Tornado Season 2011 Predictions

When the oracle urged me to write in Predictions for 2011 that violent weather in 2011 would “redouble” the unusual violence of weather in the year 2010, I was concerned that I might be falling under the spell of prophetic hyperbole. Fifty percent more violent? Could that be possible?

I published that observation with the rest of my almanac of prophecies for the year on 21 December 2010. Just four days afterwards there began a weekly assault of winter storms stretched across the United States in lines of flooding rains, winds and record blizzards advancing across the land from the Gulf states to the Canadian border, one storm a week for SEVEN WEEKS! This frequency of large-scale storms has never before been recorded. And it was double the intensity of the 2009-2010 winter events in a way I personally could not at first believe possible, yet the oracle proved to be right.

Winter blizzards turned to spring time juggernaut lines of super cell thunderstorms — a steamroller of tornadoes. The US 2010 tornado season was bad enough with starting early with above normal activity in January. Then came an equally weird lull of little activity for February and March. On came violent April without a respite until August. By this time last year (late April 2010), NOAA recorded 275 tornadoes sightings reported with 203 confirmed.

The 2011 tornado season by the same time has had 765 tornadoes reported with 438 confirmed!

At this early stage of the season and with the worst months ahead (May and June), we are DOUBLE the number of tornadoes of 2010!

The warming of the climate more frequently increases tornadic fury into July and August as indicated last year. I predict the same will be the case this year redoubling outbreaks through August with the swath of devastation expanding into northern Midwest, Great Lake and even northern Atlantic seaboard states this summer.

I believe my oracle will be wrong, at least about the redoubling of the tornado season. It was too modest. The trend if it remains this intense will do more than double last year’s tally of tornadoes in the United States. NOAA counted 1,266 tornadoes in 2010 causing 1.07 billion dollars damage. We will more than double that cost. There were 45 fatalities in 2010. The tornadoes raging through the southern states last week claimed that many alone. Climatologists are already admitting that we are on track for a record pace this year. I will add that 2011 will also be a record year of floods along the Cumberland, Ohio and Mississippi Rivers from the incessant cloudbursts of rank upon rank of advancing thunderstorms I foresee in the next three months.

Back on 17 April, in Osho’s Noah’s Ark of Consciousness Prophecy, I ended it with a segment on current events of prophetic significance. The day before had seen North Carolina suffer the worst tornadic damage in its recorded history. A phalanx of tornadoes which had been armed by subtropical moist air from a warming climate colliding with cooler northern winds made a three-day rampage across US southern states. It left in its wake hundreds of towns visited over 700 houses and buildings destroyed and a death toll of 45 and counting. Half of these died on black-clouded Saturday’s squall line of death over North Carolina.

I ended my blog with a prophecy warning that the next devastating tornado disaster would mark Earth Day, 22 April, which was five days hence. I wrote the following:


Earth Day next Friday may very well be Mother Nature’s day of rage against human behavior towards the Earth, its oceans and its climate as I foresaw in weather forecasts for 2011, such as this one, published back on 21 December 2010:

There’s a war on. A war against stupid.

In 2011, we enter year two of World War Three, Mother Nature’s war on us. This isn’t some pagan voodoo threat. The natural world is ill. It’s fighting back madder than ever in 2011. Her fevers will be hotter this coming spring and summer, her chills colder this winter, her flood of monsoon tears and cyclonic rages will redouble from what was seen in 2010.

Predictions for 2011
The Final Chapter: Alarm Bells Sound the Unsustainable


On 22 April, Mother Nature’s Earth Day of rage hit the St. Louis metropolitan area. Lambert-St. Louis International Airport was shut down by the worst monster tornado to hit the St. Louis metropolitan area in nearly a half century. A large part of the main airport terminal roof was damaged with 50 percent of its windows blown out. Concourse C also lost half its windows from the passing of what the National Weather Service reports was an EF4 tornado with winds cycling speeds from 166 to 200 miles per hour. Miraculously no one was killed by the tornado that cut a 22-mile a destructive swath of fury through the heavily populated area from St. Louis County Missouri to Madison County, Illinois damaging 1,200 structures and obliterating 100 homes, many of which were hammered by witness reports of softball-sized hail!

The strategy of rampaging Mother Nature for the next few months now becomes clear. Global warming has initiated an engine of windy destruction for the American Midwest, South and central Atlantic seaboard states. Every three to five days, watch a much more powerful subtropical jet stream in 2011 turn great thunderstorm squall lines into a kind of anvil thunder-headed line of fire, shooting one deep low pressure after another up the line of the storms as they advance through the Midwest every three to five days.

Watch misty, tentacled tornadoes write a torn and chaotic signature line of death and devastation through farmland, town and major metropolitan areas: Raleigh North Carolina one week, St. Louis the next.

Perhaps Cincinnati will be next? Then Louisville? Memphis? Even perhaps the Washington DC area and wild winds ripping at the roof of the White House? Will that be enough to get their attention?

Ranks of storms will roll on and on through May into June. One city a week visited, and many more towns and houses threatened, so that you at last listen, America, to the whirlwind’s cry of feverish Mother Nature who is at war with you for what you have done and keep doing to “it.”

All actions have consequence. The weather intensifies in violence as a direct outcome of you Americans being among the greatest polluters and wasteful consumers of Earth’s atmosphere and resources. Mother Nature sent a message on Earth Day 2011, by taking out an international airport in St. Louis, Missouri. That has never happened before. Are you listening?

If not, the Earth Days after and after and ever after will keep sending you new and terrible things to marvel at from a changing climate that have never happened before until you begin to listen, until we begin to change our ways and at last work together.

Nature hits America the hardest to kick-start the collective American genius and “can-do” virtues in the pants. Lead the world, America, in a new direction that restores the balance of life and nature, assuaging and healing Nature’s rage against humanity.

John Hogue

(25 April 2011)

PS—Depending on events we will move in the next blog from tornadoes and floods to winds feeding fires burning up Texas and Oklahoma. The former has already seen 1.4 million acres of range go up in choking smoke. Also, there is Syria and Yemen to think about. The Libyan Civil War has kept our attention away from the real epicenter of Arab upheavals; however, we will soon examine how Nostradamus thinks developments in Libya may unexpectedly drag the world into another world war pitting Russia against America as soon as a dozen years or so.

Ever the “optimist” is he not? Moreover, Nostradamus was an Islamophobe.

We will entertain his horrific step-by-step jihad camel dung cake walk to thermonuclear WW III with the Russians with what I hope I can conjure as a positive alternative coming from the current regional Arab Revolution, if but Israel could take a bold lead to solve the Palestinian question.

Oh, and for all of you asking me about it, I have not forgotten to write up my notes for a series on the Hopi Blue Kachina Prophecy or have forgotten to post the Raw Epicurean series from last year on the future of food. All that is coming in May and June to keep you engaged, I hope, as I free a little more time away from blog writing to finish my long awaited e-Book on Nostradamus and his relationship to the year 2012. Those of you on my free bulletin list will be notified of each and every blog’s posting. If you are not yet on the HogueProphecy Bulletin list click on: sign up.

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