The Media’s Mask of Nostradamus–2

As promised to Sarah and the rest of my blog community, here is the beginning of my point-by-point response to her cathartic letter about frightening prophecies milked by the media, and presumably, me, without detailing what one must do to prevent this future from happening.

John, I’m a 27-year-old. Graphic design student and new mom. I also live in the Pacific Northwest. I attend Portland State University. In all of my classes we discuss being “green”. There are lots of organizations and groups dedicated to being sustainable. I was required to take a class “environmental sustainability” last term. I learned many very scary facts about population control, and water quality. I felt very fearful of this planets demise.

The world of humanity has stepped into the uncharted territory of a new era, the global stage of human evolution. Now for the first time everything we do affects everyone else on the planet. We have entered this unique and challenging stage in our growth essentially following the habits of hunter-gatherers and early cultivators of prehistoric times. Like them, we regard this world of nature as an enemy to be tamed and conquered. In short, we have not evolved for hundreds of thousands of years. Yes, we change our technologies, our goddesses and gods, our religions and moral stances. They are masks of civilization affixed each century to the original face of the same old savage who once had to find a way to outbreed the other animals and outwit them, tame them, conquer them.

Well, we have won that battle. The war of survival of the fittest pitting humanity against the natural world is over. Yet we still go on breeding to abandon, usurping, raping, conquering Nature as if we were still that fragile band of a few thousand cave men and women in little tribes scattered across the wild natural world of immense and limitless resources.

It is not that world anymore.

We must snap out of this long sleepwalk of Neolithic dreamtime and become the Earth’s gardeners and guardians. We are the only animals evolving a potential of sentience to bring balance and harmony into our lives. All other animals can only breed and consume to their unconscious heart’s delight and let nature take its course. She will seek to restore the natural balance, cull the overpopulating critters and if need be bring upon them an extinction if they cannot adapt to her balancing act.

Human beings have this unique potential not shared by all other planetary animals to become their own guardians of nature. They have this god-goddess spark. They need only snap out of their habitual Paleolithic sleepwalks through history.

We enter a new millennium where this sleeper must awaken. We talking animals must become human, crystallize and awaken that potential of consciousness and love and bring ourselves into harmony. Otherwise, nature will — must — cull and eradicate us, as her mechanism so efficiently will do to other miscreant species.

I have collected thousands of predictions from all periods of prophetic forecasting and you would be amazed how they share the same collective warning about our times and how our disruption of the earth and its climate must end. Our abuse of this beautiful earth is the catalyst to our potentially doom-laden apocalyptic destiny. Yet, the challenge before us of global death can catalyze a human spark in all people. Cognizance on a global scale of the emergency can be enough to transcend insentient animal instincts and bring back to us, a golden future. That future has also been set before us by seers of all times and persuasions. You can see hundreds of positive prophecies about tomorrow in books under the following themes. See new age religion, Millennium prophecies, and Aquarian Age.

Not until I had my daughter did I begin to feel almost terrified for what may happen in her life.

See this terror in a different light than what the mind is habitually programmed to frame in its acquired darkness. You did not have this mind before you were born, right? Not possible. You had to learn how to read and write English and take on labels like “American” etc. This all came after you were born. Be a witness to this mind that was trained by others to be terrified, or in other words, trained by others to push the “terrified” button when confronted with things you were taught to react for or against.

Take a deep breath, close your eyes. Take a step back into the being that was there before this mind was imprinted upon you. Step out of the darkness of your mind’s terror and see this so-called terror from some distance.

I used to be terrified by the future. Then I became a practitioner of the science of self-observation. Over time I came to understand that what my mind projected upon this energy you are feeling is not “terror” but “urgency.” Terror is negative and disempowering. Urgency is positive. It gives you energy to understand and act.

Society teaches us to be afraid rather than feel urgent. Urgency sees what lies before the human race is not terrifying. It is a challenge to grow and evolve. A mind imposed on us is afraid to grow because perhaps only the soul grows and the soul is not the mind, is it?

How can it be?

Where will this mind and its programmed brain go when we return to the bodiless state? Where was “Sarah” before you were born? Where will this “Sarah” go beyond death’s door? This brain you adopted at birth and had programmed and wired to think and react a certain way as a personality imposed on you by others is called “Sarah.” Imagine how different your soul’s personality mask would have been if you were born in Beijing, Mecca, or Banares instead.

This fear is an imposed interpretation on something else. Feel it instead as urgency to change, free of the mind’s projection to feel terrified. Then, new revelations and a fresh intelligence with which you were born will reawaken. Practicing the science of self-observation will help. I have many techniques I can offer you, if you but only ask for them. There are techniques I have learned that can help you face your fear and transmute it into urgency.

In my household we made many changes. We use less water, we try to live sustainably.

This is wonderful and I commend you for it. I too do many things to lower my carbon footprint. Chief among these is helping my readers move from reading me in paper books made by cutting down forests of trees. I try to help them see how they can also lower their carbon footprint by reading my books made of photons and electrons. (See eBooks.)

I feel an urgency to live by my experience. Meditation teaches me that it is within my capacity to celebrate choosing freedom’s unique responsibility to live as I write. I light my own candle in the darkness and care not if a million candles remain dark. It is up to them to see that they too can put the light on. If seeing my candle lit helps that is secondary. What is more important is that my candle be lit and that it stays lit every moment, 24/7, waking or sleeping. It is enough that I be a watchman of my own light, sustaining it one eternal moment to the next.

I follow my own light, not the glowering light of the television’s false pictures. The points I made above are often given to these TV shows on film, yet they rarely reach you in the final cut.

In part three of this series we will talk about a theme most prophecy based TV shows censor out of my appearances: The first step to save the world can be the first step away from the problem’s source.

John Hogue

(27 March 2010)

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  1. joshua maitolo anzak
    Posted 14 November 2013 at 12:02 am | Permalink

    prophecies are for man to change and follow GOD who made him/her in His Image so as to avert the predicted disasters.
    Let us all change and follow God with our whole heart and minds and we can live forever.

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