Predictions for the End of 2010

Mother Nature went red dragon Toruk mak tao blue Na’vi nasty across North America this week putting up a powerful wall of thunderstorms with hurricane force winds — gales of flash flooding rains for some, unseasonably early blizzards for others — and all spiked by lightning and dozens of tornadoes. It was as if early spring tornado season had paid states from the Great Plains to the Atlantic seaboard an encore in October.

Very strange. Very weird were the comments heard from New Orleans, Notre Dame, Chicago and Minneapolis to North Carolina.

The storm first made landfall through my corner of the United States, the Pacific Northwest, buffeting the area with winds and heavy rain for four days. Then it gained strength crossing the Rockies. Gulf of Mexico humidity colliding with arctic cold stretched a vast and curling phalanx line of thunderstorms from the Gulf all the way across the Canadian border to a curling low pressure center over Hudson Bay wrapping around one of the lowest barometric pressure readings documented outside of the tropics. Indeed, this storm of unexpected size and autumnal fury has gone down in the record books as the most powerful non-tropical storm to hit the United States since meteorologists in the late 19th century began chronicling the weather

How often in the year 2010 have you heard others or heard yourself comment on how weird the weather has been? How often has news reports from around the world used the terms, “record breaking” or “not known in human memory” or “unseasonably” when describing the weather of 2010 from its powerful blizzards early on to its triple digit and lingering heat waves of spring, summer and autumn?

How many 500-year floods inundating a quarter of Pakistan and displacing 25 million people do we need? How many more 500-year droughts in Russia scorching the wheat fields from Smolensk to Siberia with half-a-thousand major forest and brush fires, forcing the third largest grain producer to shut off all exports, must we shrug off? What further ice, fire and flood does it take for people to understand that one year cannot repeat 500-year this or 500-year that and be a normal year of climate phenomena?

How many major and lethal earthquakes in Haiti, in Chile, in China, and just this week off the coast of Sumatra carrying off 700 people in a tsunami do we need in a short span of a year to known our “Eywah”, or Mother Earth, is shaking with climate fevers and rage? How many more times will all airline flights across Europe need to be canceled for weeks because of a pall of Icelandic volcanic ash before we get it? Planetary “mom” is in a black ash, lava-eyed mood about us.

Mother Nature in 2010 is sending us all a message. Are we hearing it?

Kill Bill! Kiddo! The Climate Bill, that is.

President Obama, with what one would expect to be a Democratic majority full of tree-huggers in Congress, couldn’t get his legislation to limit fossil fuel use passed so the great American fart of Co2 emissions continues. In a few days the midterm US elections will produce a potential swing of the frustrated American voter to the corporate, anti-greenie right as a protest by ballot rendered to a seductive lover that after two years has turned out not to be the promise rich (now results poor) president they married.

China may have more green and alternative energy start-ups than America. Indeed, the Chinese may be the number one foreign market for watching James Cameron’s ecological myth and morality movie “Avatar,” but China became number one global fart in 2010, taking the gassy lead from “US” as the greatest industrial polluter of Mother Earth. How many mega Typhoon Megis slamming into Southeastern China, how many signs of the great Yangtze and Huang Ho rivers running out of Himalayan glacial headwaters, does one need to confront before you can see in the not-too-distant future the consequence of a manic plan to get carbon emitted rich quick? Must your new Middle Kingdom die quick?

Are we listening to our Mother Earth?

A comprehensive Pew poll released in October found that only 57% of respondents think there’s evidence of warming (down from 71% last year), and just 36% think it’s because of human activity (down from 47%).

When her children aren’t behaving and aren’t listening, what does a mothering goddess spirit do?

I’m writing this blog just three days shy of the one-year anniversary of documenting the following prophecy as my oracle’s answer in Predictions for 2010 on 1 November 2009:

“Talk of change in 2010 will get louder but actual legislative action will remain indecisive. We will do as our grandfathers did in the last fourth turning. This is one of four 20-year generational periods kicking off an 80-year cycle in American history, theorized by futurist William Strauss. A positive response to 20 years of crisis brings on 20 years of national ascent—the First Turning. This then is followed by 20 years of apogee, followed by 20 years of degeneration, neglect and corruption in government and society thus leading back again to a new global crisis, a new 20 years of the Fourth Turning. Crisis is the catalyst that turns the wheel of generations once again towards recovery and ascent and so on. The current Fourth Turning started much like the last in the 1930s with the worldwide financial crisis. The rise of totalitarian movements and regimes threatened democracies, leading at last to the Second World War. Whether this new Fourth Turning will slide totalitarian then slip into the Balkanization of civil society in Climate’s world war against us is still a destiny we can change but will not presently prevent.

“We’ve had the economic crisis. We in 2010 will appease and postpone changing ourselves until a new enemy crosses more than the border of Poland but invades across every border, bombs every city and town with its sky of fires, raises every ocean, parches every interior continent with decades of drought and casts a pall of global famine across the inhabited continents.

“The enemy of Habits rather than Hitlers in this war will be a harder sell for this Obama-the-FDR. We Americans can sometimes politely disparage our high fossil fuel energy excesses but it is a pretense. We are energy waste Isolationists, no less in denial of the high Heil Hitlerian dangers of pollution’s tyranny and the subtle warnings of our coming climate crisis than Isolationists of the 1930s were about ignoring the spread of Hitler’s fascism. Thus, it will take many more Pearl Harbor-like catastrophes of nature and famine to register the alarm, soldier the understanding of sacrifice, and see a new kind of victory never before sought or required of human beings.

“We are the soldiers of our bad habits against the earth. We must cry mutiny against our habits and mature into guardian warriors of the Earth.”

Mother Nature has declared world war on us and if we have not noticed the up-tick in temperatures, violent storms and seismic activity she will be forced to give us a real spanking as 2010 doesn’t wind down but winds up to its climate-climactic end.


Halloween is around the corner. It’s trick or treat time and I want to share with you a treat. As a special Halloween gift, I’m now selling Predictions for 2010 at a discounted price:

You can now receive a direct e-Book download of Predictions for 2010 for only $8.25 — a saving of $4.25.

This year is far from over and the most prophetically important months are still ahead of us: months of political earthquakes to match Mother Nature temblors, a new economic crisis and how it can be avoided, a real threat of jihadist commando-style terrorism in November and much more.

John Hogue

(28 October 2010)

PS–I have definitely something prophetically special hiding up Nostradamus’ wizard robe’s sleeve about the coming midterm elections. You will see my predictions posted no later than early on 1 November — a full and detailed account of two futures battling in out on 2 November, and who will win.

PSS—I’m flying down to Los Angeles to do a film shoot for a new and exciting documentary for History Channel. Can’t tell you anything more, except that it will be coming out very soon and I will give you a heads up as soon as my contractual gag rule is un-gagged by the producer’s blessing. In the meantime, if you have any problems opening your Predictions for 2010 e-Book please leave me an email about it. I can easily fix it for you once I return from LA late Saturday night onwards.

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