Nostradamus and the No Fly Zone over Libya


I live in the Pacific Northwest on an Island that has the chief base of all US Navy EA-18G Growler airborne electronic attack aircraft squadrons. For the last several days the skies have shook with the low-frequency growl of squadrons practicing their deadly trade, to radar jam and destroy air defense radar installations. On Thursday afternoon, I listened to them make their loudest passes above leaden rain soaked skies, then the thunder of jet engines turned east and faded away.

On Friday the skies were empty of growling jets when the United Nations Security Council in far off New York City voted to approve Resolution 1973. It is a No Fly Zone over Libyan airspace with an added and ominous caveat: the UN military coalition will have zero tolerance of any further attacks and massacres by Dictator Muhammar Gaddafi’s forces against Libyan civilians. The international resolution, ironically numbered after the year of the last large-scale Arab-Israeli conflict, the Yom Kippur War, gives a wide open and legal option to turn No Fly into No Drive zones for Gaddafi’s armored tank columns heading into the southern suburbs of Benghazi.

The French Air force today (Super Full Moon Saturday) promptly entered Libyan airspace taking out a half dozen Libyan Army tanks and shooting down a Libyan MIG jet on a bombing run over Benghazi. At the moment I am writing this, six US Navy warships have unloaded a volley of Tomahawk cruise missiles blossoming flashes of fire and death on the full moonlit Libyan air defense installations and air strips outside of Gaddafi’s stronghold, the capital Tripoli.

A gathering of UN coalition air assets converges on Libyan airspace, including what I assume where squadrons of Growlers I heard practicing over my home all this week. US President Barack Obama starting with statements on Friday continues Saturday to stretch the objectives of UN Resolution to include regime change. After degrading Gaddafi’s air and sea defense systems, after leaving his tanks a melting blazing column of ruin on the roads to Benghazi, the flying death of robotic warheads will most surely seek and destroy the Libyan regime’s command and control centers.

The air hunt for Gaddafi is on. This leads me to wonder if at this moment a prophecy penned four-and-a-half centuries ago by the French seer Nostradamus may be weeks, days or moments from fulfillment. Nostradamus’ prophecies most often see the future through the actions of his future countrymen and women of France, so the following prophecy has a very good chance for being applied to a target of future French air forces allied to a coalition of other European, US and Arab League air forces converging over Libya.

Century 6 Quatrain 34 in Nostradamus’ Les Propheties states:

Du feu volant la machination,
Viendra troubler au grand chef assiegez:
Dedans sera telle sedition,
Qu’en desespoir seront les profligez.

From the machine of flying fire,
It will come to trouble the besieged chief:
Within there will be such sedition,
That the dissolute ones will be in despair.

Line 1 describes as best a 16th-century prophet sitting on a brass tripod in his secret study under the influence of a trance vision of an alien mechanism of deadly flight, such as a jet or a cruise missile tearing through Libyan skies. Line 2 a besieged terrorist chief, perhaps Muhammar Gaddafi of Libya, faces a high-tech apocalypse as retribution for 42 years of terrorizing his own people and being a haven for terrorist activity that has often been the topic of Nostradamus’ prophecies about a North African base threatening Italy and France with a new breed of futuristic Barbary Piracy.

Rather than hijacking 16th-century Christian ships and raiding Christian ports, the future Islamic pirates hijack planes and set off bombs in Europe. For four decades, Gaddafi’s Libya was a base for such modern secular and jihadist Islamic pirates. Now half his people in the East have rebelled. A full-scale civil war is on and international powers in America, Europe and in the Arab Middle East (including Qatar, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates) have picked sides against him. Gaddafi is now besieged and cornered. Perhaps the quatrain’s line extends to the near future when rebel forces under the protective umbrella of the UN No Fly Zone make their advance down roads littered with bombed and strafed Libyan army APCs, tanks, artillery and vehicles to liberate Ajdabya, al-Brega, Misrata, Az Zawiyah and at last laying siege on Tripoli itself.

Lines 3 and 4 paint Nostradamus’ entranced picture of the aftermath. This is the beginning, not the end of the Libyan Civil War and its bloodiest days are ahead. The line describes the oncoming sedition and civil war to come. Perhaps Libya may unravel and become a failed state wherein al-Qaeda and other terrorist cells might flourish once the profligate, dissolute and wantonly bloodthirsty Gaddafi is gone. Then again, the seditionists may be the Libyans fighting for their freedom. One might hope that.

Nostradamus predicted the violent end of Gaddafi and his son, as I explained in my 22 February article Nostradamus and the Fate of Gaddafi: here are some passages again with my assessments from today (19 March 2011):

I predict Gaddafi is going down violently, like Ceausescu in 1989, “Romanian-style”. The question is, how long will it take and how bloody will it be?

The fall in late 1989 of the East German Communist regime Erich Honeker regime in East Berlin caused a regional chain reaction across Eastern Europe with communist dictatorships falling mostly with a whimper except one: the eccentric strongman Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania, every inch as daffy a dictator as Gaddafi. Relinquish power? Only over his dead body, like Gaddafi threatens today.

I predict Gaddafi and his son and successor Saif al-Islam (Sword of Islam) will die like Ceausescu, but unlike the Romanian bloodbath, it may not end the relatively brief fighting in the streets. Conflict could be protracted. Gaddafi may be dead soon but the fighting will not end with his life like Ceaucescu. It may only be the beginning of fighting between Libyans unless the same allies setting up a no-fly zone step in for a generation’s time to help them build a modern democratic nation.

At the time of this writing [22 February 2011 — just four days short of a month of the current update], Gaddafi and his tribal allies in the secret police and armed forces are ruthlessly liquidating rebels in Tripoli while air strikes on Benghazi continue.

I predict Gaddafi intends to launch his heavily armored forces against Benghazi, the heart of the revolution.

During the first heady weeks of the opposition’s rebellion when the entire eastern half of Libya broke free of the regime and large towns even in the West and populations inside Tripoli itself were demonstrating and fighting for their freedom, gaining ground, this prediction seemed unlikely. But the message of my oracle was loud and clear, if unchecked, Gaddafi could and would seize Benghazi and crush the rebellion. The future timeline that would have triggered into action is too terrible to countenance. Gaddafi’s counter-revolution would have sent a signal to all other tyrants and autocrats in the Arab world and in Iran to fire upon and liberally massacre their people seeking democracy. Though the help of the world from the sky has come two weeks late, it may give the Benghazi based rebellion a fighting chance.

Gaddafi pays for an unknown number of ruthless sub-Saharan mercenaries numbering 7,000 operatives, including tank and armored units in what is known as Gaddafi’s Pan Islamic Legion. I sense because of his dwindling support from the Warfallah, he is calling in favors from many more guerilla and terrorist forces across Africa whose insurrections he bankrolled for four decades. These gathering mercenary forces flying in by transport are the spear point of a planned strike on Eastern Libya. It is because of them and the atrocities to come that Gaddafi will soon lose support from all of his people — East and West Libyans — and come to bloody ruin.

Gaddafi’s atrocities shocked and united the world against him. The United Nations Security Council enacted with breathtaking speed Resolution 1973. Less than a half a day afterwards, air forces of France patrol and protect Benghazi, drilling with their missiles Libyan tanks firing on the city. After dusk and after an unusually large full moonrise, a barrage of 110 US tomahawk cruise missiles pounded Libyan air defense and air force assets taking out 50 percent of them in the first volley. Tomorrow, I expect the other half will lay in smoldering ruin from the next Tomahawk strike. The world is at war against Gaddafi. I believe his West-Libyan tribal alliances will eventually be undermined. He will then come to bloody ruin.

A few days ago, some of you wrote in about the following prediction I made in a 3 March 2011 article entitled Climate Change, Libya and Living Free of the Future. In it, I sent a rather harsh and castigating prediction about how there would be no No Fly Zone to save the undisciplined, leaderless rabble fighting against Gaddafi’s modern and armed-up forces.

I said it at the beginning of the Libyan Revolution and I say it again, as a compassionate warning to the revolutionaries in the eastern coastal cities of Libya, such as Benghazi: Gaddafi will launch an offensive on you. It will happen this month, and you people of Benghazi will need to get yourself organized or by April, you will have Gaddafi’s tanks shooting you point blank in your streets. You will have your beach side demonstrations strafed by Gaddafi’s Tripolian and Algerian pilots in jets and attack helicopters.

Listen well; there will be no No Fly Zone organized by the US Navy or the NATO air forces flying across the Mediterranean from Italy. That simply will not happen as long as you continue to be a leaderless circus in the streets, playing with your rusting, second hand tanks, and shooting off into the air magazine after wasted magazine of your secondhand anti-aircraft guns for the entertainment of brave Ben Wederman’s CNN cameras.

You need to organize.

Undisciplined revolutions of leaderless masses never succeed. And many an organized revolution can also succumb to a tyrannical state, initially caught off guard, but soon finding its savage footing and take aim, putting fire and chemical weapons on the cities and towns of rebels.

I am happy to announce that I was wrong about the No Fly Zone. It WAS enacted despite the fact that the rebellion remains a rabble rag-tag army and leaderless. I do not take back the rest of what I said. Undisciplined revolutions of leaderless masses never succeed and that future is still possible for the Libyan rebellion.

I love being wrong about the no fly zone. Now there is a chance that this military and humanitarian assistance can turn the tables on a number of old and bad karmic legacies of Western powers who have preached democracy but supported autocratic dictators like Gaddafi who oppress their peoples since the end of the First World War and the rise of Western civilization’s thirst for Arab oil. In my forecasts for 2010 and prophecies for 2011 I have been compelled to record my oracle’s strong vision that a sudden and very positive turnaround is about to happen in the Middle East that could end a US burden of occupying Iraq and Afghanistan.

There is a potential turn of history’s tide in the next four to five years. My oracle showed me this outcome. Now we must recognize and nourish building the bridge to that hopeful tomorrow that may isolate and negate an Iranian threat of war, see Prime Minister Netanyahu make a bold diplomatic outreach to his Arab neighbors rivaling that of Nixon and Kissinger with the Chinese and Soviets in their trilateral diplomacy of the early 1970s. Palestinian-Israeli peace could be close at hand, closer than at any time in a half-century of strife despite the current upheavals in the Arab world. I wrote a whole chapter about Israel’s key role in that future in the chapter Giving Peace a Chance in Palestine, Giving War a Chance with Iran in Predictions for 2011.

Century 6 Quatrain 34 may anticipate a future machine of flying fire targeting the reinforced bunker suspected of protecting Gaddafi, his son Saif and their commanders. During the coming days or weeks an Allied bombing campaign will see Gaddafi move around the suburbs of Tripoli like a petty political exile, sleeping in safe houses like Saddam Hussein of Iraq was forced to do during the Gulf War of 1991. Unfortunately for the Iraqi people, their dictator survived the Allied onslaught and successfully crushed the two civil wars that followed in Kurdish Northern and Shi’ite Southern Iraq. Perhaps the machines of flying fire will get off a luckier shot at Gaddafi and his death by aerial attack either inside a reinforced bunker or by a lucky missile shot through the fabric of his Bedouin tent.

Those who have read my book on Nostradamus’ third antichrist Mabus or my evolving vision about President Obama in Predictions for 2010 and Predictions for 2011 see a developing interpretation of a future wherein Barack Obama successfully kills a key terrorist leader. He achieves this either with a “machine of flying fire” (missile) launched from a spy drone or cruise missiles fired from jets, ships or submarines. In that train of evolving interpretation of Nostradamus, I leaned towards Obama’s Administration an escalating drone attacks after coming to power on al-Qaeda and Taliban bases in Western Pakistan. Although that part of my forecast did indeed happen perhaps the target is not al-Qaeda leader and potential Third Antichrist candidate Usama bin Laden, but Gaddafi in Libya.

In my next blog, I will review once again the following interpretation of Nostradamus’ quatrains covered several weeks ago: (see Gaddafi). You can review the prophecies with a shorthand, line-by-line interpretation in bracketed inserts:

4 Q62
Vn coronel machine ambition,
Se saisira de la plus grand’armée,
Contre son prince fainte inuention,
Et descouuert sera soubz sa ramée.

A colonel [Gaddafi?] will through machinating (plotting) ambition.

He will seize the greatest part of the army [though this may allude to his coup against King Idris in 1969, Gaddafi did keep a majority of the Libyan Army on his side in the current civil war]Against his Prince [King Idris, who he deposed in 1969] through a false invention.

He will be discovered under his branches [a riddle derived from the word ramie. It means branches; arbor, green bows, green arbor. The etymology could mean by extension a green Bedouin tent, the green Libyan flag, or perhaps the scene of his end is under such a tent pitched in an oasis].

Now the second quatrain pertaining to Gaddafi’s future:

10 Q96
Religion du nom des mers vaincra,
Contre le secte fils Adaluncatif,
Secte obstinee deploree craindra,
Des deux blessez par Aleph & Aleph.

The Religion named after the ocean will overcome [perhaps an allusion to a new religious movement that saw its leader Osho (meaning oceanic?) on a world tour the last time US jets tried to send a missile into Gaddafi’s tent in early 1986],

Against the sect of the son Adaluncatif [anagram for Gaddafi Luna or Gaddafi of the Crescent, Islam],

The obstinate, deplored [Gaddafi] sect will be afraid,

Of the two wounded Aleph (A) and Aleph (A) [a riddle: Gaddafi the father is wounded as is his son Saif (a)l-Islam (a)l-Gaddafi].

There are a number of references in Nostradamus’ prophecies about Libyan locations and themes that may influence our near future and even be the cause of an American-Russian nuclear conflict perhaps 3 years and seven months or 13 years from now, if the barbare (Barbary, Tripoli) pirate in question is meant to be Gaddafi.

Russia in the UN Security Council vote on Friday abstained. On Saturday, Moscow officially deplored the military action of Western air forces over Libya.

I will be refreshing my memory of these many Nostradamian references and will post my findings in future blogs this month. Stay tuned. If you are a member of my news list, you will be first to know when these articles about a potential and unexpected nuclear crisis with Russia over Libya are posted. If you want to join the free list and receive a news notice every time a new article is posted, click on newsletter.

John Hogue

(19 March 2011)

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