Ancien Regime of France (the French kings and aristocratic class) sought distractions rather than sorted out looming problems. The movie Dangerous Liaisons presents that quite accurately. Even Louis XV predicted that his successor would see the Deluge that he neither could prevent nor cared to prevent, degenerating, as was his moribund culture of blue blooded entitlement. Thus he dead-handed over the crown to his stodgy, unimaginative grandson, Louis XVI, who along with his queen and many a French aristocrat went to the guillotine during the French Revolution.

A predilection to disconnect from realities and pressing challenges is a symptom of the end of cultures cycling down to full entropy. Denial of realities, white washing them with a darling, politically correct euphemism climate change is just another Maria Antoinette moment.

When Louis XVI’s Austrian born and publicly unpopular queen was told of famine and bread riots spreading across France with the inherent danger to the monarchy’s stability overlooked, she shrugged her powdered bejeweled shoulders and said, “Let them eat cake!”

(Whether Marie A. actually said this is disputed by historians; however, the perception that she did say this was popularly “entertained” by the poor people grumbling in bread lines about the queen and court’s documented excesses, wantonly pursued to abandon while the people starved. Civilizations approaching their nadir choose to be entertained by myths rather than encounter and remedy hard facts.)

Our global civilization in a state of entropy has its “let them eat cake” term for global warming. The “cake” is “climate change”.

The euphemism puts us at ease with some sweet but factually white washing frosting spread to decorate and make palatable what is soon to cascade in increasing mean temperature rises around the world because of the unbridled increase of human manufactured pollution.

Now we turn to a comment left by Becky. She is watching the mounting seismic activity in the Pacific Rim (AKA the Ring of Fire). She is tying that to potential food sustainability problems that for me echo the bread lines of 18th-century Paris and a doomed-in-denial queen who eventually had to eat her “let them eat cake” words a few years later with a blood chaser foaming out of her own severed head falling in a basket. (Eeeeoooo! Let’em eat “nape”.)

There seems to be a build up for another massive quake in the northern part of the ring of fire. There was a 6.7 in Japan a few days ago followed by a 7.2 in the Aleutian chain. The ring [of fire] is having a doozey of a conversation. How are our food stores going to hold up?

I would say the time has come to store food and water for many reasons, not only breakdowns that might happen because of earthquakes.

Perhaps this is a good time to review and add to some of my predictions concerning violent earth and climate changes logged shortly after the great quake and tsunami in Japan last March.

My oracle gave me the message that the Philippines would be among the next hit. An eruption did take place on the island of Luzon but nothing yet to match the scale my oracle intended; however, it was correct about a powerful aftershock hitting Christchurch. Here is the quote:

My oracle predicts the danger would be moving south of Honshu Island into the equatorial or southern hemispheric areas. Be prepared in Kyushu Island (Japan), Okinawa (Japan), the Philippines, Indonesia, all the way south to Christchurch for more strong aftershocks in New Zealand after that devastating quake several weeks ago. (Click on Japanese Tsunami for the full article.)

Christchurch suffered a 5.5 and a powerful 6.0 temblor on 13 June knocking out power to 50,000 homes. As for the Philippines, I might have misread the message and would like for the record to amend my prediction. The quake off the Honshu coast of Japan may have pressed added pressure to the collision point between the Philippine and Japanese tectonic plates where they meet just south of the mouth of Tokyo Harbor. The recent 6.7 aftershock is just another pressurizing nudge. Most tectonic scientists are far more concerned that a second quake may unhinge the mouth of Tokyo Bay, sending a catastrophic quake and tsunami rolling into the world’s most populous city. Such quakes have been responsible in the past for shaking Mt Fuji wide black-ash-cloud-eyed awake. This could happen in July but is more likely to happen later in September or November. I will explain below.

The essence of the oracle’s seismic prophecies written after the 11 March Japanese temblor and tsunami have been so far correct being as they were more volcanic in nature. We had Grimsvotn volcano in Iceland disrupt air traffic, albeit briefly across Europe with ash clouds for a few days in the latter half of May 2011. June had the Chilean Puyehue volcano, 500 miles south of Santiago, blasting to life three weeks ago. It has already disrupted air traffic in lower South America, South Africa and especially across Australia and New Zealand for a few weeks. July is coming and we do not know what it could do next. The Chilean eruption is definitely the ash cloud of consequence. We will have to see what that does to the southern Hemisphere’s weather. It could bring a temporary cooling of the climate if the eruption goes on through July and August, but as I said earlier, that will just set the stage for another climate warming spike a year down time’s road. What is significant to remember is the last time Puyehue erupted was 1960; the same year Chile suffered the most powerful earthquake ever measured by modern instruments at magnitude 9.5. There is a connection between this volcano and major quakes and we might hope the 8.8 temblor back in 2010 was the tectonic tit for tat, but I do not think so.

No quakes hit the Pacific Northwest from the latter half of April into early May. I had been warned by a reader who is head of a coven of forecasters to leave the area. She no longer likes me but was compassionate enough to send her forecast, prophetically inaccurate as they often are (see earthquake predictions). To be fair she is not the only one who got a prediction wrong. Mine for a possible seismic event in California around the full moon in Taurus in May 2011 did not transpire. Still California is way past overdue for a large-scale quake from San Francisco directly bestride the San Andreas Fault Line constricting earth and rock all the way south and inland from Los Angeles and San Diego. Even Monday, the Wall Street Journal posted a story about growing concern over the southern segment of the San Andreas Fault near Lost Angeles and San Diego cutting loose. The San Andreas under what is called the Palmdale Bulge swells without pressure release for 300 years and counting. The WS Journal’s article focused on the economic impact on a fragile world economy if Los Angeles should rock and roll with a quake of 7.8 magnitude.

I am not getting any Southern Cal quake for July yet, or August for LA, but I am concerned for Southern California, the Pacific Northwest, Japan’s Tokyo Bay-Mt. Fuji region for late September and again in November.

I will let Manuel lead us into that prediction.

John, your very accurate on your deciphering of Nostradamus and your own intuitive prophesies, good job. Last night I listened to a man named Carl Johan Calleman a guest on Coast to Coast AM you might have heard this interview also if not he had some very interesting topic on the Mayan long count calendar. He claimed the end of the calendar is actually Oct. 28 2011 other then Dec. 2011 it will coincide with the arrival of the comet Elenin and another comet that follows it. He say’s he’s studied the calendar for more then 15 yrs. During this time period there will be many upheavals to the planet as well as our global civilization. Elenin could possibly be the brown dwarf [star]?

First, let us deal with the idiotic. I am adding this bit in italics a few hours after posting this blog so that what I have to say is loud and presciently clear: Doomsday — whether it is projected for the world or if it is doomsday imagined for people’s collective unconsciousness, suddenly, magically going “poof” in a collective shift of consciousness — are both just two sides of the same coin of New Age idiocy. There are two kinds of Chicken Littles who misinterpret the signs either for doomsday or bloomsday. The sky doesn’t have to fall. Chicken little can think something fell out of the sky and knocked some enlightenment into him too. Here then is my prediction about Calleman: He will soon be remembered (or soon forgotten) as one in a long line of history’s Chicken Littles, who got struck by an imaginative idea, unsubstantiated by reality and then went peeping off all fuss and feathered about dates of doomsday light or dark, Mayan or otherwise that came and went without fanfare. The people of the distant future will tell you that there is no special date in a calendar that makes human enlightenment happen. If not now, then, there is no other time to harmonically converge, so put your plastic wands away and come back to the ground upon which you stand inside the body-mind in which you watch the mind and its flights of chicken flapping, feathers frapping, imagination — 2012 twenty-shelved. Come here with your intelligence, with your energy, with your love. Come HERE. Be here. Do it every “now.”

Anyway, Calleman aside, we just enjoyed such a goofsday last month anticipated for years by street billboards of a squatting man seeming to be scared-sh*tless, filling his britches, because the Rapture was set for 21 May 2011, click on end of the world.

Now to something far more plausible. Elenin is a comet, not a brown dwarf or cold star. Yet, as it approaches our solar system and as the orbiting earth lined up with it and the Sun a significant earthquake took place either that very same day or within a few days. The first alignment coincided with a magnitude 8.8 quake hit the Chilean coast sending a Pacific wide tsunami on 27 February 2010. Next came a 7.2 temblor shaking up Christchurch, New Zealand on 4 September 2010. The third alignment of Sun-Earth-Elenin happened, as Melvin correctly pointed out in his comment, on 15 March, four days after 11 March 2011 when Japan’s 9.0 quake crushed and later drowned over 25,000 people and knocked out four nuclear reactors along the northeast Honshu coastline with a vast flooding tsunami that also sent waves reverberating across surface of the Pacific Ocean.

Discovery of this alignment-quake connection came from the last people in the world — astronomers — who want to feed any interest in Astrology’s belief that heavenly bodies, even as small as comets, somehow influence the fates of people and the world, but there it was, reported by none other than the JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) Small Body Database Browser. Three exact and major seismic disasters hit exactly on three days of alignment.

What do they have to say for that?

JPL’s astrology debunkers give the established, dogmatic sci-spiel, that small cometary bodies crossing Earth’s path millions of miles away cannot have any gravitational influence on the Earth, blah blah…

It is a feint of Scientism to sidestep something rather than face it. The astrologer in me retorts that the Elenin lineup might be the first clear evidence of another force other than gravity that heavenly bodies impress upon personal and collective destinies of humanity. A true scientist would not spout canon law like a pope’s grand inquisitor but would instead be true to the path of knowing — which is what scire, the Latin root for Science — demands. Three earthquake hits out of three may be more than chance working its irrational magic, though I would not rule that out. Still, the honest scientific answer beyond shrugging it off as a coincidence might be to say there is some force out there they have yet to discover.

What dodge will those who promote Scientism Inquisitions say if Elenin scores four or five temblors to five lineups?

The JPL Small Body Database Browser tells us of two more alignments of Elenin with the Sun and Earth coming on 26 September and 23 November 2011.

Coincident or an oncoming incident, would five hits be something worth preparing for?

I usually do not tell people to anticipate events on a specific date, unless terrorist — domestic and foreign — are planning acts of violence based on playing a numbers game. For instance, once should always be a little more alert for white supremacist domestic terrorism — such as the Columbine, Colorado, school shooting — every 20th of April because it is Hitler’s birthday. Al-Qaeda likes to hit targets on number puns for emergency codes, like 9/11, or play with 7s and 11s. Some lone jihadist might try something 7/4/11 this year, so be watchful.

This Elenin phenomenon is different. It is just a happening, like the orbit of planets that astrologers like myself in these pages, have shown have a direct correlation to the timing of natural disasters. See earthquakes.

I will tell my readers today that earthquake preparedness and tsunami preparedness is a prudent thing to entertain for the next line-ups of Elenin scheduled for 26 September and 23 November. The fact that lineup number four happens close to the Spring/Autumnal equinoxes of the Southern and Northern Hemispheres adds cosmic significance. The 26th is bracketed by the Equinox on the 23rd and a New Moon on the 27th. I would suggest being prepared four days before and beyond the 26th.

As I have often stated, major earthquakes take place on or closely associated in time with New and Full Moons. Many of history’s deadliest earthquakes happen when Uranus is undergoing a significant 90-degree square aspect. It so happens that Uranus in Aries (fire sign = volcanoes) will still be in its long-term square of Pluto in Capricorn (earth sign = earthquakes) on 26 September. Moreover, Uranus will be in retrograde motion whilst Pluto the week before will have come out of retrograde moving direct — another signature in the cosmos that causes quakes on Earth. Mars, by the way, will be trined with Uranus. That is usually a positive aspect, but the term positive can also cover a positive movement of tectonic plates that the planet sometimes needs to thrust about for its own positive evolution, despite what it might do to the little human fleas on its dancing backside.

Given the regularity of Comet Elenin’s lineups so far, look to the days around 26 September as the most dangerous time this year for natural, economic or political disasters.

John Hogue

(28 June 2011)

We still have another half year to go. See how accurate this book has been already. Get a jump, so you can get a grip, and be prepared for what’s in store in Predictions for 2011.

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  1. henry johnson
    Posted 4 August 2011 at 12:35 am | Permalink

    august will be serious terrorist attacks and nuclear disaster. september and october will see massive earthquakes in japan, california, turkey, and italy. in november the comet will crash into the mediteranean sea.

  2. Jay
    Posted 1 August 2011 at 12:42 am | Permalink

    It’s August 1st. See, all that worrying was for nothing. Chill out, man. Nothing happened in July. The Earth is still here and everything is fine. You lost sleep for what? Yes, nothing.

      Jay, what are you talking about? Comet Elenin makes it line up at the end of SEPTEMBER. Lol!
  3. rbateman
    Posted 20 July 2011 at 9:47 am | Permalink

    Now I find something:

    JPL’s astrology debunkers give the established, dogmatic sci-spiel, that small cometary bodies crossing Earth’s path millions of miles away cannot have any gravitational influence on the Earth, blah blah…

    For several years, the southern half of the Sun is very sleepy. One face of the Sun also blinks in and out of activity. The NASA STEREO BEHIND spacecraft is directly opposite the current blank face of the Sun (copy and paste this into your web browser:
    Compare that picture of that to the opposite side, by copying and pasting this link:

    Sorry for the long post, folks, but NASA is feeling the heat from our oppressive govt. too, so it’s up to the amatuer astronomers on this one. There is no guarantee that Elenin is simply a comet with a core of rock & ice, or that gravity is the only factor at play.
    The STEREO BEHIND telescope will be turned around by NASA to start viewing the comet closeup as it crosses the sattelites path in Earth orbit 3 moths behind our present position.
    M Aug 01 (213) Behind: 135 degree roll to observe comet Elenin, 8-10 UT
    If Elenin can keep affecting the Suns Magnetic activity, it surely can affect the Earth.

  4. Albert
    Posted 18 July 2011 at 9:15 pm | Permalink

    This HOGUE…..Is so off on the Mayan info it is silly…….

    Get a clue and get some respect and maybe you will be appreciated….there is no respect for some one who has a definite opinion about something they do not believe…How easy is that to do…

      The ego is ever seeking to be appreciated. Since you put that out, this is the ego of the identity called “Albert” who seeks appreciation. It is not my issue. I seek not to be appreciated. I seek the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts. But it only hurts a shadow called our “expectations”. I seek to dispell attachments to shadows. I am the enemy of your expectations. Leave your expectations at the door, with your shoes, when you come into Hogueprophecy, Albert. And barefoot in cyberspace, you are welcomed.
  5. Lesley H
    Posted 17 July 2011 at 4:25 am | Permalink

    Hi John,
    When I read your article on mass premonitions a few weeks ago I’d noticed that all the clocks and watches (digital, analogue, computer, battery operated, electrical) in our home had gone out of sync by up to around 15 minutes! It’s never happened before and when I realised what was happening my thoughts were: that many things in life on Earth had gone out of sync, as a result of our actions and non-actions and that it’s never too late to change. However many people continue to live life in their own “little bubble” and if we don’t make changes for the better asap then things beyond our control will happen to “wake us up”!
    I’ve also noticed recently that many people have had relationship issues – any old issues that have been buried or not dealt with fully in the past have come up for resolution, once and for all. This is mostly affecting close and family relationships but also each person’s relationships with the way they live, the things they do and how they each contribute to their lives and to life around them.
    It really is time for all of us to stand up and make a difference in our lives which in turn has a ripple effect of making a difference in the lives of others.
    Many thanks for your ongoing interesting articles.

    • Melissa
      Posted 22 July 2011 at 9:10 am | Permalink

      We are also out of sync here in Kentucky. It’s like the clocks/ batteries are being affected, even the atomic clock is off by 1 minute. But it’s so hard to say which time is correct now. There is also a time differential between my cars. I’m glad I’m not the only one seeing this.

  6. Posted 14 July 2011 at 12:11 am | Permalink

    Your comments on Dr. Calleman are an absolute outrage. In the words of Barbara Hand Clow, he is “one of the greatest geniuses of our time”.
    First: If you read even ONE LINE of one of his books, he NEVER predicts an end-game scenario! Quite the opposite! As a most careful researcher (a biologist, who pays attention to detail) and as he often stated in all his talks and writings: NOWHERE in any of the Mayan scripts is it stated that the ‘end of the world’ is here -in 2012.
    He simply maps the end of ‘creation ‘ or evolution of consciousness for this cycle. See his best book on: ‘The Mayan Calendar and the evolution of Concsiousness’.
    Second: It is obvious how ignorant you are on the subject of the truly remarkable research Dr. Calleman did over 30 years!!!!
    Ok, you are too busy with your hogwash prophecies, I understand. In that case, why not watch a few of Ian Lungold’s video lectures that ‘EXPLAIN’ Calleman’s work in wonderful, illustrated, easy-to-understand detail to those with a short attention span.
    Hogue, it is 2011! Time for you to catch up!!! This material has been viewed and accepted by millions around the globe for almost a decade!
    And please, stop with the bashing, and arrogant comments of highly respected, serious researchers, like Calleman! It will just reflect more badly on how poorly informed you yourself -and your “fans” are!!! ~.~

  7. Posted 13 July 2011 at 9:50 pm | Permalink

    Quite a bit of an interesting read… I have to wonder, with Elenin geared to make alignments in September and November, and speaking of Earthquake activity… I can only wonder what this could mean for the New Madrid seismic zone. Considering that hasn’t gone since 1811-1812, is it overdue? We already had the Mississippi flowing backwards back up tributaries this year (due to the excessive floodwaters), and it did so back then too during that quake 2 centuries ago.

    On a personal note, something is just telling me “get out of the Northeast US”. It’s an increasing feel and I wonder if anyone else has had that.

    Finally, a personal thought, and this could be wishful thinking so take this as you will: It’s possible with the quakes happening all over, California/West Coast could actually be spared the worst of it. Also, with all the tension in the air, it’s like the powers that be WANT people to leave California… As for the quakes, it’s like a pressure release. I’m not a seismologist so take that as you will. And I’m not on the West Coast… but in the Northeast.

  8. Christine
    Posted 12 July 2011 at 7:01 pm | Permalink

    Question # 2.
    I would also like to ask, what is your opinion about the sun’s recent strange activity. It seems that the sun spots, anxiously awaited, are overdue. Suddenly they disappeared. No one seems to know why.
    I suspect solar activity, along with the other planets in particular Jupiter, is responsible for weather changes & earthquakes. It looks like Hekla is getting ready to erupt again.
    That’s not to say that we aren’t resposible for the horrible damage we’re doing to our environment. We might not make it out of this.
    Thanks, John

  9. Christine
    Posted 12 July 2011 at 6:51 pm | Permalink

    John, I would like to ask your opinion about a man named Raffaele Bendandi who predicted some earthquakes back in the 1900’s. He was very accurate, and he also predicted earthquakes in 2011 + 2012. It seems he put the blame on a small planetoid named Hercolubus the red planet.
    What do you think? Bendandi supposedly predicted an earthquake last year, and we certainly had one – in Japan.
    I’m starting to believe that all seismic activity is caused by forces outside the earth – such as the planets, etc.

  10. rbateman
    Posted 9 July 2011 at 8:33 am | Permalink

    Natural disaster of the 3rd kind comes from beyond man’s greedy capability to dead with. It comes from beyond our Planet. It knows not his stature, his wealth, his ambitions, his lifestyle or his beliefs.
    We shall soon discover the shelter of caves and pyramids, and why the Ancient civilizations were in awe of everything beyond Earth, especially the star so cavlierly taken for granted as unchanging.
    Who commands the Sun, Elenin, Niburu, Luna or the Galactic Plane?
    Who orders the ground beneath our feet, and who will harness the power of it to do thier bidding?
    It is not I.

  11. rbateman
    Posted 9 July 2011 at 1:13 am | Permalink

    I do a lot of free science browsing, and I can find nothing out there that resembles a Niburu. If it does exist, it would have to be a wandering black hole and therefore invisible. The Russians seem to be far more open in thier science than the US, and they tell it like they see it. We are witnessing wholesale changes to our Solar System.
    What I watch more than anything is the massive changes to our Sun. It’s realtime development, and I don’t like what I see. I also see those changes affecting people, as well as our climate, vulcanism and seismic. I’m not saying that the Sun is the cause of all our ills, or that man is innocent. I am saying that the Sun, as the center of our Solar System, is in bad shape, and it drags the Earth down with it.
    Reports have come in from Astrophysicists and Solar Physicists across the globe: The next solar cycle did not sow it’s seeds, and is absent several years now. The current one is a dud. Anyone with a small telescope or binoculars can project the sun onto a white piece of paper and see for themselves. There is no hiding it. Take your sunglasses off, throw them away. You need the sight your ancestry gave you to witness the changing light upon Earth.
    If this is what Niburu is, then darkness will find us.

  12. swimtaximama
    Posted 8 July 2011 at 7:47 pm | Permalink

    I dreamt I was standing outside the door of my house watering plants in the garden. There was a dialogue with friends before I was watering, but I can’t remember any of it. So, I was alone watering the plants outside my door. All of a sudden a dark ominous thing darkened the sky…as if it was sunny and a huge storm cloud darkened the sky behind me… I couldn’t see it, but I knew it was massive and falling from the sky. It was coming from over the house, so I looked back and up at it and said, Oh my God…Then a feeling of unbelieveable fear overwhelmed me. I looked down at the hose in my hand and for a split second thought I should turn it off…but then I thought…It won’t matter…I then turned to reach for the door knob to get into the house, but then I thought, I know I could get in but…It won’t matter….It scared me so much that I woke up almost screaming, and my heart was pounding so hard, it took a while to calm down. I had this dream 10/20/09

  13. Richard H. Randall
    Posted 6 July 2011 at 10:09 pm | Permalink

    Just like to add my 2 bits on things feeling really wrong just now. I agree with Mr. Hogue’s comments about our stupidity in our assault on the earth and the lack clear and compassionate thinking. The continuance and support of un-regulated capitalism, war-for profit, and the denial of climate change must end.

  14. John
    Posted 5 July 2011 at 9:02 am | Permalink

    Hi John,
    I believe that the theory of linking volcanic activity to an ice age is in reference to “Ice Age Now” where the number of discovered volcanoes and volcanic vents under the world’s oceans has skyrocketed to over a million by NOAA estimates. They surmise that the ocean heating is putting moisture into the atmosphere creating more and more catastrophic rain and snow events. And similar to Whitley Strieber and Art Bell’s “SuperStorm” theory, eventually snow fall amounts will be so large that summer meltage will not take place, shifting the world into an ice age. And on a similar note, astro-physicist claim that planetary warming is happening throughout the solar system. If true, earth’s core heating could be catalyzing magma heating leading to increased volcanic activity.

  15. Ray
    Posted 4 July 2011 at 11:36 am | Permalink

    John, please delete my last question about you predicting a woman will beat Obama. Someone was actually PREDICTING you would predict this on Coast to Coast.

    Sorry to waste your time.

      It is not a waste of my time. At any time if any reader reads something on another web site about me making a prediction, always feel free to either notify me here on any comments page of a blog or notify me privately by copying and pasting into your browser this contact link:
  16. Ray
    Posted 4 July 2011 at 11:19 am | Permalink

    John, I just saw this in the comment section of a website. Is this true? Or did someone make this up?

      Hi Ray, someone made it up. Could you direct me to the web site comments so I can insert a comment about that?

    Said you would be on Coast to Coast and that you were on a panel of people doing Mass consciousness predictions.

      I’d really like to know who is putting out this misinformation. Though, with that said, I hope to be on Coast to Coast soon to do a mid-year assessment show on my predictions for 2011 (copy and paste this link to read more:

    “Discussing Nostradamus, Hogue will report on his new translation of several quatrains. Though Hogue is unable to name the next President, he will say that the quatrains are highly suggestive that Obama will be a defeated by a woman.”


      Huh indeed. I’m glad you notified me, Ray.
  17. Todd
    Posted 4 July 2011 at 1:18 am | Permalink

    First off let me say that I am a firm believer in the knowledge of the ancients, not so much in prophecy but in their astrological knowledge. They still to this day make NASA look like 3rd graders. We are still discovering things they already new thousands of years ago. And of coarse because they weren’t Christians (due to the fact that Jesus still had thousands of years befor his arrival) it must be demised as pagonistic evil speak. Now that my eyes and ears are no longer confined to limits of Christian think only, my mind has grown exponentially. And I enjoy reading things from other free thinkers. I must admit this is my first time to visit this sight but from what I’ve seen, I’ll tell you I like it.
    To cut to the chase I’ll tell you that I’m one of those people that gets really strong intuitions, you know, those feelings deep in your gut that you can’t ignore. And well some peoPle even call me clairvoyant in a sense. But don’t misunderstand I know I’m not, I’m just a person
    That can see the wrighting on the wall, and for some strange reason thoughts of China experiencing a major catastrophic event in late September. That will soon be followed by something major here in the USA. Again this could be a product of my mind focusing so hard on this whole elenin/nibiru thing, but that’s where my intuition takes me, believe me this is something I hope to be wrong about.

      I cannot speak for Nibiru, because I cannot find anything to support a large rogue planet or brown (cold) star passing into our solar system. These cannot be hidden from the public if they exist because most of the astronomers viewing the sky are freelance and private citizens who are just one click on Facebook, YouTube or any other social network from showing Nibiru, Pluto, or Mickey Mouse in space. Now, what I do have before me is this small Comet Elenin and its unusual sequence of lineups coinciding with killer earthquakes. We have the date in September when the next lineup happens. Other astrological configurations one finds in place for large-scale quakes are also in place. So we will see if this hits China then California with an Earth changing event. By the way, Todd, welcome to Hogueprophecy.
  18. Livvy T
    Posted 2 July 2011 at 10:17 pm | Permalink

    I am wondering about any predictions of the areas where forest fires are all around Los Alamos?? This feels tricky to me. Can you tell us if this is a foreseen disaster? Love

    Hi Livvy. The fires in the US Southwest and US Southeast are certainly in the running for July’s catastrophe for the month in the year of twelve great catastrophes. However, since May the frequency of disasters has tripled and I’m not sure if my 12-great-catastrophe phrase is accurate. Perhaps the second half of 2011 will look more like this is the year of one catastrophe a week.

  19. Dannii
    Posted 1 July 2011 at 4:14 pm | Permalink

    The future does not look good at all, we be very lucky to be here by 2412 – Homo sapiens extinction, we soon be crossing the road of no return, if it isn’t to late all ready!!

      Nostradamus at least would disagree with you, Dannii. He foresaw future history reaching at least to the year 3797 AD. The only extinction coming is for the Old Humanity that is dominating and abusing the planet and themselves. Meher Baba foretold the transition from this state of “manyness of illusion” might take 700 years until a new humanity is only burdened with the “oneness of Illusion” and a paradise on earth. So that gives us until 2800 AD if we must take that long to grow up. There is a lot of history left to live and the world will survive us just fine. That’s the issue people really should encounter. The earth is not threatened with extinction. We are threatening ourselves with it. Once that is understood we will begin hiking the hard, 700-year road to a new human civilization. You can read extensively about prophecies about this new humanity by reading this book. Just copy and paste this link into your browser:
  20. Michelle Gulley
    Posted 30 June 2011 at 11:55 pm | Permalink

    Hi John,
    i thought it might be fitting to include the lyrics to a song sung by the late, great (in Greece, at least) Nikos Papazoglou from Thessaloniki… the song’s called “Ydroxoos” (Aquarius) and it’s one of those sway and clap along kind of Greek songs. But the lyrics, graciously translated by another video poster on Youtube and then copied/pasted onto here, by me, are very relatable to these edgy times we are all in… Here’s the song’s Youtube link. Copy and past into your browser:

    “Ydroxoos” (Aquarius)

    We are entering Aquarius
    Fires will blaze
    The times will bring water
    So say those who know
    And yet hearts will get burned

    Everything around changes
    And everything stays the same
    But me — her little hands
    Tie me and untie me

    We are entering Aquarius
    Pisces will leave
    So it was written
    In the faded stars
    That I had seen in her eyes

    Everything around changes
    And everything stays the same
    But me — her little hands
    Tie me and untie me

      Great Greek song. Highly recommend it. Thanks.

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