Mabus, an Israeli Flotilla and War with Iran


Last things first. A number of my readers this year have been asking if I wish to reverse myself on the following forecast made in Predictions for 2010, signed off on 1 November 2009: “The Israeli Netanyahu government signaled after the Hebrew New Year (Yom Kippur) that it would hold to an end-of-year deadline before considering a military option to put out the reactor fires of the Iranian nuclear program which it suspects is a front for building a nuclear arsenal to eventually match their own. President Obama himself has not taken a military option with Iran off the table…

“Will the new year bring warplanes from Israel setting fire to Iranian nuclear facilities?


“I am happy to announce some breathtaking positive news. The window for an Israeli-Iranian war has closed in 2010 and it won’t open again for the next five years.”

I am told by some of you that futurologists (those who extrapolate future events from measurable trends) believe it obvious that war between Iran and Israel is imminent. They cite Saudi Arabia granting Israel permission to use a narrow corridor of air space near its northern frontiers to send waves of jet bombers on a short and faster root to blast Iranian nuclear installations than around the Arabian Peninsula. Just last week the Egyptian government allowed two small Israeli naval vessels transit through the Suez Canal to the Red Sea. Egypt had earlier allowed an Israeli U-Boat (a German built Dolphin Class submarine) passage to and from the Persian Gulf via Suez. This U-Boat is believed to carry cruise missiles tipped with nuclear warheads. An Israeli sub off the Iranian shores of the Persian Gulf, along with surface vessels in tow with US Naval units aims to show that Israel can extend its naval reach right to Iran’s doorstep. It sends a message that at any moment Israel can launch a retaliatory nuclear strike on Iranian cities and nuclear reactors with atomic weapons Israel does not officially says it has.

Is war imminent? Has my oracle got it wrong as some of you wag in the comments sections of my blog?

Here is my answer: There will be no war between Iran and Israel before the mid-decade.

All the saber rattling, all the little flotilla posturing and certainly the air space permission of the Saudis is not something new. The Saudis regularly renew Israel’s permission to fly their warplanes over their airspace since July 2009. Secret deals by Mossad’s spy chief Meir Dagan or covert arrangements by a succession of CIA chiefs with the Saudis, Iraqis or the Turks to provide their airspace to Israeli surgical strikes on Iran have been either under discussion or secretly approved ever since the Bush administration started drawing up plans for a strike on Iran after they invaded Iraq in 2003. Though a new man sits in G.W. Bush’s seat in the Oval Office President Obama is not completely closing the door to the last administration’s Neo-Conservative strategic agenda. Plans to take Iran down have ever had bipartisan support in US Congress as far back as 1992 when Paul Wolfowitz authored and Dick Cheney edited the first essays on how American foreign policy needed to define and depose new threats from rogue regimes in a post-Soviet, post-Cold War. The idea to strike Iran was floated around in Washington long before these and other apostles of Neo-Conservatism crowded the G.W. Bush cabinet. You will find that many purveyors of Neo-Conservatism are also staunch Zionists even possessing duel citizenship. During the Bush era, Neo-Con think tanks were openly advising Washington “and” Jerusalem with their expert political and military scenarios engaging Iran.

As far back as early 2007, I published an eBook collecting many of Nostradamus’ astrological and prescient visions about a future war with Iran. (See Nostradamus Iran predictions.) I took the reader through an evolution of Neo-Con thinking from 1992 up to early 2007 detailing the intimate connection and shared intent of right wing US and right wing Zionist leaders and policy makers, attempting to forge a US foreign policy that matched the aims of Israeli foreign policy and strategic agendas. One cannot blame Israel, a small country in a hostile region, for seeking to dictate US policy. It is no different really than its chief rival, Iran, trying to influence the policy and strategic goals of Israel’s enemies surrounding her borders.

I elaborated in Nostradamus: the War with Iran that Israel has long kept at least one of its Dolphin Class submarines on station 24/7 in the Persian Gulf since 2006, after Iranian President Ahmadinejad made his notorious statement that Israel should be erased from the map of history. Moreover, though it may be news to many of you, the fact is the Saudis fear and loathe the Iranian Ayatollah regime far more than they do the right-wing Zion-supremacist regime of Netanyahu. In my eBook and blogs over the years, I have described large-scale Saudi civil defense drills regularly practiced in tandem with Israeli drills since 2005 onwards to rehearse national responses to retaliatory Iranian missile attacks after an Israeli air strike. Some of these Saudi rehearsals openly prepared fallout drills for towns and massive oil distillation facilities in the northeastern corner of the kingdom. They are thought to prepare for the eventuality that a cratered Iranian reactor dome should send plumes of radioactive clouds across the Persian Gulf from the nearby Iranian nuclear facility at Brushehr, scheduled for activation in the summer of 2010.

Let me make this clear, Israeli demonstrations of planes, vessels in Suez shipping lanes and Dolphin submarine cruise missile nukes on auto mobile launch command mode does not construe imminent war. These actions are a kind of “language”, albeit brinkman bunt, directed at Iran’s regime to contain it in a regional Iranian-Israeli Cold War. The Egyptians have a treaty with Israel for decades granting them access to the Suez Canal as long as their warships do not strike Egypt. Egypt’s Sunni Muslim population and Sunni President Mubarak is no friend of Shiite Persians constructing a nuclear arsenal. Neither are the Saudis. Granting Israel attack jets passage through their airspace sends a strong signal to the Iranian regime to forego further work on their nuclear weapons program because the Shiite Persian Muslim missiles pointed at a Jewish State will just as easily be pointed at Sunni Arab states requiring the Saudis saddle up their own nuclear weapons program to deter Iran.

Iran’s nuclear weapon aspirations mind you are more bluff than solid fact. Meir Dagan, head of Mossad since 2002, has stated clearly in early 2009 his belief that Iran will not have the means to build and deliver an atomic bomb until the middle of this decade.

President Obama is not seeking the military option just yet and will continue pressuring sanctions and tacit support of Saudi and Israeli demonstrations of strength. Unless the Netanyahu regime has lost its marbles and are aiming to take out the reactor at Bushehr before it goes online later this summer, this could not be a worse time to unilaterally strike Iran. Relations with Israel’s best regional friend, Turkey, are on the rocks because of a heavy-handed suppression of blockade-runners into Gaza this June. Israel’s alliance with the United States is not in good shape. It is time to mend bridges with Israel’s only real superpower friend in the world, not burn them further with a Bushehr military blunder.

One reads in Israeli newspapers a growing call to war against Iran and in some cases there are Zionist zealots openly writing that Israel striking Iran and thus becoming isolated from support by the rest of the world fulfills prophecies concerning the advent of the Jewish messiah, thus worldwide repudiation as a militant pariah is happily lobbied.

Prime Minister Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Lieberman might sympathize with such extreme views of Jewish eschatology but I do not think they are stupid enough to go it alone solely on anticipated divine approval or invitation of messianic advent. (See more about prophecies of a Jewish messiah). The Israelis will give Obama time because they have no other option short of going to war without US support. They will wait to see if a more sympathetic and hawkish Republican will unseat Democrat Obama in 2012. They know as I know that is a long shot. Mossad and the Netanyahu regime believe Obama will tire of diplomatic efforts sometime in his second term after years of getting nowhere. Then Israel will get the green light to strike Iran just before it becomes capable of constructing a workable warhead by mid-decade. They might not need jets by that time. I see the walls of Iranian reactors falling in a rain of Jericho III ballistic missiles.

The basis for this mid-decade time window relies on an interpretation of Nostradamus’ clearly defined astrological window for war with Iran.

In Nostradamus: The War with Iran, the time for possible air strikes has many astrological references. One of these suggests in Century 4 Quatrain 67, that:

L’an que Saturne & Mars esgaux combust,
L’air fort seiché, longue traiection:
Par feux secrets, d’ardeur grand lieu adust
Peu pluye, vent chault, guerres, incursions.

In the year when Saturn and Mars are equally fiery,
The air is very dry, a long comet:
From hidden fires a great place burns with heat,
Little rain, hot wind, wars and raids.

The Latin combustus adds apocalyptic nuance to the old French combust. That which is equally fiery equally burns, consumes, ruins and destroys equally two aggressors — perhaps Israel and Iran in a future war. The old French traiection is from the Latin trajectio: describing a shooting star, meteor, or a comet. A missile in modern terms. Hidden fires inside Israeli nuclear warheads on Jericho III ballistic missiles or on cruise missiles launched by Dolphin Class submarines burn the far larger target, Iran (great place) with atomic heat. The Latin adustus specifically means burned or scorched by the sun from the French incursions. In other words, raids, surprise attacks or offensives. This not only implies a surprise Pear Harbor-like strike coming from Israel but also in modern terms an Iranian backed terrorist attack using either a radiological dirty or an atomic weapon on Tel Aviv warranting Israel’s full retaliatory strike of biblical proportions. (Think Amalek.)

Nostradamus loved double entendre so we cannot rule out his describing a future time indicating global climate warming so extreme in such marginally arable regions like the Middle East that war comes from regional disputes over water rights. Even the Book of Revelation (Chapter 9, verses 14-15) describes the final battle of Armageddon taking place when the Euphrates River dries up. Currently water flow in the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers falls inexorably towards critical levels through Syria and Iraq because Turkey dams their headwaters to quench the thirst of its own growing water needs. I have been warning about the threat of Armageddon when the waters dry, since 1990, see Millennium Prophecies. Such a collapse of Middle Eastern river systems or further overuse of the Jordan River by Israel and Jordan, or Palestinians and Jews exhausting the West Bank aquifers, could make climate change related wars there just a few years ahead. The 2020s will certainly see its share of resource and climate change wars when Uranus begins a long earth-and-civilization shaking transit of Taurus whilst Pluto shifts its generational upheavals by 2024 to violent and sudden revolution at the beginning of a long, 20-year transit through the sign of Aquarius.

The most important element of Nostradamus’ prophecy is the astrological dating suggested in line one: “In the year when Saturn and Mars are equally fiery.” That means the two planets are in fire signs, preferably the same fire signs. The aspect was active during a window for war that closed when Saturn finished its transit in the fire sign of Leo in September 2007.

Three years ago I explained on page 123 of Nostradamus: The War with Iran, the next time war threatens Iran when Mars and Saturn are “equally fiery”:

“Mars will enter Leo when Saturn is in Sagittarius on far off September 2015. They will not share the same fire sign until the following year. Retrogrades of both planets make for the next rare and unusually magnified interlude of equal fire signs of war from March through May 2015 and again from August through September 2016. It is possible the scenarios of war with Iran written in this book in the spring of 2007 may better reflect a US-Iranian conflict joined in battle nearly a decade from now.”


Now to first things last…Mabus

The other stir of excitement among Nostradamus prophecy watchers last week was President Obama appointing his current Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus to head the commission looking into what went wrong causing the BP Deepwater Horizon rig fire, sinking and catastrophic oil spill. He is said to become the “Gulf Czar” responsible for the oil slick cleanup and restoration of the US Gulf of Mexico coastline, fisheries and tourist industries. Once again, this capable former governor of Mississippi and able US ambassador to Saudi Arabia rises into the limelight of public attention begging for a prophetic explanation. Ray Mabus just so happens to have a surname that is an exact match for the one Nostradamus uses to mask the name of his foreseen third and final Antichrist. (For more about the first and the second, see Antichrist.)

The night I appeared on Coast to Coast AM last Wednesday (16 June 2010) was alive with questions about Mabus’ appointment, causing host George Noory and me to spend the bulk of the second hour of three discussing what the appointment of Secretary Mabus to Gulf Czar Mabus might foretell.

Here again is the famous Nostradamus prophecy from Century 2 Quatrain 62:

Mabus puis tost alors mourra, viendra,
De gens & bestes vne horrible defaite:
Puis tout à coup la vengeance on verra,
Cent, main, soif, faim, quand courra la comete.

Mabus very soon then will die, [then] will come,
A horrible undoing of people and animals,
At once one will see vengeance,
One hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass.

A full reading of all the possible interpretations of who Mabus is and what are multiple inclinations of interpretation of the clues describing his fate, can be found in an eBook comprising 25 years of being on the trail of the Antichrist: See Nostradamus antichrist prophecies.

I will share this with you today. Whoever Mabus is, whether his true name hides in the right decoding of the anagram Mabus or if he is an actual man named “Mabus”, what follows in the quatrain are the consequences hatching out from his death: an unraveling of the world of people and animals. Global droughts and famines, a war of a hundred nations when a comet marks his passing or a comet-like missile falls from the sky launching the third world war.

Quatrain 77 of Century 8 takes up the story adding more details about Mabus as the Third Antichrist, the link being that Mabus, like 8 Q77’s Third Antichrist are soon and early on annihilated causing apocalyptic consequences:

L’antechrist trois bien tost annichiliez,
Vingt & sept ans sang durera sa guerre:
Les heretiques morts, captifs, exilez,
Sang corps humain eau rogie gresler terre.

The Third Antichrist very soon annihilated,
Twenty-seven years his bloody war will last.
The heretics [are] dead, captives exiled,
Blood-soaked human bodies, and a reddened, icy hail covering the earth.

It is a heavy trip to unload on a man the label Antichrist who may by freak coincidence appear to be named outright by Nostradamus in a prophecy written over 4.5 centuries ago. It is not surprising therefore, that Ray Mabus first came to my attention in the mid-1990s when President Clinton picked him to be his ambassador to Saudi Arabia. No wonder many readers wrote me about the appointment. A guy named Mabus posted to the Middle East — the very region from which many believed the Third Antichrist either is born or to which he enters from the West. One then anticipates his fall through assassination as first casualty in a 27-year war, causing an unraveling or collapse of civilization and of ecological balance (a horrible undoing of people and animals).

Back in 1995, I answered those many letters with the following statement in Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies (published in 1997). “At this time I don’t sense anything malevolent about the ambassador, but this gives me the opportunity to look at yet another angle to the Mabus enigma. The ambassador may not be the Antichrist but a victim of such. Since the November 1995 car bombing of a US-run military training facility in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has ended its long exclusion from terrorist acts. From now on Ambassador Mabus has a dangerous assignment and I wish him well. I would not like to see him become the target of a future Gavrilo Princip and have his assassination trigger World War III.”

The best-laid names in Antichrist detective work can go nowhere. By the time the book was finally published with my observations, Ambassador Mabus had left Saudi Arabia without fanfare or prophetic significance, retiring from public service in 1996. Yet a decade later, he came back to my attention in late 2007 as Senator Barack Obama’s unpaid expert on Arab, Middle Eastern relations as well as the head of Obama’s Democratic primary campaign in Mississippi in 2008.

At that time I made the following prediction in my eBook Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named MABUS: “If Obama wins the presidency, the handsome and engaging Raymond Edwin Mabus may serve in his cabinet. Perhaps he will return as some special envoy to the Middle East and start doomsday tongues to wag about the return of the man who is Mabus to the region of the Third Antichrist.”

President Obama rewarded Ray Mabus with the cabinet level post of Secretary of the US Navy. Though not yet a special envoy in name to the Middle East, Mabus at present oversees 900,000 US Navy and Marine service personnel, a majority of which have been deployed to the Middle East. Mabus has frequently returned to that theater. Moreover, Obama has made him a special envoy for the Gulf Region’s recovery once (if) the BP oil spill gushing a volcanic flood of between 60,000 to what some now believe is 100,000 barrels of oil a day is plugged. It is doubtful to me that he can fulfill both jobs effectively at once and we may be seeing the able Secretary Mabus suffer in his work from yet another botched executive decision from a charming president who has come to his destiny too soon with hardly any tested executive skills prior to his election in 2008.

For the record, I pe

Ray Mabus inspecting Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding in Peascaqoula, Miss.

rsonally do not believe Secretary Mabus is the Antichrist. I think the name is a code hiding the real name of one Nostradamus intended. Still, as a scholar of prophecy, I must look beyond my own personal feelings and paint a larger prophetic picture. As you will find out by reading my eBook on Nostradamus’ Antichrist prophecies, they are clues to a mystery with many leads heavily pointing to someone from the Middle East as prime candidate. Moreover, I explain a possibility never before published. Nostradamus may have been confused by what he saw while entranced. Mabus and the Third Antichrist may be two different people in a destined collision. Not only does Ray Mabus have his name but Barack Obama’s surname easily code crunches out of Mabus if it is an anagram, as the book demonstrates. So also does his chief jihadist nemesis, Usama bin Laden.

Osama versus Obama, the latter of which has special envoy to the Gulf and Secretary of a heavily engaged Navy in the Middle East named Mabus. It is enough to confuse and misread the signs of any augury.

Indeed Ray Mabus, a physically fit and mentally sharp man in his early 60s may someday become a president of the United States. Anything is possible in this decade defined by Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in explosive Aries transits. I personally do not consider him an Antichrist figure, but he keeps coming back into view and now in his most significant, worldwide-scrutinized role to date. The prophecies of Nostradamus focus on key events and people that can change the course of destiny. I will and I think all Nostradamus watchers will have to regard the progress of Raymond Edwin Mabus more closely than ever before in the coming years.

John Hogue

(22 June 2010)

Read my Predictions for 2012:

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  1. andre harris
    Posted 29 July 2012 at 5:56 pm | Permalink

    you may be right about delays for years because assasinations of nuclear physicistsand cyber warfare have seriously delayed the Iranian programme, however, Israel is poised to go in at any time, and it could happen without warning. Back in the 1980s I was studying nuclear physics and my professor was invited to visit one of the Iraqi nuclear power stations. He was visited by MI6 who asked him to look out for certain signs. When he came back he was debriefed by MI6 and a week later Israeli bombers bombed those facilities (killing many French engineers in the process). It didn’t even lead to a war.

    Man, you are in your own bubble, Andre. You have this odd way of writing as if these are fresh and new revelations. It was 1981, the French experimental reactor was code named OSIRAK (an anagram for Osiris and Iraq). I have written extensively on what happened there. I suggest you read Chapter 2: A “Raypoz” to Reflect, from “Nostradamus: The War with Iran”. OSIRAK could be a Nostradamus anagram for RAYPOZ.

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