Uranus Square Pluto, Part 2

Today, 7 June 2010, Jupiter will join Uranus in an exact 0 degree conjunction. This is a convergence and magnification of energies astrologers believe Jupiter and Uranus possess when united. It can fuel energy in the world for breaththrough or breakdowns. It can summon within the collective hearts of nations a call to reform or a spasm of reaction. Uranus melded with Jupiter can be the sign of advocacy for new thought against fossilized and habituated traditions. Let it be the conjoining of a new away of doing business. Let it un-slip a force of momentum put behind a new idea in opposition to the status quo. The exciting unknown spirit of change is ever pitted against familiar and limiting habit.

This conjunction for change has more than mere opposition against it. It has a square with Pluto in Capricorn rubbing it the wrong, fractious way.

Every great story needs a conflict to transcend. Squares in astrology define friction points where evolution grows. Pluto in Capricorn, the sign of systems and world order is squared the planets of expansion in change. Because this square involves three major outer planets, the consequences affect the collective human race.

When Pluto squares Uranus read that you are living in times of drastic upheaval. Those of you reaching 20 years old today are members of an “Upheaval Generation” The last time this happened was during the Great Depression of the early 1930s, an era of social and military conflict, wars, civil strife, economic collapse and revolutions. It saw the birth of the New Deal in the US, Social Security and a National Socialist (Nazi) Party dictatorship in Germany. The Red revolution of Communism as well as the Swastika revolution of Fascism rapidly spread, born out of systemic collapses of monarchies and democracies unable to govern or lead.

When Pluto also squares Jupiter magnified by union with Uranus, the Uranian call to reform can become dogmatic, reactionary to all established and traditional forms. One feels a wave-like temptation rising to tear up the old and burn everything down. A spasm, an explosion of rebellion with little reflection about consequences. You just gotta have that dumping moment in public. The rudeness of Tea Party demonstrations and outbursts, the bombast of Glen Beck on the right and the effulgent nightly catharsis of Keith Olbermann on the left is a Pluto square of Jupiter thang. Dig? Crusades to overthrow and reform dogmas past can replace them with equally dysfunctional dogmas-future.

Slow down, good revolution. Breathe. Think. See your greatest challenge to reform. It is not from without but from unconscious forces unleashed within by Pluto’s square of this new and dawning era of a fine revolutionary mess we have gotten ourselves into.

Uranus is the ruler of: “surprise!”

Around the end of May, upheaval-fomenting Uranus began its transit through the sign of sometimes impetuous and hasty Aries. US President Obama and the rest of us got the bad surprise that the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico had become twice as large as the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster in Alaska.

Uranus, the ruler of the unexpected hand of truth slapping our sleepy faces, knocked home a real estimate about how much oil was poisoning the Gulf. US Geological Survey Director Marcia McNutt announced a daily flood of 12,000 to 19,000 barrels, not BP’s 5,000 barrel-a-day crude wet dream since fireboats flooded and mistakenly sank the burning rig, rupturing the line back in April. McNutt’s estimates are conservative. Thus we learned in late May, around the first day of the Uranus-in-Aries transit, that Deepwater Horizon transcended the last great Gulf oil spill, the Ixtoc I gusher of 1979, achieving the unenviable distinction of becoming the greatest spill in US history.

On the very day Uranus entered Aries the top kill procedure to pump tens of thousands of gallons of mud to smother the oil geyser failed. BP since then tried a LMRP (Lower Marine Riser Procedure) to capture as much of the gusher up a funnel as it can. We saw giant sea saws off the seashores of Louisiana and about a mile under water on undersea cameras. Robots then extracted the busted saws and with scissors reached into the boiling brown goo gloom plume to destroy a pipe to save it.

The scissors eventually cut through a pipe leaving a much larger, wide-open flood of oil in a jet 22 inches wide. When you looked at that doom laden iconic live feed of a exposed pipe, you were seeing a ragged round opening just two inches smaller in width than a standard US oil drum. The jet plume is pushing up 500 to 791 barrels-an-hour out that 22-inch clear-cut pipe. The world was watching a near-oil barrel width jet of crude flying out of that pipe at 8 to 13 barrels of oil per minute! That is the conservative estimate give or take a few dozen barrels if one calculates the flow of 12,000 to 19,000 barrels every 24 hours.

If I am wrong in my calculations, Great Greek God Uranus of screw-ups correct me. Enlighten me though with a caveat. At the time of this writing the conclusions of the final group of three investigations into just how much oil is escaping the sea bed is still out. The unofficial scuttlebutt hints that the barrel-per-day flood is far higher than 19,000 barrels and could be as much as 25,000 to even 70,000 barrels a day. If true that nasty Uranian surprise has had us glued to the tube for 49 days watching a goo geyser hurling 1,041 to 2,916 barrels an hour; 23 to nearly 50 barrels a minute!

At the time of this writing, it is unknown how much oil will continue leaking into waters after the LMRP experiment. The pressure vents atop the funnel are slowly being closed. Initial BP bulletins yesterday declared a capture of a piddling 5,000 barrels a day. Today we are told that half of a now estimated 20,000 barrels a day are captured, prompting a BP publicist promise that up to 90 percent will be retrieved each day, soon.

This is the seventh week of the spill. Can we hope that the surge will become a relative trickle of only 2,000 barrels a day until the well is capped in 90 days or less? Will a “trickle” of 180,000 barrels in three months actually be 630,000 barrels times 90 days at 7,000 a day? My sense it BP may not be able to close the valves completely otherwise the force of the oil jet may blow the hood off the exposed pipe. It will be later understood that the LMRP procedure exposed the gulf to more oil poisoning it waters, not less.

BP, make my prediction wrong. Please.

Uranus rules encounters with the unique and unknown. Uranus takes us to a place we have never been before. The clouds of hurricane season are looming over the horizon. To what extent the vast semi-submerged oil clouds underwater can be cast ashore in storm surges is unknown. To what extent torrential tropical storm downpours will fall tainted with hydrocarbons is unknown. Will they come down in reddened rains as some macabre fulfillment of Nostradamus’ prophecies of blood-soaked red rains in his prophecy of the Third Antichrist in Century 8 Quatrain 77? (See Third Antichrist for the full prophecy and all of its possible interpretations.)

Two BP slant drill operations are underway to cap the well a few thousand feet below the ocean surface but that might take three more months if nary a single hurricane does not upset the best laid schemes of nice and untested men like that whining Pommie BP CEO wanting his life back when 11 of his employees lost theirs. Untested presidents too, can see their best laid bucks stopping here at the threshold of a Uranian crisis into the unknown.

President Obama in March 2010 announced deep drilling was safe and expansion of drilling off the Atlantic coast and into the polar seas above Alaska was a necessary stopgap in his long-term plan to make the United States green energy independent. Then came the Uranus-Pluto Square. Under its influence, President Obama made a sudden about-face on future drilling. He put a six-month freeze on exploration of the remote waters of the Arctic and pushed the off button on 33 deepwater wells pumping in the Gulf of Mexico. Leases for new rigs off the coast of Virginia and the western Gulf? Surprise! Cancelled…

It is a highly risky political move. Uranus seeks to uncover the truth behind a culture of government watchdogs too cozy with the big oil industry, not doing their job catching safety abuses. Uranus conjoined with Jupiter going forwards and backwards in the skies through September, will further expand shocking revelations of government-business corruption, and lay bare brazen claims of deep well backup systems for disaster that are fantasies, not fact. Pluto in square of this Uranian effort will expose the hypocrisy of the watchdogs as well. Thus the credibility of both sides of this reformist coin will be made of fool’s gold.

President Obama will have a difficult time separating himself from his own government’s mediocrity and culpability to mismanage Big Oil’s systemic failure to successfully follow their deep drill safely. The square hamstrings him further because he is, as I have warned for a few years now, a man come to his destiny too soon. He has not the executive experience and skills to judge what expert opinions are right. Once again he has made a mistake, buying into a 6-month timeline, not looking at other options that may take each rig under safety inspections one at a time rather than taken collectively. He is a bureaucrat taking the blanket bureaucratic approach: keep all deep drills down until all have been inspected. This leader needs to put on a hard shoe of office and kick more butts — a hard challenge for a Leo born man who had to become a man on his own without proper parental guidance from his missing father. This hen pecked and cerebral Leo needs to be loved. Kicking butt and sometimes putting the fear of God into underlings is an executive skill Obama has not yet learned.

Did Franklin Roosevelt take six months to study what went wrong when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor before he went to war?

This gulf spill is an ecological Pearl Harbor, Mr. President! Up-tempo your basketball game, blood.

Start pushing your people out of peacetime complacency. Drive them into emergency speed mode to get the review of deep drilling safety finished in SIX WEEKS rather than six months. If you do not, you could have sudden and unforeseen consequences waiting to ambush your future, Mr. President.

Stop and consider Uranus malevolently aspected is a harbinger of nasty surprises. Not only will the Gulf States take a severe economic hit in its tourist and fishery industries but also Obama’s moratorium of deep drilling will send economic shockwaves through its other chief employer, the oil industry, taken off-line for six months. That is “well” into and beyond the mid-term election season, Mr. President.

Monthly national unemployment reports for the summer will reach new highs as you and your party’s popularity polls reach new lows. Can you retain control of the House and Senate in this picture? Can you pursue your agenda of change without them? Great leadership is tested by Uranus squares of Pluto to moderate the risks with rushes to fix things. Uranus demands we think in new ways. Rather than blanket check the deepwater rigs, create an inspection regimen that can check one to five wells at a time. If they are safe, charge them up. Put their crews back to work. Lower you economic shock and save your party’s midterm election.

Obama is getting his hard education at our future’s expense, but that is how we semi-consciously pick our leaders. It is unfair of voters who scarcely understand their own constitutional rights to expect a political organizer — and an ivory towering professor of constitutional law to boot — will suddenly become a savvy executive decider overnight. The President of the United States cannot be a president of BP, knowing how to fix the company just because impatient Uranus-Jupiter conjunctions make leaders, flushed with urgency, grab at the horns of a Plutonic four-astrologically-squared disaster and pull the plug on all deep drilling for half a year.

The coming months of this square will further reveal that this president has come to his destiny early without the prerequisite maturity and experience to be the next Abraham Lincoln he secretly believes himself to be.

He actually could be, if he survives his first term.

Obama is learning to be a president. After squandering his first year, he is becoming more engaged in his second. It is possible that he will see his mistake making a six-month moratorium and allow deepwater rigs to rapidly pass inspection.

It would be a prudent thing to do before the next astrological chip chafes this great square of planets later in July, when Saturn enters the cardinal (leadership) sign of Libra the Balancer and once again pulls at Uranus in direct opposition while Pluto squares them both.

I said last year in Predictions for 2010 that the next global economic crisis looming in the latter half of 2010 will be triggered by the oil industry. We would return to a barrel of oil soaring beyond the $100.00 range.

I did not at the time understand how oil could be the culprit. So many other systemic ailments could pull the Uranian rug out from under a fragile economic recovery. A pathway becomes clearer now with each rash decision and each belching cloud of oil out a pipe. The path to oil surging into the triple digits per barrel approaches into view later in the autumn potentially paved through the hot summer on a path of economically undermining BP, sending shockwaves through other oil conglomerates when Gulf of Mexico deep water rigs stand idle. When oil flow stops, fuel prices will rise. Add to that cost the burden of a new wave of regional unemployment and see the US economic recovery slammed from the Gulf of Mexico to the Gulf of Alaska.

Lincoln was also inexperienced. In year two of his presidency, most believed he would go down in history as a failure; yet, Lincoln survived many mistaken decisions and a string of military disasters, such as the Battles of the First and Second Bull Run in his first term whilst waging a Civil War against the Confederate States. I have foreseen Obama’s disasters will be more in the social and economic arena rather than military (except for Vietnamistan). He too may recover and learn.

Does Obama have that inner Lincoln to guide him through his economic disasters?

Only Saturn knows.

Saturn is coming to share its reality check in part three of this series after Obama’s first and oncoming second Battle of Bull Run into to bear markets.

John Hogue

(07 June 2010)

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