Global Warming is a Balancing Act

Meditate on this climate change Zen koan: In the meltdown of shark jaws of ice are we.

I think it is time to shine some non-globally warmed sunshine on one of the most commonly propounded arguments of anti-green house gassers out there. What “Johnny” here states (albeit with help from my spell check) makes a lot of common sense on face value. Humankind’s sustained Industrial-Age fart lasting a few centuries contributes so little CO2 gas to trap the sun’s heat from escaping into space compared to the cud chewing, sheep deep dipping, swamp gas la grippe-ing, permafrost fuming, forest exhaust and bunch grass gassing Mother Nature vents every year.

Man puts out about 8 1/2 gigatons of carbon per year. Earth naturally cycles about 40k gigatons of carbon per year. Our amount doesn’t make a difference.

That’s the great thing about our all-too-common sense. It is common that we see the apparent according to our familiar and surface deep understanding of the universe around and inside of us. Think how long common sense kept people from looking differently at the flat horizon of the world?

Round earth?! Come on! All right, it may not be completely flat because the Bible calls the world a disk. I mean, common sense will tell you it is a disk when you regard a ship sailing off “over” the horizon until even its sails disappear. That’s about all the curve there is in the shield we call Earth.

You say those little lights in the night sky are suns like our own?

Nah! It’s a big dome.

Not only is the Earth a big flat shield but also the sun and the planets arch over it night and day.

Wha?! You say the Earth is round and we fly around the Sun?!!! What common sense thought that up?!

Common sense is — well — common. Intelligence is uncommon, in this world. Intelligence questions. It knocks on the door of our common-sensical givens and opens it to see what’s beyond. Galileo had the uncommon sense to build a telescope and discover beyond human common sense that the earth was round; the sun was at the center of our orbiting solar system of planets, not the earth.

It is good that global warming deniers have lost the common sense to threaten burning modern Galileo’s at the stake for presenting their uncommonly intelligent scientific evidence. Human beings are directly and unequivocally responsible for one of the global thermostat’s most rapid rises of global mean temperatures in half a million years — as per what carbon dating and ice core findings show. This brings me back to Johnny’s attack of all too common sense.

Is our annual contribution to greenhouse gases puny compared to what Mom “Naturale” belches each year? Yes indeed, even after I’ve lived long enough to see Johnny’s human emission number jump from 7 to 8 billion gigatons. Actually, it is measured in metric tons and not the gi-normous gigaton. The Union of Concerned Scientists measured the CO2 emissions of the top 20 polluters with China and the USA top of the list contributing in 2006 almost 23.2 billion metric tons if I understand their calculations. Nevertheless, despite Johnny’s hyperbole of gig, he is right that our contribution to the world’s CO2 exhaust is comparably small.

The problem is, Johnny and all you other Johns of climate change denial out there, are using your common sense to the problem at face value as one of volume when actually it is a problem of balance.

Earth’s climate is like a set of balancing scales. On the left scale, you have nature’s huge outpouring of Co2 emissions. On the right scale, you have nature’s ability to trap and sink its carbon emission in forests and oceans. When both the vent and the trapping of carbon are equal, your scales stay balanced.

The human contribution to the Left scale is infinitesimal, like a milligram.

Sometimes all you need is a milligram to tip the scales.

Our extra little bit is tipping the scales of climate right now. That is why climatologists call the danger of our global climate going haywire as a “tipping point.”

Do you now therefore see the common sense in lowering our CO2 emissions?

Hopefully soon, because a gram of human CO2 emission is like the many descriptive meta-forecasts of seers throughout history that predicted our emissions of pollutants as the proverbial straw that could break the back of our camel stupid civilization:

Earth will be venerated only for its mineral treasures.

Vishnu Purana (c. 900 C.E.)
(Check this source for eastern prophecies: Vedic)

We have to expect a day when the balance of nature will be lost.

Quetzalcoatl (947 C.E.)
(Here’s a source for more prophecies about climate change)

All nature will tremble because of the disorder and the misdeeds of men, which will rise to the very heavens.

Prophecy of La Salette (1846),
attributed to an apparition of the Virgin Mary
(See more Catholic prophecies at La Salette Appariton)

Climate change is natural. What is unnatural is the solid evidence of an exceedingly rapid change in climate taking place since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. That doesn’t mean the Earth hasn’t experienced sudden climate shifts but the one we are currently riding is human induced and will lead to catastrophe for us. The earth will be just fine. Mother Nature always restores natural balance and even culls its common sense critters who disturb it. If we choose not to use these wonderful brains given us by nature for our souls to master ourselves then she will “extinct” us like any lemming, mammoth or dinosaur.

Is it not time to activate our uncommon sense of intelligence?

John Hogue

(07 March 2010)

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