Thanksgiving and Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving holiday to you, if you are not a turkey, but still celebrate being thankful this moment for the good that happens to you and the goodness you share with others. It doesn’t matter really that this Holiday marks an apocalypse for Native Americans. President Lincoln made it official — a rare and happy use of his presidential powers during the darkest years of the Civil War.

Thanksgiving is based on white pilgrims come to this New World (well, new to them at least) in the 17th century unprepared for a hard winter in what they renamed “New England” without asking their neighbor’s permission or interested in what the native Americans surrounding them had called the place for millennia. The Caucasian setters were saved by the agricultural and game hunting aid of Native American neighbors so that as the new colony watched a second approach of winter the Pilgrims had so much food in stock for it that they could prepare a bountiful feast of Thanksgiving, inviting their saviors, the generous “Indians” to share.

These being the same natives they would wipe out in ensuing years. Details, devilish details… The whites were “puritan” the natives less than that, savages anyway. Sort of like what Nazi’s thought about the Jews.

In an alternative telling of this story, imagine if the New World actually “had” been populated by the lost tribe of Israel as the Book of Mormon proposed. Let’s say we replace black-clothed Puritans with black uniformed SS colonists coming to anchor at Plymothstein (aka Plymouth Rock for you Neuer Englanders). The kosher natives helped the German Cologne-ists get through the winter. The Nazis offered them sauerkraut and turkey not on the last but the first Thursday in some unknown date in the 17th century when first Thursday fell on 9 November (the date for the Nazi Kristallnacht hundreds of years later on). Once fed, giving thanks to their Nordic Gods, this new bunch of racially “Puritan” volke in the ensuing years unleashed a holocaust on these Jewish Indians, putting the survivors in concentration camps (actually Hitler got the idea for such camps from reading translations of American Westerns as a boy — Indian reservations to be exact).

I know this is quite a metaphorical shift for white folk to digest with the gravy and yams on Thanksgiving Day, but then, your pale-faced ancestors won that war of genocide a few years after Thanksgiving dessert. Be thankful there was no Nuremberg Trial to pin blame on your lucky ancestors.

It takes no Nostradamus to predict how my comments today will put some of you off but please don’t let my blog today become the source of further holiday heartburn. Don’t feel guilty. Just understand how Native Americans view your Thanksgiving Holiday as Jews might view some alternative future wherein Nazi Germany won the Second World War and celebrated Kristallnacht (the night of the broken glass) with some sugared myth of thanksgiving Jewish help.

Though Jews had been the colonists in Germany, the fact is they had enriched its culture, arts and scientific discoveries. Germany is also the land of Einstein, Heinrich Heine, Freud and Korngold. (You might recall the romantic music of the latter in Errol Flynn movies like Robin Hood and Captain Blood. He remained in Hollywood when Nazis absorbed Austria into the Third Reich).

It was on Kristallnacht that the Jewish Holocaust officially began when storm troopers went on a rampage across Germany, breaking Jewish shop windows and burning synagogues on 9 November 1938.

Understanding is a blessing, from which compassion comes. I would rather celebrate Thanksgiving because I have the strength to accept that many of our holidays are based on myths and white washes of history by those who dominate or brutalize then steal the essence of holidays as trophies. The Jews no doubt stole holidays and cultural elements from the people they also wiped out: the Canaanites, the Moabites, who were already living in their “promised land.” NO matter is fact when your dogma’s “God” told the Hebrew to wipe them out. The Black Hills of South Dakota are called the sacred lands of the Lakota Sioux. It’s impolite to remind them they invaded and bullied the Cheyenne out of there before a bigger bully (the whites) pushed them out too.

Every culture, every people have tried to white wash or ennoble their crimes. I am thankful that I can see this, and thankful that the ego imposed over my soul, just like egos of Puritan of Nazi, Jew, of Sioux, of Cheyenne, of Caucasian, red Indian are not who we eternally and blissfully are. They are passing masks that we wear in our masked holidays. I am thankful that I understand. We are more than our masks and many mistakes. We are always born new to each new moment and the soul that masks suppress cannot forever affix themselves falsely on our original face.

Now to Turkey…

This morning I had to find an hour I cannot afford to lose from finishing editing on Predictions for 2011 to answer Ahu’s five questions for an interview that will appear sometime soon in a Turkish paranormal magazine called Yeni Aktuel. Because it will be published in Turkish and no doubt require edit cuts, I wanted to share with my readers my original and uncut English response to Ahu’s five questions:

1. Can you tell about yourself, how did you first discover your psychic powers and how did you become interested in the writings of Nostradamus?

JH: Call me “Rogue Scholar”. I have done enough work to be a Rhodes scholar, but early on, I concluded that the higher education systems of the world decorate our stupidity with intellectual knowledge. They don’t teach us wisdom. Look at the world… I rest my case.

So, I chose to be a disciple of the “University of Life.” Being self-educated and allowed to study life with a multi-dimensional mindset allows me to be a free thinker and not be too beholden to dogmatic systems. One of these systems of belief say that a psychic sensitivity is something special, or better, more special than all the other miracles of mind and sense we take for granted.

If one can understand the predictable nature of our conditioned minds and personalities, one can see this predictability factor working on everyone else. One then sees the patterns of past history, repeating themselves in the future. I have always felt that history teachers do not concentrate on this root lesson: “What makes us repeat the miserable past in the miserable future? Can we break the spell?”

By applying the science of self-observation (meditation and “quietude”, as you might call it in the Muslim faith) I have found a way back to glimpses of that which is not a part of the conditioned mind — that of the witnessing soul. If one reawakens a lost memory of being a soul and then applies that remembrance to every moment of life, waking and sleeping, 24/7, one can begin to live life outside of being apart from the predictable human herd. One can also help others break free of this “Antichrist Unconscious” force. That is my work. I use prophecy as only one of my devices. My real interest is getting you back to the point in the eternity of the present where the future is born, and then change that future for something more life affirmative.

2. Do you make your predictions just based on the writings of Nostradamus or do you have your own prophecies? Can you name some events that you predicted correctly? Also i am not much informed about Nostradamus’ predictions though i remember reading a couple of lines around 1995 about September 11 attacks. What can you say about his predictions that happened as he stated centuries ago?

JH: I have my own predictions as well as interpret the predictions of others. As I am free to expand my expertise beyond traditional mindsets, I believe one cannot have the authority to talk about this subjective study without the “subject” (the investigator) also having some direct experience of divination. In short, someone who has not loved cannot write about the experience. So it is with prophecy.

I have made US presidential predictions based on intuition reading the popular vote since 1968. I am currently 11 and 0. I compose an almanac of prophecies for each new year. In them I have had a number of documented successes, including foreseeing the Great Recession a year before it happened, annual world weather predictions that range around 95 percent accuracy. I predicted Obama’s Afghanistan surge and the 18 month deadline he would put on it months before he had his Pentagon meetings to decide strategic policy. The sensitivity of my oracle runs close to the heart of Mother Nature, who is now in peril because of our abuse. Rather than appear boastful, I suggest your readers check my documented and dated predictions, which I’ve kept online since 1999 at You can also read my many print and electronic books on these subjects, see book store.

As for the 9/11 attacks, I’m on record evolving an interpretation since 1983 about a terrorist attack coming to New York City from the air that I saw contained in the cryptic lines of two quatrains (Century 10 Quatrain 49 and Century 6 Quatrain 97). I paraphrase here: They speak of great “hollow mountains” in the garden of the world, plunged into a tub. There is a huge, scattered fireball described over a new great city, not existing in Nostradamus’ time. He put this city at latitude 45. A great scattered flame erupts from an attack coming from the sky, the day the victims are seeking verification from the French that an attack is imminent. Hollow mountains are the twin towers. Latitudes were not accurate in the 16th century so Nostradamus is off a bit but close enough. There was no great city called “new” (York) created since his lifetime that comes as close as New York to that latitude. Also, New Jersey, over which the second jet hit the South Tower on its terminal approach is called “The Garden State” (Garden of the world…). French intelligence warned American intelligence the day before the attack that it was coming. The hollow mountains plunged into their own “cuue” — a boiling cauldron, in modern terms a “tub.” The designers of the World Trade Center called the eight floor deep, watertight foundation of the twin towers “the tub”.

3. As the year 2011 is approaching everyone is talking about global warming, floods, earthquakes and volcano eruptions. Are they coming to an end any time soon or is it just the beginning? Some astrologers state that after planet Neptune goes into Pisces, Japan and some other islands, countries will remain under water. Do you see some upcoming disasters for any countries or cities? Also i wonder; in 1999 Izmit (very close to Istanbul) was hit by a 7.6 magnitude earthquake, did Nostradamus also predict that?

JH: He did. These disasters are the primary theme of Predictions for 2010 and Predictions for 2011, the book I am currently writing. These weather and natural disasters will intensify, because Mother Nature has declared war on our bad habits. Even earthquakes are a call of the earth to listen. If we heed these calls of disaster upon us and change our ways, restore balance to her feverish climate, then the disasters will stop.

At the moment, human beings are only giving words to real change of their bad habits, such as that travesty last year, the Copenhagen accords. That will go down as equal to the Munich Pact of 1938. We are making pacts of appeasement with our unconsciousness that could lead to the unraveling of the human world by the 2020s. I would hope that Turkey, which is now enjoying a new rise of power, wealth and regional influence, could lead the Middle East to a more positive future. That it could help its Arab neighbors establish a common market to increase prosperity but at the same time do so in an earth friendly manner. Turkey holds the key to a future Armageddon coming from a battle over water. Find a way, Turkish people, to balance and return the water you take from the Tigris and Euphrates. You need that water, but pay for it by investments in water purification plants for your parched neighbors downriver because war comes to the region from water disputes in the 2020s and not from some misinterpretation of Biblical and Mahdi prophecies.

4. What can you say about some other world events like country politics, world economics, gold prices, UFO encounters, World War III, peace in the Middle East etc. for the year 2011?

JH: Read the above. I will add that Neptune going into Pisces in April 2011, then going back into Aquarius around August 2011 before moving forward again into Pisces, its home sign, will indeed be the cause of major seismic quakes and tsunamis but your astrologers exaggerate when they predict Japan and other islands and lands sinking under the seas. Won’t happen. But certainly there’s going to be floods, tidal waves, tsunamis, a very violent Typhoon and Hurricane season coming in 2011: all are mentioned in detail in my upcoming Predictions for 2011.

5. My last question is about 21 December 2012. You know some believe that life on earth will end on this particular day. What do you think of this, what’s waiting for us?

JH: We have a children’s story about Chicken Little. A piece of roof fell on his feather-brained head and he thought the end of the world was coming and excited all the other farm animals by flapping around freaking out yelling, “The Sky is Falling!!!” The Mayan Calendar is a remarkable ancient calculation of vast periods of time, but it is off by 13 years. What people expect to change, the 5,000-year cycle of the Maya, has already changed and rebooted between the Winter Solstices of 1998 and 1999. The world didn’t end.

Nostradamus made many dated prophecies. He has his history of the future ending in the year 3797 c.e. Nostradamus actually mentioned the year 1999 as pivotal in his prophecies. Not a beginning of the end, but a beginning of the world we have known. Many time calendars of the ancients are rebooting. 2012 is only one in a crowd of these but change even in quickening times is gradual. The world isn’t ending in 2012. It is just one year in 100 years of the coming upheaval and evolutionary crisis of a human race that now must grow up and become a spiritually and materialistically balance “new humanity.”

Since that New Human lives a life rooted in the present, you can at any moment become a part of that new humanity by applying your meditative consciousness to all the habits and programs society has burdened you with that take you out of living in the here and the now. Begin that sacred work of remembering your true self every moment and you are “right now” giving birth to the bright and blissful future of the New Humanity.

John Hogue

(24 November 2010)



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Go ahead, click on it. What could happen? This future or something better?

Go ahead, click on it. What could happen? This future or something better?



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