Nostradamus’ 666 Prophecy, Part 1

Pope Benedict XVI.

First, as promised, here is a quick list of natural and seismic disasters that support my oracle’s prophetic contentions written in detail in Predictions for 2010 that Mother Nature has declared war on bad human habits this year. Since 15 March when I last reported (see, Natural disasters), Chile experienced a new major temblor in its northern provinces not related to the massive 8.8 quake in early March. Further quakes have hit the Caribbean including a large moderate temblor in Eastern Cuba and aftershock in Haiti claiming more lives there from collapsing buildings. The Icelandic volcano I spoke of in mid-March has erupted spectacularly. Huge sandstorms in China coming out of the deforested interior gave Beijing its worst air pollution alerts on record. The closely positioned twin monster cyclones Tomas and Ului did their damage in the South Pacific and Coral Sea regions. Tomas as a Category 4 Cyclone barreled into Fiji delivering one of the Island nation’s worst disasters. (I will write more about it in a series about the passing of Adi Da, whose Ashram was hard it.) Ului pelted the Solomons then spun in to Northeastern Australia causing widespread crop damage. Historic rainfall and flooding in the North Atlantic states continues, including 500-year floods putting much of Rhode Island underwater, requiring the federal government declare the entire New England state a disaster area. Connecticut and New Jersey’s governors also seek federal disaster relief for their entire and saturated states.

Just how many visitations of 500-year dust storms, floods and droughts does humanity need to get it that Mother Nature is on the warpath? Check in at the end or the beginning of every month this year for a blog-to-prophecy natural disaster report called Natural Disasters Quickening.

Now to today’s new blog series, which I will weave between installments of the series The Media Mask of Nostradamus, see Nostradamus.


I’m at last catching up on some of your questions that I promised would become blogs. I was writing blogs at a breakneck pace in the final days of March to multiply my stock because today — April Fool’s Day — I will begin work on a new eBook setting the prophetic record straight on what is and is not significant about the Mayan Calendar Long Count coming to an end in 2012. Look out for my eBook on 2012 coming out this summer.

Back on November 14, 2009, “Michael” sent me the following question:

I became very interested In Nostradamus lately and want to ask if there’s any significance to century 6 quatrain 66, which in the Bible is 666.

This prophecy has intrigued many over the centuries since Nostradamus composed it around 1556 for the second serialized publication of his magnum opus, Les Propheties (The Prophecies). The theme follows down the same line of other Catholic prophets who believe the apocalypse begins first from within the most hallowed center of the Holy Church in Rome. (See Last Pope Prophecy.)

The theme of Apostasy taken up here by Nostradamus seems topical in early April 2010, what with a widening web of scandal entrapping the papacy of Pope Benedict XVI. It turns out that hundreds of pedophiles of the cloth and cross across Europe have molested thousands of children. A few of these pedo-priesto-philes may once have been under the protective wing of Archbishop Ratzinger of Munich in decades past before he was made Pope Benedict in 2005. The Vatican denies Ratzinger protected these fallen priests from justice or knew that they were sent back to their parishes after therapy to “do it” to their child charges one more, many more, and more times.

Cardinal Ratzinger paying inculpable papabile is more inappropriate because he was John Paul II’s Prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith for 24 years before becoming Pope Benedict XVI. The Prefect used to be called “The Grand Inquisitor.” Inquisition — the act of inquiring into a matter; an investigation — is EXACTLY about delving into the crimes of the Church’s child-fornicating straying flock of priests from 1981 through 2005. He knew what was going on, in complete detail. He knows what’s going on between priests and their victims right now. To say he’s not responsible as the pope’s cop for 24 years, then God’s Vicar of Christ on earth since 2005 reeks of sham. His currently dismissive and derogatory official responses to these questions of his oversight in the matter of priests and their child victims as idle gossip mongering reflect meanness and a lack of compassion.

Catholic seers in the past thousand years have foreseen an apostasy for the Church in our times: a falling away from faith, not only for lay believers but also a degeneration and straying from the teachings of Jesus by priesthood and pope in Rome. A state of apostasy is phase one of the Catholic version of the Christian apocalypse. I describe this variant apocalypse in detail here: see Apostasy.

Nostradamus is one of those Catholic seers. He takes up the Apostasy theme in Century 6 Quatrain 66:

Au fondement de la nouuelle secte,
Seront les oz du grand Romain trouués,
Sepulchre en marbre apparoistra couuerte,
Terre trembler en Auril, mal enfouez.

At the founding of a new sect,
The bones of the great Roman will be found,
The sepulcher covered by marble will appear,
The earth trembles in April, badly buried.

I wrote the following interpretation published in 1997 in Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies:


Nostradamus dates the appearance of a new sect to correspond with the discovery of St. Peter’s authentic tomb.

The Roman is Saint Peter, whose bones, Nostradamus tells us, will be found beneath the Vatican at the time of a cataclysm. We cannot rule out the interpretation of another future trend expressed in other quatrains: that the tomb was to be found in 1978, the year a dramatic influx of interest in the teachings of Osho, Hubbard, Moon, and Adi Da Samraj. It can be assumed, therefore, that a new religious sect has already appeared.

The indexing of 6 Q66 could, on closer inspection, hide the biblically symbolic number, 666, which represents man and the Antichrist. If this is a correct interpretation Nostradamus does not make it clear whether the number stands for the new sect or is intended as a jibe at the Roman Catholic Church as un-Christ-tian. Certainly all the candidates explored are, to varying degrees, considered threats to the orthodox Christian view of the universe.


I would like to add a correction. It wasn’t in 1978 but in 1968 that Pope Paul VI declared the bones of St. Peter had been found. However, Pope Paul made the announcement in the latter half of the 20th century, close enough to the new millennium to make this prophecy contemporary for our times.

Easter is just around the corner. So too is the five-year anniversary of Pope John Paul II’s death (2 April) and Cardinal Ratzinger’s succession as Pope Benedict XVI (19 April). Earthquakes in Nostradamus’s cryptic lexicon aren’t always what they linguistically seem. The shake up of the Vatican in a future April, perhaps this coming April, could imply a deepening, Church-quaking pedophile scandal undermining the credibility of this pope.

In Part Two, we’ll look at other suggested discoveries of St. Peter and the other Great Roman, St. Paul, as possibly indicating events foreseen in this prophecy far closer to us in time than 1968.

John Hogue

(01 April 2009)

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