A New McCarthyism Coming

The other day I received what one reader, Georgia, says was a thorough spanking as punishment for my pun-ishment in my biblical satire of the last blog: 2012, Willie Horton Hears a Hooey.

From the letter’s I’m getting since I posted the great GOP Prophet “Horton” on 19 September, most of you enjoyed the biblical romp and thought it funny. And even though you’ll find in my satire that I equally and playfully savaged my politically Left, Right and my extreme Right Wing readers, one grumpy group of mostly Caucasian men and women, forty-something and older, were quite p. o-ed. Nearly all those who took offense or hated my satire belong to the Tea Party movement. What follows is my answer to Georgia’s critique and her Tea Party Prophecy. (Please note that I have left her punctuation mistakes and misspellings as they are. That seems to be another common problem with most of my Tea Party commentators. They don’t correct their mistakes… English mistakes, I mean.)

Good Lord, I have never read such drivel in ny life as your take on “donkeycrats” and “pink elephants” ad nauseum. And I do enjoy satire as well as recognize what it is but your dissertations went far beyond reason and ended up being thrown in the trash bin by me.

Correction. You seem to enjoy satire as long as it isn’t clowning around with your cherished political and religious point of view.

I think you enjoy throwing around linguistic acrobatics as i have accused you of before.

I do. I had a great time writing it. And I have had a good and healthy laugh at myself every time I read it.

I have a sense of humor.

A lot of you who are into prophecy are a very anal and serious lot. Seriousness is a sickness often misinterpreted as sincerity. Sincerity is a gravitas that can laugh.

So stop trying so hard to impress us with your VAST vocabulary. You sound silly I realize you are very intelligent (true) and exceptionally good at prognosis so don’t think I am dissing you.

I intended to sound silly. I’m not afraid to show my vulnerability, my silliness. I am not a serious man. Moreover, if you can recognize my exceptionally good prognosis of future trends, just remember that it is my capacity to be silly and non-serious that makes that possible. I aim to be remembered as a wise old clown.

Having thoroughly spanked you I wish to give my own prognostication:

I’ve just checked my bottom and it isn’t red. Chuckle…

I think what Georgia is saying is significant, even if she may be unaware of what she’s exposed. Here it is:


The tea party is going to effect a rout this November, and probably will kick out most all if not all incumbents and then embark on a crusade to investigate Obama and his nefarious schemes and his entire administration of crooks and I would not be surprised if they impeach him for high crimes and misdemeanors for refusing to secure our borders among many other crimes. What is coming is not merely a political earthquake — its going to be outright anihilation and wipe out from the bottom up to the inside out Its going to “fundamentally transform America” back into w3hat it REALLY WAS AND IS SUPPOSED TO BE and most assuredly NOT what Obama has arrogantly thought he could so. What a fool he is. He certainly does not know the Amercan people because not only is he not going to do what he set out to do, what he tried to do is going to be his demise.

Dear readers, stare into the face of the kind of hysterical and amassing anger that is indeed on the march. American fascism looks like this, writes like this, threatens like this. Look what my satire has exposed for you to see? Humor has the power to expose a humorless and hateful mindset.

My goal by writing my last blog of puns is accomplished. It has helped expose the political savagery that may lead to a mandate this November of manic and irrational anger, full of its own sweeping slogans and fury signifying no practical solutions, overtaking the House and the Senate.

Take Georgia sincerely. She is giving honest voice here to what many in the Tea Party movement authentically feel and intend to accomplish: a tear-it-all-down mentality with little thought to the aftermath or consequences. The movement is being overtaken by a real sense of collective anger. The anger of the mob.

I say they are right to be angry about how the leadership in Washington from White House to Capitol Building is getting farther out of touch with the problems of regular citizens. The danger is ever present that rightful public anger can be directed by cynical forces into a mob to affect a destructive outcome. It’s like the anger we saw in the 1960s during the civil rights struggle when enraged people in the ghettos rioted against perceived and authentic injustices only to burn down their own neighborhoods in a mass, mindless catharsis.

Washington DC has become a ghetto, impoverished by partisanship. You can throw the bums out, but what do you put in their place? An angry mob of legislators is still a mob. You can riot in the inner city of our political discourse but what do you do with the burned out hole the day after the Watts riot in Wattsington DC?

Irrationally angry people power taking over Congress and its committees could bring back McCarthyism — this time a grass roots Aquarian Age version of a political witch hunt. A new Tea Party dominant Congress may have more than one Senator McCarthy setting up a committee to expose un-American activities in a new purge of public servants and citizens.

“We’ll take our country back!” Sarah Palin and Glen Beck pronounce often, fists clenched, banging podium or TV anchor’s desk with a virulence directed against any civil opposition to their view of what is American being some kind of disease that needs elimination from the public discourse. Georgia in her prophecy elaborated in strident upper case that the Tea Party will, “‘fundamentally transform America’ back into what it REALLY WAS AND IS SUPPOSED TO BE.” More than implying with her threats of impeachment of Obama that it most assuredly will NOT include a large portion of Americans who support his policies. The opposition will not merely be voted out. He, and they will be impeached.

“Its going to be outright annihilation!” enthuses Georgia, “[A] wipe out from the bottom up to the inside out.”

This future could happen.

If you want it to happen, march in goose step to your ballot box with her and take back the House and Senate in November. Give the American Flag the old Boy Scout salute and cry in rhythmic chants “Hail Victory! Hail Victory!” at your American flag draped party rallies in stadiums teaming with serried ranks of true Americans.

Deutschland Erwache!

America has Awakened!

Now let’s get to business. Purge Washington of all the sub-Americans.

Do you think it will stop in Washington, my readers?

Do you want to prevent that future?

It will take another movement. One that finds a more measured way to put your above-it-all passive-aggressive president, lobby-bought-off Congress and their two-party duopoly in their places — serving you and not the special interests of big money. Otherwise, hysterical anger will overtake the body politic of America and be used ultimately as a destructive force. In the name of constitutional reform the corporate class will use your amassed anger to destroy those things in the government and the constitution that inhibit their ambition which is to turn this North America nation into a South American CEOlygarcy.

Georgia, your prophecy, if fulfilled, will have an unintended consequence: Your anger will be exploited to make America even less recognizable to you than it is now. America won’t be taken back, it will be taken away from you.

People are rightfully angry. Big governments, big banks and corporate handlers who hold their leashes have had their bailouts, kept their jobs, been rewarded record breaking bonuses for bringing on the worst recession since the 1930s. They still have their heath care. Their homes. Their 41Ks.

What about most of you? Are “you” out of the recession yet?

Not me.

People with politically Left, Right or Centrist views are growing more desperate. They don’t have a lot of options. And those corporatists who are bankrolling a lot of the Tea Party candidates are ensnaring these mostly good people into another system of control. These big money folks are riding atop your rightful collective anger but they are spurring and whipping you hard to charge hell for leather into the mouth of a political future that is extreme and ultimately fascist.

The big money boys want to use the Tea Party not to reform government but skin it alive. They want to use your vote of anger as a destructive force to establish their dominion in government’s place.

Over the decades I’ve offered a view quite unpopular in free market worshiping America fighting an economic and political struggle against communism during the Cold War. Democracy is not a friend of big business. Fascism or a capitalistically tolerant Communism is. The economic explosion of growth in China vindicates this view.

Look at China. Look at their booming economy under a Communist totalitarian regime. The good Tea Party people are being used by those in a cynical CEOlygarcy to deconstruct American democracy for their own profit, not yours.

Democracy by its nature is too citizen motivated. It has watchdogs. It has dissenting views requiring compromises. It can if it chooses to do so reform banks, break up anti-trust monopolies.

The big money men in Germany during the early 1930s pulled political strings to make Adolf Hitler Chancellor of Germany in a coalition government. When he used that post to launch his dictatorship, German economists got filthy rich putting Hitler’s Third Reich back to work to prepare for a Second World War.

With that said, the consciousness of CEOs and what they supply can be changed by what the people dictate with their demands.

Who builds their empires but you? Who buys their products but you? You have this power over them. You need to claim it, use it; otherwise, in the void of your unintelligent, unengaged behavior — filling the gulf of your unconscious habit to be manipulated and accept disempowerment — is the darkly motivated members of the CEOlygarcy who dictate to you what they will supply and tell you what you will demand in your products, your lives, your government.

If you no longer buy what they’re selling, they’ll have to change their mindset to stay in business. If you demand a better world, they will have to supply it.

That is why the people of America need to withdraw from balancing on the sharp edged extremes of the political left and the right to find common ground and common shared purpose. Stray on the sharp extremes too long and see yourselves sliced deeper into division and painful political dismemberment. To assuage this pain, you might do what the Germans did in the 1930s. You too may seek a dictatorial solution to national disorder.

A third party movement is absolutely needed to break “PolitiCorp” CEO control of the Democrat-Republican Party duopoly overlording and dividing political concord in the United States. It’s not the current Tea Party. That’s only a shaky start of this ultimately positive process.

I foresee a Party of Americans that seeks to look beyond their differences and find shared purpose and values — thus acting on these, finding a happy balance between individual freedom and community needs. Only such a Third Party movement has a chance to avert America’s flirtation with fascism.

John Hogue

(24 September 2010)

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One Comment

  1. Pat Rardin
    Posted 7 January 2012 at 3:48 am | Permalink

    Just re-read this – interesting to see the slow and steady disillusionment with the Tea Party. However, I do believe the 99% people may be the nexus of a new political party, perhaps before all is said and done.

    So far, your prediction of an Obama re-election is right on – just read where an independent stated that Obama being re-elected is basically a no brainer, or something to that effect, with the clowns that the Republicans have as candidates. The only one who might have a shot at beating Obama is the one they are ignoring completely, i.e. Jon Huntsman. This is what happens when political parties are taken over by the extremists in their ranks, in this case the far-right. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the evangelicals would refuse to support Romney just based on his being Mormon, and there are the Tea Party types who are going for Ron Paul, who will probably be the spoiler in this election (just as Ralph Nader was the spoiler in Florida when Gore would have won, if it hadn’t been for this egotistical ass; of course my theory is that Mr. Nader got paid very well by certain sources in order for him to be the spoiler, but I digress).

    Anyway, there does seem to be a rise in the fascist mentality not only in this country but even in Canada – I just spoke with a guy who is as far from being a terrorist as you can imagine. He had to go through Canada on his way to Alaska, and was strip searched and forced to completely unload his RV by the Canadian authorities. Total insanity prevails at present.

    Looking forward to reading the predictions for 2012 that I just received – thanks!

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